TTG Chapter 399

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 399: The Sahara of Death (75)

Yvette’s huge figure was crushed by Tang Shuang’s hand, leaving the trembling flame core in the petrified tree cave. It would be easy for Wei Xun to control it with Vulcan pollution and erosion, but Wei Xun didn’t do anything to it for the time being, just picked up the fragment of the petrified tree.

“Is this Yvette?”

Chen Cheng asked. He returned the blood sucking knife to Bingyi. He was still wary of carrying Hanshan sword and was always ready to fight.

“Yes, Yvette has lost.”

The sound of a hundred old two came from the side of the ground, which surprised the people. Because of his previous performance, Cheng Tianbao and others subconsciously made a defensive posture, but he saw that Bai Laoer turned against his arrogance just now, came over with a smile, and picked up the weak and seriously injured guide C.

“Hey, you –”

He Yunlai subconsciously wanted to stop, but Liu Hongyu grabbed his hand and shook his head. The first director C did not resist at all. The “turn over” of the second 100 just now may be a play. In the second series of battles against sun spider and Yvette, guide C was too seriously injured, even their dragon tiger treasure pill could not play a great role. Nowadays, only one hundred and twenty-two may have a panacea that can cure guide C.

“We also need to rest.”

Chen Chengdao said that the blood flowed from his forehead, and everyone present was seriously injured. Looking around, there were traces left by the fierce battle. Their temporary camp had long been destroyed. The dried corpse powder and the fire chain whipped the earth. The gullies and gullies left were full of lava flames, emitting a little light in the night. The excessively hot high temperature and strong sulfur atmosphere were not suitable for human survival.

The whole petrified forest was almost completely destroyed, leaving the huge petrified tree in the middle of the forest still standing. Chen Cheng remembers that bailaoer left in that direction with guide C, but their figure has disappeared. I don’t know whether there is an invisible method or whether there is still danger in the forest ruins.

And bailaoer deliberately avoids them with director C. I’m afraid there are some privacy that don’t want to be disturbed.

“Go to the underground cave.”

Chen Cheng said that the sun spiders and little spiders were all dead, and there seemed to be an invisible barrier at the underground cave. They had not been affected by the fierce battle, and the shallow layer was just suitable for them to settle down temporarily.

It’s already two o’clock in the morning. Everyone is tired and tired. They urgently need treatment and rest. After taking his friends to the entrance of the underground cave, Chen Cheng and Cheng Tianbao Tongfu carefully explored it first, but found that the shallow layer of the underground cave seemed to have been swept away, especially clean. The imaginary spider’s residual blood, limbs and corpses were all gone.

Just now everyone was fighting, and only one hundred and two had time to collect goods and resources. Chen Cheng’s heart moved and thought of the smiling face of the hundred second child he had just seen. Although Chen Cheng also wants to collect some items, it would be good if these good insect corpses and residual blood could fill the appetite of bailaoer and make him stop deterring and forcing director C.

“Tang Shuang, come with me.”

After placing his teammates in the shallow layer of the underground cave, Chen Cheng called Tang Shuang. He felt that his memory seemed to be missing. From the blood sacrifice of Yvette, he became vague and could not remember clearly. His teammates said that he pierced the false flame core and protected their huge bone hands. Chen Cheng had only a vague impression.

But Tang Shuang is the only one who has the same situation with him. When thinking about the bone hand, Chen Cheng suspects that this matter has something to do with Tang Shuang – perhaps it has something to do with his inheritance to the red sand giant flame or the fact that he once conceived Phoenician eggs.

Chen Cheng believes that this is crucial and must be reminded to director C. Moreover, he is really worried about director C’s situation and the intention of bailaoer. He plans to visit director C under this excuse.

When Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang hurried to the giant Petrochemical tree, an Xuefeng, Wei Xun and banming were on the giant Petrochemical tree. Tong Hege, the ferret, turned into a human figure and was in a hurry to cure Wei Xun. Ginseng extract and Taisui juice were sprinkled on Wei Xun without money. Although the time was short and the situation was frequent, Tong Hege took the time to study longhubao pill, which was quite effective. These two kinds of precious liquid full of vitality had a feeling of blending, and the effect was doubled.

