TTG Chapter 396

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 396: The Sahara of Death (72)

After the death of the sun spider, a large amount of pollution poured out, causing the sun altar to agitate, but now it is night after all. The agitation of the sun altar finally subsided temporarily after Phoenician stone eggs absorbed most of the remaining blood of the sun spider, but it is like a brief calm after the earthquake. No one knows when the aftershock will come.

“The sun spider is gone?!”

Half life Taoist returned to the battlefield for the first time, but he didn’t care to greet Wei Xun. His eyes were all hooked by the blood of golden red sun spiders all over the ground. Seeing that the residual blood was being absorbed by the stone egg, he beat his chest and feet painfully. Completely ignoring the weak Wei Xun’s stop, he strongly used a container to collect the remaining blood of the sun spider.

He didn’t listen to his orders several times. Wei Xun’s eyes sank, and the corner of his eyes glanced warily at Yvette. Seeing that there was a faint sign that he was going to lay hands on the stone eggs, he took back the stone eggs directly. Phoenician’s stone egg moved reluctantly. Most of its egg shell has been dyed golden red, only the crack in the middle is still thick black.

The crack extended countless small branches, dense like a cobweb all over the whole stone egg, and it was about to hatch successfully. If it can absorb all the spider’s blood, it can hatch successfully immediately! However, it fell short of grabbing blood because of bailaoer. No wonder it was unwilling to be restless.

Wei Xun, who was weak and seriously injured, couldn’t even hold the stone egg. He almost broke free by it several times. Finally, Wei Xun’s fingers firmly dug into its crack, just like grasping a live bowling ball. After Bai Laoer collected the residual blood, the stone egg finally gave up the struggle and collapsed in Wei Xun’s hand.

“Hiss, you C-1, said it was the sun spider. If I hadn’t come back early, I’m afraid it would have been swallowed by you alone.”

After collecting the sun spider’s residual blood, Bai Laoer was very aggressive. He deliberately took three containers and showed them to Wei Xun in turn.

The first container is as big as barreled water and has a capacity of more than 20 liters. The material is like jade and non jade, which is slightly soft. It seems that it can change the size according to the capacity of the internal liquid. Now it is filled with golden liquid. It is not appropriate to say that it is a liquid, because it has solidified after being loaded into the barrel, just like a large barrel, shining in the dark and staring at it for a while, it makes people feel very painful in their eyes, like some radioactive mineral.

The second container is a bicui bamboo tube with a small arm. A thin branch and several tender bamboo leaves grow at the bamboo joint, swinging slightly like life. The bicui bamboo tube contains golden red, steaming viscous plasma.

The former is the common blood of the sun spider, and the latter is the heart blood of the sun spider. Xiaocui ate her heart. She didn’t have much blood. It was all in the bamboo tube – she didn’t eat the stone egg when she went down. It’s like a character who likes to keep good things for the last time. It may also be thinking of finally using her heart to help her break her shell in one fell swoop. As a result, she was half taken away. Remember the website

The third container contained hot, ruby like crystals wrapped in white flocs, which looked like melting strawberry milk ice. On top of them, there was a mass of gold silk as big as marshmallow. Half life told him that it was some broken limbs and meat left by the sun spider.

The sun spiders’ left ‘and they soon melted into the dirty blood. Half of their life, they quickly fished the last point by hand.

It looks delicious.

Wei Xun is a little sorry. If only the sun spider were not too tricky, it would be nice to keep it. Such a big sun spider is enough to eat corn shoots to adulthood, and he can taste fresh. He thought that the hippies would not appreciate this delicious food and might make it into some kind of sacrificial material – otherwise the virtual shadow cat would not be so active to help.

But his face was gloomy, and there was a forbearing anger in his eyes.

“If the master doesn’t sacrifice it away, you will all be killed by it today!”

Wei Xun’s face was so dry that he couldn’t open his mouth. A ferret squeaked on his shoulder and suddenly spit out people to speak for his master.

“Sacrifice? Who knows which wild God you gave to. Maybe you’re a gang and are ready to monopolize the booty.”

The hundred old man was aggressive. During his speech, he took these containers back to himself: “these are the reward we deserve, but it’s far from enough! I tell you, the hundred old man’s insect servants were seriously injured. You’re waiting to lose your money!”

“You fart!”

The ferret screamed and squeaked anxiously. The people mixed mink language: “squeaky insect servant advanced level, what good! These flesh and blood masters squeaky are of great use, you must -”


Wei Xun grabbed the ferret’s back neck skin and stopped it. But obviously, the ferret has made him timid, and it doesn’t refute the most important point – bailaoer said that he sacrificed to the wild God! This shows that he deceived evelett before, and the matter suddenly became serious. Wei Xun didn’t go to see Yvette. It was the stupidest thing to do at this time, which showed that he was guilty.

But Yvette, who had been silent, spoke.

“Boss 100?”

Yvette asked in a slow voice, “are these insect servants of the hundred eldest?”

“Go, you can’t talk here.”

The half life Taoist priest shot like a machine gun. He scolded impatiently, “are you a fool? He’s a little guide. How can he have such a strong insect servant? It’s just a fat face. You won’t be so stupid that you’ve been cheated by him.”

Yvette was also not angry. The virtual shadow of the original almost transparent flame moved silently and became more solid. He resonated, as if defending Wei Xun: “he has the sacred thing of the sun in his hand and let the sun spiders kneel down for it. It’s not a small role.”

