TTG Chapter 397

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 397: The Sahara of Death (73)

Dong Dong Dong——

With the scarlet mummies crawling out of the ground, the sound of drums echoed in everyone’s ears. This drum sounds like nothing, but the sound is as powerful and magnificent as a war drum, which makes people feel brave and solemn. They just want to leave all the fighting happy and fight until death!

“It’s terrible. Who are you playing the drum? It’s terrible!”

“No, it’s a sacrificial drum!”

On the surface of his life, he maintained an annoying and irritated young man’s design. Secretly, he said to Wei Xun through holding the silk: “don’t listen to the drum, try to block your ears! Once you are tempted by the drums, you will become a madman with only fighting in your mind! ”

“Come on, plug your ears.”

Beside Wei Xun, Chen Cheng also hurried, obviously found that the drum sound was wrong: “Yun Ying!”

In metaphysics, of course, they have a better understanding of various ritual sacrifices. Drum music is a lot of auxiliary tools for sacrifice. Some music can make people calm and communicate with gods, some music can make people fanatical and devout, and some, like the current drum, can make the sacrifices brutally fight to death.

This is a blood sacrifice! The mummies that climb out of the ground are the sacrifices of the past. They will fight against all creatures until they involve everything in a crazy battle!

“Dong Dong Dong”

But just then, a burst of lively drums came in, just like the notes from outside, which made everyone present clear. Yun Ying is holding a small and exquisite red paint rattle, which is like a child’s toy. It is simple and childlike. The two red beads on the rattle emit a faint smell of medicine, and the drum surface is not made of ordinary leather.

The drums are cheerful and childlike, just like children playing. They are incompatible with the fanatical war drums, and suddenly confuse its rhythm! Chen Cheng and others took the opportunity to block their ears, but the pervasive drum sound with Yvette was just better than nothing. Yun Ying spent a lot of energy using that prop. Her face turned red and her teeth were giggling, but she could only barely protect their small area from the war drums, but it could not affect the mummies approaching them.

Looking around, there were dense mummies on all sides. Their faces were dry and sunken, soaked with blood, and surrounded them like zombies, while the huge flame shadow of Yvette floated on the mummies and did not approach them.

Wei Xun knew that evelett was cautious and cunning, but he was still worried. With these mummies, Chen Cheng and others are equivalent to hostages held by him. But Wei Xun doesn’t blame Chen Cheng for coming to help. The scenic spot task is not over. They can’t leave the petrochemical forest. Compared with being secretly caught by evelett, this is the best situation now. The situation is still under Wei Xun’s control.

The sun spider is dead and the soul of the silver moon killer is still infected. It means that they have strong helpers to help. The rules will re measure their strength. An Xuefeng can’t make a move, and half his life is better not. Otherwise, Wei Xun suspects that in order to balance the strength of both sides, the black sand giant may be aware of what is happening here and lead it to appear in advance.

How should only he and Chen Cheng’s brigade deal with Yvette and his blood sacrifice? To tell you the truth, Wei Xun has already made several plans, but now it’s just a short choice.

Whether Li doesn’t care about passengers at all and will use their personal equipment without scruples after tearing his face, or will he do whatever he wants——

“Evelette, you’ve gone too far!”

The fusion flame is ignited and quickly caged on all passengers, such as the protective cover formed by the flame. The flame resonated with Wei Xun angrily and scolded, “you and I will just compete. What sacrifice do you want? Who do you want to sacrifice?!”

“When the God servant dies, of course, a grand sacrifice will be held to calm the anger of the sun. God of fire, as the messenger of the sun, you don’t even know that.”

Yvette mocked and deliberately accentuated the tone of the word “God of fire”, which was full of irony. But most of his attention was focused on the Centaur.

Is this man really incompatible with C Yi, or is he playing double reed with him to deceive him, evelette?

He is not so gullible as Yvette!

“I’m so bored. It’s annoying to hear the drum! Hey, you solve your problems yourself. I won’t serve you.”

The more you listen, the more annoying you get. Turn your face directly. He picked up the Sun Pendant and threw it away. Without warning, he threw it at the top of C Yi’s head. The ferret on Wei Xun’s shoulder screamed with fear and ran directly to his head to block it. Half life throwing was originally on the high side, so it should fly close to Wei Xun’s scalp.

