TTG Chapter 394

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 394: The Sahara of Death (70)


The piercing noise of sharp weapon attack sounded, Wei Xun’s pupil shrank suddenly, and the knife retreated in an instant. He only heard a loud bang. The sharp golden red spider’s arthropod tip fell to the ground and directly pierced the gravel ground! The place where Wei Xun’s maniac’s knife was cut off just now was as bright as new, and there was no scar at all.

The blade of madman can’t break the defense! Even with the blessing of silver moon brilliance, it is of no use. The sun spider is not afraid of moon brilliance. Fortunately, Wei Xun received his knife very quickly. No one saw that he had just lost the attack. When he retreated, he deliberately led him in the direction of evelett. Evelett only felt that the God of fire didn’t trust him and wouldn’t fight with the sun spider in front of him.

“Yvette is a loyal friend. He will never run away!”

In his heart, he secretly scolded the God of fire for being cunning and suspicious, but Yvette roared like being irritated by the doubt, suddenly stepped forward, threw out the black and red chain, and immediately entangled the sharp and sharp limbs of the sun spider. Just listen to a loud buzz, the chain is tightened to the extreme, the sun spider has infinite power, and even Yvette is dragged forward a few steps.

“God of fire, kill it quickly. You can’t let it escape back to the altar!”

Yvette roared. He didn’t dare to approach the sun altar at all. He used means to lure the sun spider out before he suddenly turned his face and started. As he said, the sun spider didn’t rush out at all, but shrank into the deep hole. Yvette scolded the God of fire thousands of times when he saw that he didn’t start, but he threw out more than ten chains to bind the body of the sun spider, and just tied half of its body outside.

The sun spider roared angrily and hissed. Ordinary people can’t hear it at all. All they can hear is the devil bug! See tens of millions of black red spiders gushing like a torrent of flames, clinging to the chain and eating the chain. For a time, the sour sound resounded through the petrochemical forest, and the dozens of chains were covered by spiders. You can’t see the original appearance at all.

Yvette’s flame suddenly emptied and darkened. It was like energy overdrawn and exhausted. There were too many spiders. He couldn’t burn it up at all. What’s more, these spiders had strong flame resistance. It took more time to kill them. The chain was broken, and there was only half of it in a moment. Moreover, the sun spider absorbed its flame after sensing his weakness!

“God of fire!”

Yvette screamed and screamed. If the God of fire stood idly by again, he would quit!

“Yvette, if your strength is only here, it seems that I expect too much of you.”

Wei Xun, who had been watching, smiled and opened his mouth. He was so angry that he didn’t pay for his life. But the time Yvette delayed made him finally ready. All of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of mutated evil spirits with a strong smell of ghost pollution poured out, like a dark waterfall, pouring into the chains full of spiders.

Compared with spiders, they are too weak and small. They are just the lowest level magic insects. Thousands of them were burned to death as soon as they met. But there are so many of them that every dead ghost insect explodes instantly and kills nearly a thousand spiders! The mutant ghost insects in the rear continued to charge fearlessly, and countless demon insects ate the spider corpses, just like a crazy ghost army.

They are covered with light green light, and a light green shadow sitting on Wei Xun’s shoulder is Xiaocui’s mental state. Where the evil spirit insects die, they blow up the breath of the dead soul and bring the breath of the mother insect. The combat effectiveness of the sub insect group with the mental mother insect is very different. For a time, the flame spider group fell into a short-term chaos!

Fear of mother insects is the primitive instinct engraved in the soul of demon insects. This is the battle mode of erosion between mother insects! The morale of the swarm with the mental blessing of the mother worm is very different. Even if it has poor strength, it will be severely suppressed. For a time, the flame spiders were in chaos and had the potential to collapse. Yvette saw the opportunity and tied several more chains, completely pulling most of the body of the sun spider out of the underground hole!

Chen Cheng and others who had just arrived here just saw a shocking scene. This is an unimaginable huge spider. Its back armor is orange red and flows with patterns like pure golden sun. The gold drops on the ground and becomes gold, which is burned by the hot temperature and then becomes gold. It emits orange light in the night, just like a small sun falling on the earth.

Light and shadow linger around it, making people unable to see the whole body of the sun spider at all. The distorted sunlight is transformed into its eight golden red limbs. The golden sunshine is the golden fluff on its limbs, which is dazzling and can’t be looked directly at. Even the huge Yvette virtual shadow is as small as a child in front of it, The black and red chain is compared with the huge arthropod, just like hair binding fingers.

