TTG Chapter 401

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 401: The Sahara of Death (77)

Seeing that the people of director C’s Chen Cheng brigade seemed to have found the backbone, Chen Cheng quickly welcomed the past with his partners, and his eyes flashed over the centenarians carrying director C. his serious eyes relaxed a lot and breathed a sigh of relief.

Director C looks much better. I don’t know how many elixirs there are. Whether it’s acting with director C before, or director C wooed him again, it’s always good to have his strong combat power.

“Five minutes ago, the underground cave was flooded with dirt and pus. We were located in the shallow layer of the underground cave before we escaped.”

Chen Cheng’s three character words succinctly said what happened just now: “the flame can’t be ignited, and the power of the sky fire symbol has been weakened by more than half. Now the sky is not bright, and there may be something wrong with the sun and flame.”

Chen Cheng thought acutely, carefully and quickly inferred the key place, and Wei Xun did not hide it. He said that Bai Lao found that the tree hole in the depths of the highest fossil tree in the petrochemical forest is connected with the underground temple, which is most likely the Sun Temple guarded by Yvette.

But the temple was polluted by black snake pus. They avoided the black snake sewage. Unexpectedly, they went to the suspected altar deep in the temple. There Phoenician stone eggs hatched without warning, and the dramatic earthquake of the altar led to an underground “flood” that flooded the entire altar.

“So it is! Director C, are you okay?”

Chen Cheng suddenly realized that the underground cave should be part of the underground Sun Temple, which means that the dirty and viscous “flood” may have submerged the whole underground temple. They are all unpredictable situations. No one blames director C, but they are worried and concerned – they are located in the shallow layer of the underground cave, and they are a little embarrassed to escape.

It’s not easy for them to escape when they are deep underground. All the people are much better with their expressions to Bai Lao. Fortunately, Bai Lao C guide can escape all the way behind his back. He felt the eyes of others and smacked his lips in the heart of half life. He didn’t explain more times. It seems that everyone really agrees with Wei Xun.

That’s good.

Half life hung his eyes and smiled, but raised his eyes but restrained his smile. He said seriously, “the temple of the sun is polluted, and there must be a hostile party to do it. It’s very dangerous next. Everyone had better stay together and not separate.”


No, he said that Chen Cheng also made the same decision, and the party turned to the edge of the ruins of the petrified forest.

“Fortunately, the captain has foresight. He dug a lot of desert roses after he went to the underground hole. He can’t finish the scenic spot task.”

Cheng Tianbao said hoarsely that after their underground cave was settled, Chen Cheng ordered the least injured people to dig enough desert roses in the underground cave. The local cave was flooded by sewage, and the fragile desert roses were probably destroyed.

“Then be the captain. Otherwise, how can the captain be the captain?”

Tang Shuang was used to talking back to him, breaking off a few ribs and burning a bone fire. Teammates still need to rest with injuries. A warm fire is very important when the temperature drops sharply. The red burning ribs overlap, which is a small fire. Obviously, the normal flame cannot be ignited, but Tang Shuang’s rib flame burns exuberantly and warm without any influence.

“I mean, is it possible that the enemies of the sun are giants?”

Tang Shuang lit a fire burning on his bones. “I’m a giant skeleton. Its burning is not a good sign.”

“It may be very sexual.”

Yu Hexuan nodded approvingly and imitated Tang Shuang’s tone. “I mean, there is no possibility that the black snake is with the giants?”

The desert outside the petrochemical forest can turn into a black snake black desert. It can be said that the buried temple has been surrounded and monitored by countless black snakes. Director C also said that there are snake bones in the sewage inundating the underground temple.

“And the blackbird. It’s suspicious, too.”

“Yes, yes, ah, Tang Shuang, you said you couldn’t pretend to be a giant?”

“Ah, it’s broken, so I’m not an insider?”

Tang Shuang laughed and said, “touch” and “touch” his chin. “It’s not right. I should call it a spy.”

