TTG Chapter 43

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (43)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 43: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

In the early morning, qieqi village.

Shi Tao grabbed his red handkerchief and his heavily made-up face. “His smile was a little stiff. The man is used to sitting with his legs apart, but after being glanced at by others, Shi Tao finds that it is really indecent to sit with his legs crossed as a self-contained person, so he bends his legs and closes his legs.

“Pingping’s marriage, please.”

The weak voice came from the room covered by the bamboo curtain, mixed with several coughs, like thick phlegm in the throat, and the breathing sound was very heavy, as if it would be angry in the next moment. Shi Tao noticed that all the windows in the room were closed without any light. The house seems to be fumigated by herbal medicine, which is so strong that people can’t breathe.

“Don’t worry, village head.”

The leading capable woman smiled and said, “Pingping is also what we grew up with. We will do it well.”

“Cough… That’s good, that’s good, cough…”

Another series of heartbreaking coughs, “out of breath, it sounds that the patients inside are coughing to death. But Shi Tao looked on coldly, but said that the women in the room didn’t look worried or nervous, and no one was worried. Only the leading woman asked a few questions about the ceremony and was concerned about the situation of the village head.

But in addition to coughing, the village head repeated a few words and asked them to care more about Pingping.

After leaving the house smoked by herbs, Shi Tao took a deep breath of fresh air and always felt that he had become bacon. After the women left the house, they scattered. Shi Tao deliberately slowed down. Sure enough, someone rushed from behind.

“Shi Addo, I still want to talk to you about Pingping’s marriage.”

“Shi Tao is chased by the capable woman who just took the lead. Shi Tao glanced at her wrist and saw a spotted snake circled there like a bracelet. He couldn’t see it clearly if he wasn’t careful.


The people came back to the house. The house was specially for them who were invited by the village head. There were a total of buildings, which were scattered and shaped like a corner. I don’t know if it was a coincidence that it just surrounded the stilted building where Pingping was located in the middle.

“Today I saw Pingping go out.”

After entering the house, the capable woman said, quite worried: “I see, she still can’t let ah Cheng go.”

“It’s such a thing.”

Shi Tao echoed: “ I said, it’s a pity that everyone in the village knows that Pingping and ah Cheng are childhood sweethearts.”

Shi Tao and Miao Fangfei are exchanging information. After they started the first scenic spot, they woke up in their houses. Miao Fangfei looked at her own dress, and then looked at the rather strange face in the bronze mirror. She knew that the crying marriage was probably a restoration of the old scene, scene play and so on.

Crying Marriage is the tradition of many ethnic minorities before marriage. In addition to the mother, the participants are the female relatives of the mother. Miao Fangfei plays Pingping’s “aunt.”. Of course, Pingping is the only one left in the village head’s family. The so-called “sister-in-law”, “aunt” and “aunt” of Pingping are mostly replaced by women in the village.

They stayed in this room since they woke up, a room for four. Miao Fangfei soon recognized Shi Tao. I’m right. There’s a “cut wall village man” in Nai’s house. It’s not good to communicate in front of them, so they disperse to collect information for the time being.

“Sister-in-law Zhao, sister-in-law Hou and sister-in-law Wang live in the north house, while grandma Lin, grandma Xu and grandma Yu live in the southwest house.”

Shitao Road, and Miao Fangfei are in the southeast. Different titles represent the different identities of the roles played by them.

Pingping’s “sister-in-law” and “aunt”, together with Miao Fangfei and the woman in the room, play Pingping’s “mother”.

It can be seen that the village head cared about the only daughter. There were no female elders at home, so he invited the women in the village to marry Pingping grandly.

“Poor, I don’t want to go out and get some air.”

Miao Fangfei said in a slightly heavy tone: “seeing Pingping unhappy every day, it’s not like marrying a mother, but more like going to jail.”

“Sister Miao said so.”

A discontented voice sounded from the door. It was the woman from qiebi village named assang who came back. She had sharp cheekbones, thin chin, a mean face and a sharp voice: “Pingping’s marriage is a great event in our village. How can she be depressed. Pingping is young and doesn’t know the rules. Doesn’t sister Miao know the rules? ”

“Yes, we were selected and entrusted with an important task by the village head. We didn’t miss Pingping’s great wedding.”

The short and thin woman next to assang looked suspiciously at Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao. It seemed that they were reluctant to come and told the village head.

“Sister-in-law a sang and sister-in-law a Wen misunderstood. Of course, we are extremely in favor of this happy event. I just saw Ah Cheng today, “ah…”

Before Miao Fangfei’s light and skilful speech, it solved the person’s doubts and seemed to bring a lot of feelings closer. Shi Tao doesn’t understand that women talk about gossip to enhance their feelings. He really closes his mouth and installs Wallflowers without causing trouble to Miao Fangfei.

After a sang and a Wen went back to bed, Shi Tao listened and confirmed that the snoring sounded. A Sang was asleep. Then he went back to the house to talk to Miao Fangfei.

“The people of qiaobi village in everyone’s house are the ones who supervise us.”

Shi Tao whispered. Miao Fangfei nodded and said softly, “the people in our house are monitoring Pingping.”

There is only one window in the room, facing Pingping’s house. While going to the village head’s house for a meeting today, Miao Fangfei walked around, pulled the “line” with Zhao Hongtu’s friends, and confirmed that there was exactly a window in the house facing Pingping’s house.

Zhao Hongtu’s house has only one qiebai villager. Fortunately, they find a loophole. However, there are assang Arwen people in their house. If they want to say anything, they have to take advantage of their sleep.

“It’s early in the morning. Today is the first cry.”

Shi Tao’s voice is very quiet. Only this oil lamp is lit in the room. The dim light reflected on his face and couldn’t hide his worry.

“Miao team, is there a way?”

“There is too little introduction to the Crying Marriage Project.”

Miao Fangfei’s tone is dignified: “just let’s experience the traditional crying marriage. The journey ends at noon on the sixth day.”

On the evening of the fourth day, eight o’clock was the morning reception, and then came the crying marriage. When they woke up in qiebai village, it was already 10:30 in the middle of the night. At 11:00, they were called by the village head to a meeting. It’s half past twelve in the morning.

It’s the fifth day.

Drunk beauty Xiangxi is a five night trip on the 6th. The journey will end at noon on the 6th. That is to say, if you only stay alive for one and a half days, you can get through the journey.

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao are so close to the end of the journey, but they don’t have the slightest relaxed look. The information is too little and vague. They don’t have the diary of Pingping obtained by Wei Xun. They only speculate about Pingping’s life based on the information.

