TTG Chapter 47

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (47)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 47: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

“Li Po’s crying is about to begin.”

Wei Xun didn’t seem to be aware of the dark tide among the brigade. He listened to the melodious and festive music, and his expression was both disappointed and melancholy.

“Pingping, my Pingping.”

At this moment, even his perception is as sharp as Miao Fangfei. He can’t see anything different from ah Cheng. He is a young man who is deeply in love and melancholy because his sweetheart is married. Except Wang pengpai, no one noticed ah Cheng’s very short and provocative smile.

Only Wang pengpai can see that Bingjiu is much more difficult than expected. However, he had already made psychological preparations and was calm. He didn’t take it lightly, but his eyes were sharp.

“I wonder if Pingping has seen my Liniang chicken and knows my mind.”

Bingjiu is still performing with great dedication. Wang pengpai feels it’s a pity that this man doesn’t become an actor.

“I can’t find the marriage contract. If I want to elope, I have to cry before the third.”

“Where is the deed of marriage? Why before the third cry? ”

The situation was urgent. Miao Fangfei winked at Wang surging, and the two people gathered together again.

“The marriage deed was accepted by the village head, but I didn’t find it.”

Wei Xun shook his head sadly and sighed: “the third cry is to get married. If he can’t destroy the marriage contract, he has to leave qiebi village before getting married, otherwise Pingping will marry a long.”

A long is buried in the back mountain family grave of qiebi village. As long as he is far away from qiebi village, Pingping’s marriage contract with a long will not take effect.

Miao Fangfei looked at Zhao Hongtu. Zhao Hongtu looked ugly and shook his head. Just now, Wang pengpai didn’t find the marriage deed at the village head’s house.

“Brother Cheng, don’t worry for the moment. Grandma Xu will definitely give your Liniang chicken to Pingping.”

Miao Fangfei winked at Hou Feihu. Hou Feihu nodded slightly and waved his head to Zhao Hongtu. The two hurried to Xu Chen’s side. First, they wanted to tell Xu Chenyu and an Linxi the latest information. Second, Hou Feihu informed Zhao Hongtu of Wang pengpai’s doubts. Then they communicated with the village head’s family.

“Ah Cheng, please go back and wait for the news.”

Miao Fangfei said persuasively. In fact, she wanted to take advantage of the current Kung Fu to make it clear that the province was really chaotic and in crisis. We still had to be wary of each other and have internal friction with each other.

But ah Cheng shook his head and looked at Pingping’s house.

“No, sister-in-law Miao, I won’t go. I’ll wait for a knot to come out.”

Miao Fangfei thought that she was worried. Maybe when she cried the second time, Pingping and ah Cheng had to discuss the elopement time. It was really necessary for ah Cheng to stay. In particular, ah Cheng looked at Miao Fangfei very confidently and said, “sister Miao, thank you for helping me so much. I’m relieved to see you.”

Well, ah Cheng’s meaning is obvious. Miao Fangfei has to wait with him.

“Miao team, or I…”

Shi Tao hesitated, but Miao Fangfei shook her head, looked directly at Wang surging, and said softly, “sister-in-law Wang, wait together.”

Miao Fangfei doesn’t want to doubt her teammates, but after such a journey, she knows people’s hearts and can’t be trusted. Miao Fangfei hasn’t seen Wang pengpai on the list, but who knows if he has hidden his identity. Wang pengpai’s awareness and view of the overall situation are indeed far beyond the expected level of passengers at this level. No matter what the reason behind it, Miao Fangfei doesn’t want her to stir up Shi Tao again.

The water in those tourist brigades is so deep that they can’t be mixed with individual travelers who don’t even have a fixed brigade.

If only director C were here, Miao Fangfei couldn’t help missing Bing Jiu. If the guide were there, the situation would not be so chaotic. But this is a scenario reproduction project after all. In the past, this kind of project “big view” is for tourists to experience alone, while the tour guide waits at the exit of the scenic spot and will not participate in the project.

Therefore, Miao Fangfei felt that he was also waiting for the exit when Bingjiu disappeared.

