TTG Chapter 410

The Sahara of Death (end)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 410: The Sahara of Death (end)

“C guide.”

“Guide C…”

More people walked by and hugged them. Zhu Yuande, he Yun, Liu Hongyu, Tong Fu, Yu Hexuan and Yu feiluan were like bright and warm lights. It is clearly the residual resentment, but there is nothing negative. Wei Xun seemed to embrace a lot of people, but it looked more like embracing brilliant lights.

Wei Xun smelled the light and meaningful fragrance of burning incense. Half life Taoist priest solemnly lit a deep purple “color” incense. If the light “color” smoke had substance, it did not disperse in the air, but surrounded Zhu Yuande, making them unconsciously “reveal” a happy smile.

The soul returning incense is used to welcome and send the soul to the world.

With his eyes slightly closed, Wei Xun seemed to hear the words behind them

“If we had met director C earlier, we would have survived.”

“Or are we too weak to just rely on people?”

“Well, say goodbye to director C.”

“I don’t want to say goodbye to director C.”

“Director C, can we know your real name?”

Tour guides hide their identity. Only when they go to the final battlefield at the end of the decade, the class and division created by the hotel have no meaning. Tour guides and tourists are people who do their best to live. At that time, countless people suddenly realize that tour guides and tourists always go the same way, but the habit formed in the past decade is very difficult to change. So many tour guides don’t mention their names until they die, Go to death with only one code name.

The tourists who can know the name of the tour guide are lucky. Only with incomparable deep feelings and trust can they have no reservation and calm intersection in the later life and death.

“Wei Xun”

Wei Xun didn’t make a sound. He just thought about it in his mind, and his voice was heard by the light spots. We didn’t expect that Wei Xun would really say that they were pleasantly surprised one by one.

“Director C was originally called Wei Xun! What a name, name ‘

“Director C told us!”

“Don’t call director C, call director Wei.”

“Guide, guide”

“Health Guide”

Bits and pieces of light no longer dissipated, like cold snowflakes falling on Wei Xun and half life Taoist priest, and integrating into their bodies. Wei Xun feels slightly hot, especially in his eyes, but this feeling is very comfortable without any malice, just like the warm sunshine in winter.

“You have been recognized by us. This is a gift from us.”

Half life is serious, but in essence, he is still the kind of annoying person who can’t hold his words and likes spoilers.

“It should be a pair of yin and Yang eyes. You can see it when you go out.”

A gift?

It’s all here. Do you still give me a gift.

Wei Xun sighed in his heart, but the more gentle his smile was, and seriously accepted the gift. It seemed that he felt the seriousness and intention of the light spots, and the light spots became more gentle and enthusiastic. Gradually, Wei Xun felt that the sound sounded in the light spots was not only Zhu Yuande, but like a lot more of their voices.

There are men and women, young, old, young, calm and lively. Some people even speak in a tone that is not like this era, like a longer time ago. Wei Xun seems to feel that many people are watching, hoping, worrying, happy and disappointed.

It seemed that Wei Xun understood something. He opened his eyes and saw Chen Cheng, Tang Shuang and Cheng Baoren standing not far away through the scattered light. Chen Cheng stood with a sword and his face was calm. Tang Shuang “exposed” his bones and was rebellious. Cheng Bao was covered with mud, cold and vicious. Mingdu was still young, but Wei Xun felt that they were more like models when they were about to go to the battlefield.

Suddenly, they “exposed” a relieved smile, the bloody hostility and fatigue were no longer, and integrated into this pile of light spots.

“This is metaphysics”

Half life’s voice passed through the silk. Half life Taoist was holding Hanshan sword, and was also shrouded by the golden “color” light spots. His expression was very solemn, his tone slowed down, and every word. His temperament was different from usual. A pair of eyes saw through the past, had compassion beyond the red world, his forehead was a little red, like a mole like blood, and his body was also filled with golden “color” light spots, Into the sunshine.

