TTG Chapter 412

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 412: nutrient solution 95+

The principal will settle for him? It happens to be the most familiar? It’s no coincidence.

Is it because of his special situation that the hotel asked the principal to settle his account? Or did you ask for it?

In any case, the reward for settlement as a tourist is definitely more than that of a tour guide!

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes comfortably in the healing white light. He hasn’t seen him for a long time. Wei Xun didn’t talk lazily. In private, his restless fingers were playing with wisps of white light. However, the white light avoided his fingertips again and again. Although he was doing his duty to cure him, he was a little cold.


Wei Xun was a little interested. He smiled and took off his black “color” gloves. The ring finger of his right hand was wearing a golden red “color” tour guide ring, which was the same as an Xuefeng. The crystal diamond ring with dark blue “color” and purple “color” around the tentacle on his left hand is a gift in return for the small octopus ring he carved himself.

With his fingers across his lips, Wei Xun kissed the ring again and again, touching it like a dragonfly. His narrow eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes were slightly raised. His eyes were as blue and purple as the night sky. His eyes were deep and “obsessed” people. Even with a smile, people felt dangerous and bad. He was like a crafty, dangerous and cunning emperor, intertwined with calculations when murmuring love words. This was his “sex” that he did not hide.

But Wei Xun knows that he loves this one!

He felt that the tentacle on the ring was alive. When he kissed, he touched his lip flap. The small suction cup on the tentacle sucked the red under the brand, like dense kiss marks.

A pure hobby? However, only with a warm love, there is always a cooling time. No one can set a deadline for enthusiasm. It comes and may go suddenly.

Isn’t love full of calculation good? But a person can use all means to treat you wholeheartedly and carefully design a pleasant love surprise to make you surrounded by love all the time. As long as you always have something he wants to calculate, he can always treat you.

Wei Xun knows that an Xuefeng belongs to the former. He looks forward to heart to heart connection and spiritual resonance with Wei Xun. He believes that there is beauty and sincere and pure love in the world. He strictly demands himself with high standards and treats Wei Xun well in his own way. He looks forward to the day when they can really connect. Wei Xun can make an Xuefeng happy every once in a while.

The slice is an Xuefeng’s preference for the dark side. He prefers the latter and doesn’t believe in love for no reason. So he uses a contract to bind, exchanges half his heart, lures “confusion” with the power of the unknown abyss, and binds it with a ring. He wants Wei Xun to show that he loves him and attaches importance to him. He likes his performance rather than emptiness.

But his lover is such a person.

Wei Xun smiled and teased those who were absent from his whole journey.

People are contradictory and have multi-faceted “nature”. They always swing between the extreme two sides, but slicing will lead people to the extreme two sides. Over time, it will completely split people, no integration, and even be enemies of each other. However, this will become their weakness and weakness.

But an Xuefeng’s situation is getting better and better. Wei Xun can feel it. It made him feel more and more difficult to “touch” and strong. When the surrounding atmosphere became relaxed, Wei Xun tried to get the white light into his hand. When he tried to store it in his storage space, the white light obediently didn’t “mess” and even took the initiative to drill into his hand, which was my connivance.

After a short warm, the voice of the sounded again, and the settlement finally began!

[di, it is detected that the passenger Wei Xun has the energy related to the 30 degree journey ‘death Sahara’, ‘ancient oasis’ and’ ancient oasis variant branch sun altar ‘]

[it is detected that there are items related to the death of star driller worm, red sand giant chieftain, black sand giant and Arab solar system on passenger Wei Xun]

[detected -]

After a series of test results, the evaluation finally began.

