TTG Chapter 4

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (4)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 4: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

“Don’t fall behind.”

Putting on his raincoat, Wei Xun took the lead in getting off the bus and playing the role of a tour guide.

He is indifferent to the supplementary regulations that can get points quickly.

Although tour guides can’t take the initiative to kill people, there are many ways to let passengers die “accidentally” during a dangerous journey. Wei Xun remembers that when Lin Xi collapsed, he said, “C 9 will kill the team.”.

The death of passengers is certainly good for tour guides. The supplementary regulations are aimed at all tour guides.

But the easier it is to get something, the more likely it is to be a malicious bait. Wei Xun remembers what the * * customer service said:

[please protect passengers]

To tell you the truth, Wei Xun is more confused. Why do tour guides protect tourists? Who will protect tour guides?

There are several tourists, but he is the only guide. What if the tourists kill him? Is there no guide protection law in this broken hotel?

The tour guide is terrible!

Seven men and a woman watched the bus leave when they stood in the dense rain.

They were at the foot of a big green mountain, and the fine rain was covered with a vast white mist. The trail winds up, and there is no end at a glance. The lead gray sky is covered with thick clouds, which is oppressive and breathless.

Until the bright red guide flag was raised, the rich and bright color dispelled the haze.

[guide flag (silver five-star): the bright red guide flag allows passengers to quickly find their own guide; Experienced tour guides can lead their passengers back to the team under any circumstances.]

“Let’s go.”

The passengers immediately stood by their families and honestly followed Wei Xun. No one rushed into the mountain like a fool.

The tragic guide Wei Xun looked at the time. It’s 3:30 p.m.

Arrive at the destination before six o’clock and climb the mountain in two and a half hours. There should be plenty of time.


An hour later, the brigade in colorful disposable raincoats was still struggling not far from the foot of the mountain.

Up to a quarter of the total distance.

“There are many high mountains in Xiangxi. Now we climb Wuluo mountain, the third highest mountain in Lianhua Mountain range. Look, does this mountain look like a big Wuluo? It is said that crossing Wuluo mountain is a mysterious and primitive village that guarded the tomb of the chieftain king for generations in the past. Therefore, qiebai village is also called Tomb Village — ”

[tour guide mai (five stars of silver scale): a makeshift tour guide Mai can enable tourists to hear what the tour guide says at any time; Experienced tour guides always say the right thing]

With the blessing of tour guide Mai, Wei Xun’s voice is stable and clear, not timid at all, just like a very professional tour guide!

Except that he walked slower and slower.

Wei Xun was still wearing indoor soft soled shoes, which had been soaked by the cold mud on the mountain road. While making him intolerable, he was also very difficult to walk on the mountain road full of moss and rain.

But the tourists are different. They all wear waterproof climbing shoes, hold climbing sticks, and wear the most suitable equipment for tourism and mountaineering. Their physical strength is too good to be good. Even Lin Xi, who seems to be the weakest chicken, breathes very smoothly and does not breathe at all.

And Wei Xun already wants to breathe!

Although he can run and move now, his disease has not been cured. The failure of organs in his body makes Wei Xun weaker than ordinary people. Climbing in the rain was too much for him.

Wei Xun tried to advance at a faster pace. But soon there was a strange feeling in his heart, and the countdown to death also accelerated and decreased – it was not uniform, but changed with Wei Xun’s physical condition.

The worse the situation, the faster the death countdown.

According to the speed of the passengers, after arriving at the destination, Wei Xun’s death countdown and physical condition will fall to a dangerous level. It may even be difficult to stand.

Wei Xun had to slow down.

The mountain forest seemed quiet in the rain, but it was in danger. Wei Xun could feel that his brooch was hot when he entered the mountain, and now it is becoming hotter and hotter.

[guide Brooch (silver five stars): additional function “believe in science”]

[believe in science and keep your team away from supernatural dangers – but the end of science is metaphysics. When the badge gets hotter and hotter, maybe you should start believing in something else]

The tour guide flag, tour guide wheat and tour guide Brooch are all the exclusive items of the tour guide, and the grade is the same as that of “C 9”. The guide brooch is the proof of the contract between the guide and the hotel. In different types of travel, the random additional functions of the brooch are different.

The additional function of “believing in science” shows that there will be many dangers of supernatural beings on this journey, and the dangers are not far away. Wei Xun’s sudden decrease in physical strength may also be related to his constant use of broochs.

Wei Xun could not allow himself to fall into a situation of disengagement because of the dangerous journey and the passengers who were not identified by friends and enemies.

What to do next.

Wei Xun is considering whether to change to a closer but more dangerous mountain road?

* *

After the brigade got off, the live broadcast also began.

When Wei Xun wore the temporary title “C-9”, his live studio also showed [tour guide C-9, live broadcast of drunken five night journey in Western Hunan on the 6th].

More people have been selected into the thriller global hotel than expected. Even if Bingjiu is only a silver five-star tour guide, his special title and special style still attract a lot of fans for him.

When he saw the live broadcast of Bingjiu, the audience quickly poured into his live studio. Soon, the number of viewers in the Bingjiu live broadcasting room fluctuated around 2000, and the number of 100 viewers was converted into 1 point, which brought Wei Xun 20 points.

[old color critics gather here!]

Welcome to Bingjiu’s harem! Let’s take a look at the show men and women… Well, it’s so ugly. Only Lin Xi can see it.]

[let me get this straight. When did you start porn? Hurry up, I’ll watch the live broadcast of B 49 when it’s finished!]

