TTG Chapter 408

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 408: The Sahara of Death (84)

It was only a few minutes from half life road opening the stone gate with painstaking efforts to Wei Xun activating the angel’s power to lift the sun! But within a few minutes, the situation on the battlefield was like a reversal of the situation, and the chaos was extremely serious.

After half life Dao opened the stone gate with his heart and blood, all his mind and spirit were attracted by the stone gate. The scene in front of him and the sound in his ear were completely different from those in his eyes. On the contrary, Wei Xun saw it more truly!

The last sound and image came from the lead wire. Wei Xun saw that half life road was shrouded in the darkness inside the stone gate at the moment when the stone gate was opened. The whole figure was looming, as if he had completely integrated into the darkness inside the stone gate and was completely swallowed up by the darkness. At the moment when the lead wire broke, Wei Xun only felt that half of his life was not in this world or in the scene replay.

The emptiness of the light is not Wei Xun’s illusion. At the moment when the stone gate is fully opened, a hot and dazzling light column suddenly “shoots” from the dark depth in the stone gate. All the bones in front of the light column, the giant black sand and black snake, disappear under the light. This dazzling white light is more dazzling and hot than the glare. It can not only burn the darkness, but also burn it to ashes!

Zhang xingzang, who is so transparent that only strength exists, secretly protects Chen Cheng. He immediately pushes them aside and protects them with xingzang’s strength. He can avoid this pillar of light! The dazzling white light made everyone subconsciously close their eyes, but Zhang xingzang vaguely saw that the light column behind the stone gate was a statue of pure gold.

It’s a statue of the sun! The sun was ready. When the stone gate was completely opened, it suddenly “shot” the most dazzling and blazing sunlight. It was a weight lifter. Even if he was only affected at the edge, Zhang xingzang could also detect the terrible burning feeling that distorted the air. The light column was castrated more than once and “shot” fiercely at the black and red giant eyes hidden in the layers of dark clouds!

However, Zhang xingzang did not care whether the black sand giant was hit by the sun, and his anxious eyes fell deep in the stone gate. Half life and silver moon kill turned into huge bones. They were all blocked in front of the stone gate, but now they all disappear. Can it be said that half life and silver moon were killed by the light column, and the dead didn’t even leave the body?

No, no! Even if half of his life can’t carry the silver moon kill, he won’t be killed by the light column. Zhang xingzang can feel that there is a transparent force in addition to the lizard Duke. The silver moon kill can’t die.

There must be something wrong. Zhang xingzang looks at the stone gate. After being contaminated with half life blood “liquid”, Shimen gives a completely different momentum, as if it is not just a simulated scene in the scene replay, but a real space hidden in the scene replay!

Half life blood activates it. Now half life and silver moon kill may fall into that space! The scene of ancient oasis repeats itself. During the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the last decade, the suspected undead old Chen Cheng lost half his life – several clues are connected in his mind, and Zhang xingzang suddenly realized!

I’m afraid there’s a big secret hidden in the stone gate, which is the key to the half life loss and the survival of Lao Chen team after the battlefield! For a moment, Zhang xingzang’s heart was shocked. The secret behind the battlefield involved the soul of this generation of ten years. However, the next moment, he forcibly suppressed his anxiety.

The scene replay is not over yet. This is the most dangerous moment. We must protect Chen Chengzhong. Once they die, the scene replay collapses, I’m afraid it will cause extremely serious consequences.

However, Zhang xingzang was almost unable to carry the terror and destruction that poured down immediately! Hearing a deafening roar, the sky was torn open like a terrible crack. The dark clouds piled up like mountains were washed away by the light column. The black sand giant showed its true shape, and the remaining light marks in the night were like a shining arrow “shooting” through the giant eyes in the black sand giant face.

The black sand giant was torn and crushed by the light trace of terror, which was more powerful than the power of destruction and pollution. Its huge body was gradually crushed by the dazzling light, and finally only a piece of blue and purple light was left. The light remaining in the night sky gathered in an instant and turned into a brilliant arrow to “shoot” at it.

That is the abyss fragment that was stolen by black sand in the past! Take it back, purify it, suppress it, and the blasphemer will resist again——


No one could hear the sound, but the light arrow that almost pierced the night sky was broken, and the remaining halo dissipated in less than a second and disappeared in the dark. As if the magnificent picture of the light column tearing the darkness just now was just an illusion, the more terrible darkness came back and swallowed up all the light.

