TTG Chapter 42

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (42)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 42: The most beautiful Xiangxi

Where’s my father?

When Wang pengpai got off the ship, the whole person was confused. No, no, Dad, where was Yu Hehui??

He saw with his own eyes that the fox ghost was about to disappear. Yu Hehui wanted to live with the purple gourd used at the last moment. How could he not agree?

Unless someone cuts off his fat man’s beard!

While brainstorming, Wang pengpai carried the quick cry faint, desperately trying to go to Yu he’an in the mourning stream. Someone must have used recovery props to take away Yu Hehui’s ghost at the same time! Grandma, Wang pengpai capsized in the gutter and was robbed by others.

Wang surging gnashed his teeth, his complexion remained unchanged, and the small eyes with suspicious eyes floated to Miao Fangfei and them, and finally fell to the ninth body.

Miao Fangfei had no problem with their expressions, either comforting Yu Hean or celebrating their rebirth after the robbery. After spending so long together, Wang pengpai also found out the people in the brigade. No one hid so deeply and had that kind of mind. Unless he didn’t know people clearly, he was pecked by wild geese in the end.

In contrast, C 9 is the most likely to hit the black hand.

Wang pengpai didn’t think about the black gold rope. After all, Bingjiu was the man behind him. If he was really under that man, it was possible to prepare several recovery props when he knew that Yu Hehui would give out the news.

He was really careless. After all, Bingjiu was killed by the snow team, and his soul was crushed. Wang pengpai didn’t think Bingjiu would live at the beginning. Even if Bingjiu came out again, he felt uncertain. He was a puppet disguised as a replacement and confused his sight.

In my opinion, this is not the case. Bingjiu was able to know that Yu Hehui would come out on this journey and said that he was ready to recover props, which shows his position. That man’s men can have this treatment.

It’s time to really do it.

Wang pengpai wanted to slap himself. He became serious. His eyes narrowed, but there was a sharp light.

In that case, you can’t put it back. You have to get Bingjiu and Yu Hehui back if you want to do it.

“There’s a river. We’re really coming.”

Xu Chen murmured, overlooking the direction of qiebai village. The dense fog in the funeral stream has dispersed, and the crazy piranha has disappeared. It can hear the lively gongs and drums changing their tune. Only the music sounds like the music has been elongated and distorted. It is particularly frightening and sharp, like the instrumental music in the dark. The music played is soul breaking.

“Really, really here.”

Lin Xi almost cried with joy. Everyone was here. After the ghost babies climbed out of the basket and sat on the ground giggling. At the moment, they no longer looked gray and black, but white, tender and lovely, like real babies.

I don’t know where the festive singing comes from. It seems that there are dozens of people singing together. The singing is joyful and full of emotion, but there are only tunes and no lyrics.

The lyrics are in every passenger’s mind.

“Don’t think this wine glass is empty. Pour a glass of washing three wine.”

Miao Fangfei hummed. She was born in the Miao nationality. She hummed like a lark.

“Fill your heart with satisfaction. Songs are not intoxicating. Human feelings are intoxicating.”

The lyrics are only four sentences. Lang Lang’s mouth is easy to hum with the tune. When she hummed, the ghost babies applauded and laughed. They were innocent and pure. Miao Fangfei hummed five songs in total. The last one fell behind. Miao Fangfei suddenly put out a porcelain wine cup in her hand, which was full of intoxicating liquor.

[you have to wash three wines]

Sure enough.

Miao Fangfei and Hou Feihu made an eye, but da didn’t hesitate. At the beginning, they hummed the song of washing three wine with music.

“Brother Yu, sing.”

Wang pengpai hummed along. Seeing that Yu he’an was still in pain, he comforted in a low voice: “Huihui sent you. I also want to see you go on.”

“Huihui, #, Huihui.”

Yu he’an seems to be in a trance. He hugs the clapper in his arms. The only thing Yu Hehui left him is stunned.

“Sing, I sing.”

