TTG Chapter 419

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 419: Cui Dao is a man with a family who enters carefully every day (plot progress

“Wei Xun?”

Half life Taoist couldn’t help taking a step forward, or he felt something wrong. He couldn’t recognize the woman Wei Xun in front of him!

Look at this figure, this makeup, this momentum, this dress, this… Why is it not Chinese or western? Take the Oriental oil paper umbrella, but wear the western style magic hat and robe – Hey, Wei Xun’s dress is more right with a red phoenix crown and Xiayu.

Half life Taoist made up his mind for Wei Xun’s appearance of fengguanxia. Don’t say, good-looking people should look good in everything. However, Wei Xun doesn’t have a fetish for women’s clothes. He should have obtained some parliamentary status by disguise. Half life Taoist looked more and his heart was creepy.

Wei Xun’s dress is not ordinary congressman. Unexpectedly, it’s a bit like the feeling of being the deputy speaker of the house of Commons killed by an Xuefeng! However, the vice speaker was dressed in green and looked more like a man’s “sex”. It is said that after his death, the arms dealer, who is optimistic about the successor of the deputy speaker of the house of Commons, arrogantly rejected the hotel again and again on the grounds that “I don’t wear a green hat”.

Arms dealers are indeed a little different. They can refuse to succeed again and again. But after all, he is a member of the parliament. I’m afraid he has to be at the end of October.

The deputy speaker of the house of Commons has at least counted, but the deputy speaker of the house of Lords has always been mysterious… Does it mean that Wei Xun has obtained the status of deputy speaker of the house of lords?

Even if he had thought that Wei Xun was possible, the half life Taoist suddenly shook his heart, but it was not normal for him to think that Wei Xun ate all the three worlds of tour guides, tourists and principals without any adventure in Parliament. He spent half his life in the tightest prison, but avant-garde Xun was inside. He was digging into the corner of the Council. There was a feeling that “secret agent Wei Xun bought zero yuan from the Council and wanted to stir up earth shaking”.

Half life Taoist is relieved. He came earlier than he did. He was just in time for Wei Xun’s through train. There are many good things in the parliament! Thinking of this half life step forward, he wanted to tell Wei Xun some privacy, but Wei Xun took another step back – half life Taoist priest will trample the devil merchant to death!

“Half life, why did you come in?”

Wei Xun asked, holding the silk to convey the emotion of the half life Taoist. Just now he took the silk and deliberately showed his figure in front of his eyes. He was trying to find out whether half life recognized “red” through his emotional changes.

Unfortunately, except for some surprise, happiness, trust, rest assured, excitement and a little regret (Wei Xun: why regret?) In addition to the normal emotions like this, the half life Taoist’s emotions didn’t fluctuate greatly, and he didn’t even have much doubt. It’s just like the natural thing for Wei Xun to appear here with this face.

Why did half life Taoist take it for granted? Did he calculate his fortune?

“As long as the half life Taoist comes in, other people who fight for him because of his involvement and want to be tried by the parliament will be put back.”

An Xuefeng sighed that he was connected with Wei Xun’s spirit. With Wei Xun’s permission, he could hear the voice of half his life. An Xuefeng didn’t say anything to expose himself. He and Wei Xun worked together as a killer mace.

Seeing Cen Qin’s high spirited and restored strength, an Xuefeng couldn’t help thinking of the past. The eyes of Jin SE’s Little Palace keeper were complex. Although they clearly disobeyed the parliament in order to prevent Cen Qin from coming here, they were half fatigued and not fully awake at that time. If he was awake at that time, he would never let metaphysics and friends on the way home do such things.

CEN Qin always has this confidence and pride. Only half a life, this pride was hidden by him, low-key, do not want to bring more trouble to his friends. When his strength recovered, cen Qin came back. An Xuefeng was not surprised to see that half of his life came to the parliament with confidence and replaced others. Because he should know Cen Qin, such a person.

“Cen Chin has always been a responsible person.”

“Of course, because of you!”

An Xuefeng:?

