TTG Chapter 40

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (40)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 40: Driving Corpses in Xiangxi

Hou Feihu was stunned when he first saw such a strange rope in the profile. Soon he understood what the rope could be used for, and a happy look crossed in the rope.

“The rope cannibals keep biting. Don’t worry.”

Seeing that the rope of Hou Feihu’s bed was tied to the stern, Zhao Hongtu flashed a touch of doubt in his eyes. He stepped forward with a straight face, clasped his fingers, popped out his sharp nails, and touched the black gold rope.


Like the sound of weapons hitting each other, there was almost a spark between the claw and the rope. But there is no half gap in it. It’s really tough.

“When you go boating with the flying tiger, take the boat back with a rope.”

“Can you get it back?”

“They are all adult men. No one has the strength.”

Wang pengpai slapped his legs carelessly and greeted him with a smile: “Lao Yu, come on, return the cowhide to you.”

“Hey, hey, good.”

Yu he an answered, but his hand was held by the people around him.


“Huihui, stay here.”

Yu Hean whispered, “you have to go there, okay.”

Yu Hehui shook his head: “brother, go over there and stay here.”

But Yu he’an, who has never had his own opinion, shook his head this time, firmly clenched Yu He Hui’s hand, and then loosened it: “no, you go first.”

“You go first, brother. I’ll find you, ah.”

“Brother, I found you.”

Yu Hehui opened his mouth, but when he came to his throat, he choked when he saw the light expected by Yu Hean. His eldest brother looks much older, smiles less and looks much more sad, but he is still the same as before.

Like everything good, I first thought of him and wanted him to go to a safer place.

This made Yu Hehui unable to continue to say. Finally, he just lowered his head and hugged the ghost baby in his arms: “OK.”

“All right, all right, let’s get on the boat. It’s almost time to sharpen haw.”

Wang roared and pushed Hou Feihu into the boat first. Yu Hehui then boarded the ship in silence. At the moment, the bright red boat was thinner than at the beginning. The bow and hull were all traces of sawdust planed by sharp teeth. When the water in the boat was soaked, the wood looked redder and redder, as if it had been brushed with blood.

Even Hou Feihu had to find a way in the shaking boat. When he saw Yu Hehui getting on the boat, Hou Feihu could reach out and pull him. But Yu Hehui’s body was light, like a flexible fox on the boat, not afraid of any shaking. Seeing this scene, Hou Feihu picked his eyebrow and withdrew his hand. Yu Hehui also saw his movements and glanced. He didn’t say much, but patted Hou Feihu on the shoulder.

Hou Feihu couldn’t see the fox’s back, but felt his shoulders relaxed. He moved a little, grabbed his right arm with his left hand, pulled it, and skillfully connected the dislocated arm.

After a little movement, Hou Feihu picked up a bamboo pole to support the boat. The black water rippled and the boat drove off the shore. From boarding to present, Yu Hehui did nothing but pat Hou Feihu on the shoulder. His eyes stayed on his brother on the shore for a long time.

Yu he’an also looked at him, anxious and worried, but when he looked at Yu He Hui, he still gave him a simple and honest smile of “rest assured”. Before leaving, the old cowhide was stuffed into Yu Hehui’s hand. No matter what he becomes or what he looks like, they will always be brothers connected by blood. Yu he’an will always care about him and worry about his safety.

“Brother, go on!”

Suddenly, Yu Hehui pulled off the camera she had been hanging on her chest and threw it at Yu Hean. Seeing Yu he’an scrambling to catch the camera, Yu Hehui smiled briefly and then converged his smile. He was expressionless, just like a beautiful stone statue without a machine.

“You –”

Hou Feihu hesitated to speak when he saw this scene, but Yu Hehui turned his back, quietly opened his cowhide and wrapped himself. He shrank into his broad and thick cowhide and closed his eyes quietly, like a deep sleep. Hou Feihu couldn’t even feel his breath.

In other words, Yu Hehui never breathed.

He sighed in his heart. Hou Feihu stopped talking and focused on boating. The ghost baby in the basket is clever, doesn’t cry or make noise, and looks at the water curiously. I don’t know if it’s because he hasn’t reached the center of the river yet. The very dangerous fish described by Xu Chen didn’t appear, and the boat didn’t shake at all. It was dark, there was no rain, but there was a thick fog. The rough river was shrouded in fog and could not see clearly ahead.

