TTG Chapter 392

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 392: The Sahara of Death (68)

Song Feixing, half life, metaphysics, Hongjiang, scarlet cloak and many other clues are connected into a line in Wei Xun’s mind, a clue vaguely connected to Wei Xuechen’s secret and the mystery of his parents.

But this is not the important thing now. Wei Xun has some half life past events, which should be deeply remembered in his heart.

“There will be a fierce battle in the early morning.”

Wei Xun whispered and glanced at Chen Cheng and others.

Liu Hongyu’s accident, Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande’s nightmare, the hatching of evil Anka (disguised by an Xuefeng), etc. are all at this time.

What’s more, there are duels with Yvette and the killing of the queen of the sun spider. Relying on half life, Tong Hege, Wei Xun and his brothers alone may not guarantee everything.

What’s more, Wei Xun knows better that he can protect his life. If Chen Cheng and his party are in the dark and don’t know what risks are going to happen, they are more likely to die because of lack of vigilance.

Wei Xun’s eyes fell on Zhu Yuande. He seemed to understand something. His eyes flashed over his teammates and finally fell on Liu Hongyu.

After examining the corpses and contacting the mummies, Zhu Yuande speculated that Liu Hongyu might be injured… Or even die. He’s right.

“Is it evelette?”

Chen Cheng thought of what Bai Lao told them. “We all thought a lot of stories.”

Wei Xun was stunned. Thinking of what half life had told him at that time, he glanced at half life with a smile and said directly, “I’m not going to tell a story tonight.”

I’m not going to tell a story… That’s ready to fight directly! To Wei Xun’s surprise, although he was surprised and worried, he took a breath of air conditioning, but he didn’t say “I can’t beat it!”‘ Are you crazy? ” Chen Cheng withdrew and discussed with his teammates. When he came to Wei Xun again, he said firmly

“Yvette belongs to the nature of fire. We, Tianbao, Hexuan and Yunlai are not afraid of fire.”

Chen Chengming walks to him. Cheng Tianbao is serious, Yu Hexuan smiles and he Yunlai is firm. He looked at Bingyi, and his eyes almost begged, “BingDao saved my life. I hope I can help you.”

“Tang Shuang is my brother.”

Cheng Tianbao looked at Bingyi and whispered hoarsely, “my decay is closer to speeding up the time flow of an object… Such as a petrified tree.”

Cheng Tianbao has a keen intuition and sees through the core of evelett!

“I don’t know if I can survive tonight. Take these sky fire runes.”

Yu Hexuan gave Wei Xun dozens of sky fire talismans. “Yvette is too strong. It’s estimated that the sky fire talismans won’t hurt him. But different flames are mutually exclusive. Guide C, take these talismans with you and burn them at the key time.”

Let the flame of sky fire talisman form a shield to resist the flame of Yvette, which means Yu Hexuan. But even the purple sky fire talisman is basically useless to the upper level monsters.

But the next moment, Yu Hexuan took out a high-level, golden “color” sky fire symbol! Like holding silk, he carefully and solemnly handed the golden “color” sky fire seal to Wei Xun. All his eyes were glued to it. Even half his life looked more. He Yun directly doubted “confused”

“Hexuan, where did you get the golden” color “seal character?”

“I draw too many talismans and have new ideas about fire. Now the Title Advanced is the talisman (sky fire talisman).”

Yu Hexuan smiled and showed his purple “color” title. He has been able to draw purple talismans alone, reaching the level of a talisman.

The hotel rewarded him with the perfect golden “color” sky fire talisman for imitation. When Yu Hexuan can draw the golden “color” talisman seal, he can get a more advanced title of orange “color”.

“The golden” color “seal is at least a legendary prop, and this seal should be a reward for Yu Hexuan’s advanced title. The perfect version produced by the hotel is almost at its peak.”

Half life whispered to Wei Xun, “I’ll use this seal character. If you use it, it’s easy to bite back.”

Runzhuan is a “sexual” item. It is difficult to draw and easy to bite back, but it is also more powerful than ordinary peak props. Not to mention for defense, it can do great damage to evelett.

“I’ll give it to you later”

Wei Xun said that he took the gold “color” sky fire amulet and “inserted” it into the pocket, secretly wrapped the gold “color” sky fire amulet on the dead Ming token, and let the God of fire pollute it. However, Wei Xun put on the rainbow soul sand gloves, looked at Yu Hexuan and nodded, “come with me, it will be very dangerous tonight.”

“But you won’t die.”

When the campfire went out, the beating orange red “color” of the fire reflected on his pale face. The guide’s lips were slightly hooked in the eyes of the public, but he was laughing

“I’m your guide.”

