TTG Chapter 407

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 407: The Sahara of Death (83)

Everything in the roaring and collapsing heaven and earth is like a slow motion playback. The terrible dark sandstorm tornado is scattered. Thousands of black sand tear the air like bullets and rob Yun Ying’s existence. The terrible and cruel force can tear all the creatures in front to pieces.

However, Heisha failed to fall on the expected enemy, and the Heisha shooting at Yun Ying disappeared out of thin air, just as there was a mass of condensed air in front of her. The thick darkness makes most people not see this strange scene at all, but can hear the problem of sound. Thousands of black sand splashed out roared and blasted in all directions, making a sharp and harsh howling sound.

Even Wei Xun on the edge of the petrified forest can feel the fierce and ferocious evil spirit. The snow leopard is just an ordinary snow leopard. If Wei Xun didn’t put on his new adventure scarlet cloak in time, I’m afraid his skin, blood and flesh would be scraped off his bones by the rapidly passing black sand.

Most of his body was buried in the sand pit quietly drilled by corn shoots. The scarlet cloak was covered with black sand blown by the strong wind. Only a pair of Ice Blue Leopard eyes peeped out between the cracks, peeping at what happened in the middle of the battlefield from a distance. At the moment when the air swept away Yun Ying, Wei Xun’s heart moved, an Xuefeng’s breath disappeared, and he was excluded from the petrochemical forest.

The black sand tornado crashed and thousands of scattered crazy sand hit the air, and it was a mass of air that robbed Yun Ying. Or a mass of energy as completely transparent as air, even Wei Xun’s special sight can’t see other peculiarities at all.

“Isn’t it Zhang xingzang who did it?”

“The newcomers, the air, are Zhang Xing hiding them!”

Half life Taoist gnashing his teeth, rarely incoherent: “that air… Damn it, it should be a person!”

“Zhang xingzang -”

Outside the petrified forest, the dreamer’s expression was dignified, an Xuefeng’s figure suddenly appeared, and Zhang xingzang, who had been beside him, suddenly disappeared. Even the dreamer completely lost contact with him! When he looked at the petrified forest, he saw that the whole area was shrouded in thick black sandstorms. He was close to his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything or hear any sound.

“That’s terrible.”

David’s eyebrows tightened. He straightened his arms and put his hands into the fog like sandstorm. When he pulled his hands back, his fingers turned into twisting black snakes.

“Sure enough, we can only appear as things that exist here in history.”

The scene is coming to an end, and these newcomers will also participate in the final duel. But after all, this is a repeat of the scene. It is impossible for several strong players to suddenly jump in and sweep the whole audience. Everything should be carried out in accordance with the rules of history.

In other words, David, they will not participate in the final battle in their own human form! They will take part in the war with their respective roles that kill all the people of Chen Cheng brigade in history, such as black snake David, giant yin-yang butterfly and so on.

But the newcomers corresponding to Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Cheng Tianbao have no corresponding roles! Indeed, there is a quarter probability that Zhang xingzang may correspond to Yun Ying. However, when dealing with the damned characters before, David and others lost their consciousness and their bodies remained in place, but Zhang xingzang disappeared out of thin air, which shows that his counterpart is likely to be Chen Cheng, that is, to join the battlefield as a supporter!

“Supporters should be joined in the state of invisible power.”

Yin Yang butterfly said coldly. He held his breath and tried to feel Bingyi’s breath, but he couldn’t feel a penny. The back of his hand holding the knife stretched green tendons. For more than a day, he hadn’t seen Bingyi for more than a day. Yin Yang butterfly couldn’t suppress his restless mood and wanted to break into the petrochemical forest now.

“That’s terrible.”

Lily whispered, and her eyes fell on the blood Baron bound at the foot of the yin-yang butterfly.

The supporters have no image to rely on, and there is no figure of them in history. Even if they join the final battlefield, they are like a mass of air. Colorless and tasteless, invisible and stateless, even dreamers can no longer feel Zhang xingzang, which shows that they are completely invisible!

