TTG Chapter 415

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 415: Fictional Pharaoh pyramid in the city of lusoi

When it comes to the Maria butterfly, it means zero distance contact with Wei Xun’s heart. It was confirmed that Wei Xun was in good mental condition at present, and there was no “chaos” nerve polluted by all kinds of nonsense. He told him to stay in bed and don’t get out of bed. An Xuefeng took a combat bath, washed away the dust and sand, and carefully cleaned it thoroughly.

When an Xuefeng came out of the bathroom, he saw Wei Xun happily removing his pillow.

Wei Xun was stunned when an Xuefeng said “stay in bed and don’t come down” just now, but an Xuefeng definitely didn’t mean the same thing to him. Wei Xun immediately understood that an Xuefeng might have defensive measures on his bed to protect people’s safety.

Obviously, it looks like a simple bed. Wei Xun also slept in bed, but he didn’t find anything. Wei Xun was interested. He opened his pillow and found a capsule like device in the pillow core. It looked like it was made of metal. An Xuefeng should have set permission, but Wei Xun’s disassembly touch did not activate it.

Don’t you watch out for people next to you?

Wei Xun picked his eyebrows and thought it was unreasonable to use an Xuefeng’s alert “sex”, but he thought it would be an Xuefeng’s job. After removing the device, Wei Xun studied it and found that it was not a prop sold by the hotel, but the device made him feel inexplicably familiar, as if he had felt it somewhere.

When Wei Xun put on the dream chaser and gave him Fang Cai’s “color” soul sand gloves to play with, there was no movement, and the capsule device finally responded. When an Xuefeng came out to take a bath, Wei Xun had almost studied it thoroughly, and without a teacher, he stuffed the paper man hiding the virtual shadow of the parliament.

Less than a second after the device started, the active energy of the Council virtual shadow generator was halved and became dying.

“Cut it for you?”

An Xuefeng sat next to Wei Xun and took the gray paper man in his hand. The fingers casually crossed the paper man’s neck, but made the original struggling paper man instantly motionless, just like a dead object.

He thought that Wei Xun could not eat the whole virtual shadow of the Parliament at once, so he wanted to weaken it. But it’s a waste of energy.

“Is this a dead object?”

Wei Xun asked him with the capsule device.

“No, although it is filled with treated sand grains of nine colors of death Sahara, the treated sand grains of death Sahara can abandon all nonsense and auditory hallucinations, so that people can sleep soundly and call it sleep medicine.”

Sahara’s core pollution is “Silence”

An Xuefeng explained, “but it’s mainly the outer layer. It comes from the depths of the old pyramid. You have phoenix feather” hair “and connect with the, so it will protect you and won’t attack you.”

Moreover, an Xuefeng handed over his card to Wei Xun, who already had everything. He designed the device himself. Even if the dead dreamer comes, he has no control over these devices, but Wei Xun can.

“In other words, is the virtual image of Parliament a kind of pollution? Is it nonsense and auditory hallucination?”

Wei Xun caught the key words. He put on rainbow sand gloves, which should have inadvertently caused the dead noise pollution fluctuation, and the Council virtual shadow restrained it.

“It can be said that the pollution in parliament is not much lighter than the abyss. Parliamentarians join parliament to gain new power and power, and those pollution are related to each other.”

In this way, it’s a bit like a tour guide. The main people have subtle similarities.

Wei Xun thought secretly.

There is a deep abyss smell on his body. Wei Xun’s acceptance of the abyss node is to establish a connection with him, that is to say, his deep smell is as strong as that of abyss creatures.??? Although the breath of the upper abyss is not so strong, it is also many.

The hostel gives the host strong strength and the right to run the hostel. Will the host pay the price to suppress abyss pollution?

Similarly, the hotel gives the tour guide various privileges, but the death of the tour guide returns to zero. The alienation state establishes contact with the abyss and obtains strength from the abyss. Including the butcher alliance, they absorb the breath of the abyss node through the abyss clock. Does it draw strength from the abyss and weaken the abyss to a certain extent?

