TTG Chapter 409

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 409: The Sahara of Death (85)

This golden “color” angel bone with pure holy smell is just the beginning, and then a whole body golden yellow is thrown out, such as the feather “hair” made of the purest gold; However, it is a small group of sunshine like platinum “color” flame, and then it is a black “color”, which is suspected to be filled with scales of destruction and pollution.

The angel’s bone, the angel’s feather “hair”, the flame of the sun, the scales of the black snake that knows the world, half life looked at it, his fingers trembled, saw Wei Xun pull the huge and small sand to his side, summon it out to bathe in the sun, and even threw all the glittering powder on his body into the stone gate, and then the stone gate returned to him with golden light, Like the flash powder re blessed by the sun, the whole half life path is numb.

This, this is what zero yuan purchase!

Note that a piece of pure gold “color” statue was thrown out of the stone gate. It is suspected that the sun statue broke off half of its head and jumped in the heart. The inside of this half head is the one with blue and purple “color” eye lines!

“Get away!”

Half of his life suddenly stood up and kicked the stone carving head into Wei Xun’s arms, which made Wei Xun look up. Then Wei Xun saw half a life leaning on the sword and shivering all over him, separated him from the huge skeleton turned into by Yinyue killing, and shouted, “the account between me is still cleared. If you dare to mess out, I’ll split you in half!”

Money and silk are moving, involving butterfly fragments, the mythical sun, unsolvable treasures and so on. Even top travelers are moving. Half life is not warning Yinyue to kill, but also warning the group in the West. In theory, the ancient oasis is his metaphysics, which is what Lao Chen team gave him half his life. Wei Xun’s permission to collect sheep “wool” here is also half of his life.

Don’t think about anything else!

The skeleton is huge and motionless. It looks at half its life quietly, just like a steady wolf dog watching the Chihuahua roar “chaos”. It originally wanted to move. Although those rewards look good, who knows whether there is a replay after leaving the scene. What really matters is that the silver moon kill and the lizard Lord know well when they enter Shimen, let alone move at this time.

The sun and C Yi Li cooperate with each other. It is said that the statue of the sun corresponds to the uncertain snow front. Only fools move.

If he doesn’t move, other western tour guides will also move. Seeing that he had been fooled for half his life, he was relieved and immediately secretly told Wei Xun all his newly recovered memories, including information about butterfly eyes, by pulling wires.

Butterfly eye?

Wei Xun paused. Just now he saw an Xuefeng throw out the broken statue head. Wei Xun immediately knew that an Xuefeng might not be able to control the sun statue for a longer time. Wei Xun immediately stuffed all the things that had just been thrown out into Tong Hege’s stomach. Even if he felt the subtle smell on the head of the half statue kicked by half his life and his eyes jumped slightly, Wei Xun had time to see more.

Now it’s time to see that Wei Xun felt an Xuefeng’s familiar breath when he spoke half his life. A momentum of rage came from the stone gate. However, before the other party moved, Wei Xun took the initiative to spray a big mouthful of blood. His face was pale and moved to the extreme

“Too much, you give me too much, I, I…”

He trembled and clenched the white gold “color” of the sun flame, and suddenly made a move that everyone thought of – he swallowed the sun flame directly into his stomach!

The sun flame is not so good to be integrated into the fusion flame. He takes the initiative to swallow the sun flame and will be controlled by the sun. This is the most pious loyalty!

The hot smell that had wrapped around Wei Xun’s neck once saw that Wei Xun seemed to feel that he could break his neck at any time. His lips trembled, but his eyes were very firm:

“I will be your most devout angel!”

How can you have such a unlucky angel!

Although I can’t hear what the sun statue says, I’ll dub the sun myself – wake up, you take away the head of the statue! But then Wei Xun recited his prayers devoutly. He was so beautiful and his voice was so sweet. Even if he swallowed the sun’s flame and was a little unfaithful, his soul was as painful as being burned by the fire and baked by the sun.

However, this does not show any difference.

Is he really an absolute believer in the sun?