[the comprehensive assessment of the hotel principal is inferred as follows:

[excellent tourist Wei Xun perfectly cleared the scenic spot “devil fire wind” recommended by the hotel, and performed well in his first free journey; helped the dead Sahara pioneer A-2 dreamer defeat the star driller worm and recapture the fragments of Maria butterfly, and performed particularly well in his first journey at 30 degrees north latitude; helped CEN Qin, the owner of ancient oasis keepsake, kill the black sand giant , opened up another branch line of 30 degree north latitude journey and was recognized, and performed exceptionally well in the first 30 degree north latitude scene replay!]

[only the second trip has passed the severe test of “freedom”, “journey at 30 degrees north latitude” and “replay of 30 degrees north latitude”. You are a well deserved new tourist star, and the hotel is proud of you!]

[you have been fully recognized by key relevant tourists and tour guides, and you have provided them with indelible help. Being willing to help others and not afraid of difficulties is your motto!]

[all members of your brigade survive. As a member of the brigade, your contribution is indelible!]

[the number of live broadcast split screens of your ‘death Sahara’ has reached the peak of one million. Congratulations on becoming one of the few live broadcast anchors with one million broadcast volume in the hotel. The audience cheered and shouted for you!]

[according to the comprehensive assessment, you are an excellent and potential newcomer. Your performance this time has been evaluated by five stars. Please participate in the journey more and make more efforts in the future!]

[here are the points and bonuses you won in this journey (due to your weak strength and high challenge difficulty, the reward will be calculated according to the relevant multiples]

[you get 5000 points of devil fire wind (the most difficult option)

[you have obtained 5000 bonus points for the survival of all members of the brigade (team share)]

[you get 10000 bonus points for the first free journey]

[you get 100000 bonus points for live anchor with millions of views]

[you get 200000 points of survival pension for 30 degrees north latitude]

[you won 200000 points of branch line exploration reward for 30 degree north latitude scene replay]

[you get 400000 points of customs clearance reward for the replay of the scene at 30 degrees north latitude]

[you have won 10000 points as a blessing bonus for the hotel with the title of “first orange”!]

[you won the honorary title of no solution]

[you won the title of desert blue]

[you won the title of flame collector blue]

[you won the title of “purple color”, the son of nature]

[you won the title of Yin Yang eye purple]

[you have obtained the title of dirty eye purple]

[you won the title of sun Angel purple with broken faith]

[you have won the title of “Explorer orange”!]

[no solution (honorary title) is automatically obtained when you enter the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It is only a symbol of honor and has no international use.]

(Note: compared with the journey without solution, you are really without solution)

[desert man (the title of “blue” color): you have walked more than 500000 steps in the desert. You are a worthy desert man. The whole circle of friends will fall at your feet! When wearing this title, your shoes will automatically become desert boots. You will never wear out and feel tired when walking in the desert!]

[flame collector (the title of “blue” color): you have collected more than five kinds of flames, including three civilizations. You are a well deserved flame collector! As a flame collector, you will understand the language of different flames and easily get the favor of flames!]

(Note: this title is the title of “divine fire species in the world civilization” and the “sexual” reward in the task stage. When you really accept the collected flames and fuse them, you will get more rewards!)

[son of nature (purple “color”) you are recognized by nature as a real son of nature. How natural the wild animals you become will be favored, and you have the chance to have special blood and talent! Be careful, the special blood will affect you, and the polluted nature will affect you. If you don’t like eating raw meat, insects, garbage and so on, you will make a lot of money!]

[Yin Yang eyes (purple “color”) Yes, you have a pair of Yin Yang eyes that can become “sex”. From then on, everything in the underworld will be “exposed” in your eyes! But with more things, you will gradually be unable to distinguish whether you are a ghost or a human?]

[dirty eye (purple title) Oh, no, there’s something dirty in your eyes! Extreme pollution can create such a dirty thing. It pollutes your eyes, makes your vision deviate, and can see the quality of the polluted part. Be careful. Your eyes are too close to your brain. Dirty eyes will eventually make your brain dirty. Maybe one day you will change your point of view. Maybe the “dirty” in our eyes is the real heaven]

[sun angel with broken faith (purple “color”) congratulations. You are a real and rare angel. You have been recognized by the sun. You can sing praises to the sun, preach the grace of the sun, develop sun believers and exert the divine power of the sun! It’s strange that such a powerful sun angel should be called orange “color”. Why did it become purple “color?]