Indeed, they can help and hide themselves better, but the problem is that the three corresponding supporters are most likely Zhang xingzang, the lizard Duke and the blood Baron!

Yes, the lizard Duke and the blood Baron did use the blood deed to show that they would not participate in the final battle. Even if all the members were pulled into the final battle, they would watch from a distance. However, no one is stupid enough to completely believe them. What if there is a blood contract? The blood Baron was an expert in playing with blood. David and they were ready and decided to monitor the lizard Duke and others.

But now the lizard Duke is invisible. No one can feel anyone. No one knows whether the lizard Duke has secretly started it!

“Chasing dreams -”

David was surprised to see that the dream chasing dragon turned into a human shape. The guide wearing a dark orange cloak grabbed the blood Baron’s throat with one hand to lift him from the ground. However, the dream chasing man’s hand penetrated the blood Baron’s chest like an illusion. Not only his hand, but also his whole person was becoming illusory, and the infected person became illusory at the same time.

They do not belong to this history, have no identity in the scene replay, and will be excluded at the crucial moment of the final World War I.

As soon as the dreamer left, no one could be sure that the air was Zhang xingzang!

“I cursed you in the depths of your dreams. No one can solve it except me.”

He calmly took his hand back, and the blood Baron’s face suddenly changed. The dreamer’s illusory hand penetrated the depths of his chest and was faintly cold, as if he had been gripped by something cold.

“Once you use the power of blood, the curse will spread to the dreams of everyone connected to you.”

Under the high face of dream chasing habitat, the cold and frightening eyes were nailed to the blood Baron under the red gold mask. For a moment, the pressure of the first-class tour guide poured out, and the A1 blood sucking Baron’s face was pale and bloodless!

Dream chaser is the most famous of all tour guides in the hotel, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have thunder means! The curse spreading along the dream is more vicious than the epidemic. The dreamer once used this move to destroy a small tour guide organization under the eastern butcher alliance, and even the Western butchers were terrified. It is reasonable to say that he can’t do his best, and now his body can’t use such powerful and vicious means because he rejects illusion, but the blood sucking Baron doesn’t dare to gamble.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

After the threat, the dreamer calmly rushed to the astrologer. They nodded and then mentioned the infected person. Their bodies were illusory together and finally disappeared. They were excluded from the scene at the final node and repeated. Since then, there has been no irrelevant person in the scene!

“I’d like you to do it.”

David joked, “there are too many butchers in the west side. It’s good to clean up.”

The blood Baron glanced at him indifferently. Just now, the blood Baron, who was like a poor bat, returned to calm after the dreamer left. The tour guide was always afraid of the tour guide. Even the mysterious blood baron who was hostile to the butcher alliance was as cold as ice. But the blood Baron didn’t make a sound. After all, an Xuefeng is here. He was ruthless in killing the butcher guide.

Ignoring David’s arch fire, the blood Baron looked up to the depths of the petrified forest and soon disappeared out of thin air.

“Hum, a guide is a guide.”

David hummed coldly, raising his hand and grasping the air, as if to crush the tour guide elements mixed into the air. No one knows whether the blood Baron kept the blood contract outside or sneaked into the Petrified Forest at the risk of being cursed in his dream. The butcher doesn’t want to be a tour guide who cherishes his life. They are all crazy. They are just gambling on their lives. They won’t stop their greedy ambition and pace of progress at all.

“Of course -”

Of course, we are guides.

Rex, the blood wolf, moved his ears and shut his mouth as soon as he thought of an Xuefeng. He regained his human shape, secretly worse than the gun pointing at David, and made the mouth shape of “Pang”. Then he didn’t dare to look at an Xuefeng at all. He fled and immediately stepped into the dark sandstorm. The yin-yang butterfly walked with him. After they entered the petrochemical forest shrouded in the dark sandstorm, their bodies seemed to elongate and become tall and burly. However, their skin and flesh were stripped, leaving only bones, Like two tall and terrible giant skeletons!