In the stone gate, a huge and terrible dark shadow floats, like a winding giant black snake. The sun statue is shrouded in its thick black shadow, decaying and fragile like a pool of poison.

The sun defeated the black sand giant eye with a beam of light, but the giant snake was also ready to destroy the world. His own strength comes from the ultimate destruction, which is born to destroy the world. The black sand giant is destroyed by the pillar of light. As it wishes, what is the ultimate destruction than destroying itself? Destruction will not make death, but will make him stronger!

Thousands of giant eyes opened in the dark, swallowed by black sand in several death seasons. All eyes represent the destruction of a life. They turn into several black lights and penetrate into the depths of the stone gate. Like highly toxic and dark thorns, the rope is wrapped around the statue of the sun. More destructive forces leak out from the “swing”, and the rustling sound rings from all directions.

Several black sands turn into destructive black snakes. Their bodies are filled with the silent black gas, which can wither the flowers and dry up the lake. Once the sun statue is completely controlled by the power of the giant snake, the world will be completely reduced to dark pollution, but the sun can’t sit and wait to die!

“Yun Ying, Yun Ying!”

“Yun Ying, what are you doing, Yun Ying!”

The anxious call sounded from the battlefield and saw the holy white light shining around Yun Ying. The rattle drum that can communicate with the sun in her is really transformed into the shape of the sun. Yun Ying’s eyes are slightly closed and her face is a dull happy smile. Despite the obstruction of her companions, she walks to the stone gate and destroys energy like a knife. Yun Ying’s blood flows across her body, but she is as calm as a saint who sacrifices herself, step by step.

This state is obviously wrong! Chen Cheng grabbed her in a hurry, but suddenly his face was pale and forced to loosen. He saw that the dazzling light around Yun Ying burned his arm into coke! Yun Ying still has a stiff smile on her face, but tears flow down her face.

In the battle of Xie level, the small ones are like mole ants. It seems that the giant snake represents the destruction of darkness and the sun represents the meaning of light, but they are all the same and don’t care about the “sex” life!

What is light, what is darkness.

At the edge of the petrified forest, Wei Xun changed from a snow leopard into a shape. The burning power of the scarlet cloak on his back excited “swing” ups and downs. The sun on his shoulder imprinted his skin like flowing gold “liquid”, which made his skin, blood and bones stained with the brilliance of the sun. It was often time for pain, but Wei Xun looked “color” as usual.

This is the sun’s urging and warning. The powerful Angel power given by Wei Xun is about to break out. The holy sound of the sun is echoed in Wei Xun’s mind. Yun Ying is just a target. The sun uses the blood of pure believers to eliminate the gas of destruction and attract the attention of the world killing giant snake, so that Wei Xun can use the angel power to seize the opportunity to recapture the abyss fragments (Butterfly fragments)!

Only recapture the abyss fragment, the world will be bright, only seal the giant snake, and the world will return to peace.

The holy sound “swings” in Wei Xun’s mind like spiritual pollution. It is warm and compassionate. Wei Xun no longer suppresses the power of the sun’s brand. In an instant, the light radiates out, like a sun rising in the night. The dazzling golden light bursts out behind him, just like the wings made of gold. The golden wings fan and Wei Xun flies into the air, Holding a nearly broken solar pendant, the sun’s energy is poured into the pendant.

Wei Xun’s eyes were as bright as stars, like a fire burning. Bright red flowed from the corners of his lips, but it was blood. If you are arrogant and wantonly light up the angel’s power, the attention of the giant snake will be transferred from Yun Ying to you in an instant, and the sun’s plan to secretly capture butterfly fragments will fail!

The sun abandons the invincible angel, and the huge power of the sun is forcibly poured into Wei Xun’s soul, which will be made into a weapon for “sexual” attack and forcibly seize butterfly fragments.

The white hair is dyed with bright and fiery red “color”, the ancient and mysterious golden lines appear on the skin, the eyelashes “hair” are clustered like gold wires, the golden “color” feathers “grow on the ears, and the eyes become orange red like sunset, like honey wine brewed for many years. The power of the sun is infecting the soul and controlling the body, but Wei Xun is not infected by the soul for the first time!

