TTG Chapter 404

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 404: The Sahara of Death (80)

What kind of painful feeling is it to be soaked in hot magma?

At the moment of falling into the magma, people can’t feel the pain. The violent sense of shock and fear makes a large amount of adrenaline secrete, but it will paralyze people’s pain. Wei Xun was born without pain. He had no fear or fear about jumping into the magma pool, and was full of joy and happiness.

So when he felt severe pain in the magma, Wei Xun knew that the magma might not burn people.

He is not afraid of pain, which means that the pain of burning his skin and flesh, burning his bones with blood “liquid” does not originate from magma burning, but from some kind of hallucination test. Wei Xun tried a little. He couldn’t use the flame or other props. Just like an unarmed ordinary man, he was convinced of his guess.

When people are in the pain of life and death, they can’t hide their true self. Their true personality and true grasp will be exposed incisively and vividly.

The passengers have gone through so many difficult tests only by themselves. Wei Xun, the test will only be severe.

The magma burned his face, and the skin and flesh were charred and black, and there was no hair left. You had outstanding appearance. Would you be afraid?

Burn! If you burn a little bigger, you’ll have to burn more bones when the skin and meat are clean!

If you are burned with lava, do you want to escape from the “blood” of God and yearn for the dirty thick slurry that can extinguish the flame outside?

Mentally retarded people yearn!

Can you accept the baptism of ‘Divine blood’ wholeheartedly and trust God without being wary and afraid?

Will you regret jumping into the magma when you are dying?

No, not at all! Wei Xun rushed directly to the bottom of the magma pool. He had no instinct to curl up and try to protect himself. Instead, he stretched his body wantonly and wrapped himself with magma. If he could, he even wanted to open his mouth and take a drink to get rid of the smell.

But even if the charred face can’t open his mouth or even smile, anyone can feel his enjoyment, happiness, and even the strong emotion of tears.

There was no fear, no fear. He looked forward to, jumped and couldn’t wait to immerse himself completely in the magma. His embrace of the magma was not like embracing death, but like devoutly welcoming the new life. Some people could disguise themselves and others could hypnotize themselves, but Wei Xun’s absolute pure sense of reality, which was extremely pure and sincere, made God look forward to it.

[you, good]

When Wei Xunzheng suddenly thought about letting the magma burn his heart and see if he could burn a flower, a majestic and grand force poured into his body and gently separated him from the magma. Wei Xun felt that he could open his eyes. When he opened his eyes with joy, he saw that the lava in his eyes was like a mirror, reflecting a charred skeleton.

Having endured the baptism of severe pain and suddenly eased, coupled with that sentence, the vast majority of people are afraid to feel relieved that the test is over. At this time, people suddenly feel the terrible tragedy of their blackened skeletons, and ordinary people can’t restrain their real feelings.

This is also a test, and Wei Xun is not satisfied with the purpose himself. He frowned, stroked his whole body, and then tried to break his bones!

“I think there are bubbles in the bones.”

Wei Xun sincerely said, why didn’t the magma bath burn him all over? No, the ash is not clean enough. You’d better burn gas, and then get some air freshener, and then roll in that absolutely clean magma!


It seems that someone laughs for his piety and fanaticism of faith. The voice can’t be heard by the ear. It seems to ring out directly in the mind. Any unknown language, like a certain consciousness and a certain rule, directly let Wei Xun know

[you have excellent character]

The voice said, countless golden red brilliant magma light spots floated on Wei Xun’s back, and the black lava wrapped Wei Xun’s skeleton. He seems to be wrapped in a cocoon of magma. In an instant, countless information flows into Wei Xun’s brain, which makes Wei Xun understand a lot of things.

This magma pool really contains an angel’s wing bone. And this angel, promised by the sun in the past, is about to replace Yvette’s angel. However, due to some problems, the angel finally fell, and the winged bones and magma were hidden underground.

Part of the real body of the temple oppressor and the malfeasance, and the magma pool repressed by the angel wing bone can finally suppress the power of the malfeasance body. Once Wei Xun’s strength is poured into him, he will temporarily help him become an angel. The body of the blasphemer will not be suppressed in a short time. There will be induction. Once it escapes, the world will face extinction.

