TTG Chapter 417

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 417: Hong goes to jail and watches a big play


At the moment of the virtual shadow of the parliament, Wei Xun’s little nails dyed red by the fierce ghost were hot, and some information poured into his mind for a moment. When Wei Xun put his finger on the nameplate as soon as the parliament virtual shadow spoke, the parliament virtual shadow shut up and was fixed in place.

At the same time, an Xuefeng tacitly shook his tail, and an invisible chain tied the virtual shadow of the parliament firmly. Wei Xun followed suit and hid it in Mao Xiaole’s paper man. The two cooperated with each other. In a second, the virtual shadow of the parliament disappeared.

“Don’t hurry to kill it.”

An Xuefeng whispered, “check whether it belongs to the virtual shadow of ‘you’.”

It is reasonable to say that Wei Xun just came to the Parliament and didn’t “touch” clearly. How can he know the ownership of the virtual shadow of the Parliament?

“This is an imaginary shadow of Parliament belonging to ‘me’.”

Wei Xun replied with a low voice and looked at the golden “color” Little Palace keeper. The moment the parliamentary shadow appeared, the remaining instinctive reaction of the fierce ghost made him understand that the parliamentary shadow belonged to ”.

In other words, the parliamentary shadow does not belong only to someone, it belongs to this cloak, this nameplate. That’s why Wei Xun didn’t kill the “dew” because he was worried about its stuffing. Wei Xun showed xiaoshougong the nameplate and an Xuefeng.

“Fasten the nameplate.”

An Xuefeng said seriously, “what you wear is not a tour guide cloak, but a senator’s robe. Don’t put on a nameplate. This robe represents the identity of the ‘vice speaker’.”

The hotel is rougher than the tour guide to the parliament. All members of the Parliament are in the same dark gray “color” robe. Only after the speaker and deputy speaker wear the nameplate can the robe have other “color” changes.

Compared with the fact that tourists can have their own names and tour guides can have titles and ranking codes, parliamentarians have nothing. Even tourists do not have their real names after joining the parliament.

Those with the title of orange “color” can also be matched by code. Even if you say other names, others won’t remember them.

Only when you become vice speaker and speaker can you have the special code given by the hotel.

“Red is not a name. It is the code name of the vice speaker of the house of Lords. The house of Lords is a tour guide and the house of Commons is a tourist. ”

It doesn’t mean that red is someone. Generations of deputy speakers of the house of Lords are all code named “red”

“And red has always been a person”

Wei Xun stood in front of the mirror beside the bookcase with great interest and looked at his new changes after wearing the nameplate.

His thin waist, slightly flat chest, and red “color” cloak as warm as fire made his skin more and more white. His hood turned into a pointed magic hat with crimson “color” obliquely worn. A black “color” veil hung from the brim of the hat, covering half of his face. Only a little nose tip and bright red lips were exposed. The snow white “color” hair is soft and falls on the lower jaw, and the thin mandibular line is a bit like male “sex”.

Guard Xun drew a crimson oil paper umbrella from his sleeve. Wei Xun held the umbrella handle in one hand, and the umbrella tip was inclined on the ground.

In this dress, whether red is male or female, whether it is always less, whether it is from the West or the East, it is like a “fan”.

Wei Xun ordered his little red fingernail. Unfortunately, the fierce ghost was seriously damaged in mind. He had too many residual souls to make his will blurred. Wei Xun only learned the tips of “manipulating” the virtual shadow of the parliament from there, but didn’t get more information.

“Red left without preparation”

An Xuefeng has excellent professional quality and has basically completed the on-site investigation. However, the basic requirement of on-site investigation is that it must be timely, comprehensive, accurate and objective. Just “timely” can not be achieved. If the “red” who finally entered this office is really song Feixing’s mother, it will be at least 20 years from now.

But an Xuefeng still found many clues. He asked Wei Xun to stick the nameplate on the left and right drawers of his desk and the bottom of the ink bottle.

The locked drawer was opened. In the left drawer was an iron chain with a red leather dog collar. It’s not the normal rope for walking the dog. It’s just a simple collar. It doesn’t look like binding the dog, but more like a choker.

In the right drawer is a red book with a pen cap on it. It may be the pen cap on the desk.

Under the ink bottle are three travel tickets like “entry certificates.”

“Can bring non parliamentary people into parliament freely”

Wei Xun carefully examined these three items. An Xuefeng said that both the collar and the red paper booklet have the smell of hotel rules, similar to the cloak of the principal, which should be the rule items handed over to “red” by the hotel.

Three entry certificates, maybe red wants to bring someone in.

But these things were not taken away. What happened that year was absolutely unexpected and urgent. But it should not be too dangerous in Hong’s view. He is ready to come back.