Miao Fangfei looked at Wang pengpai’s words and said with a smile as usual:

“OK, listen to the Miao team.”

“I found a very important Dongyu in the village head’s house, Miao team. Look.”

Miao Fangfei hesitated to look at ah Cheng and let ah Cheng know that there’s really no problem searching the village head’s house?

However, seeing that ah Cheng didn’t respond, Miao Fangfei still focused on the direction of Pingping’s family. Miao Fangfei no longer hesitated and took over Dongxiang from Wang pengpai. At this time, Rao was as calm as she was stunned for a long time before she came back from the shock.

“A long’s flying fox statue, a long’s marriage deed to Pingping.”

Miao Fangfei immediately grasped the key point, but Wang pengpai shook his head: “I didn’t find Zhao Hongtu.”

Instead, he asked ah Cheng, “ah Cheng, did you find these two things when you went to the village head’s house? This is related to your life-long happiness“

“No, no, there’s a village head. I don’t dare to rummage about his East.”

Ah Cheng said, but he was a little frightened, as if he wanted to hide something. Miao Fangfei, with a fierce eye, felt something wrong. She asked: “ah Cheng, you know, Pingping’s wedding was originally a major event in the village. It’s reasonable that we shouldn’t help you elope with Pingping.”

Miao Fangfei sighed: “so it seems that we should follow the village head’s words. Pingping  a long is…”


Ah Cheng’s response: “village, village head, he…”

But speaking of this, ah Cheng hesitated again. Until Miao Fangfei pressed again, he gritted his teeth and whispered, “village head, he’s a zombie.”

His voice fell behind. Ah Cheng was sad and whispered in a hurry: “sister Miao, I, I swore to the village head not to say anything about turning him into a zombie. I, I just tell you, don’t tell anyone else. ”

It turned out that ah Cheng’s panic was about this.

Miao Fangfei looked at Wang surging, saw him nod, and knew that what ah Cheng said about the village head of qiebai village becoming a zombie was true.

When she looked at ah Cheng again, she said slowly, “don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.”

Although the secret of “I’ll only tell you one, don’t tell others” is usually known by everyone before long.

Miao Fangfei was worried when she turned around. There must be something strange about the transformation of the village head of qiebi village into a zombie, but at present, the most important thing is that ah long’s flying fox statue and ah long’s marriage contract with Pingping were not found. This really made Pingping anxious and decided to find a chance to visit the village head’s house again.

Wang pengpai watched the exchange between Bingjiu and Miao Fangfei coldly. After basically confirming that a Cheng is Bingjiu, Wang pengpai can have a new understanding every time he looks at him.

This time alone, Miao Fangfei was indifferent to Wang pengpai, but she was still a teammate with the same goal. But there is no such natural connection between a Cheng and Miao Fangfei. Wang pengpai shows Miao Fangfei the statue and diary. With Miao Fangfei’s intelligence, he can naturally think of the importance of the other two items.

Apart from Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu, at present, only ah Cheng has been to the village head’s house.

As long as she realizes this, Miao Fangfei will naturally be suspicious of ah Cheng. In addition to the eye medicine Wang pengpai put on before, even if Bingjiu wants to use ah Cheng’s identity to drive Miao Fangfei them, it will take a lot of effort.

However, Bingjiu took the first step. His hesitating words and flashing eyes aroused Miao Fangfei’s suspicion. After several times of questioning, he said the important news that “the village head is a zombie”. This happened to be both important and important. Zhao Hongtu had not had time to tell Miao Fangfei.

Therefore, Miao Fangfei takes evidence from Wang pengpai, who can only nod. Bingjiu said again that this is the secret he swore to the village head that he can’t tell others. I’ll only tell you. Don’t tell others.

How to make people trust you and feel close to you?

Of course, they will become “accomplices” and keep the same secret together.

People’s thinking is inertial. Bingjiu said it was true that the village head became a zombie, and Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu testified that it was true. Miao Fangfei subconsciously thought that “the village head had something wrong, such as Bingjiu’s previous saying that ‘he didn’t find the marriage contract’ was true.

