TTG Chapter 418

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 418: Devil merchant nutrient solution 98 + update

The devil businessman calmly shrank in a corner of the luxury cell, looked at his nose, nose and heart, pretended that he didn’t understand Mandarin, and completely didn’t participate in the tour guide Shura field in the East.

But careful observation can be made. His eyes are in a trance and at a loss. In the devil merchant, due to the influence of the title, there is a burning flame goat like shadow in the six pointed star trace on the left and middle of the pink purple “color” and the “devil merchant”, and a gray “color” noble and thin virtual shadow on the right and middle of the gray “color” soaked with the breath of the dead.

Three pairs of eyes are equally at a loss.

I don’t understand.

The devil merchant doesn’t understand.

How did it get to this point?

The devil merchant recalled the past. After Xiaocui set off a scuffle among all the strong at the end of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he calculated the S1 devourer by gram and went to the ghost King country with the help of his ferry.

I thought there was a branch line in the ghost Kingdom, but it didn’t go there. The torrent of terror pollution is countless. The Duke of the dead, the king of the dead and the slaughter of the dead are calculated by the stack. The devil merchant immediately realized that he had fallen into the trap of the ghost king.

He is not a ghost at all, but a dangerous and evil undead, and he is not a undead king, a undead slaughter! Because the strength weakened, the strength fell to the king.

The so-called ghost is a ghost who walks around the world after death. But the dead are taken away by death and fall into the underworld! They are more evil and powerful, and can’t be dealt with by devil merchants at all. Moreover, this area is extremely terrible and strange. Devil merchants find that they can’t connect to the abyss and return to zero!

Otherwise, he will basically integrate with the king of the dead, and the king of the dead will rely on him to get rid of the shackles of the magic mirror (the ghost king is imprisoned in the magic mirror of the props of the devil merchant). I’m afraid the devil merchant is dead.

In addition, the king of the dead doesn’t want to simply devour the soul of the devil merchant. It seems that he has obtained self from the magic mirror, but he will still be trapped here and in this bunker. He wants to go out and go out as a devil merchant. Yu undead chooses to invade the soul of the devil merchant, and he is careful not to let his colleagues hair. After all, there are more powerful undead slaughters here than him.

The battle line has given the devil businessman more opportunities. The past few days have been like hell for him. The devil businessman doesn’t want to go through it a second time. But he was always tenacious and unwilling to give up. Whenever the pain is close to collapse, he uses the agreement with Xiaocui to motivate himself.

Similarly, this generation of excellent new star tour guides are equal to Xiaocui. They are still waiting to compete with Xiaocui after getting stronger. He will die so soon. What’s the difference between that waste!

However, no matter how strong the ambition is, it can’t resist the invasion and torture of the soul. The ambition of the devil merchant gradually dissipates, but it took a turn at the most critical moment!

Because the dead king in the magic mirror impregnated his soul, the devil merchant was controlled by “manipulation” to bury the magic mirror in his heart. When the soul was tortured repeatedly to almost collapse, it seemed that the devil merchant had gone to another region in a trance. The hot air, the yellow sand all over the sky and the camel bell sounded in my ears.

He couldn’t keep his eyes open or move. He was carried around like a sack. Over time, the devil merchant was numb. He just thought that the dead king set up an alternative fantasy to torture him.

However, at this moment, he heard Xiaocui’s voice!

Yes, Xiao Cui’s voice! Although only a few voices were heard, the devil merchant heard Xiaocui say.

“B125, ghost alienation”

“It’s like an acquaintance of mine”

Acquaintances! Xiaocui Jing became his acquaintance!

Like a desert being poured into a clear spring, the fire of the devil merchant’s soul almost disappeared and burned again. Of course, Xiao Cui’s words were the least, and he made a change in the magic mirror in his heart. A stubborn Oriental seal method was determined in his mind.

This is to seal the decision of the dead king in the magic mirror! And there is a seal seal in the magic mirror! The devil merchant could not think why there was an oriental seal on the Western magic mirror, but only kept it in mind.

The hot sand illusion cruelly erodes the soul. The devil merchant did not give up. He was humble and obedient on the surface and gave up the struggle. He allowed the dead king to erode his soul, but secretly risked everything to sell goods with his soul and the devil. He secretly used it in the funeral Palace on the outskirts of Beijing to get pulp and plasma pollution, draw and summon the devil curse, and use the cruel torture, pain and despair as fuel.