“Blood can carry countless obsessions, dead and alive.”

The cloak of Hongjiang is stained with the blood of Hongjiang people from generation to generation. Of course, the great brigade that has inherited metaphysics for generations also has this means. Half life lost is not only half life, but also more important things, and now these things are gradually getting back. Wei Xun looked at his neck. The outer skin of the letter in the ancient oasis was cracked and broken, and a little brilliant golden red burst out inside.

The “ancient oasis” dominated by giants has been destroyed. It is about to open up a new journey of ten degrees north latitude dominated by the sun and the gods of Arab mythology! But this is not enough. Near the end of this decade, the butterfly eye is gradually out of control, and half of its life can no longer suppress it. The butterfly eye, which connects reality, hotels, battlefields, abysses and ten degrees of north latitude, must not fall into the hands of people and must be retrieved.

Half life Taoist people know that the belly is clear. Butterfly eye has accumulated huge power in this decade, and even evolved such tough and powerful scenes. Dieyan thoroughly understands the ten degree journey of the ancient oasis, including its other exhibition branch (the sun). The rules in the scene are all “fair rules” simulated by the hotel. You can see how powerful it is now!

This is a trap. Half life will hit it sooner or later. I’m afraid a single one can’t deal with the butterfly eye. As long as half life is swallowed up by the butterfly eye, the butterfly eye is really out of control.

Fortunately, Wei Xun and an Xuefeng, a group of cattle, ghosts and snake gods, have made great efforts to toss about this. The scene performance has been tossed and broken, and the ancient oasis has been tossed and broken! Next, as long as we can completely destroy the altar of the sun, make the sun crazy and destroy the ten degree north latitude journey in the direction of the sun, the butterfly eye will have no place to hide. The half life and butterfly eye of suppression here can be taken back!

I’m afraid that’s why the sun didn’t continue to delay to find fault. Butterfly eye also wants to send disaster star C away as soon as possible! And to be on the safe side, in order not to make this person a demon anymore, it’s probably thinking of “sending Wei Xun away” directly from the level of life and death——

“Be careful!”

The half life Taoist gave a fierce sound, and suddenly stopped Wei Xun with a horizontal sword. In front of us, it was a slightly slender skeleton giant. It did not disappear due to the disappearance of the sun, but had been dormant on the ground. At this time, it suddenly jumped up and blocked the fierce attack of invisibly cutting at Wei Xun. Looking at its posture with its own ribs as a knife, this skeleton giant is likely to be a yin-yang butterfly.


With the piercing sound of sharp weapon attack, the skeleton giant’s rib long knife was directly cut off. The skeleton giant staggered back a few steps to stabilize his body.

At this time, there are some people on the field in the form of invisible power. The power is better than the yin-yang butterfly. The person who just shot is either the blood clan baron or the lizard Duke.

The fight between the two immediately attracted the attention of the whole audience. The scene performance is coming to an end, and Zhu Yuande and others are about to end. However, the resentment has dissipated, but the newcomers of an Xuefeng are still here!

Xinshen is the enemy of the scene performance in the rules set by butterfly eye. Xinshen can leave here if he kills his corresponding damn people in history, just as Renma Katie killed the Western guide and left the scene performance.

If the corresponding person in history dies for the same reason, the corresponding new person will also die in this way, just like the two people who died suddenly when astrologers first entered.

What if the damn people in history didn’t die?

I’m afraid the corresponding new will be left in the scene forever!

Butterfly eye is designed so that Xin and the scene actor can kill each other and kill C-I nature, just like this! After the invisible force shot, the atmosphere in the field was tense for a moment. The skeleton giant who staggered back leaned towards Wei Xun, looking like protection, but Wei Xun moved in his heart. One hand patted the half life Taoist on the shoulder. Half life immediately got used to the “sex” and backed up. In an instant, he hurried back more than ten meters. He was avoiding the fierce blow of the skeleton giant.