With the Sun Pendant and the dead Ming token in his left hand, the God of fire pollution poured into the body madly, mixed with the power of the sun, and was forcibly poured into the Sun Pendant by Wei Xun. This too powerful power is far from Wei Xun’s control. Wei Xun’s body looks like it has been cracked, as if the blood, flesh and bones in his body have turned into several brilliant golden feathers and hairs, which only expanded and burst, Thousands of feathers are splashed out.

However, there was a chill in the scorching heat, which barely maintained the balance of the body. One was the butterfly fragment in the heart, and the other was the Hanshan sword that Wei Xun carried half his life before he left. The cold sword body was not polluted by the scorching heat, but made Wei Xun’s right arm cold and piercing.

When the dark and destructive power of suppressing terror comes, and the internal and external forces of the sun will grind into meat mud, Wei Xun activates the power of Dongling Jade Butterfly fragments at the most dangerous time.

All inside and outside the body were polluted and jade turned. He forcibly resisted the power of the sun and destruction. More than ten seconds later, Wei Xun finally realized the familiar power of the stars!

Just now, the smell of destruction soared, thousands of black snakes appeared, including David. After David joined, the next astrologer! Anka worm is connected with blood “liquid” and infuses Weixun with a large amount of star power. In an instant, strands of silver dissipated in self-defense. It was the wolf “hair” killed by silver moon.

The stars, the silver and the moon mingled, and the power of the sun in Wei Xun’s body shook “swing”. In an instant, Wei Xun led the power of the silver, the moon and the stars to pour all the solar energy into the solar pendant. The solar Pendant in the radiated thousands of rays. Vaguely, Wei Xun heard the sound of the fragmentation of the solar pendant, but the terrible sunshine was more brilliant.

Wei Xun forcibly lifted the sun with the body of an angel!

The darkness dissipated and the bright sun shone on the night sky. Looking down from a high place, Wei Xun saw Chen Chengzhong desperately trying to save his partner. He Yunlai turned into “Mao”. His arms were stiff and his chest was charred. Yu feiluan desperately hugged Yun Ying. Yu feiluan took out pieces of sky fire runes to try to absorb the power of the scorching sun and flame on Yun Ying’s body and vomited blood, Liu Hongyu and Tong Fu quickly wound healing and disinfection bandages around their companion’s arms. Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang, who had just wrapped the bandage and whose arms were still scorched, came to replace He Yun and hugged and pulled Yun Ying again.

Class is weak and tough.

God is born from his faith, and what determines his life and death? The battle between them should be solved by themselves!

Wei Xun looked at the stone gate from a distance, but the invisible half life in Zhang xingzang’s eyes was clearly visible to Wei Xun. Wei Xun saw that half life was silly and laughing, but his body was gradually falling down and falling into the darkness behind the stone gate. Neither the light column “shot” by the sun nor the movement of the world killing giant snake passed through the half life illusory body, which aroused no ripples.

Is there another space behind the stone gate? Is it the other half of life? Wei Xun is not sure, but he will never let half his life disappear like this. Wei Xun penetrates the semi-finished Hanshan sword through the crack of the Sun Pendant. Since half life’s decision is absolutely correct, Wei Xun will do it all according to his own ideas.

The next second, Wei Xun did not hesitate to raise the sun and smashed the Sun Pendant with Hanshan sword in the direction of the stone gate!

How dazzling.

The dazzling light shines on the night sky. Yun Ying stops and is no longer controlled to death like a puppet. She subconsciously holds her hands in front of her chest and looks at the sunny night sky. Unconsciously, the dark and destructive power around us all disappeared.

The scorched light of the arms and bodies of the companions who depend on life and death is not there, and the power to control her to death is missing. They are all attracted by the light like the sun. Chen Cheng’s brigade looked at the night sky. We will never forget the scene we saw tonight. Director C brightened the night sky like an angel and smashed the sun held in the middle into the stone gate of the temple!

It is not a believer, nor is it a guide who ignores “sexual” persecution partners in order to open up new scenic spots. It is more like a destroyer and a wanton madman, but it blooms a dazzling light that the law ignores and forgets. This light does not hurt you, nor does it drive you with interest.

How nice.

