TTG Chapter 416

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 416: Deputy speaker of the house of Lords!

An Xuefeng remembered what happened ten years ago. A seriously injured and dying companion chose to stay in the city of lusoi forever. He would visit him every time he went to the pyramid on his way home.

He lived well in the city of lusoi, forgot everything about the reality and the hotel, lived a rich and peaceful life, and had a beloved woman he was pursuing. An Xuefeng tried to bring him out after he basically mastered the pyramid and tried to save him in various ways.

However, it seems that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is not the same system as the journey. Passengers who are recycled by the hotel after death may be resurrected, but that person can’t.

He only remembered an Xuefeng, because an Xuefeng was the pioneer and conqueror of the Pharaoh’s pyramid. When he knelt down in front of him trembling and devoutly, an Xuefeng mentioned him. Later, he was silent and would not appear in front of him again.

An Xuefeng knew Wei Xun’s chest. He thought that if the butterfly fragments really had a serious impact on Wei Xun’s heart, the pacemaker of the old pyramid should be feasible for him. The pollution of 30 degrees north latitude can always suppress the pollution of some abysses.

But if you want to use this pacemaker, you must be a mummy or the founder of the Pharaoh’s pyramid. He can’t destroy Wei Xun’s brain, let alone make Wei Xun look like his former companions.

There will be a better way, an Xuefeng thought. Although Cen Qin pretended to be stupid in front of the members of the parliament, and the members really failed to check that he had something similar to the battlefield, an Xuefeng confirmed that the half life Taoist had definitely found some memories, but we can start with him


An Xuefeng suddenly felt that a sharp point stood up under his hand. He wiped it off with his thumb, but suddenly realized what it was. He immediately wanted to clench his fist from Wei Xun’s chest and close his hand. His body retreated to cover up his reaction. He was a little embarrassed and coughed to change the topic. But Wei Xun grabbed his collar and pulled it down. He leaned over an Xuefeng and played it lightly, leaving a kiss on his jaw. Man Qingxiang said, “just take the initiative.”

He obviously didn’t take the initiative to do this. An Xuefeng noticed Wei Xun’s bad smile in the depths of his eyes, but he grabbed his hand and kissed his fingertips.

“The people of metaphysics are coming. It’s about Wan’an poverty, posters, corridors and battlefields.”

An Xuefeng is the fastest to come back. There are many people behind him. There are a lot of business today. Of course, Wei Xun knows that he is provoking the fire. The higher an Xuefeng’s concentration, the more unscrupulous he is. Wei Xun leaned back and felt an Xuefeng’s breath for a moment. His breath was obviously hot, and Wei Xun smiled.

It’s not that I don’t want it, but I can bear it.

An Xuefeng is not no good, and Wei Xun has not tried it. In this way, he can endure how exciting it can be when it finally breaks out. A little association with Wei Xun is a little hot and dry. He pulled an Xuefeng’s collar and kissed, carelessly thinking that deep connection is a good opportunity to thoroughly experience how strong the addiction is.

Wei Xun also knows what an Xuefeng is enduring. An Xuefeng has always wanted to give him a perfect and perfect first time. An Xuefeng himself must not be incomplete. He must integrate with * *, otherwise he is not serious enough and cherishes Wei Xun.

If in the past Wei Xun only pursued one kind of excitement and happiness, he just wanted to eat fast food and didn’t care at all. However, an Xuefeng has been making solemn plans and preparations, and the kind of heart he cherishes makes Wei Xun also want to be considerate of him and solemnly take over this heart.

However, normal needs are necessary. They kiss like a war. They toss an Xuefeng completely. Wei Xun pushed him away with a bad heart and whispered in his ear:

“Remember to take a bath when you come back, or you won’t be allowed to go to bed.”

As soon as the voice fell, Wei Xun turned around to go, but he was caught back by an Xuefeng. Wei Xun smiled at “Yin” and “Yin” face. An Xuefeng stared at him dangerously. Finally, he couldn’t bear it and pushed Wei Xun to the wall. The sense of oppression of strong aggression and domination made Wei Xun happy. His freshly dried hair was wet again. They helped each other in the steam, and the atmosphere in the bathroom became more and more hot.