“Pingping married someone, but she didn’t marry a Cheng.”

Shi Tao said, “everyone in qiebi village attaches great importance to this wedding. It’s a little warm. Even if Pingping is the daughter of the village head, she shouldn’t be so warm.”

“The seriously ill is the village head, Pingping’s father.”

Miao Fangfei combed: “you are terminally ill and need special fetal meat treatment.”

When washing the clothes, the ghost baby was full of affection for Miao Fangfei, so Miao Fangfei was rewarded with extra memory fragments and saw Pingping’s clothes: “Pingping was produced in a cave. She knew that the villagers were cheating on her children.”

“The village head is eager for Pingping to get married in order to make her pregnant with a special fetus?”

Shi Tao speculated down Miao Fangfei’s words: “shall we destroy the wedding for this project?”

In total, there are three occasions for crying marriage, which are noon on the fifth day, early morning on the sixth day, and noon on the sixth day. When the wedding was over, Pingping got married. They only enter Pingping’s house and come into contact with Pingping when they marry in tears. If you destroy the wedding, you must make preparations early.


Miao Fangfei shook her head and said slowly, “our ultimate goal is to live until noon on the sixth day.”

No agent is to promote or destroy the wedding. In fact, their task is to live until noon on the sixth day and the end of the journey, which is success.

“To destroy the wedding, our enemy is the owner of qiebai village and the village head.”

In the west room, Xu Chen said to Lin Xi while he was sleeping. While analyzing, he sorted out his thoughts:

“Before we enter the first scenic spot, we look at the head of Pingping paper cutting while crying. It also means that the dangerous point of this project is when she cries for marriage.”

“If we follow the historical process, the danger lies in Pingping, but the people and the village head of qiebi village will be our natural allies.”

Xu Chen analyzed and said in a cold tone: “no agent, whether to destroy the wedding or do it again, our ultimate goal is to live until noon on the sixth day. Choose which way, and see which way is more beneficial to us. ”

“From the previous project, Pingping should finally get married and even have a child. Her revenge on the villagers began with the child being boiled into soup and ended with the destruction of Xiaolong Yizhuang.”

“That is to say, in this period of historical marriage, Pingping’s strength is weaker than that of qiebai village. The strength of the village and the village head is stronger, and the wedding will go on. ”

“However, although our project is historical, it is not entirely historical.”

Xu Chen made a turning point: “I guess what we met this time is not the weak and deceptive Pingping, but the fierce ghost Pingping.”

At present, Pingping in a bloody wedding dress is the biggest hint.

“So it is!”

Yu he’an listened very carefully. Seeing Xu Chen’s pause, he asked, “what should we do?”

“In other words, if we choose to maintain the wedding, our teammates are on the side of qiepi village, and the enemy is Li guipingping. The danger is when we cry and marry, and maybe when we get married.”

Xu Chen continued: “we choose to destroy the wedding. Our teammate is Li guipingping and the enemy is the side of qiebai village. Danger is always everywhere, and I doubt that Li Guiping will help us easily. This friendly army is almost nothing. ”

If Li Gui Pingping does it, the tourists will win. The first scenic spot must not be so simple. Xu Chen has a little guess. At worst, what they are playing is the identity of “wall cutting villagers”, which is also the object of Pingping’s revenge. However, Pingping could not help saying that she would destroy the wedding or maintain it.

Even if you think for the best, after they express their intention to destroy the wedding, Pingping won’t kill them, but she won’t help them. They need to face the enemy of the whole qiebai village alone.

“Brother Xu is right.”

Yu Hean followed with a sad face and a sullen voice: “in other words, it is more difficult to destroy the wedding.”


Xu Chen sighed. It’s really difficult to get drunk in the first scenic spot in Western Hunan. It is no longer a simple pass or battle adventure, but a silent test of human nature.

Visitors to the second scenic spot know that Pingping and qiebi village have suffered a lot, and qiebi village is bad. However, in the first scenic spot, it is easier to choose the side of qiepi village and maintain the wedding.

For passengers, it is successful to live until noon on the sixth day. Just maintaining the wedding or destroying the wedding will lead to contradictions and disputes among the brigade.

Some people want stability, others want to take risks and seek more rewards. Some people are indifferent to the joys and sorrows of the characters in the journey, while others have a lingering conscience and sympathize with Pingping, hoping that she will have a different ending.

If there are absolute strong and unified voices in the brigade, this problem is not a problem. But the first children were separated and unable to communicate. Second, the time was tight. One and a half days were spent crying for marriage, and the brigade did not go together, but went separately.

In this way, once there are differences in their choices, they are likely to lag behind each other.

Thinking of this, Xu Chen sighed and looked at his teammates who had been assigned to one side. Yu he’an’s eyes always trust sincerity and wholeheartedly trust Xu Chen’s analysis. He looks like he’s following Xu Chen. Lin Xi was a little distracted from beginning to end. Looking at Lin Xi’s restless appearance, Xu Chendu imagined what was thinking in his brain.

“Where did director C go?”

Alas, look, what else would Lin Xi think besides Bingjiu?

“Yes, I’m really flustered when I can’t see director C.”

Yu he’an also echoed, worried. Without seeing director C and knowing his brother’s situation, Yu he’an can’t let go. What’s more important is that he didn’t get into a group with Wang pengpai. I don’t know if Wang pengpai will go to director C again. Yu he’an is worried about becoming a mushroom.

Xu Chen was very helpless to hear what they said. He said, “I’m a teammate. What else do you expect? Just rely on yourself to guess the choices of Miao Fangfei’s group and Zhao Hongtu’s group.

Let Xu Chen see. It doesn’t matter how Pingping is. It’s just about her journey. But looking at the crying marriage, that is to say, each group has an opportunity to influence Pingping. I’m afraid it depends on the comprehensive result in the end. For fear that some people support the maintenance of the wedding and others support the destruction of the wedding, we start internal friction first.

No, Miao Fangfei and Zhao Hongtu are easy to guess. They are all people with a strong conscience, but they will choose to destroy the wedding and return Pingping a happiness.

There are many ways to ruin weddings.

Xu Chen pondered that the most extreme thing is to kill all the people in the village. Naturally, the wedding cannot be held, but this can hardly be done, and the method is too rough.

Instead of Pingping at this time, what does she want to know.

She will refuse to marry people and choose to get married, that is, the village head or qiebai village, which is very important in her heart at the moment. Killing all the people in the village may not make Pingping happy.

Elopement or marriage robbery can also destroy the wedding.

Xu Chen thought of her spare time at the village head’s house today. When exchanging information with Miao Fangfei, Miao Fangfei mentioned that she saw Pingping and ah Cheng meet by the small tree forest.

