TTG Chapter 398

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 398: The Sahara of Death (74)

“How did you find out it was mine?”

Tang Shuang asked casually. In fact, he was curious: “I think I acted perfectly.”

“It’s just perfect”

Wei Xun sighed that he had found something wrong with Tang Shuang.

Chen Cheng and Cheng Tianbao have been here before. Chen Cheng is in good condition. He can talk and fight normally when he comes here. Cheng Tianbao was in a bad state. After he came, he was in a coma and lost control of his title. Later, he was sucked up by maggots and cocoons. From beginning to end, Cheng Tianbao didn’t wake up here.

But at least they’re all here.

Cheng Tianbao as like as two peas, who was obviously imitated by Tang Shuang, was remain unconscious after he rescued him from the cave. He gradually sober up after being absorbed into the Phoenician eggs and absorbed the pollution. At first glance, he was exactly the same as Cheng Tianbao.

However, they are actually different. Tang Shuang was too ‘perfect’.

Whether it’s the quick adjustment of mentality after waking up or the interaction with Yu’s brothers and sisters, it seems that there is no problem and it’s very natural. But it is reasonable to say that the uncontrolled pollution will have a great impact on them. For example, Cheng Tianbao has always had a hoarse voice and a gloomy mood.

You know, Cheng Tianbao, whom Wei Xun met when he was in the oasis at first, is a cheerful and lively character. The character he now shows is closer to Cheng Tianbao, who knows half his life, that is, the one on the battlefield.

Tang Shuang’s nature and perfection became a flaw in Wei Xun’s eyes.

“This alone cannot be confirmed.”

Tang shuanghum said with a smile, “if you make a wrong judgment, they will all die.”

Tang Shuang said, “Bingyi, are you gambling?”

Bet whether he will make a move, bet on Tang Shuang’s feelings for these long dead teammates? throw a sprat to catch a herring

It’s a sure bet to trade dead people. Tang Shuang even applauded Bingyi. He smiled and praised, “gambling is wonderful. I appreciate you.”


But Wei Xun said with a smile: “is this a gamble? It’s a sure thing. If it’s all gambling in your eyes, you’d better not appreciate me. ”


When Tang Shuang went back, he raised his eyebrows. His voice suddenly cooled down. He was full of madness and anger. He looked moody: “boy, I don’t like to hear that.”

When talking, the huge bone hand wrapped around them shook badly, which was like shaking heaven and earth for the people in the bone hand. But Chen Cheng’s brigade did not scream. They fixed their bodies and kept calm as much as possible. Chen Cheng simply plunged his sword into the “ground” to control his body, holding guide C tightly with one hand to help him stabilize his body.

Tang Shuang:

“Gee, I forgot. Aren’t you afraid?”

After shaking for a while, he saw that there was no change in Bingyi’s mood, and Tang Shuang also felt boring.

“Why be afraid”

When he stopped, Wei Xun provoked recklessly: “if you have the ability, you can kill me?”

“You –”

I haven’t seen anyone who dares to provoke to death for a long time. No one dares to provoke a madman. Tang Shuang had a deeper smile on his face, but his eyes were getting darker and darker. The negative emotions accumulated for several years surged up, and he almost couldn’t help trying

However, without waiting for him to do it, outside the bone hand, a big dark bird quietly appeared and landed on the bone, with dark and deep eyes staring at Tang Shuang.

“You’re not alone”

Inside his bony hand, Wei Xun smiled and held Chen Cheng’s hand: “of course I’m not alone.”

The Dark Phoenix’s feathers rolled down like a flame, like reality and illusion, and its hot bones and hands were scorched black. The inverted Anka characters in its heart linger with an unfathomable breath, beating like a heart.

Tang Shuang’s anger suddenly dissipated on his first watch. Pointing to the big bird, he smiled and scolded, “xiao’an, it’s you who broke my good deed.”

Yes, the most important thing for Wei Xun to determine Tang Shuang’s identity is an Xuefeng.

Tang Shuang really didn’t know what method he used and hid it very well. Even an Xuefeng didn’t find his problem for a moment. However, when Wei Xun fought with an Xuefeng disguised as a blackened Anka, Zhu Yuande actually saw through the essence of an Xuefeng and saw the Egyptian pictographic character ‘Anka’.

How can Egypt’s oldest talisman become the heart of Phoenician birds in Arab mythology? And still in an inverted state? Zhu Yuande didn’t recognize the meaning of this character. The pyramids, mummies, murals and so on he saw with great Egyptian style can show that there is a problem with the dark bird!

In addition to his hostile attitude towards other gods, as long as Zhu Yuande pointed out this at that time, they would definitely get his help! This is also the right way for travelers to outwit when they encounter monsters like Anka Phoenix, which is far beyond their current strength – the real fool is the one who hits the hard.

An Xuefeng has been distracted by Zhu Yuande and saw with his own eyes what he drew on Tang’s hands when he went to support him. Even if Zhu Yuande was mentally overdrawn and unconscious and couldn’t speak, he must have told Tang Shuang the doubt. An Xuefeng will not despise the quality of metaphysical tourists. He originally planned to Daze Tang Shuang before he spoke. After all, evelett was fighting the sun spider in the underground cave at that time.

If you let him find a chance to come back at this time, it will delay Wei Xun’s plan.

But Tang Shuang never made a sound!

This shows that Tang Shuang definitely has a problem, and he can hide an Xuefeng at first. It is not other ancient oases that have this secret means, but Tang Shuang on the battlefield. In addition, Wei Xun’s previous discovery of the difference, as well as his later pulling silk on Tang Shuang, all reflect his point of view.