I don’t know how long later, Wei Xun’s hands were sore and he leaned lazily against an Xuefeng. He dealt with the mess left behind. An Xuefeng carefully washed Wei Xun’s hands one finger at a time, and listened to him casually ask, “did you give me both the card and the bed?”

“Here you are.”

An Xuefeng washed the foam of Wei Xun with warm water to make sure that he had no taste at all, and meticulously spray alcohol to disinfect the liquid. His fingers were white like jade and completely different from his rough fingers with a cocoon of cocoon.

The hands wearing the golden red “color” ring are held together, so they fit together. An Xuefeng appreciates it and just thinks how good it is. An Xuefeng thought that half life Taoist always likes to take pictures. Now he also wants to take a picture of their hands, and everyone who doesn’t get through the “exposure” knows it.

“We’ll all sleep in the same bed in the future.”

Say love, say like, always feel embarrassed, not easy to open, and a little not serious enough, so use behavior to express, because it is a lifelong thing, so we should be more cautious. An Xuefeng is a kind of traditional male and moral man who will save real knives and guns for the first time until the wedding night. The “wedding night” he imagined for them is the night of deep connection.

When they are really deeply connected and connected in spirit, he and * * should be able to maintain a one-day integration, which is enough, and Wei Xun can really face the complete him.

“You love me.”

Wei Xun chuckled, like affirmative sentences and interrogative sentences. His eyes fell on their hands and shook.

What is like, what is love? That throbbing feeling of “confusion” is just caused by some hormones in the human body. When the hormone effect fades, what can last forever?

Wei Xun followed an Xuefeng’s hand and rubbed his team leader ring.

The connection of tourist guides is only given by the hotel. If the hotel does not exist one day, the connection will no longer exist.

So Wei Xun never believed in these, such as the hotel contract, the connection between tourists and guides, and the same team leader ring. He is more willing to believe his eyes. An Xuefeng gave him all kinds of permissions and cards. He has paid and tolerated everything from meeting to now, and has no private teaching and connivance. Those two hearts are in the eyes of Wei Xun.

In his twenties, it seems too early to say all his life. Wei Xun has always been a person who pursues excitement. But now I think this rhythm is also good.

Obviously, there will be a battlefield in less than half a year. Obviously, there is likely to be only half a year left. In the anxiety and tension of the end of the day, an Xuefeng is not anxious and prepares the most perfect first night for him. Isn’t this an alternative romance?

This wholehearted treasure and solemnity moved Wei Xun.

“Then you love me.”


Wei Xun bit an Xuefeng’s lips and said vaguely. An Xuefeng pressed the back of his head with his backhand, as if he had received some promise. An Xuefeng’s heart suddenly softened, as if he had been soaked in a warm water. When they clean up again, there are two small past. The head of metaphysics, Wan anqiong, the Deputy Li Hongxue and the head of Laoshan brigade, Yu Yang, arrived on their way home and were waiting in the reception hall.

Wearing a cloak, Wei Xun stood up as soon as he arrived as C-1. Wan’an poor and they solemnly saluted them. Wei Xun turned aside and raised his eyes half to order the Taoist not to come.

“By the way, I heard you got a strange and mysterious mummy.”

Wan’an poverty didn’t say much. Just like gossip, he thanked an Xuefeng for their help. After the polite sentence, he seemed to note to C-1 and said, “Yang is an expert in distinguishing corpses. This time he came home to help you.”

This sounds like they visit the way home and then do a personal favor to help the little guide dry the corpse. They don’t mention the half life Taoist. Wei Xun’s heart moved slightly. He knew that the matter of half life Taoist had not been completely solved. Even his name was monitored by the parliament, so he only said the mummy.

The “strange corpse” Wei Xun got from the ancient oasis is of course song Feixing, who is likely to have something to do with Hongjiang and can cause the change of scarlet cloak!

