TTG Chapter 406

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 406: The Sahara of Death (82)

The majestic and terrifying power of the black sand giant is like a thick and repressed dark cloud. In essence, he is a ray of terrifying energy from the seal of the world killing giant snake. It is a mixture of pollution and extinction. It has been powerful enough to move heaven and earth. Chen Cheng and others can’t see the body of the black sand giant at all. They can only see the dark clouds piled up like mountains and the wild sandstorm tornado.

David and others outside the petrified forest can detect the terrible pollution hidden behind the dark clouds. The fully activated butterfly fragments make it like a source of pollution. The inexplicable terrorist force at the end of the mythology, coupled with the pollution of Maria butterfly fragments, can make the most peak tourists and the most powerful tour guides hide and fear.

It’s as easy for this huge force to crush “angels” and human believers as to crush ants. If the black sand giant was not cautious and suspicious, and most of his strength was used to guard against the sun, the little sand disguised as an angel would be crushed at the moment he stretched out his finger!

Fortunately, he was suspicious enough. This move was for temptation and imprisonment, not killing. The sandstorm tornado came with great power. Chen Cheng and others found that they could not move at all. It was like being trapped in a prison. The terrible pressure made people unable to breathe, let alone recite prayers. As soon as the devout prayer of believers was broken, the power of darkness became more powerful, and the whole world seemed to be wrapped in viscous and stagnant darkness.

But at the next moment, a dazzling golden red light pierced the darkness like the rising sun. The stagnant darkness around the center of the light beam was defeated in an instant. Under the protection of the scarlet cloak, Xiaosha could still act naturally. He threw out the sacred thing of the sun at the most critical moment according to his master’s order!

The moment the Sun Pendant appeared, it attracted all the attention of the thick darkness. Wei Xun, hiding in the distance and pretending to be an innocent snow leopard passing through the desert, vaguely saw that there were giant eyes entangled by black and red blood that human beings could not see or understand in the dark depths of the thick clouds.

At the moment when the solar pendant was thrown out, all the black and red giant eyes stared at it. The thousands of “gaze” contained infinite power of pollution and silence, which made the solar pendant collapse! Cobweb like cracks spread all over the whole solar pendant, as if it would be broken if you touch it again. The golden red rock slurry splashed out from countless cracks. The blood of the sun with pure purification of the divine power made the thick clouds condensed by the dark forces stained with the spectacular golden red like burning clouds, and half the sky was purified in an instant!

However, it seems that only a joke and sneer sounded from the deep dark clouds. The next second, the thick, dazzling blue and purple light replaced the sacred golden red. The blue and purple light, like pollution, dyed all the darkness and golden red with its own color. The power of butterfly fragments combined with the pollution of the world killing giant snake, and the already magnificent and terrible power doubled.

In an instant, the golden red of the blood of the sun disappeared, and the Sun Pendant on the verge of fragmentation fell to the ground with dim light, which could no longer protect the trembling angels and believers in the dark.

However, the black sand giant has more doubts. Is this the hidden power accumulated by the sun for a long time? Is this the power that the sun wants to kill him? How could it be so weak and vulnerable? Moreover, the black sand giant has long found that various links in his plan seem to have changed secretly. Who is controlling everything secretly?

Is this a trap?

For too long, he planned to counterattack and devour the will of the sun. For too long, the black sand giant became more and more cunning and suspicious. He planned for too long, and now he can’t ride a tiger. The thick dark pollution is like a mist, quietly spreading all over the petrochemical forest, flashing the pollution light of Maria butterfly fragments, polluting the body and mind of Chen Cheng and others.

Even if there is a conspiracy, he has fragments of the abyss in his hand. Although the effect of sacrificing pious blood is the best, it is safest to pollute and assimilate all angels with these believers. As long as the “Saint” selected by the sun is left, sacrificing with pious saint’s whole body blood can also open the stone gate.