Obviously, it is a set phrase that the tour guide will say every time, but the feeling of C Yi is particularly different. The scarlet “color” cloak is like blood, but it is also like a warm and hot flame, which makes people fear and yearn.

“I will accompany you through this journey.”

At eleven fifty, the wind blew. Before, the whole Petrochemical forest was like a protective barrier. Even the most terrible sandstorm outside could not affect the petrochemical forest. But now the strong wind roared past, the campfire blew out in an instant, and the camp suddenly fell into darkness. There were no stars and moons tonight.

Soon the fire lit up. Yu Hexuan lit a sky fire sign, and the light of the flashlight lit up one after another. The passengers were not frightened by the sudden events, but soon there was a “Sao” movement on the edge of the camp.

The camels fled, led by the leading camel. They are extremely sharp animals. They must be aware of some danger approaching. Wei Xun and Chen Cheng went to the edge of the petrochemical forest and saw that the vast sand sea did not know when it became as dark as ink! It’s not the visual error brought by the night, or the yellow sand turns into black sand. It’s like going to the black desert!

Surrounded by petrified forest and black sand, it is like an island in the vast sea. What’s more, people who have broken through the black desert know that these black sand can become black snakes!

Go to Chen Cheng and make a quick decision to let everyone leave the edge of the petrochemical forest and avoid underground holes and cracks. Wei Xun thought about it and dared them to risk retreating to the petrochemical tree of Yvette! Sure enough, the sand next to the ivlet petrified tree did not turn black. Ivlet is not on the side of the black sand giant. It has its own energy field next to the petrified tree. But Wei Xun didn’t relax his vigilance, and Zhu Yuande also had an ominous premonition. He let everyone climb up the petrified tree, away from the ground. Liu Hongyu was not good at climbing, so Tong Fu took her up forcibly.

At eleven fifty-eight, a deafening roar suddenly broke out in the direction of the underground cave. The earth shook violently. More than ten Petrochemical trees collapsed and fell. The petrochemical trees they were in shook shakily and seemed to collapse! This is the core of Yvette. This problem should not appear. Wei Xun had an idea in his heart. The next moment, Wei Xun at the top of the petrified tree suddenly heard the voice from Nezha spirit.

Yvette finally fought with the queen of the sun spider in the depths of the cave. The war situation was very accumulated. It was a battle between solution level monsters. The angry queen of the sun spider attacked and broke Yvette’s chain. Yvette did nothing to blind the eyes of the sun spider!

Wei Xun had expected that Yvette deliberately chose this time to do it! The fierce war situation made it natural for evelett to extract a large amount of energy from the core, resulting in the sudden contraction and instability of the energy field of the petrified tree. There was a rustling sound in the petrified forest, which was full of darkness.

The black snake in the arms of he Yunlai, who was guarding the middle of the petrified tree, suddenly made a wary hissing sound. The next moment, he Yunlai’s eyes seemed blurred for a moment. He blinked hard. When he opened his eyes, he Yunlai’s pupils shrank suddenly. In the blink of an eye, the sand beside the petrified tree turned black!

Did black sand invade the petrified forest? No, no, the black “color” is a dense black snake drilling out of the ground! Suddenly shrink the fragile energy field method and stop them. The rustle that makes the scalp numb is made by countless black snakes.

All are “forced” on this petrified tree. They can’t advance or retreat. Even there are black snakes climbing the petrified tree, but it’s not their panic and scream that greet it. A black snake fell from the petrified tree like the shadow of the dark night and directly bit off the head of the black snake climbing the tree. At the same time, the sharp double blades cut down from the petrified tree and directly cut several black snakes into meat segments.

The special chain is tied at the end of the double knives. The cold Tongfu throws out the double knives again and again. They hold two directions, while the black snakes on the other side freeze!

Chen Cheng carefully observed the black snake under the tree and was a little relieved. Sure enough, as director C expected, these black snakes didn’t bite into the circle of eyes. They should only do so when they parasitize in their bodies and control the “sacrifice”.

The three of them worked together to hold the petrochemical tree. The gradually warming air made them sweat all over. Then there were Tang Shuang, Yun Ying and Liu Hongyu, who were ready to help replace the knife at any time. Then there were Yu’s brother and sister, Zhu Yuande and director C at the top of the safe Petrochemical tree.

On the more dangerous journey, the tour guide can always stand in a safe place and stand idly by, and the desperate wails and screams of leisurely passengers can be used as a soundtrack. This is why several passengers envy and even hate the tour guide, but guide C is different. Those who fight in blood know this clearly.

Director C doesn’t participate in the battle of black snake at the top because he has more dangerous things to do.

At 0:00 in the morning, Yu’s brother and sister and Zhu Yuande, who were awake the previous second, fell into a nightmare. While they closed their eyes, Wei Xun swept over three heads with a deer horn dream net in his hand, and caught their common nightmare at once.

