TTG Chapter 44

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (44)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 44: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

“This pair of silver bracelets is a token of my love with Pingping.”

Wei Xun’s voice was slightly trembling. He took out two silver bracelets. His eyes were reluctant to fall on them. He murmured, “Pingping returned it to me, but I said that she was helpless. She still had only me in her heart.”


Miao Fangfei’s expression moved slightly, but it didn’t appear on the surface. She looked at ah Cheng with a sigh and said, “you, alas, Pingping is going to marry after all…”

“What is she?”

Ah Cheng’s voice suddenly rose, but he stopped after half a sentence. He looked hesitant and afraid, like what he was afraid of. Finally, I stopped talking. I just solemnly handed one of the silver bracelets to Miao Fangfei. With a little sadness and some expectation, I solemnly said:

“Sister Miao, thank you. “If you can, please hide the silver bracelet in the pig’s liver. After reading it, Pingping will naturally say” my heart for her. ”

Miao Fangfei took the silver bracelet. Ah Cheng smiled melancholy at her, then turned and left. If Miao Fangfei has nothing to do, he returns to the stove to continue to deal with the pig liver and finds a chance to tell Shi Tao and Xu Chen the news of getting the pig liver.

“Pingping has no choice but to get married.” what is her marriage? ”

Xu Chen tasted these two words carefully and looked serious: “indeed, we still don’t know who Pingping is going to marry.”

“Asan Arvin is not deep.”

Miao Fangfei nodded. When she exchanged spying information with the two people yesterday, she found that the two people were very talkative about many trivial things in the family. However, when it comes to Pingping’s marriage, they only nag that Pingping’s marriage is a major event in the whole village, which must be carefully prepared. Miao Fangfei is much more insinuating, and the two will stare at her with an alert look.

“She’s not going to marry anything good.”

Shi Tao said, winking at the stove: “do you want to bring Pingping with this silver bracelet?”

You should do as ah Cheng said. They have to make preparations early when they can get in touch with pig liver.

“There will be more information in ah Cheng’s book, and this project is indeed divided into different choices.”

Xu Chen said calmly, “we should spread the news and let Zhao Hongtu pay more attention.”

They talked intermittently. Once asan Arvin watched the food, he recognized the food, the pig’s liver and so on.

On the other hand, when Wei Xun was leaving the village head’s house, he was called to the village head’s house. Looking through the bamboo curtain, I could only vaguely see the mattress lying on the bed. The village head coughed all the time. Obviously, he was seriously ill and couldn’t get out of bed. But even though his voice was old and weak, there was still a strange sense of danger in people’s ears.

“Ah Cheng, are you going to see Pingping again?”


Wei Xun didn’t bother to play at this time, so he replied neatly. Along the way, he went back to his experiences and two Diaries of Pingping. He had more new guesses about her in his heart. Yu Xiaowei Xun began to probe. He responded in this tone, but the village head was not angry. It was the same as Wei Xun expected.

“I said,” you like Pingping. ”

The village head’s voice was kind. He was still coughing. His tone was helpless and regretful. He said slowly, “you were born on the same day with Aaron. In my eyes, you are like my child. I should have treated you as my own child.”

“Pingping, Pingping, she likes you too. The only person she married is you. “If she doesn’t, she can’t help it.”

The village head wanted to stop talking and asked ah Cheng to ask him about it with guidance. But Wei Xun has got the information he wants from the village head’s words just now. He was completely out of the trap of the village head. He waved his big hand and said loudly and forcefully: “happiness depends on himself.”

“As long as Pingping is happy, I am happy. Village head, you don’t have to persuade me anymore. ”

After that, Wei Xun turned and left. He only heard the village head’s cough getting worse behind him, but no one stopped him. Wei Xun had a spectrum in his heart. All the way back to ah Cheng’s house, he contacted Pingping’s diary, corpse flying fox king, ah Cheng and other information in his mind.

According to the illusion of the Japanese corpse flying fox king, Pingping eloped with ah Cheng, maybe she was right.

Just eloped with her, not necessarily ah Cheng.

