TTG Chapter 405

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 405: The Sahara of Death (81)

The plot of an Xue snake to smuggle the chicks was most destroyed by the half life Taoist who didn’t have a long “color”.

Half life is really not afraid of death. When an Xue snake is about to slip away, he grabs the snake’s tail to attract everyone’s attention. An Xue snake doesn’t want to see Wei Xun’s new animal state. This little chick instinct is to follow whoever he sees first. How can it see others?

What’s more, he took Wei Xun away. Can’t his guide take it? Half life without a guide will not understand. He won’t do anything bad. Is he a bad person?

If he stops him half his life, he will push the man into the underground hole and get covered with mud.

An Xue snake thought bitterly that Wei Xun would not watch the stinky Taoist priest for a whole scene replay.

However, Wei Xun’s weak but calm words sounded in his heart, which made an Xue snake’s guilty snake skin tight.

“Brush your teeth?”

“I’ll brush it twice”

An Xuefeng seriously promised that he didn’t know why Wei Xun’s calm tone made an Xuefeng feel a little “Mao” and “Mao”, which was the feeling of sweating on his back. He quickly took the snow leopard “licking” and “hair” as an analogy. When they were big and small snow leopards, Wei Xun was willing to let him “lick” and “hair”. Now it’s not the same. It’s normal for snake birds to “lick” and “hair” in their own world.

“And you have a dirty smell on your body. I’ll help you lick it… Clean it up.”

An Xuefeng added that, as he said, Wei Xun was indeed contaminated with some pollution. Similar to the pollution caused by the black sand giant, it was a kind of “gaze”.

It can be said that Wei Xun was vaguely marked with a ‘Mark’. When he appeared, the eyes of the black sand giant would notice him for the first time, and the energy from the sun in Wei Xun could easily erase the shallow mark, but there was no movement. An Xuefeng knew what was going on as soon as he thought about it.

I’m afraid Wei Xun wants to attract all his attention when lifting the sun in the early morning of this night and let the attack of the black sand giant focus on him. The sun will quietly take advantage of the mobile hand to hit the black sand giant and seize the butterfly fragments. As for whether Wei Xun will die, the sun won’t care about that.

“Don’t believe in God’s favor. God’s gifts are deceptive.”

An Xuefeng said seriously, “there is no real God in the world. They all come from people’s faith and knowledge for thousands of years.”

God’s ruthlessness, God’s love and tolerance, extreme preference and extreme hatred… There is no more uncertain, happy and angry than God.

Indeed, now that the solar potential is weak, the probability of work is the highest. But Wei Xun is not a person who has no cover and no protection. While loving the chicks and “licking” and “hair”, an Xue snake transferred the “gaze mark” sucked from Wei Xun to the surface of the Sun Pendant.

The Sun Pendant is filled with magma “the blood of the sun”. An Xuefeng transfers his gaze brand to the sun itself. Even better is the smell on the surface of the solar pendant itself (Wei Xun used the solar pendant to scratch the ball in the crack in the magma pool). Even if an Xuefeng tried his best, his transfer would be sewn.

The Sun Pendant originally comes from the sun. The original owner’s breath (life playing man) is close to Wei Xun, but not himself. All kinds of gaze can finally affect Wei Xun himself.

“What you see is not the sun’s reward, nor is it of much use to you.”

An Xuefeng hummed. Anyway, the ending set by Wei Xun sun is crazy, so it and the black sand giant lose both is the best solution.

“Your mimicry now has the prototype of the mythical sun bird. If you can, you’d better devour a fragment of the mythical sun.”

In order to confirm Wei Xun’s current state, an Xuefeng carefully and responsibly “licked” Wei xiaoniao from the small roll of “hair” plume on the top to the newborn tail feather, and the angry Wei Xun pecked him.

However, the chick’s strength is small, and its beak is also small, round and blunt. An Xuefeng doesn’t hurt at all, but the poked tooth chamber itches. The hidden sharp fangs can’t help sticking out a sharp tip, eager to pierce the sweet prey’s body and inject the poison “liquid” that will never separate them.

