TTG Chapter 414

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 414: Virtual shadow and true fragrance of Parliament

“It’s the shadow of members of parliament”

Yu Hehui solemnly whispered to Wei Xun, “it seems that they have a thief’s heart.”

At the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, the charge official of the parliament took C Yi away. Yu Hehui has always been wary of this.


Wei Xun’s eyes moved slightly. He still remembered the door opened by the charge official in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing in order to take him away. At that time, he vaguely smelled the strong fragrance of luring “confusion” in the door, and the fragments of Maria butterfly also reacted violently. They were lured by the things inside the door and wanted to swallow each other.

Here, Wei Xun’s Adam’s Apple moved. When the shadow of Parliament appeared just now, he felt a little hungry, but the black widow “women” killed too fast and didn’t get hungry.

The shadow of Parliament? That kind of mechanized voice is a bit like hotel customer service, not like a person. What do they have to do with doors?

At that time, Wei Xun was very interested in the Parliament and wanted to study it in depth. Although various things have temporarily diverted his attention, Wei Xun always remembers it.

Although Yu Hehui and most of them thought that the arrival of parliamentary people was a problem left over from the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, Wei Xun thought deeply and rubbed the ring between his fingers.

Just now, when he finished a full set of physical recovery, fine relaxation and health care for him in the pure white space of the hotel, he took his ring. When he gave it to Wei Xun, Wei Xun vaguely felt that there seemed to be something more on the ring, just like a polished gem turned into a frosted texture, covered with a layer of obscure energy.

And this change is not in the blue and purple “color” tentacle ring given to him, but in the team leader ring. With a strong desire to monopolize and pay attention to the “sex” of territory, he didn’t even express an Xuefeng’s shopping card, and disdained to tamper with the team leader’s ring in private. Wei Xun suspected that it was an Xuefeng who asked for help, but when asked what he had done, he only said briefly, ‘you’d better not know’

Better not know.

It’s like just now, when the virtual shadow of the parliament didn’t finish speaking, the dreamers all worked together to destroy it and didn’t let Wei Xun listen to it at all. What’s more, at the moment when the virtual shadow of the parliament appeared, Wei Xun felt that his team leader’s ring was hot, like a pair of invisible, warm and powerful hands covering his ears. Wei Xun seemed to see that the light orange light was quietly integrated into the virtual shadow when the virtual shadow was about to disperse.

An Xuefeng had expected the parliament to come? To settle the accounts for him and release water is just for him. Is it really to guard against the Parliament?

Did the Council come to him for the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing? Is it for… Butterfly eye, battlefield, metaphysical brigade last year, half life Taoist strength memory recovery?

In just a few seconds, Wei Xun’s thoughts scattered here, deeper and deeper. All of a sudden, this little party can’t go any further. Instead, it becomes an internal party. People who Wei Xun couldn’t trust completely, such as Hei Shao’s “woman” and psychic media, left. People who hadn’t participated in the Sahara, such as bee Taoist and clothes fish, all left, leaving Yu Hehui, Tong Hege, dreamer, Zhang xingzang and yin-yang butterfly.

In fact, yin-yang butterfly Wei Xun won’t let him stay. With the cautious self-control of psychic media, he won’t take the initiative to come to the small gathering of mutual aid alliance without the invitation of C-1, unless it involves life playing people.

Wei Xun suspected that the yin-yang butterfly left the Sahara, although he should not have told the psychic media that “he is worthy of being Lord C, and he has also been recognized by the sun!”, Yin Yang butterfly is taught to be stupid and loyal. He won’t reveal the ancient oasis without the permission of C-1.

But maybe the yin-yang butterfly came out and asked the psychic: “help, what do you say if someone mistook adult C for a slice of adult Xi Ming? Will Lord C be angry? It’s not me, just a friend of mine. After all, he really made a mistake when he was in the red sand giant territory.

The fact that the current leader is recognized as the former leader is a big taboo in the workplace. The yin-yang butterfly was stupid before and didn’t take it to heart at all, but the more afraid it came from, the six ownerless have a high probability of turning to the psychic medium.

With the smart power of the psychic medium, he set up a set of words a little. If he didn’t know all about it, he must understand what is related to the life playing people, so he came uninvited this time.