Is it a good way to promote Pingping to elope? Will this be the happiness she pursues?

“Elopement is not happy.”

Wang Pengpai tut tut shook his head and looked at a pair of men and women who met at the head of the village. Men are handsome and women are bright and moving. People standing together in the moonlight are really a pair of beautiful people.

It’s not Wang pengpai. He just saw the man meet Pingping first. After Pingping left, another woman came to her. She really thought that the man’s affectionate confession to Pingping was true.

Scum man, bah.

Wang pengpai secretly despised and wrote down the woman’s appearance. When the man looked up as if he was looking at her, he left ahead of time.

Wang pengpai already knows how to complete the Crying Marriage Project. He Xuchen’s thinking is still limited to “supporting the wedding” and “destroying the wedding”, and the ultimate goal is to live until noon on the sixth day.

Individual travelers are limited by the lack of team cooperation, and most of them only fight alone. Usually, they only do their best and cannot find out the final solution of the project. But in fact, for the brigade team, it has long summarized a set of experience from “drunk beauty in Western Hunan”. It is a dangerous journey. Even if it is super difficult, the solution of the final project only leads to “three endings”.

Bad end, happy end, true end

All the outcomes will be completed in the end, but the difficulty and final reward will be different due to different excavation depth. The bad outcome of this crying marriage was that the passengers followed the people of qiepi village to maintain the wedding, and the tragedy of Pingping was repeated. Finally, the enemy they face is Li Guiping.

The good ending is to destroy the wedding. Pingping eloped with a Cheng, the man in the heart, and found her own happiness. But with the hotel’s consistent bad character, even if it is a good ending, it is only a “good” in the open. When passengers think they have completed the task and relax, they will take advantage of their unprepared backhand. Many inexperienced passengers die here.

Just as Wang pengpai saw the scene, ah Cheng also dated his girl after a tryst with Pingping. A Cheng is unfaithful to Pingping. If they really urge Pingping to elope with a Cheng in the end, Wang pengpai can’t imagine the end. It’s possible that ah Cheng deceived Pingping, cheated her body and feelings, and finally took her back to the village to repeat the more tragic history.

However, it is difficult for passengers to send messages, because it is reasonable that they should rest in the house at this time, and their roommates are guarded by people from qiebai village. If you want to know that ah Cheng is unfaithful, you may have to find other clues. For example, you accidentally found that a girl in the village hates Pingping, and then found that the silver bracelet she wears in her hand is the same as that given to Pingping by ah Cheng, and these clues have to be detected in just a day and a half.

This is almost impossible.

That is, Wang pengpai is like a bug after unsealing the first floor. He swaggered around the village late at night and witnessed it with his own eyes.

“Where are the nine?”

Wang pengpai made the illusion that he slept in the house with a special dummy, and locked the live camera in the dummy, so he went out to find Bingjiu. 580.

But Wang pengpai turned down a few times and was stunned that he didn’t find it!

Bingjiu certainly didn’t expect that he would be pulled into the project. According to his character, he is definitely not a person who will take good care of the project. Wang pengpai speculated that he would even be caught and locked up by the people of qiebai village. Anyway, it should be obvious.

However, after a few laps, Wang pengpai boasted that he had observed all the villagers in qiaobi village. There was nothing missing, but he still couldn’t find Bingjiu. Even when Wang pengpai tried to find out where Bing Jiu was, he was told [sorry, you don’t have enough authority].

Grandma’s permission is not enough! Wang was so angry that he wanted to curse his mother. When the captain is away, Wang pengpai should have the greatest authority. Where is the authority not enough?

Did Bingjiu leave the journey ahead of schedule?

After looking for another circle, Wang pengpai murmured in his heart that there was no way. He just began to consider the possibility of Bingjiu’s separation. But Wang pengpai still doesn’t believe in evil.

“Grandma, I didn’t miss it.”

Wang pengpai rolled up his sleeves to arouse his fighting spirit. His intuition told him that he had not left yet. He was just hiding deep in this journey. But no matter how deep it is hidden, the king will dig out!

Wang pengpai and Xu chenpei are the most suspicious candidates. One is the “villagers of qiebi village” in Miao Fangfei’s house. Because the brigade has eight people and is divided into two houses, Wang pengpai and Xu chenpei are both tourists and a “villagers of qiebi village”. Only Miao Fangfei was a tourist and a “villagers of qiebi village”, is also on the journey in C 9, andis probably one of those people.

Wang pengpai also suspects that Yu he’an is the “villagers of qiebai village” in his house. After all, Yu Hehui is in the hands of Bingjiu. Maybe he will use this to threaten Yu he’an and cover him. It seems unnatural to think about Yu he’an’s previous behavior between Yu He and Bing Jiu. Wang pengpai thinks that Bing Jiu has begun to do so.

“It’s time to go back.”

There is no harvest tonight, but Wang pengpai is not in a hurry. Bingjiu always shows the fox’s tail.

On the way back to the village, Wang pengpai saw Ah Cheng and the girl from a distance, but the girl seemed to be crying. She raised her hand and wanted to slap ah Cheng. Instead, she was held by ah Cheng and pushed away. Finally, she ran away crying.


Wang pengpai scolded in his heart. He took a step and suddenly stopped. He suddenly turned back and narrowed his eyes to see ah Cheng. He wanted to see his appearance, but ah Cheng had disappeared. Wang pengpai had a hunch in his heart that he wanted to catch up, but he looked at the time and scolded secretly. There was no way. He turned around and would go.

* *

I’m sick of it. Destroy it.

Wei Xun was really impatient and felt sick inside. Ah Cheng is as good a girl as Pingping. He doesn’t cherish it. Instead, he flirts outside!

Just now, Pingping was very moved, but she refused her elopement request, which has made Wei Xun very depressed. As a result, she was about to go to Pingping’s house, but when she ran into Pingping again, she was entangled by a woman.

Pingping is gentle and beautiful. She was a childhood sweetheart with ah Cheng. It’s just that Pingping is the daughter of the village head after all. The village head is very strict. Pingping seldom has a chance to meet ah Cheng. Ah Cheng is very depressed. At this time, a girl named Fangfang takes advantage of it.

Fangfang goes for bright and unrestrained red roses, but ethnic minority girls are more enthusiastic and good at singing, Fangfang is more, Pingping is less, and Pingping looks better. In addition, “she and ah Cheng have had feelings for many years. Ah Cheng prefers Pingping.

Nai Fangfang pursues passionately. Lielang is also afraid of pestering women. Ah Cheng himself is not a person with firm will. Being pursued so passionately, he is also moved.