When fighting with the sun spider and Yvette, an Xuefeng hid his body behind Yvette, but not only to stare at him, but also to stare at Tang Shuang. Immediately, an Xuefeng found that Tang Shuang could be clearly seen from any angle of Yvette – correspondingly, Tang Shuang corresponded to Yvette all the time, and he could shoot at any time.

It also confirmed that he was ready to secretly fight against Yvette to save the people of Chen Cheng brigade. Obviously, he is not a completely crazy person, but still has reason.

“Hey, if you don’t try, you can’t afford to try”

Being stared at by an Fengniao with that kind of calm eyes, Tang Shuang’s anger somehow dissipated, a little angry and a little strange embarrassed – threatening his guide in front of the younger generation, bullying the small and bullying the weak is really not something worthy of praise.

“Really don’t try?”

Wei Xun smiled and said a pun. Tang Shuang has been hiding himself, no doubt to see what kind of person Xiaocui is. He doesn’t believe in fate as much as Chen Cheng does, nor does Cheng Tianbao wake up with a good impression of “Xiaocui” (because he hatched Dieda, which imperceptibly attracted him)

Tang Shuang even wanted to use his own eyes to see how “Xiaocui” would “fascinate” his two close friends. Even Chen Dui, who has a deep resentment against life playing people, is very optimistic about him.

Tang Shuang saw a lot from these battles. It is the usual means for tour guides to use passengers and weak people. Let the passengers die to explore the way and let the passengers die to activate the task.

Xiaocui also takes advantage of the weak, but when she confronts Yvette, she first shows her strength, making Yvette think that the passengers are the weak side. Finally, taking himself as the bait, Chen Cheng, the weak and protected, stabbed the sword, destroyed the false flame core, and finally let the “weak” Tang Shuang trap the fleeing Yvette.

He included the passengers in the plan and regarded them as people rather than things that can be discarded at will. After such two battles against unsolvable monsters, none of them died, which was enough for Tang Shuang to sigh.

“Don’t try, enough”

Tang shuangsatuo said with a smile, “we are waiting for you on the battlefield.”

People like Xiaocui will definitely participate in this ten-year battlefield.

“We are the elders after all, and we should give you a gift.”

Tang Shuang’s voice became lighter and lighter: “this is what the captain wants to give you.”

Wei Xun knew that this was a battlefield, and Tang Shuang’s consciousness was gradually leaving. His wolf ears are a little stiff. Obviously, the silver moon killer thinks that Tang Shuang’s meeting gift is very likely to drive him away.

After all, he is deeply influenced by the soul of C Yi. It’s not easy to separate him.

But Wei Xun’s heart moved, and something fell from the bone hand crack, but before Wei Xun stretched out his hand, Chen Cheng next to him first raised his hand and grabbed it, and then quietly stuffed it into Wei Xun. This scene makes Wei Xun’s heart throb. Chen Cheng’s consciousness on the battlefield is also there?! This is beyond Wei Xun’s expectation! Surprised, Wei Xun directly pulled out the lead wire with Xiaocui and connected Chen Cheng instead, which really made him connected.

“Don’t let Tang Shuang know. It’s just a little residual consciousness to keep an eye on Xiao Tang so that he won’t make mistakes.”

Chen Cheng whispered that even if an Fengniao didn’t come forward to deter him, he couldn’t let Tang Shuang hurt Xiaocui. Wei Xun can feel Chen Cheng’s kindness. There was some slight pollution on it, which was completely erased by Chen Cheng. It was completely safe and harmless to hand it over to him. Its tentacles are as warm as jade, the size of a thumb. When he got it, a butterfly fragment trembled in his heart and reacted!

“You helped us a lot, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to show up again on the next journey.”

The pollution flood is coming to the active stage. The three of them must fit together to resist the next pollution and have no time to rest. The journey of the scene replay has only the last two days. Without its connection, they can no longer meet in this strange way.

“It can be used three times”

Across time and space, Chen Cheng can’t give Xiaocui kind. It’s just a virtual shadow for him, but it has special meaning and is enough.

The next second, the lead wire between Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Wei Xun broke at the same time, and the hands wrapped around their bones dissipated in an instant, as if they had never appeared. On the battlefield, everyone was still in shock. At the same time, they clung to their weapons and guarded the four sides.

However, I saw the mummies of evelett’s blood sacrifice lying on the ground one by one, all turned into bloody sand and dispersed by the strong wind. “What happened?” Tang Shuang’s confused whisper was heard by Wei Xun. Tang Shuang left the battlefield. The real Tang Shuang has no memory of those hours.

Chen Cheng feels that Tang Shuang is wrong, but he can’t see it immediately. His hand is still tightly held by director C, and director C obviously doesn’t have his heart on him – Wei Xun looks at the object in his hand, which is a yellow and white jade pendant. It is said to be a jade pendant, but it looks like a statue of a small jade man.

It has a square face, big eyes, big mouth, garlic nose, curved arms and a hand scratched under its jaw, which is very vivid. But it has a big hole in its chest to wear a rope. The black and red jade patterns beside the big hole are as strange and terrible as real blood.

The jade man who can make his heart flutter with butterfly fragments, Wei Xun thinks of Captain Feihong’s journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade.

Dongling jade man.

This little jade man can move the butterfly fragment, that is to say, he can use the power corresponding to that butterfly fragment! Chen Cheng and they can’t come again, but they do give Wei Xun more assassins.

“Look! What’s in the tree hole?!”

The low cry of others asked Wei Xun to put away the little jade man and look at the fragments of the petrified tree in front of him. The huge petrified tree collapsed due to the false flame core, leaving only the narrowest section of the tree barrel, which was sealed with a limp light flame, just like the cat’s eye snail left on the beach after the tide ebbed in the sea, desperately trying to hide itself in the depths of the tree hole, but the fire light was particularly clear.

It is the true flame core of evelett!


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