TTG Chapter 393

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 393: The Sahara of Death (69)

Since ancient times, most of the pure black birds have an unknown meaning, just like this dark Phoenix. Its pupils are pure black, not as primitive and pure as those of beasts, but permeated with a sense of evil distortion, just like some evil beast born from ancient times.

It was an obsessive and crazy evil. When it fell, all the fire lights went out, as if the whole world was soaked in darkness at this moment. In such pure darkness, they should not see anything, but what is creepy is that everyone can see the big bird, and their eyes are attracted by the big bird.

It is dark, its feathers are smooth as silk, and there are three clusters of feathers on its head. If you don’t look at the luxurious and elegant long tail feather, just look at its flying and landing posture, which is more like a giant eagle. Its feathers are like flowing black fire. Dark feathers fall from its circumference, like black flame, but the flame will go out in mid air and return to its body again and again.

Undead bird.

The word came to everyone’s mind, like some kind of mysterious and unknowable knowledge polluting their nerves. They confirmed it without any doubt. Herodias, the Greek historian who first described the immortal bird in detail, said: “I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, but I have seen it in painting. Some of its feathers are golden and some are bright red”, but this blackbird is very different from the immortal bird in people’s impression!

Zhu Yuande was trembling all over and his face was very white. He didn’t know when to hold his breath. The lack of oxygen and suffocation made him see patches of black, just like the dark feathers of a big bird. Ominous, ominous, this is an evil bird that will only bring death!

“Uh –”

He tried his best, but his throat could only make a slightly inaudible air sound. Countless chaotic and complex scenes ran around in front of him. It was an endless dark desert, an ancient pyramid standing in the desert for countless years and a pharaoh buried in a golden coffin. The shadow of dark giant birds was shrouded on countless dead people.

In reality, Anka glanced at Zhu Yuande and was surprised. Unexpectedly, Zhu Yuande could see through its essence. But he looked too deep and plunged himself into collapse.

Zhu Yuande turned pale at this sight. He was still immersed in the illusion. He just felt that the giant bird seemed to see him across countless time and space. His condescending eyes fell on Zhu Yuande. For a moment, Zhu Yuande seemed to see that it was dark all over, but there was a dark red like dry blood in his chest and heart.

The chest is missing feathers, flesh and bones, and you can directly see naked Lu’s heart. But it’s not the shape of a normal bird’s heart. It’s more like a character! Remember the website

It was an inverted T with a ring handle below, emitting ominous black and red blood light, as if it could absorb everyone’s life. Zhu Yuande wants to close his eyes, but he painfully finds that he can’t control it at all, and his reason is out of control. The idea of looking away becomes more and more superficial, and will eventually become a distorted obsession.

But on the eve of completely out of control, a silver gray moonlight suddenly lit up in the dark! Compared with the darkness, Yuehui is so insignificant that it seems that it will be swallowed up by the darkness in the next moment, but this touch of Yuehui is like a life-saving straw for people who almost sink into the darkness. Zhu Yuande suddenly regained his consciousness. He gasped for breath because of suffocation, and bursts of pain came from his chest.

But the worst thing was his eyes. His eyes were dark and almost blind. His physiological tears flowed uncontrollably. His body shook and almost fell from the petrified tree, but he was firmly grasped in the critical moment.

“Take Yuande down. He can’t see it.”

It was Tang Shuang’s voice. The confused Zhu Yuande suddenly grabbed Tang Shuang’s hand and asked in a trembling voice, “director C, director C, Sue, tell…”

While talking, he tried his best to draw the characters he saw in Tang Shuang’s palm. His intuition told Zhu Yuande that this was the key to deal with the immortal bird! Although Zhu Yuande’s fingers trembled, the picture he drew was not missing at all. Tang Shuang immediately knew what Zhu Yuande drew.

That is Anka in Egyptian hieroglyphs, the symbol of life. But Zhu Yuande painted it upside down, implying degeneration and death!

But how can Egyptian Anka characters appear in Arab mythology? Even if they have the same name Anka, one is the oldest symbol of life, the other is the immortal bird, which is different after all. Thoughts flashed in Tang Shuang’s heart. He grabbed Zhu Yuande’s hand.