But an Xuefeng held back after all. After all, the stink half life was bold and tried to break his mouth with brute force and take the bird away. An Xuefeng made a cruel note of him, climbed fast in the sand, avoided the crowd and took Wei Xun to a broken petrochemical tree pit. Two marching kettles were hung on the tip of an Xue’s snake tail, which was deliberately taken from astrologers when Wei Xun said “I’m dirty”.

He rolled over an arc of fossil tree fragments, poured water into the pit, cleaned it several times, filled it with clean water, and carefully put the young birds in the water.

What a sweet little chick it is. Unlike the cubs of other birds, which have no “hair” and have “naked” and “exposed” ugly skin, it has dense red “color” and curly down all over its body, which is as dense and solid as Wei Xun’s hair. An Xue snake regretted that it only “licked” a feather “hair” with half of it.

This just shows that Wei Xun’s animal state is strange, not ordinary animals. However, this special animal state can not be obtained at will. Wei Xun can’t be said to be a Sunbird at present. If he can take a step further, his form will always be a bird group that hasn’t even opened his eyes.

“To be a sun bird, to be recognized by the sun, to devour the fragments of the sun”

The former is a believer, simple but easy to have more restrictions. He needs to complete more tasks related to the sun, and he can’t deform when there is no sun at night.

Only the weak, dying and crazy sun can fall apart. The sun bird growing in this way contains solar fragments, which can be deformed in both day and night. If you understand the extreme of your strength, it can make you have a dark and crazy side – just like an Xuefeng’s inverted Anka character, which represents the phoenix of death and darkness.

Why did Wei Xun ignore him?

An Xuefeng carefully rubbed the feather “hair” of the chick with the tip of the snake tail and washed it several times in clear water, while carefully glancing at Wei Xun’s “color”. But the chick hasn’t opened yet. He can’t see Wei Xun’s mood at all. An Xuefeng’s skilled self reflection is that his self-control is too poor. He really can’t help it.

When the beast “sex” overwhelms the human “sex” and is no longer bound by all kinds of constraints, and the self real “sex” is released, an Xuefeng has this sweet and uneasy mood for the first time, and even secretly expects Wei Xun how to punish him for crossing the boundary——

Is he going to sleep on the sofa? Or make a floor? An Xuefeng seriously thought that he should be punished for doing wrong, but he was a little sweet in his heart. It was said that this is something that lovers will experience. An Xuefeng hoped that he and Wei Xun could experience everything well.

Why did Wei Xun ignore him?

Pick up the chicks and an Xuefeng spits out a small torch. His feathers are dry and fluffy, hot and warm, like a small red “hair” ball. Seeing that Wei Xun is still silent, an Xuefeng is a little anxious. He doesn’t move his voice and wants to attract Wei Xun’s attention with a new topic.

Although Wei Xun has not yet obtained a complete mythical animal state, this opportunity also makes the Title Effect of Wei Xun Ye’s “sex” soul a step further. Before, because he was a tour guide, the power of the abyss was equal to himself, so the snow leopard and ferret have always been young. Now if he changes again, he can be Nian snow leopard and Nian ferret——

‘Oh? Really? ”

In an instant, the bird group coiled in the center of the body disappeared. A majestic and beautiful silver-white “color” giant beast mercilessly stepped on the snake’s claws. The thick claws of the snow leopard stepped on the seven inches of the snake, and the Ice Blue Leopard’s eyes jokingly stared at the long black-and-white snake. Bad press on the tip of its tongue when it spits out a message.

‘is licking enough? Huh? ”

Seeing that the black-and-white long snake is docile and patient, not only does it not “expose” its poisonous teeth, but the long cold snake body also intimately wraps around the snow leopard and steps on its forelimbs. The snow leopard exhales a vicious breath. The bad “sex” of the big cat makes it play with the long snake.

When half of my life found it, I saw that it would definitely be regarded as a P picture posted on the Internet – a beautiful snow leopard appeared in the desert!