In the words of “A Cheng”, ah Cheng’s psychology is estimated to be “this world”. I’m not the only one who is attracted to a woman. ”

Especially when she was getting married soon in Pingping, ah Cheng was in pain, but Fangfang was so excited that she came to see ah Cheng late at night. He expressed his enthusiasm and said, “brother Cheng, human fate is doomed.” “in the past, you only saw Pingping, but when you got married in Pingping, should you see me who has been chasing you?”

According to common sense, ah Cheng, who was repeatedly rejected by Pingping and even returned his silver bracelet, is the most vulnerable man in grief. In particular, ah Cheng is not Chen Shimei. She hesitates between women. Tonight, Fangfang specially wears cool clothes. The beauty under the moonlight is beautiful, warm and bold. Normal men can’t refuse.

We might have to get together tonight.

But ah Cheng in is Wei Xun da. When he sees Fang Fang coming, Wei Xun pushes her to stumble with a ruthless hand. Yizheng said:

“Fangfang, let’s draw a line. My body and heart belong to Pingping. ”

Wei Xun will not easily “change his mind” before he has a life and death duel with Pingping!

“But, but sister Pingping is already married.”

Fang Fang said sadly. She seemed to understand brother Cheng’s heart very well: “brother Cheng, if you go on like this, it will be bad for sister Pingping’s reputation.”

Then she stroked the silver bracelet on her wrist and said affectionately, “brother Cheng, you gave me this silver bracelet, the same as sister Pingping. I know your heart is bitter. Tonight, you can treat me as sister Pingping. ”

“I, I don’t mind.”

With that, Fangfang wanted to rush again. This time, instead of pushing her away, Wei Xun grabbed her wrist and stroked the bracelet down. Good guy, do you still have the same bracelet as Pingping? Ah Cheng can’t carry it clearly, but Wei Xun can carry it clearly.

“This bracelet looks good on Pingping.”

Facing Fangfang’s unbelievable eyes, Wei Xun was very scum, and fan de said, putting the silver bracelet directly into his pocket. Seeing that Fangfang’s eyes were red, he raised his other hand and wanted to slap her. Wei Xun pushed Fangfang away directly and vigilantly. He stepped back from her and boasted:

“I know I’m handsome, but don’t think about it. We have no results, okay? ”

Looking at Fangfang’s small body, he had no potential to be a fierce ghost. Wei Xun disdained to look at her.

“Woo woo!”

Fangfang was angry and cried. She turned and ran away. While crying, she turned her head to look at Wei Xun. Her tearful eyes looked like resentment and anger. They looked very good, as if she still wanted to catch up.

But Wei Xun turned directly and left without giving her a look.

[someone was looking at you just now]

The young fox’s cry rang out in Wei Xun’s mind, showing weakness.

“I know”

Wei Xun has long felt that someone is peeping, but good-looking people are often peeped at when they are young. Wei Xun doesn’t care. Although ah Cheng is not as good as you, he still has a place in qiebai village for his appearance.

“I’m used to it”

The young fox was stopped by the words of the fox, and for a long time, he whined and said a short way [the fox is very dangerous]

The cry of milk fox is too sweet. It speaks very short every time. After reminding him, he couldn’t help asking [what did you give me to eat, I still want to eat, and he was very good to me]

“I don’t have any”

Wei Xun was a bachelor. When the young fox asked him that he could also find him, Wei Xun tried to persuade him, “sometimes the more people know, the more painful they are. Do you know what I mean?”

I don’t want to know that the ginseng eaten by me was crawled by maggots.

Wei Xun thought with pity that he was so kind.

If you know this ginseng has to be sold to a hotel, you will earn hundreds of points.

Yu Hehui’s ghost is too weak, that is, he can’t help Wei Xun to pay off his life debt as soon as possible, and Wei Xun is not the one who provides a lot of recovery. Yu Hehui had no choice but to sleep.

However, Wei Xun finally got rid of the board of promotion as a migrant worker, not to be a philanthropist. He immediately asked Yu Hehui kindly if he had anything to eat from his body.

With that, Wei Xun put maggots, golden mosquitoes and other things in front of Yu Hehui. His intention was very obvious. It’s a pity that Yu Hehui didn’t understand his kindness and only ate the ginseng of wuzhuliu.

Of course, this amount is far from enough to repair the soul, but Yu Hehui also spare no effort to separate a touch of young fox’s consciousness to help Wei Xun. As for the consciousness of noumenon, it still falls into a deep sleep.

[I wake up, the hotel may be bad for you. But it doesn’t matter if it’s only 

Yu Hehui is a boss who changes jobs to Wei Xun. Wei Xun also understands that Yu Hehui is probably not popular with the hotel just by looking at the remarks of Hu Xian’s [suggest selling to the hotel].

Yu Hehui’s subject consciousness is sleeping, and Wei Xun is also satisfied. After all, Wang pengpai is still on the journey. What if yu Hehui really knows Wang pengpai and wants to be voted by Wang pengpai?

That’s not true.

The young fox is much better. Although he has the cunning of fox nature, he recognizes Wei Xun as the main character and is intimate with him. Ignorant and vaguely aware that if you want to restore your strength, you have to rely on Wei xunqai. Therefore, in addition to being a little greedy, you have always been very conscientious.

[all right, woo woo]

The young fox Committee was wronged and yawned. If the consciousness is too weak, it’s easy to get sleepy [Master, I want to sleep. That cold thing has been watching you whine]


Wei Xun walked to Pingping’s house. When he met Fangfang, he felt a dangerous cold feeling around him. When Fangfang expressed his dedication, the sense of crisis was the strongest, which made Wei Xun’s heart beat faster.

Pingping in is already a fierce ghost Pingping.

Wei Xun, as like as two peas in his pocket, was almost identical to the silver bracelet. After entering the project, he was restricted as a tour guide. He could not use the guide pin or any other brooches for a time. He could not contact the hotel. Otherwise, he did not need to take this dangerous with him. In case the affair between ah Cheng and Fangfang is exposed, there is absolutely no good fruit to eat.

Not only is the identity of the tour guide limited, but Wei Xun is not a real tourist. Unlike Miao Fangfei, who have fixed tasks and must participate in crying marriage, Wei Xun can make waves everywhere.

For example, she tried to harass Pingping in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, she was stopped by the people of qiebai village before she came near her house.

“Ah Cheng, Pingping is about to get married. Don’t bother her again.”

“I know, I just, just want to see her again.”

