TTG Chapter 46

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (46)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 46: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

[Name: statue containing the ghost of a long (flying fox version)]

[quality: Scene ( can be used in this journey, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[function: contact node between a long remnant soul and flying fox]

[Note: after a long died, the village head of qiebi village couldn’t bear to die alone, so he used a secret technique to save some of the remaining souls of ♪ through the statue and transfer them to Feihu]

[Name: Diaries of village head of qiebi Village (1 / 2)]

[quality: Scene ( can be used in this journey, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[function: get some information]

[Note: the diary of the village head of qiebi village records several big things]

Pingping’s diary is divided into three parts. Similarly, the chief of qiebi village is divided into two parts. Wei Xun gets half of the diary. Wei Xun simply turned it over and found that it recorded a strange carving secret.

[soul shifting carving (remnant recipe)]

[select the old locust tree which is a hundred years old and grows in the shade, select the black tree core, soak it with corpse paste, corpse oil, rotten plum skin, spices and [incomplete], then bake it with Yin Fire, carve it, split it from the middle, add the soul shifter’s hair, nails and dander, [incomplete], and then bond it with corpse paste. Carved in the shape of a container and enshrined in incense ash for seven days and seven nights, the soul moving statue is completed]

[within 365 days after the successful soul removal, the soul removal statue is best kept by the blood relatives of the soul mover. If the statue is destroyed, the soul will die]

[Note: this technique can transfer up to half of the soul of the soul shifter to the target body because it lacks two items needed]

After the soul moving carving, there were several pages of the diary of the village head who cut the wall.

It roughly says that the soul moving carving technique has been handed down from generation to generation in our family. Our ancestors told us not to use it, otherwise it would bring the evil technique of exterminating the family. However, from the father generation of the village head of qiebi village, it is extremely difficult to reproduce. Close relatives’ marriage leads to physical weakness and illness. The village head’s wife died of a blood avalanche after giving birth to Pingping, and the village head of qiebi village can no longer be a person. There is a dragon

But a long, the only seedling, was seriously ill at the age of 12. There was no medicine and stone. He weakened day by day, unconscious and dying. Seeing that the inheritance was about to be cut off in the hands of the self generation, the head of qiebi village was sad and unwilling, so he used taboo means. After several attempts, he transferred the residual soul of ah long to the young flying fox.

This diary records several attempts made by the village head of qiebi village, even losing his madness and experimenting with Pingping, but it’s a pity that ah long’s soul is too weak. If the residual soul is transferred to humans, it may be suppressed and swallowed. Only transfer to animals can succeed.

Look at that young flying fox. It shows extraordinary wisdom. It’s cute and intelligent. It’s like a long living. The village head of qiepi was ecstatic. He found that the human dragon who had lost half of his soul was weakening rapidly. He was busy and made a statue to accommodate the other half of his soul.

But when the statue was finished, something unexpected happened

The diary ends here.

“Soul moving carving, so it is.”

Wei Xun originally wrote down the contents of this volume of remnant prescription, then put it away and fed it to the little fox. Then he looked at the statue through the box and reached for it.

The statue soaked in body cream and body oil is so dirty that Wei Xun can’t imagine it.

But if you don’t know how it was made, just looking at the statue, the lines are indeed smooth and the form is magnificent. The flying fox in the statue is corpse like and serious. It looks small, lovely and vivid. Its eyes look at each other, and it always feels that there is light in its eyes, as if it wants to live.

“What do you think is delicious?”

Wei Xun asked the young fox that the little fox was reserved and chirped twice. He also let Wei Xun know that it is in the state of residual soul. Everything related to nourishing the soul, or the residual soul itself of the creature, is the best for the little fox to repair the soul.

No, it’s the old locust tree treated by this tree, or the ghost of a long in the locust tree, which makes young foxes salivate.

“The remnant soul in the statue, that is, on the flying fox, is a dragon’s consciousness projection?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow: “it’s different from what’s written in the fragmented volume of soul moving.”

If it weren’t for the keen perception of the young fox, I thought the residual soul of a long was on the flying fox. Even if you kill the flying fox, you can’t hurt ah long’s ghost.

Only when the statue is destroyed can the ghost be finally destroyed.

“Who would the other statue be?”