With this brief dialogue alone, Bingjiu has temporarily overcome the crisis suspected by Miao Fangfei, and the news he revealed that “the village head is a zombie” is the news that Miao Fangfei will certainly learn from Wang pengpai and them.

This man has a good grasp of people’s hearts and the timing is very good.

From the second cry to the third cry, Miao Fangfei and they are bound to be busy about the elopement between Pingping and ah Cheng. With their strength, it is extremely difficult to survive in danger. They don’t have time to think about these things again.

Butcher flow guide, C 9.

Wang pengpai was lost in thought.

After being fooled for a moment, Wang pengpai did not directly control Bingjiu, but did not press it for the time being, not only because he had a Cheng’s special identity, but also because Wang pengpai wanted to see Bingjiu.

This person is really not simple, subverting their previous understanding of Bingjiu.

If he had pressed the key, Wang pengpai asked himself, I’m afraid he would have begun to doubt whether he was Bingjiu.

But when his strength was still sealed, Wang pengpai never thought about this. Now, after the strength is unsealed, Wang pengpai occasionally feels confused, but every time he doubts, he doesn’t pay enough attention.

Just like now, whenever Wang pengpai thinks about “whether Bingjiu is Bingjiu or not”, his subconscious will tell him “this is Bingjiu”, and this cognition is difficult to change.

Forget it, don’t tangle. No matter whether he is Li Kui or Li Gui, when the time comes, bring it back for the captain to see.

“Grandma Xu, they’re out.”

During the meeting, Miao Fangfei and Wang rushed. They had their own thoughts, but ah Cheng was the first to find a group of people coming here.

“Twelve o’clock.”

Miao Fangfei lifted her heart and finally began to cry for the second time. Now the burden on Xu Chen is heavier than before!

Xu Chen took the cooked chicken and walked to Pingping’s boudoir without squinting. He only looked at Miao Fangfei before she entered. They learned what happened when Miao Fangfei and his team cooked pig liver and tested the chicken this time. Fortunately, no poison was found. But Xu Chen was worried.

Miao Fangfei and her family have three difficulties in finding pig liver, fighting against assang Arwen, and giving the silver bracelet to Pingping, and the difficulty of crying marriage should increase every time. That means that after they enter Pingping’s boudoir, their group will encounter difficulties in viewing.

Xu Chen took the lead. Lin Xi took Li Niang’s chicken in the second place. The third was a Xiang, a villager of qiebi village who lived with them. Yu an broke his tail. The four walked into Pingping’s boudoir.

“Grandma –”

As Miao Fangfei said, the surrounding area behind the door of Pingping house was instantly quiet, and the noisy Suona music could not be heard. Obviously, it’s still summer, but the coolness in the house is especially heavy. It’s like being in the freezer. Xu Chen saw Pingping sitting on the bed at a glance. She was dressed in exquisite national clothes in black and white. The dark red flowers at the lower skirt were the only ornament.

Xu Chen smelled a faint smell of blood. When he looked at the ‘pattern’, it looked like an irregular color block, scattered in size and connected into a piece, as if it were

It’s like blood on a splash.

“Grandma, why are you staring at my skirt?”

Cold, Pingping suddenly asked, her dark eyes staring at Xu Chen. For a moment, there was a sense of horror marked by fierce ghosts in the morning. In front of them, Pingping was a real fierce ghost, and they # were alone with the fierce ghost!

“Grandma loves you.”

Yu Yuan pinched sweat for Xu Chen, while Lin Xi was afraid of straightening her eyes and trembling all over, so she couldn’t help. The head of the crisis, Xu Chen, quickly woke up from the oppression of the fierce ghost and took up the lyrics in a hurry:

“Congratulations to your granddaughter, you have a good landing. Now lanterns and torches are sent out of the pavilion. Only wish you all the best, everything goes well, be a daughter-in-law for thousands of years and a mother-in-law for thousands of years. ”

Naturally, not everyone can sing like Miao Fangfei or even make up words on the spot. Xu Chen reads rather than sings. He feels that Ah Xiang seems to have a glance of doubt and dissatisfaction, but Xu Chen’s attention is all over Pingping. Her eyes fell on the chicken cage held by Lin Xi, and her eyes were as hazy as fog.