However, many parts of Wei Xun’s body have been necrotic. He must gouge out the necrotic parts and grow new bones and flesh. Tong and the singer, holding a ginseng leaf knife, are holding their breath and concentrating on cutting the charred lower half of Wei Xun’s face, which is also Wei Xun’s most serious injury. His body is protected by a scarlet cloak, his upper face has a hood and mask, but his lower face is terrible.

Half the time he watched this scene, he frowned and worried, but Wei Xun smiled like nothing. He couldn’t help stroking the soft and dark feathers of the Phoenix in his arms, and relaxed a little.

After leaving Chen Cheng and them, an Fengniao became invisible again, and the whole bird squeezed into Wei Xun’s arms. The Anka life charm in his heart is close to Wei Xun’s heart to protect him from death. When he gets to the top of the huge Petrochemical tree, an Fengniao nests quietly in Wei Xun’s arms. While calming Wei Xun’s mood, he uses a painted blackbird beak to peck and pull out the soft silver white wolf hair on Wei Xun’s fingers and arms.

Wei Xun is not afraid of pain, but these wolf hairs are connected with the soul of the silver moon killer, which is equivalent to an Xuefeng’s impolite pecking of the soul of the silver moon killer. But the silver moon killer was silent and had no reaction. An Fengniao pulled out the hair of his arm. Finally, Tong Hege was relieved and said, “well, it’s finally unloaded.”

Ann’s dignified momentum is too stressful.

Tong Hege thought of it and told him carefully: “don’t move around within three hours, don’t make any expression, don’t talk, wait for the bones to grow.”


Wei Xun said with a smile that it would be really convenient to have a secret chat here. He felt that he was chilly from the end of his nose, and was covered with Tong Hege’s special liquid medicine. Half life disassembled several bamboo tubes and jade pieces to hold the items as a fixed, and fixed Wei Xun’s whole head with Tong Hege. He was not afraid of him moving.

Although the head can’t move, the hands can still move. Wei Xun took his blackened lower half of his face from Tong he singer with great interest, but he saw its strong sunlight radiation and burning fire. Under the attack of two almost unsolvable monsters, it has become unlike a bone. It is extremely hard, with metal sound when touching it. It is also permeated with strands of light and fire patterns, and its dark teeth are exposed, such as obsidian.

Wei Xun took it and covered the lower half of his face. If he polished the inside, it would look like a skeleton ‘mask’ with excellent material – or half mask is more appropriate.

It would be nice if it could be used as a mask for the lower half of his face. He is missing a mask to protect the lower half of his face.

“Your bones are really hard to say. I thought they would turn into ash when touched.”

Relieved, half of his life saw Tong Hege deal with other wounds on Wei Xun, and couldn’t help but start talking: “but the underground cave sun altar is also bone… Does bone have any special significance for the sun?”

So the skin and flesh of the lower half of Wei Xun’s face were radiated into ashes by the light of the sun spider, but the bones remained, and some variation occurred, so as to resist the next evelett’s flame?

“Ha ha…”

Leng Buding was glanced at by an Fengniao, half life words and a burst of dry laughter. He took out several containers, which were the blood and flesh carapace of the sun spider collected for Wei Xun. But there were only three containers before, but now half his life has taken out 30 – he just took advantage of the fierce battle to explore the underground hole and swept back all the residual limbs, cocoons, cobwebs and so on.

It’s terrible. An Xuefeng hasn’t said a word to him from now on. He’ll look at him again. He’s angry.

Half life gave all these things to Tong Hege. Seeing that he was used to swallowing them one by one, he didn’t dare to look at an Xuefeng.

Yes, half life is also a little scared. Wei Xun said he didn’t need him. He really left after acting. After all, half of his life thought that “Wei Xun let him go. If he stayed, it might disrupt Wei Xun’s plan and lead to accidents in the originally smooth plan.”