Wei Xun suddenly smiled with interest and said, “if the soul is separated, will the consciousness be separated?”

“It reminds me of the man who sliced himself in the magic world.”

Wei Xun said subtly. He closed the locust box and stuffed it with the statue inside to the little fox. He got up and sighed:

“What a pity…”

Unfortunately, the secret passage under the village head’s bed must lead to somewhere. Another statue of Aaron may be hidden there. However, Wang pengpai has taken the first step to get rid of the zombie village head. Wei Xun feels sorry for this.

Or you can be greedy for another billion waves.

“The village head wants to revive Aaron, or maybe Aaron wants to revive himself.”

Wei Xun has a deep meaning: “the consciousness of normal people, who is willing to be a beast.”

Flying foxes feed on plant fruit buds and insects. Aaron’s consciousness is attached to flying foxes. It’s determined to eat this thing all day without going crazy. And there is probably a statue of him.

According to the diary, the village head chose Feihu as the soul moving object of a long, which is helpless. What did you choose for the second statue? What happened when I was born?

Although half of the diary was missing, Wei Xun vaguely guessed what it was.

“Will the village head’s child who loves his face die?”

The village head who met just now is rigid and has lost the instinct of zombies. However, earlier today, Wei Xun called the village head to his room. Although he was coughing all the time, his words were normal.

Wei Xun had a guess, but he didn’t plan to go to the secret way under the village head’s bed to find out.

Wei Xun stood up and said excitedly, “go and see Pingping now. I don’t know whether Miao Fangfei has sent my silver bracelet to Pingping.”

♪ after looking at the bracelet, Pingping will like it

* *

“Pingping went crazy after seeing the silver bracelet.”

On the passenger’s side, Miao Fangfei, the most seriously injured, finally woke up from a coma. Her face was pale because of excessive blood loss. Her voice was weak and said with a bitter smile:

“Suddenly, no one can think of it.”

According to the original speculation of Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao, assang Arwen, the two aborigines of qiebi village, will certainly maintain the wedding and prevent all the possibilities of guiding Pingping to elope. Therefore, before cutting the pig liver, Miao Fangfei first attracted their hatred. Shi Tao dug out the silver bracelet in the pig liver and handed it to Pingping as soon as possible.

Then they decided to take the next action according to Pingping’s reaction.

“But the moment I took out the silver bracelet, I couldn’t move any more.”

Shi Tao was helpless. He was wrapped in a charge suit and felt cold shivering all over. Cang’s face was not much better than Miao Fangfei’s. His expression was very complex: “especially desperate and sad, just the feeling that the whole person was confused.”

“We saw a short memory of Pingping’s emotional coercion.”

Miao Fangfei frowned and seemed to be still struggling. Jane said briefly, “I see this silver bracelet on another woman’s wrist.”

“Yes, I saw Ah Cheng have a tryst with another woman.”

Shi Tao added: “it is the perspective of the third person, that is, Pingping’s perspective.”


Lin Xi lost her voice and couldn’t believe it: “ah Cheng, ah Cheng -”

“Ah Cheng is unfaithful. Pingping finds out.”

Miao Fangfei pondered, “those sadness, pain and despair are the emotions of Pingping in those years.”

When she got here, she paused: “but…”

“Ah Cheng does as like as two peas in the same shape as two silver bracelets.”

Xu Chen said, “when you come to the kitchen to find us, the silver bracelet is still in your hand. Ah Cheng’s silver bracelet is a token of love between him and Pingping. ”

“Men wear silver bracelets.”

This is indeed the reason why Yu Yan mumbles. As like as two peas of silver, the two silver bracelets can not be worn by silver.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Xu Chen shook his head and repeated, “it’s too dangerous.”

Yes, I thought it was to send a love token to Pingping. Who knows that ah Cheng is a big scum? There is not only Pingping, but also another woman. On the contrary, it stimulated Pingping. Thinking of this, Xu Chen felt that Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao had a big life and could survive. Li guipingping clicked directly.

“Ah Cheng’s line is a very deceptive wrong line.”

However, Miao Fangfei gave Shi Tao a strange look. Xu Chen noticed, “what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s strange here.”