Demons and undead belong to the underworld. There are a large number of undead living here. There may be high-ranking demons with great “sex”!

Finally, the devil merchant’s efforts were not in vain. At the moment when the king of the dead was about to completely invade his soul, the powerful great devil came down with the torrent of pollution and agreed to the call of the devil merchant. But he did not intend to devour the devil merchant directly, but intended to infect his soul and take the opportunity to escape.

However, as soon as the big devil entered the devil merchant’s soul, he had a fight with the undead king. Neither of the two powerful monsters put the devil merchant in it. When they fought fiercely and almost tore his soul, the devil merchant used the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing to get the title of purple “color” to “peel” and peel the magic mirror!

When he said “skin”, he stripped the seal on the magic mirror. Taking advantage of the defeat of the great demon king of the dead, the devil merchant did not hesitate to swallow the seal, recite the decision of the Oriental seal, take himself as the “magic mirror” and seal the great demon king of the dead to his left and right. Snipes and mussels compete with each other and reap benefits!

Moreover, after peeling the seal of the magic mirror, the magic mirror was completely broken, which seemed to have caused some chain reaction. The devil merchant left the terrible Necromancer’s bunker and returned to the hotel.

Finally, the devil merchant escaped death. He finally returned to the hotel alive and gained a lot. He unsealed the king of the dead. He was a powerful and terrible devil. Their souls were entangled together. The devil merchant could borrow their strength and even spare his soul at the critical moment. He broke out his undissolved strength!

After all the dust has settled, he came out together in the hotel to fear the spirits of the dead. The devil finally stopped making trouble for the time being, and the devil merchant can finally settle the account – I don’t know how many days have passed, Xiaocui must have settled the account and won’t be C 250 any more. With his points in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, he can at least reach the top 10 of C?

But he is not a bad devil businessman. After this settlement, he is estimated to be in the top three of level B. He is also qualified to participate in the warm-up competition of the year-end celebration. Xiaocui is higher again!

However, Wai always came when he least expected.

At the beginning of the settlement of the devil merchant, the hotel customer service reported “guide B125”. In an instant, a virtual shadow replaced the voice of the hotel customer service and appeared in front of the devil merchant.

“B125, and ghost alienation?”

The ghost devil merchant has never seen it, but it is filled with the smell of rules, which makes the devil merchant can only be honest.

And then——

“The parliament has ordered torture here. You’re under arrest. Come with me.”

Ah, this, this?

What Parliament? What torture order? Why am I under arrest? Because my soul is impure, have I added a dead king and a great devil?

Also said that the hotel can not be linked to the abyss, the strange Necromancer’s bunker?

Yu devil merchant was so worried that he didn’t even settle the settlement. He only repaired his body and was taken to Parliament prison. After entering, I was lucky (unlucky) to meet a second-class tour guide in the eastern district.

“Oh, has the parliament fallen? Is such a weak guide worth being imprisoned?”

Fortunately, the devil merchant understood what the man was talking about when he worked hard to learn Mandarin for Xiaocui. Otherwise, the big tour guide’s tone is too shady and strange, which makes people uncomfortable. The devil businessman almost wants to nod and say yes.

Yes, he’s such a weak tour guide that he didn’t even settle the accounts. How could he be locked up in Parliament. But the devil merchant dared not say anything more.

From the big tour guide’s indistinguishable male and female, good listening to juvenile voice, silver and purple “color” cloak, bad temper and butterflies flying at his fingertips, this person is very likely to be the second yin-yang butterfly!

  1. will the yin-yang butterfly also be imprisoned in Parliament? This is a big news! While calculating how much the news could sell, the devil merchant handled it carefully. When the yin-yang butterfly was bored and had fun, he asked him the ranking. Fortunately, the devil merchant truthfully told him B125.

Who knows, hearing this ranking, the momentum of Yin-Yang butterflies changed.

“B125? You B125?”

He suddenly “forced” close to his face. The devil merchant could not hide. He was forced to inhale a little butterfly scale powder. The San value suddenly decreased and his body became transparent unconsciously.

“Ghost alienation -”

Seeing that he was alienated from the ghost state, the yin-yang butterfly, without saying a word, directly dragged the devil businessman into his luxurious prison and was thrown into the corner. The devil businessman slowed down for a long time. Finally, he slowed down and grasped the clue keenly.