Tears fell from Zhu Yuande’s eyes, and the sun was too dazzling. Tears fell from the corners of Yun Ying’s eyes. For a moment, she seemed to see many pictures, the death of her companions and her own death. The bright sunshine killed her. When she was dying, she begged and prayed for the executioners, hoping that the Chen team would survive and leave here safely.

In a trance, Yun Ying seems to have passed her life, but her eyes are firm in the next second. No, it’s not. If she believes in the sun, she will only believe in the sun guided by C. When Yun Ying wakes up, the only body shape of an Xuefeng outside the petrochemical forest suddenly disappears. At the same time, the golden eyes of the sun statue in Shimen are slightly bright, corresponding to Yun Ying!

How dazzling.

Half life looked at Wei Xun in the air happily, and the five senses gradually weakened and disappeared, like being sucked into the darkness in the stone gate. The bright light is more and more dazzling, like the sun falling——

No, it’s not an illusion! Half life was suddenly frightened and covered with cold sweat. No force rose from it. A lazy donkey rolled to one side. The moment the sun burst into the stone gate, the cold feeling swept over. The cold feeling of Hanshan sword seemed to break the prison. Half his life, he woke up. He was stunned to find that his strength had disappeared, his strength was soft and fell to the ground. His face was facing the stone gate and saw a scene that made his heart jump.

The solar Pendant with the power of terror blew into the stone gate and onto the giant snake and the sun statue. The golden and red sun light column and the black and dirty pollution breath. The solar energy of the solar pendant from another god system burst out, mixed with a little private goods polluted by the God of fire, just like the explosion of the original · son · bomb!

The power of solution level erupts!

A huge skeleton shining with silver moon was blown out of the stone gate. It was broken and messy, and almost hit half life road. Seeing that yinyuesha was blown into such a half life, his face was green and white for a while, and his feet moved back with difficulty. Fortunately, the terrible shock wave was blocked in the stone gate, and there was no “exposure” at all, otherwise it would be bad luck.

The stone gate is extremely special. Half life feels that the ancient oasis keepsake in front of him has been broken since the death of the black sand giant. It is reasonable that this solution level power has completely erupted. The scene replay should be broken, but now the scene replay is still stable, even after half life’s blood stained stone gate, the area around the petrified forest is more stable.

The door connects the space.

After being stained with blood, several pieces of “chaos” appeared in my mind, blackening my eyes in pain. I only vaguely feel that there is a life connection between myself and Shimen, which makes me feel more familiar. The terrible light of the explosion filled the stone gate. You can’t see what happened on the face at all, but half your life can vaguely “see” the scene on the face.

The virtual shadow of the black “color” of the world destroying giant snake was blown to pieces, and the black “color” was as light as soaked water. However, his desperate fight against the sun statue is not optimistic. The golden “color” statue is broken in half, which can be described as both defeat and injury. However, the inside of the broken half sun statue is full of blue and purple, and the lines of eyes are the same as the eyes of Heisha giant!

The sun statue has long been seriously polluted by Maria butterfly fragments, and the pollution is still hidden inside the statue, which could not be found if the statue was not broken! The memory of half life is gradually returning. Lift a move and hit the semi-finished Hanshan sword in the stone gate with the Sun Pendant. The only thing is that the “liquid” body of Hanshan Sword Stained with gold and purple is like cutting the statue of the sun.

Yes, Hanshan sword cut the statue of the sun. Pictures passed in front of me. Half life thought of it! At that time, Chen team found the giant snake that killed the world behind the nine giants, scraped the black snake that killed the world, and found a semi polluted and semi dissolved statue in the snake’s belly.

This is the most special environment. The birth of the sun is combined with the destruction of the extinct giant snake, and it is parasitized and polluted by the fragments of Maria butterfly. Between life and death, the fragments of Maria butterfly changed and grew an eye!

This is an eye that can peep into the abyss, peep into the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, peep into the present, and peep into the hotel. Team Chen calls it the “butterfly eye.”. The butterfly eye contains strong pollution, which seriously affects team Chen, so that Chen Cheng can’t find it with all his strength after Maria’s butterfly fragments are lost.

Later, later… The memory is too confused and too detailed. It’s hard to see for a moment. Only one thing is clear. Chen Cheng should give the butterfly eye to him at the end.