“Grandma Lin, let me see the chicken.”

Lin Xi thought he would be too scared to play and stiff, but as soon as Pingping said this, he couldn’t help walking to Pingping, such as a zombie controlled by the devil. Is this the strength of the fierce ghost?

Lin Xi’s face was pale with fear. He walked step by step to Pingping, lifted the chicken cage in his hand as she said, and showed it to Pingping.

“I looked up and saw Li Niang chicken with tears dripping on my chest.”

Pingping fumbled the chicken cage and sang in a sad low voice: “I’m up for five days and sleep in the middle of the night. My grandmother raised me and wasted my energy.”

“Grandma, this Li Niang chicken is his father…”


Lin Xi felt that he was completely led away. He wanted to shut up, but he couldn’t control his body. At this moment, I don’t know whether it is the horror of Pingping in front of me or the frightening sight of Ah Xiang behind me.

Xu Chen noticed Lin Xi’s difference and protected Lin Xi’s pale face one after another with Yu Jian. Then he just listened to Lin Xi’s trembling voice:

“Yes, ah Cheng gave you the Li Niang chicken.”


The sharp wind of the sharp blade breaking through the air was slightly inaudible, but it surprised people with a cold sweat. The paper knife flying stabbed was blocked by thick cow leather at the critical moment. It was Yu Xiaoan who took out the cow leather and quickly put it on Lin Xi when he found that the situation was wrong. So he stopped Ah Xiang’s paper knife! But I don’t know if it’s because cowhide broke Xu’s eyes in previous battles. It didn’t completely cover Lin Xi’s breath.

A Xiang immediately launched the next attack when he failed. The track of the paper knife attack was strange and tricky. A Xiang shuttled between Xu Chen and the three people like a thin paper man. His body was so soft and thin that no attack could hurt him!

The narrow house is suitable for the paper man sneak attack, but the three big men can’t start their hands and feet, and have to protect Lin Xi. Soon they were all injured. In the chaos, the chicken cubs in the bamboo basket were so frightened that they rushed and bumped with great strength.

“Protect me, you protect me!”

Lin Xi screamed incoherently. Seeing Ah Xiang rush to him again, the heavily made-up paper man’s face was gloomy and terrible. He leaned back to avoid the flying paper knife, but he was scarlet by the blade from his lower abdomen to his chest. If Lin Xi poured more slowly, I’m afraid he was split in half! Pain and fear made Lin Xi lose her focus. In a panic, she waved her hand and fell down, and the chicken cage came out.

At the next moment, Ah Xiang, who was supposed to give Lin Xi a fatal blow, shifted his target and jumped at the chicken cage.

“Her goal is to leave the mother chicken!”

Xu Chen suddenly realized that it was too late for him to protect the chicken cage. With a sliding shovel, Xu Chen picked up the chicken cage with his toes and kicked it into Yu Yan’an’s arms: “catch it!”

However, Ah Xiang shifted his target again and jumped at Yu Nan, who was in a hurry to hold the chicken cage. Seeing the thin man like a piece of paper floating rapidly, Yu an was scared and wanted to run, but there was not much space in the boudoir. He rushed to the door and found that the door seemed to be welded to death and could not be opened at all. Seeing that Ah Xiang’s paper knife was about to stab Yu an, Xu Chen shouted:

“Throw me the chicken cage!”

Just like passing a ball, Yu Jian hurriedly threw the chicken cage to Xu Chen. At present, one of them was standing by the door and the other was standing in front of the diagonal window. When the paper man rushed over and couldn’t deal with it, he threw the chicken cage to the other, which was delayed for a while. But this is not the solution! After all, the chicken cub is a living creature. These times, he almost fell unconscious. The bamboo chicken cage is about to break.

“Ping, Ping, you, Ah Xiang.”

Lin Xi is crazy. He is between Yu, an and Xu Chen. Every time the paper man flies, he floats over him. The body he touched was almost frozen. Lin Xi wanted to retreat, but he retreated to Pingping’s wedding bed. When her legs were soft, Lin Xi almost couldn’t stand still and sit down. Facing Pingping’s cold eyes, his brain was blank and stuttered.