But at this time, Tang shuangmeng next to him pulled Wei Xun away. Unexpectedly, he carried it for C! The sharp edge of the Sun Pendant directly cut the skin and flesh at his clavicle, cut into Bai Sensen’s bone, and almost cut off his body. It’s dangerous. Tang shuangchang is tall, or he’ll have to cut his throat directly!

“You’re very affectionate, but don’t die. Our boss’s debt hasn’t been paid yet!”

Bai Laoer (scared into a cold sweat) laughed in the chaos. With a sweep of the horizontal sword, he cut more than ten blood stained mummies into pieces, cleared a path and left with his hands. Seeing that bailaoer was really gone, Yvette’s eyes moved and sighed a little relieved.

Wei Xun’s eyes were gloomy and showed an angry expression. He directly grabbed Tang Shuang, who hissed and sucked the air conditioner, and pulled out the Sun Pendant. Something flashed in his hand. As soon as his fingers rolled over the Dan incense, Wei Xun directly sprinkled the powder on Tang Shuang’s chest and the wound healed in an instant.

“Guide C, you should eat this dragon tiger treasure pill yourself!”

Chen Cheng knew what Bing Yi had used for Tang Shuang as soon as he heard it. In order to repay Bing Yi’s kindness to save He Yun and Liu Hongyu, they gave him a dragon and tiger treasure pill, but he didn’t expect that director Bing had never eaten it and would still use it for Tang Shuang! Without hesitation, Chen Cheng took out his dragon tiger treasure pill, ground it into powder and sprinkled it on half of his blackened face.

Baodan needs to be taken orally, and external application is a waste, but Baodan is worthy of Baodan. Wei Xun’s blackened face at first glance has not changed, but he can feel that the Baodan powder is dissipating the twisted anger eroding his skin and flesh.

“Director C, you don’t have to worry about us. We’ll find a way to deal with these mummies. You don’t have to be distracted.”

Cheng Tianbao said hoarsely, knowing that Yvette couldn’t understand their words, said quickly and clearly: “he is the core to solve everything, kill him, defeat him, eat him… No matter what you do, we will support you.”

But director C didn’t appreciate it. He directly pushed Chen Cheng and them in the direction of bailaoer leaving. Bailaoer had just cleaned up the mummies in this direction. The freezing of frost slows down the speed of other mummies. The mummies on this road haven’t gathered yet. They can still rush out if they want to rush.

Chen Cheng knows that director C wants them to leave. Whether it’s out of kindness or because they’re in the way, Chen Cheng understands this kindness. But

“Director C, you don’t have to care about our life and death.”

Chen Cheng said seriously. Too many things happened tonight. Black snake attack, sun spider and director C saved them many times. The whole brigade owes director C too much. Now how can you leave director C, who is seriously injured and dying, here alone? Chen Cheng can see whether it is really serious injury or hidden strength.

In this state, even if guide C wants to return to zero, it is extremely dangerous. If you don’t pay attention, you will be completely crazy and never come back. It is helpful to have a brigade leader and passengers around him, even if they are not connected. At least they are the same brigade and can influence each other.

Chen Cheng shook for a moment. I don’t know why he suddenly felt a little cold behind him when he thought so. Is this an ominous sign? But Chen Cheng deliberately smiled optimistic and cheerful: “even if we die, guide C, you can get more points to change your life.”

Wei Xun glared at him and simply turned his head and ignored him. He knew that their actions were all seen by Yvette, which showed the deep emotion between their brigades. The blood sacrifice mummies are still approaching, the encirclement is getting smaller and smaller, and all of the metaphysical brigade are ready for battle.

They united around Wei Xun to form an array. Yun Ying holding a drum and Doctor Liu Hongyu were in the center. He Yunlai and Yu’s brothers and sisters were on the left, Tong Fu, Zhu Yuande and Cheng Tianbao were on the right, and Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang were separated from Wei Xun, which was the sharpest arrow. In an instant, the flame was burning, and the fire all over the sky reddened the bloody sky like sunset glow.

Wei Xun couldn’t fly without wings. His flame was as fierce as a whip to Yvette. Tang Shuang and Chen Cheng shot at the same time, but they killed the mummies in front of C Yi and wanted to kill a way for him.