Yu he’an’s voice was hoarse, and his sad singing made him sad for the three washing banquet. It was supposed to be a festive and joyful banquet to celebrate the birth of babies, full of the best wishes of parents and relatives. But the ghost babies are already dead. They will never grow up again. This make-up washing three wine banquet was beautiful but sad. The only lucky thing was that the ghost baby was finally able to escape the curse of qiebai village and reincarnate.

Seeing that Yu he’an was so sad, Wang pengpai felt really bad. He hesitated and didn’t tell Yu he’an that Yu Hehui’s ghost was still there. After all, he is likely to be in the hands of Bingjiu. The remnant soul is fragile. Wang pengpai has not fully grasped it and won the value without damage. If the final outcome is bad, Yu he anbai is looking forward to a fight, and I’m afraid he will be more hit by the value.

Seeing that Yu he’an lowered his head deeply and his singing was out of tune, Wang pengpai felt that Yu he’an was really sad. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart, patted Yu Hean on the shoulder, and whispered:

“Brother Yu, don’t be sad. There are strange props during the journey. Maybe there will be another day to see you again.”

Yu he’an trembled violently, avoiding Wang’s surging hand. His voice was unstable and said, “no, I won’t see you again, I won’t see you again.”

Alas, elder brother Yu is still sad.

Wang pengpai holds the wine cup of three dynasties. He glances at Bingjiu from the corner of his eye. He sees that he is teasing the ghost baby carelessly, and his eyes are looking at him vaguely.

As long as live animals or souls are installed, clothing collection props can no longer be hidden in the storage space. You must have taken it with you.

Where will this man put the props to subdue Yu Hehui?

Wang pengpai was about to look again, but his sight was blocked. When he looked up at Yu he’an, he was covered with a sad breath. He was holding a wine glass to talk to Miao Fangfei. Yu He Huisheng asked Miao Fangfei to protect Yu he’an. The middle-aged man was choking and out of tune.

Wang pengpai, who just felt that Yu he’an was a strange person, was very sad and weak. He couldn’t see this kind of life and death parting, especially Yu Hehui, who was able to value his hand, and Wang pengpai was even more filled with guilt because he was cut off by others because of his carelessness.

Don’t worry, brother Yu.

Wang pengpai swore in his heart.

He must have brought Yu Hehui and Bingjiu back.

Yu he’an blocked his sight, and then shifted to see Bingjiu. It was too deliberate. Wang pengpai restrained his temper and waited for other opportunities.

“Team Miao, team Miao, I really don’t know how to do well, alas.”

Blocking Wang’s surging eyes, Yu Hean’s heart beat wildly, and his words became more and more stammered. Fortunately, Miao Fangfei felt that Yu he’an was so sad and incoherent that they comforted him one by one. They felt the worried eyes of their teammates. Yu he’an lowered his head deeply and his lips were about to be bitten out of blood. Others thought he was sad, but in fact, only in this way could Yu Hean barely control his excitement.

Huihui is still alive!

There is such a powerful person as director C in the world!

When watching Yu Hehui’s Fox disappear, Yu Hean almost went crazy and had to jump into the water regardless of the value. Even later, when Yu Hehui’s voice sounded in his heart, Yu Hean thought that he had an illusion from his sadness.

No, no, really!

Yu he’an was confused. Yu Hehui’s tired but equally happy voice said in a short few words that “Bingjiu saved his residual soul. In order to repay him, he had to talk to Bingjiu for a period of time to let his brother not worry. He was too seriously injured to take care of himself. He would contact his brother in the future. Otherwise, he was a little rational. Yu he’an almost threw himself at Bingjiu.

At this time, even if Bingjiu asks him to die, Yu and an are willing!

No, I didn’t think it would be a “C-9 scam”. After all, he didn’t really see his brother again. He just heard his voice, but Yu he’an claimed that he had nothing to cheat. No one knows about Bingjiu’s acceptance of Yu Hehui’s ghost. If you want to be malicious, there’s no need to let Yu Hehui talk to him again. In any case, Yu he’an seems to have grabbed the last straw and wants to give his life to guide C.

He also said a word to calm him down.

“Yu he’an, I’ll save Yu He Hui. No one can know about it.”