How could it be like this, Miao Fangfei? What they said is different!

Why didn’t Pingping kill Ah Xiang?? Didn’t you show them memory fragments or something?

Just watch?

“Grandma, how can you live a ghost marriage? Happy?”

Pingping said quietly, her eyes moved away from Lin Xi and fell on the Li Niang chicken that was quickly thrown to death in Xu Chen’s hands: “the Li Niang chicken that ah Cheng gave me…”

“Can you really live without your mother’s chicken?”

Pingping looks to the window. It seems that through the window, she sees those people who seem to celebrate, but actually surround and defend her cut wall village.

What did Xu Chen figure out between the lightning and flint? She said chicken cub. In fact, she was talking about herself. Even if she elopes, can ah Cheng escape under the tracking of the people of qiebai village? Really escaped, can they survive in the mountains and forests again?

A Xiang paper man has jumped in front of him. Xu Chen should have done the same old trick and threw the chicken cage to Yu Yan’an, but he hesitated. Yu Yan’an shouted, “Xu Chen, chicken cage, chicken cage!”


The paper knife was sharper than the real knife and directly pierced Xu Chen’s left arm. The blood splashed and the severe pain made Xu Chen groan, but he stubbornly endured the pain, bent his left arm and stuck the paper knife! Then he took the opportunity to turn around and hit the window.


Xu Chen tried his best to hit him. He was bleeding and dizzy, but he hit a big hole in the paper wood window!

“Send the chicken out.”

Xu Chen said hard. The sharp pain made him lose his strength and couldn’t expand the gap on the window. But Xu Chen has understood the key points of the second cry.

“Come on!”

“Good, good!”

Yu Yuan rushed up to Lin Xi with an exciting spirit and took Lin Xi. Lin Xi looked at the gray paper man lying on Xu Chen’s back, which almost covered him completely, and panicked to the extreme. But he knew that at the most critical moment, he raised his hand and took a knife to cut Xu Chen’s paper man. However, he only heard a “clang” sound, and the paper man was unharmed. On the contrary, Lin Xi’s blade was gray and dark, corroded by Yin, and broke as soon as he touched it.

The paper man was so powerful that Lin Xi couldn’t imagine how miserable Xu Chen was when he was attacked by the paper man. The only thing in her brain was the sentence “send the chicken out”. She looked up and saw that Yu Yan’an had robbed the chicken cage from Xu Chen’s hand and was in a hurry to put it in the window.

The window edge paper has been broken by Xu Chen and hung on the wooden window like rags. When Yu an was working, it seemed that there was a wind outside the house, breaking the gray window paper and sticking it to Yu an’s chicken cage.

Gray window edge paper, gray paper man, paper man, window edge paper.

“Stop it!”

The sense of crisis suddenly came, and Lin Xi, who had not straightened out her thinking, subconsciously shouted that Yu Yuan was almost going to force the chicken cage over her. But his hands were very stable and his reaction was very fast. As soon as Lin Xi’s voice came out, he stopped working and the chicken cage stopped in front of the window! After his work stopped, the gray window edge paper that still floated to the chicken cage became particularly conspicuous.

Yu Yuan subconsciously retreated and was almost surrounded by window edge paper.

“Paper man, window edge paper!”

Xu Chen lost his voice and had no time to think in the confusion. Lin Xi could only shout out these two points in the hope that Yu an could react. Yu Xiaoan, who grew up in Chuma Xianluo’s family since childhood, has never eaten pork even though she has no talent. She has seen pigs run. He didn’t think of any system between the paper man and the window edge paper, but it didn’t prevent him from quickly touching the lighter.

With a slight click, the orange flame started to burn the paper on the edge of the window, and instantly broke the paper extending to Yu an’s wrist into ashes. There seemed to be a sharp and shrill howling sound, and a terrible face appeared on the gray window edge paper. The forest cold wind almost extinguished the flame. But Yu Yuan’s backhand started a fire and burned the old cowhide. The flame spread in an instant. The flame burning cow leather was no longer light orange, but a golden flame as bright as gold.