Wei Xun said sadly and squeezed out a drop of tears. Before the guard sternly refused again, his shoulder trembled and said, “no, you’re right. I really shouldn’t bother Pingping again. It’s bad for her, but I really love her… Ah Hu, I smell the smell of pig liver. Have I started to prepare? I, I can’t help it. I’ll help cook pig liver. ”

Ah Hu hesitated and refused, which meant that he was not so firm: “but cooking is the work of a woman…”

“Mother-in-law, I’ll do it too. Please, ah Hu, I just, just want to help.”

“All right.”

Ah Hu finally agreed and took Wei Xun to the village head’s house. The strong smell of boiled pig liver mixed with blood came from the kitchen. I saw a big pot on the blackened stove, with dirty blood foam floating in the boiling water, and large, light gray uncut pig liver floating in the boiling water.

After Wei Xun came in, he immediately attracted the attention of five women who were cooking pig liver. Under their quiet eyes, Wei Xun naturally smiled melancholy and stood at the door of the kitchen: “sister-in-law, I’m here to help.”

“I don’t need your help here.”

One of the women said harshly and impolitely, “ah Cheng, don’t make trouble. Don’t miss Pingping’s marriage.”

Wei Xun didn’t expect that the kitchen should be so dirty. Women’s words are just right. Sorrow expressed his mind several times. Seeing that the other party still disagreed, he sighed, smiled bitterly and stood by the kitchen door, staring at the pig liver cooked in the big pot. It seemed that he was still in pain.

Wei Xun was really in pain. He was almost fainted by the smell of pig liver. He didn’t know how these women cooked it. The bright red pig liver was put in several blackened wooden barrels. They took out the pig liver and threw it into the pot without cleaning it.

After the pig liver is cooked, press the hand with the blood stained pig liver directly on the side of the pig liver, slice the pig liver and pile it in a bamboo basket to cool. Wei Xun couldn’t bear to look straight at this process. On the contrary, the young fox liked the aroma of pig liver. When he woke up, he said he wanted to eat.

“Do you prefer eating dirty things?”

Wei Xun said to the young fox in the tone of scientific research: “do you like the ginseng and pig liver?”

Wei Xun is really thinking seriously. After all, the young fox is still a ghost, but he just listens to what he likes to eat ghosts or monsters touch. How to say, supplement Yin Qi? But who wants to be said to like eating dirty things? The young fox is really angry and cries like a dog.

“Well, it’s time to get down to business”

At four o’clock in the morning, Wei Xun caught a glimpse of another five people changing shifts. At a glance, he saw the spotted snake wrapped around the wrist of the leading woman.

Sure enough, this kind of thing always allows passengers to participate. Wei Xun’s opportunity has come.

Miao Fangfei and Xu Chen looked at each other while Lu was crying. At half past seven in the morning, they were woken up and said they were going to prepare food for the first cry.

The Dong nationality’s “crying for marriage” is held at the same time as the “leaving mother banquet”. It prepares pig liver, chicken, fish and other ingredients. Pig liver means that “mother will be the darling of her husband. Chicken is homonymous with” Ji “, which is to bless” mother “with good luck. Fish is homonymous with “Yu”, which means that when she marries her husband’s house, she will have enough to eat and wear and enjoy.

Originally, this was a meal that should only be enjoyed by my mother and her female elders, but somehow, when I came to qiebi village, it became a dinner for my mother attended by the whole village. Therefore, I prepared the food materials for the whole village.

Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Xu Chen, and Miao Fangfei were selected to prepare pig liver. Assang and Arvin in their house. All the way, Miao Fangfei and Xu Chen made eye contact. When they arrived at the kitchen of the village head’s house, Miao Fangfei saw that only pig liver was placed. It was estimated that they were preparing pig liver, and Wang pengpai would prepare chicken or fish in batches.

Originally, she thought that she would take this opportunity to gather all the people to collect information, but she didn’t expect that it would be in batches – Miao Fangfei was sorry. It’s also an unexpected joy not to meet Xu Chen. Take this opportunity to communicate with the team.

Thinking, when they came to the kitchen door, Miao Fangfei noticed the handsome and decadent man guarding the door. Staring at the pig liver cooked in the big pot, his eyes were melancholy and stunned.

Why is ah Cheng here.

Miao Fangfei did not act rashly, but went into the kitchen and began to cook pig liver. During the cooking, Shi Tao takes cover, and Miao Fangfei communicates with Xu Chen.

“It’s really a different choice.”

Miao Fangfei agreed and whispered, “look, the women cooking are all stained and smell rotten meat, but ah Cheng’s body is very clean. I’m not with them. ”

“will be here, there should be tasks related to the selection.”

Xu Chen also said, glancing at Shi Tao. After the meeting, the two remained silent and changed Miao Fangfei to the cooking pot near the door. Then Xu Chen and Shi Tao blocked a sang and a Wen with their bodies. Miao Fangfei took the opportunity to go to the door and said tentatively:

“Ah Cheng, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Sister Miao, I know, but I can’t let go.”

Sure enough!

Seeing ah Cheng’s painful face and listening to what he said in a trembling voice, Miao Fangfei was happy, pretended to hesitate on the surface, and finally sighed.

“You… Ah Cheng, this is not an example. What would you do? Is there anything I can do for you? ”

Miao Fangfei immediately said seriously: “I can’t find the fruit. I have to stop Pingping from eating pig liver at noon today.”

It’s better to find non-toxic pig liver and prevent Pingping from eating liver. It’s the worst choice, because it’s similar to destroying the ceremony and will certainly be stopped or even attacked by the villagers cutting the wall.

There are four barrels of cooked pig liver and three barrels of uncooked pig liver. It’s really hard to find a needle in a haystack to find non-toxic pieces of pig liver. Shi Tao and Xu Chen took turns to distract assang and Arvin, but they were suspicious of each other several times. Shi Tao and Xu Chen can’t help but deliberately lead the dispute and contradiction between them, risking his life to lead them again and Miao Fangfei to buy time.

Miao Fangfei finally lived up to expectations and found a non-toxic piece in many pig livers, which shows that Xu Chen’s speculation is not wrong.

“I’ll find a way to tell others about it.”

At 9:30 p.m., the “rentong” in qiebi village, the wedding time is ahead of schedule. The first cry is at 10 a.m., the second cry is at 3 p.m., and the third cry is at 8 p.m. The original day and a half of crying marriage was condensed into this day.

This gave Miao Fangfei a bad feeling in their hearts.

“Be more careful.”

Xu Chen solemnly said that only Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao and assang Arwen who want to participate in the first cry can stay in the kitchen. He can’t stay any longer and wants to leave.