But how can he be sure that the plan will go well? Wei Xun is not omnipotent. It is reasonable to say that half life is the most reliable and powerful fighting force on Wei Xun’s side when an Xuefeng can’t do it completely. In the eyes of an Xuefeng, Tang Shuang and Chen Cheng are not worthy of complete trust.

As a result, half life really went straight away – an Xuefeng was angry here. Half life is also an old passenger. Don’t you know the truth of circuitous hiding on the edge of the battlefield?

Wei Xun likes taking risks and being broad-minded. Others should think more than he does and guard more comprehensively. No one is perfect. Everyone may have omissions. How can you listen to Wei Xun’s orders all the time? He is not a straight wood that can’t think!

“Let’s expel the soul of the silver moon killer”

An Xuefeng discussed with Wei Xun that he woven the wolf hair just pecked down into a flying feather and held it between Wei Xun’s fingers. The silver thin wolf hair is densely woven into the dark feathers like the night, glittering with cold and pure silver, just like the moonlight at night.

Wei Xun allowed the silver moon killer to erode his soul. First, he wanted to use his strength, and second, he wanted the moon glow. Now that the fierce battle is over, it’s enough to have this feather in the moon glow – this is the moon glow produced by the silver moon killer’s soul, which is the purest and incomparable.

The silver moon killer infected Wei Xun’s soul too deeply. If it hadn’t been for his connection with an Xuefeng, he might have infected all of Wei Xun’s soul. At the last moment, the soul of the silver moon killer is infected in an Xuefeng. He is too worried.

“Will his soul influence you?”

Wei Xun asked with concern. Hearing that Wei Xun was worried about himself, an Xuefeng was warm in his heart and almost sent out a series of happy chirps. He modestly rubbed Wei Xun’s fingers and wrote: “no, they don’t have a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.”

He is connected with Wei Xun’s soul. Normally, the soul infection of silver moon killer will also affect him. However, the silver moon killer is only a small piece of Wei Xun’s soul, and the guided tourists who have opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude are different. If the silver moon killer also has a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, an Xuefeng will be afraid of the invasion of 30 degrees north latitude pollution, but they don’t. an Xuefeng is really not afraid of simple soul erosion.

“That’s good”

Wei Xun breathed a sigh of relief and roughly told an Xuefeng his plan. An Xuefeng frowned and thought carefully. Wei Xun’s plan is too risky, but it is feasible. Moreover, an Xuefeng immediately recognized the core of Wei Xun’s plan.

“Do you want the silver moon killer to pollute evelett’s core flame?”

“That’s right”

Wei Xun said that he wanted to open up a 30 degree north latitude journey related to the sun in the scene replay, and then destroy the sun altar with his backhand to make the sun crazy. But when offering sacrifices to the sun spider, the crazy solar pollution in the Sun Pendant is almost exhausted. We can’t use the way of pollution, we can only use other means.

However, the sacrifice of the historical black sand giant appeared in the early morning of this morning (now it is their second day in the petrochemical forest). The time for Chen Cheng brigade to leave this scenic spot is 5:00 tomorrow morning. It is urgent to defeat the black sand giant’s plan and open up the sun altar in five hours. There is no time to destroy the altar and carry the sun crazy.

Wei Xun promised to send Chen Cheng and them to the destination smoothly, and will fulfill his promise to start at 5 a.m. and take them to the eye of the Sahara at the end of the journey. He can’t stay here to lead the destruction of the sun altar, then someone else must do it.

Chasing dreams has a grudge against Zhang xingzang and life playing people. He has serious PTSD against the crazy sun. He may not agree with Wei Xun’s plan. On the astrologer’s side, Wei Xun doesn’t believe it. Who knows if astrologers will kick the ‘crazy sun’ and don’t intend to let them participate.

