TTG Chapter 413

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 413: Parliamentary visitors buff

The mythical fire of Nordic civilization? Nordic Vulcan?

“The lizard Lord really gave me a big gift.”

Wei Xun smiled with great interest. This flame involves both mythical flame and “God of fire”, which is of great use to his world civilization fire Title task and the abnormal state of God of fire!

Of course, if you want to complete it, you have to go to northern Europe to see the titles and props of lizard Lord and silver moon killer. They are afraid that they have no influence in northern Europe. This fire can lure him to the bait in the past, but Wei Xun is not afraid.

The more challenging and dangerous it is, the more he likes it.

Other things have been judged, the grade has been marked out, and the general usage has been marked. Wei Xun casually sold the broken meat of star driller worm to the hotel, changed 10000 points, and activated the admission ticket of the hotel’s advanced mall. Taking advantage of the judgment, Wei Xun wandered around the high-end mall. He saw that most of the things sold there were auction system, starting at 10000 points, and even divided into tour guide entrance and passenger entrance.

Guide to buy to spend more money!

When Wei Xun randomly refreshed the auction items, he took a fancy to several pieces of fox monster inner pill fragments and spirit plant leaves. After a little calculation, it would add up to about 400000 points, but if he bought it as a guide, it would be millions!

Fortunately, he settled as a passenger, otherwise the tour guide would have to be stingy to settle the hotel. Wei Xun sighed in his heart that passengers at the level of 30 degrees north latitude really make money. Before, an Xuefeng scored 300000 points, which surprised Wei Xun. An Xuefeng is not like such a boastful money dumper.

But now it seems that 300000 points are not money for an Xuefeng. He picked and sold some useless things, such as dates in ancient oases, ordinary yellow sand swallowed by corn shoots, water in ancient oases, lizards, spiders and monsters killed in ancient oases, etc.

These things have no practical effect and are almost no different from ordinary ones. They are just a gimmick of “a journey out of 30 degrees north latitude”, but they represent that the hotel bought them at a high price, and Wei Xun soon sold millions of points.

This time, Wei Xun has been calm. Although he made more points selling posters before, he has just invested in the construction of mutual aid alliance. He doesn’t feel so shocked this time. Especially after he got more than two million points this time, Wei Xun listened to the “Ding” sound, and then he got a card!

[Name: shopping card]

[quality: exclusive to VIP passengers]

[person: way home – Wei Xun]

[use: for VIP guests in your hotel, as long as you have more than one million points on the shopping card, you can communicate with the hotel in any journey except the non solution journey and buy goods at a discount price!]

Wei Xun:??!

“The hotel is really too different.”

Wei Xun lamented that as we all know, apart from shopping, passengers can’t buy things from hotels during the journey. If they want to buy, they can only go through the guide. But with this shopping card, passengers will not be subject to any restrictions on shopping during the journey in the future!


Suddenly, Wei Xun moved his fingers and took out an orange “color” card from the storage space, which said “way home – an Xuefeng”. The shape of this card is almost the same as that of the shopping card, with only a layer of blue and purple “color” gradient edging, which makes it more luxurious.

Before leaving for the Sahara, he had a moderate connection with an Xuefeng. Later, when he was about to get off the plane, an Xuefeng handed him this card without saying much. Wei Xun asked if this card can be used as a prop in death Sahara? An Xuefeng said he couldn’t travel at 30 degrees north latitude, so Wei Xun put it in the storage space first.

Now it seems that this will not be an Xuefeng’s shopping card!

Wei Xun didn’t know what to say. An Xuefeng’s indifferent attitude didn’t make him feel so important and couldn’t be used in the journey of 30 degrees north latitude. But now I think that this shopping card can store tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of points of an Xuefeng. Wei Xun only thinks that this card is very heavy.

I haven’t seen the money. In reality, Wei Xun hasn’t seen how much money. Only this act of handing in the ‘bank card’ represents a deeper and more intimate meaning.

If he had known that an Xuefeng’s “bank card”, Wei Xun would not accept it. There is no such thing as feelings. Wei Xun taught others to be private and rational from all kinds of education and living environment, even if the people beside him can’t trust. Those people in the business district look at their personal property very carefully. How warm they are and how cold they can be when calculating their property, even if divorce can’t let the former bedside people take any advantage of it.

Wei Xun learned a lot of rotten things and never learned to hand in a bank card. But in an Xuefeng’s ordinary family, he was educated to hand in his bank card after marriage and receive pocket money from his lover. I’m afraid it’s natural.


Of course, an Xuefeng can see that Wei Xun’s education and three views are different. He didn’t say this “bank card”. The whole death Sahara didn’t mention it at all. It’s like waiting for Wei Xunji to find out. No matter how long he can find it, whether he accepts it or not after finding it, an Xuefeng will enjoy it.

