TTG Chapter 41

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (41)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 41: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

The water waves are rippling from the white fox to the white fox in circles. The beautiful fox body is dotted with silver and bright piranhas. Originally, the broken boat was carried by the white fox. Even though the boat was still more and more broken with the passage of time, the bow and stern were almost broken, but it didn’t matter.

No piranha can bite the people on board, and no one can make the white fox pay attention to the people injured. Looking down from the sky, the scene is dreamy and suffocating.

[ door fox fairy!]

[lying trough, is it a fox fairy?! How did it appear here? I didn’t dream!]

The audience in the live studio were shocked. Some people didn’t understand the bullet screen, asked the door fox fairy, and immediately someone answered:

[in the live broadcast of B 49, Drunken Beauty Xiangxi, they killed the fox!]

[fuck, the fox thief was so fierce that almost the 49th regiment B overturned. If B 49 didn’t attack first, then spend more than ten puppets by any means, and give up four passengers to cross the point by force, otherwise it wouldn’t be certain to win or lose]

[come on, you don’t have to win or lose. B 49’s embarrassed strength is good. It’s just running away]

[yes, the correct method of that project should have been to dispel the soul of resentment, and the fox fairy got out of trouble and became an immortal. B 49 obviously accepted the task of the fox fairy, but he hid his head and complained about his soul and made a sneak attack when the fox fairy passed the door. As a result, stealing chickens did not erode the rice. Not only did he almost get killed and seriously injured, but four passengers died!]

[if he can pass the task normally, he will be greedy!]

[the tour guide should have been greedy. Who is not greedy on the journey?? B 49 is greedy to lose. If he is greedy to win, all the passengers in the team will benefit. Why don’t you say that]


[no, is this fox really a fox fairy? It’s not dead. It’s impossible to take another journey]

[it should be that he looks like him. Didn’t Yu he’an say that the fox is his brother just now]

[it should be a special title  brother passenger died, leaving a wisp of residual soul to protect brother and so on]

[the fox is so big that it can swim directly in the soul losing stream. It must have been a strong traveler before he died]

[no matter how strong it is, passengers don’t have to die]

As soon as the barrage came out, there was a moment of silence in the live studio. Without the shelter of the bullet screen, the beautiful fox swam lightly across the dark river with a bright red boat. The scene was like a beautiful painting, which was branded in everyone’s heart and could not be forgotten for a long time.

“The second scenic spot has passed.”

Shi Xiao murmured and his eyes were complex. Through Yu he an and Yu He Hui brothers, he seemed to have reached himself and Shi Tao. If one of them encounters absolute danger, he is likely to die. He will definitely prepare goods for Shi Tao in advance.

No one will die. Although I don’t think this fox is the one next door, the fox fairy, who died, he is a little remnant soul and can carry the boat to the soul loss stream. Shi Xiao recognized that he was definitely a very powerful traveler in his life. Maybe it will be legendary.

“What a pity.”

No matter how powerful the passengers are, they will eventually die.

“Yu Hehui.”

Shielding the barrage, he carefully went to the white fox in the live broadcasting room. With a wave of his hand, a roll of sheep skin appeared in his hand. I looked through it and found it. He pondered for a moment, picked up the purple quill and wrote a note. Then he folded the note again and let it disappear between his fingers.

* *

“Huihui, Huihui…”

“Brother Yu, take it easy.”

Wang pengpai’s expression moved and put down the bamboo pole. With a white fox carrying a boat, he didn’t have to support the boat. Wang pengpai stooped down to help the bow of the boat, tried to pull down Yu Hehui and comforted him. Yu he’an has always been a white fox. When the bow collapsed just now, he almost fell down. It was Wang pengpai who brought him back in time.

But I’m afraid Yu he’an would rather be with Yu He Hui.

Wang pengpai was comforted. With this effort, he stole an eye and appeared a note between his fingers. Wang pengpai was relieved by the contents of the note. He patiently helped Yu He to get up. Wang pengpai advised:

“Brother Yu, don’t press forward. What if you press Huihui’s head?”

“Yes, yes, you can’t press forward.”

Just now, Yu Hean couldn’t get up. Yu Hean immediately got up when he heard this sentence. Even if he was full of eyes and jumped down again, he didn’t continue to press the bow of the boat. In fact, Yu Hehui turns the whole boat into a fox. What’s the difference between going forward and going back? Yu Hean feels that Wang pengpai is right when he is full of his brother.

If it weren’t for the brothers’ feelings, who would be so moved.

Wang pengpai patted Yu he’an on the shoulder. It was really comforting this time. Just now, a note came, which made Wang pengpai much more relaxed.

Wang pengpai is happy. Fortunately, he came here wisely to get drunk in Western Hunan. Otherwise, how could he meet Yu Hehui? It’s really a joy. Wang pengpai scratched his ass and acted casually and rudely, just like an old man doing it casually.

[you have untied a layer of seal of hidden talisman]

Well, untie a layer of seal. It’s enough for that thing.

Wang pengpai glanced at Bingjiu in the corner of his eye. Seeing that he was lowering his head and distracted, he moved briskly and concealed. He felt a gourd wrench from his trouser pocket and sandwiched it between his fingers.

