TTG Chapter 402

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 402: The Sahara of Death (78)

After the sun pattern appeared on the rattle, Yun Ying closed her eyes and fainted directly. Chen Cheng firmly caught her and handed Yun Ying over to his teammates. After returning, he saw director C shaking with interest with a rattle.

Dong Dong, Dong Dong, Dong Dong——

The childish and naive rattle is really not suitable for adults, especially this man is C-1 in a scarlet cloak, a mysterious and powerful guide.

However, it is strange that Chen Cheng feels that there is not much sense of disobedience in the scene of Bingyi holding a rattle! After a little thought, he closed his eyes, abandoned his vision and became more sensitive to other senses. Soon after, Chen Cheng’s face changed slightly and opened his eyes.

“Feel it?”

Wei Xun smiled and returned the rattle to him. After Yun Ying was unconscious, the sun lines on the rattle disappeared. It was not so much a line as a brand. Weak Yun Ying’s resonance with the sun enables her to indirectly sense the will of the sun through the rattle.

Wei Xun just hid Anka feather in his hand and held the rattle. Sure enough, he felt a faint warmth from the rattle. The power of the sun is very weak. If there is nothing, it can no longer give Wei Xun a contact mark, but it gives Wei Xun the “privilege” to contact the rattle. Chen Cheng feels that there is no sense of conflict between him and the rattle, which is why.

But Chen Cheng couldn’t. when he took over the rattle, he only heard a sound of meat burning, and his fingers were burned by the hot handle of the drum. But he just frowned and glanced at director C’s fingers – there was no trace of the sun burning on them.

This shows that guide C is not rejected by the sun. He may be on the side of the sun.

“Director C, this journey is almost over.”

Chen Cheng came straight to the point. He put the rattle into the box containing desert roses. In the box are small boxes. In each small box, there is a desert rose alone, so that these fragile mineral flowers can remain intact. One second remember

The tourists’ desert roses have been gathered. Tomorrow, the brigade will leave the petrochemical forest and embark on the way back.

“But the real danger is not over yet. Yun Ying is connected with the sun and will become a thorn in the eye of the enemies behind the scenes.”

“Since you know this, why did team Chen borrow sun related items from me?”

Wei Xun casually smiled and said, “if she doesn’t touch things, her resonance will soon disappear, and she won’t have anything to do with the sun.”

“I told her the pros and cons, and Yun Ying made her own decision.”

Chen Cheng said solemnly, “giants and black snakes regard us as food and sacrifices. They can’t pray for the kindness of monsters. Only their own strength can be trusted.”

When Yun Ying realized that she had a common feeling with the sun altar submerged by sewage, she was not afraid at all. Instead, she was very surprised and did not hesitate to tell Chen Cheng her decision.

In this way, Yun Ying stepped into the most dangerous situation, but this is also an opportunity for their whole brigade! No one can spend ten years safely in the hotel, either dead or risking her life. Although Yun Ying is young and looks introverted, she is not timid and has a tendency to gamble.

“Giants are strong and greedy, and the sun altar is weak and small. It’s better to add flowers to the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow.”

Chen Cheng said slowly. He looked at C calmly and didn’t miss any expression in his eyes: “help the sun, we will get more rewards. The task of C guiding the development of new scenic spots has not been completed, and there is no fixed number of scenic spots.”

“Do you want to bet.”

Giant and black snake have absolute advantages. There is almost no difficulty in opening up scenic spots on their side. They just pay the lives of a few tourists. However, there will never be pie in the sky, the reward for easily completed tasks will not be good, and the development of subsequent scenic spots will be more difficult. Maybe we will fight against the soaring giants without the suppression of the sun in the future.

But if you choose the sun side… The more difficult the task is, the richer the reward will be!

After just a few days of getting along with director C, Chen Cheng keenly found that he was very gambling and didn’t care about adventure and life and death. The heavier the danger, the higher the challenge, the greater the difficulty, the more it can arouse his interest!

If Yunying can vaguely contact the sun, it is not impossible to complete the task on the side of the sun. As long as there is a chance, Chen Cheng is sure that director C will definitely be interested in this party!


Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and looked at him. He suddenly smiled and said, “you want to bet your life with me?”

In history, Chen Cheng brigade survived three people. If they really stood on the side of the sun and made enemies with the giant black snake, more people might die.

“A journey is a gamble.”

Chen Cheng sighed, as if to himself: “only if you dare to gamble can you fight for life.”