It’s really, really

Wei Xun was in a complicated mood, embarrassed, novel and happy. He didn’t know what to say when he was young. He found that he had unconsciously grabbed the octopus tentacle on the ring and twisted the soft elastic tentacle into a twist. The orange “color” shopping card between his fingers was very close to the octopus tentacle. It seemed that he was looking forward to his exclusive desire to take away the shopping card and throw it back to an Xuefeng.

But the octopus completely ignored the shopping card! Several times, he pushed it away with his tentacle and pushed Wei Xun’s heart. It seems that an Xuefeng took the shopping card to Wei Xun for granted and still answered the questions Wei Xun asked before.

You deserve it, an Xuefeng!

Wei Xun smiled angrily and had more power to hold the tip of his tentacle. But I like this kind of “intimate contact”. The tentacle suction cup on the ring sticks to Wei Xun’s fingertips.

[tour guides naturally enjoy these rights]

Always calm voice sounded.

[only after passing various tests and reaching a certain level can passengers obtain the same rights]

Even if the lowest level new tour guide can shop from the hotel at any time, the tourists can get 2 million points. At least Zhou Xiyang is a super tourist.

“What is the real difference between tour guides and tourists?”

Thinking back to business, Wei Xun frowned, half asked and half said. Tourists have to go through a lot of tests and screening, and tour guides also have “screening”, but compared with tourists, there are a large number of smelly fish and rotten shrimp in the low-level tour guide group. What is the purpose of the hotel? Intuition tells Wei Xun that this is very important.

[passengers have unlimited energy]

That’s all he said. That’s what the hotel said when Wei Xun boarded the return list (30 degrees north latitude journey list) with the title of “passenger”. But now Wei Xun has tasted more details, but he has tasted more profound meaning.

Passengers have unlimited energy. Is that a guide?

The guide who is dying can only exchange points from the hotel to extend the countdown to death. In a way, the hotel can control the life and death of the guide at will? No matter how powerful the tour guide is, does it not get rid of the shackles of the “death countdown”?

If so, the tour guide who didn’t put in a bad way and tried to become stronger must have found this. If the death countdown returns to zero, he will lose his mind and become a monster. He will collapse madly and be recycled by the hotel. That fruit can keep reason after difference, not another way to live? The communication and connection between the abnormal state and the power of the abyss is reflected by Wei Xun in the ancient oasis.

Is the hotel pushing the guide into the abyss?

Wei Xun was lost in thought and listened a little to the next score settlement.

Previously, Shiwei Xun in northern Tibet scored a total of 8800 points and became an intermediate star passenger. This time he got more scores, which directly made Wei Xun cross the whole intermediate level and more than half of the advanced level, and directly reached the advanced five-star level. He can become a special-class passenger after almost another journey! It’s just that Wei Xun always feels that he seems to have converged a lot when scoring compared with his great skill in integrating.

Is that why?

In the Sahara desert, Wang pengpai and they are also discussing this issue. “Wei Xun should not be promoted to a special level.”

Wang pengpai, who was left to clean up the mess, wiped his sweat, took time off to brush the forum and surf with high intensity. He was very happy to praise anonymously in various “CP” posts. He looked straight at the technical post that speculated about the current strength of Wei Xun and C.

Binghao said that he didn’t kill the second-class tour guide and won’t be ranked higher. In order to ensure his qualification to participate in the competition at the end of the year, he shouldn’t be promoted at this time. This post reanalyzes Wei Xun.

“If he wants to be a super class, he will be two steps behind us, so he won’t be able to participate in the competition.”

Passengers are divided into five levels: primary, intermediate, advanced, super, top, and hidden level 6, which is the “peak” of the top 50 stars. The super level is a threshold. If Wei Xun wants to be super level, he can completely use many unsolvable level props. The hotel will be included in their combat power on their way home.

The strength on the way home is too strong. For the warm-up competition at the end of the year, the most invited judges or special guests are the first-class tour guides. After all, if they want to go down and play, they won’t play. If Guo Weixun’s strength is above senior level and below super level, he can also participate in the warm-up competition as a person.

“Although Mr. Wei is very strong, he can’t go to the special grade this time.”

Mao Le, who was also holding a mobile phone, stabbed Wang surging: “if you let Mr. Wei stay with me in the death Sahara, you may succeed.”

Wei Xun stayed outside with Wang pengpai. It’s not a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. I’m afraid he didn’t get much points.

Alas, Mao Le felt sorry for Wei Xun. It was clear that the ninth floor of the Sahara was not too dangerous at that time. He would definitely protect Mr. Wei!

“Ah, yes, you’re right.”

Wang pengpai said with a quick smile. He sweated in secret and sent a violent “dew”. But what Mao Le said is also reasonable. Maybe Wei Xun’s score is calculated by the guide.

However, according to the guide, Wei Xun’s harvest this time would be too little. At least it would have to be reduced by ten percent, which is capable! So Wang pengpai feels heartache for Wei Xun. Alas, I don’t know if he has settled it now.

“I don’t know if Mr. Wei can go to advanced.”

Wang pengpai sighed in his heart, and Mao le was also sighing. After careful calculation, he only felt that Wei Xun only entered the death Sahara, and then stayed outside. The points might not be high enough!