However, these believers have the light of glittering powder, which has isolated the pollution! Under the protection of glitter powder and “angels”, these believers even began to move outside. No, we can’t let them leave. Only the blood of devout believers can pollute Shimen and release his original body!

Countless Black Sands turned into slaves and black snakes, trying to drive the sacrifices back. However, the believers began to pray devoutly. The light sunshine in the saint’s drum lingered around them. Although it was weak, it could suppress the black snake.

But the most terrible thing about black snakes is that they affect the will of the soul. Countless black snakes are connected end to end and form a ring, forming an illusion of abusing the sun and the death and collapse of the sun in the minds of believers. No matter how calm the believers are, they will never allow the sun of faith to be so stigmatized. They will definitely give up the transfer and fight with the black snakes for glory and faith——

What’s going on? The black sand giant was shocked to find that these believers did not stop at all, but shifted faster. Moreover, when they focused on killing the black snake, many believers even recited the wrong prayer and forgot the wrong word.

They are not devout believers! At best, they are just ordinary people who can recite prayers! It was the angels, the saints, the holy things of the sun and the blood of the sun that misled him!

These damned “believers” are not pure and pious enough in blood and lack strength. The strength of extracting blood alone is even weaker. In this way, they must be killed in front of the stone door. They can’t take blood alone.

Moreover, the strength of the believers is not weak. During the minutes and seconds of the black sand giant’s thinking, several people with swords and knives killed a blood path in the sound of prayer, and it didn’t take long to reach the edge of the Petrified Forest – but the black sand giant has made a decision, and the black red giant eyes hidden in the dark clouds stare at the three most powerful believers.

He wants to give them the power of darkness, pollute them, let these united people be betrayed by their companions, fight to death, and then wake these three people up. The blood full of anger, despair and grief, containing strong emotions, can also pollute the stone gate! The black sand giant paid more attention to the depths of the earth.

He delays dealing with believers, and is always on guard against the sun. But up to now, the sun still hasn’t started, and he won’t hesitate any more!

[don’t waste any more time]

However, just when the black sand giant was about to start, there was civil strife among the believers who were going to leave the petrochemical forest! One of the three strongest men selected by the black sand giant ignited the bone fire of the red sand giant and trapped several people in an instant. The “angel” protecting the believers pulled off his robe and turned out to be a giant!

Their betrayal took them by surprise and tied everyone else up in just a dozen seconds. The betrayed people almost burst out fire in their angry eyes, but the two people were completely unmoved and carried them back to the middle of the Petrified Forest! The thick sound of flame resonance sounded, and the familiar flame floated on the giant disguised as an angel.

In the next second, the light flame was thrown into the edge of the petrified forest like a milk swallow into the forest. After putting a head into the forest, there was no strange smell all over. It looked like a pure beast, the towering flame burst up, burned in the dark and condensed into a huge flame giant.

[don’t waste any more time]

The thick and low flame resonance sounded again. In an instant, the giant flame giant shrank and hid in a incomplete fossil tree again. As if it had never been shot, it was the cunning and smooth appearance that did not interfere with their battle.


The fusion of iflit core flame and spiritual pollution. Under the flame, Wei Xun disguised as iflit! The little sand is too weak, and the Sun Pendant is just a non solution item. Chen Cheng and his followers are even less likely to become devout believers in an instant. The angel disguised by Xiaosha and the believer disguised by Chen Cheng are absolutely unable to resist the temptation of the black sand giant!

Wei Xun understood when the black sand giant tried carefully and the angel totem hidden behind Wei Xun’s shoulder with the power of the sun didn’t attack while the black sand giant paid attention to the transfer.

The sun is really ruthless. Regardless of the believers’ life and death, he wants to try to find out the cards of the black sand giant. The black sand giant is not a crazy and retarded boss, cunning and suspicious. Then Wei Xun simply took the plan.

Why are believers not pious enough? Why are angels so weak? Why is the angel’s real body a giant, and some people in the seemingly United believer group finally turn against the water?