The skeleton giant suddenly turned his face? How dare the yin-yang butterfly attack the third one? incorrect! The other skeleton giant, which has been dormant nearby, suddenly pounced on it, pulled out his ribs as a knife, and knocked over the skeleton giant. The two skeletons fought together. The new one is more like a yin-yang butterfly.

“Our consciousness shifts among the skeleton giants”

Wei Xun immediately understood. At present, the skeleton giant has a head, corresponding to yin-yang butterfly, blood wolf Rex and silver moon killer. It is certain that the yin-yang butterfly pulled out the knife just now to block the invisible attack, but when it approached, the consciousness of the yin-yang butterfly was transferred. It was Rex or the silver moon killer who blew out the punch.

“Made by butterfly eye”

The half life Taoist said coldly, carrying Wei Xun away from the Shimen and looking at the battlefield of the skeleton giant. In the scene, butterfly eye controls everything and knows that there are many people here. It was only necessary to beware of the skeleton giants turned by Rex, the blood wolf and the silver moon killer, as well as the invisible power of the blood barons.

But the butterfly eye changed, but some people can’t trust it! It can exchange the consciousness of Yin-Yang butterfly and blood wolf Rex. Who knows if butterfly eye will change the consciousness of blood wolf Rex to David black snake or even astrological worm?

This move completely confused the situation in the field, and everyone was in danger. Yes, dieyan knows that there are several strong players who can ruin the scene. They can’t be trapped here, but that’s what dieyan wants to achieve!

C-1’s strength is still weak compared with people. There may be accidents at any time in the “chaos” situation. What those strong people are likely to do is tear up the scene and take away C-1.

Butterfly eyes have been immersed in metaphysics for a long time. They also have some metaphysical chatter. It can be vaguely seen that C is unusual. As long as C leaves, there will be no problem. He is not afraid. Even if the scene is broken, as long as the new journey of 10 degrees north latitude in the sun is still going on, it will not hurt the root of the butterfly’s eye, and cenqin can’t take it away by force!

Just like now, in order to protect the safety of C 1, cen Qin has taken her away from Shimen. They will leave the scene soon. It is impossible to destroy the sun!

“But I didn’t want to destroy the sun myself.”

CEN Qin’s other half life suppressed the butterfly eye and connected it with the butterfly eye. The idea of the butterfly eye can also be thought of. He told Wei Xun that guard Xun smiled.

Half life smiled.

Yes, in our original plan, Wei Xun didn’t destroy the sun. However, the “devout sun believers” and “devout envoys” who destroy the sun by themselves will inevitably reduce the effectiveness of the rewards they have just received.

Just now, it was suspected that the invisible power of the blood Baron did it not to kill Wei Xun. Blood wolf Rex’s’ cooperation ‘is all to muddy the water.

Because some people are going to do it.

“Boom -!”

Just when Wei Xun and half his life were away from the stone gate, there was only a deafening explosion, like the balloon attached to his ear burst, and the thrilling horror filled his heart and brain. His heart could jump wildly, but he couldn’t breathe. He was flustered and short of breath, as if some terrible event was happening.

“Boom -”

It was a terrible shock, and the earth jumped violently, so that all the people above could not stand steadily. Suddenly, it was dark in front of him, like the sun was suddenly covered by thick clouds. Wei Xun looked up and saw that the original golden sunshine turned into a scarlet “color” of blood. The setting sun is like blood, implying a strong foreboding.

The surrounding temperature soared, and the air was filled with bits and pieces of irritable and angry sun and Mars. When it touched and burned, the virtual shadow of the dilapidated temple around the stone gate became more and more broken and crumbling. All of a sudden, there was a sudden explosion, which suddenly turned “color”, and the scarlet blood “color” suddenly burst out pure black light in the sun, just like a black hole, like a real solar eclipse. There was a terrible sound of disintegration in the surrounding space, there were cobweb like broken lines everywhere, and the whole world was like a vase to be broken.

“It’s over!”