If the hostel is the principal, the tour guide suppresses the pollution of the abyss, the tourist tour guide opens up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude to suppress the pollution of 30 degrees north latitude, and the eleven generations on the battlefield suppress the pollution outside the battlefield, will the crackdown by the parliament be another pollution?

Is this the root cause of the establishment of the hotel?

Where does this pollution come from? How did the world become a sieve with all kinds of pollution?

Wei Xun still remembers that when he could only see a series of eyes like dark stone balls in the “door”, the blood in the middle of his eyes was like a thick red “color” and “liquid” body, like a “hairy” insect cocoon. This was what the Maria butterfly wanted to eat, which was a great tonic for it. But when Wei Xun not only felt the fear from the blood drop cocoon, but also felt its deep greed.

Butterfly fragments are incomplete, the butterfly host is not strong, and the “cocoon” can devour it.

Similarly, butterfly fragments can eat 30 degrees north latitude pollution, like a blood sucking knife when full of ancient oasis pollution. But in the same way, butterfly fragments can also suppress pollution at 30 degrees north latitude. Lao Chen Cheng was not sure about the battlefield pollution, but most Phoenician eggs and butterflies can absorb it, indicating that the abyss at 30 degrees north latitude can absorb it to a certain extent.

There seems to be a system of mutual generation and restriction among the four. Can various kinds of pollution be balanced against each other, but what breaks the balance, so the hotel has to fill all kinds of loopholes?

For example, why did the Maria butterfly become fragments?

Wei Xun didn’t ask Ann Xuefeng in depth. The secret information of the principal’s camera is a kind of mental pollution. Before Wei Xun really completed the regular task entrusted by the mountain god, no one can tell him more.

Wei Xun changed his mind. He asked an Xuefeng to cut him a little bit of parliamentary virtual shadow pollution and taste it. Most of the rest Wei Xun stayed. He wanted to study it.

It’s cold and silky. The shadow of Parliament tastes like red wine ice cream. It melts with a sip. Wei Xun’s heart beat a little faster. He narrowed his eyes comfortably, and his eyes were crimson. It seemed that he was drunk and a little dizzy, but this feeling was very comfortable, so he just wanted to eat again.

Council pollution is a great remedy for butterfly fragments, but it will also make it as drunk and unprepared, making it easier to kill and catch. Wei Xun tasted carefully. He looked drunk, but he was calmly analyzing in his heart. Until a little warmth touched his forehead, the slightly drunk feeling on Wei Xun suddenly dissipated. When Wei Xun woke up, he saw an Xuefeng bending over, a dark red “color” flame at his fingertips touching his forehead and heart, and carefully and seriously observed the “color” expression on Wei Xun’s face.

An Xuefeng should let Wei Xun eat the empty shadow of the parliament because he knows what may happen and how to solve it.

Wei Xun understood at once. When an Xuefeng wanted to stop, he smiled and held his hand. He looked at the burning flame between an Xuefeng, which was as dark as venous blood. After careful induction, he knew that it was not a flame. It looked more like a miniature heart. It beats at a very fast speed, and the virtual shadow makes people think it is a flickering flame halo.

This is 30 degrees north latitude pollution.

Pollution at 30 degrees north latitude can relieve pollution.

Wei Xun thought that his previous conjecture that “all kinds of pollution compete” had more evidence.

“Old pyramid pollution?”

Wei Xun asked. An Xuefeng kept leaning over him, pressed Wei Xun’s chest, felt his mental state, and confirmed that Wei Xun was really okay. An Xuefeng sat back.

If there is no problem, he will not open his chest. Although Wei Xun is not afraid of pain, it is always bad to open his chest, which is easy to blur the boundary of dangerous death.

But thinking of not being able to see Wei Xun’s heart and grasp it without touching, it is undeniable that an Xuefeng has a little regret in his heart.

It’s fusion that makes them start to influence each other and catch a little abnormal paranoia.

An Xuefeng thought, or just some bad “sex” began to appear in him. They came alone.


An Xuefeng pointed to Wei Xun and played with the metal capsule between his fingers. “Its shell is the metal that constitutes the pacemaker of the old mummy.”