[hahaha, of course, it’s because your sun has collapsed and died! As a sun angel whose faith has collapsed, if you don’t recast your faith, only madness is waiting for you!]

[congratulations, you have cleared a series of treasure hunter missions, and participated in the opening of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude (ancient oasis / Sun altar). You have won the title of the most advanced orange “color” ‘Explorer’!]

[Explorer (orange title): you are the Explorer]

[1. Explorers are always full of desire to conquer the unknown! (when you enter a journey that you are not involved in, the probability of the journey is doubled, such as higher-level tasks, higher-level dangers, higher-level rewards, etc.)]

[2. The Explorer will never stop exploring! (your physical fitness is greatly improved, your physiological needs are reduced, it is very difficult to get sick, and you can tolerate all kinds of harsh environments recorded in the Explorer manual]

[3. Explorers’ footsteps spread all over the world! (you will naturally receive preferential treatment equivalent to the title of ‘repeat customers’ series after entering the journey, such as journey map, danger tips, etc.)]

[4. The Explorer has its own excellent equipment!]

[you won the title of “orange” and the matching series of props’ Explorer’s infinite kettle ‘,’ Explorer’s multifunctional knife ‘,’ Explorer’s eternal Compass’, ‘Explorer’s flint’, ‘Explorer’s record manual’, ‘Explorer’s animal breeding certificate’]

[Name: Explorer’s infinite kettle]

[exclusive quality title]

[you can use it to hold all kinds of “liquid” bodies. You can hold as much as you can! No, you can only hold one “liquid” body at a time]

[Name: Explorer’s multifunctional knife]

[exclusive quality title]

[use a small folding knife including large blade (main knife), serrated blade, file, scissors, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, wire stripper, drilling cone, tweezers, toothpick, hook and other tools, which can load up to ten tools at a time and will never be damaged!]

[Name: Explorer’s eternal compass]

[exclusive quality title]

[although it is a compass, it refers not only to the south, but also to any object or creature you want to track (you need some fragments of the object / creature to enter the guide)]

[Name: searcher’s flint]

[exclusive quality title]

[you can use it to light a fire in any environment. It can burn all kinds of items as fuel! But it is only a flint. The total size of the items that can be burned at most is no more than a small campfire]

[name searcher’s record book]

[exclusive quality title]

[you can use it to record the extremely harsh environment you have explored. When you get involved in this environment, you will be extremely negatively affected by this harsh environment!]

[plateau environment and desert environment have been recorded]

[Name: animal breeding certificate of explorer]

[exclusive quality title]

[as an explorer, of course you should have an animal partner! Either a loyal hound or a keen falcon, with animal breeding certificates, suitable animals will arrive at you soon. Please look forward to it!]

[please note that the title of orange “color” has become “sex”, and the related characteristics of many titles are looking forward to your in-depth exploration!]

[you are a newcomer to the 30 degree north latitude journey for the first time, and you have obtained the unsolvable gift bag prepared by the hotel!]

[no solution level gift package contains

50000 points mental loss fee

A high-intensity physical recovery service (provided by the rotating principal)

A high-intensity mental relaxation service (provided by the rotating principal)

Admission ticket to the hotel’s high-end Mall (sell any item at 30 degrees north latitude into the hotel, the ticket will be permanently activated and enjoy a 20% discount for life

A “sex” item conversion card X1 (all items / props obtained during this trip can be brought with the trip free of charge, registered as personal items, and the hotel does not charge an intermediate fee!)]

[at the end of the journey, you can start your next journey at any time. The person in charge of the thriller reminds you that the combination of work and rest and appropriate rest will help you relieve your nerves.]