B125, ghost alienation? After catching him, Xu Ying asked, and yin-yang butterfly knew this, her tone suddenly changed.

Did he do something big?

“B125, ghost alienation…”

While the devil merchant was thinking, Wei Xun was standing in front of him. Holding a red “color” booklet, Wei Xun found the name of the devil businessman, which was arrested to Parliament for interrogation for these two reasons.

B125, the ghost state is alienated. In the replay of the past scene, Chen Cheng’s original tour guide in the West ranked alienated! At the beginning, Hou Weixun was surprised that this code was very similar to the dissimilated devil merchant.

But in recent years, this similarity may not be accidental. Wei Xun looked at the devil merchant. After experiencing soul erosion and anti erosion, the devil merchant’s temperament was infected with the great devil evil house and the coldness of the dead. The frightening sense of evil was also frightening, but in addition, Wei Xun did not send any doubts from him.

After the yin-yang butterfly’s psychic media quarrel (the yin-yang butterfly is unilateral), Wei Xun will come here like this, and Wei Xun will no longer waste time. He threw out the collar, and the red “color” collar came directly out of the devil merchant’s neck.

“Woo woo?”

The devil merchant lost his “color” and grabbed his throat to ask for help, but at a moment he was suddenly knocked to the ground by a great force and disappeared into the prison.


The yin-yang butterfly suddenly stopped, the devil merchant disappeared, his face changed dramatically, and the weather was uncertain.

Even the senator doesn’t have the ability, and he didn’t even notice someone in this room!

“At least vice level -”

This is troublesome. The yin-yang butterfly psychic medium looks at each other. If someone at the Deputy level stares at the scene of the ancient oasis and repeats it, even a person at the level of devil merchant comes to mention it in person, it will be troublesome.

The psychic put the book and his face became dignified. He went to the yin-yang butterfly. Just after the devil merchant disappeared, he kept silent and shed two tears.


The crystal tears seemed to reflect a touch of red light, which was caught by the psychic media before landing. Although the landing psychic tear can “shoot” more pictures, if it is allowed to land, it will be issued by the parliament.

Only tears in the air for less than a second, coupled with the influence of regular power, the psychic only got a incomplete picture.

Crimson “color” robe, crimson nails, crimson lips.

A woman, or a man in women’s clothes.

Wei Xun pulled the devil businessman with a dog chain and dragged him to the deepest part of the parliament, with the highest level and the strictest protection of “sex”. This is the place where “felons” are held. The prison is empty. No one will disturb them. But Wei Xun also carefully drew two lines on the red book and punished the devil businessman by “disappearing”.

Disappear a severe punishment, your voice disappears, your body disappears, and the whole person doesn’t exist in others. It’s like a mass of air. When your friends come to save you, they can’t find you, and when people pass by you, they turn a blind eye.

In particular, although you disappeared, your pain was increased to a hundred times. That person trampled over you and ignored you. Strong psychological pressure can make people’s spirit falter, and tourist guides in hotels are most likely to be broken.

However, after making the devil businessman invisible, Wei xungang released the virtual shadow of the parliament. Before he was launching the “trial”, the deepest and most severe, and almost no one entered the prison, the door was opened.

A familiar man was imprisoned and stepped on the “disappeared” devil businessman.

Devil merchant:!!

The devil merchant held back his scream, and Wei Xun also had a strange face.

How did half life Taoist come here?? Is he not well protected? Moreover, why did he send out the awareness of connecting the lead wire as soon as he came in – the lead wire is essentially the title of magic insect. The person connected by the lead wire is just like the child insect. Even if the lead wire is broken, if the other party is not fortified, Wei Xun can vaguely detect his emotion.

At this moment, half life Taoist priest sent out a request to pull the silk even. It was like knowing that Wei Xun was here.

Did half life Taoist send him here? How is that possible!

Even Wei Xun was shocked. Is the half life Taoist so terrible?

*  *

A quarter of an hour ago, a man walked into parliament.

He was wearing a Taoist robe, holding a dust brush and carrying a peach wood sword. His forehead and heart were a little red, and his eyes were clear and clear. He was quite dusty and incompatible with the surrounding environment.

When he entered the parliament, dozens of members in grey robes suddenly came out and surrounded him, but the man was still calm and waited, even with a point in his mouth.

“Don’t you want to catch me?”

Looking around for a week, he opened his mouth with a pleasant voice: “when I come, let others go.”