“You know what?”

I understand!

Yu he’an suddenly became white. His brother was in a special situation. Yu he’an was afraid to think about it. When he thought about it carefully, he was full of worry for Yu Hehui and Bingjiu. After all, there are restrictions on the action of the tour guide. This kind of thing has been exposed. It must be bad for him and Yu Hehui.

, never let this be exposed! Huihui finally has the hope of rebirth. He must not make any mistakes in this matter!

Therefore, when Wang pengpai patted him on the shoulder and hinted that “there are strange props in the journey. Maybe there will be another day to see him again”, Yu he’an trembled like a thief, and his face turned white on the spot.

Wang pengpai won’t know anything?!

No, no, no, you can’t do this!

“No, I won’t see you again. I won’t see you again.”

Although Yu he’an said this in a hurry, when he saw Wang pengpai, he always felt that this man seemed to look at director C secretly. Yu he’an was so frightened that his conditioned reflex blocked Wang pengpai and director C. he was like a thief.

I can’t live anymore, brother Wang.

Yu he’an apologizes to Wang pengpai. Wang pengpai has really helped him all the way. Yu he’an, an honest man, doesn’t want to prevent him. But in fact, Yu Hean begged his grandfather to tell his grandmother that he didn’t want to lose his brother’s ghost. He wanted to give his life to guide C and didn’t want to create any more complications at all.

Yu he’an did it quite naturally.

Wei Xun commented in his heart that although he didn’t know what Yu he’an had done when he said “I understand”, Wei Xun was satisfied to see that he took the initiative to block Wang’s surging sight. Sure enough, people who have always been honest and timid can be smart, and they are not easy to be suspected.

Seeing Wang pengpai and Miao Fangfei, they have no #. Yu Hean’s actions are suspicious.

What Wei Xun said to Yu he’an, you know, is only half of his cunning words, and the rest is self-help. People always believe in what comes out of their brain.

Wei Xun put his hands in his pockets and stood naturally. Next to the surname card held in his left hand, Luo had a white fox head card with a large fingernail, like a key pendant.

[you have obtained the remnant soul of fox Fairy (on the verge of disappearing)]

[the remnant soul of fox fairy has recognized you as the master. As the master, all its information will be open to you]

[Tianmen fox fairy]

[nickname: undetermined]

[host: Wei Xun]

[status: on the verge of dissipation (death countdown 1 minute) [suspended]

[strength: sky level five stars (high level one star)]

[loyalty: 85]

[Master the following skills:

Health: the fox fairy once worshipped by people can descend on people, make some image changes, and have the power of some fox Immortals (the effect of state is halved)

Fox moon worship: can absorb the moonlight essence, feedback to the master, fighting on the night of the moon to double its strength.

Fox instinct: it can charm all creatures below the title of orange will and make them extricate themselves (the target state is unavailable)

Fox fairy’s care: you can summon the spirit of the fox clan to order it to fight. You can summon up to super fox clan in unlimited numbers (the current status is not available)

Nine Tailed Fox fairy: a fox fairy with nine tails will not die after losing the last tail. When the fox fairy is possessed, people will lock blood (the eye state is not available)


[Note: Fox fairy is the most cunning and treacherous monster. Don’t be deceived by its beautiful fur. The huge energy needed to repair the remnant soul will drain you. For your sake, it is suggested to sell the fox immortal ghost to the hotel]

[purchase price: 100000 points]

Wei Xun counted twice and confirmed that he hadn’t missed a zero since then. He couldn’t help but be surprised.

100000 points. The hotel is rare and generous. It’s really a big deal.

When the fox fairy was in full bloom, Wei Xun thought it was worth the price. However, the fox fairy in Tianmen is on the verge of disappearing, and a series of skills are not available except for descending. Just look at Yu Hehui and Yu Hean. They have to sleep if they have time to say a few words. He is really weak in the sky. If you want to cure him, you must # consume a lot of resources.