If Wei Xun cannot solve this problem, even if the sun is desecrated and the temple is destroyed tonight, the sun will not deliver the power of wing bone and divine blood, and would rather continue to suppress the body of blasphemers silently.

This is the final test Wei Xun needs to face!

Because of his appreciation, the voice was disappearing, with an additional reminder.

[go, my child, remember that wisdom is as powerful as power]

The lava at the bottom of the magma pool cracked, even if it was still sealed in a dark lava cocoon, Wei Xun could strangely see the scene in the depths of the magma. It seemed to feel his gaze. There was only a huge, cold eye in the crack, and a thin crack opened quietly.

Its pupil is pure black, and its eyes are larger than the bottom of the whole magma pool. The eyes that open a slit can’t see from the crack at the bottom of the lava, but can only see pure black. But Wei Xun realized that something was looking at him. I’m afraid ordinary people will lose their reason only by being seen, but Wei Xun has been seen too much and has not experienced it. He became a snow leopard at the first time and was not affected at all.

The blasphemer, the black sand giant, is related to the myth. Its real body is the huge black snake. The giant black snake suppressed under the magma pool is just like the burning ocean above the extinct black snake in Arab mythology.

Exterminating black snake.

Wei Xun can’t carry it by force. Just now, his voice said that “wisdom and strength are equally powerful”. It is obvious that he can only outwit, not fight. He can feel a lot of warm and hot energy pouring into his body, which can only be measured. The magma pool and wing bone will not really give him unless he opens up this new scenic spot.

But the “swing” of the magma pool startled the giant snake and opened a crack in its eyes. Wei Xun wanted it to close its eyes again, which was the final test!

It’s not easy to shut the black snake’s eyes? Many plans suddenly appeared in Wei Xun’s mind. Intimidate, deter, suppress the fox and pretend to be the tiger, bluff for the sun, and make the black snake mistakenly think that the sun is still strong.

It’s not difficult. He has Vulcan pollution. He can recite prayers devoutly. He has Sun Pendant and Anka worm, and even a real angel feather “hair”!

The snow leopard Wei Xun lit a fire in his claws and kept singing “God of fire” and “God of fire!” The flame was so warm and pious that Wei Xun recited prayers under the blessing of the spiritual small fire. The final faith of each dynasty in the spiritual small fire and the final recitation of countless people. Wei Xun’s prayers under the blessing of the flame were also extremely pious. The magnificent energy that instantly poured into his body burst out around him like the golden light of the sun with prayers, which was magnificent!

The clear and sweet chirp sounded. Anka worm was empty in the bright sun, like a worm transformed from a young worm into a bird, and the feather “hair” gently clasped by Wei Xun’s claws was as alive. The distorted pollution was hidden in the deep, and the feather “hair” was filled with holy and powerful power, like an angel! Prayer, flame, Anka Phoenix, angel’s feather “hair”, blessed Xia Weixun, the whole body burst out “shooting” incomparably brilliant sunshine. The black snake with too dazzling light should subconsciously close its eyes and can’t look directly.

At that moment when the majesty of his sight weakened, Wei Xun suddenly changed into a human shape. He took out the Sun Pendant, stole the magma and stabbed it into the crack. In an instant, the sky shook and the crack suddenly closed, almost cutting Wei Xun’s arm and the Sun Pendant inside. Vaguely, Wei Xun seemed to hear a repressed painful cry.


Wei Xun laughed. He laughed. Even if he was fully prepared, the test was surprisingly simple. The black snake only stared at him and had no intention of threatening to hurt him. This is exactly what Wei Xun expected.

Tong Fu should have died here. If she had not died, her counterpart would have come here. For example, David who entered the black snake, the astrologer of the red feather worm, the most dangerous in the underground cave, has the power to kill Tong Fu under the suppression of the angel wing bone in the magma pool, and only this half open eye pupil can take away her soul!