Wei Xun threw out the astrological red feather “Mao” worm as early as the beginning of chaos, but Wei Xun and the worm are masters and servants after all. When I heard a sudden reminder from astrology, I saw a shocking scene——

I saw the virtual shadow of the sun suddenly appear in the virtual shadow of the blood scarlet temple. It is extremely huge, extremely warm and terrible. The golden red “color” light can burn all living creatures in the world. A golden purple “color” and headless humanoid figure can be vaguely seen in the middle of the sun, which is the look of the sun statue!

However, at the moment, the whole sun is tightly tied by a chain. The chain is extremely slender. It was originally invisible without “color”, but after being soaked with the blood of the sun, it becomes golden “color”. Compared with the sun, it is as small as a slender beard of golden “color”, but it firmly binds the sun. Just listen to a click, and the chain is tightened suddenly, It broke the whole sun!

What kind of spectacular scene is the sun’s Disintegration? In front of Wei Xun’s eyes, there are large pieces of “color” as thick as oil paint, which are the red of pus and blood and the black of death. The sun’s brand on his forehead and heart trembles wildly. The terrible pressure of destruction almost suffocates him, but at the same time, Wei Xun’s eyes stare at the virtual image uncontrollably, as if to make him remember the model of blasphemy and the care of the sun, To avenge the sun.

The “color” block blocked in front of him was pushed away and dissipated, so Wei Xun really saw everything on the sun. Compared with the sun, such a tiny golden “color” lizard lies on the sun. The chain that binds the statue of the sun is the lizard’s elongated tail!

‘gleiphir, invisible magic chain’

Through Wei Xun’s eyes, astrology saw the golden lizard on the sun.

“The Duke of lizard really got this magic chain and forged it into his own incarnation. No wonder…”

Astrology is explained by Wei Xun. Gleiphir, a chain in Nordic mythology in which the gods imprison the demon wolf fenril, is forged by dwarfs with the roots of mountains, the footsteps of cats, the breath of fish, women’s beard, the power of bears and the “liquid” of birds

It tied up the terrible demon wolf fenrier. Fenrier broke free from this magic chain in the war of the gods at dusk. It swallowed the sun and moon, swallowed the world, and killed Odin, the king of the gods

“This is a chain that can destroy the letter of ten degrees north latitude”

Astrology condenses the way. There are many people who have killed and robbed the journey of ten degrees north latitude, but there are weapons that can really destroy the letter of ten degrees north latitude. Before, I just speculated that the Duke of lizard might have got this chain and didn’t use the astrolabe when fighting with the time base. This is also the first time to see it!

Approaching the end of the year celebration warm-up competition, the venue of the competition is likely to be in the west, and the lizard Duke finally stopped holding his hand.

“But if it’s just this, the lizard Duke should not be able to get it”

“Damn it, it’s not enough to destroy the sun statue!”

Although they are no longer on the same channel as astrology, half life Taoist is as anxious as fire. At the moment when the sun was broken, the scene was finally completely broken, and they felt a terrible repulsion thrown out. This is not a true journey of ten degrees north latitude. It is not so stable. The scene collapses when the sun statue is broken. Some of us will be thrown out immediately. The lizard Duke also has no time to completely crush the sun statue and draw the force of ten degrees north latitude.

What’s more, an Xuefeng realized that in the sun statue, he didn’t see the sun broken, but the statue was all right? Butterfly eye is so cunning that it is used to protect the statue!

This time, we can’t destroy the sun and let it collapse madly. It’s difficult to enter again! Even if thousands of ideas in our hearts were rejected, the scene about to collapse was suddenly performed at the next moment.

How could Wei Xun leave without seeing the sun’s madness. With a movement in his heart, the core of the iflit flame sent into the stone gate burst in an instant, and a large amount of Vulcan pollution swept in, accompanied by the continuous injection of Vulcan pollution at the same time. An Xuefeng is connected with his mind. The sun statue suddenly blooms a brilliant golden light, absorbing some Vulcan pollution!

