TTG Chapter 395

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 395: The Sahara of Death (71)

The light around the sun spider was so dazzling that almost everyone was in a state of closing their eyes. Only Yvette saw what the God of fire took out – or before he “saw”, the familiar and strange terror made Yvette’s soul tremble and almost threw everything down and knelt down trembling.

sun That’s the power of the sun! God of fire can master the sacred things of the sun!

At this moment, great panic and happiness poured into evelett’s soul. No wonder the God of fire didn’t do his best before. I’m afraid the cunning God of fire wanted to test him. If he really shows unfaithfulness again, I’m afraid the sacrifice this time is the sun spider and his evelette. How can the God of fire lose when he has the sacred things of the sun in hand? The rebellious God servant should make atonement with sacrifice.

The half life guarding the side is not as calm as an ignorant man like Yvette. He is sweating all over and is absorbed in sensing the sun spider for fear that it will explode and kill people – others don’t know, he knows that Wei Xun’s “Sun holy thing” is a fraud. How can the items of the Inca Sun Gate be used as keepsakes here!

After all, this is not the sun in nature, but people have worshipped and praised the “God” produced by faith and cognition for countless years. Just like Nezha spirit, the two mythological systems are different, the journey is different, and the corresponding sun is naturally different!

The Sun Pendant can frighten the sun spider and Yvette with false and true, but Wei Xun once threw it into a huge petrified tree cave, filled with the blood (magma) of the sun and brought a trace of flavor. Half a life to know evelett’s idea will definitely scoff.

to sacrifice? To whom? Do you sacrifice to the hippies?!

A fake in the hand of a normal person will definitely be nervous and nervous, but Wei Xun’s psychological quality is amazing. After he took out the Sun Pendant and stunned the sun spider, he did not hesitate to directly send corn shoots and Xiaocui to eat them. The situation reversed in an instant, and Wei Xunfang’s demons became “divine servants” and “divine slaves” under the aura of the sun.

The voluntary and pure sacrifice will be enjoyed by God without any pain, while the sacrifice punished for turning over the evil will be swallowed by the demon insect God slaves, redeem the sin in the severe pain of the broken bones and return to God. There are similar descriptions in mythological sacrifices all over the world, such as God slaves, wolves, jackals, beetles and so on.

If Wei Xun did it himself after sacrificing the Sun Pendant, both evelett and the sun spider would instantly pierce his illusion. The problem is that he really brought a lot of bugs! What they did is really in line with their cognition. The sun spider’s golden halo flows all over, and countless golden cilia float. It is suspicious and cautious to “smell” the smell of the sun.

A lot of “sunshine” reflected on the Sun Pendant, and Wei Xun could feel the change of the Sun Pendant in his hand. Too much sunshine seems to be waking it up, but once its real power is revealed, the lie will be exposed in an instant!

Five minutes later, Wei Xun set a time limit and without hesitation ordered the corn shoots to speed up, but it was not easy to eat the sun spider.

The magic insects below the high level are not even possible to eat at all. After all, the sun spider is not dead. If the strength gap is too large, if she swallows a little of her fresh flesh and blood, she will die directly. Some magic insects are not good at this mouth, and some can’t participate. Only corn shoots and Xiaocui can finally participate in this gluttonous feast.

The corn shoot was impatient to bite the spider’s thigh first. As a result, it was directly burned and cracked half of its body. The Golden Spider’s blood was embedded in its body like gold silk and gold brick. The dazzling light and hot temperature made the worm unbearable, but the corn shoot bravely moved forward, just like the cat who was trained to squint behind his ears but still insisted on stealing.

After gnawing off a small section of arthropod, it molts and grows directly. After molting, the golden blood trace of the sun spider is branded on the corn shoot. It changes from corn yellow to gold, just like a long strip of creeping gold. Obviously, some changes have taken place again. The most intuitive performance is that corn shoots are no longer afraid of the sun! It naturally hides in the dazzling brilliance of the sun spider and continues to be eaten by insects.