What happened that year?

Wei Xun was more concerned that since Hong left suddenly, I’m afraid there was no time to arrange his own affairs. If Wei Xun suddenly leaves the mutual aid alliance one day and dies in the face, there is no doubt that the whole mutual aid alliance will collapse.

Is it really possible that red has disappeared for more than 20 years and has not been found?


An Xuefeng said, “the speaker and deputy speaker are basically not in front of people. People in Parliament won’t even go to the battlefield for ten years.”

Without the celebration at the end of the year, the identity is secret and does not go to the final battlefield. Even many people do not know that the parliament is divided into the upper and lower houses, each with a president and a vice president.

‘I met the deputy speaker of the house of Commons, but that was when he was killed.’

An Xuefeng downplays: “after his death, the nameplate disappeared, but the body did not disappear, which is different from when the hotel recovered guide passengers.”

But the body was riddled with holes, like it was in a state before it was dying. Almost the instant the nameplate completely disappeared, the body completely became a pool of black water and disappeared.

Why did an Xuefeng kill the vice speaker? Did he get a punishment from the hotel for killing the vice speaker? Wei Xun didn’t ask. What an Xuefeng doesn’t say is basically what he can’t say or doesn’t remember.

The problem comes again. Is Hongru keeping the nameplate after his death for more than 20 years? Is there anyone else in this? What made him leave that year?

“There are many mysteries about Hong.”

Wei Xun played with the red “color” oil paper umbrella, but he caught one of the clues.

“Are members all in dark grey robes?”

After confirming with an Xuefeng, Wei Xun thought that he Guan opened it. The eyes like a string of dark stone balls are all dark gray “color”, only the eyes opened in the middle, and the eyes are dark red “color”!

Dark grey “color” and red “color”. Is this a coincidence? Or is this red “color” stone ball eye related to “red”? Is the Dutch official under the deputy speaker Hong? No, no, the Dutch official is a passenger. In the house of Commons, Hong is the vice speaker of the house of Lords.

The codes of the speaker and deputy speaker of the house of Commons are different, not red. Although an Xuefeng can’t clearly mention their code name, it implies Wei Xun.

It is possible that vice speaker Hong has disappeared for many years and his power has been divided up. But the office is still there, the nameplates and robes are all there, and there is even an exclusive virtual shadow of the parliament, which may not be “sexual”.

It is also possible that Hong holds a certain power in Parliament and holds a certain position, such as the warden in Parliament.

Maybe all those arrested in parliament will be put in prison under the red executive!

“Maybe the collar is a noose to catch people, and the list of ‘prisoners’ is on the red book.”

Wei Xun summoned the virtual shadow of the parliament with Mao Xiaole paper man. Mao Xiaole’s paper figurine is designed to help Wei Xun restrain the virtual shadow of the parliament. There are also some sinister means to cut off the connection between the virtual shadow of the Parliament and the parliament, so that this energy can recognize Wei Xun as the main, ensure that Wei Xun can eat comfortably and use safely.

With three entry certificates, he can take an Xuefeng away at any time, but Li Hongxue is also involved in the parliament. Wei Xun has a nameplate robe and “ID card”. An Xuefeng is an ordinary little palace keeper. Only the unlucky ghost King Li Hongxue has just attacked the parliament because of Cen Qin, and now he “breaks into” the parliament, which is very likely to be put in a “prison”!

Although an Xuefeng said that being brought to the strength level of Li Hongxue and being taken to the prison for questioning by members of Parliament is just a formality, like the people on the way home of metaphysics who boycotted the parliament for half life Taoism, for the mutual aid alliance of C-1 / Wei Xun and Wang pengpai, they will be called to the prison for questioning by the parliament.

It’s really just a formality.

But besides taking Li Hongxue away, Wei Xun wants to explore the past and the secret of the parliament in person!

Put away the three entry certificates, picked up the chain collar, took the red leather booklet and leaned on the red oil paper umbrella. Wei Xun found that his figure had disappeared in the mirror! The virtual shadow of the parliament, which belongs to red, has become more flexible and stained with a faint red “color”. Wei Xun also got more information from it.

If the collar and red booklet are the manifestation of red power, taking them and the nameplate robe is the real and complete Vice Chancellor red! If you want to, you can completely hide your body in your own territory. No one at the same level or at the lower level can find it. Only the speaker of the house of Lords can see it.

As Wei Xun speculated before, the collar can bring any person or guide into parliament prison, and the names of prisoners are recorded in the red book. Red can bring arbitrary prisoners to his own trial, or torture prisoners directly through brochures. However, the following members of Parliament are capable of torture and arrest. The hotel will not bother the vice speaker with these simple tasks.