This is a duel between Yvette and C. I’m afraid it involves some agreed rules. Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang, smart, did not directly participate in their battle, but fought against the corpses of the blood sacrifice, and the battle was imminent!

“Vulcan, let evelett see your real strength!”

Yvette didn’t avoid the war any more. The fire condensed into a thick black and red chain in his hand, and the fire whip of the God of fire was scattered at the touch of it! The black and red chains attacked Wei Xun like a fierce poisonous snake. Yvette tried his best to pierce his head. But suddenly there was a sharp bird song and a fierce laugh like the cry of the devil. The whip that was defeated by one blow was divided into three flames! It is not a collapse, but a fusion flame itself.

Samadhi’s true fire is just and pure. The three color demon flame is insidious and mysterious. Coupled with the Phoenix Fire of immortality and rebirth, the three regiments of flames are as good as evelett’s black and red flame chain fight! They are the flames of myths and legends, with the same noble status. If Wei Xun wasn’t weak, they might be able to break the chain directly.

At the moment when the three kinds of flames entangled the black and red chains, Wei Xun turned into a moon glow, jumped more than ten meters high in an instant, and the blood sucking knife cut to Yvette like a silver moon, which also directly showed the killing move!

“Yvette really didn’t feel wrong.”

With a sharp clang, the blood sucking knife cut off the fog like fiery red virtual shadow, but behind the virtual shadow is a pale and hard stone trunk, which is the fossil tree where the core of evelett is located! Like Zeus’s lightning spear, it was gripped by Yvette and blocked the blade. Yvette turned into a big fire, and the burning flame overwhelmed the moonlight in an instant. The hot fire wind swept through, accompanied by Yvette’s thunderous roar of anger.

“You’re a team!”

The werewolf who killed him once was indeed with the God of fire! Before the sun spider was still there, the sun blocked the light of the silver moon, but evelett noticed the Vulcan’s ear. Now, the God of fire really wants to kill him. If the two wild animals can come into the petrified forest tomorrow, I’m afraid he will fall into a trap completely.

Now, although I don’t know what secret method the God of fire used and the moonlight appears all over his body, Yvette can clearly feel that the strength of the God of fire is not as good as that beast, so he should kill the God of fire now!


The huge and hard fossil tree trunk swept like a siege hammer, hit Wei Xun’s waist and directly flew him out. Wei Xun’s face suddenly changed and blood gushed out. Even if there was the soul of the silver moon killer, the wolf was also a bronze head, iron legs and hemp waist. The waist was their common cover door, which was found by evelett.

“唳 -”

The Phoenix Fire, which is struggling with the black and red chain, wails. The flame representing rebirth gives priority to Wei Xun when his master is dying and seriously injured. Three fire lacks one master and is seriously injured. Three color devil flame and samadhi true fire are also defeated by black and red chains. Seeing that the terror chain formed by the flame suddenly extends outward, we should tie Wei Xun’s waist and catch him.

But just then, evelett suddenly took back the chain and made a defensive posture.

“This is –”

Looking around, I didn’t see the expected giant. Yvette’s burning eyes immediately looked at the source of the breath that made him alert, and was stunned to find that it was a human he didn’t pay attention to! It was the fire with the breath of giants on human body that misled him!

At the critical moment, the red sand giant bone fire was suddenly lit, and it was Tang Shuang who attracted Yvette’s attention! Seeing that guide C was in crisis, he couldn’t help. In a hurry, he thought that Yvette was afraid of the sun spider. His bone fire came from the underground cave. Tang Shuang tried to ignite the fire and try to turn Yvette’s attention around.

He succeeded and won valuable time for director C. But the price was painful. The Furious evelett decided to run over the bugs he hadn’t seen before!

“Crackle – crackle!”


The black and red chain suddenly pulled to the earth and tore the earth open a terrible gap like a rage. Even if the people of Chen Cheng brigade avoided in time, the original formation was separated by the gully and had to fight their own battles. The heat wave that can burn people to death surged, and the sound of bloody war drums became more and more violent and restless. Yun Ying’s face was pale, spit out a mouthful of blood, the rattle broke, and the mummies rushed to the people like a tide.

Even if their heads are cut off, they will continue to fight unless they are completely smashed as bailaoer did before. Everyone is in danger immediately!

“Yvette, let them go!”