Wan’an poverty and an Xuefeng look at each other. They and Li Hongxue don’t move, but let Yu Yang follow C. They did not go to the team of metaphysics, nor did they mention Cen chin. An Xuefeng’s fingers moved slightly, and a wisp of “sight” that was quietly going with Yu Yang was cut off by him.

This is a guarantee as the captain of the return journey. The parliament must give him this face.

“It looks like an alternative mummy, which is different from our zombies.”

There are many rooms on the way home, and Bai Xiaosheng has a special autopsy room with complete equipment. Wei Xun asked Xiabai Xiaosheng, and then he simply took Yu Yang to the autopsy room. Tong Hege, the ferret, jumped down from his shoulder and turned into a human shape. Zhang spit out a mummy. To the scene that he didn’t have any resistance and vomited the corpse, Yu and his eyes were full of joy.

Tong Hege is really practicing.

After all, song Feixing was an old metaphysician who died in the past. Zhu Yuande couldn’t bring it out at all. Wei Xun was worried that he couldn’t bring it out, so he wrapped a cloak around the corpse. Fortunately, it was dangerous.

This also shows that the essence of song Feixing’s corpse is different from Zhu Yuande’s. Wei Xun remembers that half his life said that the whole replay of the ancient oasis scene is actually made of butterfly eyes, so there is no smell of a hotel, and the tour guides can’t contact the abyss inside.

As the leader of the next generation of metaphysics, the half life Taoist inherited the drop of blood of metaphysics and had the hopes, obsessions and many emotions of generations of metaphysics. He also used this drop of blood to suppress and seal the out of control butterfly eye with his half body. Therefore, the butterfly eye can completely simulate the scene replay with the residual resentment of Zhu Yuande and others.

But what is song Feixing? If he had the same essence with Zhu Yuande, Wei Xun could not bring him out.

There is only one possibility, that is, 20 years ago, song Feixing was chewed by the old and disabled giant, and the meat was controlled by the black snakes. After they gathered and “stitched” into a dried body, they hid in this journey of 30 degrees north latitude after Chen Cheng opened up an ancient oasis, just like Wu Laoliu, who sneaked into the chieftain’s tomb by Wei Xun.

Only in this way can his uniqueness avoid the censorship of the hotel. Chen Cheng completely accepted the ancient oasis. It may be in this room that butterfly eye noticed the problem of song Feixing’s corpse and swallowed him up, but Chen Cheng accepted it before it disappeared.

Chen Cheng’s acceptance of dieyan was not complete. In the later stage, he lost butterfly fragments, so he may not have found the problem of dried corpses. When he left for the battlefield, dieyan was completely suppressed by half life Taoist priest.

After ten years of hard work, he quickly sent half his life to the battlefield, and the butterfly eye became stronger and stronger. This time, it was directly broken, and the power was lost. The power of 30 degrees north latitude of the ancient oasis phase was taken away, and the corpse was also robbed by Wei Xun.

Half of his life had quietly told Wei Xun that dieyan had been focusing on him. Wei Xun wondered whether it was because of the problem of Maria butterfly or his own strange eye. Even the butterfly eye was broken, and part of its power went to Wei Xun’s eyes, which was turned into a purple “color” by * * households and named “dirty eye”

But now Wei Xun thinks that dieyan has been paying attention to him and some forces have gone to him. Will it be because song Feixing’s corpse is in his hands?

However, after taking the dried corpse back to the hotel, there was no movement at all. Wei Xun could not have any problems, and it was impossible to ask the hotel about such confidential matters. From the fact that all the settings of an Xuefeng bed are derived from the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, rather than Hotel props, we know that he does not trust the hotel.

Yu Yang came at the right time. Wei Xun also heard that he was very close to half life Taoist. He should know a lot.

“The internal organs were hollowed out, but the heart was sutured.”

Yu Yang didn’t use any knives. His fingers grew inch long sharp nails, which were as bright as black crystal stone. He skillfully examined song Feixing’s corpse from the beginning to the end, gently held his head and shook it: “empty.”