At the command of the snow leopard, he took photos such as “the snow leopard’s prestige bites the long snake prey”, “the snow leopard’s prestige bites the Phoenix prey” and “the snow leopard’s prestige bites the snow wolf’s throat”. The prey caught by the snow leopard is not mixed “hair” or “chaos”, and looks embarrassed. He shakes with excitement and pretends to sigh.

Alas, I took private photos of an Xuefeng and Wei Xun.

It’s a windy day in the world. People’s hearts are not ancient!

It was only a short time to relax. Wei Xun quickly changed back to human shape and risked his own clean cloak into a scarlet cloak. The old one was soaked in thick slurry sewage and the one he handed over to giant Xiaosha.

Xiaosha, who received a gift from papa for the first time, was very happy and couldn’t wait to put it on himself. The life of the hippie was more than one meter and nine meters, and the small sand was two meters. The length of the cloak was still appropriate. Wei Xun stood a few meters away, looked at Xiao Sha, narrowed his eyes, and had an idea in his heart. Wei Xun handed over the core flame of Yvette trapped in the cage to Xiao Sha. He smiled suddenly. Seeing his smile, Xiao Sha was more happy.

An Xuefeng said that the sun calculated him as a target to attract the attention of the black sand giant. Wei Xun thought it was reasonable.

After all, he is as bad as the sun. A wise man never makes himself a target.

But he doesn’t want the luxury of the sun. For Wei Xun, “his own people” are very precious.

“Xiao Sha, come on.”

Wei Xun brings Xiao Sha to his side. Xiao Sha is not smart. He is more stupid than corn shoots. He is just a pet. In addition to the most instinctive hunger for food, he is stupid. He will do whatever Wei Xun says.

Astrologers say that Xiaosha may get the gift of the sun to fight. He is a giant who can really grow up. But as a pet, Xiaosha is limited and has no attack power at all. How should he fight.

“Believe in me.”

Wei Xun asked Xiao Sha to sit down. The death order card in his hand was on the giant in the middle of Xiao Sha’s face. The flame full of spiritual pollution burned a little at the tip of the token. The flame of the “God of fire” feverishly shouted was connected with the Ifrit flame core in Xiao Sha’s hand. Not far away, Chen Cheng and others are memorizing and reciting prayers and practicing to play believers.

In this atmosphere, Xiao Sha was ignorant, like he knew something, and like he didn’t know it yet. Its huge pupil flows out contradictory emotions. Prayer is too complex and difficult for it to understand. It is not something that a simple pet should learn.

“I am your Lord, your father, believe in me.”

Wei Xun said calmly, no matter what sun god or believers pray. The contradiction in the little sand disappeared, and the pure admiration came out. A pet trusts its owner and believes in its owner. The owner is its and the earth. This is the righteousness of the earth.

This is the purest belief without any distractions. Even if you join Chen Cheng’s Prayer camp, it doesn’t make people feel why.

Yes, just believing in him is enough.

Wei Xun smiled and handed the Sun Pendant to Xiao Sha.

Everything is all set.

“Lily, are you feeling better now?”

Outside the petrified forest, David Lily handed over a pot of water and checked her left hand covered with gauze. At the moment when the astrologer wakes up, the psychic Lily faints, but she faints the most suddenly and wakes up the fastest. But she closed her left and said her eyes were scratched by something.

When the astrologer came to her, Lily whispered to him about her stupor. Her consciousness of one eye can only control that eye and can’t control the whole body of the monster. Creation and destruction in all myths are equally important, the most powerful and key part.

Lily suspected that she was the original body of the black sand giant, that is, the eye of the world killing giant snake.

She corresponds to Tong Fu. The magma pool is just a test, not a real magma. Tong Fu will not die even if she really falls – she was seen dead by the exterminating giant snake, and her soul is a sacrifice to exterminate the world.

But for Lily, when she saw C-1, she couldn’t say hello at all. She closed her eyes with a stroke of C.

“It’s the smell of the sun.”

Lily whispered, “I can see the hidden sun.”

What pierced her eyes was the Sun Pendant, and “magma” poured into her. Even if she broke away from the eyes of the giant snake, her own eyes would change.