Otherwise, senior passengers, Wei Xun is not qualified to participate in the year-end celebration warm-up competition as a person this time!

“There are always opportunities for exercise. It’s a big deal to have another journey.”

Wang pengpai changed the topic: “by the way, cenqin hasn’t returned to you yet?”

“No, he hasn’t heard from you.”

Mao Le said that he was a little upset. At the end of this trip to Sahara, dreamers are willing to retrieve the fragments of Maria butterfly and completely master the death Sahara. The most serious problem is metaphysics. Mao le and Wang pengpai were outside. They didn’t know the cause and result of the matter, but an Dui didn’t even return to the home station. They went directly to Xuanxue and took Wang Yushu away. Something big must have happened.

Mao le and cenqin are half teachers and half friends. They have taught Mao Le half their lives in corpse control and the unique skill of paper man. Although they didn’t learn the essence in the end, there is still a closer relationship between them. Cenqin’s accident can be sensed by Mao le.

But now Mao Le has no feeling at all. The connection between him and half life seems to be completely broken, which makes him worried. And Wang pengpai exchanged an eye “color”, and they whispered a secret chat.

“Take Wang Yushu there… Does the captain want to kill anyone?”

Wang Yushu plays an Xuefeng as an alibi. An Xuefeng takes the opportunity to attack and kill some people. They have never used this means.

“I’m not sure.”

Wang pengpai sank “Yin” for a moment, then shook, “I think…”

Wang pengpai felt that what happened half his life could be within the scope of parliamentary review. Wang Yushu had an old acquaintance with the arms dealer in the parliament. An Dui took him with him. He didn’t want to make it big.

What has nothing to do with parliament is either related to the battlefield or a series of memories of hotel blockade.

Thinking of this, Wang pengpai’s heart moved slightly.

Half life he… Did not get back the other half life, but also got back the previous memory?


Wang pengpai suddenly took a breath of cold air.

“What’s the matter?”

“No, Le, you stare here. I’ll go back to the hotel.”

Wang pengpai suddenly thought that the chance of half life to recover half life is very relevant to C. according to the past behavior style of the parliament, if it really involves this aspect, I’m afraid C will also take it to review. His new star guide, ah, has opened up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which is definitely the object of the parliament’s observation.

If Guo Weixun knows something he shouldn’t know, his memory will be blocked. His weak strength and rough parliamentary means may have some bad effects! Without much explanation, Wang pengpai immediately stormed back to the station on his way, rolled up his sleeves and asked the people of the parliament to come to the door. He beat him unconscious first. Besides, as long as he beat him unconscious fast enough and Wei Xun didn’t listen to each other, it wouldn’t be a violation of the review.

If you want to find something, go to him, Wang pengpai. Anyway, the review is not twice. Wang pengpai’s dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.

But after returning to the station, Wang pengpai found that Wei Xun was not there, and his heart was not good.

No, Wei Xun won’t go back to his mutual aid alliance first!

“C, follow me -”

Wang pengpai thinks well. Wei Xun is in the mutual aid alliance. After knowing that an Xuefeng didn’t return to the way station, Wei Xun simply took Yu Hehui and Tong Hege to the mutual aid alliance first, left for so many days and inspected the next industry.

Through the live broadcast, I knew he would be back today. The backbone of the mutual aid alliance waited in advance. In addition, there were some uninvited guests. When the sound of a cold mechanical “sex” sounded, Wei Xun was holding a meeting in the inner hall of the mutual aid alliance. He said that the meeting was not serious, but more like a party of his own.

Therefore, when the mechanical “sexual” sound suddenly appeared with a shallow virtual shadow, it was surrounded by people in black robes. Before he could say more, the yin-yang butterfly suddenly shot, the virtual shadow split in an instant, and the sound stopped suddenly, but it was not completely destroyed, but soon gathered and recovered.

Without waiting for the virtual shadow to gather again, the dreamer blew a dream bubble in a low-key way while the yin-yang butterfly shot. The dark starlight flashed in Zhang xingzang’s eyes. The weeping psychic was indifferent and shed tears. Yu Hehui turned into a heavenly Fox and hid Wei Xun under him to protect him with Tong Hege. The bee Taoist secretly releases a poisonous bee. The clothed fish fingers quietly hold the “hair” ball of the clothed fish, and yuntianhe devoutly holds the cross——

“Oh, my God, it’s almost winter. Where are the mosquitoes?”

The melodious aria and even the words “come with me” were extremely unstable. The vanishing virtual shadow and slender jade hand were completely waved away, and the black widow’s “woman” had an elegant smile: “where did we say just now? Yes, yes, vice president, I have a castle in northern Europe. If you want to travel to northern Europe, it would be great.”

“What is he?”

Wei Xun, who broke free from the fluffy tail of Tianhu, smiled perfunctorily, and his mind was still on the virtual shadow that had just appeared.

Why can this thing suddenly appear in his mutual aid alliance, and as the president and vice president, he has no feeling at all?!


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