The hairy surface of the cowhide burned up, but the inside was still cold and soft. Suddenly, he approached coldly from behind. Yu Juan didn’t dare to look back. He gritted his teeth and wrapped the cowhide of the chicken cage quickly, and then pushed it out of the hole in the window paper. The thick window paper wanted to wrap the cowhide, but it was burned by the golden flame on it.

“What is this?!”

Miao Fangfei and others who were anxiously guarding outside saw a fireball flying out of the window. Zhao Hongtu almost shot an arrow. The skin rolled on the ground like a living creature, putting out the flame and spreading. At the same time, it exposed the East wrapped in it.

“Leaving the mother chicken?!”

For a moment, Miao Fangfei’s heart was cold. She was so upset that she rushed to the window. Before she could pick up the chicken cage, she saw a man with a disheartened face stuck in the window frame,  struggling to climb out. When she came over, she was eager to surprise: “team Miao, give me a hand!”

“Lin Xi?!”

Miao Fangfei was surprised and happy, and quickly grabbed Lin Xi’s hand. Wang pengpai helped Lin Xi out at once. Without waiting to look inside, another figure appeared by the window, but it was Xu Chen, who was unconscious and covered with white paper.

“Brother Miao, look at brother Xu!”

Yu Yu said anxiously. He was sweating and bleeding all over and his face was pale. Obviously, the situation was not good. But he still firmly clenched his teeth. He sent Xu Chen out of the house first, and then he climbed out of the window with the help of Hou Feihu.

“Brother Yu, what’s the situation?”

Zhao Hongtu asked anxiously, took a hand beside him and held Yu an’s back. But this time, I felt my hands cold, sticky and painful, and my mouth was cold. Zhao Hongtu saw that his hands were full of scarlet. There was an inch long blood hole in Yu’s back, and he was still bleeding out.

“Brother Yu!”

Even though I had expected that the second cry would be more difficult than the first cry, I didn’t expect it to be so. Lin Xi lost her strength, Xu Chen was in a coma, Yu Yan’an was seriously injured, and even the cowhide was burned black, which could not make her cry for the time being. Now, in addition to the injuries of several people, the most important thing is whether the project has been completed or not!

Why was Li Niang chicken sent out? Didn’t Pingping accept ah Cheng’s Li Niang chicken? Aren’t they Xu Chen——

“Get out of here first.”

Hou Feihu is in peace on his back, holding Lin Xi, whose legs and feet are weak and unable to walk, and his feelings are dignified. Their side is too quiet. Many people from qiebai village have come here. The closer they are to Pingping’s house, the more they look like paper people. Their eyebrows and eyes are curved, as if they are smiling, but they only feel cold behind them.

Miao Fangfei and others have experienced the fighting power of the paper man. If they hesitate, they may be surrounded.


Miao Fangfei only said hello and took Lin Xi from Hou Feihu. Wang pengpai picked up Xu Chen, who was unconscious, and the eight retreated quickly. After retreating from the paper man’s encirclement, Miao Fangfei was unwilling to look back. The paper man approached too fast. Xu Chen and they were injured too badly. Miao Fangfei and they didn’t have time to pick up Yu an’s cowhide. They didn’t have time to see how Li Niang chicken was.

Miao Fangfei saw Ah Cheng holding up the chicken cage and standing at the Pingping window. The next moment, his figure was blocked by the paper people.

“Ah Cheng is still there!”

Miao Fangfei was thrilled and was about to turn around. Ah Cheng was so important that he must not die here!

“Miao team, don’t worry. Ah Cheng will be fine.”

Knowing that a Cheng is the king of Bingjiu, surging naturally understands that Bingjiu will be fine, but Miao Fangfei doesn’t know. She no longer trusted Wang pengpai as before. After weighing in her heart, she decided to look at the situation by herself.

“Team Miao is fine. I, our second cry, should be over.”

Just then, Yu Jian, who was seriously injured and weak, said, “brother Xu’s injury is wrong. You, have a look.”