Half of his life is his backhand. Destroying the ancient oasis may not destroy his keepsake. Maybe his Keepsake will be transformed into a keepsake for the new journey of the “Sun altar”. However, after destroying the sun altar and completely destroying the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in both aspects, we should be able to completely destroy this 30 degrees north latitude.

Half life is likely to restore strength and recover memory. But before destroying the sun altar, if his strength can not be restored, it is impossible to make the sun crazy with his current strength.

So Wei Xun turned his mind to the silver moon killer and the lizard Duke. Before, he deliberately pretended not to find out and let evelett distract himself to secretly contact with the silver moon killer. This time, Wei Xun was judging their thoughts by immersing the soul of the silver moon killer.

Do you have the idea of destroying the sun altar and the “new journey”.

Now he has roughly confirmed it.

‘the lizard Duke will ruin the new journey ‘

An Xuefeng thought a little and gave a positive answer: “in this way, he makes the most profit.”

After all, this is just a replay of the scene. To some extent, opening up the journey has no practical significance, because this journey has been opened up in history, and half of life still has keepsakes. No matter helping Heisha giant or sun, the most profitable team is Chen Cheng brigade led by Wei Xun.

But destruction is different. At that time, the journey at 30 degrees north latitude will collapse, pollution will overflow, and everyone will be instantly polluted, but the unique pollution is also the manifestation of the power of 30 degrees north latitude. This is the quickest way for the lizard Duke to gain some power at 30 degrees north latitude!

The warm-up match for the year-end celebration is not many days away, and the lizard Duke will not miss this opportunity.

Moreover, the veteran tour guides can generally infer the time of the scenic spot. C Yi and others can stay in the petrochemical forest for up to two days, and they will leave at that time. Wait until then and kill the sun. No one can stop them.

This is much more feasible than seizing the journey of 30 degrees north latitude from dream chasers, astrologers, an Xuefeng and C.

However, after the third one and others leave, the sun altar is likely to exclude other things and then close. They need to find a way to sneak into the altar quietly.

“Yvette is the demon who guards the altar of the sun, and the sun has not kept its agreement with him… Maybe the sun is guilty”

“If you want to open up the altar of the sun, you won’t completely devour it.”

An Xuefeng said, “Yvette is more useful to live than to die.”

Even if his betrayal is different from that of God’s servants and slaves, in the past, God promised evelett only to guard the sun altar for a thousand years, and then an angel should take over. Evelett guarded it for thousands of years, and God broke his promise first.

Wei Xun twisted the flame core of Yvette, rubbed it around, and squeezed it out of the small fire. The light flame was swallowed and absorbed by Wei Xun, squeezed and swallowed again.

Wei Xun will absorb the flame core of Yvette, but will not completely eat it. The most likely way is to take it to the sun altar and stay at the sun altar in exchange for more benefits.

The silver moon killer infected Bingyi’s soul. On the surface, he tried to control Bingyi to capture the butterfly fragments on him. He traveled 30 degrees north latitude. However, with an Xuefeng, it is basically impossible to succeed.

His real goal is most likely to be to infiltrate the flame core of ivlet through C-1, and then sneak into the sun altar with the help of the flame core of ivlet!

Wei Xun is going to give the silver moon killer this opportunity. To some extent, their goals are consistent and can even cooperate. However, Wei Xun clearly knows that there is someone’s historical factor, and the Duke of lizard is very unlikely to trust him. Once discovered, he may think he has some conspiracy and let the plan go.

Why not let the silver moon killer find out, but also let him sneak into the core of evelett’s flame?

“I have a way”

An Xuefeng said that the Phoenix jumped onto Wei Xun’s head lightly, which was different from the heaviness when it was half carried. When it landed on Wei Xun’s head, it was light and almost had no weight. The Phoenix skillfully pulled out Wei Xun’s hair – or long snow-white wolf hair, and then incorporated it into its own feathers. An fengbird skillfully woven a small cage with silver moon long wolf hair, Just enough to lock evelett’s flame core in.

“Oh, what a coincidence.”

