TTG Chapter 400

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 400: The Sahara of Death (76)

The road from the hole of the giant fossil tree to the depths of the temple of the sun has been explored for half his life. Now he leads the way in front. An Xuefeng stays outside to guard against (also afraid that his disguise will cause other reactions of the sun), and Wei Xun focuses on the Phoenician cornerstone eggs and corn shoots in his hands.

Sun spider is a supplement to Xiaocui and corn shoots. Now Xiaocui has actually stepped into the threshold of lailala level Mother worm. However, when its body dies, its mental state will lose its support and die together. Only lailala mother worm’s spirit and body are equally tenacious and can exist separately, which is also the reason why avant-garde Xun wants to test the spirit of the sun spider mother worm.

At present, Xiaocui’s mental state is resting in the magic insect ball. She wants to digest the dirty energy of the sun spider, form a cocoon and rebuild her body. When the cocoon comes out, it’s the real Lyra mother.

While Xiaocui sleeps deeply, her children also sleep deeply. Xiaocui herself is the mother who prefers to build a swarm. When Xiaocui breaks her cocoon, the children and insects will also have advanced levels.

However, many magic insects commonly used in Wei Xun’s hand are more or less related to Xiaocui, which also leads to that there are not many magic insects available in his hand. It is reasonable to say that the corn shoot is also Xiaocui’s cub, but this time the shoot has also eaten a lot of sun spiders. There are new changes in the body and the resistance to the mother insect is improved. It will not be obedient to Xiaocui like other child insects and can have its own master.

This time, the corn shoot that has just been metamorphosed does not sleep, and just performs the father’s task! The corn shoots drilled along the crack of Phoenician cornerstone eggs are manly and high spirited. They directly threaten to shine with the golden light of the sun and swing majestically in front of each other – no worm is afraid of the sun! If it weren’t for the small egg, the corn shoot would like to directly show its magnificent 100 meter fat body. The thin worm in front of us would surely accept it and worship it!

‘father! It is not afraid of sunshine! ”

After shaking for a while, the corn shoot found a problem. It hesitated, stopped and swayed, “Goo Goo Goo” tried to communicate with the red “hairy” eyed worm in worm words, but the worm couldn’t understand it!

“It’s not a worm!”

Hearing the scream of the corn shoots, Wei Xunzhong asked the corn shoots to attack – don’t take it seriously, just try.

Now the correspondence is almost half clear. Yu Hexuan corresponds to yin-yang butterfly, Yu feiluan corresponds to silver moon killer, Zhu Yuande corresponds to blood wolf Rex, and he Yunlai corresponds to Wei.

Chen Cheng is left with Liu Hongyu, Tong Fu, Yun Ying, the Western guide, Cheng Tianbao, Tang Shuang and the Western guide.

The intruders include an Xuefeng, astrologer, lily, Katie, Zhang xingzang, vampire Baron and lizard Duke

An Xuefeng is watching outside. He is not among the Phoenicians. The lizard Duke may have low “sex”. If he comes here, the soul infection of the silver moon killer will not be dispersed so easily – he must stay here to protect the guide.

Among the remaining five people, only the blood sucking Baron is the enemy, and the chance of one in five is not high. Judging from the fact that the worms in the corn shoot just dodged and didn’t bite back, he was probably the best friend.

Corn shoots doubt “confusion”, so is the space in stone eggs, but why can’t it catch this fake worm? For the astrologer, the space in the stone egg is infinite. He can easily escape the attack of the golden worm and circle around it. He also wants to see more through this worm. Several face-to-face astrologers saw the battle of the sun spider and couldn’t help nodding to C-1’s performance.

It’s worthy of being the third one favored by fate. So Yvette has solved it?

The astrologer stopped dodging and let the sun worm swoop down like a tiger. He calmly pounded his skull. Later, he confirmed that the worm’s saliva corroding “sex” was useless to him, but he wanted to eat the worm – the power of pollution.

He shouldn’t be a black snake. The astrologer thought that if the corn shoot had the eyes of an astrologer, the astrologer could see the whole picture through its eyes. But unfortunately, the eyes of underground worms have long degenerated. Corn shoots don’t even have the eyes of sesame seeds. Astrologers can only see them by themselves.

He has found that his long body is covered with red feathers, a bit like the legendary feather snake. But the feather snake is not in this mythological system. First, does C want to use him to provoke the sun? To restore something in history? And he stuffed the worm in… This worm should be part of his plan.

