TTG Chapter 48

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (48)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 48: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

“Does this cage of Li Niang chicken make you think of yourself, ah Cheng?”

Wei Xun said to himself: “I’m trapped. I don’t have peace either in life or after death, right?”

Pingping, who was trying to appease the two vulnerable chicks, raised her head expressionless, looked over with cold and deep eyes, and her performance in front of the passengers was not at all good. At this moment, Pingping in front of Wei Xun was full of anger and resentment, her clothes were completely red with blood, and there was a strong smell of blood. Her white face and red lips were like a ghost married woman in a thriller game. Her fingernails were pointed and stained with blood.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

Wei Xun smiled and said, “I’m here to help you free yourself.”

He played with the black blood dagger in his hand, and Pingping stared at him for a while.

“8 p.m.”

Pingping’s voice was as cold as ice. Then she lowered her head indifferently and looked at the tender yellow chicken cub in her hand. The round chicken was very energetic and flapped its wings in her hand, but the yellow was too pure, without any mottled color, clean and unnatural, just like dyed.

“You should know what will happen at 8:00 p.m.?”

Wei Xun was interested: “Pingping, if I were you, I wouldn’t have stayed in this ghost place all the time. I would have gone out to wreak havoc. Why bother?”


Hearing this, Pingping silently raised her red lips, but she was sneering. Wei Xun noticed her love, and his own love aroused the corner of his lips.

“I see.”

Wei Xun then held his heart in an exaggerated way, pretended to be sad and said, “Pingping is good at training flying foxes. It can also make it quiet. The little guy is really annoying.”

[incubation Countdown: 4:35:23]

Poop, poop.

Wei Xun seemed to hear the sound of two people jumping. He lowered his head and saw a big blood hole in his chest. The scarlet terror like a skinnless baby parasitized in the blood hole. His dark eyes stared at him and showed Bai Sensen’s sharp teeth. All around was the sound of twisted and noisy, torturing people’s scriptures. In front of her, Pingping took off her human skin and became a fierce ghost. She rushed at him with malice.

However, the illusion and hearing caused by the continuous decline of San value can not affect him. Putting a Cheng’s shell on the scene interpretation also makes Wei Xun unable to see directly how alienated he is.

Although the existence of the surname  brand enables him to keep a sense forever, just like the title of [painless], he can’t feel pain and doesn’t know whether he is injured or not. You will lose your mind, and you will not know how high the degree of alienation is in this project.

Madness will only lead to destruction in the end. What kind of thoughts do you have, or do you really help or only contribute to Wei Xun’s Madness on the road.

Wei Xun smiled calmly, and his eyes glittered with distorted and wanton light.

At about eight o’clock in the evening, the things parasitic on Wei Xun’s head will hatch. At this time in history, I’m afraid it’s also the time when Pingping and ah Cheng made an appointment to elope and ended up that ah Cheng was controlled by ah long. Everything is just like the past. Although Pingping tortured the people of qiebi village again and again, so that they could not be peaceful after death, is this “taste” torturing herself?

She has become a fierce ghost, but she doesn’t go out to enjoy the good time. Instead, she is always imprisoned in the small village deep in the mountain. What’s the secret behind Pingping.

Wei Xun has understood more than half of it. Next, he will only wait for the final grand stimulus to come to an end.

He doesn’t care about anything, as long as he gets the best stimulation and satisfaction.

* *

“The paper people in qibicun are still around Pingping’s house and can’t break through.”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the passengers who went separately to finally collect clues met at the residence.

“The village head didn’t find anything else useful at home.”

Miao Fangfei shook her head solemnly. She and Wang pengpai and Zhao Hongtu went to the village head’s house again, but they found that the house was in a mess. The zombie village head of cut wall village was missing, and the bed was broken, revealing a secret passage from the bottom of the bed to the ground. The three of them naturally searched the secret way inside and outside the village head’s house, but they didn’t find any new clues and knew where the village head’s Zombie went.

“No flying fox found.”

Guo Wang pengpai has a soul moving statue in his hand, which can indirectly control the village head. At the moment, its disappearance is probably just what should happen in the reappearance of historical scenes. Miao Fangfei is too worried about this.

They went to the village head’s house this time just to find Feihu.

The flying fox, which was raised by Pingping after removing the ghost of a long, is absolutely as important as the head of qiebi village. Most importantly, they have no flying fox statue in their hands, which makes Miao Fangfei particularly concerned.

“Breaking through the obstruction of the people of the village of cut wall and rescuing Pingping should be the first difficulty.”

Except Xu Chen, who was in a coma, everyone was preparing for the final battle: “considering the clues given, ah Cheng failed to go to the elopement site on time. He may have been trapped by the people of qiebai village, or he hid, found ah Cheng and took him to the elopement site. This is the second difficulty. ”

“Save Pingping and find ah Cheng. These two points should be carried out at the same time.”

Hou Feihu said in a deep voice, “split up.”