Half life patted the bird’s fart and praised: “Yvette is too cunning. It’s really reassuring not to close everything.”

Wei Xun threw the iflit core, which had been swallowed by more than half of the flame, into the cage. It was awed by the brilliance of the silver moon. Coupled with the power of an Fengniao, the iflit core, which was weakened to this extent, could not escape again.

Normally, with anchovy feathers, it is impossible for the silver moon killer to invade the core of evelett.

Then Wei Xun immersed himself in the connection with an Xuefeng and asked him to help clear the soul of the silver moon killer.

Look, it’s good to have business and quantity. As long as you can think of a better way, Wei Xun is not unreasonable. Wei Xun’s original method of leaving a gap is still a little crude, which may be found by the suspicious lizard Duke. An Xuefeng’s gap is more hidden.

An Fengniao is happy to stick with Wei Xun. The whole bird is completely nestled in Wei Xun’s arms. It’s not funny to spread its wings and hug his arm. Speaking of it, he was ashamed of being a big man in his partner’s arms, especially when a half life who couldn’t look at people looked at him.

But thinking that he held Wei Xun several times, an Xuefeng calmed down. They were all men and the same. Anyway, he is a bird now. What if he lives half his life? Look at him again.

*  *

Three hours later, at five o’clock in the morning, before the sun rose, the world was still dark.

Two hundred miles away in the petrified forest, a sand hole was dug under the sand dune in the whistling sand storm. I don’t know how to fix it. The loose sand doesn’t collapse and pour, and the sand hole is spacious and solid. In the sand cave lies a silver white wolf. His eyes are closed and his whole body trembles. Suddenly, his four claws pedal disorderly like a nightmare, and he purrs uneasily in his throat.

A golden palace keeper lay on his face, stretched his limbs and tail, and contacted the giant wolf in the largest area. The most basic relief for tourist guides is touch. When they cannot enter the spiritual illusion, the larger the touch area, the deeper and more stable the connection. This is the case for tour guide passengers without deep connection. Once the passenger / tour guide has a serious problem, it must be contacted in a large area.

Like an Xuefeng and Wei Xun, so are lizard Duke and silver moon killer. Silver moon killer is not very good at soul, but he was attacked by astrologers first, and then infected C-1 with his soul. Now the situation is not very good.

The lizard Duke is very patient and has been connected with the silver moon killer. Even if he was bitten by an uneasy white wolf, he could bear it.

“It worked.”

Finally, after biting his head again, the silver moon killer trembled and recovered from the white wolf. His face was a little pale. The first time he came back, he wiped his head with his own clothes.

“Tell me the details.”

The golden Little Palace keeper struggled in the clothes and cloth stained with wolf hair, and asked impatiently and seriously. The silver moon killer briefly said what happened, and finally talked about the cage that locked the core of evelett’s flame.

“An Xuefeng kept a tight watch. I used the feathers of babie tower.”

The silver moon killer said that an Xuefeng’s feathers were in the cage, and his wolf hair could not have stained the flame core of Yvette. But before that, the lizard Duke was interested in the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the hands of the black widow. He got a lot of “feathers of babie tower” from the parliament.

Of course, at first glance, this “babie tower” is a low-end pirated version of the “Babel Tower”. The arms dealer of the parliament should have obtained it from Wang Yushu, a replicator on the way home. But this was many years ago. At that time, Wang Yushu had not joined the journey home.

The most important function of “the feathers of babie tower” is to quietly replace the feathers soaked by the force of 30 degrees north latitude – in fact, it is not aimed at Babel Tower. All the feathers soaked by the force of 30 degrees north latitude can be replaced. The lizard Duke originally wanted to exchange it for the feather keepsake in the black widow’s hand, but he never found a chance.

But this time, an Xuefeng is a phoenix and a feather. He just weaves a prison with feathers. The silver moon killer is bold and careful. When an Xuefeng and C Yi are connected and have no time to pay attention, he endured the pain of being expelled and replaced the feather, which makes an Xuefeng’s monitoring leak, and then quickly impregnated the flame core of Yvette, and then pulled away the feather, fast and hidden.