[what? There’s a class B tour guide on the air? Who’s watching Bingjiu, brothers, hurry up!]

[don’t rush, brothers, look at the title before deciding. If I say that the quality of this C-9 trip is not necessarily worse than b-49!]

[shit, drunk beauty Xiangxi series? Or a deep folk custom tour?]

[lying in the trough, at least those who used to pick up drunk meixiangxi were golden class tour guides!]

[earned, earned! Golden Tour Guides don’t like live broadcasting. They charge for the vlog cut out after the journey. This time, they can see it for free!]

[Bingjiu is so strong. Walking so slowly is definitely facing great pressure!]

[but the tour guide is Bingjiu… Hee hee, I’m afraid it won’t last three days. I’m going to destroy the regiment.]

[I bet I’ll kill the regiment in two days, which is a pity for the passengers following Bingjiu.]

Wuluo mountain, the rain is getting heavier and heavier.

The light disposable raincoat couldn’t stop the heavy rain, and Wei Xun was soaked through. The unhealthy body shivered gently, and the decline rate of death countdown has reached 1.5 times.

This makes Wei Xun’s speed have to be slower and slower.

Why haven’t the passengers protested yet?

Wei Xun was surprised that at this speed they could not reach their destination within the specified time. But no one – no one, put forward any opinions on Wei Xun!

He was ready to be a thorn in the head, but none of the passengers was a thorn in the head. Wei Xun occasionally looked back and found that the passengers were looking around. The slower Wei Xun walked, the more nervous they were.

Gradually, the stronger the strength, the more people come to the front, and the weaker the strength, the more backward. It’s like a “safe area” near Wei Xun.

Lin Xi, who is most “liked” by Bingjiu, closely follows Wei Xun, holding a knife to guard against all around, as if there were some terrible monsters hidden in the dense and green woods.

This mountain road is really not calm. The guide’s brooch has always been hot, but this road is already the safest mountain road!

There is also a path that can reach the destination faster, but it is also narrower and steep. It can only allow one person to pass through.

Wei Xun had a hunch that if he chose the path, the strength of the guide’s Brooch would no longer envelop the whole team, and the brigade would really suffer casualties.

The woods were cloudy and lush, and the branches and leaves were soaked into strong dark green by the rain. There seemed to be something behind the branches to spy on the team maliciously.

Drunk beauty Xiangxi gimmicks are enough, and the live broadcast room of Bingjiu has attracted more viewers.

[Drunken Beauty Xiangxi series? Wuluo mountain Xiaolong Yizhuang? No, have you heard of it before?]

[no, the Drunken Beauty Xiangxi series has almost no repeated journey, which is estimated to be a new one]

[sleeping slot, this guide is a C-shaped?? C-brand dares to bring drunk Western Hunan, and is not afraid to destroy the regiment?!]

[no, no, have you noticed that there are no casualties in this regiment? It’s incredible! This is the Drunken Beauty Xiangxi series. It’s not an ordinary journey to Xiangxi!]

[yes! B 49 next door is also broadcasting the drunken American Xiangxi series live, and he died in the first half hour!]

[his death time is extremely short. It should be only one month, otherwise it would not be so strong]

[woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo. But if it goes on like this, you won’t be able to get to the first scenic spot, will you

【……?? A great tour guide? Bingjiu? Ha?]

[why are there so many new people? Bingjiu is not a good man. He is a butcher guide! He is the only one in the c-brand who is called a madman, Pinpin, you Pinpin.]

[hee hee, passengers will die ‘accidentally’ soon]

Half an hour later, the brigade finished half the journey and there was only the last hour left. The passengers finally began to worry.

Suddenly, the team became restless, and a man who was originally at the back of the team pushed to the front.

Feeling someone approaching, Wei Xun stopped and turned to look at him.

Wei Xun remembered him. His name was Shi Tao. He had the blue title and the lowest rank in the team.

[athlete (blue title): as a former athlete, you have good physical strength and recovery ability!]

Shi Tao is strong, smooth but not bloated. He has good physical strength, but he lacks an arm and is disabled.


Wei Xun looked at him calmly with a smile on his mouth, but in fact he secretly clasped the dagger.

Even if Shi Tao is disabled again, Lin Xi can’t match his size, muscle and physique. It is conservatively estimated that Shi Tao can kill three Wei Xun with one punch.

Shi Tao is staring at Wei Xun. His teeth are clenched and his expression is fierce and resolute. His left right arm clenches his fist and his muscles are tight. Other passengers watched the scene, no one made a sound, and all that remained was the sound of rain.

What is Shi Tao going to do?

From beginning to end, Wei Xun was always vigilant and never regarded passengers as companions. If he is a passenger, he will never want to hand over his fate to strangers.

Wei Xun is naturally anti bone. He will try his best to control the guide.

Whether it’s a brooch, a guide flag or a guide wheat, it still works as long as the guide doesn’t die. In fact, tourists can control the guide, threaten him and order him, can’t they.

However, Wei Xun will never wait to die and let himself be slaughtered. His body seems relaxed, but his muscles are tight. As long as Shi Tao or others have the intention to do it, he will——

“Please, please allow me to carry you!”

Shi Tao suddenly knelt down to Wei Xun and splashed a pool of mud. His words were bumpy, but his voice was very loud.

For a moment, Shi Tao’s voice echoed in the forest, and Wei Xun was stunned.

Seeing that he didn’t immediately agree, Shi Tao buried his head lower, almost knocked into the mud, and quickly repeated his words again. This time he didn’t kowtow. He spoke quickly and loudly.

“Please allow me to carry you!”


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