Miao Fangfei hesitated for a moment. At this moment, the villagers have surrounded the three floors outside Pingping’s cabin. There is no chance to rush inside again. Moreover, people from qiebai village kept coming here, and their eyes were heavy and bad when they passed by. They dared not delay any longer and returned to the hut assigned by Miao Fangfei and Shi Tao. Assan Arvin is dead. It’s safe here for the time being.

Xu Chen was the most seriously injured of the three. He seemed to have a high fever. He was hot and unconscious. His left arm was completely like paper, and there was a layer of dirty white paper stuck behind him. Miao Fangfei tried to tear off the white paper, but when the white paper opened a corner, it was bloody meat, as if the white paper had replaced Xu Chen’s original skin.

“This is the chemical paper in the paper work.”

Yu Jianan drank the hemostatic, propped up the injured body and looked at it. She was dignified: “evil, don’t touch this paper.”

“What happened?”

Miao Fangfei asked anxiously. Although she was injured, she didn’t put Xu Chen down. Instead, he avoided his wound, sat by the bed, put Xu Chen on his knee and fed some water to the unconscious man. At the same time, observe Xu Chen’s situation.

The white paper wrapped Xu Chen’s back and even spread to his front. From behind, Xu Chen’s paper people were no different. His ears were covered with white paper, and the gray paper scraps looked dirty and evil.

“We were trapped in that room.”

Yu Jianan is not good at analysis, but simply tells what happened. But even so, the danger is that everyone is frightened. When Yu Yu said that Xu Chen wanted to send the chicken cage out of the window, he was caught by the paper man. Yu an accepted the chicken cage and burned the window paper at Lin Xi’s prompt. Miao Fangfei exclaimed, “Lin Xi, how did you think of it?”

Lin Xi took a few sips of energy drinks to slow down, and her whole body was still shaking intermittently. What was he thinking? In fact, he didn’t think much about it, but the gray and dirty paper on Xu Chen’s back left him too much psychological shadow. When Lin Xi looked at the window edge paper again, she felt that the conditioned reflex was wrong. Instead, she mistakenly hit and bumped, and the window edge paper had a problem.

If he didn’t stop in time and wrap the chicken cage in the window edge paper, I’m afraid their project will fail.

“In fact, I still don’t quite understand why I should send the Liniang chicken out.”

“I don’t understand.

Xu Chen said this before he was unconscious. He just did it. Now think about it. Fortunately, Xu Chen told them the most important points. Otherwise, it’s not certain whether he can think clearly in the confusion just by Yu Chen, an an Lin Xi and Lin Xi.

“Pingping asked ‘grandma, how can you live a ghost marriage? Happy, happy’, in fact, she already had the idea of ah Cheng eloping.”

Miao Fangfei explained according to her own ideas: “she hesitated in her heart. Elopement was to immerse herself in a pig cage at that time. Besides, Pingping was carrying her father’s expectations and the mission of the village. These responsibilities bound her like a chain. “Besides, qiebi village is deep in the mountains. After ah Cheng eloped, does she really want to live in the mountains and forests and be a savage couple all her life?”

“But Pingping should have noticed that her father had a different attitude from the villagers, so she said, ‘can the chicken cub leave her mother really survive?'”, So your task is to prove to her that the chicks who leave their mother can survive. ”

“There are weak chickens in the chicken cage, and outside the chicken cage is a Xiang, a dangerous cut wall village man.”

Wang pengpai added: “the process of Pingping eloping is actually the same as the process of sending out chicks. We should avoid the pursuit of the village people and break through the shackles of the village. A completely closed room may represent a walled village in her heart. ”

“Brother Yu, you said that the door was locked and could not be opened, but the seemingly fragile window edge paper actually hidden danger. It can be seen that in Pingping’s heart, elopement is dangerous and difficult.”

“You finally burned the window edge paper and successfully delivered the chicken cage… To ah Cheng under the pursuit of the paper man Ah Xiang. In fact, he is persuading Pingping to elope. ”

“So it is.”

Yu Xiaoan suddenly realized that Miao Fangfei still frowned and said thoughtfully, “now that the second cry is over, ah Cheng and Pingping should be trapped in the house. There are countless paper people in qiebai village outside. Just like Yu Xiaoan did when they were crying the second time, we have to take ah Cheng and Pingping to break through the encirclement of qiebai village safely and send them out of qiebai village.”