They sang and made the tense atmosphere relaxed a lot. The shy Yun Ying closed her lips and smiled. Wei Xun also smiled in her eyes. She felt like seeing Wang pengpai and Wang Yushu. The journey is full of life and death crises. No one can keep nervous and finally collapse. There must be someone in a successful brigade who can make jokes and ease the atmosphere.

At the thought of returning home, Wei Xun thought of an Xuefeng. Just now he came out of the ground, he didn’t see the figure of Anka Phoenix. An Xuefeng hid his figure, and after seeing Wei Xun appear, he left immediately, and even had a long talk with Wei Xun.

When the sun is polluted, it is already a battle in mythology. An Xuefeng must strengthen his camouflage to come back.

Compared with an Xuefeng, astrologers are not much better. After all, the corn shoots at the altar were blessed by the sun. They were successfully integrated into the atmosphere of the stone slab of the altar. If the astrologers hadn’t pretended to be full of pollution, the altar wouldn’t have aroused so much reaction.

The Anka Phoenix (worm) finally closed the sun’s eyes, but the Anka worm was badly hurt by being eaten back. As soon as the feather “hair” was touched off, it was almost bald into a real insect.

Wei Xun looked at the eggshell in his hand. He broke the eggshell, dropped the Anka worm and corn shoots on the altar, and returned the cracked but generally complete Phoenician cornerstone eggshell to his hand. The soft feather “hair” of a little red “color” is soft on the crack of the eggshell. The feather “hair” looks light and soft, like the feather “hair” of a chick. It is very cute.

But Wei Xun knew it was a tentacle of Anka worm, similar to the wing of a chick.

“Is it the egg that guide C made me pregnant? If the snake didn’t hatch!”

Tang Shuang grinned and looked curiously at the feather “hair” between the cracks. “Is it a bird?”

“Some Raptors like hawks and falcons can feed on snakes. Maybe it’s the nemesis of black snakes.”

Liu Hongyu pointed out that it is possible that the hatching of guide C’s eggs will also cause the counterattack of snake bone sewage.

On the one hand, it was the evil side. The incubation led to the last change of power of the solar altar. The exhausted solar altar could no longer deter the sewage before it was counterattacked.

It is the sun side, and it can also bring hope for the weak sun side to fight back. Only then does the snake bone sewage gush out wildly to kill it as soon as possible.

A friend was killed by a giant. He Yunlai and Liu Hongyu were nearly poisoned by the black snake. We don’t stand beside the black snake. They vowed to avenge their partners. If they can help the sun kill giants, it’s best. They hope that director C’s situation is kind.

“The birds hatched by guide C are much better than my little black.”

He Yunlai smiled simply and honestly. The black snake wrapped around his arm was like a black armband. Before the arrival of snake bone sewage invasion, it was it that gave early warning to let everyone evacuate safely. Xiao Hei’s record against the black snakes was very beautiful, but he didn’t dare to get close to guide C holding stone eggs, and even shrank and buried his head in he Yunlai’s arm.

Chen Cheng, sitting with a sword in his arms, smiled, but sighed in his heart.

He knew what his friends thought, but he raised his eyes to the young giant on the side of guide C’s body. Seeing that his curious and thick fingers touched the egg shell without any expression of resistance and fear, Chen Cheng’s heart sank.

As the next metaphysics captain favored by the old captain, Chen Cheng has a lot of knowledge about opening up new scenic spots. Guide C has a clear goal to open up new scenic spots. Moreover, the Sahara is a super dangerous journey, which involves inexplicable monsters and myths… It may be a new scenic spot that can open up the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

From the fact that the temple of the sun was submerged by snake bone sewage, the difficulty is definitely easier than the giant square. Looking at the dangers they encountered along the way, it may be the task of giant Fang to open up new scenic spots. And it happens that the giant of the centenarian belt is very close to director C,

Chen Cheng asked himself if he didn’t put down his hatred for the giant and stand on the side of the giant in the face of the temptation of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude? It is not only oneself, but also metaphysics. The old captain left immediately. If metaphysics in the next decade wants to maintain a position, it must have a scenic spot at 30 degrees north latitude. One’s location… Is very important, not as simple as name and some resources.