“Ah Cheng will have more clues.”

Miao Fangfei told him that the silver bracelet given by ah Cheng was poisonous to pig liver. Miao Fangfei thought that the final solution of the project was absolutely inseparable from ah Cheng. Since the pig’s liver is poisonous, maybe the chicken Xu Chen will use and the fish Wang pengpai will use may also be tampered with.

“Take care.”

Xu Chen and Pingping were separated, and their hearts were heavy. Their strategy also needs to be changed. Xu Chen’s destruction of the wedding and maintenance of the wedding actually have little to do with them. After all, the end of the journey after the third wedding only needs to survive three times.

But now with such a change, they are bound to experience what happened after crying marriage.

Also  Pingping .

In such a case, Pingping eloped or married normally, which will have a great impact on them.

Xu Chen walked back all the way. Perhaps it was approaching the crying wedding ceremony. Most of the people in the village were jubilant, hurried and busy. When Xu Chen returned to the house, he found that only Xu Chen and Yu he’an were there. The Aboriginal people of qiebi village who monitored them left and said that they were going to prepare for the banquet.

“Go and tell Hongtu them about it.”

Xu Chen immediately said that this was a good opportunity for team communication.

Sure enough, Wang pengpai and the Aboriginal people of qiebai village in the side house were not there.

“You said you communicated with ah Cheng?”

Wang pengpai rubbed his chin.


Xu Chen told Wang pengpai about the silver bracelet and the poison of pig liver. Among them, Yu he’an and others looked pale.

“go to find ah Cheng. Take over  take over  take over  leave grandma crying.”

Lin Xi was anxious and nervously biting her nails. It was more than five hours before her mother cried at three o’clock. Watching Miao Fangfei work at four thirty and cry at ten o’clock, there were more than five hours between them. In this way, it may soon be their turn to cook chicken.

“We can’t all go. Leave a few people to pay attention to the Miao team.”

Xu chendao, it is very important for Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao to understand the process of crying marriage. At the end of the discussion, Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu stayed and were ready to support the Miao team at all times. Xu Chen, Yu he’an, Lin Xi and Wang pengpai walked to ah Cheng’s residence on the edge of qiebi village.

* *

Miao Fangfei holds a pig liver with a silver bracelet. With a smile on her face, she walks to Pingping’s new house with Shi Tao, a sang and a Wen. The euphemistic, lingering and melodious suona sound has sounded “farewell mother”. All the people of qiebi village on the road wear the national costumes of the grand festival. Unlike the general Dong nationality, the costumes of qiebi village are mostly black and white.

In the past, they guarded the tomb for the chieftain king. From then on, they were not allowed to wear colorful clothes. Over time, it has become a tradition of today. Although everyone has a happy smile on his face, the monotonous black-and-white clothes have made people dizzy after watching them for a long time. Shi Tao even has an illusion that all the people in the cutting wall village around them are paper people.

Many things can’t be detailed at all. It’s creepy to be a little detailed. Assang Arwen looked back from time to time, with a malicious smile. He still seemed to remember the conflict between Shi Tao and them.

Shi Tao took a deep breath and saw Miao Fangfei looking at him worried from the corner of his eye. He comforted and smiled.

There must be a way to get to the front of the mountain. I’m shivering at the last moment. I have to break through as hard as I can.

“Mother -”

As soon as I entered the door of Pingping house, it was quiet all around, as if some noisy Suona music had gone away. Only when you listen hard can you hear a little aftersound, but the aftersound is faint and creepy.

Shi Tao felt a chill from the bottom of his heart when he entered the house. He shivered and walked forward with his head down until he entered Pingping’s boudoir. Pingping is sitting on the bed. Shi Tao can only see the small and exquisite black-and-white embroidered shoes on her feet.

“Tears are streaming down my chest. Mother, my daughter is reluctant to leave home.”

The voice of choking and crying is different from that of Shi Tao. It is unexpectedly pleasant. In front of the low table beside the bed, Arvin assang and Pingping have already sung a song to each other.

Taking advantage of Kung Fu, Miao Fangfei quickly looked at the furnishings in Pingping’s house. Compared with the one glance you saw before entering the scenic spot, Pingping at the moment is very different from the fierce ghost Pingping in Miao Fangfei’s impression. She was wearing a black and white wedding dress. The pure clothes showed her pure and extremely beautiful. The new Lotus after the rain was clear, and her eyes were soaked with tears.

She only frowned slightly, as if she had sorrow in her heart, but it made her more pitiable. Seeing Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao still standing, Pingping stretched out her hand and pulled them to sit down. At this moment, Shi Tao subconsciously hid, but he couldn’t escape Pingping’s cold hand. It’s hard to hide. It’s like there’s such a powerful force in his thin wrist. Shi Tao just felt that he sat down with his hands pressed.

There was a cold circle on his wrist. Shi Tao didn’t dare to touch it. There was still a stiff smile on his face, with lingering palpitations. No, this is not only the power of Li Gui Pingping, but also Pingping’s own power. Guo Pingping, born with divine power, no wonder the people of qiebai village had to give her medicine in advance.

“The mountain is high with a top and the sea is deep with a bottom. The kindness of parents can’t be compared.”

Pingping is sobbing and singing sadly. She is thinking of her mother’s kindness. Next, it’s time to cut off the pig liver and gently smear it on the lips of the newly married mother, indicating that she will always be the mother’s sweetheart. I wish that after she marries, she will also be with her husband and Meimei, the husband’s sweetheart.

But ah Cheng’s silver bracelet is hidden in the pig’s liver!

Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao look at each other. Shi Tao takes a knife and prepares to cut pig liver. But Miao Fangfei cleared her throat and sang, “daughter, as long as you can be happy, be a mother’s heart.”

This should have been the fourth paragraph of the song when feeding Pingping to eat pig liver, but Miao Fangfei was ahead of schedule!

“I hope you can get a heart and keep your white head together. Daughter, your eyes are bright. Xingzi will see a lover clearly.”

He said that Miao Fangfei sang the words in advance, but he made asan Arvin look expressionless and turned to her words. Miao Fangfei made up two self-made, suggestive lyrics. After singing , assang and Arvin suddenly filled with the smell of  dangerous forest and cold!

Their faces become more and more flat, like paper people. The original festive makeup on their faces is on paper people, which is as scary as dark makeup. As if a gust of wind had blown, a sang and a Wen floated in front of Miao Fangfei, and the sharp knife cutting pig liver stabbed Miao Fangfei’s heart!

* *

“Let’s start crying.”

