TTG Chapter 45

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (45)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 45: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

When ah Cheng rushed to the village head’s house, Wang pengpai felt something wrong.

When ah Cheng just broke through the guard at the door of the village head’s house and rushed in hard. Wang pengpai looked at the sharp knife, spear and gun in the guard’s hand, and then looked at ah Cheng’s body with bare hands. He felt that ah Cheng was really in a hurry. The guard’s spear almost pierced ah Cheng’s shoulder. Wang surging, vaguely and quietly, helped him a little.

After all, if ah Cheng is injured when he breaks into the village head’s house, for example, he becomes weak after the injury, and then ah long’s soul is possessed, Wang pengpai’s excessive protection will only hinder the normal progress of the project.

 Wang pengpai was shocked when he saw Ah Cheng jump directly in front of the village head’s bed, grab the village head’s shoulder and pick him up from the bed.

Isn’t this some crazy man who escaped from the zoo??

“Village head, village head, let’s get you and Pingping together.”

It happened that ah Cheng still cried very sincerely and miserably. The strength of being open-minded was very real. He shook the village head’s shoulder hard and begged bitterly. That strength made Wang surging and felt that the village head’s brain was about to be shaken out by ah Cheng.

“Village head, why is your face blue? Isn’t it uncomfortable? ”

Nonsense, who makes you shake like this will kill half your life.

Wang Pengpai make complaints about his eyes, and almost jump up.

good heavens! What face is green? The fucking village head is a zombie!

Can zombie faces not be green. Look, these teeth are like vampires. You still care about his illness!

“Village head, village head?”

Ah Cheng looked at it and said it was too late. He was stunned and went up. Seeing that the village head’s black fingernails hit ah Cheng’s neck, Wang pengpai couldn’t bear it any more.

“It’s a real history that ah Cheng became a zombie and was controlled by the village head.” ah Cheng may be Bing Jiu now!

The living Bing Jiu is more valuable than the zombie. Wang pengpai can’t fully confirm it yet. He can’t see that ah Cheng was bitten by the zombie village head. Wang pengpai immediately came forward and grabbed the village head’s hand. While breaking his fingernails, he pushed forward. It looked like the village head pushed ah Cheng away. And ah Cheng also seemed to be scared silly. He sat directly on the ground and stared at the village head’s hand and kowtowed.

“Village, village head, your nails?”

He finally realized that he was a village man who dealt with many zombies. Ah Cheng opened his eyes and exclaimed, “zombie, village head, how did you become a zombie

Yes, how did the village head become a zombie?

Wang pengpai, who caught the zombie village head and just trapped him with his son power, is also thinking about this problem. The village head can still talk at the meeting in the early morning. Looking at the rigidity of the village head, it’s not two years. It’s impossible to become this for half a day.

It’s the village head who changed into a zombie, but he lost his mind because he had a secret method. .

“Village head, can you still listen to me? You, do you still recognize him? ”

After all, the zombie instinctively craves flesh and blood, but the zombie village head just sits rigidly with his eyes staring at him, and he has hurt him. Ah Cheng’s frightened soul came back. He looked at his heart and asked tentatively.

Fool, of course, because you can control it!

Wang pengpai scolded in his heart, and his face turned red. Zombies are powerful. Wang pengpai can carry Yu and an. It’s not easy to wrestle with zombies. Of course, it’s easy for him to kill zombies. Wang pengpai thought that there must be something strange about the village head cutting the wall. Now is not the time to kill it, and we can’t just bring it down. After all, ah Cheng is still in the house.

So now he just controls the zombies by force. Wang pengpai feels like he’s holding a fierce bison. He’s working hard all over. He won’t sweat.

Ah Cheng, why don’t you get out of here.

Wang pengpai scolded in his heart and took the time to look up. Suddenly, he was scolded by the Buddha. The Buddha was born and the two Buddhas ascended to heaven. Ah Cheng was still leaving. He was turning over the boxes and cabinets while turning over. His heart wing said, “village head, village head, I know you still remember ah Cheng, it’s ah Cheng.”

Looking at the village head’s green faced and tusky posture, ah Cheng shed tears and sobbed: “no wonder you let Pingping marry in the dark. It turned out that you were out of your mind. He said you loved Pingping so much… Village head, where did you put the marriage deed?”

“Don’t worry, you will be good to Pingping in the future.”

The marriage certificate, the marriage deed and the marriage deed of the deceased were burned to the underworld on the day of the wedding. Ah Cheng is looking for the soul contract between Pingping and a long. He only ruined the soul contract. The marriage doesn’t count.

This one is quite focused.

Wang pengpai was shocked. The village head changed into a zombie. In addition to his initial panic, he was so scared that people ran away. Instead, he began to look for the marriage deed at the first time. Ah Cheng’s son is really not simple. Wang pengpai suspects that he is Bingjiu.

Just seeing ah Cheng crying with tears all over his face and his eyes red, Wang pengpai felt that this really shouldn’t be what Bingjiu can do. It’s too good to play, too bad. Ordinary people can’t do such a thing.