Yes, when he was tested in the magma pool in the temple, the sun knew that he was the most devout believer. Today, the blasphemer was too soft hearted and cared too much about his partner for his disobedience to the sun in wartime, but in the end, the blasphemer was destroyed and he also recaptured the butterfly fragments.

Somehow, it was clearly the first time we met. The sun had soft love for this outsider and wanted to meet all his requests. Even if this softness accounts for one percent of his cold God’s “sex”, it is unprecedented.


But you can give everything, and you can’t give the head! However, as soon as the sun statue opened his mouth, he felt a chill in his heart. He suddenly thought that he had suddenly lost all his knowledge, as if controlled by another evil existence. Obviously, he should restore his original strength in defeating the blasphemer, but the evil even cut off his head and threw it out in order to weaken him and limit him.

The sun statue shudders. The impact of the abyss debris is too deep. I don’t know how long it can last. Give the head and the abyss debris to the believers for temporary custody. Maybe if the impact of the abyss debris can be transferred to the believers

Wei Xun thought of a grand sound in his mind, like a symphony, which was the message sent by the sun to him. Wei Xun felt that his forehead and heart were hot, like a poke.

The amount of darkness pollutes the holy palace. The broken world needs time to recover, but darkness will come back. Now that the gods are sleeping, only the sun remains unchanged forever to resist darkness and bring light.

Now the temple of the sun altar has been destroyed. You get the care of the sun to restore the glory of the sun.

The message from the sun is probably this thought, saying that Wei Xun should go out to find materials for rebuilding the temple altar, but the sun altar must be guarded.

Wei Xun was relieved to know that he was recognized by the sun. He was overjoyed and said prayers dozens of times, all of which were the version mixed with Vulcan to pollute private goods. The thought of the sun is to let him keep the little sand. These rewards are too rich for the sun to be reconciled. But Wei Xun didn’t leave the little sand transformed into a giant sun. He directly took out the iflit flame core that was drained most of the core flame and sent it into the stone gate.

It’s better to use the old than the new. It’s better to stick to the heart or the old guard.


Is the sun so talkative? Not angry?

Wei Xun thought that he was ready to return the statue head and other things. I don’t know whether it’s because of the hotel, whether Vulcan pollution plays a small role, or what conspiracy the sun has.

Or although an Xuefeng can’t control the sun, he is still in the sun statue, causing subtle influence. But in any case, he was recognized by the sun.

“C guide.”

“Guide C!”

Chen Cheng and others hurried to Wei Xun. All of them were hurt and described as embarrassed, but their eyes shining like stars at Wei Xun. Liu Hongyu immediately checked the injury for him. Tong Fu and others held swords and guard aside. Chen Cheng looked deeply at him and helped Yun Ying to Bingyi.

“Thank you. Thank you, guide c…”

Yun Ying is as jealous as a little rabbit. She can’t cry and speaks incoherently.

“End, I, this journey, complete…”

It’s director C, save her, save his whole team! At the moment when the sun’s imprint disappeared on her, Yun Ying felt vaguely that everything was over. At the moment she spoke, the terrorist explosion in the Shimen was finally over and replaced by the incomparably brilliant sunshine. The bright and dazzling sunshine lights up every inch of darkness and sweeps outward from the stone gate like a curtain of light.

Under the bright sunshine, thousands of black snakes turn into sand, and the dark sand turns golden again. Bones were broken into powder, thick black fog and clouds were dispersed by the sun. It’s still night, but it’s as bright as day. The sun wins the final victory, and the dark destruction will be completely dispersed.

Yun Ying knows, and Chen Cheng knows everything. This posture is definitely not ordinary to open up new scenic spots, but more like opening up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude! He and director C were not in the same team. The birth of the new journey expelled all the passengers around him, except director C who took on a special task.

“Guide C -”

Everyone knows that they will be separated soon, and they are a little reluctant to part with each other.

“C guide me out. Goodbye! I must see you again. I invite you to the abyss node!”

This is Yu Hexuan, who is rich and generous.

“Director C, thank you. It’s nice to meet you…”

This is Yu feiluan, who is introverted and shy. She has too many words to say. She crams all her remaining seal characters into Wei Xun and hides in her brother’s shy smile.