Miao Fangfei hesitated and seemed to be thinking about what to do: “it’s reasonable that I, Shi Tao, should die all my life. But it’s strange that in addition to feeling Pingping’s emotions and seeing some memory fragments, she was attacked by Pingping. ”


Shi Tao said, “Pingping also killed assang Arwen.”

Shi Tao shuddered at the sight of Pingping smiling and putting the silver bracelet on her wrist after she woke up, and cutting off the heads of a sang and a Wen with scissors while singing, with blood splashing.

But Pingping did attack them again.

“It seems that you did it right.”

“Yes, indeed.”

As Miao Fangfei analyzed before, the enemy of destroying the wedding will be the people of qiebai village. Li guipingping killed a sang and a Wen. From reality, it was Miao Fangfei’s choice and Shi Tao’s choice that satisfied Pingping. You know, the situation is extremely dangerous. The paper-based assang Arwen is very powerful, and the paper knife has penetrated Miao Fangfei’s body.

“I used to guess, but you know it.”

Xu Chen whispered and showed a piece of blood stained ragged paper to the public. It’s the paper knife that Miao Fangfei brought back. Open it and you can see the words on it.

There are not many words, just five lines. It tells the story of a minority nationality. The main idea is that a man and a woman love each other and make a lifelong commitment. The man bought expensive jewelry for the girl to express his intention. The girl happily put it on, but at a rally, she found that the women in the same village were wearing the same jewelry. After asking, the girl found that the woman’s jewelry was also sent by a man. The girl was very sad and washed her face with tears all day. Later

It was written in black, so it ended here. Turning over the back of the paper, there were several scarlet characters written in blood.

[… The man saw what he meant and felt extremely guilty. He broke up with the woman in the same village, brought back jewelry and gave it to the girl]

“The silver bracelet that ah Cheng brought to Pingping was taken back from another woman.”

Xu Chen whispered, “it’s not over yet.”

Sure enough, under that line of blood words, there are two lines of black fly head small words.

[the girl chose to trust the man again and decided to elope with him. But on the agreed evening, the man came…]

“Scene reproduction, this is, reconstruct the past.”

Zhao Hong said with a frown: “you can help ah Cheng return the silver bracelet. This one will satisfy Pingping. In this scenic spot, it’s right to make Pingping satisfied, but. ”

“But the key point here is that we passengers are involved.”

Hou Feihu said in a deep voice, “why did ah Cheng take back the silver bracelet and how did he change his mind?”

This type of project doesn’t count. Hou Feihu has also experienced a lot. Pingping is a person who must take revenge, such as pig liver. For her suffering in the past, she has to take revenge on the people of qiebai village. It can be seen from here that in this scene reproduction project, what they need to do is not to completely copy what happened in the past, but to satisfy Li guipingping.

For example, give Pingping the only non-toxic pig liver, for example, let her unfaithful lover Langyu turn back and change her mind to Pingping.

That’s the second problem! Why don’t you do everything? How? Ah Cheng changed his mind to Pingping?

It’s unreasonable. If you hadn’t confirmed that you had eight teammates and they were all here, Hou Feihu wondered if you had another passenger and got ah Cheng’s identity this time.

There must be something that people think of.

“No, this, is this chicken still free?”

Seeing that the people were deep in thought, Lin Xi couldn’t help it. She was anxious and said, “can you send it?”

I thought she was going to ruin the wedding and help Pingping elope. As a result, ah Cheng turned out to be a scum man, which directly stunned Lin Xi.

It’s about to cry the second time. Do you want to send the Liniang chicken you got from ah Cheng?


Miao Fangfei thought back: “according to the context, the next key thing to change is the one that ah Cheng had and arrived on the night of the elopement.”

Not only that, they also have to send messages between ah Cheng and Pingping. At least they have to know the room where they eloped.

“‘agreed tonight ‘, will the elopement be tonight?”

Xu Chen looked at it again several times and frowned: “eight o’clock tonight is the third cry, and then the bride will get married.”

“Brother Xu, your group has a heavy task.”

Wang pengpai said, “your group needs to get the information about the room and the ideas of Pingping and ah Cheng. When our group arrived, it was estimated that it would help Pingping elope. ”

Except for the time of crying marriage, the children could not get close to Pingping’s house. At three o’clock this afternoon, Xu Chen’s wife was going to cry. At eight o’clock in the evening, Wang pengpai’s last sister-in-law cried. After three cries, Pingping should get married. If you want to elope, it must have been before.