The half life Taoist who did not know that he was causing great things was courteous, reserved and sincere: “butterfly eye has some energy on you. It has some self-awareness and a sense of regularity. Now it connects reality, 30 degrees north latitude, hotels, abysses and battlefields. Only parliament has not been connected, which will certainly make you connected with Parliament.”

When it comes to this half life, he sighed: “it’s nothing to enter the parliament. I’m afraid you’re not ready to let the butterfly’s eye drill through the loophole and let you secretly connect to the parliament. This will certainly disturb the speaker. It’s really dangerous at that time. In the final analysis, I was also blamed for the energy that I could not completely confine when I split the butterfly’s eyes. ”

However, it’s fate for dieyan to go to Wei Xun. Although Wei Xun has been bound to the way home, dieyan also makes him really have a trace of connection with their metaphysics. This is fate! An Xuefeng eats meat. He can rub and drink some soup half his life.

Thinking of dieyan, Wei Xun, and Chen team who had been honed in the bitter battlefield, they all felt hopeful. Although it’s less than half a generation away from the battlefield, it’s only less than two months since Wei Xun entered the hotel. With Wei Xun’s efficiency, half life Taoist people think that team Chen is too big to come back now!

So the last thing he wanted was that he was estranged from Wei Xun because he found half his life. Although he has become stronger, handsome and detached, he doesn’t want Wei Xun to have a burden in the face of such an excellent him, so he will be connected to the lead wire when he comes.

“There is a problem with the connection between the butterfly eye and the battlefield. The seal I set before has been damaged. It’s hard to say a word about this, but the butterfly eye related items may be B125 on me.”

The half life Taoist in front of Wei Xun has no reservations. Maybe what he says he wants to do will be done with the luck of Wei Xun. Just like the devil businessman, it’s hard to say where he is and whether he has been captured by the parliament, but as long as he lets Wei Xun know the important “sex” of the devil businessman, he may be in the hands of Wei Xun now!

Although there seems to be no one else in prison at present, everything is possible!

“You know, B125, the devil merchant in the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, your princess. I suspect that he has been locked up in prison by the parliament. I have to find him later, or something will happen. ”


Wei Xun feels that his scalp is tight. Xiao Shougong, surnamed an, must have taken the opportunity to be jealous of his hair again. Wei Xun finds that an Xuefeng becomes an animal, and all kinds of emotions are very “exposed”. If he wants to be a normal human, he should at most glance at half life Taoist, so as to secretly lay some black hands. He won’t be so aboveboard and jealous.


Half life Taoist sneezed and felt a little cold.

Wei Xun felt that half life had sensed an Xuefeng’s black hand and coaxed xiaoshougong a few words, but it was really cute. It was like being spoiled by “Mao” (although an Xuefeng didn’t have “Mao”) at present. Wei Xun’s heart softened and indulged him. When he looked at half life, Wei Xun really had a headache.

Not to mention that someone wanted to put a half life sack before, even Wei Xun was a little itchy now. Half life’s mouth really hasn’t changed. And the news he revealed is really important.

‘I can get you out of Parliament’

Wei Xun looks at the devil businessman who has been docile and quiet. He is dragged here and trampled. He calms down quickly. It seems that he knows the current affairs and is harmless, but Wei Xun knows that he must have written down his revenge with the “sex” of the devil businessman. Now he just bears it. It’s more important to survive.

Wei Xun showed himself in front of the devil merchant. He didn’t want to expose his identity in front of the devil merchant, but it was very serious when it involved the butterfly eye on the battlefield. And the half life Taoist was right. When he saw the devil merchant, Wei Xun felt that his eyes were uncontrollable and attracted by him, just like focusing on something on the devil merchant.

Wei Xun looked carefully and found that there was a gray “color” shadow of the ghost monarch in the right eye of the devil merchant he looked at.

Butterfly eye related items are likely to be the devil merchant’s magic mirror.

Yu Weixun showed up with a red appearance and a red female voice. He didn’t trust the devil merchant and didn’t want him to participate in the butterfly eye. He just had to get the magic mirror. As the vice speaker, Wei Xun can completely erase the doubts of the devil businessman from the pamphlet, so that he won’t be found by the Parliament and paid.