Today, I give up my teammates and exchange the sacrifice of my teammates for my humble life. Once I start this head, I will be useless. We must have the courage to face the difficulties and sink the boat. Even if we die, we must try our best to fight for a future.

“This is what the old captain taught me.”

The voice fell, but Chen Cheng smiled again. His smile was not like a calm and reliable captain, but more like a young man. Less than a year after entering the hotel, he has not yet had a particularly profound understanding of this sentence. But Chen Cheng should firmly lead the team forward.

Only by taking this step can they be regarded as a mature brigade that has experienced the baptism of blood and fire, and can not fall into the reputation of metaphysics after the old captain leaves.

“Oh, team Chen, take this sentence as your own, and the old captain is not here.”

Tang Shuang’s uncontrollable laughter rang out. I don’t know when other team members came to them. Cheng Tianbao stood beside Chen Cheng in silence to express his support. Yu Hexuan blinked and smiled with Tang Shuang’s shoulders: “yes, how handsome. Director C was stunned, wasn’t he?”

“Guide C won’t be surprised. Guide C is knowledgeable and steady.”

He Yunlai said seriously, and then looked at C Yi with that kind of bright eyes: “guide C, let’s kill his mother’s black snake! I let Xiao Hei try. It can eat snake skin and bones, and we can certainly beat those animals!”

“This matter still needs to be considered in the long run. I gave Yunying an injection. She will wake up in about two hours.”

Liu Hongyu said steadily. A smile flashed in his always calm eyes and rubbed the lancet in his hand: “I only saved people, but I haven’t saved the sun.”

“This time we will go well.”

Zhu Yuande pretended to pinch his fingers for divination. The old God said, “we can all go back alive this time.”

“Just wait for you!”

Tong Fu smiled brightly and patted Zhu Yuande on the back. She was used to using a knife. Zhu Yuande coughed after slapping him. The intimate Yu feiluan immediately handed over the water and whispered helplessly, “sister Tong, you are too strong.”

Brother Zhu coughed so that his eyes were red.

Wei Xun looked at the passengers who began to seriously discuss the plan after laughing in front of him. He was slightly touched in his heart. He had gone through three trips, all of which were scattered. Only this time can the passengers be regarded as a real brigade. Chen Cheng plans to move forward and bet his life. His partners also keep up with him, and no one falls behind.

After the experience of sun spider and evelett blood sacrifice, everyone has more spirit and cohesion. Obviously, there is no uniform clothing slogan, but as long as they stand together, they can know that they are a team.

Beyond Chen Cheng’s crowd, Wei Xun looked at the half life Taoist not far behind them. Half life looked at them. I don’t know how long I saw them and how long I listened to them. Feeling Wei Xun’s eyes, he looked up at him half his life. There was a pure and deep emotion in his eyes. He suddenly raised his mouth and smiled wantonly. He was still the young captain who had been amazing.

Wei Xun can understand the meaning expressed in half life’s eyes without holding silk.

This is metaphysics. This is what a real brigade should look like.


Wei Xun’s eyes crossed half his life and looked further into the darkness behind him. He suddenly became interested in the brigade, thought of an Xuefeng and the way home.

What would it feel like if his men were the most powerful passengers and commanded the most powerful first brigade?

Wei Xun was curious and had a little more expectation. He is like a child who has found a new toy, and his heart beats with joy. He has begun to look forward to the next journey – of course, to solve the immediate journey first.

“Patrol in groups. Don’t go deep into the Petrified Forest ruins. Mainly monitor underground caves.”

Wei Xun ordered, “I’m afraid there will be changes in the underground cave.”

In history, Yun Ying can’t remember whether she resonated with the sun. But now that the astrologer has not left, it shows that this time is not the point of Liu Hongyu’s real body death.

That means Tong Fu is not dead. After the Anka Phoenix swallows Liu Hongyu’s soul, either a dried corpse or a black snake drags him into the depths of the underground cave. Tong Fu catches up and is likely to die in the underground cave. Evelett said it would light a flame to guide the way for the sacrifice. The flame is probably the key to Tong Fu’s death.

There are only the bones of the red sand giant deep in the cave. They are absolutely the key points. Flame, can it be the magma produced by spiders swallowing the bones of red sand giants?

*  *

“The red sand giants are out?”

A tall figure stands in the roaring sandstorm of the red sand giant tribe in the distance. The windbreaker was hunting in the strong wind. Zhang xingcanggao, wearing sand proof goggles, raised his arm and caught the dream dragon flying from the air.