“I know.”

Xu Chen nodded solemnly, “brother Wang, what do you think of?”

Wang pengpai has been thinking about this for a long time since ah Cheng. Xu Chen is curious about what he has figured out.

“Brother Xu, don’t blame me. In fact, just now, I quietly put eavesdropping props in a Cheng’s room.”

Wang pengpai apologized and said, “when I was listening to ah Cheng, I was actually listening to his feelings.”

“Ah Cheng” means an important way, which is a bit of gnashing teeth. But others paid attention, because Wang pengpai’s words really shocked the whole audience.


Zhao Hongtu was shocked and said, “brother Wang, you, you…”

“It’s too risky.”

Hou Feihu disapproved and said, “all props in Western Hunan will be weakened when drunk. What if you find it and get into danger.”

“There’s too much room between us. We really can’t waste it at all. Blame me. Blame me for telling everyone first.”

Wang pengpai had a good attitude and admitted his mistake. Then he said solemnly, “I overheard important news.”

In the end, Wang pengpai’s calculation left a deep impression on everyone. It’s strange to listen to the bug at first, but if Wang pengpai did it, everyone would feel confident. Coupled with Wang pengpai’s good attitude, the initial dispute disappeared in an instant, and everyone’s attention turned to the important news found by Wang pengpai.

Wang pengpai did not take Joe, but said frankly, “not long after we left ah Cheng’s house, I really love Pingping. I can’t see her like this. Village head, I’m going to find the village head “a Ming” and then I’ll find the village head. ”

“I heard the sound of swordsmen colliding with the guards outside the village head’s house. Then ah Cheng broke into the village head’s house. The village head and ah Cheng were born on the same day. I thought you were my own child.”


Miao Fangfei took a cold breath and vaguely felt that a clue that had been missing was in the information revealed by Wang pengpai’s words! She leaned eagerly and asked, “then?”

“Then I heard from the village head about ah Cheng. The marriage contract between ah long and Pingping is under the pillow. Now I don’t know. Let ah Cheng take it from his face. Then… ”


Wang pengpai said helplessly, “then the voice broke. Just now, I seemed to hear ah Cheng going to find Pingping, and then I heard it completely.”


Zhao Hongtu breathed a sigh of relief and complained, “your big breath made me think that the village head of ah Cheng was arrested.”

“This is uncertain.”

Wang pengpai said seriously, “before the sound disappeared, I seemed to hear the roar of zombies.”


Lin Xi raised her voice eight degrees and said in a panic, “ah Cheng won’t die!”

“Find it quickly.”

Miao Fangfei got up from bed and shook weakly, but stood firmly.

“Thanks to brother Wang, we would have missed this important information.”

“Ah Cheng, the village head has to explore. The most important thing is that ah Cheng can’t die.”

Zhao Hongtu said anxiously, “you have to find it quickly!”

“The soldiers are divided into two ways. Ah Cheng’s village head has to find them. It’s best to find them before the second cry.”

Miao Fangfei said decisively, “well, I’ll go to Pingping to find ah Cheng, brother Wang, brother Hou and Hongtu. Would you please go and explore the village head?”

“Let the flying tiger come with you.”

Wang pengpai said, “after all… I’m afraid there’s a change in ah Cheng. You, Miao team, Shi Tao, are weak now. It’s best for someone to act together.”

“Yes, that’s the reason.”

Yu Xiang said anxiously, “yes, if the village head is really a zombie and bites ah Cheng, Miao team, you must be small.”

“You’re right.”

Miao Fangfei said with a solemn look: “well, you should also have a small bag at the village head.”

Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, after all, cried for the first time and understood the layout of Pingping house. The village head, Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu, are the strongest in the team. If they go, they are most likely to escape successfully in case of danger.

“Xu Chen, brother Yu, Lin Xi, you may call away with me and prepare to leave the grandma’s banquet.”

Miao Fangfei said, “it’s almost twelve o’clock now.”


Lin Xi replied, “we’ll wait in the house later. Please.”

“Be sure to pay attention to safety.”

Miao Fangfei put away the important paper clues and nodded: “once we find ah Cheng and have new news, we will tell you as soon as possible.”