“Before 8 p.m.”

Zhao Hongtu stood up and said, “team Miao, brother Wang, I want to explore the village head’s house again.”

The fact that Pingping failed to find the marriage deed of a long and the statue of a long’s corpse flying fox really made them attracted.

“Is that what you said about the marriage contract?”

Just then, Yu Xiaoan suddenly opened his mouth, shook his hands, took out a crumpled red paper and put it on the table.

“This, this is?!”

Miao Fangfei was shocked. Zhao Hongtu grabbed the red paper recently. After hearing the prompt [you get the marriage contract between Pingping and a long] from the hotel, he was surprised and took a cold breath: “it’s really the marriage contract between Pingping and a long! Where did you get it? ”

“I got it after I pushed the chicken cage out.”

He whispered and rubbed the corners of his clothes. His little work was noticed by Wang pengpai. Wang pengpai’s eyes narrowed slightly and thought deeply. The others didn’t feel the difference. They happily gathered around the table and touched the red paper one by one to confirm that it was really a marriage contract.

“Hoo, just find the marriage contract.”

Zhao Hongtu was relieved: “I’m afraid that Aaron will become a fierce ghost. When we burn the marriage contract, we should not be afraid that he will catch up immediately.”

There was plenty of time for elopement, which made everyone a little relaxed and began to discuss the next plan. Wang pengpai joined the discussion, but in fact he was one mind and two minds.

It’s time to take advantage of the second cry and get in touch with Yu’an.

Wang pengpai had expected that the marriage deed of a long’s flying fox statue was in Bingjiu’s hands, but he couldn’t think of Bingjiu’s intention to take this opportunity to give Yu Jianan the marriage deed and let him bring it out.

Really for the brigade to complete the task?

At present, the brigade is almost at the end of the scenic spot. The final project is difficult, but there will be some key items to reduce the difficulty. Find the marriage contract and burn it. If a long lost contact with Pingping, he wouldn’t come to Pingping immediately when she eloped. If you find the secret that the village head of qiebai village has become a zombie, you can guard against it in advance. The two statues of Aaron should be killed.

According to the original strength of the brigade, they estimated that they could not even find the marriage deed, and were also restrained by the Crying Marriage Project. It was difficult to collect all the items during the final elopement.

But now there are nine kings surging, and they have basically gathered all the items!

Wang pengpai did not believe that Bingjiu handed over the marriage deed for the brigade. What is his purpose?

“It’s too difficult to reward Dongyu from the second cry.”

Wang pengpai heard Zhao Hongtu complain and suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

He understands!

* *

“In this way, they will think that the flying fox statue is a reward after the completion of the project.”

In Pingping’s boudoir, Wei Xun stood against the wall, covered his heart and breathed slightly intermittently.

Zhao Hongtu searched the village head’s house for Wang pengpai, but he couldn’t find the statue of a long’s flying fox and the marriage deed. In this way, they either think that these two kinds of things are still hidden in the village head’s house, or they think that these two kinds of things have been looted by ah Cheng.

Ah Cheng took these two things without telling the passengers, which would make everyone instinctively wary of him and suspicious.

Wei Xun takes this opportunity to talk to Yu Mian an and hand over the marriage deed to him. The purpose of the marriage deed is to change the thinking of the passengers and make them think that the marriage deed and the flying fox statue are all “rewards” after the completion of the project. It will temporarily slow down the pursuit of the flying fox statue and seriously prepare the project.

Wei Xun is absolutely impossible to hand over the statue. After all, the hatching flying fox is parasitic in his own body. And Pingping should have had a corpse flying fox king at this time. Wei Xun had never seen it from beginning to end.

“Pingping, do you think it’s here?”

Wei Xun smiled, his pale and slender five fingers opened, his index finger drew a circle and pointed to his heart.

His nails were black. At three o’clock in the morning, Wei Xun San lost another ten o’clock. Even in the scene reproduction, the alienation caused by the drop of San value is still more and more obvious as a long.

Especially with the decrease of incubation countdown, the San value # ‘drops faster and faster!


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