My voice is not only Katie of mystics, but also lily. But at this moment, Wei Xun had no time to do more research. The magma in the magma pool was boiling and surging. The whole underground of the temple was shaking violently, and countless broken cracks appeared in the lava black shell condensed around Wei Xun.

We should be wise and bold in force deterrence. Wei Xun’s answer has been recognized by the sun’s will! The majestic power poured into his body. Wei Xun’s snow-white hair was stained with the red of fire, and a ray of golden light crossed his eyes. His bones and muscles became strong and powerful, no longer weak and weak. The angel who can lift the sun has the strongest absolute strength, the most devout belief and the best fighting angel!

The back is itchy. It seems that something is about to grow. Wei Xun’s abnormal state also has demon wings. People who have grown wings know how it feels. Instead of being attracted too much attention by the strange feeling on his back, he looked straight into the depths of the magma. In the dark, Wei Xun saw a thin bone of red gold floating, which was the wing bone of an angel!

Wei Xun tried to reach out to grasp, but he couldn’t grasp the real object like passing through the virtual shadow, and his arm was no longer his arm. The golden “color” light filament wound around and radiated like a feather “hair”. Wei xungang’s use of wild soul to snow leopard in magma seems to activate other special tasks!

Wei Xun felt that his body was getting smaller, lighter and softer, and could well accept the infusion of power. It seemed that it was a new mimicry, and it was not a pure thing like leopard and ferret, like an Fengniao, an exotic animal with special power!

This extremely comfortable feeling makes people want to be sleepy, but Wei Xun struggled to stay awake. The appearance of red feather worms kept floating in his mind. Even if he was sleepy and couldn’t speak in the magma, he tried his best to shout with his will——

Don’t turn him into a worm!

Time passed in Wei Xun’s struggle, persistence and strength, like an instant and an infinite time. When all kinds of strange things on Wei Xun gradually disappeared, the feeling of health and strength disappeared, and his body changed its original weak appearance. This means that the huge power poured into Wei Xun’s body and was sealed and hidden. The wings of the angel will show again only when holding the sun.

This also indicates that the power infusion is over!

When Wei Xun was thrown out by an invisible force and did not experience the foul smelling channel again, his tight nerves suddenly relaxed, and a lot of fatigue surged up. Wei Xun’s body subconsciously became suitable for the new power.

“It’s coming out! Something’s coming out!”

Outside the underground cave, almost everyone in Chen Cheng brigade is guarding the cave. Zhu Yuande and Tong Fu are burning with anxiety. Three hours have passed since director C blasted them out. It’s more than 12 noon, but director C hasn’t heard anything yet. How can people be relieved?

However, at the next moment, the young man who guarded the most face suddenly stretched out his arms to the hole in the ground, as if he was going to pick up something, even if his shoes stepped on the dark thick slurry. But what is faster than him is a long black-and-white shadow!

The snake on the half life arm leaped out through his arm, opened its big mouth and accurately bit the small group of figure suddenly emerging above the hole in the ground – yes, it’s not human, but the red “color” chick that can be bitten in the mouth by the big snake! He bit a bird ball!

Wei Xun was stiff all over. In the face of the big blood basin, the snake’s mouth was stiff. This physiological fear, the big bad snake liked to eat the weak and poor chicks best. The snake’s instinct and people’s exclusive desire made an Xuefeng swallow the oral muscles and directly contained the chicks in his mouth. It shut its mouth, threw itself into the dark thick slurry, and leaped to the shoulder of half its life.

“Strange, I clearly feel -”

Half his life was burning with anxiety. He clearly felt that Wei Xun was coming out and an Xue snake was flying out. How could he not see his shadow? And half of his life felt the lead wire tremble violently. Obviously, Wei Xun was in great danger!

“You see – are you eating?!”

Half life turned his head to greet snow snake, but he was stunned.

“Hiss, hiss…”

The black-and-white Ann snow snake’s cheeks puffed up. It was all right. It was calm and hissed like a snake, and slid down along the half life arm. But when he vomited the letter, half life was clear, and a weak, trembling red “color” feather “hair” was faintly on its mouth!


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