He is the most powerful assassin, the first in the hidden Kung Fu Hotel, and the lizard Duke believes in his strength.

But not too well?

A little doubt crossed, and the lizard Duke’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“We won’t participate in the next thing.”

It’s incredible that the first brigade C even defeated the almost inexplicable evelett and the sun spider, and all survived. The lizard Duke, who originally only regarded Bingyi as an Xuefeng’s dream chaser pendant, deeply remembered Bingyi this time.

The lizard Duke doesn’t believe in fortune telling. But he never succeeded in planning a journey of 30 degrees north latitude for so many years, which made the lizard Duke more cautious in this regard.

“When they leave the petrified forest, we’ll do it again.”

The lizard Duke made a decision, and the silver moon killer nodded slightly.

On the other side, also outside the petrified forest, David frowned outside the astrologer’s tent and rubbed the ring on his finger. The magic little fire dragon anxiously bit David on the back of his head to show his true mood.

The astrologer is still asleep. Even if he corresponds to Liu Hongyu who should die in the early morning, it’s five o’clock… It’s five hours since the early morning. Why hasn’t the captain woke up?

Did Liu Hongyu, like he Yunlai in history, not die immediately after encountering danger?

But he made an appointment with the captain. The captain will send a message to him when he arrives!

*  *

The astrologer woke up about an hour ago. For the first time, he looked around calmly, but it was dark. He seemed to be locked up in a confined space and had no hands and feet.

He should be a snake.

The astrologer thought that he should correspond to the snake that killed Liu Hongyu. Paying attention to his confined space is a bit like an eggshell. The astrologer tried to break through the surrounding obstacles but failed. It’s not time to hatch, so he waited patiently.

Finally, the eggshell around him shook violently. The crack in the top of the head is getting bigger and bigger, and it seems that it is about to break. Suddenly, if the astrologer feels it, he looks up and faces the eye that looks out from the crack, which is especially huge for him at present.

*  *

“I’m going to hatch ANKA.”

Wei Xun said that his face was almost normal now, and most of his injuries were better. At this moment, he and half life entered the cavity of the giant petrified tree, and entered the underground temple submerged by the desert from the pipe like tree root transporting magma. This is also the way I have explored half my life before. The huge petrified tree is indeed connected with the depths of the underground cave.

“There should be an eclipse today.”

Only when the black sand giant is brought in according to the historical process can the next plan be completed. If there is no solar eclipse today and the sun doesn’t close his eyes, the black sand giant may not have the courage to come.

But now Anka Phoenix has not fallen, and an Xuefeng is pretending to be a fake. How can we make the sun “sad and close his eyes”? According to the sunrise and sunset time of the previous few days, they have at most one hour to prepare.

Wei Xun wants to ‘make’ an eclipse!

“I have an idea.”

Wei Xun said with a smile. There was a flame burning in his hand. The golden red Phoenician egg in the flame had a big crack. Wei Xun could almost see the creatures inside through the crack.

A fire red big eyed worm with red feathers looked at him calmly. At first glance, Wei Xun knew that the man corresponding to Liu Hongyu had entered Anka worm. Wei Xun is not sure whether he is an enemy or a friend, but Wei Xun’s method does not need this person’s cooperation.

As like as two peas of a big narrow corn shoot, he pushed a narrow narrow corn shoot into the Phoenician egg. He went to the front of the tree with a small fire of fire god to make sure that it was the same as the Phoenician bird in the stone egg.

Phoenician stone eggs actually hatched a different species, hatched a real worm! Will it make the sun sad and close his eyes, or angry and angry?

Wei Xun doubts that the “sun” in the sun altar has not had much power for a long time. Otherwise, in the face of the provocation of the black sand giant and the fallen Anka Phoenix in history, how can it only “close its eyes”?

Since it can only close its eyes in history, it can only close its eyes now!


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