The vice speaker has a more important position.

Wei Xun didn’t contact the hotel about his post. He doesn’t know at present. This nameplate seems to have been specially treated. Anyway, the hotel didn’t find him, and he doesn’t intend to contact the hotel at present.

Opening the booklet, Wei Xun saw several familiar names. The golden “color” small palace guard hid under the veil beside his ears, and the virtual shadow of the Council led the way for him. Wei Xun knocked on the wall next to the bookcase with a red “color” oil paper umbrella, and a red “color” fluorescent frame appeared quietly, which is the way to a “prison”.

Wei Xun hid his figure and walked into the. An acquaintance that Wei Xun didn’t expect was put in prison. He was very interested.

*  *

“Tell me what you’re doing this time. What are you doing at our mutual aid union meeting?”

In a prison, yin and Yang butterflies are complaining to psychics. It’s a prison. In fact, it’s similar to the reception hall. There are sofas, carpets, tea tables, fruit trays, small refrigerators. You can take whatever you want. There are even kitchens, study rooms, gyms and indoor swimming pools nearby. It’s a trial, that’s a passing ceremony. For years, parliament has not really tortured their people.

When she was the first to guide C, yin-yang butterfly thought she had to go to jail. He was an old parliament member. Although he was only a subordinate butcher Council, entering the headquarters prison was the same as going home, and his treatment was even better than others.

On the way, I saw that the psychic medium was also led into the prison with a sad face (yin-yang butterfly fantasy). Taking into account the old companionship, the other yin-yang butterfly was kind and pulled the psychic medium into his luxury prison. In addition, the yin-yang butterfly also pulled another person in.

But seeing the psychic sitting quietly on the sofa reading, the thought that he came to attend the internal meeting of the mutual aid alliance and exposed himself made the yin-yang butterfly angry.

“I’ve gone to the mutual aid alliance, psychic medium. Do you want to wear small shoes for me? You don’t want adults Xi Ming and C Yi to like you all. Face you! In addition, my yin-yang butterfly is nothing in the mutual aid alliance. What’s the use of you calculating me? I’m a transparent person.”

The yin-yang butterfly nagged a lot, but the psychic medium was always very calm. Gradually, the anger of the yin-yang butterfly disappeared somehow.


After he closed his mouth, the psychic glanced at him and spoke faintly.


Yin Yang butterfly wanted to stick her neck and talk about “force”, but she felt childish, so she simply ignored him.

Seeing that he was silent, the psychic closed the book in his hand.

“If you want to understand that you have been in the butcher Alliance for so many years and have been with me for so many years, Bingyi can’t completely trust you.”

“Do you think you will tell me about it after you come here? Can’t you think of it later?”


After listening to the words of the psychic medium, the yin-yang butterfly wanted to refute, and she was a little nervous in her heart. He even has no nostalgia for the blood sucking knife. Is that not enough? Alas, but trust is not something money can buy.

“Didn’t you make him trust me more by doing so.”

If the yin-yang butterfly talks again, it will be a little weak.

“Hiss, fool.”

The psychic sniffed and said impatiently, “move your brain. I don’t show up and let Bingyi’s doubt be buried in my heart. Or I show up, I don’t care if you will be suspected and don’t take your interests to heart.”

Ah, this

Yin and Yang butterflies are lost in thought.

What to do? The psychic seems to make sense.

Indeed, in this way, the psychic media showed that he had told some information to the psychic media, but it also showed the discord between them. The psychic media had no affection for him and did not hide it for him. The psychic medium was so angry that they must be strangers.

The more hostile they are, the deeper the separation between his yin-yang butterfly and his old owner, and the more reassuring Bingyi is.

“What if Lord C predicted your judgment?”

Yin and Yang butterfly strongly refuted, but from his tone, he believed.

The psychic sighed.

“You won’t really believe my nonsense.”

Yin Yang Butterfly:?

“That’s right.”

The psychic medium whispers softly. He is even very rare, but the yin-yang butterfly sees strong malice from his face! He heard the psychic Shen say, “I’m just giving c an eye medicine.”

Lord Xi Ming hasn’t come back yet. His psychic medium is still supporting the butcher alliance alone. Why can yin-yang butterflies get along well in front of C-1?

“Vicious, despicable, shameless!”

Yin and Yang butterflies jump with Qi. If they are in the face, they will do it directly. He said without hesitation: “if C-I were here, I really want him to see through your ugly face!”

Wei Xun is really here. He has been watching the psychic medium tease the yin-yang butterfly for a long time. But he didn’t come to this prison specially to see psychic media and yin-yang butterflies.

In addition to the two of them, there is another person in this prison.

No one could have imagined that this man was a devil merchant!


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