Meanwhile, Wei Xun, who entertained Xu Chen and others at home, suddenly looked up and looked out the window melancholy. In the direction of Pingping’s new house, his voice trembled and said to himself:

“Pingping will understand my heart when she sees the silver bracelet.”

“Ah Cheng, we all understand your heart for Pingping.”

Wang surging said, his tone was like comfort, but his eyes staring at ah Cheng were particularly sharp. No small action could escape his eyes.

Under the pressure of this vision, people with slightly poor psychological quality will avoid it, but ah Cheng only smiled at him bitterly and muttered:

“Sister Wang also knows that I’m too close to Pingping. She’s about to get married. It’s not good. ”

“Don’t worry about these things. Pingping wants to marry. You always think she has something ready.”

Lin Xi said anxiously, staring at the caged chicken on the table. Otherwise, he was a little rational. He hurried to take a look at the cage.

After all, I’m going to cry for the second time. The second cry is the food ingredient of Libo rice, chicken!

“Ah, I prepared this, but I can’t use it.”

Ah Cheng sighed, stroked the chicken cage and said to himself, “before the bride’s marriage, the groom prepared a chicken for her to leave her mother. She has always been based on the tradition of marriage.”

The chicks who have just left the hen and can survive independently are prepared by the man and sent to the woman before the wedding to comfort the girl to leave her parents and live independently like the chicks leave the hen.

Pingping is 18 years old and has reached the age of marriage. She had agreed to marry ah Cheng, so ah Cheng began to carefully prepare to leave his mother’s chicken early. Who said

“Ah, Cheng, you have a heart to heart relationship with Pingping, but she wants to marry…”

Xu Chen tried to stop talking. In fact, he was trying. Up to now, they don’t know who Pingping is going to marry, but it’s reasonable to say that as a wall cutting villager, they should talk about it. So we can’t ask openly, we can only test.

Sure enough, ah Cheng took the bait and said sadly along with his words: “but Pingping is going to marry her dead brother ah long.”


Yu he’an took a breath of air-conditioning, so close that he covered his mouth in time without screaming. Xu Chen severely glanced at him and Lin Xi and warned them not to expose. Simply immersed in sadness, ah Cheng seems not to notice the difference between Yu and an, and still mumbles to himself:

“Pingping, what a good girl, but for the sake of tradition, she wants to get married. How can the village head be willing? Pingping is his only child now. ”

“Pingping, good girl, good girl, you should cherish it.”

Wang surging said, meaning something: “I don’t think Pingping wants to, but she has nothing to do. I want me to say, ah Cheng, you and Pingping are a natural couple.”

“Pingping, Pingping.”

After listening to his words, ah Cheng trembled all over and his lips trembled. He said repeatedly: “ Guo me, Pingping, we can be in one   Guo, but  tradition…”

“If any tradition has to be realized at the expense of others’ lives, there is no need to exist.”

Xu Chen said tentatively, but ah Cheng looked at him strangely and shook his head: “grandma Xu, we can’t say that. We cut the wall village. It exists to protect the modern tradition.”

“But, Pingping.”

As soon as he said this, ah Cheng trembled again. It seemed that he was struggling in contradiction, and his expression was changing all the time. Finally, he leaned back to the back of the chair, collapsed, and his voice was hoarse: “ ah, Pingping,  Pingping.”

“Grandma Xu, I ask you one thing.”

Ah Cheng’s eyes fell on the chicken cage on the table and murmured: “ Guo Pingping is still willing to accept my divorced chicken,  Guo Pingping is still interested in me,  me…”

Ah Cheng wants to talk and stops, but his eyes are firm. Xu Chen sees his changes in his eyes. No more, he winked and took the chicken coop and Yu he’an on the table and left them.

“The ghost marriage that Pingping is going to marry!”

After leaving ah Cheng’s house and there were no villagers around, Lin Xi said in horror:

“And marry her dead brother Aaron!”

“The technique of driving away corpses is passed on to men rather than women, but the village head of qiebai taught this technique to Pingping, the only daughter.”

Xu chennian frowned at what he said in the journey introduction: “the former village head of qiebai has a child, and only he is dead.”

“Many mysteries like this are gradually lost in the end.”

Wang pengpai said, “look at the secret technique of driving away the corpse. The village head has a secret circulation.”

Guo Pingping’s brother is still alive. Maybe in the end, in order to ensure the purity of blood, you should ask Pingping and her brothers and sisters.

“But Pingping’s brother is dead?”

Yu he’an is unimaginable: “60673

“Don’t forget, Pingping was pregnant with a child.”

Lin Xi said nervously, “maybe the ghost fetus is so bad.”

“No, Pingping gave birth to a normal child.”

Xu Chen corrected: “the second scenic spot said that Pingping gave birth to a normal fetus, only her father pretended to be fetal meat and gave a big banquet of fetal meat.”

“What you can eat is solid. It must not be a ghost fetus.”

Yu he’an was confused: “but how can Pingping give birth to a normal child?”

“Ah Cheng ran away with Pingping.”

Xu Chen’s answer was not what he asked, but his eyes narrowed slightly: “you said, did Pingping elope with ah Cheng in the positive Duan calendar?”

“After Pingping got pregnant, she fled to the back cave to give birth. “If no one helps her, Pingping is a pregnant woman who is difficult to support.”

Xu Chen said in a low voice, “ah Cheng’s house is at the edge of qiepi village, the closest to a cave.”

“You said you were married late, but Pingping actually eloped with ah Cheng. Ah Cheng is the groom, and the children in her belly are also ah Cheng’s?”

Lin Xi also thought it was wrong: “how can you go back to the village and have children after eloping?”

“Elope and get back.”

Yu he’an said, “I heard that there was such a thing in the village next to us in the past. The bride eloped with someone. After she found  she had a big stomach and had to be locked at home. It’s said that people are crazy and miserable after being closed all their lives. ”

The more feudal and closed places are, the more oppressive women are. Once you find out that women are recovered, what tragic things will happen.

Yu he’an said it politely, but Xu Chen didn’t think it was right. It seems that Pingping is also willing to marry the dead and continue the tradition. Since this is the case, it is not necessary to be so cautious about poisoning the pig liver. Pingping should be a good girl who is very sensible and has a sense of responsibility.

“Brother Wang, what do you think?”

Xu Chen is really unable to prescribe medicine. He always feels that there are some key clues that have not been found.

“Wait for the Miao team to go back and have a look.”

Wang pengpai said that Xu Chenyi was also right. Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao can definitely bring back the first-line information. After all, they can’t get close to Pingping now. They can only see Miao Fangfei and them.

I don’t know what happened to Miao Fangfei.

“Brother Wang, what have you got?”