But compared with the thief snack of corn shoots, Xiaocui has a clear goal. Her spirit fell directly on the back of the sun spider and the X-shaped knife cut by Wei Xun. The knife edge was very deep. The shell and the outermost meat of the sun spider were all cut off. You can almost see a huge expanded, golden red and jumping organ in the sun spider.

It looks like an expanding blood vessel, which is the heart of a spider. Xiaocui’s eyes twinkle with greedy and excited light. The great attraction almost subverts her reason. As long as she can swallow the heart of the sun spider, she can advance and become a new Lyra mother worm!

But Xiaocui didn’t forget her master’s entrustment. She carefully observed the knife edge on the back of the sun spider. The liquid golden blood gurgled and covered the back of the sun spider. It solidified like golden armor. It is reasonable that the solidified gold can close all wounds. In fact, the scars are still open. Even Xiaocui thought that the sun spider deliberately let the blood avoid the solidification of the wounds and deliberately did not let the scars recover.

Sure enough.

Hearing Xiaocui’s report, Wei Xun nodded thoughtfully. After the report, Xiaocui no longer hesitated and pointed to digging the wound on the back of the sun spider like a knife. She only heard the sun spider’s sudden shock. Her primitive instinct made her put down her fear and began to struggle in anger. The fierce light rose sharply, and the corn shoots were directly bounced out. Xiaocui’s spirit was almost submerged and torn by the light.

But Xiaocui didn’t dodge. A huge emerald green insect like a sandfly directly appeared in the wound of the sun spider. After merging with Xiaocui’s spirit, she was not afraid to die and went deep. That was Xiaocui’s body! If the mental state is damaged or even destroyed, as long as the noumenon is all right, she will not die completely. However, once the noumenon and the mental state die together, even Wei Xun can’t save her.

The golden blood drowned her, and the dazzling hot light corroded her body. Half way down, Xiaocui has become like a gold inlaid emerald. Most of her body has been polluted and eroded by solar spiders. Her demon insects have lived in the dark underground cave in northern Tibet for generations. She is no less afraid of sunshine than corn shoots, but Xiaocui broke out. She didn’t flinch and tried to drill down.

If it is said that Lala and milala females mostly protect themselves by breeding swarms, then when Lala females are advanced, they will also have strong strength. This erosion and pain is a battle between mother insects. Only by surviving can they be reborn. If everything depends on the master, even the advanced lailala mother worm is the weakest. Xiaocui just wants to be the best, because she knows that the master only wants the best!

The severe pain made her scream and cry uncontrollably, but her tenacious will and ambition made her bite her teeth and continue to go down. When she bit her first heart, the terrible burning feeling that would burn all her internal organs was hundreds of times more painful than swallowing magma alive, which almost made Xiaocui die of pain alive, but the next moment the pain disappeared.

Xiaocui sees a light green line connected to herself. This is the master’s lead wire! For a moment, Xiaocui was greatly touched. The master was suspicious and cunning. Xiaocui didn’t know that she was not a simple good insect. Mutual calculation and game run through the process of getting along with her master, gaining the trust of her master and being taken to heart by her master. Xiaocui has long stopped thinking about it.

However, at this moment, Xiaocui felt that there was something melting in her heart. The whole heart seemed to be wrapped in soft, light and sweet. Although she knew clearly that her master could not let her die here, it was too bad. It was normal to use the wire when she was about to die of pain, but more abundant emotions and human nature outweighed the beast, which was the advanced stage of the mother worm, It was the change that she swallowed the first worm heart!

Holding the silk made her feel no pain and no negative emotions. Xiaocui accelerated her speed, chewed the insect heart, and firmly grasped the opportunity created by her master. At this moment, she was willing to die even for her master.

The reason why Wei Xun led silk Xiaocui to speed her up was that the sun spider began to run wild. The suppression time of the Sun Pendant was less than five minutes. The pain of the core insect heart being swallowed and bitten, and the loss of its own strength made the sun spider struggle frantically. A large number of remaining scarlet magic spiders and little spiders began to fight like crazy. Whoever they saw killed who they saw, Even because of the collapse of the mother insect, it is crazy to eat its own kind.