Wei Xun, who stood up again, shot angrily and tried to kill several mummies with a blood sucking knife. There has been a serious change in him. The flame with heavy spiritual pollution shouted that the God of fire burned in his hair and face, but only a small part of his limbs changed. The soul infection priority of silver moon killer is higher than Wei Xun’s own change. The possession of silver moon killer has advantages and disadvantages. Passengers will not return to zero distortion, and Wei Xun can’t completely return to zero change with him.

“This is a competition between you and me!”

The fusion flame turns into a whip to disperse the mummies again. Wei Xun turns into the moonlight and attacks Yvette. He appears like an assassin and disappears the moonlight. The knives are full of killing moves. Yvette fought with him with the spear of the fossil tree, but the long whip of the black and red chain still pulled to the earth, breaking up the Chen Cheng brigade who finally gathered together to fight back again!

“Hahaha, God of fire, he first violated the rules and participated in the competition between you and me.”

Yvette laughed and said, “does he deserve to be punished, or are you willing to be punished for him?”

Wei Xun didn’t say anything, but the blade became more and more fierce and cunning, which was a desperate play. The blood sucking knife cuts into the flame body of evelett again and again, but it is often blocked by the fossil tree. The weak Wei Xun can no longer activate the fragments of the Arya butterfly. Evelett is not a physical creature with blood, and the advantage of the blood sucking knife can’t be brought into play at all.

Without supplement, Wei Xun’s blood will be sucked back, making him weaker and more crazy.

“Tong Fu!”

At this time, the ground battlefield suddenly burst out with an anxious sound. It turned out that Tong Fu’s double knives protected Yun Ying who was bitten back when the mummies stormed, but evelett’s black and red chain suddenly fell from the sky. □ □ Tong Fu and Yunying, who were surrounded by the corpses, had nowhere to escape. The life and death crisis was extreme. Tong Fu gritted her teeth, picked up Yunying and threw her out, but she fought back because of her excessive force □ □ the corpses attacked and overwhelmed to the ground.

The dense, hard and iron dried corpses pressed her down like a pyramid, and the black and red chains fell like the collapse of Mount Tai. No one could react. In an instant, Tong Fu would become a pool of meat mud.

But there was a bright silver falling light from the sky. Like the falling moonlight, it suddenly broke the black and red chain and cut Tong Fu’s corpse in half! At the critical moment, director C, who fought fiercely with evelett, threw down the blood sucking knife and saved Tong Fu’s life! Chen Cheng, who came slowly, directly pulled Tong Fu out of the sea of blood and pulled out Bingyi’s knife. However, Tong Fu, who had just escaped death, couldn’t care about herself. She looked up at the sky in embarrassment, and her pupils shrank suddenly.

“Guide C, be careful!!!”

At the moment when c-guide threw his knife, Yvette turned into a flaming fireball and swallowed c-guide directly. He had seen that Vulcan was a soft hearted man and had a deep relationship with the following human beings. It’s impossible to ignore the people below when they are in danger. As expected, Vulcan was so stupid that he lost his knife!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yvette directly tried his best to devour the core fire of the God of fire at one fell swoop. However, as soon as he surrounded the God of fire, evelett had a bad heart. There was a layer of flame from nowhere between him and the God of fire! This flame is ordinary, has no intelligence or particularity, but burns a more prosperous ordinary flame, but separates him from the God of fire.

A gold talisman quickly burns to ashes after releasing the flame. It is the golden sky fire talisman given by Yu Hexuan to Wei Xun! Wei Xun’s previous performances of protecting passengers were very successful. He knew how to play by directly substituting himself into an Xuefeng. Before he deliberately threw the knife, he expected that Yvette would take this opportunity to attack, and directly used the sky fire gold amulet. At the same time, a knife quietly appeared in his hand.

Maniac’s knife!

Taking advantage of the short time that Tianhuo Fu fought for, Wei Xun stabbed the petrified tree in front of him with the maniac’s knife. The maniac’s knife stained with the silver moon felt weaker than the previous blood sucking knife, but it made evelett’s soul feel creepy. He suddenly stopped, but he was a step late. He heard a sharp noise. The petrified tree that could not be broken by the blood sucking knife was pierced by the maniac’s knife!

The radiance of the silver moon is the best disguise. Wei Xun stacked the madman’s knife when he killed the little spiders earlier. It is aimed at the ‘God slave’, which can kill with one blow!