On the other side, Yu he an Chi looked at the direction of the boat leaving until the shadow of the boat was swallowed by the fog. Finally, he couldn’t bear to look back and stared at the camera Yu Hehui threw at him.

“This Polaroid was a gift from Huihui when he was in college.”

Yu he’an talked to himself. His voice sounded and attracted the attention of Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu. Under the gaze of his teammates, Yu he’an wiped his face hard. The corners of his mouth opened, but he looked very sad. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Huihui, he seldom takes pictures, but he can’t take pictures. “You can’t take pictures of the people selected by Daxian.”

“There’s another saying.”

Zhao Hongtu muttered that he really didn’t know what to say at this time. Holding a black gold rope in his hand, Wang pengpai, who was flying a boat like a kite, picked his eyebrow, meaning “you found it?”


Yu Hean covered his face, and the dull voice leaked out from his fingers. The middle-aged man squatted down, like a big bear wet in the rainstorm, and the whole man collapsed

“What did you find?”

Zhao Hongtu’s reaction slowed down. Xu Chen looked at Yu he’an, who was curled up, and at the camera in his hand. He understood:

“Yu Hehui can’t take pictures.”

Xu Chen reminded in a low voice, “when Bruce Lee Yizhuang –”

“Group photo!”

Zhao Hongtu suddenly realized that Xiaolong Yizhuang invited Bingjiu to expel her grievances. Miao Fangfei used the excuse of taking a group photo. Yu Hehui took the photo at that time! He still remembered that after the dwarf set the shooting time, he ran to his brother and took a group photo with the people in the hotel.

At that time, Yu he’an realized that it was wrong. Obviously, Yu Hehui couldn’t take photos, but he took the initiative to do so.

This shows that Yu Hehui must be wrong.

“You know why you don’t say it!”

Zhao Hongtu pounced on Yu he’an angrily. He thought he had hesitated to tell him about it before. He suddenly became angry. It turned out that Yu he’an knew everything from beginning to end. He had never been in the drum!

Thinking of this, and thinking about the dislocated shoulder of Hou Feihu just now, Zhao Hongtu was furious: “do you want to kill everyone, huh? Isn’t it? ”

Yu he’an didn’t move under his pushing and shoving, and there seemed to be a choking groan under his rough hands covering his face. Zhao Hongtu angrily circled around him and said, “you, you, you” for a long time. He was very angry, but he couldn’t speak.

“Yu he’an, this is a very dangerous thing for the team.”

Xu Chen’s voice also cooled down: “if they don’t find the abnormality of Yu Hehui, they have been unprepared for him. In case of an accident, no one can react.”

“If you don’t know, that’s all. But you clearly found the problem, but you didn’t say, “Yu he’an, you are in danger to the whole team!”


Yu He Ansha explained to himself in a dumb voice: “I wanted to tell you the first time I found it. But I can’t say it. ”


Zhao Hongtu said, “yes, after all, Yu Hehui is your brother. Of course you can’t say it.”

“No, no, yes, it’s the kind of –”

Yu he an’s mouth is clumsy. He can’t say “yes” for a long time. He can’t be anxious.

“Do you want to say, but you can’t say it, and you forget what to say?”

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s right!”

Yu he’an’s eyes brightened and he was in a hurry: “it’s what director C said. It’s not just saying, it’s not even writing. At the beginning, he didn’t want to hide it, but he just couldn’t say it.”

Of course not.

Wei Xun looked back at Pingping floating over qiebai village and found that the color of the chain of resentment trapped her was getting darker and darker, from red to black, revealing an extremely unknown smell.

Pingping has to keep it a secret.

Think about it carefully. If yu Hehui is really a monster on another journey line, Pingping may have hidden it from the hotel. It’s going to let the passengers find out. Even Wei Xun’s discovery is a coincidence – in fact, if he has rich experience, he can see Yu Hehui’s unusual. It’s not possible to return it, so he can report this improper transaction to the hotel and get a reward.

I’m sorry – no, it’s not very sorry. Considering the hotel’s consistent stinginess, it’s like sending out beggars. Maybe I’ll only give him 1200 points.

Wei Xun’s face drooped and he tutted in his heart. Now think about it, he realized that there was one more person in the hotel, and Miao Fangfei and they also realized that there were more people in the hotel. They all came to the first scenic spot after the first scenic spot.

It’s a secret. Why don’t you keep it a secret?

That’s the secret. The body is meaningless.