Before the sun accepted Wei Xun’s prayer, it was equivalent to accepting the God of fire pollution. An Xuefeng and Wei Xun are integrated, which can better carry the power of Wei Xun. Compared with the sun alone, Vulcan pollution is too small, but it is not bad at all! This is also God. It is the God of fire who has been crazily believed by a dynasty.

In theory, this is equivalent to the sun in distress, with the help of Vulcan! So the butterfly eye paused for a moment. After all, it didn’t have such a powerful thinking ability. The power of the statue of the sun rose sharply, and the performance of the scene about to collapse was stable for a moment, without immediately excluding everyone.

It was this moment of stability, only to hear a wolf roar. Thanks to Wei Xun’s time, the skeleton giant who had been guarding in front of the stone gate miraculously got rid of the shackles of the skeleton and turned into a snow-white giant wolf. There were two virtual shadows on the giant wolf, which made Wei Xun think of the double personality and double identity of the silver moon killer at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing.

But at the moment, the giant wolf’s virtual shadow shining with the silver moon disappeared, and the other virtual shadow stared more and more. It opened its bloody mouth and swallowed the sun!

‘skoll… ‘

Astrological condensation. In Nordic mythology, the two sons of the demon wolf fenril, the demon wolf Hati chasing the moon (Moon hound) and the demon wolf skur chasing the sun, knew that the silver moon killer was lurking in the werewolf alliance, knew that there was a double personality, and then saw the lizard Duke take out the magic chain, Zhanxing suspected that the silver moon killer had hidden the title of orange “color” in this myth.

Sure enough.

When these two personalities merge, I’m afraid the silver moon killer will have the orange “color” of the gods at dusk, the title of “demon wolf fenrier”!

Wei Xun looked with interest and understood Nordic mythology. Gods, at dusk, Wei Xun wears a crow badge, which can definitely be called witnessing the destruction of the ancient Ming Dynasty! After leaving, the crow badge may be advanced.

However, this is later. At the moment when the silver moon killer swallowed up the sun, the half life Taoist pulled out the Hanshan sword and cut it to the fragmented ancient oasis. For a moment, Wei Xun seemed to see an eye. Its pupil was a blue and purple butterfly. A sword was “inserted” in the pupil of the giant eye. The virtual shadow of the half life Taoist stood on the giant eye with the sword, which was half the life of sealing the butterfly eye!

With a soft and inaudible crack, the ancient oasis letter completely collapsed, and the butterfly eye was cut in half. The virtual shadow of the half life fell into the half life body, and the two fused. The broken butterfly eye turned into a pendant and belonged to the half life Taoist’s neck. But at the same time, Wei Xun only felt his eyes cool, as if something had been put into his eyes.

But without telling half life more, half life disappeared out of thin air and was excluded. The scene of butterfly eye collapse was completely broken, astrology and others were excluded one by one, leaving Wei Xun closely related to the sun (Sun statue). See the body that swallowed the sun, the silver moon killer, which was as big as the sun, shrank like an air leakage balloon. It spit out half of the statue first, and then spit out a small blood red light.

This is the power of the tenth latitude left by the complete destruction of the solar branch in the tenth latitude journey!

It separated a thread thinner than the head silk and threw it to the skeleton giant (Rex of the blood wolf) who was about to be excluded. Rex caused confusion before. It was regarded as help. This force of ten degrees north latitude was regarded as a reward. It was cleared.

The golden lizard landed on it, and the gold tail of the slender chain wrapped around the wolf’s body, like the chain that bound the demon wolf fenril. Gradually suppress the manic and terrible “chaos” evil spirit on the silver moon killer. This title is too easy to get out of control. The silver moon killer does not need to hide his cards, but also because he is not sure.

Although the power of ten degrees north latitude is in hand, the real precious items that can make the lizard Duke storm the “dew” magic chain and the silver moon killer storm the “dew” title have not been found!