Fox fairy is by no means a thing that anyone can afford, and his brother is not like a rich man who can squeeze out less oil. If someone else gets a fox fairy, I’m afraid they will eventually sell it to the hotel. It’s a good choice, 100000 points. For a stingy Hotel, it’s a sky high price.

But Wei Xun didn’t care about the ghost of the fox fairy from beginning to end. He wanted to get the information about an Xuefeng brigade from Yu Hehui.

As expected, Yu Hehui disappeared in the capital for ten years. Yu heankou never gave up looking with him. The police captain who also disappeared later may be an Xuefeng. After he got on the boat, Wei Xun kept paying attention to Wang pengpai. Sure enough, he made a change.

Yu Hehui may have known an Xuefeng, or even been in their brigade.

In that case, how could Wei Xun release Yu Hehui. Moreover, Bai prostitutes an Xuefeng’s climbing rope to subdue Yu Hehui. He really has no capital to buy and sell. Wei Xun can buy and sell the poor. This kind of business is naturally good.

In addition, there are  Wang’s surging precautions.

Ma Gu is going to be the third scenic spot. If Wang pengpai really comes for C 9, he will certainly do it at the end.

Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Lin Xi, and their loyalty was unreliable. They left Yingzhu Miao village without maggot supervision. Wei Xun needed a “traitor” to report Wang pengpai’s actions to him.

Yu he’an is a good candidate. He holds Yu He Hui in his hand and is not afraid that he will not care.

“Cluck, whoa -”

The ghost baby held Wei Xun’s hand and didn’t give it away. Although Wei Xun could recognize the one who had been following him.

“What’s the matter, baby?”

Wei Xun effortlessly picked up the ghost baby. It was as light as a cloud. Sitting in Wei Xun’s arms, he giggled happily and stretched out his small hand to pat Wei Xun’s face.

“Yi ah, ah ah ah!”

“No, you’re too young.”

Wei Xunyi held his little hand and said, “when can you touch my face when you are as strong as your mother?”

“Wow, woo woo?”

Ghost baby didn’t understand. He tilted his head and shook Wei Xun’s hand. He was a little worried, like what he was talking to him.


Wei Xun glanced at Miao Fangfei and saw that they had all finished singing the song of washing three wine and had glasses in their hands. The four ghost babies each found someone to nest in their arms. These four people are Miao Fangfei, Lin Xi, Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu.

Maybe it’s based on the completion of the second scenic spot and the popularity of ghost babies. They are looking at Bingjiu. The last ghost baby is in his hand.

“Director C, maybe we should sing the song of washing three drinks together.”

Miao Fangfei boldly said that she didn’t have the delusion that she could sing to the third nine. In fact, she was tactfully telling him to give the ghost baby to them.

But Miao Fangfei didn’t think about it, and Bingjiu was very interested.

“Want me to sing, huh?”

“Wow, wow, wow.”

The ghost baby waved his little hand and smiled like a little angel. Seeing Miao Fangfei, their hearts are soft, but who thinks Bingjiu is really a ruthless person——

“No singing.”

Wei Xun refused and stuffed the ghost baby into Yu he’an’s arms. Seeing that he was wronged and cried, he spit out a blister. Wei Xun half touched the brain door of the ghost baby perfunctorily, but his attitude was very firm.


As long as he doesn’t make a sound, no one knows that he is dystonic.

Ghost baby is really good. Seeing Wei Xun’s resolute attitude, he shrinks in Yu he’an’s arms and doesn’t move. It seems that it’s time for Miao Fangfei and their happy music to ring again. No one hesitates. They sing softly with the music, and the male and female voices are mixed together, which is surprisingly good.

“Don’t think this wine glass is empty. Pour a glass of washing three wine.”

“I wish the baby a strong body, no disease, no crying;”

“Second, I wish the baby bold, not afraid of the dark and sleep soundly;”

“Three, I wish the baby a good appetite and not afraid of less food and drink;”

“Four wishes…”

“Fill your heart with satisfaction. Songs are not intoxicating. Human feelings are intoxicating.”