If Wei Xun only speculated before, he can now confirm that there is a journey to Western Hunan at the same time, and Yu Hehui has the ability to be the boss of the first scenic spot.

And has been killed by the opposing brigade.

Yu Hehui’s energy is just a remnant of Pingping’s power. Anyway, it should be dying. Yu he’an also thought that Yu and Huineng would go there and meet their brothers.

This is just a naive delusion. Maybe Yu and Huigen can’t stand on the land over there.

Yu he’an over there has explained it to Zhao Hongtu with his suspicious eyes:

“Huihui disappeared years ago.”

Yu he’an smiled bitterly. He looked at the river shrouded in thick fog. He seemed to want to see Yu He Hui’s back through the thick fog.

“When he went to college at the age of eight, he took him to the station. I’m going to send him to college, but I can’t do without something at home. ”

Yu he’an murmured and fell into memories: “then Huihui disappeared. No news came again. Go to his school. The school teacher said he didn’t go to school. It’s impossible. That’s a university in the capital. Huihui was finally admitted. His family has always opposed him to go to school, and the tuition is collected by him through odd jobs. Huihui is very good. He has always told you that he wants to see the world of Huihui. It’s not easy for him to play hooky. He can’t play hooky. ”

“I’ve been looking for him. I’ve been looking for him. I can’t find it anyway. I can’t find it anyway.”

Yu he’an’s tone was unstable and he almost choked again. His pain and despair were too deep and heavy. The man didn’t flick his tears, but he didn’t reach the sad place. The choking made Zhao Hongtu restrain his sarcastic and angry eyes and become silent.

“I’ve been looking for it, but I can’t find it.”

Yu he’an still said to himself: “later, he called the police, but the police couldn’t find Huihui for a long time. Later, the police didn’t find Huihui. They reported Huihui missing. Only one captain has been in contact with him, and he hasn’t given up looking for Huihui.”

“The police captain is very powerful. He didn’t give up hope, but later he disappeared.”

Yu he’an hammered his head in pain and mourned: “it’s all strange. It’s all bad. If Huihui didn’t go to college, it would be better if she stayed at home all the time -”

He finally choked and couldn’t speak. But Wei Xun heard what he said and said ‘eh’ in his heart.

Interpol captain? In the capital? Missing?

It seems, a little, coincidence?

He didn’t say a word and looked at Wang surging. Seeing Wang surging and touching his chin, he seemed to be meditating and had a number in his heart.

I didn’t expect it to matter.

“Well, brother Yu, it’s fate for you and Huihui to see each other again.”

Wang pengpai, who was thinking about something, found that it was not good to be distracted, and spoke to comfort Yu he’an: “but why did you come to this journey?”

“Huihui wants to travel most.”

Yu he’an held the camera tightly and said no matter how many times: “he, since he disappeared, he has been looking for a job, and then worked odd jobs to earn money to travel. Huihui always wanted to see the hanging coffin. After seeing it many times, she thought, thought… ”

Thinking about “no” and “no”, I came across the missing Yu Hehui in this scenic spot. Even though it seems to be slim, there is no other way.

“Then, when I was traveling, I suddenly appeared on a tourist bus.”

Yu Hean’s thriller global hotel has been selected. After entering the hotel, he found that the hotel had all kinds of magical titles and tools. He lit up his heart to find his brother. Who ever thought


When he said this, Wei Xun’s eyes flashed, if there was any thought. He found himself mistaken about the selection criteria of passengers.

Wei Xun was chosen by him when he was on the verge of death. People are always preconceived. In addition, Wei Xun has a special identity and can’t take other passengers as reference, so he subconsciously thinks that other passengers are also selected by him.

But now it seems that this is not the case, at least Yu he’an is not. Was he chosen because of his strong desire to find his brother?

Wei Xun remembered that he was a special passenger of class X, so there must be other types of passengers. After activating the identity of class X Special passengers, they are the tour guide reserve, that is, only class X passengers can become tour guides?

In this way, there is a qualitative difference between the tour guide group and the tourist group. Those who are dying and have a death countdown are X-type tourists who can become tour guides. Are other types of tourists not dying? Are they another category?

Do they have a death countdown?

Wei Xun suddenly thought of this problem. The tour guide urged them all the time to get points by any means. If everyone is dying, it’s no problem.