Everyone immediately took action. Sure enough, at twelve o’clock, people from qiebai village came to Xu Chen to prepare the ingredients for the second cry. The first cry was that the people who called away were Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, a sang, a Wen and Xu Chen, but this time they called Xu Chen, Yu Xiang’an, Lin Xi and a Xiang from qiebai village in their house.

I don’t know what it means to be alone, but it’s good news for Miao Fangfei. The previous grouping will not be disturbed. So Xu Chen and Zhao Hongtu went to the kitchen of the village head’s house to prepare food materials. Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu were on their way and went together.

It may be the time of shift change. The guard at the village head’s door is no longer. Wang pengpai winks at Zhao Hongtu, and they slip in.

“I have powder that can make zombies sleep.”

The stilted building was silent, and even the footsteps of the villagers were particularly “loud”. Zhao Hongtu slowed down and was wary of all around. While listening to Wang surging, he said in an angry voice: “the items obtained from the first scenic spot will go up later. If the village head becomes a zombie, I will… You will…”

Zhao Hongtu listened carefully and nodded solemnly. ♪ after all, I’m young and I’m bold. If you add an old and cautious Hou Feihu, I’m afraid I won’t. I’ll agree to take a risk in the village head’s house. ”

“Brother Wang, will the Miao team be in danger?”

Zhao Hongtu lowered his voice and worried: “you, will ah Cheng really become a zombie? That’s why Pingping eloped, but this is what to do. ”

“Not necessarily. Maybe you’ll become a zombie. But ah Cheng must be dangerous. ”

Wang pengpai said seriously, “you have to be small.”


Seeing the alert look on Zhao Hongtu’s face, Wang pengpai also put it away. After a while ago, Wang pengpai was the emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Bingjiu was so cunning and insidious that he couldn’t be seen as an ordinary person, otherwise he would fall. Even Wang pengpai’s face was full of food, and Zhao Hongtu’s people still didn’t hurry to deliver food.

Wang pengpai’s words aroused Miao Fangfei’s vigilance against ah Cheng. That’s why he asked himself whether he was good in the end. He didn’t want Miao Fangfei to fall into a struggle.

The best way is to trap Bingjiu directly until the end of the journey, but Bingjiu is really lucky and has the identity of ah Cheng. The whole project of the third scenic spot is closely related to ♪. After Wang pengpai solved the village head Zombie and searched the secret room of the secret passage, he got the information and asked him to confirm it. He was unhappy.

It’s impossible to control Bingjiu now. Wang pengpai can take eye medicine.


Approaching the village head’s house, Wang pengpai winked at Zhao Hongtu. The two sneaked into the room silently with very professional sneaking movements and held their breath. Wang pengpai was in front. After Zhao Hongtu was broken, they warned around. The atmosphere was stagnant and tense, which made Zhao Hongtu’s forehead exude cold sweat. When he saw Wang pengpai’s hands behind him compare two fingers, Zhao Hongtu felt that he stopped jumping from the face for a moment.

That’s the secret sign agreed by the villagers, indicating that the village head is really a zombie.

The more critical it was, the more steady Zhao Hongtu was. He pulled his bow and arrow, pointed the sharp tip of the arrow at the undulating figure on the bed, and was ready to retreat with the king. Wang pengpai was also calm in the face of danger. He took out a small bag, pinched a little gray powder, shook his wrist in a salt posture, and evenly scattered it on the village head’s zombie.

At this moment, he was almost at a standstill. If the great pressure actually oppressed Zhao Hongtu’s nerves, Wang pengpai was relieved and said, “yes, I’m asleep.”, Zhao Hongtu was finally relieved and found that his arms holding the bow had to freeze.

When Zhao Hongtu came to Wang pengpai’s side, at first glance, the village head sleeping in bed was indeed blue with exposed fangs. He didn’t look like human beings. There were eyes in his dark eyes. He seemed to be staring at them. He looked terrible.

“Brother Wang, is he really asleep?”

Zhao Hongtu said uncertainly, “it also has eyes…”

“I’m really asleep. You see, it doesn’t move.”

In fact, Wang pengpai, who sprinkled ash on the zombie face of the village head, said shamelessly that the two eyes of the zombie village head had been cut off. Fighting in the secret room, Wang was so angry that he almost sent the village head Zombie to see Lin Zhengying. After finding the wooden box hidden in the secret room and getting such a thing, it is able to completely control the zombie.