As long as there is no death according to the calendar, the factors leading to the death of Chen Cheng brigade will be superimposed. Kill Zhu Yuande and their giant, kill he Yunlai’s black snake, kill Liu Hongyu’s fallen Anka Phoenix, and kill Tong Fu’s gaze. I’m afraid they will all appear together in the early morning of tonight. And they, outsiders, will join.

Which side wins depends on tonight.

But the astrologer has long made divination. The passenger will change everything. He has nothing to fear.

Until Lily mentioned that she saw the essence of C-1 through her eyes.

“He is likely to be temporarily endowed with the identity and power of the sun.”


David raised his eyebrows and said, “lily, are you right? Is C-I given the identity of envoy?”

Lily can’t read it wrong. David is used to asking “sex”. As he thought, “touch” and “touch” Ba: “strange, shouldn’t it be me?”

He promised to replace him in front of evelett. In front of mythical creatures, this promise is not a light sentence, but has absolute practical significance.

“Are you an envoy? What kind of envoy are you?”

The astrologer’s face changed. He grabbed David’s collar, looked at him, and whispered judo in a dangerous tone: “David, did you forget to tell me something, huh?”

“Ha ha, it’s just a favor on the way home.”

David tried to muddle through with HA HA and explained to the astrologer. Didn’t say??? David knew that astrologers didn’t like to listen to this, so he just said to be kind to C and do him a little favor.

“Since Lily said ‘watching’ is one of the dangers tonight, the existence of ‘making’ should be used by the sun to lead away watching.”

David is also familiar with the so-called “God’s” cold and amorous product “sex”. He can understand it after a little thought. He doesn’t care: “when C-1 is selected as the envoy, he bears too much risk of ‘watching’, so it’s better for him than me. Captain, don’t you believe my strength? If you are seen, you won’t lose a piece of meat. Even if there is pollution, it’s good to go back to Maya and sell personal C without loss.”

“Ha ha.”

The astrologer just sneered at his words: “David, pray, your favor will sell tonight.”

If tonight C-I really plans to let David replace him and lead away the “attention” to the envoy, it’s a good thing to burn Gao Xiang, but it’s impossible.

Astrologers are in a bad mood, which makes David “touch” out of his mind. But he has always been good at saying some jokes to open the topic. When David was half teasing and half serious, saying that he was just selling a favor and could not be the envoy of the sun. After all, he already had a star captain, the astrologer finally couldn’t help getting angry.

“The sun makes? Oh, look, David, you are so simple like a dragon baby.”

The astrologer chuckled, but the laughter made David’s skin numb.

“Wait for the sun to go crazy, wait for the sun to die, wait…”

When C is the sun, David’s promise will change the target character.

What makes the sun?

It’s the envoy of C-1!

It’s not the first time astrologers have seen such a quiet effort to attract people. He suddenly calmed down and looked at David with a rare calm, gentle look.

“But it’s not bad.”

He said to himself, “your luck has always been better than me.”

Is it right or wrong to watch carefully when the real “destiny” comes because of past failures rather than participate closely?

Since the bad luck of the playful man has affected him so far, he has kept away from C-1 under the influence of the playful man. Is it wrong to stay away?

David may be on the right path. Everything is the choice of fate.

“You’d better scold me.”

David said bitterly, numb all over: “Captain, you are really not suitable for this gentle speech -”

The astrologer’s gentle face suddenly became cloudy, and he scolded him as David wished. This scolding lasted until the evening. Zhang xingzang was not rescued until the dream chasing dragon and others stationed nearby came.

“He’s coming.”

Zhang xingzang only said three words. He mentioned the resistance on his shoulder. The original western guide of Chen Cheng brigade turned him over. The guide’s face was covered with black “color” abnormal flesh spines. He was the trace of black sand pollution!

Just now, the guide of the black sand giant in the west side opened his body. If the dream chasing dragon hadn’t wrapped him in a dream, the guide in the west side would probably die directly and be the first sacrifice for the black sand giant to kill himself.