In the song of Xisan wine full of blessings, the shadow of ghost babies is becoming weaker and weaker. They snuggle in people’s arms, close their eyes, like falling asleep. They are calm and serene. The singing becomes lighter and lighter, just like the body of a ghost baby. Miao Fangfei still holds the ghost baby in her arms, but the ghost baby in her arms has disappeared.

In the song, the ghost babies go to death. It seems that there are fine shiny light spots falling into the washing three wine glasses, making the clear liquor glitter with a slight light.

[after drinking Xisan wine, you will predict the danger of death in the next scenic spot]

Shi Tao suddenly clenched his glass and his eyes lit up. Not only he, but also other passengers got the prompt at the same time, and their faces showed joy one by one. For people like Miao Fangfei who are favored by ghost babies, the washing wine in the cup can make them predict the risk of death three times.

This makes Miao Fangfei feel more heavy in their heart than in their joy. It’s not a good sign that you will get the value in the third scenic spot, which means it will be very difficult to get the third scenic spot.

[di, the second scenic spot project is completed!]

[Taofu project, 85% completion]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 1000 points]

[you get a peach charm]

[Name: Taofu]

[quality: unique]

[function: hide for half an hour]

[Note: when the value is in danger, insert the peach charm into the water bottle that comes with the product, and you will be able to completely hide the product information from the product.]

[washing three projects, 95% completion]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 1500 points]

[your value is the abacus prepared by Pingping]

[Name: abacus prepared by Pingping]

[quality: unique]

[function: when carrying an abacus, if you encounter an enemy, the enemy will attack your partner first]

[Note: the abacus makes the monster think you are smarter, and the intelligent person is more difficult to pay, so it will also pick the soft persimmon to pinch.]

[sanchao liquor project, 90% completed]

[task reward payment -]

[you get 2500 points]

[you need a special three dynasties wine]

Not only Miao Fangfei and them, but also Wei Xun got a cup of sanchao wine by accident. He carried a small glass and sniffed the light aroma of wine.

[ say: three dynasties wine from ghost baby]

[quality: Scene (it can only be used in this journey, without taking it out of the journey)]

[function: it can help you avoid the danger of death]

[Note: Ghost baby likes you very much. Although Pingping wants you to accompany her child, ghost baby wants you to live]

“Pingping, you are really a cruel woman.”

Wei Xun exclaimed, “Pingping wants you to accompany her child.” in plain English, she wants Wei Xun to die. But Wei Xun was not so happy.

It seems that not only does he regard Pingping as a good #, but Pingping also values him!

“Pingping, I like you better.”

Wei Xun’s confession was valued by Lin Xi around him. Lin Xi’s smile froze, and he doubted his face countless times.

Has the taste of Bingjiu really changed?!

Lin Xi’s heart sank. She thought about Miao Fangfei and Pingping. Her heart was uncertain. He originally thought that he could get the love of value nine again since he became stronger. In my opinion, if he didn’t, he had to go to the whole room?

“Director C, should we go to the next project?”

Here, Lin Xi was suspicious and fell into silence. Over there, Wang pengpai smiled and opened his mouth. At 8:00 p.m. on the fourth day of today’s tour, this six to five night journey is finally coming to an end, leaving only the last scenic spot project. This makes the passengers who have just finished the three dynasties wine relax again.

Wang pengpai’s situation is different.

Wei Xun looked at his standing position, and Wang pengpai stood behind Yu He, within ten meters of Yu He. If yu and Anka were not there, he would be closer. Moreover, Wang pengpai’s attitude has also changed significantly. If he is busy, he will not be the person who takes the initiative to ask.

What is Wang pengpai going to do?


Wei Xun looked at Wang pengpai with implicit encouragement in his eyes.

Come on, big passengers must be better at flower work   . Come to him quickly.

Wei Xun sincerely hopes that Wang pengpai can bring more excitement and don’t let him down.

“When we are here, we have set the third scenic spot.”

Bingjiu’s words gave Miao Fangfei a thrill in their heart. They were busy on guard and looked around. But the music that had disappeared with the ghost baby rang again, and it was getting louder and louder. It seemed that the music was approaching them in all directions.

“No #, the voice has changed!”