Wei Xun felt that his hand sank suddenly, and the antler dream catcher almost got rid of it. There are too many nightmares. Chasing the dream said that his strength can last for seven seconds, but Wei Xun estimated that he can last for another five seconds!


Wei Xun lifted his weight lightly and shook his net bag, but in a second, the nightmare fog condensed into a dream picture, which was close to their current situation. Brother Yu and Zhu Yuande climb on the petrified tree, but those black snakes become ferocious and ugly giants. Unlike the black snakes who can’t climb the tree, those tall giants can directly hold the people hiding in the tree!


Wei Xun’s hand wearing the colorful “color” soul sand glove did not hesitate to grasp it directly into the dream. A nearby Zhu Yuande grabbed it out and threw it at the sleeping man, and then caught the dream again! The nearest one is Yu feiluan, but Wei Xun’s intrusion into nightmare led to the riots of the giants, who directly uprooted the petrified tree!


In the chaos, Yu Hexuan clenched his teeth and directly met Ju, but he pushed him from his back. Unprepared, Yu Hexuan directly pushed him down from the petrochemical tree! It was Yu feiluan who pushed him. Her sister cleverly pushed her brother to the direction of Zhu Yuande’s’ disappearance ‘, and Wei Xun caught him.

After catching Mengwei Xun twice, his forehead was full of cold sweat, and his nerves beat one after another. I’m afraid he would have a splitting headache if he wanted to feel pain. But he was half unaffected and reached out again to catch the dream. What needed to be rescued from the nightmare was Yu feiluan!

Seeing her brother disappear in feiluan’s heart, she is glad that she is difficult to avoid giant on the pulled up petrified tree to protect herself. The thunder is like a roar, and the thunder blows into the sky. The thunder rolls and roars fiercely, covering up the subtle sound. Yu feiluan felt a sudden light beside him. Is that electric light? no

That’s the silver light of the moon! When Wei Xun grabbed Yu feiluan, he quietly cut his arm. It was Zhu Yuande’s enemy who entered a nightmare! Wei Xun didn’t let go and Yu feiluan didn’t dodge. The silver moon killer came in, which means——


The sharp blades hit each other. At the critical moment, another narrow and long knife blocked the silver moon machete. It was the yin-yang butterfly in the dream! The silver moon killer seemed unprepared. He cut off his hand. Wei Xun seized the opportunity to directly pull Yu feiluan out of his nightmare and threw himself at Yu feiluan.

Almost at the moment when Yu feiluan was awake, he could no longer hold the dream net, and his hands loosened. When the dream was over, the falling dream net was caught by the Dharma protector half of his life, but he was more worried and grabbed Wei Xun’s arm.

Seeing Wei Xun’s arm burst and blood gushed out, his arm was almost cut off by roots, and the remaining bones were connected. It was like a fierce beast biting. This was the knife Qi left by the silver moon killer! Tong Hege, the ferret, immediately rushed to Wei Xun’s arm to heal him. The next moment, he screamed badly. At the same time, he cut Wei Xun’s arm with a sword and asked him to cut off his arm like crazy. But when the sword fell on Wei Xun’s flesh, he shouted to stop.

“You must cut off your hand!”

Half life urgent don’t need to pull the silk, drink directly.

“That’s the silver moon killer!”

Seeing that there was a layer of silver moon shining in the deep of Wei Xun’s arm wound, an illusory wolf shadow loomed. It has a bright claw, which is the hand cut off by the yin-yang butterfly in the nightmare. The silver moon killer is intentional. The nightmare is almost equal to the soul. He deliberately attached part of his soul to Wei Xun. He took it out and wanted to control Wei Xun!

The silver moon killer is too powerful. Even a soul the size of a claw has been infected. Wei Xun’s body has changed. It’s safe to cut off his arm, but Wei Xun didn’t.

His eyes narrowed slightly and thought deeply. His left hand rubbed the Xinghui ring on his middle finger and thought of the Sun Pendant.

Starlight, moonlight, sun.

The three forces correspond and are connected.

He knows.

“I want to use the silver moon.”

Wei Xun smiled and said firmly that sharp canine teeth were “exposed” in his words. Tong Hege and half life watched Wei Xun turn into wolf eyes. He was mysterious and savage. A snow wolf’s ear grew out of his hair, and his cloak rustled like a wolf’s tail. However, half of Wei Xun has been wolf in a few seconds. If he continues like this, he will soon be completely under control.

But the next second, a huge, black “color” bird whispered and fell on the top of the petrified tree. The eyes as black as gemstones stared at Wei Xun. In an instant, the wolf did not continue to spread.

At midnight, Anka Phoenix hatched!


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