Thinking of this, as soon as the astrologer waved his body, his red “color” feathers and “hair” were collected into his body. He wrapped around himself the pollution from C-1 and tried his best to disguise himself as a corn shoot.

“Right ahead.”

When the astrologer in the stone egg and the corn shoot coexisted harmoniously, Wei Xun and the half life Taoist had gone to the depths of the underground temple again. Different from the feeling when entering from the underground cave, the underground cave is like the ten thousand corpse cave of the burial pit found by Wei Xun in northern Tibet, full of the bones of the red sand giant. But it’s different here. The ochre red sandstone has not faded for thousands of years, and the original and simple murals are outlined with golden lines.

However, these murals are mostly incomplete. Their surfaces are covered with jelly gel like black and black pollution, such as the sewer that has not been cleaned for a long time. The thick slurry is extremely thick and deep, and can overwhelm the whole people. Half life poked in with a peach wood sword to test and pick up a string of dark bones from the thick slurry.

“It’s snake bone.”

Half life way, I’m afraid these black thick slurry is condensed by the black snake under the black sand giant. The black sand giant has polluted the Sun Temple for a long time. As Wei Xun expected, the sun sacrificed in the temple may have been unable to govern the black sand giant for a long time. In addition to the poisonous and smelly thick slurry in the corridor, I’m afraid there are also the resentful spirit guards of the black snake, who are not allowed to enter.

But half life had the keepsake of the ancient oasis in his hand. Now the black sand giant was not there, and they didn’t encounter too many obstacles. Wei Xun half life walked on his back for about 200 meters. The snake skin and bones condensed into black thick slurry more and more, covering the surroundings. At the end of the corridor was a damaged red rock gate, about two meters high, which was almost corroded, and could not stop the visitors at all.

“It seems that there is someone else who believes in the sun”

Half a life carries Wei Xun through the stone gate. The two meter high stone gate can allow normal people to enter, but it is impossible for giants to enter. Wei Xun thought that the leaders of each giant tribe were Yin and Yang, Yun Ying thought of yin and Yang, and the golden “color” pattern on the back of the sun spider was like kneeling down to a woman. I’m afraid there was also a source.

After entering the stone gate, the road in front suddenly sank. Looking at it, the ground sank for more than ten meters, like a deep pit in the sky. Several tall giant bones supported the cave. As soon as they came in, the strong smell of snakes in the corridor dissipated, as if it had been purified.

The cave was also full of traces of snake skin and bones, but the black thick slurry exuded from those snake corpses was much less. It could be seen that the ground was a thick layer of bone debris. Half of his life jumped down with Wei Xun on his back. The bone debris of unknown years was completely crisp and broke when he stepped on it. Wei Xun picked up a bone and saw that there was some spider silk left.

“This should be the place of sacrifice.”

Half life way, these bones are not human bones, but more like the broken bones of those giant monsters in the ancient oasis. After the sacrifice, the spider ate it, and there was no energy at all. Wei Xun threw down the bone and looked forward. He saw the mummies of the first two giants. Their kneeling bodies were still more than six meters high, and two sandstone plates were placed on their backs, ten meters long.

Such a deep cave should have been dark and matte, but the sandstone plate is suffused with a light orange red “color”, but the sandstone plate is full of black slurry pollution, which is too dim and only highlights a small area around. When Wei Xun went to see it, he saw that the sandstone plate seemed to have been damaged, and there was a dent on the surface, which seemed to be inlaid with something, but now it was empty.

“There should be a statue of the sun with fragments of Maria butterfly in its hand.”

Half life speculated that the statue of the sun and the fragments of the marea butterfly were taken away by the black sand giant, and the temple was gradually polluted, eroded and crumbling.

“Haven’t you been there?”

Wei Xun asked about a sealed stone gate behind the altar, with a huge dark hard skin on its surface, which looked a bit like snake skin.

“That’s the skin of the black sand giant. You’ll find it immediately when you go in.”

Half life shook his head and picked up the ancient oasis keepsake. He saw that the keepsake was dark and obviously had a reaction. Tell it to Wei Xun. Sealing the stone gate with Orc skin is an ancient sacrificial means in some remote areas. They believe that if they peel alive, the soul will attach to the skin bag, and these souls will guard the altar. Once someone wants to invade, they will be cursed by the terrible soul.

Wei Xun was thoughtful. He didn’t remember whether the black sand giant had skin when he met several times ago. But when the black sand giant’s arm was cut off several times, its arm was directly polluted, and there was no real skin.