It was felt by the same half life Taoist when he fell into the stone gate. It was vaguely connected with the battlefield, the abyss, the journey of ten degrees north latitude and so on. It was an extremely precious treasure. They exposed their cards for the strength of ten degrees north latitude, but seven points for it. That thing disappeared. Was it taken away by half life Taoist? Or

The silver moon killer really wants to crush the sun statue, but no one dares to move the sun statue of an Xuefeng. The golden “color” lizard stares at Bingyi from a distance. Bingyi helped just now, so that they can successfully destroy the sun. This help is much better than Rex, the blood wolf. The lizard Duke never owes anyone.

The wolf vomited the statue of the sun at C 1, and the lizard Duke bit off a piece of his own scale. The scales turned into a small mass of gold “color” flame with the size of sesame seeds and attached to the statue. They were given to Bingyi together. This gift is precious enough to offset the help.

Why did C-1 help? What was the purpose of destroying the sun when he was favored by the sun? Whether the treasure was related to the half life Taoist or also related to him, the lizard Duke was too lazy to think. But the flame given to Bingyi is not for nothing. The Duke of lizard sees that Bingyi is taking the road of mythical Fire God. As long as he wants to continue to walk on this title, he will accept the flame and go to northern Europe.

Northern Europe… That’s our territory.

With the help of an’s stone carving, Wei Xun’s scene was completely broken and whirled. The dazzling light made Wei Xun subconsciously close his eyes and fall down, but before he landed, he was hugged by a pair of strong arms. The familiar breath rushed to his face. The wide palm covered his eyes and blocked the sun. Wei Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly. The white eyelashes swept an Xuefeng’s palm like feathers, with a soft itching feeling.

Half of the sun statue fell into Wei Xun’s arms without a trace of divine power, just like an ordinary large gold nugget. The familiar, dry and hot breath filled the nasal cavity, which made Wei Xun cough up a mouthful of blood.

Back, this is the eye of the Sahara desert. There is no shadow of silver moon killers around. Maybe they have been transmitted to different places. The end of Chen Cheng’s journey in history is the eye of the Sahara, and Yiwei Xun was brought here.

“Back! You’re back at last, my mother, but I’ll die!”

Wang pengpai screamed loudly, far and near. Wei Xun patted an Xuefeng’s arm and wanted to land on his own, but coughed up a mouthful of blood. It was too much to attract the spirit of all Vulcan pollution. Coupled with a series of [Ding Ding Ding Ding] prompts from the hotel after leaving, Wei Xun was dizzy for a time. As soon as he landed and turned around, he fell back into an Xuefeng’s arms.

“What’s the matter with director C? Do you still have it? I have” medicine “…”

Wang’s surging voice suddenly decreased and worried. But he didn’t ask more in depth. After all, there was still a live broadcast. He could talk privately back to the station, but Wang pengpai was really anxious. He even wanted to “touch” and “touch” whether guide C was still angry. The little heart beat wildly for several times, and his blood pressure burst.

“Deputy Wang of an team, it’s too sunny here. Take guide C to the camp to have a rest.”

“Yes, yes, Wei Xun, you’re right.”

As soon as Bai Xiaosheng opened his mouth, Wang pengpai, who grabbed his heart and scratched his liver, seemed to find the backbone. He echoed and was suddenly stunned.

Wei Xun?

Wei Xun subconsciously thinks that Wang pengpai is crying. Subconsciously, he looks up from an Xuefeng’s arms and is eyeing the white young man standing next to Wang pengpai.

White, pale skin, blue and purple “color” eyes – noticed the eyes, “Wei Xun” friend smiled kindly, looked softly at an Xuefeng, looked more gently, and the whole person was gentle and almost like light.

Horizontal trough——

Wei Xun stopped and realized something. Then Wang pengpai and the excited audience in the live studio saw C smile, deliberately lean hard against an Xuefeng’s arms, the evil cult raised the corners of its mouth, and then vomited blood at “Wei Xun”.


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