TTG Chapter 403

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 403: The Sahara of Death (79)

As soon as the voice fell, Yun Ying fell into a coma again. She was completely overdrawn, and her state was worse than before. Chen Cheng immediately hugged her, but the next moment he saw guide C bend down and stuff something into Yun Ying’s mouth. The faint fragrance filled the air. Just the fragrance made people feel refreshed and refreshed.

Good participation!

Chen Cheng immediately smelled out whether it was ginseng fragrance or the kind of extremely precious good ginseng spirit ginseng. A small piece of ginseng tablet was contained in the mouth. Yun Ying’s intermittent breathing immediately stabilized, but her face was still pale, her eyes were closed, and there was no sign of awakening.

“Her body is accumulating strength.”

Doctor Liu Hongyu checked: “don’t forcibly wake her up and let her rest.”

Yun Ying is weak and resonates with the sun, which consumes too much energy and blood. Her coma is not only the body’s self-protection, but also the sun in resonance, which has given her weak power to transform her body.

“She’s preparing for tonight’s sacrifice.”

Chen Cheng gently lifts Yun Ying’s broken hair on her forehead and sees a pale golden circle on her forehead, which is the brand of the sun.

“Hiss, I was right before. The giant is really hostile to the sun.”

Tang Shuang, who was worried about staying next to Yun Ying, immediately stepped back for a few meters, twisted his eyebrows and rubbed his arms. He said, “the breath on Xiao Ying’s body is about to break my bones, but it’s really weak.”

While talking, Tang Shuang lit a flame. In an instant, the Golden Circle in front of Yun Ying’s forehead disappeared, and there was no breath fluctuation. One second remember

The will of the sun in the altar is already very weak. It gives Yun Ying more weak power, but it can’t be hidden at all. Although it can frighten the creatures related to giants, it is fierce and weak. Only Tang Shuang, who has red sand bone fire, can suppress it. The danger is far greater than the good!

“Tang Shuang, you must stay by Yun Ying’s side until the sacrifice starts tonight.”

Chen Cheng immediately realized the seriousness of the problem, but the crisis was also an opportunity. He calmly ordered Tang Shuang to light the red sand bone fire and hide the sun imprint on Yun Ying.

“How do you feel about director C?”

After solving Yun Ying’s problems, Chen Cheng looks to director C. he is selected as an “angel” by the sun. His brand breath should be heavier than Yun Ying.

“No feeling.”

Tang Shuang said simply that he tied Yun Ying firmly behind him and confirmed that she was shrouded in bone fire all the time. Lying on your back is too dangerous. It’s better.

“Director C has a task. He should have no problem until he completes the task.”

Cheng Tianbao said hoarsely.

This is the mission of director C to open up new scenic spots. The difficulty is very different from that of tourists. Yun Ying already has the imprint of the sun. As long as passengers protect Yun Ying, learn to pray, become ‘devout believers’ and prepare sacrifices as required.

But guide C has to return to the underground cave and find the angel’s wing bone from the magma. Only after completing the pre task can he get the brand of the sun!

“Keep these words in mind.”

Chen Cheng said seriously that his mouth was a series of cadenced notes, with a mysterious and regular rhythm. It was Yun Ying’s nonsense when she just got the Anka feather to resonate with the sun! When he recited the prayer, Tang Shuang’s flame was suddenly subdued and dimmed, but the golden ring of the sun appeared in Yun Ying’s forehead and heart.

Chen Cheng’s guess is right. This nonsense is a repeated prayer! According to the normal task test process, they should go to the underground cave for adventure. After thousands of hardships, this prayer will appear in their mind when they touch the blood of magma God – this is called a devout believer. But who knows that Chen Chengqiang will write down this melody and teach everyone to recite it.


Wei Xun pondered. His memory was excellent. Naturally, he also remembered Yun Ying’s nonsense at that time. The only feeling of disobedience was that this prayer was mixed with a few words of “God of fire” that only he could understand! God of fire! ” The whole rhythm of a perfectly holy prayer has become so mysterious.

However, when Chen Cheng and his disciples recited the prayer mixed with smuggled goods, they could really resonate with the sun. Wei Xun was surprised and raised his eyebrows. Instead of opening his mouth, he felt it carefully. Unexpectedly, he felt a little strange. It was like that every time Chen Cheng and his prayers poured into the power branded by the sun, a weak and small force broke away from the public and poured into his Ming token.

Even when Chen Cheng asked everyone to recite it alone, Yu Hexuan, who is good at sky fire talisman, kowtowed on his back, but transmitted more power than others!