When the battlefield was most critical, the butterfly eye was forcibly opened to seize a glimmer of life for Chen Cheng. However, the butterfly eye lost control and swallowed up more than half of the ancient oasis. It became a terrible connector connecting the abyss, 30 degrees north latitude. Now, half life road broke and suppressed the Butterfly eye with a half life sword between the hotel and the battlefield.

The only way to get rid of this is to completely destroy it. This repetition of the ancient oasis scene is not accidental! Another ten-year cycle is coming to an end. There are changes in the abyss, the battlefield and the depths of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude——


While thinking quickly, half life road suddenly found that the scene in his eyes had changed. The only one eye left of the sun statue lit up, as if he was looking out through his body. Before half life, what happened in the stone gate was the perspective of the butterfly eye. At all times, half life only felt that his eyes were desperately trying to look out and look into the sky, just like the eyes of the butterfly eye forced to “manipulate” and look into the sky.

Half life road suddenly awed in his heart. What’s in the sky? What can make butterfly eyes surging like a heart? Let the sun statue pay attention at the same time? What on earth does it want to see?

Half life looked down at the sky and was stunned to see Wei Xun holding a scarlet blood sucking long knife digging out the fragments of the Maria butterfly from the body fragments hanging in the air! It’s really an evil door. Half life Dao feels that his eyes are like a camera lens. All the surrounding scenes are blurred, and there is only Wei Xun in his eyes.

Watching the golden “color” wings gradually dissipate behind Wei Xun, watching Wei Xun’s whole body glitter with yellow and white jade light, watching Wei Xun walk quickly with fresh butterfly fragments – life, move your eyes, Wei Xun quickly walk to his face. From this angle, you can only see Wei Xun’s wave ridge cover (knee) and look!

“How’s it going?”

The lead wire is connected again. Wei Xun can’t speak now. Speaking is vomiting blood. The vast majority of black sand black snakes and giant skeletons in the petrochemical forest disappeared. Obviously, the sun prevailed. The giant snake was heavily sealed, and the sun won the final victory.

However, it is estimated that the solar power is also seriously lost after this wave. It can be said that it is hurt with the destruction of the giant snake. Moreover, Wei Xun was the initiator of all the figurines. Wei Xun was not sure whether he could be recognized by the sun, so he directly gouged out the huge butterfly fragments of Heisha before the power of Dongling Jade Butterfly fragments dissipated.

“Sun, I do everything you command and bring back the fragments of the abyss.”

Wei Xun vomited blood one by one, and respectfully followed his way.

With fragments, the attitude is good. Even if the sun is squeezed dry, it will give a reward. Wei Xun has been greedy for the angel bone for a long time, but it’s hard to say. After all, there was really nothing extra when he opened up a new scenic spot in Western Hunan.


When he was thinking a lot, Wei Xun suddenly moved his mind and looked deep into the stone gate. When an Xuefeng left, he hid a feather “Mao” in his heart and hid it in Wei Xun’s body through the smell of many Maria butterfly fragments. The feather “Mao” has Anka characters on it and is full of the power of an Xuefeng’s 30 degrees north latitude. Wei Xun can burst out at the most critical moment and contact an Xuefeng at ordinary times.

But now, Wei Xun feels that the feather “Mao” is inching, and the contact direction is the inside of the stone gate where the explosion has not stopped… An Xuefeng is likely to correspond to Yun Ying. In history, Yun Ying died of the sun. Can it be said that an Xuefeng is temporarily incarnated into a statue of the sun??

“Be careful!”

Looking at the depth of the stone gate, even if there is still a dazzling terrorist explosion scene in the stone gate, I can’t see the sun statue at all. I’m afraid Wei Xun is “confused” by the evil butterfly eyes, and even moves his paralyzed body to block in front of Wei Xun. But at the next moment, Wei Xun’s eyes were shining. He directly threw down his pretended obedience and said a series of things like announcing the name of the dish:

“My angel wing bones, wings, whole body; sun statue, energy, flame, sunshine, everything; extinct black snake bones, scales, energy -”

What is this?

Even if Wei Xun is in the eyes of his heart, the half life path is also “confused” and “confused”. Is Wei Xun stupid? Are you awake now?

But the next moment——


A golden bone was thrown out of the stone gate.

Half life is a fool.


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