“I’m next.”

Seeing their bodies disappearing in the dark, David looked very serious. Of course, they didn’t enter randomly, but they could feel when they could enter according to the death order of Chen Cheng’s brigade. If you rush in, David’s finger that turned into a black snake after entering the sandstorm has not recovered yet. I’m afraid it will be repeated with the scene.

“It’s hard for us to help if we can do everything we can.”

Lily said calmly that the rules limit them to the greatest extent. Yin Yang butterfly and blood wolf Rex have become giants, and there may be a giant army in the petrochemical forest at this moment. David became hundreds of black snakes, but I’m afraid there are thousands of black snakes in the petrified forest.

Who is the enemy? Who is the helper? Even if there are special identification skills, how can we know that it is not the pollution illusion of the black sand giant?

C 1. The safest and only way for them is not to believe anyone.

The only possible help is the astrologer. After all, Anka Phoenix is unique. It seems to have been harvested as a pet by C 1. However, as soon as the captain enters a body of star power, it is very likely that he will not be able to hide, but will expose the existence of the real Anka Phoenix and C-1.

And she always felt something wrong. Lily looked at an Xuefeng who had been silent and facing the petrochemical forest. She hasn’t said a word since he came out.


The astrologer sneered, glanced at an Xuefeng, stared at the dark depths, and said a harsh Mandarin: “when I go in, I’m afraid the cauliflower will be cold.”

What Lily can think of is not stupid. As long as he is aware of the problem, he will definitely do it in advance. Either solve the problem or make the muddy water more chaotic before the astrologer starlight comes to expose him!

“Ten minutes?”

‘ten minutes’

Just ten minutes later, the whole Petrochemical forest has been in chaos and terror, just like purgatory on earth! The invisible power that took away the sacrifice was regarded as the back hand of the sun by the black sand giant. No matter the black sand black snake could catch the trace of that power. In that case, the black sand giant also exposed his back hand. The earth trembled violently, the ground cracked in the direction of the dilapidated temple, and stretched out a huge and terrible bone hand from the ground crack.

That’s the skeleton of a giant! The giant skeletons originally embedded in the temple for sacrifice became skeleton slaves under the subtle influence of the black sand giant with the help of the sun spider. More than a dozen skeleton giants with a height of tens of meters climbed out of the ground crack and stood in front of the stone gate. The scene was as terrible as the end of the world. In an instant, more than a dozen giant bones gripped Chen Cheng and others.

When wrestling with the invisible force, the black sand giant had already found out that the other party could only protect one person and could not protect everyone at the same time. He wants to see what the sun has left behind!


However, at the next moment, a skeleton giant collapsed to one side like being cut off by a knife. It is the tallest, big and burly giant, and other skeletal giants directly pressed by it also fell one after another. They don’t know the pain and fatigue and want to stand up again. However, it seems that someone is making trouble. These huge skeletons try to stand up again and again and fall down again. The roar is deafening and funny.

Ten minutes later, Wei Xun confirmed the time. It takes about ten minutes from the intervention of invisible air to the emergence of giants.

In other words, it takes ten minutes from the suspected intervention of Zhang xingzang and others to the entry of Yin-Yang butterflies and others corresponding to giants. The rules are always regular. According to the death order of Chen Cheng brigade, the next ten minutes are David and the next ten minutes are astrologers.

Wei Xun immediately figured out the current situation. Once the astrologer enters, he may no longer be able to hide his identity. I’m afraid there are only 20 minutes left for him, but Wei Xun is used to taking a step first, and he only leaves himself 10 minutes.

“Cen Qin”


The half life who had been guarding Wei Xun with a sword left the semi-finished Hanshan sword to Wei Xun. The handsome young Taoist walked forward and suddenly turned his head and looked at him.