Ah Cheng’s house is on the edge of qiebi village. According to the tradition of qiebi village, a man must leave his parents and build a new house before he can completely become a man and marry a wife. Ah Cheng has always been married to Pingping. He has just become a wife and immediately built a house near the village. In fact, this place is not far from the Houshan cave produced by Pingping.

“Haw haw, haw haw.”

As soon as Wei Xun entered the door, he heard the tender cry of chicken cubs. Ah Cheng kept two cages of chicken cubs. It was gratifying to see the bright yellow clean chicks looking at him. Wei Xun seemed to vaguely hear the sound of flowing water in his mind.

The young fox was really excited by the young chicken, but maybe Wei Xun’s misunderstanding of his dietary preference made him angry. The young fox held it hard this time and didn’t expect Ai Ai to say “the master is hungry”.

Wei Xun put the two cages of chickens on the table and teased the chicks with straw stalks.

This man is annoying to the fox!

“I’ve been thinking about it all the time. Why would I ask ah Cheng?”

Wei Xun sat at the table and his index finger tapped the table rhythmically. The tapping sound was very frequent and coincided with Wei Xun’s heartbeat. However, if a person with excellent ear power listens carefully, he will be surprised to find that there are two faint heartbeat sounds in his body.

[incubation Countdown: 15:25:13]

“Miao Fangfei’s project is directly related to crying marriage, but I didn’t.”

Wei Xun talked to himself, his two fingers together, carelessly put them on the side of his neck and felt the pulse beating. According to Guo Weixun, he can even avoid Crying Marriage completely. It’s too sad to use ah Cheng. There’s a good reason not to see things and think of people. And looking at Miao Fangfei’s appearance, I’m afraid I thought he was the aboriginal of qiebi village, and the most important one, Wang pengpai, didn’t find him immediately.

It is also said that Wang pengpai did not know that Wei Xun would get a Cheng’s identity.

There is a reason for everything. Wei Xun doesn’t think that Pingping has a crush on him and wants him to be his sweetheart. Wei Xun says that there is definitely an internal reason why Wei Xun will become a Cheng.

The dialogue with the village head made Wei Xun finally put together the last incomplete puzzle.


Wei Xun pressed his fingers on the side of his neck and pressed the blood vessels here for a long time, which would make people feel dizzy. Wei Xun only felt that his heart was beating fast and he meant to fall down. It seemed that he had a sense of crisis. From the bottom of his heart, he asked him to remove his fingers. Wei Xun started his exile from Shanyi, supported his head, quietly felt that his panic had dissipated, and the corners of his lips were slightly tilted.

“I found you.”

Kill the corpse flying fox queen, but Wei Xun aroused unexpected danger because he used the scenic spot experience ball. Since then, a new value of [incubation value] has been added to his attribute column.

Prevent it from hatching, or defeat it and kill it. Wei Xun can get the reward for finally opening up scenic spots. However, the hostel did not remind us what the “it” was and where it was.

But now Wei Xun can confirm that “it” is parasitic in his body, 15 hours before hatching, and now it’s 4:30 a.m.

It also says that it will hatch around eight o’clock tonight.

“The corpse flying fox king has a long’s soul.”

“The village head asked Pingping to marry ah long.”

“Pingping eloped with ah Cheng.”

“Pingping  Fanyang enters the body, and on the wedding night  the men in qiepi village □□.”

These four articles can be established at the same time.

After Wei Xun got ah Cheng’s identity, he said that although he was tolerant and indecisive, he didn’t have any bad heart. He was also very loyal to Pingping. If he eloped with Pingping, he couldn’t deceive her. He didn’t arrive after confirming the location and asked Pingping to leave the village.

Unless he is trapped by something, or controlled by something.

Wei Xun should have found more information before he could finally confirm this, but because he replaced ah Cheng, the similarity between him and ah Cheng made Wei Xun quickly lock in the target.

Corpse flying fox king, or corpse flying fox King’s cubs, eggs, and so on.

There is this in Wei Xun’s body, and I’m afraid there is this in ah Cheng’s body. It is precisely because of this similarity that Wei Xun became ah Cheng.

“The village head still wants to bring his son back to life.”

Wei Xun whispered.

So the village head chose to live with a long on the same day. Maybe eight characters also have some special A Cheng as his goal.

