TTG Chapter 411

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 411: live barrage, barrage enter carefully!

[go to the live studio in Sahara!! there are many big guys!!!]

At three or four o’clock in the morning, the post with this title suddenly appeared on the front page of the Hotel Forum.

This time point was originally when normal people were sleeping. Even normal people who stayed up late should go to sleep. Only those who stayed up late and didn’t die in the water forum usually changed the posts on the home page slowly.

But a few days ago, the forum was not like this. It was hot day and night. New posts occupied the front page of the forum in turn. This is unprecedented and extremely rare. The live broadcast of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude. The live broadcast of the dead Sahara simply attracted all the free guides and tourists of the whole hotel.

What’s more, there are the gimmicks of top leaders such as the return of the strong brigade of the whole hotel, the mystery of the second brigade of the Western District, the Western District butcher alliance and the werewolf alliance. There is the factor of “confrontation between the East and the west”. Countless people hang in the live studio day and night. Even if you look more, it’s good. The forum is also lively.

There are even a lot of viewers looking forward to the big guys breaking up, which is exciting and exciting! Or see the non solution level monsters and non solution level treasures of the dead saharamian, so that everyone can have a long experience. If you don’t want to see the butcher alliance in the west, you can see which one is more vicious and worse than those in the East.

Even if it’s a dark rub, it’s good to see the lively multi angle love between an Xuefeng, Wanxiang spring, Mao Xiaole and Wei Xun Bingyi on the way home!

However, the audience is looking forward to it!

When an Xuefeng, Zhang xingzang, astrology, blood wolf Rex and other big men disappeared in the live studio, the painting style of the live studio of the dead Sahara became strange.

Don’t talk about the big guy. It’s dawn to fight with the monsters in the dead Sahara. There are seven live broadcast screens in total. Two live broadcasts are outside the Sahara. The ordinary daily life of the returning Deputy Wang pengpai and the newcomer Wei Xun, looking for firewood and boiling water to cook instant noodles every day. The three live broadcasts are the wolves sunbathing, showing their muscles, howling at the moon, and daily martial arts competitions to publicize the werewolf alliance.

Only two live split screens are interesting. Mao Xiaole and Wanxiang Chun (Wang Yushu disguised version) on their way home stay in the dead Sahara, and they are the ninth layer of the known danger of the legendary dead Sahara!

At the slightest thought, the audience is full of passion. Under the vast white sand, there are countless worm eating eggs, and under the sand brick engraved with the ancient totem, the undead is ready to move – danger! Exciting! Strong should conquer the vast desert!

However, the audience was filled with the fact that Mao Xiaole and Wanxiang Chun did not move. At their level, they were very tolerant. They did not eat, drink or sleep for days and nights. The two of them stood side by side without saying a word.

Although some people say that there is a terrible danger around! Said that Mao Xiaole and Wanchun were aware of it. They were calm and vigilant. They didn’t say a word! They’ll move soon!

Ah, yes, yes, the audience followed the letter and became nervous. They didn’t want to miss any details, but they stared at it with nervous tension for several days and nights, and finally couldn’t hold it.

Gan, where’s the danger?!

This live broadcast is different from what the audience thinks. In fact, tourists and tour guides are very busy. They improve their strength, search for props, cultivate titles, exercise, cooperate with team partners, watch all kinds of journey live broadcast, learn □ □ knot, etc. some people should take into account real-life work, etc.

It’s enough to spend three or five days watching the live broadcast of the dead Sahara day and night. It’s really enough. It’s really numbing the audience.

Even if people call rinima to refund money, most people return to their daily exercise life. They occasionally look at it before eating and going to bed. They see that Wang pengpai and Wei Xun are still eating instant noodles. Mao Xiaole and Wanchun are still standing as wooden stakes without saying anything, and the audience are calm.

Relieved, that’s it. One of the hot posts on this day is the time stamp of “big guys return when they return”, and the other is the time stamp of “suspected angina pectoris of the return Lieutenant team”, which records how many times Wang pengpai secretly “touched” his chest.

But there are still many people who believe that the Sahara live broadcast is absolutely wonderful and that the missing bosses will always return. Wang pengpai, Mao Xiaole and others are waiting for them! They don’t want to miss the wonderful picture. They wait all day before the live broadcast, and finally let them wait!

First, near midnight, a live split screen of a werewolf tenor suddenly cut the picture, and the famous horse Katie, the top passenger of mystics, suddenly appeared in the eye of Sahara! Her return immediately set off a small “tide” in the live studio and forum. Katie’s back. Does that mean the other big guys are coming back soon?

Sure enough! At about 0:00 in the morning, two live screens were switched. The dreamer wearing a dark orange “color” cloak and a tour guide wearing a silver purple “color” cloak returned!

The whole live broadcast room is as lively as when the broadcast just started, and the forum is also lively. Countless people who can’t watch the live broadcast for the time being can only watch the forum swish and swish

[newspaper — the silver purple cloak tour guide is suspected to be the tour guide of the west side! He was caught by the top three in our east side. The dream chaser is too strong!]

[it’s A-2! The dream chaser is already A-2!]

[they should have appeared inside the dead Sahara and met with Taoist Maoshan!]

[probe and report again!]

[probe and report again!]