As soon as the sun spider appeared, the ghost insects in the whole audience exploded instantly, and a lot of black fog of the dead rose and was dispersed by the golden light. Most of the territory originally occupied by the ghost insects returned directly to the spiders’ flag. The black fog of the ghost insects soaked with Xiaocui’s spiritual brilliance could only shrink in a small area.

This small area was preserved because the sun spider did not show its mental state. Once she shows her spirit, even Xiaocui is likely to be killed by the second! Such a powerful force directly made Yvette hum, and the black and red flame chain was interrupted for most of the time, leaving only a few connected.

At the same time, his heart became more and more suspicious. Why did the God of fire only summon some weak slaves (demon worms), and why didn’t he do it himself when the sun spider was near? More and more doubts came to his mind, and evelett’s face became more and more gloomy. Will the God of fire lie to him all the time? Does the God of fire really have the power to kill God servants?

If not, it’s better to


The next second, evelett screamed and couldn’t believe it. At the same time, Chen Cheng and others were shocked and lost their voice. Just a moment ago, Vulcan / C guide directly crossed the chain and rushed into the body of the sun spider!

People are born to yearn for light and warmth. There are all kinds of sacrifices to the sun in civilizations all over the world. But no one can really face the sun. When unbearable light and heat surround people, instant death is a kind of luck. If unfortunately there is no immediate death, unbearable light and heat are like the most terrible pollution.

Even if Wei Xun didn’t feel pain, he couldn’t bear it. The dazzling golden light made his eyes golden blank. Physiological tears mixed with blood flowed uncontrollably and were roasted and evaporated. At the moment when the sun enveloped his whole body, Wei Xun felt that he was about to melt.

But Wei Xun was like a moth jumping on a candle. In a flash, the long knife in his hand had been changed from a maniac murderer’s knife to a blood sucking knife. The blue and purple light fainted on the scarlet knife. The prestige of Maria’s butterfly fragments made the sun converge. Wei Xun closed his eyes in the “sunshine” and cut off with a knife and cleaved to the back of the sun spider with his feeling——

The spider’s heart is on the back of the body! However, in such a fierce “sunshine” shining, he is afraid that he will melt before splitting down.

The flesh broke, the blood evaporated, and the bones burned to ashes. The death crisis shrouded the nerves and screamed an alarm. However, Wei Xun did not turn back and had no idea of shrinking. Finally, at the moment when he was about to melt, the soft and cold silver moonlight lit up, isolating the light and heat. Silver moon killer can’t let Bingyi die. When he dies, an Xuefeng will definitely go crazy, and the whole scene will be broken again!

Yin Yue’s soul has been deeply infected. If anyone hesitates in C Yi’s heart, he can seize the loophole. This is a game between life and death. Wei Xun lives to death. At the moment of cutting off, Wei Xun was spitting blood by the shock, but at the same time, the blood sucking knife split a crack in the back of the sun spider and splashed golden plasma!

The next second, Wei Xun’s body flashed into the moonlight and disappeared. At the critical moment, he dodged the blood. The blood splashed by the sun spider fell to the ground and solidified into gold nuggets. If he hadn’t dodged in time, he might have been sealed into gold nuggets and passed his death, but Wei Xun took the knife again in less than a second.

When the knife fell, Wei Xun cut an “X” on the sun spider’s back. The angry sun spider roared and roared. At once, several scarlet magic spiders as big as trucks were called to protect the mother insect.

Wei Xun retreated in time and withdrew from the sunshine. He vomited blood, and the blood sucking knife Wei Xun was extremely risky, not only because it consumed too much to kill the enemy a thousand, but also lost 800. Even more, he felt a strong force at the moment he took out the knife, trying to control his body and drive him away from the battlefield.

This is the soul of the silver moon killer! As long as you can grab the blood sucking knife, it will be a butterfly fragment directly! This is what the lizard Duke and the silver moon killer want most, but Wei Xun ran into the arms of the sun spider like crazy at the moment when he took out the blood sucking knife. The game between life and death crisis is that Wei Xun won.

The silver moon killer missed the opportunity and fell into a dilemma. If he withdrew the energy, it meant that C would die. If he did not withdraw the energy, he could not completely control him for a while and a half. Instead, he was used to the extreme by crazy C-1. Tong Hege, the ferret, immediately appeared to heal Wei Xun, but found that the lower half of Wei Xun’s face was burned like coke and couldn’t eat anything at all.