In the instant when the spiders counterattack, half of their life staggered in front of Wei Xun, but the frost and snow cut out of the cold mountain melted in the burst hot light, and the fusion flame burned around Wei Xun. However, the sun spider is not a flame, but pure light and pure heat. Pure fire flame can’t have any effect at all.

At the same time, when the sun spider went crazy, the corn shoots directed by Wei Xun rushed out. It suddenly split into seventeen shoots and tied the sun spider with its body, like seventeen gold chains. If evelett realizes that the “Sun holy thing” is false, he is likely to take this opportunity to do it directly. Wei Xun doesn’t believe that he is trapped in the chain of the sun spider.

Xiaocui has swallowed more than half of the worm’s heart. She must not give up all her previous efforts here.

When holding silk Xiaocui, Wei Xun held eighteen bamboo shoots at the same time. The purple title of holding silk is biased towards the title of mother worm. As a male, he halved the number of holding silk. He can hold up to three humans and Humanoids and 100 magic worms. In order to prevent their own magic insects from being counterattacked and controlled by the higher-level mother insect, the sun spider, after the death of the lowest level cannon fodder evil ghost insect, other magic insects were led by Wei Xun, while human beings and humans led half their lives, Xiaocui and another person.

The rest of a corn shoot took all of them and fled quickly to the top of the huge Petrochemical tree as tall as an altar in the middle of the petrochemical forest. Looking from a high place, the whole petrified forest has become a sea of spiders. The angry sun spiders destroyed less than half of the Petrified Forest in an instant. The sound of the big earthquake was deafening, and the gold blood flowed wantonly like magma, burning the earth.

In order to dig out Xiaocui, the sun spider even tore its body crazy. The gurgling golden blood was covered with a touch of ominous scarlet, mixed with the golden red plasma of the original blood in the heart of the sun spider. Wherever it went, all organisms were swallowed and digested by it, and even those scarlet spiders could not escape their claws.

The golden red light is like a raging fire. There is golden red everywhere. Even the petrified trees are wrapped into gold pillars by gold liquid. However, this magnificent scene is like a myth. In fact, the petrified forest is being rapidly polluted and destroyed. The sun spider is crazy. She is trying every means to enhance her strength.

The sun spider with almost no solution is powerful. Even if it is swallowed up, its heart will not die. Maybe her mother level will be reduced in the future, but this is also a matter of the future. She can kill all Wei Xun now. The temperature has risen to a point that ordinary people can’t stand. Wei Xun ordered half life and corn shoots to leave the petrochemical forest with Chen Cheng and others. Soon, only himself was left on the giant Petrochemical tree.

The red light belonging to magma on the sun pendant has been dimmed. Without the smell of the local “sun”, it can no longer be regarded as a sacred thing of the sun, and there is no more suppression of the sun spider. A large number of golden and red blood, such as soaring sea water, flooded the earth and those collapsed stone trees. This huge Petrochemical tree is like an island in the sea.

From a distance, Wei Xun saw a huge figure approaching at a very fast speed. The huge, golden red ball rolled across the sea of blood, just like the newborn sun at sea level. But the sight of the huge sun rolling in front of her with distorted and dazzling light is strange and frightening. The infinite halo makes it look bigger, so big that Wei Xun standing at the top of the fossil tree can look at her eyes.

It was a pair of eyes full of crazy hatred. The back of the sun spider cracked a huge gap as deep as a canyon. She almost tore herself in half. Several corn shoots hung on its limbs like rags, and the sharp golden limbs raised like soldiers hung emerald green ragged insect corpses, which was Xiaocui’s body. It takes time for the mother worm to advance. Even if she devours the worm’s heart, she can’t defeat the crazy sun spider at all.

But the next moment, a smile appeared in Wei Xun’s eyes. He took out a dark green gem like ball in his hand, which was the ball of magic insects! In one corner of the dark green, there is a golden red halo like gilding, which is the reflection of Xiaocui Jing’s expression!

At the moment when her body was torn, her mental state returned to the magic insect ball (and several bamboo shoots). At this time, Xiaocui had completely swallowed the insect heart of the sun spider. The destruction of her body was not a serious blow to her. Her original race itself was not noble and had little potential. This promotion just reshaped the insect body!