But if the passengers don’t count down to death, they are all healthy people. The seemingly strong tour guide is actually the most eager and easy to die. Coupled with the extremely unequal points obtained by the tour guide and tourists, the tour guide feels unwilling, unfair, or even jealous when he sees such tourists?

The opposition between tour guides and tourists may have been mined because of different selection criteria, waiting for the moment of detonation.

So it seems that the hotel has been secretly promoting the opposition between tour guides and tourists. What do you want to do?

Wei Xun thought of * * and an Xuefeng.

What he wants to do.

“I’ve been on a journey all the time, but I’m too weak, so I’ve survived again and again with the title of ‘old scalper’. After saving 50000 points, I went to the hotel to buy information and asked Huihui where she was. The information said “drunk in Western Hunan.”

Yu he’an was also talkative. His words moved Zhao Hongtu and Xu Chen. They looked at each other and couldn’t speak. All the hotel information is very expensive. Yu he’an can save 50000 points. This is a difficult thing. You should know that although tourists earn more in one journey, they are more exploited by tour guides every time.

Every time you can leave some points, you almost spend them immediately when you go back to the virtual hall. Strengthen yourself and buy tools. Anyway, you can keep the points. The tour guide exploits them and simply strengthen them on yourself. Yu he’an’s title can automatically become the tears of old scalpers. This is a special item and can’t lose money. It’s reasonable that he has experienced so many journeys and shouldn’t be the strength of his current rank.

In the end, he saved most of the points. Zhao Hongtu asked himself that he couldn’t do it. Yu he’an insisted. When he first entered the hotel, his heart’s desire is rarely remembered now.

The cruel journey and magical Title make people can’t help but become stronger and stronger. If they want to get more points and realize their wishes, they must become stronger. If you want to be stronger, you have to consume more points.

It’s a dead cycle, like a car without brakes.

Xu Chen thought more, even creepy.

How many people are lost in this endless pursuit.

Yu he an Neng has always been firm in his original wish. From this point of view, his will is very strong.

“I think Huihui and I met on the journey.”

Yu Hean was in an unstable mood. He covered her with his hand again, and there seemed to be tears on his face.

“Unexpectedly, unexpectedly…”

He didn’t expect to meet Yu Hehui under such circumstances.

Yu he an shakes his hands and opens the Polaroid camera. There is only their group photo in the picture. In the group photo, Yu and an are laughing. His hands are floating and seem to be on someone’s shoulder next to him.

But his side was empty.

There were no photos left in the world before he died, so he could not take photos after he died.

He and Yu Hehui never had a group photo.

“Maybe it’s just an illusion. The real Yu Hehui is still alive.”

Xu Chen said softly. Yu he’an shook his head and smiled bitterly, almost speechless: “this is Huihui,  know   until he, this is Huihui.”

“Brother Yu, don’t be sad.”

Wang pengpai sighed and shook his head: “it’s good to see you. It’s good for you to come on this journey.”

Yu he’an’s smile was bleak, his body shook and he could hardly stand still. Zhao Hongtu couldn’t bear to see it. He felt that he might as well let Yu he’an have a thought. At least he could be lucky to think that Yu Hehui was still alive. It was not as straight as the cruel reality now.

But when you think about yourself, Zhao Hongtu feels contradictory again. If he has missing relatives, whether it is better to never know the whereabouts of his relatives and always look for them, or to directly tell the cruel truth. The former is endless and never-ending pain. The latter is followed by a temporary sharp pain, but at least the termination key is drawn.

No longer pursue the past, people can continue to move forward.

There is a deep meaning in Wang pengpai’s words. Zhao Hongtu and Xu Chen didn’t come out, but Wei Xun found that there was a problem. He had speculated that there were two parallel journeys to Western Hunan. Yu Hehui could not say that he was the boss of another journey. Now it seems that Wang pengpai also knows this kind of thing.

Wei Xun couldn’t help but feel itchy and wanted to lock Wang pengpai up and force him to reveal all kinds of confidential information of the hotel. Just like many lawyers who are familiar with the law, they can better exploit the loopholes of the law. But Wei Xun felt that decryption was more interesting.

Like Pingping, Yu Hehui, an Xuefeng, and——

“C, C guide.”

Wang pengpai was comforting Yu he’an. He quietly dug out more information about Yu He Hui from his mouth. Leng Buding approached with a chill. His back was hairy and he was wary. Wang pengpai turned his face and was facing the bronze ghost of Bingjiu.

What do you want to do?