Chen Cheng and others, who suffered heavy casualties in the past, took charge of the half dead western region tour guide. When the huge power of the black sand giant came, they crushed him. Now he was temporarily saved by the dreamer, but his life will not be long.

“My suggestion is to kill him.”

The dreamer calmed down: “do you have someone corresponding to him?”

The black sand giant did nothing to kill the Western guide. The person corresponding to the Western guide is likely to be a part of the black sand giant. Unlike the black snake and Anka worm, the black sand giant is heavily polluted. Even his mind and consciousness can be polluted by it. Killing the Western guide directly is the optimal solution.

The dreamer has confirmed that Zhang xingzang is not the person corresponding to the Western guide. If Zhang xingzang kills him or throws him out directly so that he can be killed by the black sand giant like a calendar, his corresponding people will not have a good scene.

Out of partnership, the dreamer asked a mystery before killing him.

“Son, it should be me.”

Katie’s slightly painful and distorted voice sounded. She saw that her white horse had black and distorted lines. Her God was sometimes awake and sometimes mixed with chaos, which showed that she was being polluted by the black sand giant! Zhang xingzang did not hesitate to throw the west side guide at her and saw Katie pierce the guide’s heart with a bow. For a moment, Katie was relieved, the polluted lines on her body were gradually receding, and her body became faint.

The newcomer kills his counterpart, which is one of the ways to escape from the replay of the scene. Watching Katie leave, Zhang xingzang tut.

“That’s not good.”

There are only four people left who have no corresponding.

Yun Ying who died on the calendar, Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Cheng Bao who did not die.

Among the newcomers are an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang, lizard Duke and blood baron.

Among them, the enemy is the one who corresponds to the dead. You can’t leave until you kill the damn person yourself. The counterpart to the living is likely to be friends.

However, Zhang xingzang seriously doubts the difficulty of repeating this scene. The strongest of them, an Xuefeng, will correspond to Yun Ying’s enemy, while the real enemies, lizard Duke and blood Baron, will correspond to Chen Cheng and others as “friends”! The replay of the scene is about to reach the end. The lizard Duke and others have not succeeded yet and will not give up. Once they participate

“Blood Baron?!”

Just then Rex, the blood wolf, suddenly howled in surprise, half watching the good play and half gloating, and shouted to remind them, “look, it’s the blood Baron! He — eh???”

“The Duke and I will not participate in the final battle.”

The blood Baron appeared at this time! And it’s a bat posture bound by Yin and Yang butterflies! No one believed his words, but when the blood clan Baron spit out a blood deed with the blood of the lizard Duke and the silver moon killer, the expressions of Zhang xingzang and others became strange.

With blood as the deed, this is real. With the arrogance and arrogance of the lizard Duke, he could not pay such a heavy price just to let them relax their vigilance.

Are the lizard Duke and the blood Baron really not going to take part in the most important battle? They don’t want to compete for the butterfly fragments of the black sand giant? But why?

Dreamers frown and think of something vaguely. But just then, the faint sound of prayer from the direction of the petrified forest and the light of fire lit in pure darkness attracted their attention.

The thick darkness tilted like splash ink, the foot sand turned into pure black “color”, thousands of sand grains rustled and rolled like snakes shuttling, and the evil and terrorist forces of the black sand giant swept in with the force of rolling. With the too great contrast of forces, the prayer sound and fire suddenly shook like residual candles in the wind, as if they would disappear at any time.

But at this time, the most tall and burly figure in the center of the believer camp held up the sun keepsake. The pure faith stimulated the bright sun. In an instant, the voice of prayer became louder, momentarily pressed through the darkness and attracted all the eyes of the black sand giant!

Make! Yes, it’s him. He has the breath of his strength and his gaze. I didn’t expect it to be so weak. The sun also wants to fight in a desperate corner! The black sand giant almost burst into laughter. At the moment, the black sand giant has no body shape, just like a huge and terrible black cloud.

He stretched out a finger, and a terrible sandstorm tornado appeared on the ground to crush it!


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