“Wei Xun”

“You’re in my plan”

Hearing his words, half life Taoist seemed to get some promise and smiled with relief. He smiled and disappeared in the dark sandstorm. He is in touch with Wei Xun and knows that Wei Xun has prepared various plans.

Finally, the memory seal of the second half of the war began to loosen. He recalled that there was the original body of the world destroying black snake and the sun statue that suppressed it in the stone gate of the Sun Temple, which was the key to inflicting heavy damage on both sides of the enemy! Wei Xun believes that it is necessary to offer sacrifices to open the stone gate, but it is not completely necessary to offer sacrifices, because there is a Yifulite flame to guide the way, coupled with the continuous pollution of the black sand giant over the years, now a small crack has been opened in the stone gate.

It’s good to have human sacrifices to make the stone gate fully open, but even without human sacrifices, if the black sand giant makes his black snake giant sacrifice, I’m afraid it can also pollute the stone gate! This is why the sun has no scruples about sacrifices. He knows that the black sand giant always has a way to open the stone gate. The sun just wants to make the snake and bone slaves of the black sand giant suffer the most casualties before the stone gate is opened.

This is what Wei Xun thought! He originally thought that the yin-yang butterfly should be able to disturb the giant, and David should be able to kill the black snake. If they make trouble together, they will cause heavy losses to the black sand giant and force pollution to open the stone gate!

However, Zhang xingzang, who appeared with transparent power, let Wei Xun give up this plan. No one knows whether the lizard Duke will sneak into the stone gate with transparent power first, disrupt and destroy the sun statue and the original body of the world destroying black snake, seize the power of 30 degrees north latitude and destroy the scene again! Even if the Duke of lizard can’t do his best in the future and can’t do it by himself, it’s not impossible with the help of the silver moon killer who incarnates the skeleton giant.

In this case, Wei Xun can’t delay any longer. He must take dangerous moves – half life said he was sure to forcibly open the stone gate!

Can he really open it alone? What is the cost of half life? Old Chen Cheng told him to kill the nine giant tribes into ancient oasis keepsakes, but he didn’t say anything about Shimen, the exterminating black snake and the sun statue. Didn’t he say it, or did it belong to the memory of half life lost? If half life recovers his memory, is he still half life now?

Wei Xun is not sure, but after secretly making second-hand preparations, he decides to believe in half life Taoist and that he can open the stone gate.

Since half his life trusted him so much, he also wanted to see how far his fate could go. The angel tattoo behind is hot, but Wei Xun calms down. Don’t worry, you will be used soon.

The battlefield of chaos and terror is like a rough sea. The weak have no right to live here. The skeleton giants were sent to and fell down again and again. It looked funny, but Chen Cheng and others near them didn’t feel funny at all.

Imagine the horror of a building dozens of meters high collapsing in the distance? Even the chain reaction caused by the fall of a tall giant may kill weak humans. Even if there seems to be an invisible force to block the terrible shock wave for them, the violently shaking earth and the cracking ground make people dangerous again and again, just like a boat that can be overturned at any time on the rough waves.

Can they really survive this terror?

The earth shaking makes people unable to stand, and the thick darkness makes people unable to recognize the direction at all. Is the front flat or crack? Is it safe or dangerous?

I can’t see clearly. No one can see clearly.

Even the strongest Chen Cheng was terrified. What he was afraid of was not his own death, but that he could not lead his team friends back alive. He heard Cheng Tianbao’s rapid breathing, Yu feiluan’s depressed pain and hum, and Zhu Yuande began to mutter prayers. Chen Cheng clenched the sword in his hand, and his fear and anxiety suddenly calmed down.

If there is no way out, he will kill a way out. If he must die, he will fight to the last minute and die with his partners.

“At the beginning of ancient times, who preached?”

“What is the reason to test it if it is not shaped up and down?”


However, at the next moment, Chen Cheng and others heard a faint chanting sound from the depths of the dark sandstorm. In the roaring wind, the sound was extremely small, as if it could be dispersed by the wind, but it was as tough as bamboo in the wind, and existed all the time.