Lin Xi, who is sensitive to music, panicked, and Miao Fangfei also made a difference. The music is dominated by the melodious sound of bamboo Sheng, mixed with the noisy sound of Suona and gongs, blowing, playing and singing, which is like greeting a wedding.

“The old man under the moon is a red line. He has been engaged in marriage for 500 years.”

“I’m the No. 1 scholar in this subject and welcome new people”

I’m greeting you!

However, in the festive and lively drum music, it is vaguely mixed with Ruo ruo’s sad cry. The sound of crying and drum music entangled together, dyeing the festivities with an ominous sad color. The sound of crying was intermittent, but the thin voice came from behind them. Zhao Hongtu was thrilled and immediately looked back at his back. But I saw the soul loss stream, Taotao, and Heihe River. I didn’t know when it disappeared. He was in a village!

And the song accompanied by crying came from a house nearby. A great sense of crisis surged into his heart, but Zhao Hongtu said that he had no control over his body and walked towards the house! He was so frightened that he tried desperately to struggle, but to no avail, and walked step by step to the window.

Through the half open window, Zhao Hongtu peeped into the room. A beautiful red shadow was sitting by the bed, humming sadly.

“Mother, my daughter has gone -”

“Plant a peach tree in a foreign country, with branches and leaves, flowers and rising sun.”

Leave your mother’s song!

Miao Fangfei was moved by the song. As early as the beginning of the journey, she checked a large number of materials related to Western Hunan. In addition to the Miao nationality, she also checked the customs of ethnic minorities such as Dong and Tu in Western Hunan. When their daughters get married, the Xu people have a tradition of “Crying Marriage”. The more they cry, the more emotional and touching they say that the more filial their daughters are, the better.

The woman in the house is singing the song of Li Niang of Dong nationality!

“When the peach tree bears fruit, I’ll come back to see my parents.”

The song is very pleasant and moving, that is, the tearful singing of Miao Fangfei is more sad and moving. Miao Fangfei has a strong sense of reluctance and grief in her heart. She seems to share feelings with the women in the house, unwilling to get married and don’t want to leave her parents.

“Click, click”

The only deficiency is that the woman in the room is cutting something while singing. The monotonous click of the scissors affects the singing, which is even more strange in the dim light. Miao Fangfei grabbed her right hand from the tiger’s mouth. The pain woke her up. Then she looked at the woman who cut things by candlelight and sang while crying. Somehow, Miao Fangfei suddenly felt a sense of disobedience in her heart.

Where are the values and the sense of disobedience?

Miao Fangfei, who calmed down, took the opportunity to search for information and wrote down all the things she could see in the woman’s room. Finally, her eyes fell on the bride’s body. Although the bride bowed her head, she could imagine her beauty from her beautiful and quiet posture and jade green fingers. Snow white skin is more delicate and moving against the background of red clothes, and people are more charming than flowers——

No #!

Miao Fangfei suddenly responded that the wedding clothes of the traditional Dong nationality are not red!

Tick, tick.

The sound of water drops covered by the sound of singing and scissors can only be detected by a thin person.

“The blame is really too big.”

Wang Pengpai tut said, “good boy, you are worthy of being a fierce ghost.”

His eyes fell on the hands of the bride. She did not cut clothes with scissors, but vivid paper people. The scissors were cut from the paper man’s neck, and blood gushed out, and the blood dyed her wedding dress red.

Unconsciously, the song stopped. Wang pengpai’s eyes and the woman in the room were full of tears, but there was no sadness. There was only hysterical madness and hatred in her dark eyes.


When the scissors fell, Wang surging felt a pain in his neck, and immediately touched the blood in his hand, as if he had become a paper man cut back in Pingping’s hand. But Wang pengpai’s head didn’t fall off. Li guipingping cut it again. Wang pengpai’s head didn’t fall off.

Even if only one layer of unsealing, Wang surging strength, there is no need to be afraid of this fierce ghost.

“Don’t worry, you can’t cut my head off. I’ll send someone to you.”