Wang pengpai pretended to be a fan. He was startled and beat a drum in his heart. The bronze gear covered the upper half of Bingjiu’s face, revealing only his blue eyes… Blue? Is the pearl blue? No, he didn’t seem to be blue before

“You have a good rope.”

Bingjiu’s words interrupted Wang’s surging chaotic thoughts: “let me see.”

“Director C, brother 9, no, director C, no –”

In the roar of Wang surging and easily misunderstood, Wei Xun grabbed the bundle of black gold rope from him. Relying on Wang pengpai’s concealment of his identity, he dared not stop him. He only dared to call “director C No”. Wei Xun’s great villain did justice and light.

[Name: * * * climbing rope]

[quality: unknown]

[function 1:??]

[function 2:??]

[function 3:??]

[you are not the owner of the climbing rope, so you can’t see the specific information of the climbing rope]


Wei Xun was surprised. He only thought that Wang pengpai might get some information from what he took out. But unexpectedly, it turned out to be * * items.

“What can’t you see?”

Wei Xun was ready to move. He questioned the hotel in his head and secretly changed his concept: “I have signed an agreement with you. Can’t I see the properties of a rope?”

The other party didn’t respond, which was expected by Wei Xun. He seemed to ponder with the rope, but in fact, he glanced at Wang pengpai with the corner light. Although he pretended to be anxious, he didn’t seem too worried in fact.

Wang pengpai really doesn’t worry. He’s anxious. He’s just pretending. After all, without the boss’s permission, let alone Bingjiu, even if he can’t see the function of the rope. What’s more, the rope has the right not to come to him. Even if he takes the rope away now, doesn’t the rope automatically return to him at the moment of the journey?

Hey, let Bingjiu think about it.

Wang pengpai had a bad smile in his heart.

“Rope, yes, rope!”

The movement on their side attracted Zhao Hongtu’s attention. Yu and an Tonghong’s eyes lit up and expected Ai Ai: “brother Wang, can this rope really pull the boat over? No, bite it? ”

“No problem, of course.”

Wang pengpai, he put on a posture of “since director C likes it, give it to director C” and flattered Chong Bingjiu with a smile: “director C should also feel that the rope hasn’t broken yet.”


Wei Xun’s answer was silent. The rope was really tight and did not loosen. It was like an infinite length. Calculating the distance, the ship should have reached the opposite bank, but Wei Xun still had a small handful of ample rope in his hand.

“Look, right.”

Wang pengpai: “the corpse flying fox king is dead. Besides, there is no way that he will die.”

“Don’t worry, no one in our brigade can die.”

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Yu he’an repeatedly prayed for the blessing of the Bodhisattva. Seeing Wang surging’s God, it was like seeing the Tathagata Buddha. The light in the God made Zhao Hongtu not turn his head from his side and secretly scolded an idiot.

Of course not. Someone in the brigade died.

It’s not the people in the brigade who died.

“Yu Hehui, get off the boat!”

On the other side of the river, Miao Fangfei hurriedly picked up the ghost baby handed by Hou Feihu, took Hou Feihu off the boat, turned and went to pick up Yu Hehui. Now it’s seven o’clock, and there are only three or five minutes left before the start of the three directions. Next, the ship has to go back and forth to pick up Wang pengpai and them. It will take at least half an hour.

Now they are racing against time and can’t waste any time. But Yu Hehui still sat on the boat wrapped in cowhide and didn’t get down. After Miao Fangfei’s words, he just moved his beads and handed over the basket containing the ghost baby.

“Yu Hehui…”

Miao Fangfei hesitates and looks at Hou Feihu. Hou Feihu shook his head in silence. Take a deep breath. Miao Fangfei reaches out to pick it up, but finds that Yu Hehui doesn’t let go.

“Protect your brother.”

Yu Hehui paused and said, “this journey is not critical to your life. Please protect your brother.”

“You –”

Miao Fangfei’s voice didn’t fall, but she showed a look of surprise.

[task name: request of fox Fairy (dead)]

[task level: medium difficulty]

[mission Description:  protect Yu he’an without endangering his life during this drunken journey to Western Hunan]

[reward: Fox fairy’s care]

Yu Hehui stared at Miao Fangfei and saw her look from surprise to complexity and finally to peace.

Then Miao Fangfei took over the task: “rest assured.”

Yu Hehui loosened his hand and gave Miao Fangfei a basket containing the ghost baby. He finally looked at the shore. It was very close, but he couldn’t get ashore. Just as he had already died and could not return to the world.