In the boundless space, Chen Chengru felt it and looked into the darkness. He seemed to see through the darkness. He saw a young Taoist with a peach wood sword, chanting “Heaven asked”, coming towards him in the black sand storm, just as they first saw in the desert oasis.

Did they really meet in the desert oasis? For a moment, there seemed to be countless pictures in his mind, but Chen Cheng couldn’t see any of them clearly. He only saw the hundred second child smiling and singing in front of him, opening his mouth, but there was no sound. Chen Cheng tries to concentrate and listen more carefully, but he finds that the cold mountain sword in his hand has been taken away by Bai Laoer.

“Captain, borrow your sword.”

Half life Taoist opened his mouth. He knew that Chen Cheng, the “Captain”, could not hear him. For a moment, he had a lot to say to Chen Cheng, but he swallowed it all. He walked towards the stone gate faster and faster, and almost stepped out a distance of several meters. The tall skeleton giant could not stop him at all, but became a half life way forward.

The closer he got to Shimen, the half life Taoist became calm. What is the blockade behind the stone gate? Is it related to half of his life? If he found that half life, would he still be himself now?

These problems, which disturbed his state of mind, like melting snow, disappeared and half his life stopped thinking.

Open the stone gate and complete Wei Xun’s plan. His purpose is only so simple. Within ten steps, the half life Taoist had reached the stone gate, but he was stopped by a very tall giant skeleton. It is surrounded by the light moonlight, which seems to purify the pollution in front of the stone gate. Under his influence, the gap of the stone gate is smaller and almost closed.

The black sand giant wanted to open the stone gate, but the giant wanted to close the stone gate. But that doesn’t mean the skeleton giant is on their side.

If you want to close the stone gate, maybe someone has entered the gap of the stone gate, and the skeleton giant doesn’t want others to enter again.

Hum, silver moon killer, lizard Duke, they really won’t miss this opportunity.

Half life Taoist wantonly smiled and raised Hanshan sword. The skeleton giant is firmly in front of the stone gate, and the sword can’t cut to the stone gate at all.

However, half life Taoist was not meant to split the stone gate! Without warning, he turned back with his sword, and Hanshan’s blade pierced his heart!

He learned from Wei Xun beautifully, fast, accurate and cruel, and the skeleton giant didn’t respond at all. Half life people spit blood, but they laugh repeatedly. His heart piercing speed is faster and more standard than Wei Xun. Just as he raised his sword at his heart, a voice floated in his mind.

He used half his life to forge a sword.

It seems that he once waved a sword with half his life, but half his life can’t remember clearly. The blood gushed out, but it crossed the bones of the skeleton giant, directly onto the stone gate and onto the ancient oasis keepsake in front of the half life Taoist. In an instant, the keepsake cracked countless cracks, and the majestic force poured out. The stone gate stained with half life blood suddenly opened, revealing the deep darkness inside!

No one in the petrochemical forest battlefield expected that the stone gate would open at this time without warning! Regardless of the sun and black sand inside and outside Shimen, everyone was stunned, but someone was waiting for this moment! In an instant, the light radiated out, like a sun rising in the night. The dazzling golden light gathered behind him, like wings made of gold, and the snow-white hair turned red like fire.

How dazzling.

Half life couldn’t see clearly. He didn’t bother to see what was in the darkness deep in the stone gate. Everything went as it was. He looked to the bright place, as if he saw Wei Xun’s tacit understanding with him.

Next, according to the plan, Wei Xun should lead the sun and the black sand giant to attack each other. Half a life thought that Wei Xun called him cenqin. It sounds a little strange. The bright light is more and more dazzling, like the sun falling——

No, it’s not an illusion! Half life was suddenly frightened and covered with cold sweat. I don’t know where to raise a force. A lazy donkey rolled to one side. Wei Xun smashed the Sun Pendant full of all the sun’s power directly!


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