Of course it’s because of the cunning spirit, evelett!

It was Yvette!

For a moment, the black sand giant understood that he wanted to be angry and laugh wildly. No wonder there were so many small changes in the things he planned. It turned out to be Yvette. The demon is cautious, cunning, greedy and arrogant. The black sand giant can see that evelett is stained with the blood of the God servant sun spider and belongs to the breath of angels. Even if evelett hides the world killing giant snake, he can see it!

The cunning and greedy evlet is afraid that he killed the rebellious God servant sun spider and regained the trust of the sun. I’m afraid the sun really gave power to the angel, but the greedy Yvette did not know how to seize the angel’s power!

Seeing the active and almost intelligent flame on him, and feeling the angel breath (from feathers) on him, the black sand giant no longer doubts. Yvette, who devours the power of angels, will definitely be executed by the sun. Now he has only one way to live: the collapse of the sun altar, the dissipation and collapse of the sun consciousness.

Yvette, Yvette——

That kind of plan was disrupted, and the humble bug was greedy. The sense of being offended made the black sand giant feel killing, but not now. Yvette lit the flame, and the light flame, like scattered lights, burned from the ground to the ground, until it burned to the deep part of the altar of the underground temple, above the sealed stone gate.

Yvette is the chosen keeper of the sun. Only he can light the flame and guide the sacrifice. Look, evelett has turned into a white haired beast without abnormal breath and sneaked away. The black sand giant no longer pays any attention to him – run. If evelett still boldly stays here in an attempt to win more benefits, he will bring him into eternal darkness after all.

Darkness – this is the most powerful power!

In an instant, the strong wind swept the dark sand and ravaged the world. Countless black sand turned into black snakes. The black snakes all over the sky and the ground crawled forward, just like worshipping. The earth shook violently. The offerings firmly bound were pushed forward by the strong wind and snakes. Xiao Sha and Tang Shuang were treated a little gently.

Their barren language could not describe the scene in front of them. The thick dark clouds poured down like a sky leak, like a dark giant hand stretched out in the dark. It fell from a corner of the sky, and the thick black wrapped the light flame lit by Yvette, and the series of light flames were pulled out by it like a chain.


In the deafening explosion, the earth suddenly jumped, and the ground collapsed and cracked terrible gullies, as if there was something huge in the depths of the earth to be pulled out of the earth! The huge hands formed by dark clouds dragged and dragged again and again, the vibration of the earth became more and more intense, and the gravel fragments jumped like jumping beans, like a difficult tug of war.

In this competition, it’s midnight! After a one-day solar eclipse and a night of darkness, the dark night of the whole day makes the power of the sun’s will decline to the extreme. With a loud bang, the thick cloud suddenly pulled something up from the depths of the earth!

Under the roar, in a trance, a towering and incomplete Temple appeared in the dark. The old glory was no longer, the carvings on the bricks and tiles disappeared, as incomplete as a temple silent at the bottom of the sea, and there were dirty traces of corrosion and pollution everywhere. It is like an entity and an illusion, as illusory and uncertain as a mirage. In the dark, the light flame of Yvette, like a guiding light, is connected to a sealed stone door in the depths of the temple!

Under the impact of heavy darkness, the stone door quietly cracked a gap. The huge dark hard skin that sealed the door looked shaky and could fall at any time, only one last time. When the stone gate appeared, even the breath of the black sand giant was burning. Behind the stone gate was his sealed original body, the exterminating black snake, and the ancient giant king court who worshipped the exterminating giant snake!

The scorching heat rolled up one of the trapped believers and threw her to Shimen. The black sand giant did not hesitate. He wanted to pollute Shimen with the help of the blood of living people, which seemed both coincidental and inevitable. The selected person was the next dead of Chen Cheng’s brigade in history, Yun Ying!

But in an instant, there was a sudden accident. Someone in the depths of the darkness robbed Yun Ying from mid air!



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