All this happened so fast that everyone didn’t react. When C came out again and again, his thinking finally kept up with his speed.

I saw that Bingyi’s pale jaw had turned into a charred skeleton, but the upper half of his face covered by the mask was still intact. The skeleton and beauty, charred and pale burst out unimaginable strange charm on him. The scarlet cloak blocked the sun like flowing blood, and the golden light was embedded in the scarlet cloth like strands of gold, C Yi’s cloak looks more like it comes from the sun!

At the next moment, several giant scarlet magic spiders flew out of the light of the sun spider, such as a burning truck chasing after them, and ran over them. In a moment, they came near. The heat was blowing on their faces, but Wei Xun stood in place with a knife, and his eyes were cold and motionless. Seeing the hot fire surging to burn everything, but the next second it was bumping into the awe inspiring ice.

Banming and Chen Cheng went out of the cold mountain with their swords at the same time!

One is a semi-finished Hanshan sword and the other is a Hanshan sword that has not been smelted. One of the sword moves is perfect and the other is green. It seems that the identity of the former captain and carefully taught apprentice has been changed, but what remains unchanged is the unspeakable tacit understanding.

The half life sword directly chopped two scarlet magic spiders out of Hanshan mountain, but Chen Cheng’s strength was still insufficient in the end. The magic spiders scratched by the cold were not dead, but were angered. The sharp and sharp limbs raised like a sickle of death and cut off Wei Xun, and in a moment they would split his head.

But without warning, the earth cracked and sank into a terrible pit. Two huge scarlet magic spiders sank and crushed the jagged sharp rocks at the edge of the pit – no, it’s not a rock, it’s a huge mouth!

The huge and terrible worm roared out of the earth and swallowed both scarlet magic spiders. Scarlet magic spiders struggle frantically and tear up the giant mouth of worms. They are stronger than worms!

For a time, flesh and blood flew everywhere, and there was the smell of protein burning. A small half of the worm directly burst, but the corn shoot did not pretend to cry or utter a word. It continued to swallow two scarlet magic spiders like death and pain. Its big mouth was torn, and the newly torn blood mouth was the new mouth. The strong resilience from the star driller worm works at this time, swallowing and tearing, tearing and swallowing.

However, scarlet magic spiders have strong combat effectiveness. If they go on like this, even if the corn shoots swallow them all, they will be seriously injured! But at this time, the light green and golden light enveloped it at the same time. At both ends of the bloody tentacle, there was a emerald green Elf boy Xiaocui at one end, and a golden and brilliant boy like a prince at the other end, which was the spirit of the responsible devil Golden Circle.

Xiaocui combines the genes of abyss worm and golden circle to give birth to corn shoots. They are closely connected like father and mother. Responsibility and the momentum of the mother insect rolled down and firmly controlled the struggling scarlet magic spider. The corn shoots finally swallowed and digested them completely! And the next second it pounced on the new scarlet magic spider.

This savage and greedy battle between demons and insects has attracted everyone’s attention, but Wei Xun’s vision has always fallen on the sun spider.

Why hasn’t she shown her spirit up to now?

Without the spiritual influence of her children, the guards can’t beat the combination of corn shoots, Xiaocui and Jinquan. The scarlet magic spider was eaten by one end. The sun spider, who was completely angered, screamed and roared. He forgot that Wei Xun began to fight with the corn shoots. The powerful lailala mother insect reversed the war situation as soon as she made a move, but it was more like a primitive, instinctive battle between beasts without any tactical wisdom.

The corn shoots are cunning and solid, and the golden circle has strong emotional pollution. Xiaocui’s spirit is not afraid to fight with the sun spider. She can barely cope for a time.

As long as the sun spider shows her spirit, she can kill them in an instant. As long as she uses her mental power, she can kill Wei Xun immediately before.

Why can’t the mother of the sun spider be taken in?

Why did she betray the sun, but still not afraid of the sun altar and take it as her nest?

Don’t show your spirit, don’t you want to, leave it, or——

“Master, she has no spirit!”

Xiaocui’s excited voice rang through Wei Xun’s mind, and his eyes burst into brilliance for a moment. The sun spider has no spirit. She dedicated her spirit to the sun!

In that case——

Wei Xun took out the Sun Pendant.

The killer mace originally intended to deal with the sun spider spirit can now be used.

“Click, click, click!”

The sun spider, who was cruelly tearing corn shoots, looked at him in an instant!


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