“I’ll tell director C. don’t worry… You’re too heavily affected and lose combat power… We’ll help him…”

Tang Shuang’s words reassured Zhu Yuande. He nodded indiscriminately. His painful brain made him want to faint, but Zhu Yuande held on and stumbled down. He couldn’t faint at this time and drag everyone back. Feeling that someone wanted to help him, he anxiously refused: “go, go…”

Go and help! Even if Zhu Yuande can’t see him, he knows that the war above is absolutely fierce, and director C is afraid to be in danger!

“Tang Shuang!”

The sound of panting came from below. Tang Shuang saw the panting Tong Fu and Chen Cheng. The moment Anka Heifeng appeared, a large group of black snakes were afraid to stay away from the fossil tree. The tree guarding crisis was reduced. Liu Hongyu replaced Tong Fu and Yun Ying replaced Chen Cheng. The two fighting forces were liberated and rushed up directly. They nodded like Tang shuanglue and did not hesitate to help at the top of the fossil tree.

As Zhu Yuande expected, director C, who faced off with Heihua Anka, fell into a disadvantage, and the war situation was not optimistic. At the moment when Zhu Yuande was found to be in pollution, Wei Xun came out of the knife. It is incredible that what was wrapped on his maniac’s killing knife was not the faint green and resentful soul, but the brilliance of the silver moon. The blade is also more crafty and tricky. It’s not the way an Xuefeng taught him. It’s more like a secret and vicious assassin.


If the sound of silk cracking, the fallen Anka tail feather was cut off by him. But soon the black fire ignited and its tail feathers regenerated. It seemed that it had not been hurt at all. It was a real immortal bird. And this flash made the fallen Anka directly cross Wei Xun, like a stray arrow to kill the passengers – it was not interested in the guide, but wanted to devour the souls of the passengers!


But it didn’t succeed. Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Tong Fu joined hands to hold it! Originally, they could not see the fallen Anka like a shadow. It was a residual moonlight on its tail feathers that exposed its position. Ordinary swords can’t hurt Anka at all. As soon as she touches Chen Cheng, she directly displays her sword out of the cold mountain. Tang Shuang ignites a flame in her bones. Tong Fu’s yin-yang double swords are intertwined like yin-yang fish. She resolutely cuts her fingertips with a knife, and the bloody blade cleaves to the fallen ANKA.

“唳 –!”

The besieged fallen Anka’s anger fluttered and disappeared in an instant, and all the offensives were lost in an instant. But the knife will turn and the fire will turn. Even if the figure disappears, it doesn’t matter. Chen Cheng and they stare at the wipe moon Hui and chop to the side of Tong Fu.

Decadent Anka is right there!

“唳 -!”

In an instant, black fire swept in, extinguished the flame and broke the frost, but the fallen Anka also appeared. As expected, it attacked Tong Fu and was attracted by the blood between her fingers. Tong Fu noticed that the blood at the tip of her knife disappeared instantly, as if swallowed by something, and immediately warned: “it wants to eat people!”

Anka can disappear and blink too fast. It will be a disaster if it swallows Zhu Yuande and others who have no resistance at present. Thinking of this, Tong Fu did not hesitate to cut her arm again, and blood gushed out. Unexpectedly, she had attracted the fallen Anka!

This move worked. Tang Shuang and Chen Cheng immediately took the opportunity to take out the knife. The three had an excellent tacit understanding. For a time, they managed to resist Anka’s attack. At the same time, Wei Xun shot, as if he had forcibly suppressed the invading soul. A faint green resentment fire was ignited again on the maniac’s murder knife, but after a few moves, Wei Xun found that the fallen Anka Phoenix could not be hurt at all.

Wei Xun simply took back his knife and turned into a fist, and smashed his fist with a Xinghui ring at the fallen ANKA. But he has not repaired the melee Xinghui ring, and it is not his prop. He can’t do his best at all. At first, the fallen Anka still dodged, but later it didn’t even have to dodge, because Wei Xun couldn’t catch up with its speed.

In this way, Anka can’t be hurt at all. It’s just another kind of chronic death. Anka’s offensive is becoming more and more urgent, and the war situation is gradually deteriorating. While fighting, Chen Chengtong Fu is desperately thinking. If powerful and unmatched monsters are not opponents at all, they definitely have weaknesses. Or maybe it doesn’t need much. It will only eat one person and leave——

But no one can be less!

“Tang Shuang!”