Chen Cheng thinks of the old captain’s departure. What is a house and what is a gain? Before the exhortation, he remembered the old captain’s earnest instruction and implicit instruction to him. The captain must learn to be willing.

The black snake repeatedly attacked his team members, which shows that the sacrifice of the giant side is likely to need human sacrifices. If you really stand on the giant side, your teammates may be in danger!

Guide C is so powerful, but his luck is the strongest. He has saved everyone many times. How can director C choose? If the giant side of guide Station C

Chen Cheng is worried. His eyes slowly sweep over his teammates, but he finds that Bai Lao is looking at him.

“Do you want to eat dates?”

Chen Cheng is always more soft in his heart when he first sees the amazing sword moves. It seems that they have fate. When a hundred old people perform an ugly face, Chen Cheng can’t really hate him.

Chen Cheng smiled, took out a small bag from his sleeve and said in a warm voice.

“Come on, I’m starving.”

Half life generous hand, his hand is small, even if his hands close together, he can’t pick up many dates. He had eaten one with a smile, and the rest was thrown back and caught by a big mouth.

Xiaosha swallowed the dates directly. He vaguely remembered that people had fed him many kinds of sweet food. He looked forward to feeding from Chen Cheng.

Chen Cheng smiled to feed it, but was stopped by half his life.

“Xiao Sha grabbed a lot of food outside and couldn’t get hungry.”

Half life smiled and said casually, “haven’t you seen that its injuries are all right? You keep dates, you have a small amount of rations, and you’d better save your food.”

After arriving at the petrochemical forest yesterday, Xiao Sha was very hungry. He had to eat a lot when he was young. When he was scalded by the black snake, he urgently needed a lot of food to heal his wounds. However, there was not much food left in the brigade. Wei Xun always ate with Chen Cheng’s brigade and did not move the reserve grain in Tong and Ge Jindan. Due to the shortage of food and the lack of Xiaosha’s meal, Wei Xun simply let Xiaosha go and let him look around for food – when the main regional activity of mystics, he won’t have to be caught by the people in the West.

When the sun spider Wei Xun was seriously injured, Xiao Sha came back anxious, but he was too weak to pass through the black desert activated by the black snake. It was not until the black desert outside returned to normal that Xiaosha finally came back.

Xiaosha grew a lot taller again, and most of his injuries were better. He didn’t eat less after he went out.

The speaker has no intention, the listener has a heart, and Chen Cheng is thoughtful after listening. What giant little sand was burned by the giant’s black snake? Is there another secret, or is the giant Xiaosha special group not with the black snake giant?

Although it was speculation, Chen Cheng was relieved. The giant around director C really made him “confused” for a while, but he still had too little experience and was not calm enough. Now calm down, Chen Cheng thinks again that it is normal to pursue interests. In fact, there is nothing wrong with director C. he has helped them too much.

If he doesn’t want to lead the enemy with C, he shouldn’t be wary of it, but how to let their advantage of the sun side outweigh the giant side, so that they have a choice!

Seeing Chen Cheng lost in thought, half his life couldn’t help but hook the corner of his mouth. With his familiarity with team Chen, he knows where team Chen’s deepest obsession is and what he is thinking.

The current team Chen is too young. He has just entered the hotel for less than a year and is not mature enough. Soon after entering the journey, he experienced the death of his teammates. Now it is normal for him to protect his teammates like an old hen.

Half life low smiled and thought of himself, the teaching of Chen team in the past and himself who had just entered the hotel. He was in high spirits. The proud son of heaven, from his teens to his thirties, was clearly a love ten years ago, but he felt as if a generation had passed.

Waving away the faint sadness in his heart, he half heartened his spirit and looked at Wei Xun. When the new generation comes, he should also seize the rare opportunity!

“Feihong’s pet eggs are a specialty of Feihong. They have been available for the last ten years.”