“Click click -”

As if aware of something, the sun spider was completely angered, only to hear a loud bang, ‘sun’ directly hit the petrified tree! The huge petrified tree vibrates violently and is about to collapse. Even if it is □□ more than other petrified trees, it can’t last too long. Golden red blood splashes on the petrified tree and is eroding the tree body rapidly. And half of his life who left disappeared, and no one picked up Wei Xun to leave.

[Vulcan, the servant is out of control]

The sad voice sounded, and the empty shadow of the burning flame quietly appeared behind Wei Xun.

[you’ve tried your best, you’re the servant of God… Alas, she’s crazy and forgets God]

Even trying to pretend to be sad and painful, the hypocritical and happy feeling can not be covered up by pretending emotions. The petrified forest was destroyed, and the God servant ran out of control. The happiest person was Yvette! The altar of the sun is cut one point, and he is a step closer to freedom, especially——

Evlet’s eyes become more and more fierce when he looks at the God of fire. He doesn’t care whether the God of fire is true or false. Evlet only knows that his flame is really strong after it will be called the “God of fire”, and there is a kind of intelligent spirit in it. Devouring the God of fire and eating his core, evelett can definitely become stronger and even control some power.

[this place will be destroyed by her. Come on, let me take you away]

Yvette withdrew his chains at the moment when the sun spider went wild. He looked dim and exhausted, but in fact he kept at least 70% of his strength.

The black and red chain, like a poisonous snake, wound around Yvette’s arm and quietly pointed to Wei Xun’s head.

“Go? Why go?”

Wei Xun was as calm as if he hadn’t found it. His tone when he resonated with the flame was even incredible: “Yvette, don’t you want to escape in the sacrifice?”

He said sternly, “I’m helping you atone for your sins and asking the sun for forgiveness! If you run away in sacrifice, all your previous efforts will be wasted!”

Ha ha, evelette just wants to laugh at what sacrifice and atonement. The sun spider is eating the God of fire. Does he think evelette is still in the dark?

As for the sun——

Yvette scoffed at the sun disk that had lost the red halo of magma in the God of fire’s hand. The solar relic was fake and didn’t care at all. Without the smell of the sun, it’s scrap metal. Can there be a sun in it?

[yes, yes, you’re right…]

On the surface, he gently agreed, but Yvette no longer hesitated to directly fight the God of fire. However, at the next moment, a glittering white light attracted evelett’s full attention.

A white butterfly stopped at the tip of Vulcan’s finger! He raised the long scarlet knife horizontally and picked it with his fingers, and the butterfly fluttered down on the blade. Tender and fragile butterflies and bloody butcher knives can be photographed to participate in the photography competition, but this is not the reason why evelett and the sun spider all stop.

Together with the butterfly, the long knife was filled with a strange smell that made them tremble instinctively!

“The sun spider sacrificed her most precious thing (refined look) to the sun. She should be very loyal. How could she betray her?”

Wei Xun said slowly. He gently raised his knife and pointed at the huge eyeball of the sun spider, but it didn’t move, as if it was frightened.

Without spirit, theoretically, there is no emotion of anyone, leaving only the primitive instinct of the devil bug. The sun spider should have been the most loyal God servant. It has no cunning ideas of Yvette at all, and should have been the most loyal God servant.

What made it betray the black sand giant?

When Wei Xun found that the sun spider feared butterfly fragments, he vaguely understood.

The sun spider is afraid of butterfly fragments, or it is not fear, but an instinctive ‘fear’. The wound he cut on the back of the sun spider with a blood sucking knife never healed, just as he was willing to accept punishment.

What makes it endure punishment? Its owner, of course.

Wei Xun suspected that the butterfly fragments were originally enshrined on the sun altar! It is in order to protect the fragments that the sun spider protects the sun altar. Because an accidental black sand giant stole the fragments, it led to all this. The sun spider doesn’t know that it has betrayed its master. It only recognizes butterfly fragments!