Chen Cheng screamed. Tang Shuang scratched his arm and blood gushed out. Tong Fu, who he replaced, stood at the forefront to attract Anka’s attention. Chen Cheng immediately understood what Tang Shuang was going to do. They must consider whether this is a mortal task for the scenic spot. They must sacrifice to pass.

“Captain, I’m coming.”

Cheng Tianbao’s hoarse voice sounded, and he also came to the top of the petrified tree. Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao, one can be ossified and the other can rot, are also the two with the strongest vitality in the team. If the monster must eat a person, Tang Shuang will be ossified after half of it is eaten. Cheng Tianbao immediately connects and one person contributes half of his body. They are ready to delay time with themselves and give their teammates more room to think!

But an unexpected accident happened. It seemed that he didn’t intend to delay time here. The fallen Anka body flashed and disappeared directly. The next moment, it suddenly moved near Zhu Yuande and others!


Liu Hongyu, who was urgently checking the injury of comatose Zhu Yuande, only felt that a dark shadow like ink had been caged down. He couldn’t think about it. He directly blocked Zhu Yuande. At the next moment, Liu Hongyu only felt that he had been hit hard, and his body soared up and fell off the petrified tree – no! Liu Hongyu saw that his body was still lying on Zhu Yuande in a protective posture, but he was grabbed by a pair of sharp claws and flew away.

He was knocked out of his body by the fallen ANKA. Anka caught his soul!

“Hongyu -”

Liu Hongyu heard Tong Fu crying like a cuckoo. She looked at his body on the petrified tree instead of him caught in the fallen Anka claw. Tong Fu has no Yin and Yang eyes. She can’t see her lover’s soul falling under the claws of the Phoenix. Liu Hongyu tries his best to look at her, but she can only see the back of Tong Fu’s brain.

Is he dying? He’s dead now. After death, people really have a soul, soul, consciousness and pain. His shoulder was almost broken by the sharp bird’s claws. Vaguely, Liu Hongyu felt that the pain seemed familiar. However, he finally looked at Tong Fu, but he could only see the picture in the back of her brain, which also had a vague sense of familiarity.

As if he had died once, he was also captured by the fallen ANKA. His soul was torn to pieces in the dark sky, and the sharp pain of tearing his heart and lungs returned to darkness with the gradually dissipated consciousness. No, Liu Hongyu suddenly began to struggle desperately. Death is not terrible. He had seen countless deaths when he was rotating in the hospital.

He believes in Tong Fu. She is determined, calm and rational. If he dies, even if his body is controlled by the black snake, Tong Fu will not do anything out of control. But what Liu Hongyu is worried about now is that he is not dead! Will the body die without the soul? Liu Hongyu doesn’t know. He is worried that Tong Fu mistakenly thinks he is still alive. She will try her best to save him at all costs!

However, the most unfortunate expectation seems to have come true. Liu Hongyu saw Tong Fu running down the fossil tree and holding his body tightly from a high place, but his face showed a surprised expression, which made Liu Hongyu fall into an ice cave. Sure enough, Tong Fu misunderstood that his body was not “dead”!

Liu Hongyu, who had no despair when his soul was taken out of his body, now felt that the darkness was spreading and wanted to drown him. He struggled desperately, but there was nothing he could do. He wanted to shout, but he couldn’t make any sound at all. The great sense of fear and panic even made Liu Hongyu collapse and despair more than the pain of his soul being torn apart. The struggle consumed too much soul power, and even his thinking became chaotic.

Just like the lantern before people died, for a moment he seemed to see that Zhu Yuande and Yu’s brothers and sisters had long died and were bitten alive by the old disabled giant. He Yunlai had long died, and countless black snakes gushed out of the withered body. He also died, his soul was swallowed by the fallen Anka □ □ was bitten by dense spiders to lay eggs, his childhood sweetheart and his life and death dependent lover also died, died beside him, their blood blended and bloomed desert roses.

At this moment, Liu Hongyu’s soul seemed to split into two. One was shouting that it was false, everything was false, and they were all dead! The other is denying, no, they are still alive, they are not dead, because——

“唳 -!”

In the dark, he heard a roar of anger from the fallen Anka, and a silver moonlight split in the dark world! All the horse lantern visions and sounds were split by the moon. Liu Hongyu opened his eyes and saw a bright silver moon.

No, it’s not a silver moon, but a knife soaked in the full moon, like a crescent moon in the man’s hand! His whole body was filled with a faint moonlight light, just like the angel he saw on the verge of death. His long silver hair was like a wolf’s mane, like a huge human wolf. Only the eyes under the mask were cold wolf eyes, and the other were familiar blue and purple!