Half life said, “these eggs are actually the product of a special prop. The” sex “of the eggs is influenced by Captain Feihong. Although the eggs given by Qile orange can hatch suitable corresponding creatures in any suitable scene, the pets hatched in scenes with similar characteristics to Qile orange are more powerful. ”

Wei Xun’s half life words attracted Wei Xun’s attention. Wei Xun looked at Xiao Sha. He opened his mouth and was not angry when he saw no one feeding. He bowed his head gently and continued to observe the eggshell in Wei Xun’s hand curiously, showing his closeness.

Wei Xun noticed that Xiao Sha had just seen Anka worm, showing a feeling of closeness and curiosity. At present, the astrologer controls Anka worm. Wei Xun doubts whether the astrologer outside Xiaosha has induced it.

After discovering that he was a long feathered worm, the astrologer kept silent. He was not as talkative as David, and Wei Xun had not found a room to communicate with him alone.

But if, as half life said, the reason why Xiaosha is close to the stone egg may not be the astrologer. Wei Xun doesn’t know much about Dai Feihong’s captain Qi Lecheng. He knows that he has the title of Jinwu.

Jinwu, Sunbird, mythical animal

Anka Phoenix (worm) is also a Sunbird. Can it be said that Xiaosha is biased towards the sun?

Tonight is the most critical time. Wei Xun wants to contact the sun in advance. The underground temple was sealed by snake bone sewage, and the power of the stars and moon to attract the sun was detected.

If only someone could communicate with the sun privately, such as’ believers’, or

Wei Xun Leng Buding pulled a feather “hair” from Anka worm, and the painful astrologer smoked it. Guard Xun gave Genyu “Mao” to Xiaosha.

Xiaosha is really different from the known nine giants. The initial totem pattern and “hair” and “color” on its body are a bit like the red sand giant, which is the power of Yang “sex”. But Wei Xun looked carefully, it is not the red sand giant. If its “sex” can be affected, if it can become the “sun giant”

Wei Xun’s fingers hurt suddenly, but Anka worm bit him! A drop of blood seeped from the wound and was swallowed by it. The next second, a strange, young voice sounded in Wei Xun’s heart.

“If you want it to become a giant of the sun, it’s not enough to rely on my feather.”

The astrologer who was caught “Mao” finally spoke! Normally, even if there is Vulcan pollution, it takes a lot of effort for Wei Xun to accept Anka Phoenix, but the astrologer talked to Wei Xun MI and drank a drop of his blood. Anka worm established contact with Wei Xun, which is also much more convenient for Wei Xun to accept it.

“If one is not enough, how many more are enough?”

Wei Xun felt his connection with Anka worm deepened and his smile was more sincere. He dug out the red feather “hair” big eye worm from the egg and saw that the bird with feather “hair” and wings in the egg was not a bird, but a worm. Tang Shuang was not good.

“It’s a pet, and the sun giant is a mythical creature”

The astrologer said impatiently. How can pets and mythical creatures be the same? It can be said that Wei Xun’s giant is not an adult at all. He is not a giant with strong combat effectiveness. He is just a pet.

‘Take it with you tonight, and the sun giant cub will be your reward. ‘

The astrologer said that he meant to fight tonight. If Xiao Sha worked together, after opening up the sun altar, it was affected and alienated into a real giant cub, which could be brought out of the scene by Wei Xun and trained to grow up!


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows, but he collected more than a dozen Anka worm feathers. Even if he can’t become a growing baby of the sun giant, it’s not bad for Xiaosha to catch the smell of the sun. Tonight’s action may play a big role, such as being a bait.

The astrologer stubbed and couldn’t hide at all. He was soon collected into a bare red worm. But Wei Xun didn’t pull out his hair anyway. The astrologer didn’t rest assured and said, “it seems that you have a believer.”

C Yi obviously has a plan in mind and doesn’t need his help at present.

The best way to keep in touch with the sun is for priests and believers. If Wei Xun doesn’t speak, he has drilled back into the eggshell to sleep. He doesn’t look or listen to avoid suspicion. Seeing the astrologer, Wei Xun smiled and deliberately said, “I’m also worried about how to quickly become a believer. Do you have anything to teach the star team?”