While worrying about Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao, Xu Chen also keenly found that Wang pengpai seemed very silent and meditating all the way from leaving ah Cheng’s house. Xu Chen felt that Wang pengpai noticed something he didn’t find from ah Cheng’s words?

“I’ll do it again.”

Wang pengpai mused. Sure enough, Xu Chen had a spectrum in his heart and would not disturb Wang pengpai any more. When returning to the house where they lived, Xu Chen couldn’t care what Wang pengpai was thinking.

Because Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao are covered with blood and are fainting on the bed!

Xu Chen and others hurried to see Hou Feihu holding a basin, and Zhao Hongtu was looking for Miao Fangfei to deal with the injury. Seeing that Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu also have a lot of blood, Xu Chen and Yu he’an took over their work, and Lin Xi rarely took the initiative to pour water between them.

“The first cry is over.”

Hou Feihu drank a glass of water and looked serious: “Miao team, they brought important information.”

He pointed to the white paper stained with blood on the table. It seems to be a paper knife with a deformed handle, with words on it. Xu Chen didn’t do it. Like Zhao Hongtu and others, he waited for Wang pengpai to get it. Now Wang pengpai seems to be the same authoritative figure in the team as the Miao team. He has careful thinking and keen observation. He looks at such clues.

But Wang pengpai didn’t do it, as if he was still meditating. Zhao Hongtu was puzzled and reminded, but Wang pengpai frowned and said, “wait, I’ve reached the key place.”

“We just went to a Cheng’s house and got important clues.”

Xu Chen explained that he took the bloody paper knife on the table, but he was also curious.

What key information did Wang pengpai get? Not even a bloody paper knife?

Thinking, Xu Chen unfolded the blood stained paper knife, and then his pupil shrank suddenly.

“This –”

* *

On the other hand, ah Cheng didn’t move in a hurry after Xu Chen and them left, but when he hurt the feeling of spring, he walked around the house again, as if anxious or nervous, looking to the door from time to time, as if he were waiting for Xu Chen and them.

After making two rounds like this, ah Cheng breathed heavily, like what he made up his mind. He went back to his room and changed his clothes. He changed his clothes slowly, as if he were still struggling.

“Ah, how can Pingping get married?”

He said to himself with a firm look: “I love Pingping. I can’t see her like this. Village head, I’ll go to the village head and make it clear! ”

After that, ah Cheng resolutely left home and hurried to the village head’s house.

The above is what Wang pengpai saw.

Wang pengpai didn’t leave. He went with Xu Chen. And Wang pengpai, who is in the right, has used the title to make himself invisible and observe ah Cheng’s behavior.

“Look back, there’s no problem.”

Wang pengpai didn’t miss anything. He even followed ah Cheng when he changed his clothes, but from beginning to end, ah Cheng showed no difference.

“But I think there’s a problem.”

After many journeys, Wang pengpai believes in his intuition. He hasn’t found Bingjiu yet. He also said that Bingjiu either leaves or has a real Bingjiu. His character is different from that in the past.

Wang pengpai put aside all his inherent impressions of Bingjiu and observed ah Cheng. He found that this man and the others in qiebi village were much cleaner than “Xi”.

Perhaps this is what makes Wang surging’s intuition different.

Seeing that ah Cheng is going to find the village head, Wang pengpai takes no time to keep up and doesn’t stop him. He can’t completely confirm ah Cheng’s identity. He went to the village head. Maybe it was happening in the history.

 Guo Pingping didn’t elope,  she shouldn’t be pregnant with a normal child.

 Guo Pingping eloped with ah Cheng. After finding her, the people of qiebi village shouldn’t have kept her child, even as special fetal meat.

Wang pengpai suspects that Pingping did elope with ah Cheng, but his brother ah long fell in love with ah Cheng. Pingping is pregnant with a child, which is planned by village head qiebi. This child is not only a Cheng’s child, but also a long’s child. And it was eaten as fetal meat. Wang pengpai also doubted that the child was eaten by the village head of cut wall, or

 Aaron?

After a long eats the fetal meat, can he completely occupy a Cheng’s body?

Or further, the village head of qiebi village has a special secret method to drive away the corpse. If Aaron is not buried after his death, and the village head of qiebi who loves his son is made into a zombie? Maybe eating this special fetal meat can make Aaron return to Yang?

The experienced and excellent passengers have extremely divergent thinking and can gain insight into the appearance of the “food” from the clues. What Wang pengpai lacks now is only the specific evidence of the “food”.

This is about ah Cheng going to find the head of qiebi village. Maybe it’s the key to his possession of ah long.

Yu pengpai did not hesitate to keep up.

When Wei Xun changed his clothes, he deliberately delayed the time to brush the Yellow value to make the live broadcasting room shielded again. Since he entered the project, Wei Xun calculated the time, and his live studio has been blocked all the time.

Although Xu Chen and others may have a secret conversation with him, their live studio may also be blocked. It is estimated that the outside audience can guess his “A Cheng”. However, it can be delayed for a while. Generally speaking, shielding still has more advantages than disadvantages for Wei Xun.

Now Wei Xun hurried to the village head’s house with a small tail behind him.

Mingming Wang pengpai has left with Xu Chen, but Youhu reminds Wei Xun that someone is watching him.

Especially when Wei Xun changed his clothes, he was still watching. Such a pervert, you shouldn’t be Pingping. Moreover, Pingping always sees people with a cold wind. Now Wei Xun doesn’t have a feeling.

Wei Xun was almost sure that Wang pengpai, the real one, did not leave, while he was following him and observing him.

But this was expected by Wei Xun. He specially made his clothes clean and tidy, which is subtly different from the people of qiebai village.

Wang pengpai suspects him, but he can’t immediately confirm him or move him. After all, Wei Xun’s current identity, ah Cheng, plays an important role in this scenic spot.

According to Wang pengpai’s character, he is most likely to follow him. From Wang pengpai’s behavior, Wei Xun speculates that he may not kill Bingjiu immediately, but he plans to take Bingjiu away.

However, this guess is not accurate. Maybe Wang pengpai is waiting to kill him. But Wei Xun didn’t care. The thrill of walking a tightrope was more exciting for him.

Especially after Wang pengpai hid his body, he still didn’t start with him immediately. Wei Xun confirmed his judgment.

Wang pengpai wants to take Bing Jiu away. He won’t see him die here.

Wang pengpai, who follows behind, is a white bodyguard!

Wei Xun immediately came to Wang pengpai’s 100 usages, and then happily took him to the village head’s house.

With such a useful bodyguard, it’s too wasteful not to do something dangerous!


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