After all, I let my brother down.

Without much to say, Yu Hehui nodded to Miao Fangfei, and then turned to paddle back. Seeing his figure gradually disappearing into the fog, Miao Fangfei held the bamboo basket and sighed.

As a team leader, even if yu Hehui didn’t send this task, she would do her best to protect the team members. But taking on this task may make Yu Hehui feel more at ease.

“Why didn’t he get off the boat?”

Shi Tao wondered. Just now, he was still thinking about who would take the boat to pick up Wang surging and them. In the past, people were almost doomed to die, because the number of boat stays contained in the ticket had been exhausted. In order to ensure fairness, should they draw lots to decide who to go, or rely on force and weak past?

But Shi Tao didn’t expect that Yu Hehui took the initiative to go back!

“He can’t get off the ship.”

Hou Feihu saw it. Otherwise, the rope on the boat was not broken, and Wang surging them completely to pull the boat back without anyone supporting the boat. If it is an ordinary River and you want to pull the boat back only by rope, you need a lot of strength. But the soul losing stream is different. No matter how strong or small, the speed of the boat is the same.

In theory, as long as there is a little pull, the ship can sail back at normal speed.

Yu Hehui can’t get off the ship. That can only be because he can’t get off the ship.

He’s stuck here.

“Don’t you join the three dynasties Wine Festival?”

Lin Xi was biting his nails, and the whole person was full of anxiety: “isn’t the project going to participate in the three dynasties wine program? What if the program over there is right?”

As time went by, Lin Xi became more and more anxious and suspicious. She didn’t know which side was the right choice.

“Is to participate in the three dynasties Wine Festival.”

Miao Fangfei said solemnly, “but what is held there is not necessarily the three dynasties Wine Festival.”

Lin Xi retorted: “the three dynasties Wine Festival will be held by the funeral stream -”

“Didn’t say which side.”

Hou Feihu was calm and his eyes were dark: “what was held in the cutting wall village was a banquet.”

Just as the past repeats itself, qiebi village held a fetal meat banquet and invited all parties to come.

Really stay there, it’s a dead end.

“The ship has begun to leak.”

Hou Feihu was more worried about Zhao Hongtu and them: “although there was no piranha attack on this voyage, there was a crack three fingers long under the ship. “It was barely blocked with a mask, but I don’t know how long it will last.”

There was no attack on the mourning stream. It’s because of Yu Hehui. But even so, the ship has cracked. It seems that the closer the final time is, the more serious the damage will be.

On the last voyage, there were four adults in the boat.

This makes Hou Feihu not worry.

“Guide C, it should be all right.”

Miao Fangfei said so, but her worry did not dissipate. She stood on the bank and looked forward, as if her eyes could penetrate the thick white fog.

“They came here safely.”

“Here comes the boat, here comes the boat!”

Zhao Hongtu, on the other side of the river, saw the faint shadow of the boat in the thick fog and was overjoyed. This joy was almost bitten by the enemy.

“Be careful!”

Xu Chen swung the basket and smashed it at it. It was a light bamboo basket. When he hit him, the enemy screamed and ran around in pain. He was pale all over, his limbs were as slender as a hemp pole, but his abdomen was as round as a drum. His thin limbs can’t support his body, so he can only crawl on the ground, but he is very fast.

Zhao Hongtu had a circle of bloody teeth marks on his wrist, which was bitten by his opponent. His throat is very thin, but he has sharp teeth, which looks like the legendary hungry ghost.

Not long after Yu Hehui and Hou Feihu left, the lively drum music from qiobi village was getting closer and closer. A faint light of fire could be seen in the dark forest. The fire was green and dark like ghost fire.

The feast is about to begin, but it is not the three dynasties wine, but the “feast” of eating fetal broth in the past! At the same time, the babies in the bamboo basket changed together. Their bodies were like adults, but they looked like ghosts. They chased people fiercely and bit them. For a time, the people on the shore were in danger of being attacked by the enemy!

Fortunately, before the green ghost fires in the cut wall village came, wild foxes shrieked in the forest, and several dark shadows appeared. The dark shadows were thin and slender, just like the “pick-up woman” when washing three. I don’t know whether they were enemies or friends. While Zhao Hongtu was on alert, he saw that the thin and long shadows met the ghost fire and the beds stopped. With the help of the shadow, they only have to deal with the changing baby!