In ancient times, Chinese people paid attention to their parents. Most of the buried bodies were complete and would not do such things as hollowing out the internal organs and brain.

Song Feixing’s body is very similar to the mummy that an Xuefeng just told Wei Xun.

“His body is an empty shell.”

After the inspection, Yu Yang simply said, “it can’t be refined or preserved. At most, it will break and disappear into powder in two days.”

“If you want to know something from him, only here is some information.”

Yu Yang points the heart of the corpse. The shriveled black “color” Heart Sutra shrinks into a walnut. The face is unclear, the traces of suture are wrinkles.

“It’s just that there is a strong brand of ghost curse hidden in the heart, which is a little tricky. If you want to read the information of the heart, you will suffer the curse of ghost. You must complete her obsession to get rid of it, otherwise she will torture your soul forever.”


Wei Xun was not surprised. He thought that Chen Cheng told him that song Feixing had the title of purple “color” and complained about ghosts. His mother seemed to be a fierce ghost.

If his mother has a relationship with Hongjiang, she is definitely one of the strongest tour guides or tourists. It is not uncommon to leave something behind. Metaphysics should also be expected, so this time there is metaphysics vice team ghost King Li Hongxue.

So Yu Yang suggested that Li Hongxue, the ghost king of the metaphysical vice team, take the curse and let the corpse speak. Wei Xun didn’t feel surprised.

He helped cenqin find half of his life. What a great kindness. Human kindness is the most difficult thing to repay. Metaphysics must want to repay it.

But Wei Xun refused.

“If I want to bear the curse by myself… Is there any way?”

Wei Xun smiled and said “Yin” and “Yin”. His shocking words did not change Yu Yang’s expression. It seemed that he had expected it long ago. He just said that Li Hongxue was best at this problem.

Soon the ghost King Li Hongxue came to the autopsy room. In the reception hall before, he wore a hood like a tour guide. Now he took off the “dew” to show his true face. Wei Xun realized that Li Hongxue’s “color” was wrong.

His skin is as white as Wei Xun’s, his eyes are slightly blue and black, his lips are black, and his right face is black “color” ghost lines. He looks evil and cold and has no popularity. It should be a title that has just been used with some side effects.

The matter of coming to parliament, the matter of half life, is not so easy to solve. Wei Xun thought.

“Blame ghost and fierce ghost are different.”

Li Hongxue’s voice was low and dumb. She said two words and coughed twice. She didn’t look very well. He rolled his sleeves and “exposed” his left and right arms. Wei Xun saw that his arms were dense and full of mysterious and evil mantras.

“The black ones are evil spirits, the red ones are fierce ghosts, and the black and red ones are resentful ghosts.”

He succinctly introduced: “the complaining ghost is between the evil ghost and the fierce ghost.”

Ghosts are the source of the epidemic disaster, more like the collection of countless residual souls’ resentments and negative emotions. Fierce ghosts are mostly conscious. Although they are full of hostility and wear blood clothes, they are mostly their own obsession.

The complaining ghost is that the fierce ghost carries too many other residual souls. The “fan” loses itself and has no self will, leaving only the last touch of obsession. When the obsession disappears, it also completely degenerates into a ghost.

Therefore, it is difficult to bear the curse of the ghost. It will entangle its own obsession into your soul at all costs. This strong to terrible obsession will drive people crazy and achieve obsession at all costs, even death.

Li Hongxue has the title of “orange” ghost king and can suppress it. But C-1 has no title of phase. He bears the brand of curse. I’m afraid he will collapse.

“But there are ways.”

Just after Wei Xun Shen “Yin” weighed the pros and cons, he heard Li Hongxue cough twice: “I can absorb the residual soul resentment of her body.”

He absorbed the resentment of the remnant soul. What C Yi needs to carry is only a normal fierce ghost, and it is a thug type fierce ghost without too much consciousness and too much independent knowledge. The obsession is still there, but it will be lighter. Bingyi is connected with an Xuefeng and can bear it with his spiritual strength.