Didn’t the sun will find that he was carrying smuggled goods? Or does the sun regard those spiritual small fires that recite the God of fire as activated flames and think they are the rudiments of demons?

“Half life, do you know the prayer for the sun? Recite a passage for me

Wei Xun asked, but half life didn’t know the prayer to praise the sun.

“But all the prayers in this world are similar to each other.”

Half life whispered that it was a prayer to worship God. While praising God, it would certainly mention how loyal and precious God’s men and servants were.

It is normal that there are Anka Phoenix, angels, demons and believers in the prayers to sacrifice the sun. Otherwise, how could the sun explicitly demand that the sacrifice should include “the singing of immortal birds, the prayer of devout believers, the newborn loyal guard and the angel holding the sun?”

It must have been mentioned in the prayer! The sun is very weak. When reciting the prayer, all the things corresponding to the prayer must exist and resonate, so as to really summon it and arouse its power!

Listening to half life’s explanation, Wei Xun’s expression is a little strange. In the eyes of the sun, the word “God of fire” in the prayer may have the same meaning as the word “demon”, but the problem is that “God of fire” is not only two words, one word, but also an attachment of spiritual pollution!

What will the sun become when it is awakened by this prayer and absorbs the power of this prayer?

Wei Xun’s heart moved slightly. Before he went to the underground cave to explore, he left the flame core of Yvette in the feather silk cage. The flame core of Yvette has been polluted into the shape of the God of fire. Wei Xun imperceptibly added fuel to the fire, but for Chen Cheng and them, the flame core of Yvette can suppress the changes when they recite the prayer, so that they can be familiar with the prayer for a longer time, Strengthen the connection with the sun mark.

Seeing that director C was leaving, Chen Cheng also picked out several people. Chen Cheng took them a shortcut, but there were also some problems. When they tried in turn just now, they resonated the weakest. There were reasons for their own title, as well as other reasons. For example, Cheng Tianbao, the dark rot itself was controlled by the scorching sun. For example, Zhu Yuande, the son of his destiny is not the day of Arab mythology, such as Tong Fu, She is a staunch atheist.

In the eyes of the sun, they are not “devout” believers. They have to pass some life and death tests to be recognized.

Surviving the dangers set by the “blasphemer” (a tunnel filled with sewage), killing the blasphemer (black snake) or bathing God’s blood (magma) are equivalent to the test of the sun. Only through these tests can we prove our piety and be recognized by the sun!

The sewage in the underground cave hasn’t receded yet. He Yunlai’s little black snake is hard to fill the sewage and swallow the snake bone and skin. Of course, it is impossible for it to empty the tunnel, but after eating a lot of these things, its body surface scales fall off and get ten scales that are as burnt and black as dead skin and have an unpleasant smell. However, with this snake scale, you can walk in sewage without being corroded and polluted!

Listening to He Yun’s exact time of “two hours at most”, Wei Xun knew that the scale should be like a desert rose. They can see the “properties” of the prop, which is more reliable.

Chen Cheng sent the scales to the people who were pointed out, then came over to give Wei Xun three pieces and asked him in a low voice if he needed help. Wei Xun pondered for a moment and chose Zhu Yuande and Tong Fu. The next person to die in history is Tong Fu, and most likely died in an underground cave. Don’t worry if you don’t take Tong Fuwei Xun with you. Zhu Yuande knows his roots, so it’s more convenient to take him.

Sure enough, there was a problem soon after going to the underground cave!

*  *

“Brother Zhu, how are you feeling now?”

Deep underground, a closed secret door resisted the black and smelly pus. On the edge of the hidden door are dirty water stains, filled with snake skin and bones pouring in with pus when the door is opened. Dark room space is not big, the influx of dirty liquid flooded the legs of people, but compared with the outside corridor, it is clean, at least able to breathe.

In the dark room are Wei Xun, Zhu Yuande and Tong Fu, all in a mess. Tongfu put down Zhu Yuande, who was carrying her back, and anxiously looked at his legs. Zhu Yuande’s right leg was scorched and exposed. What’s more, it was soaked with dirty pus. If you can’t clean it immediately, his leg will be wasted and people’s lives will be in danger!

“Ha ha, no big deal.”

Zhu Yuande smiled and comforted Tong Fu.

Tong Fu blamed herself even more. Half an hour ago, several people went into the underground cave with scales. At the fork of the road, Wei Xun and Cheng Tianbao went their separate ways and intuitively chose a more dirty and smelly corridor full of rotten snake bones and skins. The most severe test and the dirtiest place will have the most sacred “divine blood” and the purest wings. Wei Xun has long been familiar with this task logic, and Zhu Yuande and Tong Fu agree with his decision.