Evelett is lower than the sun spider. He is trapped here to guard the altar. Theoretically, he should be of the same level as the God slave, but unfortunately, he is not a complete God slave after all. The one hit and kill of the maniac’s knife can not be fully displayed. He only pierced the Petrochemical tree through the gap, but it’s worth it. A bright red flame leaped in the hole of the fossil tree, like a heart.

That’s the core of evelett’s flame! In an instant, Wei Xun released Vulcan pollution to erode the core, but Yvette reacted faster. His body plummeted and fell directly from the air to the ground, but the core of the fossil tree was contaminated with some pollution, which was still eroding, which made evelett furious.

The earth buzzed and the sky shook with his rage. His roar caused a tornado all over the world, which was directly reduced to ashes by the mummies who were not very involved in it. Yvette roared to the sky like a giant of fire from ancient times: “damn God of fire, you annoyed me!”

He waved the black and red chain in a rage, as if he wanted to fight the God of fire, but the next moment, the landing point of the black and red chain was Yun Ying, the weakest of Chen Cheng’s brigade! Cheng Tianbao pounced on Yun Ying, but the black and red chains rolled at them like a poisonous python. Tong Fu rushed forward, gritted her teeth and stopped with a long knife, but the knife was directly hit in two.

The black and red chain was finally resisted by the cold sword. Chen Cheng’s tiger mouth burst and bled. He gritted his teeth. Suddenly, his face was pale, his mouth vomited blood, and he was swept out by the black and red chain.

Almost inexplicable evelett is not what they can deal with! Seeing the black and red chain rise again to hammer Chen Cheng into meat mud, a figure flashed like the moon and blocked the incoming chain in front of Chen Cheng.


The God of fire scolded angrily, but Yvette laughed: “ha ha ha, thank you for your praise!”

Meanness is always the best compliment to the cunning spirit, and evelett never thought of a fair fight with the God of fire. After discovering the weakness of the God of fire in protecting weak human beings, he made full use of it. He wildly waved the black and red chain and pulled towards Chen Cheng. Wei Xun was only tired of being on guard and had no time to erode the flame core of Yvette. What’s more, I don’t know when his flame ignited a lot of flames shouting about the God of fire, which stopped Wei Xun’s erosion.

“No, no –”

“Go away!”

The black and red chains are pulled down again and again like a whip, bringing people a sense of collapse of doomsday despair. Tang Shuang and others tried to rush up, even to help resist a trace and a half, but Wei Xun scolded them away, and they couldn’t approach at all. The terrible power suffocated people, and the violently shaking earth overturned everyone to the ground.

The repeated heavy blows finally made C Yi unable to carry it. He was half kneeling on the ground, his head bowed, his body motionless, his scarlet cloak adhered to his flesh and blood, and the long knife in his hand to resist the black and red chain was almost broken.

In an instant, evelett moved to the God of fire. The movement here was much bigger than he expected. I’m afraid it would attract the attention of outsiders. He must end all this as soon as possible. When Yvette grabbed the God of fire, suddenly a cold frost sword stabbed out from behind the God of fire, but Yvette stopped it at will, grabbed it and threw it aside.

The man’s hands were shocked with blood, but he was crazy. He picked up a sword and wanted to protect the God of fire. But the strongest human being was just a little bigger ant in his eyes, which was not worth mentioning at all. Instead, evelett put all his mind on the God of fire. He deliberately made the action of grasping the man’s sword again. Sure enough, the God of fire, who had not moved before and seemed to be dead, suddenly hit him fiercely. He opened his sharp teeth like wolf teeth, and his canine teeth were soaked with moonlight, Bite into the flame core of the fossil tree hole.

This time, however, Yvette was ready. He directly grabbed the face of the God of fire and looked at his bloodstained eyes with a sneer: “you… Ah ah!”


Hearing only a sharp noise, the weak man who was not looked at by evelett at all, the weak human who picked up a sword and tried to hurt him, actually stabbed the sword into the deep core of the flame in the fossil tree hole! No, it’s not a sword, but a knife. It’s the blood sucking knife Wei Xun threw down to protect Tong Fu’s life!