Although the curse brand will still bring severe pain to the soul and will be eaten by fierce ghosts if you can’t bear it, isn’t C Yi famous for not afraid of pain? Before the ceremony, Li Hongxue scratched Bingyi with her fingernails and went in with the power of a fierce ghost. After confirming that he was really not afraid of pain, not only his body but also his soul, Li Hongxue thought Bingyi could bear the brand of a fierce ghost.

“Lieutenant Li, please.”

Wei Xun turned to Yu Yang and said, “this corpse is of no use to me. If yu Tuan needs it, take it back after I get all the information.”

Yu Yang looked at him deeply and Wei Xun was calm. Yu Yang’s lips moved. Wei Xun thought he was going to refuse, but at last Yu Yang agreed in a low voice.

Sure enough, song Feixing is likely to have a relationship with half life Taoist.

Wei Xun Ying proved his idea. Previously, in the ancient oasis, Wei Xun doubted whether song Feixing would be the elder martial brother who went down the mountain to find his biological mother. He could be right in terms of school rules, age and master’s attitude.

Tourists came to the hotel because of their strong desire to realize. Wei Xun even suspected that the opportunity for half life Taoist to enter the hotel was to find his missing senior brother. But song Feixing changed his name and never mentioned his original name. Because he raised a fierce ghost, he felt ashamed for the school and refused to mention the news of the school.

In the replay of the ancient oasis scene, the point where half life met Chen Cheng brigade was also the point after song Feixing was killed and broken by the old disabled giant.

No chance to meet before death, at least the corpse can bring comfort to the living. What’s more, Wei Xun thinks that song Feixing has not grown up to participate in Hongjiang. Some of him and Hongjiang are only the mother of fierce ghosts. It was the blood and tears of fierce ghosts that caused the scarlet cloak reaction in the oasis before, not song Feixing himself.

So it’s enough that Wei Xun wants this heart. If song Feixing leaves something for his younger martial brother, his corpse will play the most role in the hands of half life Taoist priest and can be displayed.

With the deeper fetters of butterfly eyes, half life Taoist cannot hide from Wei Xun. He returned the corpse and earned a favor, which can be called killing two birds with one stone. Metaphysics, a team that must repay his kindness, can’t owe him a favor.

Sure enough, after Yu Yang agreed, he immediately politely suggested that if there were any rough and fleshy pet servants around C Yi, he could exercise with the method of body refining, which would not make the servant pet contaminated with corpse gas and become the low-end body refining of zombies. Body refining is one of Yu Yang’s orange “color” titles, which can purely strengthen all kinds of defense and resistance, and will not affect the development of the servant pet itself.

In this way, even if the servant pet is young and doesn’t understand the talent moves, he can also be a meat shield for C-1.

Wei Xun smiled, gave Yu Yang the mutated young sun giant Xiaosha, and gave him a corn shoot. Then Li Hongxue began to transfer the brand of resentment to Wei Xun. His pale fingers pressed on the withered and blackened heart, and his nails gradually turned pure black, and the black “color” of the heart was absorbed, leaving a bright red “color” in the end.

“Eat it.”

Wei Xun handed Li Hongxue a miniature heart as small as an apricot. Its face was wet and seemed to be soaked in plasma. Holding his breath, Wei Xun bit his teeth and closed his eyes, took his heart and swallowed it. Even holding his breath, he could feel the thick smell of blood coming from his throat. The heart seemed to be alive and wanted to jump out of Wei Xun’s throat!

Li Hongxue held Bingyi’s wrist tightly, and his eyes turned pure black. The power of the ghost King pressed the heart down until the fingernail of Bingyi’s right hand turned scarlet like blood. The transfer of the fierce ghost brand was successful, and Bingyi’s soul didn’t “swing”. It was smooth. Li Hongxue was a little relieved.

But the next moment his pupils contracted suddenly, he saw that C’s whole body was filled with fog like blood gas, rich and bright, enveloping him like a fierce ghost’s blood clothes. However, when the scarlet face “color” condensed into C’s cloak, it turned into a scarlet cloak, and the feeling of this scarlet cloak was different from that of life playing people——

This is not only a pure tour guide cloak, but also has some regular power attached to the surface! And it’s taking C-1 away!