But this road is also extremely dangerous. The whole tunnel is almost filled with muddy pus. Although the tunnel is uneven, it is damaged and has countless cracks. After a while, there is a big crack on the top of the cave that can barely supply breathing. But they need to hold their breath most of the time. Although snake skin and scales are not afraid of sewage, they can not inhale the pus polluted by bacteria into the lungs.

The dirty pus, which is lack of oxygen for a long time and can’t open your eyes, is driven by the pus. It wraps around people’s neck like a living creature and hits people’s skin and bones. It makes people nervous and greatly reduces their physical strength. What is more frightening is that when they are in this environment, many hallucinations will appear in their minds.

There are despair and fear of death of teammates, ecstasy and tears when they return to the world, all of which shake people’s will. Once you are really affected by hallucinations and run around in the tunnel full of pus, I’m afraid you’ll never get out.

Zhu Yuande reacted quickly. He recited prayers in his mind when the illusion appeared, and wrote on Tong Fubing’s hand with his fingers, telling them this. Their purpose is to gain the recognition of the sun’s consciousness and recite prayers in the more difficult and difficult environment. In the eyes of the sun’s will, I’m afraid their faith is more firm, just like many ascetics who live in the open air and bear thorns.

Sure enough, after reciting the prayer for half an hour, Zhu Yuande’s cold body soaked in pus gradually warmed up. At another fork in the road, Zhu Yuande suddenly grabbed Wei Xun and firmly chose another way.

It was this road that led them to find “magma”, but it also nearly killed Tong Fu. This is a very dirty and dangerous narrow road, which can only allow one person to pass through. A lot of rotten and dirty snake skin and bones almost blocked the road. They were like walking in a garbage mountain. In this narrow road, all three experienced the most real illusion.

Zhu Yuande saw the death of all his partners. They died in despair one by one. The illusion was so real that people were completely immersed in it. The desperate pain of life and death can make the strongest people cry. But Zhu Yuande knew all the truth long ago. He was full of tears, but he did not shake his teeth. He recited prayers silently and survived the illusion.

However, Tong Fu could not accept the death of her companions. They fell down one by one. Too real illusion made Tong Fu’s heart seem to be suffering repeatedly. Finally, Liu Hongyu died miserably. When she collapsed in despair and hugged Liu Hongyu’s body, Tong Fu pulled out her knife in grief. It’s too lonely and terrible to live alone. She can’t accept it. She doesn’t want to live alone in a dangerous journey with no end in sight.

She would rather die with everyone.

At the critical moment, her hand took her knife, as if it had been expected. However, the narrow road they were in was like a place where the temple of the sun once tested believers. At the moment when Tong Fu’s heart wavered, the stone slab under her feet suddenly burst, and below it was boiling magma. Tong Fu falls down. At the critical moment, Wei Xun grabs her arm, but Zhu Yuande intuitively finds the mechanism.

He tried his best to shut down the mechanism, but he was also “punished”. His legs felt as if they had been burned by hot magma and he was completely unable to move.

“Brother Zhu, I will definitely be responsible for your leg.”

Tong Fu insisted that Zhu Yuande’s legs would get better as long as he could get back to the hotel. While talking, she pulled out a long knife: “brother Zhu, you bear the pain. I’ll cut off your skin and flesh, and then wrap it with Hongyu’s disinfection bandage.”

“Oh, no, no!”

As soon as she pulled out her knife, Zhu Yuande dodged and said in a voice, “I’m serious, the magma is good and clean. I feel much better after burning it. It doesn’t seem like punishment.”

The burning of magma was more like a “reward” to him. It was the sun who recognized his will to help his companions desperately. After the burning of magma, Zhu Yuande felt that his body and mind were clean.

Hot magma can not only mercilessly “sacrifice” unqualified believers, but also give recognition and encouragement with dignity, just like divinity.

I’m afraid they’ve found a place.

While talking, Zhu Yuan looked at Bingyi, who had been silent, and said seriously, “BingDao, seriously, the magma makes me feel particularly ‘clean’.”

“You mean… The magma is very clean?”

The husky voice came from the corner. Zhu Yuande suddenly raised his spirit. His words finally moved the underground cave. He was silent and in a strange state! Yes, Zhu Yuande thinks there may be angel wings under the magma!