“Either you change sex”

The astrologer said impatiently, ‘either you choose what’s ready… Someone has channeled’

It’s so cold

Yun Ying shrank and hugged herself. She was obviously on fire, but the cold feeling still seeped out from the bone. It seemed that she was soaked in cold and greasy water all over, unable to breathe, and her consciousness was about to blur. Yun Ying feels that it is the reason for her spiritual overdraft, and shrinks even more.

“It’s almost eight o’clock. Can’t the sun rise today?”

Some people complained that the extremely low temperature made everyone goose bumps. Yu feiluan sneezed several times in a row. Yu Hexuan took off his coat and put it on his sister. Yu feiluan smiled, but gave his coat to the thinner Yun Ying.

“Thank you, sister.”

Yun Ying kowtowed her thanks. She was really cold. There was no blood “color” on her little face. She trembled all over and looked very weak. Before, she beat the drum to resist the war drum spirit of Yvette’s blood sacrifice, which was more difficult to maintain than her physical injury. But watching her curl up with her stomach covered, it’s not like a simple headache.

Tong Fu’s boyfriend Liu Hongyu is a doctor. She is also as careful as a hair. Seeing Yun Ying coming together to hold her hand, she feels that her palm is cold and full of cold sweat.

“Is it the physiological period?”

Tong Fu asked in a low voice. Yun Ying shook her head and whispered No. But her teeth trembled with cold when she spoke, which was obviously abnormal. Liu Hongyu went to check immediately, but found no other injuries to Yun Ying. Chen Cheng comes to Yun Ying, frowns, carefully checks her situation, and holds Yun Ying aside to say a few words alone.

“Director C, take a step.”

When Chen Cheng came to him, Wei Xun raised his eyebrows. When the astrologer told him that “someone has channeled”, he thought of Yun Ying. The astrologer said female “sex”. Yu feiluan died in front, and Tong Fu had no corresponding title and talent. The most special is Yun Ying.

Being familiar with history is a great advantage. Yun Ying has a special constitution. In history, her death is a key link in the Heisha giant plan. Wei Xun previously believed that she died instead of the black sand giant because of the Constitution and title of “Yin and yang body”, and endured the last anger of the sun.

However, Yun Ying is hermaphroditic herself. If the title “Yin Yang body” is used, it is impossible for her to have only her constitution, but also some special talents brought about by her constitution. Seeing that Yun Ying’s rattle can resist the battle drum of evelett’s blood sacrifice in the previous fierce battle, it is obvious that her title and talent props are not general.

“Director C, do you have anything related to the sun?”

Chen Cheng holds Yun Ying trembling. Her body is full of cold sweat and her hair is completely wet, as if she had been flooded.

“Yun Ying has a special constitution. Once her mental strength is overdrawn, it is easy to resonate with something.”

Yun Ying is neither male nor female. It is a kind of “chaos”. She is particularly vulnerable to infection, but what resonates with CI Yun Ying is unusual… Chen Cheng quickly made a decision after guessing and invited director C to have a look. Wei Xun looked at her with deep meaning and gave Yun Ying a freshly pulled Anka worm feather “hair”.

At the moment of getting Yu’s “Mao”, Yun Ying’s face is much better, but her eyes are more and more “confused”. She holds Yu’s “Mao” tightly and murmurs like talking about something. Wei Xun listens to it but doesn’t really hear it. Yun Ying’s words are not normal, but they are closer to some kind of nonsense. The nonsense was vaguely mixed with a few familiar words from Wei Xun.

Wei Xun went closer and finally heard clearly!

“God of fire! God of fire!”

Wei Xun

Ah, it may be a little affected by Anka worm, but most of Yun Ying’s words are more mysterious and special except that she is occasionally called the God of fire. Suddenly she took out her own rattle, which surprised Wei Xun that there are faint lines of the sun on the seemingly ordinary rattle!


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