However, this thing is extremely difficult to deal with. If you don’t get hurt, you won’t die. Only the bamboo basket can barely cause damage to you, but it’s not fatal. You can only resist reluctantly, and you keep pushing people towards qiebai village.

When Zhao Hongtu saw the boat coming, he was very excited. Everyone looked at the river at the same time. Yu he’an’s face turned pale and his lips trembled: “Hui, Hui Hui”

He hurriedly looked at Bing Jiu and saw that the black gold rope in his hand was still firmly tied to the ship. Yu he’an’s head is in a mess. Why, why? Huihui? On board, why——

“Brother, get on the boat!”

Yu Hehui saw the dangerous shape of the shore. His narrow and long eyes narrowed and sighed lightly. He saw that several more fox shadows appeared out of thin air and entangled with the mutant fetuses. Zhao Hongtu and others were trapped. They quickly took the opportunity to board the ship, but Yu he’an stood still. His double eyes were red and stared at Yu Hehui.

“Brother Yu, let’s go.”

When Wang pengpai saw that Yu he’an refused to board the ship, he pushed him. Yu he’an was stubborn and took another step back: “no, there can only be four people in a boat.”

Only four people can go back. Huihui has to go back.

He would rather die here.


Yu Hehui is sad. He knows what Yu Hean means, but——

Yu Hehui looked at Wang surging, and they touched God. Wang pengpai also sighed. He said “offended”, and finally carried Yu he’an directly! His action startled some people. You should know that Yu he’an was also a tall and strong man. It was inconceivable that Wang surging was carried by him.

“Put it down, put it down ̴  4; Come down! ”

Yu he’an was also stunned for a moment. He saw Wang surging carrying him to the boat and struggling desperately. But Wang pengpai, like the iron tower King Kong, just carried Yu he’an to the ship.

At the moment when he got on the boat, Yu Hean couldn’t move. He didn’t move. God was wooden. With his back to the crowd, Yu Hean’s eyes were lax and stared at an unknown point in the void.

Until a cold hand touched his shoulder.


“Woo woo woo”

Yu he’an suddenly burst into tears. His head was buried in his knees. He was very sad and out of breath.

He got on the boat, but Yu Hehui was still on the boat.

A boat can only take four people, and the ticket can only go back and forth.

Unless Yu Hehui is not a living person.

At the moment, Yu he’an can no longer deceive himself. He found his younger brother, Yu Hehui, who is really dead.


There was sadness in Yu Hehui’s tone, and he didn’t know what to do. Yu Hean felt the huge waves of the ship shaking violently. His voice of crying suddenly choked. Yu Hean bit his teeth, and there were several out of tune chokes in his throat.

You can’t cry, you can’t cry on the mourning stream.

Yu he’an wiped his face hard and couldn’t dry his tears. He looked at his brother squatting in front of him like a wet dog. He wanted to get close, but he was afraid that Yu he’an would be more sad and contradictory.

Yu he’an put his younger brother in his arms, buried his head on his shoulder, and couldn’t stop his tears flowing to his heart.

Yu he’an’s spirit is gone. He looks as if he is several years old.

His brother, Huihui, is so young.

“Come on, pull the boat!”

Yu he’an stopped crying and the big waves disappeared. All the people on board wet their clothes with the huge waves. Xu Chen took off his goggles and squinted to the shore. His voice trembled: “people are in the water!”

I saw the mutated baby break free from the fox shadow and rush towards them. After encountering the water of the mourning stream, the strange body collapsed and split, turned into thousands of silver white piranhas with sharp teeth, and swam quickly to the boat. No wonder the strange fish in the river are so keen on fetal meat. It turns out that they were turned by those who had drunk fetal meat soup!

“The ship is leaving, everybody hold on!”

Wang pengpai shouted and rowed hard with a bamboo pole. He just used the remaining waves to let the boat avoid the first wave of raids by piranhas. Wei Xun also jumped into the boat. Like Yu Hehui, the tour guide is not a person in the project, and those rules and regulations are useless to him.

He said that he was limited to four people. In fact, he took a boat of six people and swayed towards the other bank of the river. Wei Xun looked at qiebi village in the distance. He saw that Pingping’s bloody figure was still in the sky over the village, and his eyes looked like looking at mourning stream in the distance.