Yin Yang butterfly is too easy to be stereotyped. Wei Xun doesn’t plan to hold a small meeting to take him. However, Wei Xun’s dream chaser told him that Yin Yang butterfly is a member of the butcher Council in the world and should have internal contact with the thriller global hotel Council.

“Parliament likes to play dirty tricks!”

Wei Xun doesn’t have to ask. As soon as others leave, the yin-yang butterfly directly shows their loyalty. When he is in the meeting, the psychic media also came and almost got angry. The yin-yang butterfly is not really stupid. Of course, he knows that the psychic media has exposed themselves. The psychic doesn’t care, but he cares too much. Damn, the old Yin “force” of the psychic is really hateful!

So at the moment when the virtual shadow of the parliament appeared, the yin-yang butterfly was the first to defend the LORD with a sword, and now it immediately showed its loyalty.

“The Council has the right granted by the hotel. When members of the Council summon, the virtual shadow can freely enter and exit major organizations, and can directly take people away during interrogation. It is not to take people away casually. This is also the hotel’s request for the Council to supervise and control tourists and tour guides. If you disobey the order of the Council, you should disobey the hotel. Those punishments are very cruel.”

The yin-yang butterfly Jie smiled and said, “but you didn’t hear the parliamentary trial order, vice president. The punishment can’t be counted on your head.”

Both yin and Yang butterflies say punishment is cruel. It must be really cruel. Wei Xun remembers that when the abyss node was opened in northern Tibet, as an excellent passenger, he received a call order from the hotel to solve the abyss node. At that time, the hotel warned that [if the task of convening order fails, it will be tried by the hotel Council, and the severity of the crime will be judged, the misdemeanor can live, and the felony will deprive everything]

Can deprive everything. The hotel gives the parliament great rights, which makes Wei Xun more curious about the mechanism of the parliament.

“If the principal is the agent of the hotel, the parliament is similar to the law enforcer.”

The dreamer said directly: “however, the parliament does not enforce the law of abduction and murder, but involves deeper things in the hotel, such as the battlefield, such as the younger generation, such as the principal, such as the abyss and the Maria butterfly.”

Speaking of this, the dreamer smiled and said: “the parliament looks bright on the surface, but it is actually doing all kinds of dirty work. If tour guides at our level want to lose control of pollution and collapse, the parliament will recycle us.”

“It’s very dangerous. I’ve killed many congressmen.”

The dreamer said calmly. Zhang xingzang comforted and shook his hand. Wei Xun noticed that there was a ring between Zhang xingzang’s fingers. It is estimated that he restored deep connection with the dreamer as soon as he came back and received the team leader ring. Like them, tour guides and tourists who are very familiar with each other’s spiritual fantasy can reshape the deep connection for minutes.

“Basically, tourist guides who have the potential to become the principal will not become members of Parliament, which is too dangerous. However, there are many crazy applications for butcher guides, and some peak tourists who are highly polluted and do not connect with tour guides also go to Parliament. Or some large brigades and tour guide leagues also have members to parliament, so they can get some information in advance.

Of course, not everyone is eligible to join Parliament. Only outstanding tour guides or tourists who have not been sliced, or who have reached a certain level of strength, may be elected to the parliament.

Wei Xun remembered that the dreamer said that Wanxiang spring on the way home was a member of the passenger Council. So an Xuefeng can get the news in advance and protect him.

“The world butcher’s Council and the world traveler’s Council are all subordinate organizations of the global general assembly, and they are the reserves of real members.”

Yin Yang butterfly explained: “however, not many people really join the thriller global general assembly. It is true that only those who are on a dead end will go. Once they join, the words and codes will no longer be displayed on the ranking list. Parliament is another system. It is said that when they go to the battlefield in, the members of Parliament and the principal are different from where we go.”

But I don’t know how different the yin-yang butterfly is.

“In other words, the strong in the hotel are not just on the list?”

Wei Xun raised his interest. Obviously, there are strong people in the parliament, and there are a lot of them.

The dreamer replied in a meaningful tone: “of course, there are tourists at the peak and tour guides with strength up to class A and s in the parliament.”

Without sufficient strength, it is impossible to become a violent organization in the hotel.

“How strong is he?”

How powerful is the virtual shadow of Parliament who summoned him just now.

“Not as good as us.”

The dreamer smiled and said, “don’t worry, it’s just an empty shadow. It shows that the parliament thinks you have little problem.”