“My God.”

The voice of Wei Xun stopped for a long time, and Wei Xun didn’t come back. Really, he was a little confused when he heard the reward points from the hotel.

He even got nearly one million points!!!

Although he didn’t earn much from selling posters before, this feeling is really different. Wei Xun doubts that this is really a natural reward from the hotel? Didn’t you empty the hotel points bag and put it into the sea without permission??

But soon Wei Xun’s attention shifted to his new titles. This is a bumper harvest. Previously, in the repetition of the scenes of black desert and ancient oasis, the hotel was out of control. Wei Xun felt that all kinds of titles he had won had been reflected. However, the title of No. 1 middle school has attracted special attention from Wei Xun.

“Dirty eyes?”

Wei Xun rubbed his chin. The description of the title reminded him of the unusual pollution scene he could see when he was at the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. He thought it might be his special body or the influence of butterfly fragments.

But if it must be said that his eyes changed during the scene replay, Wei Xun thought of butterfly eyes. When the half life Taoist chopped the butterfly eyes, Wei Xun really felt that something cold ran into his eyes.


Wei Xun felt an invisible, cold finger against his lips when Zhang. Wei Xun felt a movement in his heart. He swallowed all the information related to butterfly eyes and special vision.

I’m afraid the “butterfly eye” and its own special aspects will attract the hotel’s great attention or will not be allowed to exist. There are many possibilities for special vision, such as black sand giant pollution splashed in his eyes.

“You’re going to my house, aren’t you?”

Wei xuxuxu held the finger and smiled. He felt that he had come to settle for him this time. He felt that he was helping him “go home” for another reason.

So he can use it openly in the future.


Wei Xun heard a faint hum and smile, but the tentacles wrapped around his fingers became more and more greedy and wrapped deep in his sleeve. Obviously Wei Xun was only teasing, but he could feel happy. Shanghu, write it down in one household. They are a family. In essence, it is an Xuefeng. He attaches great importance to his position and is here.

Hearing Wei Xun take the initiative to say that he can really feel happy. His tentacles are wrapped under his cloak, but there is still a business cold voice on the surface, reminding Wei Xun to use a “sex” item conversion card.

Wei Xun’s harvest this time is too much. The half life Taoist priest found him red gold ant eggs from the dead Sahara Chisha hell, various large meat of star driller worms, worm crystals, worm eyes, worm tentacles, crustaceans, unfertilized worm eggs, etc.

All kinds of giant products, flash powder, Lala mother worm little rose, magic mosquito little gold, a pile of ancient giant mosquito egg scabbard stolen with charm, Toxoplasma gondii and magic insect given to him by the infected person, the sun giant little sand, the incubated Phoenician red “hair” worm, evelett’s flame, all kinds of angels, sun, world killing giant snake products finally obtained, and the jade man summoned by Chen Cheng, And the last flame the lizard Duke gave him, and so on.

Wei Xun registers them here one by one, so that he can browse the level and use of their real data. But what bothered Wei Xun most was the flame finally given to him by the Duke of lizard.

Wei Xun doesn’t believe people like Duke lizard. Although the reward belongs to the reward, the depth contained in the reward is not necessarily a good thing.

However, Wei Xun still hoped that the more the better, so he asked him to help identify this small flame first. The appraisal result surprised Wei Xun.

This is not only the flame of a civilization, but also the “God of fire” among the civilized gods! The lizard Duke really gave him a big gift, but it’s also a problem!

[divine fire (incomplete) belongs to the flame of Loki, the God of fire and trick and the God of lies among the Nordic gods. It is the fire of divine civilization, but the flame is incomplete. You can get the real fire only by completing it!]

[Note: it is strongly recommended that you do not travel to the Nordic system. The sound of the fire is not very good. With this flame, you will be rejected by the Nordic gods, and you will embark on the greatest bad luck and even life-threatening!]


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