In fact, it’s already a little dangerous here. It’s just taking Zhao Hongtu to Minglu. We have to play a wave.

“There are many bruises on the zombie, and the neck is the heaviest.”

Here, Zhao Hongtu is still seriously checking the village head Zombie. He is afraid to wake up the zombie. He checks its exposed neck and arms. This view also shocked Zhao Hongtu. The body of the zombie was as hard as iron, but the village head had a circle of purple and green terrible bruises on the Zombie’s neck, as well as on his head and face. It seemed that he almost screwed off his head.

“Yes, I don’t know who did it. It has such great power.”

Wang pengpai attached to the book and pretended to be surprised. He was a little complacent. Those who can compete with zombies and don’t rely on their titles, even there are a few people in their circle. It’s a pity that Wang pengpai can’t show off with Zhao Hongtu. He has a sense of regret that he travels in royal clothes at night and seeks defeat alone.

“I thought ah Cheng was so powerful!”


Wang pengpai almost bit his tongue and looked at Zhao Hongtu with unspeakably complex eyes. He simply thought there was something wrong with his ears. Zhao Hongtu has analyzed it:

“Brother Wang, you call the village head of ah Cheng. I think when you are the village head, you want to harm ah Cheng or control ah Cheng. I thought ah Cheng was injured when he fell down, but the room was messy, but there was a little blood and a smell of blood. On the contrary, there were bruises on the head and neck of the village head. In other words, ah Cheng should have the upper hand in the battle of the village head. ”

Zhao Hongtu breathed out heavily: “no wonder brother Wang asked everyone to be a Cheng. Ah Cheng is really hidden.”

Although it is really necessary for Zhao Hongtu to get away from them, it is better to stay away from them, but why does Wang pengpai feel that they are oppressed?

It’s a zombie!

But he can’t do it. Wang pengpai is so angry that he’s full of curses. It’s really good to meet Bingjiu!

“Let’s get started. My sleeping powder is half an hour old.”

Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.

Wang pengpai’s luck seems to be against Zhao Hongtu’s plan. He has boasted that fan Acheng is unfathomable. He should be vigilant. Then they began to search separately. Of course, all the things found were deliberately put by Wang pengpai.

“Brother Wang, I found something here!”

Sure enough, after a while, Zhao Hongtu found a locust box in the crack of the cabinet.

“I have it here, too.”

Wang pengpai raised the thread bound book he had found in his hand and reminded him, “it’s time to leave. Let’s go.”


Zhao Hongtu hesitated a little. What he wanted most was the marriage deed of Pingping and Aaron, but Wang pengpai knew that the house had been ransacked, so he had left something early. Instead of wasting time, Zhao Hongtu controlled the village head’s Zombie to make a roar that seemed to wake up. Zhao Hongtu no longer hesitated and Wang pengpai slipped away through the back door.

“Brother Xu, it’s time for us to start preparing food for the farewell banquet.”

Zhao Hongtu smelled the strong smell of chicken oil. The staple food of Libo banquet was chicken, but the smell was not good. It was mixed with chicken feathers, chicken excrement and rotten chicken blood. It was really disgusting.

“Let’s sum up quickly and tell brother Xu of the Miao team the news.”

Zhao Hongtu said positively and showed the locust box to Wang pengpai: “brother Wang, this thing is really great.”

Wang pengpai knew what was in the locust box. After all, it was all found in the secret room. But then he took a decent breath of air-conditioning: “there’s such a thing!”

[Name: statue containing the ghost of a long (version of village head of qiebi Village)]

[quality: Scene ( can be used in this journey, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[function: the contact node between a long remnant soul and the head of qiebai village]

[Note: after a long died, the village head of qiebi village couldn’t bear to die alone. He used a secret technique to save some of the remaining souls of Qiaoge through the statue, trying to revive Qiaoge on himself]

“Hongtu, look at me.”

Wang pengpai gave the thread bound book to Zhao Hongtu. As soon as Zhao Hongtu got it, his pupils shrank.