“Hiss, holy thing?”

Bai Laoer ridiculed. Unexpectedly, he took the Sun Pendant in Wei Xun’s hand and threw it to the ground!

“Where is there a sacred thing that can only be used once? It’s funny. What kind of solar energy, it’s all our boss’s.”

While talking, a hundred old boys took out a duster and swept it. The tip of the duster ignited a twisted flame, which was impressively a wisp of pollution from the crazy sun! Then bailaoer put away the dust and looked at Wei Xun angrily: “I thought you were a good man and were close to you, but you lied to me! Well, our boss will come tomorrow and will preside over justice for me!”

“Bailaoer, why do you talk like that!”

Chen Cheng and others also rushed back from the meeting to see the miserable appearance of director C. Tang Shuangji, who spoke of righteousness, directly met him.

“Thank you and the insect servant of boss Bai for your help. We will pay off our debts.”

Chen Cheng managed to get through the game, but he directly brought Bingyi into the category of “we”. Liu Hongyu hurried to show director Bingyi the injury, with a dignified expression.

“Guide C’s injury is too serious.”

Liu Hongyu shook his head and said bluntly, “guide C is a passenger. He is a dead man now.”

He means that guide C is strongly supported by exchanging points for the death countdown, but his injury can’t be cured at all. The rapidly reduced death countdown is like a bottomless hole. No matter how many points are thrown, there will be no stable time. It’s OK to use their magic medicine, but now because of the sun spider, Bai Laoer is going to break with them.

Under normal circumstances, they would certainly weigh the pros and cons, but now everyone is undoubtedly on the side of guide C.

Chen Cheng is humbly persuading bailaoer, but he implicitly asks for medicine, but he is directly rejected. Bailaoer seems to have a lot of resentment. He directly sent out the matter from the oasis to the present. Yvette followed him and confirmed that those magic insects are indeed baieldest, and the solar pendant and solar energy are also baieldest. They didn’t lie.

I’m afraid that boss Bai has a more special identity… I’m afraid he is the real ‘messenger’! After all, the blasphemer originally set the “solar eclipse” to be tomorrow, but the “God of fire” hurriedly killed God servants with him tonight. There was something strange in it!

Yvette’s mind moved. He had already made up his mind. Even if he left the core and suffered heavy losses, he would take the opportunity to retreat first! If C-I can really use the sacred objects of the sun to sacrifice and communicate with the sun, evelett is definitely not his opponent. It’s better to wait until the blasphemer arrives tomorrow, when the sun altar riots and the two beasts agreed with him sneak attack, he will come back quietly to pick up the leak.

Vulcan’s flame is so tempting and delicious that Yvette can’t bear it. But he also knew that the two beasts came for the God of fire, and the black sand giant would definitely destroy the God of fire first. If he picks up the leak tomorrow, he will get little!

But now, things are different.

The ‘God of fire’ is a fake envoy, which is really good news for evelett. The fury of being deceived passed, and more greed spread.

Whether he is the “God of fire” or not, his flame is really fragrant. Yvette feels that the flames around him are shouting “God of fire” and “God of fire”, which is very flexible. This is a brand-new power, which belongs only to higher people, and makes Yvette intoxicated.

The ‘God of fire’ was seriously injured and broke with the strongest. The terrible stone eggs in his hands haven’t hatched yet. The boss who is suspected to be the real envoy will come tomorrow

Tonight is the best chance.

Is it a wild gamble to win the greatest benefits, or is it prudent to be careful and finally pick up broken meat like a jackal?

The proud and arrogant evelett never had the word “caution” in his dictionary. What’s more, he was sure that these people really didn’t lie.

“Bailaoer, please wait a minute.”

Seeing that the two sides of the confrontation somehow quarreled more and more fiercely, bailaoer even drew a sword to deter them by force, the shadow of Yvette’s red flame suddenly crossed them and separated the two sides. He said with dignity, “your gratitude and resentment should be settled tomorrow, but my agreement with him is tonight.”


Yvette condescended and roared like thunder: “do you still remember the competition between you and me?”

As soon as he said this, Wei Xun’s face turned pale. At the same time, Wei Xun and half life were relieved at the same time.

If he had just run away, no one at the scene could have stopped him. Yvette can’t escape. Wei Xun has other arrangements for him.

Even if other people couldn’t understand evelett’s words, they also heard a sneer from a hundred sophomores. They were surprised. They looked like holding a sword and watching a good play: “do you want to duel with him now? To be honest, evelett, you’re taking advantage of the danger of others, but you really don’t know shame.”

Evelett is going to duel with director C?!

For a moment, everyone’s face turned white. How can director C duel with Yvette in this state? There is no doubt that he will die! For a time, Chen Cheng’s brain was blank and he couldn’t think of a solution. He even hoped that Yvette would be angered by bailaoer. They had a fight first, but Yvette directly ignored bailaoer’s words.

The early morning without stars is the best match for you and me. This is exactly what he agreed with the God of fire.

“Now, the morning has passed.”

Before the voice fell, Yvette turned directly into a scarlet blood light, and the night was dyed ominous blood in an instant. Just listen to the rustling sound that makes people’s scalp numb. One drum after another suddenly appears on the sand, just like the most terrible call of the dead. The mummies who have been sleeping for many years have drilled out from the depths of the earth one by one, and their bodies are full of cursed blood.

Yvette did not hesitate to open it directly. This is Yvette’s blood sacrifice!


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