[ Name: purple golden gourd (low configuration copy)]

[quality: made by ‘replicator’]

[function: say ‘xxx, I’ll call you dad, do you dare to promise’, if the other party agrees, it can accommodate creatures, meat, body or soul, and use it 0 / 1 times]

[system judgment: this item is extremely unstable. If any ingestion and clothing props are started at the same time during use, the judgment level is always the lowest. It is comprehensively judged that passengers with super class four stars and above can be used]

[Note 1: do you want body or soul? Can you choose one? Do you know what I mean – by replicator]

[Note 2: it’s a basic etiquette to call someone dad. You know what I mean – by replicator]

Wang pengpai pulled from the corners of his eyes and felt that he had to fight with the replicator sooner or later. However, it’s really easy for this guy to make things. Yu Hehui has only a remnant soul. Don’t you have to be a body or soul. I wish I had some soul. When I returned to the hotel, I had all kinds of ways.

As a brother, he fell into this situation. Wang pengpai really couldn’t bear it. Even if there was no note, he would rather risk exposing the letter and unseal it. He had to take back the ghost of Yu Hehui.

Although the copied version of the purple gourd and the purple gourd have the lowest comprehensive judgment in the face of any collection props,  that is, even if there is a ragged collection props, and Wang pengpai receives Yu and Hui’s soul at the same time, they both judge that the other party is successful and Wang pengpai fails, which seems very useless, but who will specially prepare collection props in this small journey. Who will ask for help or not, and make a remnant soul envoy to Yu Hehui.

It’s worth getting drunk in Western Hunan this time. Wang pengpai sighed again. It was full of harvest. The only thing to worry about is that the identity may be exposed after the attack from C 9.

He took a look at Bing Jiu, but Bing Jiu even ignored him. They looked at each other. Wang pengpai was embarrassed but flattered. He licked the dog, but he didn’t turn on Bingjiu, polite and bent his mouth.

Wang pengpai:???

It’s worth getting drunk in Western Hunan this time. Wei Xun sighed in his heart that he was full of harvest. He was holding a black gold rope in his hand. Just now, he took the rope and touched the surname card in his pocket.

Then this rope, which was all unknown to Wei Xun, was unsealed!

[ Name: * *  climbing rope]

[quality: unknown]

[function 1: tenacity]

[function 2: binding]

[function 3: after touching, accept and trap all living or inanimate things. Usage times [0 / 1]

[you are the vice master of mountaineering rope and can use all functions of mountaineering rope]

Good guy, Wei Xun really didn’t wake up. He said it was really cost-effective to sign the agreement. He could go whoring with an Xuefeng for nothing before he joined the brigade!

“How do the master and vice master judge?”

Wei Xun pondered and said sincerely: “do you look like the Lord?”

Of course, a climbing rope can’t speak. Wei Xun is quite satisfied. He tilts his legs against the stern of the boat. It seems that he doesn’t like to be soaked in water and sticks to his clothes. Wei Xun pulls open his collar at will.

The Yellow value doesn’t want to make him grow up. The live broadcasting room is shielded again. Wei Xun leans back lazily and naturally takes the side of the boat. The black rope has become transparent under the control of Wei Xun. He didn’t know that the rope could change color until he got the permission of the vice master. Turn on a transparent rope. Who can prevent who touches and binds who.

An Xuefeng must be an old Yin.

Wei Xun’s heart turned on. The transparent rope slid down between his fingers and landed quietly on the white fox carrying the boat.

Yu Hehui was exhausted. He could feel that he had fewer and fewer people, and his reason, feelings and memory all went away with him. It’s too hard for him to swim across the funeral stream. If he could barely maintain his body and soul, it would all disappear after this time.

But brother, brother can get through this scenic spot safely, that’s enough.

After all, Yu Hehui and local ghosts like Pingping have a cooperative relationship with the hotel. Unlike the boss, the hotel can’t allow him to live any more from the moment he finds his memory. When he was a fox fairy, he had 100 ways to kill Fagui B 49, but he finally let go.

He knew he would fail and the hotel would not allow him to live any more. In that case, just die and paralyze the hotel. At the same time, this wisp of ghost can see the last side of my brother.

Yu Hehui felt that he was about to dissipate and his body kept sinking. Thousands of piranhas gnawed at its ghost, but Yu Hehui couldn’t feel the pain. The tattered boat slipped from the body and was about to reach the shore. The white fox pushed the boat to the shore with his nose with his last strength. Then he had no strength and sank down.

Still… Take another look at my brother

White fox tried to raise his head, but found that he had no strength and could sink continuously. At this moment, everything was deep in my heart, unwilling, painful, desperate, like weeds growing after the rain, and negative emotions almost swallowed him. If he doesn’t turn on his life, he really doesn’t turn on his life. It’s hard to get back his memory, and it’s hard to see his brother again, .

He is unwilling. He is really unwilling. Bai Hu seems to hear his brother’s panic and shout his own words. He tries to open his eyes, but his beautiful eyes, green and emerald, are still slowly closed. At the moment, his strong negative emotions even attract many piranhas.

He lives, he continues to live. If anyone can let him continue to live, he is willing to sell his soul to the devil——

At the last moment, time seemed to stop suddenly. Yu Hehui’s broken soul no longer dies!

Although he didn’t know what had happened, he had a strong desire for survival. He took this opportunity to focus his soul wildly. But Yu Hehui painfully found that he could never condense his soul by himself.

Unless someone has the power to help him, Yu Hehui is crazy. Who is it and who will it be?

At this moment, he almost heard two voices. One vaguely couldn’t hear clearly. It seemed that he said, “Yu Hehui, I’ll call you father. Dare you promise?” the other was clear, calm, strong and interested:

“Yu Hehui, are you alive?”

I’m on!

Yu Hehui was about to cry out. His soul was almost hot and excited. The man seemed to be aware of his excitement. He gave a light shudder, and his tone was full of admirable charm, such as tempting hell demons.

“Give me your life and I’ll let you live.”



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