It’s C-1!

“Don’t take my people.”

At the moment when the voice fell, the silver moon knife light came again and stabbed the fallen Anka’s heart! As if locked in the key, the fallen Anka could not escape, so he had to abandon Liu Hongyu’s soul and suddenly move in another direction. The falling Liu Hongyu was held by his cold hand and thrown to his body. Liu Hongyu stared at the figure soaked in the full moon, and the center of his eyes was completely occupied by him.

None of them died because director C is here!

But director C is not right. He doesn’t look normal!

At this moment, Wei Xun completely let go. He gained more powerful power and lighter body. Yin Yue didn’t control his body. Just like a cautious and cunning hunter, he wanted Bingyi to take the initiative to take away his power and sink himself in the end. This feeling of gaining great power out of thin air is like the first alienation, which makes people obsessed.

But in the long run, the guide who is excessively addicted to alienation will be polluted and distorted. If the soul of the silver moon killer is too deeply infected, Wei Xun will lose control of his body and become a puppet of the silver moon killer!

However, Wei Xun didn’t care. His blue and purple eyes were permeated with wanton laughter. His majestic power made him seem to become a top tourist and a first-class tour guide in an instant! He fought with the fallen Anka with a maniac killing knife soaked in the brilliance of the silver moon, just like he fought with an Xuefeng in an illusion! They didn’t leave their hands. Only the real fierce battle can confuse evelett, the black sand giant, the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke.

What’s more, Wei Xun is also looking forward to challenging the most powerful people and fighting the strong! The moon is full of dark sky, just like creating the silver moon out of thin air. The fallen Anka is also suppressed by his momentum. After all, it is only a newly hatched bird and does not devour the human soul.

He draws a lot of energy from the silver moon, which is like wasting his power. He doesn’t care about the pollution of the silver moon to his soul. The more intense the Vietnam War is, the more wanton and crazy the Vietnam War is! His madness even made the lizard Duke and the silver moon killer at the other end unimaginable. When he felt that the silver moon was no longer unconditionally supplied and there were faint signs of convergence, Wei Xun felt a little sorry.

Too cautious. Why not bet with him? Wouldn’t it be good to bet on completely controlling him?

Although he thought so, Wei Xun’s knife was fiercer and more fierce. The knife was about to take the life of fallen ANKA. Anka Phoenix retreated day by day. Finally, it gave a cry and fled into the petrochemical forest with all over its wounds, leaving Wei Xun, who reached the peak with the most momentum, looking towards the underground cave.

“Yvette, not yet?”

The evil spirit is pouring out with the murderous intention that has not yet dispersed. At the moment, Wei Xun is like a devil who has no place to vent his anger and wants to deliberately find fault and open an operation with others.

“Vulcan, I have caught the rebellious servant!”

However, when the deafening buzzing of evlet rang through Wei Xun’s mind, Wei Xun threw out his long knife like impatience, crashed into the land in front of the underground cave, burst the earth, dust everywhere, scarlet heat gushed out like magma, and a huge red virtual shadow smashed out. His body was unstable and almost broken. It was evlet!

Just listen to his angry and anxious roar: “God of fire, what are you doing? The sun spider has run away!”

It sounds like Wei Xun suddenly threw a knife attack, which led to the loss of control of the God servant sun spider who was originally captured. However, Wei Xun ignored the cunning and hypocrisy. It is very likely that it was Yvette who deliberately released water. He can feel that the silver moon power who was about to control his soul is a good opportunity to seize his soul in the case of another unsolvable strong enemy!

“Yvette, come with me!”

Wei Xun shouted, like the moon, he flew from the huge fossil tree to the entrance of the cracked cave in an instant. The next moment, he took off the Xinghui with one hand and threw the Xinghui ring like a concealed weapon to Yvette in the sound of breaking the sky. Suddenly, the ring burst into a powerful Xinghui force, and Yvette screamed angrily.

“If you run away, kill you first.”

Wei Xun was so domineering that before Yvette could make a sound, he pulled out his long knife and waved his backhand, directly cut into the huge sharp golden red spider limb that crept out of the underground hole and stabbed into his heart.

The God servant of the sun, the queen of the sun spider, who is almost the top female worm, has appeared!


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