Black sand giant represents the mythical giant killing snake. He peels his skin alive and seals it in the sun to sacrifice to Shimen in order to suppress him with the sun. The black sand giant dared to come here to steal butterfly fragments and statues, but did not take back his skin. I’m afraid there are things behind the stone gate that frighten him.

Evelett said, “the stone gate covered with giant skin is about to appear, the ancient king’s court will be opened, and the black snake who has guarded the king’s court for thousands of years in the storm will guide the sacrifices, and will light the flame to guide them.” this happened to be the stone gate covered with giant skin.

Behind the stone gate is the ancient king’s Court of giants? The ancient imperial court of giants? Wei Xun had a whim. As the first half of his life analyzed, the nine giant tribes each correspond to things in Arab mythology, killing black snakes, flames, hell and Ruby mountain, but they do not correspond to “Earth” humans.

Chen Cheng slaughtered the nine giant tribes and finally became an ancient oasis Keepsake representing “Earth” mankind. Will it be because now is the era of mankind, and all the giants (ancient imperial court) are sealed by the sun behind this stone gate? The real purpose of the black sand giant is to take back its own skin bag, open the stone gate and let everything of the giant reappear and return?

“It’s possible that the scenic spot opened by the captain was the ‘ancient king’s court'”

Half life.

That corresponds to the ancient imperial court is the sun altar!

The black sand giant prepares so much to close the sun’s eyes. It may be that only the sun closes its eyes. When the suppression seal on the ancient imperial court weakens, it will appear! If the sun suddenly ‘opens its eyes’ when the black sand giant acts tonight

In just a few minutes, Wei Xun flashed bad ideas in his mind. He answered carefully in front of the stone gate with the “Moonlight feather” made up by an Xuefeng between his fingers. Suddenly, if Wei Xun thought about it, he glanced at Phoeni’s egg. As if he had confirmed something, Wei Xun asked half his life to jump to the stone altar with him on his back.

The Phoenician eggs in Wei Xun’s hands have matured under the fire and the God of fire pollution. They can break their shells at any time. The altar seemed to respond to something. There were faint golden “color” lines on the stone slab, and the black snake thick slurry pollution was dispersed.

But Wei Xun didn’t come here to communicate with the sun. He knocked Phoenician’s stone eggs on the slate like a pan, broke them along the crack, and knocked the ‘eggs’ into the slate pit – two worms wrapped around each other! The golden one is a corn shoot, and the sunlight adds a bit of divine sense to it. The other black and red worm was evil and ugly.

“Boom -”

When the two worms fell into the stone pit, there was a loud noise from the depths of the temple, which was like the sound of a waterfall gushing out! Half life listened to the sudden change of the “color” of his face, hugged Wei Xun, picked up two worms and ran away. Thanks to their fast running, the black snake pus “liquid” soared in the corridor, and countless unknown “liquid” gushed out from all over the corridor, just like the mythical “the sun shed tears”.

When they rushed out of the huge petrified tree, guard Xun looked back and saw that the thick and dirty water “liquid” filled the whole tree hole and filled the empty trunk hole. When he came out, he shivered half his life. He keenly felt the cold silence around him, and the atmosphere changed faintly.

It’s already six o’clock, but the sun hasn’t risen yet, not even a glimmer of light. The sky is like night.

The sun closed its eyes and the solar eclipse happened! This is different from the solar eclipse in the ordinary world. There should also be a means to force the sun to “open its eyes”.

“Good morning, astrologer.”

Wei Xun smiled and looked at the worm in his hand. When he took out the moonlight feather “hair”, Wei Xun felt it faintly. The stone egg in the hand and the feather “hair” between the fingers are vaguely connected with something behind the stone gate.

Stars, moon, sun! The potential connection between the three is the key to let the sun open again in Wei Xun’s plan!

When, there is also the most crucial, hermaphroditic, female “sexual” appearance based “priest”

Regardless of greeting the astrologer worm, banming and Wei Xun went to the underground cave. Seeing that Chen Cheng and others were vigilant and surrounded by the underground cave, they escaped at the moment when the underground cave shook, and the dirty “liquid” body also filled the underground cave. Everyone stood outside, shivering at the sudden drop in temperature.

Yu feiluan tried to light a fire, but the fire could not be lit. It seemed that everything related to light and heat was forbidden.

“Guide C!”


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