And the knife is now in Chen Cheng’s hand. There are butterfly fragments in ancient oasis in the blood sucking knife. This is Chen Cheng’s butterfly fragments. Chen Cheng’s several attachments on the battlefield have long made the young Chen team of the brigade have all kinds of extraordinary features, but they have not been fully displayed. Wei Xun can’t violate the ancient oasis rules and use most of the power of butterfly fragments while the black sand giant is still there, but Chen Cheng is born with it!

Wei Xun’s eyes flashed a sneer, and the God of fire pollution poured out, and the pollution at the flame core of the fossil tree cave immediately defected, invading the flame core of Yvette!

The weak can be used. It only depends on who is the real weak.

“Ah, ah –!”

Just listen to Yvette’s shrill scream. His black and red chains are trying to turn Chen Cheng’s God of fire into mud, but they can’t control it at all. All the flames lit on him shout the word fire □ □ which is the deepest and most sinister layout of the God of fire!

“Vulcan, Vulcan -”

Yvette screamed sadly and desperately, “you don’t want to devour Yvette, you’re going to die!”

He suddenly turned into a flaming fireball and smashed at Wei Xun with the momentum of destroying the sky and the earth. The hot flame can burn people to ashes, but Wei Xun was unmoved by evelett’s desperate attack. The huge fireball crashed on them, but there was only hot air and no flame at all! It was an illusion, the flame and smoke dispersed, and the red fog floating away rapidly could be seen in the distance.

Evelett escaped! He felt that great danger was coming, and he did not intend to compete with the sinister and cunning God of fire. All greed is the original sin towards death. He clearly wants freedom. Now he can leave everything and escape and return to freedom!

The fossil tree with the flame core, Yvette, directly threw it away, and he didn’t want the flame core polluted and eroded by the God of fire, because it was not his real flame core at all! Wei Xun also thought about it. David once said that evelett had been killed once. The flame core was unstable. He was likely to split a fake to set a trap.

There was a rumbling sound from the abandoned fossil tree, and the dazzling red light burst out from the cracked tree. The terrible momentum was faintly leaked, just like a terrorist nuclear bomb that was about to explode. The power of the explosion of the flame core could raze the place to the ground, and everyone would die!

Exhausted Chen Cheng grits his teeth and wants to carry Bingyi away from the fossil tree. He wants everyone to run quickly, but his dry throat is hoarse and can’t make a sound. However, C Yi took his hand and shook it slightly.

Facing the fleeing Yvette and the false flame core about to explode, Wei Xun was still calm and even smiled. The lead wire moved slightly, and a calm voice came out.

“Now you can move your hand”

Yvette has repeatedly started with the tourists, but it has a very different meaning from that of the tour guide! The hotel gives the tour guide the power to test the tourists. However, the tour guide should be greedy to seek greater interests, and the hotel will not protect more. When passengers encounter unexpected and impossible enemies, the hotel rules will give exceptional protection.

Holding the silk is not talking to half life, and it is impossible for Yvette, who has almost no solution, to win half life.

It’s not to say to an Xuefeng that the fierce battle just now has made the scene vulnerable. He has a journey of 30 degrees north latitude and butterfly fragments. His full efforts will make the scene collapse again.

Wei Xun is talking quietly with the third person connected by his lead wire!

There was silence for a long time. At the moment when the false flame core was about to explode, the man sighed.

“To tell you the truth, I want to know…”

In an instant, there was only a loud noise, the false flame core exploded, the sky shook and the earth cracked in an instant, and everyone thought they were dead, but soon they couldn’t believe that they were still alive! The roar of the explosion was still there, but the power of fire and terror was blocked. They were protected by something, but Wei Xun knew it was a huge bone hand.

His eyes followed the lead wire and seemed to see a distant place outside. The fleeing Yvette was also firmly grasped by a huge bone hand, just like the fiery red bird trapped in the bone prison.

On a scorched earth, only one person stood there. He was wounded all over, his abdomen and chest were open, and his bleeding ribs were exposed. But he didn’t care. He put his hands in his pockets and was unrestrained. His face looks young, but his eyes are different.

“Did you know I was there?”


Wei Xun coughed and gasped and smiled: “Tang Shuang”

It was Tang Shuang who made the last move!

It’s not young Tang Shuang, it’s the man who disappeared on the battlefield. All kinds of clues have been confirmed by Wei Xun. He has been here since he contacted here!

“You can stay longer than your captain and teammates.”


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