“Guide C, let me exchange the communication number. You have saved me so many times. I must repay you, or I will become a white eyed wolf!”

This is honest old he Yunlai.

“Director C, do you want to come to the brigade? I have a guide in metaphysics!”

This is a bright and lively Tong Fu. She was hugged by Liu Hongyu. It was a rare intimacy. It was like trying to “rub” Tong Fu into her ribs. Everyone is watching. Tong Fu doesn’t want to push him, push him away, and ask “sex” to lean in love’s arms.

He is married, but also the most loving couple. Never live alone when you die.

“Brother Zhu calculated that you should be my metaphysical guide by nature, right, brother Zhu?”

This is the thickest skinned Tang Shuang. He waited for Zhu Yuande to pick up the conversation, but he heard a voice. Tang Shuang leaned on Zhu Yuande with his elbow, but was stunned to find that Zhu Yuande was crying.

Why is brother Zhu crying? It’s not that you can’t see director C? Tang Shuang didn’t understand. He was considerate in front of Zhu Yuande and left a dignity for brother Zhu.

“Car, someone is coming.”

Liu Hongyu, the most calm and rational, has been talking since just now. Liu Hongyu finally opens his mouth. He hugs Tong Fu tightly and clasps his fingers.

“Yes, why does this car still come?”

He Yunlai also couldn’t understand scratching his head. His passengers have always been picked up and sent by hotel cars. Even if director C opened a new journey and excluded all of him, he had to be protected by hotel cars.

“Do we still have the eye of the Sahara?”

“Is that a camel from the car? Ha ha…”


In the bright sunshine, he looked at me, I looked at you, and gradually he didn’t speak.

He looked at C-1. The hundred second was standing next to him with a sword. He was obviously smiling, but his eyes were clearly filled with sadness, and his smile was the same as crying. Wearing a scarlet cloak, director C stood in the sun and looked at him calmly and gently as he had first seen him.

The moment when the eyes are opposite seems to be connected with the heart, and all hearts suddenly have a hidden understanding.

He is not a fool. Most of them were saved by guide C. they vaguely saw the illusion of their own death and the death of their companions.

Is it an illusion.

Yu Hexuan hugged his sister tightly. She can’t. her sister is alive, warm and healthy, right in his arms


Yu Hexuan’s voice trembled. He saw that his sister’s body was slowly integrating into the sun. The golden light enveloped him, and he became like light.

“I’m so lucky to meet such a good guide as director C.”

He Yunlai was the first to speak. His eyes were red and his voice trembled. He looked at his eyes, which gradually scattered into bright spots: “originally…”

It turned out that he was really dead.

“I’m lucky.”

Zhu Yuande said calmly. At this time, he found that he was more calm than expected. This beautiful time was like stolen, enough, really enough.

He hammered he Yunlai’s shoulder: “I met director C.”

Across time and space, it is the greatest luck to meet director C during this time, meet partners, and live this journey together like a dream, even now.

“Why, why, I clearly –”

Tong Fu couldn’t believe she caught Liu Hongyu. She opened her eyes blankly and looked around, but the world suddenly became strange and unknown. In the darkness, Liu Hongyu covered her eyes. He spoke. It was a small kiss that fell on Tong Fu’s cheek and kissed her tears.

“Is all this a dream?”

Yun Ying stared at his teammates and at Bingyi. Suddenly, no one thought of it. Yun Ying opened her arms to Bingyi.

She earnestly begged, “director C, can I hold you?”

Wei Xun has been trying to put him into various props just now, but Zhu Yuande is really a little bit of resentment that remains in the ancient oasis. Now his obsession has disappeared. If there is any regret, all this resentment will disappear.

Wei Xun sighed. He opened his arms and Yun Ying rushed into his arms. She remembered that director C was seriously injured and was careful not to press him, but Wei Xun didn’t feel any weight in his arms. It was like holding a warm and light air.

“Not a dream…”

Holding director C really, she felt that director C was cold and patting her back. Yun Ying cried. She smiled gently and closed her eyes. There are still traces of light left in front of us. The warm red “color” is like the cloak of director C. It’s not a dream. A good guide like director C really exists.

Even if it exists in his time, it also exists in the future.



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