However, the return of dream chasers and western area tour guides was silent for several hours. Until about 3:40 a.m., the live split screen switching was like a kaleidoscope, dazzling and “chaotic”. Lily, David and astrology of mysticism in the west, A1 blood sucking Baron and A2 blood wolf Rex, Zhang xingzang and half life Taoist in the East, and yin-yang butterfly of B-2.

Some of them appeared inside the dead Sahara, and most of them appeared outside the Sahara. When yinyuesha and the lizard Duke appeared, the live studio was boiling.

It’s rare to see so many big guys. In particular, silver moon kill is a rare wolf state. When the lizard Duke first appeared, he was a golden “color” Little Palace keeper. Although they soon blocked the live broadcast in their own ways, the audience still called it fun and made money! Some viewers who have just arrived at the live studio and missed them beat their chests and feet with regret, but it’s not a loss for them to arrive.

Because the next moment, a strong passenger an Xuefeng appeared on the live split screen!

[it’s team an! Team an is back!]


[how could an accident happen to an Dui? I think they should be involved in the same journey or task. In this case, the more people come out, the greater the harvest. Do you understand? I think an Dui’s harvest is much better than that in the West!]

[who is he holding? Is it Bai Xiaosheng? There’s a lot of blood. Is the boss seriously injured?] [it should be Bai Xiaosheng. He disappeared before. He should be with an team]

[what a serious injury. The blood dyed the clothes red. It’s too worrying. Ah, it must be very dangerous!]

[how dangerous it is to hurt the boss. Senior passengers have seen such a scene and want to see it with their own eyes]

Just as the barrages were brushing the screen quickly, suddenly a barrage was very conspicuous.

Although, how do I think it’s not a red dress stained with blood? It looks like a red dress? Am I wrong?]

[I also think… And it looks a bit like a cloak…]

[well, Bai Xiaosheng is actually quite tall, really. Although he is not as tall as an Dui, he is not like this… I suspect an Dui is holding people as tall as me, just more than 1.7 meters and less than 1.8 meters]

[hiss… Do you see this angle?! mask!! this man is wearing a mask!]

[wocao’an team holds a guide?! is it really a guide!]

[scarlet cloak, shit, no, who is it?]

The scarlet cloak left a deep impression on the audience. The first thing the audience thought was a-yixi life man! In an instant, the barrage exploded directly, but fortunately, Wang pengpai, who came quickly, directly called out the name of “director C”, which can be called a rapid refutation of the rumor.

[God, I’m worried. Hurry back to the hotel. Director C looks badly hurt. He can’t have an accident!]

The eastern audience immediately began to worry.

[yes, director C is going to have an accident, but one corpse and seven lives]

[it’s eight lives. With the newcomer Wei Xun, there are eight people on his way home]

[… How strange that sounds]

[Pooh, Pooh, crow’s mouth! If I say that director C will definitely do something, can they be reliable with an team? The key is that I want to know when director C came]

[yes, look at deputy Wang’s expression. He should have known it long ago]

[alas, Wei Xun obviously doesn’t know. Look at his expression, it hurts]

[after all, he is a newcomer with weak strength. It would be bad if he was cheated by others. Director C must keep it a secret, otherwise the bastard in the West will be killed against director C]

[although, first of all, I’ll say that I’m narrow-minded, my cerebellum and brain are malnourished, and the whole person has been stupid since childhood. What can you see CP? But I really thought of the atmosphere of Wei Xun’s meeting with director C…]

[yes, ah, it’s a little bad. Director C was spitting blood by Wei Xun. After all, it’s hard to say the question of love]

[????? Did you spit out blood? Didn’t director C laugh at Wei Xunyou? I mean, the atmosphere between them is good, not bad. A tour guide “shows” a smile!!]

[it’s a provocative smile. I’m sorry, boss. They would have such a problem originally]

[provocative smile? Don’t “mess up”. Well, Wei Xun blushed at director C, and you forgot that yin and Yang butterflies took special care of Wei Xun along the way. It was impossible for him to do so with the advice of director C.]

The barrage in the live broadcast room has some people who care about business and gossip. The noise has become a pot of hodgepodge. However, an Xuefeng and Bing Yi met with Wang pengpai and soon returned to the hotel. So did others. The live broadcasting room of the dead Sahara was completely closed in a few minutes, but many viewers were completely excited, moved their positions and went to the forum to post. That’s what they said.

[didi didi -]

Wei Xun was seriously injured. An Xuefeng and his team went back to the hotel in a hurry. After a few more words, they took him back to the hotel first, leaving Wang surging to clean up the mess.

Returning to the pure white space of the hotel settlement, he bathed in the white light to heal his body. In Wei Xun’s mind, a series of hotel didi prompt sounds were broken, but compared with the usual Hotel didi sound this time, the settlement prompt sound also sounded several times.

[your trip is being settled and is under comprehensive evaluation…]

[your trip is being settled and is under comprehensive evaluation…]

When entering the black desert deep in the dead Sahara and the scene is repeated, the hotel has no control. It now wants to summarize and record all the items obtained by Wei Xun. Moreover, Wei Xun first travels freely in the Sahara as a passenger, disappears and then comes out as a guide.

Whether it is settled by tourists or by tour guides, the hotel has rarely delayed for a few minutes, and the voice of mechanized hotel customer service has changed.

[passenger Wei Xun, the hotel is settling your trip, which is under comprehensive evaluation -]

The deep and elegant familiar male voice sounded in his ear. Wei Xun heard it all at once. The speaker was!



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