I’m afraid there’s a flying fox in my body since I was born. Wei Xun’s is in my body. How did it get in?

In the final analysis, he only fought with the corpse flying fox king and drank its blood essence. Maybe this mode of communication is touching, and ah Cheng and Pingping grew up as childhood sweethearts. Maybe ah Cheng also touched her corpse flying fox king. So there are eggs in ah Cheng’s body, or things attached to ah long’s consciousness.

The village head Mingming said that a Cheng and Pingping had a private meeting before their marriage, but he didn’t stop it. Just now, he had a dialogue. As a result, he told a Cheng who cherished Pingping that a Cheng would strengthen his heart to elope with Pingping.

The eggs will hatch at eight o’clock tonight. Maybe Pingping and ah Cheng eloped. At eight o’clock tonight, they just arrived at the agreed place and nervously waited for their lover to come to Pingping, but ah Cheng, who was in control.

Wei Xun arranged everything properly and just waited for the development of the situation. He plays with a dagger in his hand. Pingping’s blood grudge dagger can kill Pingping’s most resentful object.

Who is Pingping’s most resentful person, the village head, her brother a long, a Cheng, and the whole people of qiebai village?

“Look at Miao Fangfei’s news.”

* *

Miao Fangfei was sweating and turned white. She was covered with the fishy smell of pig liver. After cooking pig liver in the kitchen for so long, she was almost cured. Shi Tao was no better than her.

“Hurry, hurry.”

Miao Fangfei kept alert and looked at the door from time to time. She looked anxious. The pig liver was cooked earlier than their elephant. She was in a hurry. When Miao Fangfei was resting, she told assang Arwen that the village head was more seriously ill. Pingping was filial. She married her father as soon as possible. My father was very happy. Everything is possible to advance, which immediately makes Miao Fangfei nervous.

Yu Yu, the three of them took turns to lead away assan and Arvin, and the rest took the opportunity to put the silver bracelet into the pig’s liver. A complete set of pig liver is very large. After being cut into four pieces, each piece is also the size of Shi Tao’s palm. It is soft and rotten. It is more than enough to put a silver bracelet into it. However, Miao Fangfei found something wrong with the action plan.

After the silver bracelet touched the pig liver, it turned black!

This pig liver is poisonous!

This discovery is amazing. Miao Fangfei tried it one after another and found that not only cooked and cut pig liver is poisonous, but also some raw pig liver can darken silver jewelry. The most bizarre pig liver just fished from boiling water is also poisonous.

These pig livers can be eaten by the whole village, Pingping and qiebi village. How can they be poisonous??

Miao Fangfei’s title as a novice Gu Po came in handy. She fed a small piece of pig liver. After careful analysis, she found that the poison was not fatal and the dose was not large. It only made people weak.

Why is that?

“Maybe there is a danger that we don’t want to marry.”

After Miao Fangfei told Xu Chen and Shi Tao about this, Xu Chen proposed a method: “in order to prevent Pingping from resisting, take the drugged pig liver to Pingping and better control her.”

“But if all the pig livers are poisonous, the people of qiebai village have to eat them?”

Shi Tao didn’t understand, but Miao Fangfei turned the corner and sucked the air conditioner. Her face was ugly. She gently reminded: “Pingping in our scene is like a ghost Pingping.”

“Miao team is right. Let’s find it quickly. There may be a non-toxic pig liver in it.”

Xu Chen said, “Pingping is taking revenge. She wants the villagers to give back the tragic things she has experienced to them again and again. “Fruit day, Pingping’s pig liver is toxic. If the villagers’ pig liver is non-toxic, today’s pig liver should be reversed.”

In other words, except for one piece of pig liver, all other pig livers are toxic. Only this non-toxic pig liver is the right choice for Pingping to eat when she cries for the first time.

“I cried at noon today.”

Miao Fangfei murmured that this noon she and Shi Tao played Pingping’s “mother” and wanted to take her pig liver and listen to her cry for marriage. If you didn’t find that the pig liver was poisonous, you took it away. I’m afraid Pingping would think they were with the villagers.

Then their heads will snap to the ground like a paper man cut by Pingping.

“There’s not much time. Let’s find it.”



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