Wang pengpai thought, no sound. His bloody hand took it out of his trouser pocket and wiped it all with a doll like a voodoo doll.

If you take it out, you will know that the quality of this straw doll is somewhat similar to that of Bingjiu!

[Name: Voodoo doll I]

[quality: Amazing]

[function: it can force the target to be in the same position as the owner of the voodoo doll, and can be used 1 / 3 times]

[Note: maybe it’s empathy, hee hee]

Although Wang pengpai can easily pay for the ninth anniversary of the ninth anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, he is a tour guide after all. Due to the rules of the hotel, Wang pengpai must consider more. And there is a man behind Bingjiu. Wang pengpai has untied part of the seal. In case his identity is leaked, the man orders Bingjiu to leave the journey, which will make things out of control.

However, with the voodoo doll, when Wang pengpai entered the project, he could forcibly drag Bingjiu into the project of value, the third scenic spot. As long as you enter the hotel project, if you want to leave, you can only do it like “Customs”. Finally, he could easily take Bing Jiu away with a black gold climbing rope.

Wang pengpai will never be careless about his defeat.

[someone #: you used voodoo dolls, you will be pulled into the project]

“Wang pengpai, how nice!”

Wei Xun was surprised and praised that he was wandering in qiebi village to be a lonely guide without enjoying the project. But suddenly, an irresistible force dragged him to a house. Wei Xun did not refuse anyone. He opened the window and looked at Pingping, who was sitting in the bed and cutting her head.


I don’t know if it’s an illusion. Pingping seems to cut harder. Wei Xun’s neck cools and his hands touch, all of them are bloody.

“It’s nice to be in the project.”

Wei Xun said that he appreciated Wang pengpai’s work!

“It’s not easy to come in. Who wants to go.”

Wei Xun sighed that, since the live screen was still blocked, he took out a thumb thick, gold token like thing and looked at the small gold characters of the token at will.

[Bingjiu leaves the journey immediately. This is the master’s order]

“Bingjiu has nothing to do with Wei Xun.”

When Wei Xun was just dragged away by the voodoo doll, it seemed that something in his hand had been sent in from outside the journey. Bingjiu really represents a certain force behind him. Maybe his identity is very special. After all, the props that can be separated from the journey are absolutely #, very expensive.

“Sell it.”

Wei Xun boasted: “I’m a good guide. How can I escape?”

Just said it had nothing to do with Bingjiu. The next second he sold what others gave Bingjiu. The golden token disappeared from his hands, and Wei Xun’s points suddenly dropped several zeros. Before he could count the huge amount of money that day, the click of scissors sounded, Wei Xun’s neck cooled again, and his head fell off this time.

The perspective when his head fell was really strange. At the moment when his head fell, Wei Xun’s vision was scarlet, as if swallowed by a sea of blood.

At the same time, the same voice sounded in the ears of all passengers.

[the last scene of Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan, crying for marriage]

[going back to the past, this is the flashback of Pingping’s life, the last scenic spot!]

Getting married, having children and dying should be in this order, but Zui meixiangxi reversed it, which is a flashback of Pingping’s tragic life.

Marriage is the starting point of Pingping’s tragedy.

“Brother Cheng, brother Cheng.”

The girl whispered to wake Wei Xun up from the darkness. He opened his eyes and was looking at a 28 year old girl dressed in traditional national clothes. She is very beautiful. Her eyes are red as if she had just cried. Seeing Wei Xun, the girl clenched her hands and her beautiful eyes were full of tears. She seemed to be reluctant to give up, but her eyes were more firm.

“Brother Cheng, we can’t be together.”

When the girl said her heartless words, she took off the silver bracelet on her wrist and stuffed it into Wei Xun’s hand. Her fingers trembled:

“Take back this silver bracelet and give it to your future lover.”

As soon as Wei Xun’s mind turned, he knew what was going on, and what role he played in his own life.

Hey, it’s better to come than to come. Isn’t he the right person for Pingping!

Seeing that the girl wanted to pull her hand away, Wei Xun held her hand tightly with his backhand and said sincerely:

“Pingping, let’s elope.”


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