However, when Zhu Yuande looked at C for a moment, his excitement suddenly solidified. C lowered his head and leaned against the wall. The white hair dripped black pus. Even if the scarlet cloak was not stained with water and fire, it smelled like it was pickled. Director C shrank under his wide cloak and looked so weak, helpless and pathetic for the first time. The whole person showed a sense of decadent weariness.

“I’ll be there in a minute”

“Wei Xun, hold on, I know you can do it”

“Will you talk to me, Wei Xun, xun’er?”

An Fengniao’s anxious voice echoed in Wei Xun’s heart, and they could sense the strong emotions between each other. When Wei Xun’s mood fluctuated violently, an Xuefeng contacted him for the first time. However, Wei Xun’s mood continued to decline and could not recover at all.

I’m dirty

The idea echoed in Wei Xun’s mind, which made an Xuefeng very distressed. He promised to come as soon as possible, but Wei Xun was indifferent. What’s the use of an Xuefeng? He has been pickled. It was originally thought that accepting insects was a big step for cleanliness, but the cave was like an infernal hell for Wei Xun.

If the difficulty of the underground cave full of dirt, stench and illusion is three stars for Zhu Yuande and them, it has exploded for Wei Xun. No illusion could compare with the silence in his heart. In a trance, Wei Xun felt as if he had walked back and forth between life and death and didn’t care about anything.

This extremely depressed mood even alerted the astrologer worm, but it disappeared without much persuasion – the astrologer’s consciousness disappeared. Although the consciousness is in a trance, the instinct is particularly important. Wei Xun immediately judges that this is the time when Liu Hongyu confirmed his death in history, which shows that Tong Fu should also die in danger here in history!

So Wei Xun can stop Tong Fu’s knife while he is clearly blinded by hallucinations. At the same time, he felt something moving under his feet. The person corresponding to Tong Fu appeared. The next moment, Wei Xun grabbed Tong Fu’s arm and didn’t let her fall into the magma.

All these are instincts. Wei Xun’s own consciousness seems to have shrunk. It was not until he heard Zhu Yuande say “clean” that he reluctantly revived him.

This dirty hole doesn’t want to stay any longer.

Wei Xun thought indifferently that all the calculations and careful plans were squeezed out of his brain by the stench. Now Wei Xun has only one word “Kuai” in his mind. In the surprised eyes of Zhu Yuande and Tong Fu, he neatly took off his scarlet cloak, took off his upper body clothes, and ordered Tong Fu to cut off the meat on his back with a knife.

The underground cave is full of red sand giant bones, and only bones are left in the lower half of Wei Xun’s face exposed to the sun by the sun spider. Bones seem to have a special meaning to the sun. Yun Ying’s prayer also says that the magma is soaked with angel’s’ wing bones’

Of course, wings should grow on the back.

After dissuading director C, Tong Fu clenched her teeth and cut off the meat on director C’s back like director C’s command. Scarlet blood flowed out, and the blood filaments and muscles attached to the bones were still trembling like the newborn wing roots. Tong Fu and Zhu Yuande almost felt that their backs were aching.

However, C-1 didn’t have a half painful expression. He’s even laughing! The more meat contaminated with sewage is cut off, the more brilliant his smile is. The happy and crazy smile makes people tremble. In the end, Tong Fu and Zhu Yuande all bow their heads and dare not look at him, causing goose bumps on their backs.

“You go out. Next here is my task.”

The whole back of the meat was cut clean, revealing Sen’s white bone head. Wei Xun sincerely thought that this was the only clean place on him. When Tong Fu and them left, Wei Xun opened the secret door and stood in front of the magma pit. These magma are indeed very special. Even the influx of dirty pus does not drown it out, but is in a strange state of non-interference with each other.

When Wei Xun was about to jump in, an Xuefeng’s firm and serious voice rang out in his heart again, saying that he had arrived at the cave and came in immediately. Hearing this, Wei Xun immediately scolded severely!

“Don’t come in!”

He said softly and dangerously, “if you want to get a little stink, we’ll break up.”

Wei Xun said to break up! Hearing this, an Fengniao, who was about to break into the underground cave, made an emergency stop, his heart beat wildly and his pupils shook.

Wei Xun threatened him with breaking up!

It seems that Wei Xun really agrees that they are boyfriends now!

But before an Xuefeng could aftertaste it, Wei Xun’s next sentence rang in his heart with a happy tone.

“I went to take a bath in the magma and came out in a minute.”

An Xuefeng:?!

At the moment when the voice fell, Wei Xun had happily jumped into the magma pit.


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