If there is more fate to go back to.

“Give me the mirror”

When an arrogant and cold female voice sounded in her mind, the devil merchant crossed the idea of “finally coming” and calmly raised her head. But when he saw the figure in front of him, the devil merchant was shocked.

He felt stunned. How could he think of Xiaocui when he saw his hair and skin? Obviously, the man wore a green cloak and a red magic hat in the West. But the cold voice, the arrogant and stubborn tone, the thin jaw line, a chain around her slender white fingers and a collar around his neck.

The arrogance, arrogance and unique temperament really made the devil businessman a little disillusioned.

In particular, this red “color” oil paper umbrella, the devil merchant clearly remembers the way back to the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing, hiding his strength. Lu Shu orange uses the red oil paper umbrella. For example, this person is related to the way back and is similar to Xiaocui’s spirit. From this thin waist and posture, it must be a woman rather than a man.

What kind of parliamentary interrogation? Peeping through the weakness of his soul and spirit, he saw the illusion of Xiaocui, and then let him spit out the truth?

The devil merchant understands! But why did the Council want his magic mirror? His magic mirror has been completely broken, and all the seal characters on it have been swallowed by him. It can be said that he is now a magic mirror.

The situation is a little bad, but the devil businessman has experienced strong winds and waves and doesn’t move his voice. His only advantage now is that he has no feeling of being “bewitched” and can still think clearly and calmly – is it possible that the reason why his soul is integrated into the great devil will not be “bewitched” by any illusion?

Thinking quickly, the devil businessman decided to hide himself and pretend to be “confused” and wait for mobility. He grabbed the hand of the person in front of him, pretended to be “confused” and surprised with a familiar tone: “Oh, my Xiaocui, it’s good to see you here!”

Wei Xun:??

No, Wei Xun seldom doubts life. It’s just to be led by the half life Taoist. Why did the devil merchant recognize him directly?

Tut, it seems that he is really not good at women’s clothing, and Yu Hehui is good at it.

“OK, there’s no place to communicate here. I want your magic mirror to be useful. Go back and talk about it in detail.”

Now that he was recognized, Wei Xun stopped acting. He untied the torture of the “disappearance” of the devil businessman and said it bluntly. Seeing that she ‘stopped acting’, the devil merchant was kind enough to be more involved in the play. He boldly grabbed the man’s hand and pressed his chest. He said melancholy, “it seems that we are unfamiliar. What do you want? I don’t want you? But you can take all the props. Unfortunately, just after an accident, the magic mirror was completely broken and integrated into my soul.”

“But if you really need it, what does it matter to dedicate your soul to you!”

The devil merchant takes a dangerous move. He combines the souls of seal, great devil and undead monarch. He is his most powerful mace. He can only let go. When this man takes his soul, he will kill himself! If his interrogators can directly take his soul and suppress everything, he can only die.

With the determination to die, the devil merchant is getting closer and closer to the illusion. He lowers his head and wants to kiss and greet him on the cheek every day. The devil’s horn is the sharpest dagger, and the head is the soul. If he can stab the devil’s horn into the head of the illusion, he may win a few more points!

Wei Xun thought about the magic mirror’s integration into the soul of the devil merchant. He was a little slow, but no devil merchant came near. He was shocked, “B125 really appeared and was really held by Wei Xun!” The half life Taoist directly swept away the dust, consciously swept away the devil merchant, and said, “we don’t engage in your western gifts, and you also recognize your identity. Cui Dao has a family. You don’t use your hands and feet.”

An Xuefeng was relieved to hear this, but the devil merchant felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

No, it’s not true, is it?


“How can Xiaocui have a family?!”

The devil merchant lost his voice and couldn’t believe it.

Just a few days from the end of the funeral palace in the suburbs of Beijing? Of course, Xiaocui is excellent. Some people pursue normal, but the ghost monarch in the funeral palace doesn’t say that Xiaocui doesn’t love anyone? Why is there a family here?

Don’t Oriental people pay more attention to implication!


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