“The giants of several other giant tribes fall into deep sleep. The sun eclipses at night. For them, the death season has come.”

The dream chasing dragon stands on Zhang xingzang’s arm, and the Dragon Wing is slightly stretched to resist the wind and sand. The dream chaser and Zhang xingzang have been monitoring the movements of the nine giant tribal hunting teams and the black sand giant: “the black sand giant swallowed the eyes of all the red sand giants. He is very anxious. It’s tonight.”

“Ouch –”

In the wind and sand, a huge red wolf came running. Its dark red hair was like a surging flame. It was not like a wolf, but like a Tibetan mastiff. When it ran to Zhang Xing’s hiding place, the giant wolf slammed on the brake and splashed the dust all over the sky. It didn’t care about a fierce flick of its hair and shook off a unconscious person from its back.

“I said, old man, you fly so fast.”

The giant wolf spoke. It was Rex, the blood wolf. He complained: “I have vowed to the hotel not to participate in the replay of this scene. Just let me go, or you can pay some money to hire me. You can’t let me be a sled dog.”

The man who had just been thrown to the ground by him was the Western guide of Chen Cheng’s brigade. He was in a coma – he should have been in a coma all the time in history, otherwise Chen Cheng’s brigade would welcome a new tour guide.

But I’m afraid this man will die tonight. Rex, the blood wolf, rolled his eyes and bit him on his back. If we can find out who the Western guide corresponds to, we may make a small profit.

“Let’s go?”


But Zhang xingzang and the dreamer completely regarded him as air. After a few words, they set off for the petrochemical forest. Three people in Chen Cheng’s brigade are alive in history, that is to say, the people corresponding to them do not need to kill them, but let them survive in order to follow history. In other words, Chen Cheng’s brigade will have three “helpers” against the black sand giants tonight

The damned will die tonight. Those who should live must survive. Tonight is not only the battle of the Chen Cheng brigade, but also the “battle” between these outsiders.

In the storm, Rex, the blood wolf, scolded and followed. They were very fast, but they met David and his party outside the petrochemical forest two hours later. Two hours later, the unconscious Yun Ying also woke up.

“Hungry, hungry, I’m so hungry…”

She whispered, and Tongfu next to her immediately sent date hot soup, but Yunying reluctantly avoided it.

“She’s not really hungry.”

After confirming Yunying’s state, Chen Cheng judged: “this is resonance.”

“Yes, it’s not true hunger. I need a lot of energy – no, he needs it.”

Yun Ying said seriously and considered his words: “he needs believers and a sacrifice… He chose me to be the saint who leads the sacrifice.”

“Saint? Believer?”

Tang Shuang wrung his eyebrows, involving myths. The name of saint has advantages and disadvantages, but they are extremely dangerous: “do we all want to become his believers? Worship the sun?”

“What kind of sacrifice does he want?”

Chen Cheng asked, but Yun Ying’s eyes passed through them and fell on guide C who was slightly behind.

Whether it’s the red feather worm in director C’s hand, the giant behind him, or the flame of Yvette burning at his fingertips, they all fascinate Yun Ying’s attention. She immediately understood what he really wanted. His ears seemed to echo with chaotic nonsense. Yun Ying frowned painfully and his head was covered with cold sweat.

There is a faint golden light in Yun Ying’s eyes. At the moment, she is no longer a simple Yun Ying, but also conveys the will of the “sun” in the depths of the underground temple.

“Sacrifice should be eternal life, the singing of immortal birds, pious, believers’ prayers, and new, loyal guards…”

Yun Ying spoke very hard, off and on, and her voice was very light, like singing poems.

“The golden red magma is my blood, soaking the wings and bones of angels, and the blood drops turn into wings, holding up the sun in the night, guiding God’s eyes and recapturing the fragments of… The abyss.”

With the strength of the black sand giant, the mission will not let them fight head-on with the black sand giant. As long as there are immortal birds who can sing, devout believers and loyal guards, they can sacrifice! If you find the angel wing bone in the golden red rock slurry, you can have the angel’s wings. As long as the sun rises when the black sand giant attacks in the early morning and God opens his eyes, he can defeat the black sand giant and recapture the fragments of Maria butterfly stolen by him!

Does the sun know the abyss? How else would he call the fragments of the Arya butterfly the fragments of the abyss?

Wei Xun was thoughtful. The next moment he saw Yun Ying pointing at him with trembling fingers, whispering like a whisper.


The sun chose him and became an angel to lift the sun.


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