Is ah Cheng Bingjiu?

When Wang pengpai was wandering, Wei Xun had happily gone through all kinds of cabinets and drawers in the house. He not only found the marriage contract between Pingping and a long, but also found many strange and frightening things.

Wei Xun is very good. He feeds all these things to the fox. Wei Xun began to feed the young fox whiskers and felt that the fox cub was not good. Obviously, it’s just wiping consciousness. There is an entity, but the soul is still disabled. It can eat!

Asked the young fox, the young fox proudly said it was their talent. Although Yu Hehui finally failed to leap the Tianmen cave, he became a fox fairy. He has outstanding talent. He has been a fox in the scenic spot for ten years and has reached the level of Tianhu.

The possible period of want or need is to be able to breathe in the moon’s essence. Although the remnant soul of the heavenly fox is about to be broken, the talent is still there. In fact, the ginseng was not eaten by Yu Hehui immediately, but was swallowed by him and stored in the body of the residual soul, slowly nourishing the residual soul and creating the young fox consciousness.

In other words, it can eat all kinds of things by talent, store them in the remnant soul and digest them slowly.

Isn’t this a carry on bag!

Wei Xun thought that the potential of the fox fairy was like water in a sponge. There was always a squeeze.

Milk fox stuffed with garbage:???

However, Wei Xun was still talking to his consciousness: “you should save the things he gave you just now, don’t eat them, and spit them out later, okay?”

Damn, it’s not very lethal. It’s very insulting.

What a shame!

The young fox was barked by the young fox. Wei xunshaosheng comforted the young fox and promised to get chicken for the young fox after the young fox came out. The young fox can also choose to eat these swallowed things, which was agreed by Qu Baba of the young fox Committee.

The fox is cunning. The young fox quickly changed his mood and began to actively give Wei Xun advice, saying that there are good things in this room – anyway, he can choose what he eats as his own. Of course, he did a good job!

“Village head, where did you hide the marriage deed?”

Wang pengpai watched ah Cheng turn for a long time. Finally, he was empty handed, his face was full of anxiety and sadness, and walked to the village head’s bed. He said sadly, “village head, I know you are conscious. Please tell me. She and Pingping will support you well in the future. No, they won’t expose you. ”

Conscious fart! Wang pengpai’s hands were sore when he strangled the zombie, and his patience reached the limit. He was so worried that he didn’t just let go of the zombie and let ah Cheng know what he wasn’t afraid of. Wang pengpai was surprised and said, “it’s here”, and then he boldly put his hand under the village head’s pillow.

This guy is really dead?!

Ah Cheng’s move made him very close to the village head’s zombie. Seeing the village head’s Zombie tilt his head, open his bloody mouth and bite him on ah Cheng’s arm, Wang pengpai’s face turned green. He subconsciously pressed himself and rolled around in bed with the village head Zombie. Then, hearing the sound of clicking, Wang pengpai had a bad feeling in his heart. He quickly got up and put the heavy zombie village head on him.

Too late to move, the bed board was turned over in seconds, turning over the zombie village head and Wang pengpai.

There’s a secret passage under the bed!

At the moment of turning down the book, Wang pengpai stared at the book. Ah Cheng, whose eyes were still red, was surprised and gnashing his teeth.

This sub item is absolutely nine!

His grandmother’s, you wait. When fat man comes back, you will have good fruit to eat!

“There is a secret passage under the bed.”

Click, the tunnel closes naturally.

Wei Xun was surprised and held a palm sized locust box in his hand. The wrench in the dark path under the bed is under the pillow. Wei Xun vowed that he was just curious and pulled it. Who knows that it turned over the zombie village head and Wang pengpai.

It is estimated that Wang pengpai has confirmed that he is Bingjiu.

Wei Xun felt that he was also wronged. He thought about the secret mechanism, and then happily broke the wrench.

This is because outsiders can no longer open the secret road. Of course, there should also be an open mechanism in the secret road. The village head is stupid and can’t speak. Wang pengpai doesn’t think he will be trapped for long.

If you can trap him, you will be.

It’s not suitable to stay here for a long time. Wei Xun stuffed the wooden box into the fox, then jumped out of the window behind the house, bypassed the guards’ direction and swaggered back to his house.

After returning to the village, Wei Xun counted the things he found at the village head’s house this time, and immediately felt that the trip was worth it.

He is the strategy of robbing the light. He even puts a broken porcelain piece in the mouth of the fox. Although it is true that most of them are rubbish, there are also useful things.

Let’s not mention the marriage contract between Pingping and a long. Wei Xun also got [ canine teeth of zombies]  and [cursive grass people, need  identification] .

The heaviest thing is the things in the wooden box under the pillow of the zombie village head.

This is a slightly worn thread bound book [Diaries of village head of qiebi village]. Wei Xun couldn’t help but sigh after reading it. Pingping and her father are father and daughter in the end, and even their habit of writing diaries is.

In addition, there are two thumb sized and exquisite black wood statues.

[statue containing the ghost of a long (flying fox version)]



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