[Name: Diaries of village head of qiebi Village (2 / 2)]

[quality: Scene ( can be used in this journey, cannot be taken out of the journey)]

[function: get some information]

[Note: the diary of the village head of qiebi village records several big things]

The diary records a [method of raising stiffness (remnant formula)], that is, how to use secret methods to turn living people into zombies with self-consciousness. Zombies have infinite power and iron arms. They never die. If they have self-awareness, they are simply another kind of immortality. But because this method is also a remnant recipe, people are still normal at the beginning, but their habits will gradually change to zombies.

Blind to light, eager for human flesh and blood, afraid of glutinous rice, cinnabar, black donkey hooves and other things, and will eventually become a zombie.

Zhao Hongtu knew the value of this remnant prescription at a glance. Unexpectedly, many of the materials needed to raise stiffness were seen or obtained by ♪! That is to say, the remnant prescription can be used even now. Even if it’s a remnant prescription that can turn people into zombies, it’s precious enough for people to break their heads.

Brother Wang is lucky.

Zhao Hongtu’s eyes are broken. He continues to look at it after sighing. Behind the [technique of raising stiff bones (remnant prescription)], there is the village head’s diary. The first half of the paragraph is missing. He starts from ‘a long is in pain’.

After all, a long is a human being. Although he was seriously ill and dying, he was very happy to come back to life at first. But after that, he suffered enough. ♪ the remnant soul was too weak to be completely unaffected by the nature of flying foxes. He began to eat all kinds of insects, branches and leaves. The young flying foxes were too weak. Once a long was outside, the child in the village hit his head with a stone and almost fainted.

All kinds of hardships made him unbearable. When Aaron learned that his father was going to put the other half of his soul on the dog at home, he objected like crazy.

Flying foxes eat insects, but dogs eat shit!

Village head qiebi’s diary is writing that he is in a dilemma. He doesn’t want to see love so painful, but the rest of a long’s soul is weakening rapidly and must make a decision as soon as possible. In the end, the head of qiebi village made the final decision.

♪ transfer the other half of a long’s ghost to Zifang.

Although a long’s remnant soul is too weak, it will be suppressed on people. But the village head of qiebai thought that he could sleep occasionally, so that a long could come out and breathe. In fact, the best choice is Pingping. After all, when Pingping is still young and the child’s soul is weak, it is uncertain that the ghost of a long can overwhelm Pingping’s consciousness.

But soul shifting is an unknown magic skill that our ancestors warned repeatedly that we must not use. The village head of qiebi village didn’t trust Pingping either. For fear of exposure, he finally made such a choice.

“Hiss, soul moving!”

Zhao Hongtu was shocked. He almost wanted to run back to the village head’s house and try his best to find out another diary. He had a hunch that the other diary of the village head recorded soul moving!

If you can take it back to the hotel, it’s much more precious than keeping stiff. Even you may be able to directly rely on it to enter the brigade! That’s a secret recipe that can transfer the remnant soul. If someone could collect the remnant soul with the soul transfer technique before the remnant soul of Yu Xianghui disappeared, Yu Xianghui would not disappear.

This is a lifesaver!

“It says how the village head became a zombie.”

Fortunately, Zhao Hongtu can restrain greed. The most important thing now is the second cry close at hand. ♪ take a deep breath, calm down and analyze:

“Ah long’s soul is divided into two parts, half on the village head of cut wall and half on the flying fox.”

“Village head qiebi is indifferent to his daughter. If he can, he even wants a long to replace his daughter.”

“Is this ghost marriage ah long’s idea or the village head’s idea?”

“Ah Cheng, ah long was born in the same year…”

Zhao Hongtu murmured, “Aaron doesn’t want to stay in the flying fox, and most of them don’t want to stay in the zombie. ♪ what are you going to do with ah Cheng? Do you use soul shifting again? ”

“Brother Wang, we have to find the Miao team immediately!”

Zhao Hongtu’s face was ugly: “ah Cheng, it may have been controlled by ah long!”

“Come on, let’s go.”

Wang pengpai disagreed, which is what he planned. Push down according to this thought. Ah Cheng is under the control of ah long. He always monitors ah Cheng and even controls ah Cheng by some means. Passengers won’t feel there is a problem.

Is to split ah Cheng’s passengers!

* *

“Do you like this silver bracelet, Pingping?”