Wei Xun has self-knowledge. Of course, he knows that Pingping doesn’t look at him, but at her children. Now it’s 7:45. The grand banquet, that is, the bed, began. Qiebi village is very lively. It seems that countless people came from all directions to qiebi village to share the fetal meat banquet.

But I don’t know I’m dead. This is just a repeat of the scene of that year.

Wei Xun took back his eyes and continued to ponder the black gold rope in his hand. Wei Xun just recalled the agreement he signed, and Party A should pay his necessary expenses for equipment and goods.

Now he thinks this rope is necessary!

However, Wei Xun still couldn’t see the specific function of the rope, which made Wei Xun think whether it was because he hadn’t joined the brigade, or because he was “C 9” now, not Wei Xun.

If it is the latter

Wei Xun quietly put the rope into his pocket, with a name tag between his fingers, ready to stick it with  and the rope. But right now——

“The ship is sinking!”

Zhao Hongtu exclaimed. He felt all kinds of things from his body like crazy and wanted to plug them into the bottom of the boat: “the boat is leaking!”

The people who were glad to leave qiebai village because of their correct choice became nervous again. Wang pengpai couldn’t pull the boat. Xu Chen and Zhao Hongtu blocked the crack and bailed out the water. But there are too many cracks and the whole ship is in tatters. Even if yu Hean contributes his old cowhide, he can’t stop the river from pouring into the ship and sinking gradually.

“Don’t panic, now you’re in the middle of the river.”

Wang pengpai estimated the distance and knew: “be careful of piranhas!”

No project can be absolutely safe. It is estimated that the ship will be completely broken when it reaches the shore or a distance from the shore. The passengers have to find a way to get ashore, not the crazy piranha.


The fish had squeezed into the boat through the crack. Xu Chen and Zhao Hongtu had bitten them, and their hands and legs were full of blood. But the broken boat is a little protected after all, which is much better than swimming through the water. Now Xu Chen and Yu he’an are blocking the gap to scoop water, and Zhao Hongtu assassinates the piranha that rushed in. But the silver fish are slippery and hidden, and there are many in number. There are always fish fierce, like Xu Chen and Yu he’an.


The sharp wind sounded, and the piranhas running towards Yu he’an were cut into several sections in the air. Yu Hehui protected his brother. Looking at more and more piranhas pouring in and sinking ships, his green eyes had accounted for most of them, and the invisible threat radiated, but the piranhas just retreated a little, and then attacked them more fiercely and crazily.

They are crazy and can never leave the soul losing stream. Naturally, they fight their lives and don’t want others to leave.


Yu Hehui’s eyes are getting darker and deeper. He smells the subtle smell of blood. Yu Hean is bleeding. A piranha doesn’t know when to bite his ankle. Sharp teeth pierced the skin and flesh, but Yu he’an’s face didn’t have any pain. He still tried his best to scoop water. From small to large, my brother was always afraid of hardship and fatigue. When his parents disagreed, he stole odd jobs and had to pay him to go to college.

Being filial to his parents and loving his brother has never been a better brother than him.

But now my brother came to this man eating journey in order to find him.

And because he’s so sad.


Yu Hehui whispered softly. His voice was very low. He couldn’t afford it in the almost boiling water, but Yu Hean immediately looked back at him, worried and nervous.

“What’s the matter, Huihui, brother?”


Yu Hehui smiled, looked at his brother’s gradually shocked eyes, watched his image in big brother’s turn to change, and countless reluctance, depression and pain were finally hidden in his heart.

It’s his intention to see his brother again. He has paid countless success. He should be satisfied.


Wei Xun sat up straight and looked at Yu Hehui with burning eyes. The spirit of the original absent-minded light up.

No one could look away from Yu Hehui because he became a huge white fox.

It is beautiful and elegant, noble and mysterious. Its hair is as white as the first snow. The green fox is like jade, but its size is amazing. It is like the legendary fox fairy, with suffocating beauty. At last, the white fox looked at Yu Hehui with soft eyes and a low grunt like a young fox in his throat. Then he jumped lightly into the river.


Yu Hean screamed and rushed to the side of the boat. Xu Chen hurriedly grabbed him for fear that he might fall into the soul loss stream, but the next moment, even Xu Chen’s eyes showed shock.

When the ship left the water, the cracks were no longer leaking, and no piranhas could leap in.

The huge white fox carried the boat, and the beautiful pure white long hair floated in the black river.  not afraid of the rough water, not afraid of the piranha’s crazy bite, carrying the boat and swimming to the other bank.


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