The hotel will also give preferential treatment to tourists like them who stand at the top of the tour guide, and the parliament will not be aggressive. Moreover, parliament has its own code of conduct set by hotels. For things like this just now, the Council can no longer directly find C-1. Instead, it has to talk to C-1’s “umbrella” first. Fundamentally, solving the problem directly is also the core rule of the hotel.

The “umbrella” has been negotiated. It’s no problem to get C-1. Otherwise, the parliament may be beaten back again and again, which is also a waste of resources and time. Of course, members can also hide their identity or send non parliamentary hands to arrest them, but without the skin of Parliament, there is no fundamental guarantee of life safety, and it is possible to be killed or cut.

Moreover, members are like a job. Which silly dog will faithfully contribute to the hotel? Almost. According to the horror level of the “umbrella” on C-1’s side, I’m afraid C-1 will become a first-class tour guide if it really comes to the day of “negotiation”.

Of course, if there is a big problem, the parliament will directly send members, which can’t shut him up like killing the virtual shadow before it opens. The seriousness of killing the virtual shadow is completely incomparable with that of killing members.

Here, the dreamer frowned slightly.

It’s like the matter of half life Taoist. It’s not easy to solve here like C-1.

“We’d better go back.” Tong Hege suggested, “it’s more reliable on the way home.”

Although the top members of the mutual aid alliance are very strong, there are not many worthy of Wei Xun’s trust. The dreamer has just recovered the butterfly fragment. It takes time to adapt to the fragment’s return to the Sahara. It’s not appropriate for him to protect it all the time.

Although it is unlikely that the parliamentary shadow will come again, if Wei Xun is only around him and Yu Hehui, Tong Hege is a little worried.


Wei Xun answered with a smile: “I’m just like this.”

He studied a parliamentary phantom. If only he could extract something from it that makes butterfly fragments feel “hungry”. If you have contacted the half life Taoist and all the people related to the journey of the dead Sahara will be summoned

Council virtual shadow won’t come to C Yi again. Will they come to Wei Xun?

“Wei Xun, you are back!”

As soon as Wei Xun returned home, he was warmly welcomed by Wang pengpai. It was not easy. He finally came back. Wang pengpai almost rushed to the mutual aid alliance! Seeing that Wei Xun came back, Wang pengpai immediately called Mao Xiaole back, together with Lu Shucheng, who was stationed on the way home. The three surrounded Wei Xun in the middle and asked for warmth.

Although the number is no more than that of the mutual aid alliance, its combat effectiveness is absolutely comparable. Mao Xiaole and Lu shuorange are the targets of their strength, but they are strong people such as dreamers and black widows. Although the title of Wang pengpai tends to be auxiliary, his hard strength is not poor. When he is a meat shield, he is much stronger than Yu Hehui.

At the moment, Wang pengpai sat next to Wei Xun and talked about the Council with Yan Yue.

“As for the composition of members of Parliament, the butcher’s guide has a high concentration and is a little worried about our way home. Therefore, although there is nothing to be afraid of, there may be villains playing dirty tricks. We’d better not go.”

Wang pengpai said kindly, “if you see any virtual shadow later, Wei Xun, don’t be afraid and keep quiet. We’ll just kill the virtual shadow.”

“I can’t use so many people. I’ll protect Mr. Wei. If you want to take Mr. Wei away? Just stay in my paper man forever.”

Mao Xiaole was firm with a trace of malice. He kept folding paper in his hand. One sinister paper people were thrown out by him. Soon, the whole return hall was filled with paper people and became a hell. Mao Xiaole’s angry eyebrows did not disperse. When he looked at Wei Xun, his eyes were bright, and his tone took a trace of naive and cruel joy: “Mr. Wei, do you like paper people with souls? It’s fashionable to make paper people with souls with the virtual shadow of Parliament.”

“Xiao Le, you muster up!”

Wang pengpai said seriously, “parliamentary summons is not a joke -”

“Oh, Xiao Le is right. It’s just an empty shadow of the parliament. Lieutenant, don’t scare Wei Xun.”

Lushu orange said briskly, turning lovingly into a wolf and letting Wei Xun “touch” her ears. As the first person to knock the leopard CP, the deer Book orange seen in the Sahara live broadcast was almost a piece of his heart.

“I tell you, the virtual shadow of Parliament can actually be eaten.”