The scene of the existence of the black sand giant is repeated. The effect of the butterfly fragment of Zhongwei Xun’s ancient oasis is weak and can’t stop it at all. Wei Xun specially keeps the butterfly that is very similar to the Maria butterfly. It is for now that he suddenly takes out it together with the blood sucking knife and, as expected, temporarily frightens the sun spider.

This is not the end. At the next moment, Wei Xun skillfully opened his chest. If a butterfly fragment doesn’t work, he also has a butterfly fragment of the whole heart! The vast butterfly fragments finally shocked the sun spider. Its eight big eyes twinkled with confused and chaotic light. The whole spider gradually calmed down and made an action——

Its golden limbs as bright as the sun stretch on the ground, just like the radiation of the sun. In addition, its huge golden red body is just like the sun, and the broken golden lines on its body are like a kneeling woman.

This is a kind of peaceful and worship posture. At first glance, you can’t recognize that it is actually a spider. It is more like a sun totem falling on the earth, giving people a sense of grandeur and grandeur that frightens the soul.

Wei Xun wrote down the posture of kneeling down on the sun spider’s back. He knew that the calm was only short. In fact, the sun spider had already collapsed and crazy. It didn’t know why it knelt down. Soon it would kill everything crazily again. Wei Xun can’t really control the butterfly fragments at present. The shock brought by the fragments will soon be broken. He can’t kill the sun spider in such a short time.

Just then he sent it away.

Wei Xun picked up the Sun Pendant. It is undeniable that it is indeed a sacrificial object. In the past, psychic media could communicate with life playing people through the Sun Pendant, which was more like the ancient high priest communicating with heaven. Many times, before sacrificing, the high priest would smell some medicine to make himself reach a calm and trance state of mind.

It is said that it can better communicate with gods, but in fact, quiet and non struggling sacrifices are more likely to be successfully sent away. Wei Xun studied the function of the Sun Pendant, but he failed to sacrifice even a cup of sweet tea with it.

But now, things are different.

The phantom of an impatient cat crouched on the Sun Pendant.

When he saw the giant spider kneeling like the sun, the virtual shadow cat suddenly stood up with interest, leaned forward and looked critically at the “sacrifice” in front of him. Then it took the initiative to hold the Sun Pendant, ran to the front and suspended directly above the sun spider.

What happened next made Yvette look silly. The bright light and heat suddenly burst out on the Sun Pendant, just like the sun! The hot and bright sun shrouded the sun spider. When the singing of brainwashing magic echoed in the whole heaven and earth, the dream chasing dragon looked up in a very distant place. Zhang xingzang held his breath, the blood Baron stared, the lizard Duke looked ugly, and David, who took care of the unconscious astrologer, narrowed his eyes and looked at the night sky, The Dark Phoenix stood behind ivlet and watched all this.

The virtual shadow cat reflected by the bright sun that should not have appeared in the dark was like a golden cat. For a moment, the sun spider was anxious and changed, and the light channel became unstable in an instant. However, guided by the virtual shadow cat and suppressed by butterfly fragments, it finally calmed down and was’ sacrificed ‘to the Sun Pendant.


The moment the sun spider disappeared from its original place, the sun dissipated, and the sun pendant that lost all its light fell down and was caught by Wei Xun. He found that the vast amount of crazy sunlight in the Sun Pendant was consumed by this sacrifice and could not be used again in a short time. The virtual shadow cat also turned into a dark shadow and returned to the urn.

Wei Xun held the Sun Pendant tightly and coughed violently. He put away his blood suction knife. There was a lot of blood in his cough and asthma. It is a good time, place and people to sacrifice the sun spider in the past, which makes Wei Xun master a lot of information. Although the sun spider is gone, a large number of golden red spider blood still exists in the petrochemical forest, which is equivalent to massive pollution.

Wei Xun took out the Phoenician stone egg and threw it into the golden red blood, watching it absorb the pollution. After absorbing the pollution around the giant fossil tree, guard Xun got off the tree. As soon as he landed, he vaguely felt that the earth was trembling, and a hot breath overflowed, which was unbearable.

Different kinds of solar power and the massive pollution caused by the death of God servants make the solar altar restless.


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