Never let C-1 have an accident!


Li Hongxue only had time to hold Bingyi’s hand tightly. The next moment, the door of the autopsy room was slammed open, and a tall figure rushed in and held Wei Xun’s hand tightly. Then the next second, the three of them disappeared in situ.

*    *

“Hongjiang — Hongjiang –”


Wei Xun’s mind “swings” with the woman’s whispering voice. After establishing contact with the heart, he suppressed the fierce ghost with the help of Li Hongxue. As Li Hongxue said, after the resentment dissipated, the fierce ghost’s obsession dissipated a lot. The remaining power to impact Wei Xun’s spirit is not strong. Wei Xun can think calmly in the voice of “Red River, Red River”.

But there was something hidden in the heart, which even Li Hongxue didn’t find. Wei Xun felt bad at the moment he realized it, but it was too late.

“Shh, keep quiet”

An Xuefeng’s voice sounded in his heart. At last, the figure who rushed in and grabbed Wei Xun was of course him.

“It’s safe to have no one else in the room.”

Wei Xun slowly opened his eyes and saw himself in an old office. Victorian wallpaper, copper globe, wooden filing cabinets on both sides, bookshelves beside the office table, a pot of withered plants, and a parchment table with ink and pens.

As an Xuefeng said, he is the only one in the office. Wei Xun moved his hand and put the little palace guard with golden “color” in his arms around his neck, which can not only hide it under the scarlet cloak and hood, but also let an Xuefeng see things outside.

“My special animal state is recorded and will be noticed as soon as it appears.”

An Xuefeng whispered. Like Li Hongxue transferred together, he was detected and sent away. Only when his first room became an ordinary golden “color” small palace keeper can he stay with Wei Xun.

But this little palace guard is not so ordinary. He took over the tail of the lizard Lord’s palace guard. As we all know, the tail of the lizard Lord’s golden “color” small palace guard is a magic chain that can trap the demon wolf Griffin. An Xuefeng didn’t return his tail completely before, leaving a little flesh and blood. Now he has the power of a war.

“Stand up and walk”

Wei Xun walked around so that an Xuefeng could observe the surrounding environment. He noticed that there seemed to be a window blocked by curtains on the wall behind his seat, and Wei Xun was vaguely aware of a sense of peeping.

An Xuefeng’s eyes also fell on the window blocked by the curtain. The eyes of the little palace guard were a little dignified.

“Be careful, this is probably parliament”

“You have the door of Parliament. It brought you here.”



Wei Xun’s throat suddenly itched. He coughed twice and coughed out something. It was a half finger long metal plate, patterned like a door, and a word was written in the middle of the door.

[house of Parliament – deputy speaker]


For a moment, Wei Xun understood everything. No wonder Chen Cheng said that Hongjiang is the legendary tour guide alliance, and no one has really seen it.

Hongjiang’s headquarters is in Parliament! The tourist guides on the Hongjiang floor are likely to be members of Parliament!

The nameplate hidden in the heart of the fierce ghost, this office, is likely to belong to the leader of Hongjiang. Deputy speaker of the house, this is definitely a high position!

For a moment, Wei Xun’s brain rotates rapidly. Does Hongjiang exist? Not to mention other Hongjiang members, this “red” has definitely died for at least two generations. Why does this office keep it for her? If a hippie doesn’t have his own leader, is it because he is a member of Parliament? No, no, hippie has his own ranking code. He doesn’t disappear from the ranking list. He’s not a congressman.

What’s wrong with the inheritance of Hongjiang? Is there a new deputy speaker in the house now? What happens if he goes out as red? How do you leave Parliament? Can he come in after leaving?

“Be careful, someone is coming outside!”

But at the next moment, an Xuefeng’s words interrupted Wei Xun’s thinking. He was stunned with the same parliamentary virtual shadow and appeared in the office room!


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