Seeing that Wei Xun’s curiosity turned into dislike, he wrinkled his face like a cat smelling orange peel, threw the capsule to him and jumped out of bed to wash his hands. An Xuefeng picked up his eyebrow and smiled. He picked up the capsule and followed him all the way to the bathroom, smiling and leaning against the wall to watch Wei Xun wash his hands.

“I haven’t told you about pyramid pollution.”

The old pyramid is the first of the eleventh generation to open up a journey of 30 degrees north latitude. It is also the journey with the highest degree of exploration led by an Xuefeng. It can be said that he completely conquered the pyramid journey, and he took all kinds of items inside.

“The old pyramid is mainly built with pyramids, Egyptian temples and the old king’s palace. It surrounds the king’s palace, the immortal city of Egypt, luzoi. Its core pollution is’ immortality ‘.”

An Xuefeng said, “lusoi city is a city without reality.”

A search of mummified pacemakers and unsolved mysteries of the world on the Internet can immediately search out many similar articles. The main idea is that in the city of lusoui, Egypt, archaeologists excavated a 2500 year old mummy, from which a sense of regular vibration came faintly.

Sent to Cairo hospital for anatomical examination, the doctor was shocked and found that a pacemaker made of black crystal was still running on its shriveled heart, making the heart beat more than 2000 years ago.

If we go back to the source and look forward, we can find the source of this unsolved mystery. It is an article published by world news week on December 17, 123. Although it is called world news week, most of it is just “news”, but the content of the report strictly follows the format of news reports, including the date of the report, the source of the news, experts and so on, It looks like real news.

It’s reported that the mummy excavated in the city of lusoi is 5000 years old. Its pacemaker is not black crystal, but made of metal.

But in the final analysis, there is no city of lusoi in Egypt. This city is fiction.

“There are no living people in the city of lusoui. They are all mummies. Nobles, rich people and civilians only have different grades of mummies. On the first night of entering the city, mummies will come to the door, chisel will pass through the nostrils, smash the ethmoid bone into the skull cavity, and then stir the passenger’s brain.”

Smashing the brain is the first step in mummification, but it is to cut open the abdomen and take out the stomach, intestines, liver and lungs. Only in this way can passengers who have been preliminarily handled be allowed to move and explore in the city of lusoui. If they do not retrieve their organs and brains within a certain time, they will be completely mummified and remain in the city of lusoui forever.

“The only thing we can keep is our heart.”

An Xuefeng touched Wei Xun’s chest with his fingers. He noticed that the belt of his pajamas was not fastened properly, and the “dew” was white to the luminous chest. He thought that Wei Xun’s hands were as cold as ice when his fingers touched just now. An Xuefeng’s hands were a little itchy. He leaned over and tied the belt for Wei Xun himself, strictly blocking his chest.

This posture is like hugging from the body. At an Xuefeng’s height, he can hold Wei Xun’s head with his chin down, and the two of them can be seen in the mirror. An Xuefeng relaxes and unconsciously hugs Wei Xun’s waist, like a large cat resting on his territory and his partner snuggling lazily together. Even if Wei Xun retaliates against “sex”, he doesn’t get angry, Just blinked.

However, Wei Xun couldn’t see it. He pulled a clean “wool” towel and wiped the water drops on an Xuefeng’s face clean.

“What’s it like to lose your brain?”

Ancient Egypt believed that the heart was the carrier of thought and soul. Even if it was mummified, it would be preserved in the body, but the brain was the first to be destroyed.

“There is no special feeling. They take away their internal organs and they won’t feel any pain.”

An Xuefeng thought, “if you really feel anything, it’s to relax.”

It’s like suddenly receiving the news that I won’t go to work or school tomorrow, and there’s no need to complete the industry at home. It’s a day’s holiday in vain. Since I entered the hotel, my nerves have always been tight. I feel so relaxed that I don’t have to care about anything anymore. It’s really fascinating.

“You will lose your memory bit by bit and eventually become a mummy and stay in the city of lusoui forever.”



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