The deer Book orange was “touched” by Wei Xun and “touched” by the wolf’s ear. It narrowed its eyes. Unconsciously, it exposed the truth. Adhering to the “sex”, the huge wolf sucked away a water, and the wolf’s eyes turned scarlet of greed and hunger, which looked terrible. However, it rubbed the back of Wei Xun’s hand gently, just like a female wolf treating a little wolf.

“Can you really eat it?”

“Of course, although it’s not delicious, it’s not bad. Hey, I like the meat flavor best…”

“Sister orange, don’t be afraid of Wei Xun if you don’t talk about the virtual shadow of the parliament.”

Seeing Mao Xiaole and Lushu orange look like evil villains, Wang pengpai hurriedly made amends, turned his head and promised to pat his chest: “Wei Xun, don’t worry, this virtual shadow of Parliament is not a soul, of course not a real person! It’s at most an energy.”

“Not a real person, just an energy?”

With Wang surging, Wei Xun smiled. He shook the wolf claw of Lushu orange and pretended to be shy, as if he wanted to try to integrate into the atmosphere of a harmonious family on the way home: “it’s like what Xiaole and sister orange said. Half of it is put in the paper man and half is for me to taste.”

Wang pengpai:??

A virtual shadow of the parliament summoning Wei Xun appeared at the home station.

A virtual shadow of Wei Xun’s parliament disappeared at the home station.

In three hours, an Xuefeng hurried back to his home station from metaphysics. The matter of half life Taoist has been solved for the time being. Metaphysics and the members sent by the parliament took a step back, and an Xuefeng did not participate in the incoming matter. After all, the first thing is the internal matter of metaphysics, and the second thing is that he has the main person of the slice, so he is not suitable to stay there.

Leave Wang Yushu, Wan Xiangchun and Bai Xiao on the other side, and an Xuefeng returns to his home station as soon as possible. He is connected with Wei Xun. Of course, he knows where Wei Xun is really.

“Captain, you’re back. Take care of it!”

As soon as an Xuefeng came back, he listened to Wang pengpai’s “cry” patiently and finished the first fruit.

“I didn’t say that it would be nice to kill the virtual shadow of the parliament. It’s not something to eat! Sister orange has to make a fuss after eating. What should Wei Xun do after eating hiccups? Mao Xiaole and they are fooling around.”

“Don’t worry, Wei Xun has discretion.”

After listening to Wang pengpai’s words, an Xuefeng was relieved. It’s good to have an empty shadow of Parliament. If there is another member, it will be a real trouble.

“Hey, that’s good. I care about chaos.”

An Xuefeng’s words made Wang pengpai relax. Now he didn’t doubt whether Wei Xun would really eat, because Wei Xun seemed really interested.

Maybe Wei Xun is just joking. The tour guides are a little bad, which is normal. Wang pengpai arrived with tolerance.

However, he listened to an Dui walking upstairs and said with a smile, “he wants to eat, and he will certainly come back for me to eat again.”

Wang pengpai:?

Wei Xun, are you measured?

Wang pengpai is often out of tune with his teammates because he is not abnormal enough.

“Wei Xun?”

An Xuefeng took a big step and soon went up to the second floor. He knocked on Wei Xun’s door. Seeing no response, he went to his room. Sure enough, he saw Wei Xun in his bedroom.

“You’re back.”

Wei Xun sat lazily on an Xuefeng’s bed, as if he had just taken a bath, with a trace of water vapor falling on the tip. He was wearing a clean black “color” Nightgown, which made his skin as white as porcelain, and the paper people in his hands were not as white as the skin of his fingers.

Seeing Wei Xun in bed, an Xuefeng was relieved that the place where he slept was the safest. He was wary of “sex” and was not safe enough to sleep. He set up various defense measures. Even if several members of the parliament really came, it was impossible to take Wei Xun away.

“You eat this?”

An Xuefeng looked at the white paper man in Wei Xun’s hand and knew that the virtual shadow of the parliament was sealed inside.

“I can’t tell whether it’s me or a butterfly.”

Seeing an Xuefeng, he stood solemnly by the bed. Wei Xun raised his eyebrows and tutted in his heart. He leaned over with a smile to hold an Xuefeng’s hand – his fingertips moved. When an Xuefeng had just returned from the outside without taking a bath, Wei Xun leaned back to his original position and said solemnly:

“Come and check it for me.”


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