Outside Pingping’s house, Wei Xun’s eyes lit up when he heard the news. They cared about Miao Fangfei. They were completely opposite to before. They implied vigilant eyes, red eyes and said to themselves:

“That night, I almost made a mistake. Fortunately, sister Wang scolded me and woke me up…”

“Sister Wang?”

Shi Tao interrupted Wei Xun and said, “your sister-in-law Wang is -”

“It’s sister-in-law Hou, sister-in-law Wang, who lives in the same room.”

Wei Xun was surprised, confused and rambling: “on the night of the village head’s meeting, I thought it was impossible to be with Pingping. I was very sad. When Hou Fangfang came to me, I almost… Fortunately, sister-in-law Wang scolded me, I woke up. The person I really love has Pingping. ”


Hou Feihu asked in a deep voice and looked at Miao Fangfei with dignified eyes.

“What time… I can’t remember the meeting at one or two in the morning.”

Wei Xun thought deeply and suddenly realized that he was embarrassed to smile: “this room, you should not leave the house. I’m not going to tell anyone about it. ”

♪ as soon as he said this, even Shi Tao reacted. His face was ugly. He looked at Hou Feihu, but saw ♪ nodding gently.

How could it be like this!

Miao Fangfei’s scalp is numb. She has too many doubts about ah Cheng’s words. After all, Miao Fangfei has long thought that ah Cheng will return to his hometown. It must be driven by passengers, but everyone in the brigade doesn’t know, which has long made her suspicious. Now, ah Chengyi, she suddenly realized.

Sure enough, it was someone who participated that made ah Cheng change his mind.

But how could that man be Wang pengpai? How could he be at one or two in the morning!

“At that time, we were all in the house.”

Hou Feihu whispered. Ah Cheng thought it was a counterpart confession. He nodded without hesitation and said with a simple and honest smile: “yes, you are all sleeping in the house.”

But Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao knew what Hou Feihu meant. That night, Wang pengpai was in their house. It was impossible to go out without permission!

There are two possibilities. If it’s a Cheng’s lie, if it’s a Cheng’s lie, if it’s Wang pengpai in the house, it’s not a “real person”.

Miao Fangfei trusted her teammates, but she kept thinking that logically, someone should have influenced ah Cheng that night before she made the decision to take back the silver bracelet.

If Wang pengpai did it, why didn’t you tell us? What are you hiding?

Miao Fangfei’s travel is in a mess. The most important thing to avoid is the lack of people. In particular, this is the most rare third scenic spot task in Western Hunan!

As a captain, Miao Fangfei must find out the situation!

Noticing the dignified look of Miao Fangfei and others, Wei xunlao chuckled. The village head’s team had long suspected that Wang pengpai might have a dummy body. On the night of seizing the Fangfang silver bracelet, since Wang pengpai was looking for a marriage outside, Hou Feihu should also have a fake talent in their house.

Looking at Miao Fangfei’s expression when they just arrived, I’m afraid Wang pengpai spread some rumors against ah Cheng. In that case, Wei Xun doesn’t mind giving Wang pengpai eye medicine.

“Miao team!”

Right here, an anxious voice came from the rear, and it was Zhao Hongtu and Wang who rushed back. Miao Fangfei and ah Cheng stood so close that Zhao Hongtu opened his mouth without thinking and wanted Hou Feihu to leave ah Cheng. However, he noticed that Miao Fangfei looked at the surging eyes of Wang, slightly suspicious and alert.

“Hongtu, come here.”

Hou Feihu stepped forward and said in a deep voice, reaching out to Zhao Hongtu. Zhao Hongtu was acutely aware of the unusual atmosphere. His eyes were dazed. He didn’t know what had happened. The conditioned reflex went to Hou Feihu. However, Wang pengpai noticed that Miao Fangfei’s eyes were not right. He secretly said that it was bad, and his sharp eyes were against ah Cheng.

Wei Xun looked into each other’s eyes and even raised the corners of his lips, with a slightly provocative smile.

At the next moment, the euphemistic, lingering and melodious suona sounded again. It was a song “farewell to grandma’s sorrow”. People in qiepi village began to gather here to Pingping house. Although they were wearing national costumes for the grand festival and looked happy, they looked stiff and strange, like groups of paper people pasted.

The second cry is about to begin!


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