Half life Taoist!

He recovered most of his memories, recovered half of his life, lost his strength and soared in strength. He used a special secret method to hide his changes. Even members of Parliament could not be aware of his problems. With the support of strong players such as the way home and metaphysics, it is reasonable that he will not be taken away by the parliament, but will be monitored for a long time at most.

But half life didn’t want to owe Wan’an poor any more. After knowing that Wan’an poor were taken away by the parliament for trial, especially knowing that Wei Xun was also taken away by the parliament, half life Taoist resolutely came to the parliament alone!

Since returning to the hotel, there are only two most important things in the heart of half life Taoist. The second is to find a chance to go to the battlefield undead bunker and get back an item he left there in the past.

In that ten-year battlefield, he forcibly opened the butterfly and won a glimmer of life for Chen Cheng. However, the energy fluctuation of opening the butterfly was too large, which was easy to lead to pollution torrents and monsters. Therefore, half life Taoist blew up a Necromancer’s bunker – it was estimated that the place was pulled in from the real world, and there was no solution level pollution scene. Half life Taoist blew up a large number of Necromancer’s slaughters and Necromancer’s grand duke, Use them to cover the successful opening of the butterfly.

Originally connected to the abyss, hotels, reality and 30 degrees north latitude, the butterfly was connected to the battlefield and was on the verge of losing control, but the half life Taoist used half his life to forge a sword, suppressed it, and caused half his life to be lost in the Necromancer’s bunker. However, the pollution torrent on the battlefield is too strong, which is different from the channel strength of hotels and real places. Butterfly is likely to break the seal in a few years.

Therefore, half life caught a powerful undead, casually found a small mirror in the undead bunker, sealed it as an energy source, set many spells, and forcibly sealed the connection between the butterfly and the battlefield with it.

However, in this scene, Chen Cheng and Tang Shuang disappeared from the battlefield frequently, and half life Taoist realized that there was something wrong with his mirror in the past, and butterfly battlefield contact was restored. But the recovery is not comprehensive, and most of the butterflies are still sealed on the mirror to contact the battlefield.

If you can find the mirror, you may be able to contact Chen Cheng and others who are missing in the battlefield through the mirror, and even go to the battlefield in advance through it!

But the problem came. Half of his life had to go to the battlefield Necromancer’s bunker to find the mirror. He couldn’t enter the battlefield in advance because of incomplete butterflies.

However, half life does not panic. Since there is something wrong with the mirror, there are two questions about whether it is on the battlefield or not. In that place of the battlefield, the pollution flood is frequent and extremely unstable. There are often space cracks. If the mirror is not intact, it will leak to where in the reality.

Especially in the scene replay, the B125 in the west area makes the half life Taoist think of many things after recovering his memory. One of them imitates the scene replay, and there will be no things that have nothing to do with it or metaphysics. Zhu Yuande and his colleagues have some grievances, but the western tour guide should not be imitated by butterflies.

Unless the Western guide, B125, is closely related to the butterfly to some extent, what knowledge is drawn by the butterfly to be a strong man.

Western guide, B125, this man is a half life Taoist. This is not the devil merchant of Princess Wei Xun in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing. He has a magic mirror prop, and a ghost king is sealed in the magic mirror – tut tut! Half life Taoist, what’s wrong with this? We need to have Wei xuxing!

The first thing he wants to do is to go to Wei Xun post! Wei Xun held back for fear of implicating him, but it is said that once Bing Yi was robbed by the parliament, half life Taoist had no scruples anymore.

The parliament most wanted to interrogate him. The congressman asked half his life to let him go because he was brought to the parliament. Another parliamentary ghost went to the deepest prison with half his life.

No one can escape from this prison, not even the first passenger an Xuefeng. This is the ‘rule’. Along the way, members of Parliament were on guard that half life Taoist would escape, but half life did not make any abnormal moves.

After the prison gate was closed, his councillors left. The level of half life incident was too high. After a period of time, special personnel would come to interrogate him. However, the half life Taoist was still slow and relaxed. Facing the empty prison, he was confident and released his awareness of “wanting to lead the silk”.

All this is fate. We are going to the deepest and strictest prison. Someone like Wei Xun is sure to get out (close) here. If we don’t say why, we have to intuition.

Sure enough, the silk was soon connected, and Wei Xun was here!

But for a moment, half life Taoist was stunned by the appearance of Wei Xun!


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