“Yes, the third cry is the best time.”

Now the elopement time hasn’t come out yet. Miao Fangfei can only make two preparations. After the third cry, they get married, that is to say, at the latest when the third cry, they have to bring Pingping out and stand out from the siege. This matter is left to Wang pengpai, Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu, who will participate in the third cry. They are the most powerful and guaranteed.

Miao Fangfei, Yu Guoan and others took advantage of the chaos to find ah Cheng. The two sides cooperated with each other. The ultimate goal is to send ah Cheng to the elopement place within about five days, and then let Pingping wait.

“In fact, according to history, Pingping successfully escaped and reached the elopement site.”

Hou Feihu said solemnly, “the key is to find ah Cheng and take him to.”

“If Xu Chen is still awake, it’s easy to do.”

Miao Fangfei said that Xu Chen can see the title of resentment, which is very useful.

“Depending on the situation, if you have strict precautions, we will find a way to help you.”

It’s Miao Fangfei. They are old, weak, sick and disabled, and have sufficient combat effectiveness. It’s likely that the enemy in looking for ah Cheng will be ah long. After all, ah Cheng’s birthday is the same as that of ah long, which can be found by veteran tourists.

If Pingping really escaped from the supervision of the people of qiebai village and reached the elopement site alone, Wang pengpai and they will find a way to meet Miao Fangfei and them, or delay Pingping until they find ah Cheng.

After the discussion, Wang surging them back to their house to wait. But as time went by, it was getting closer and closer to 8:00 p.m. and it was dark. When Wang pengpai came, they were not called to prepare the food for the third cry, which really made people mention it.

“Someone is coming!”

Shi Tao’s spirit was refreshed. He had been standing by the window and paying attention to Wang pengpai’s situation. Shi Tao was seeing two paper people, Wang pengpai, and Zhao Hongtu brought them out.

“It’s half past seven.”

Miao Fangfei nodded and looked around at the people. Seeing that they were both frightened and excited, she gently shouted, “steady, calm down and remember our task.”

“We all raise our spirits. The last level is over. Success or failure is in one fell swoop.”


“I see.”

The crowd responded one after another with mixed voices, but they were firm. According to his assignment, Shi Tao carried Xu Chen, who was still unconscious, and tied him firmly to his back with a climbing rope. When tying the rope, Shi Tao thought of Bingjiu. When he was carrying Bingjiu to Wuluo mountain, it seemed that the fear and fear of chaojiu Baoxi had been a long time ago.

Who could have thought of the most terrible journey to Western Hunan, but since he was selected into the hotel, everyone has been the most united and truly like a brigade. They helped and supported each other and didn’t leave anyone at the last minute.

The room was quiet for a moment. Shi Tao carried Xu Chen’s action on his back, which made others think of Bingjiu. Miao Fangfei thought of the scene when she temporarily took the guide’s Brooch when Bingjiu left the team on the fierce bone plank road. The captain recognized by the tour guide, Miao Fangfei’s eyes are firm.

This was her first time as a captain, but it was definitely her most serious and attentive time. She only thought about her own life, but thought about taking everyone out for the first time.

It’s the last step.

“If only brother nine were here.”

Lin Xi whispered, feeling still a little depressed.

“Director C will wait for us at the exit.”

Miao Fangfei stood up in a firm tone and said, “let’s go and finish the task. We can meet director C again.”

The whole team seemed to be injected with strength and quickly picked up what had been packed long ago. Miao Fangfei is in front, then Shi Tao with Xu Chen on his back, Lin Xi is in the middle, and finally Yu guan’an. After they got out of the door, Yu Yu and Miao Fangfei continued to go to ah Cheng’s house.

This is what they planned. Ah Cheng hasn’t come out since he entered Pingping’s house. Although according to history, ah Cheng must have been separated from Pingping. They went to the appointed place together. But we should also consider the possibility that ah Cheng is trapped in Pingping’s house by something.

Miao Fangfei gives speckle to Yu Gaian for the time being just for the purpose of communication between the two sides. Yu Guoan will stay to supervise the movement in Pingping’s house. Once something happens, he can quickly tell Miao Fangfei through spots.

When taking over the spots, Yu Gu’an’s action was a little stiff. Miao Fangfei thought he was afraid of snakes and comforted Yu Gu’an. Spotted snake is an ordinary poisonous snake, but Miao Fangfei’s poisonous beast. It can bite people at will. Moreover, Miao Fangfei gave Yu Guoan a small tube of her blood. If something really happened and she was crazy, as long as Miao Fangfei’s blood was smeared on her eyebrows, it would never attack Yu Guoan.

Yu Yu, as if nervous, bowed his head in response to the matter. But now in their small team, Yu Gu’an is really the most reliable one. Miao Fangfei believes him.

Looking at Miao Fangfei and their distant figure, Yu Xiaoan stuffed the hissing spots into his pocket, and then took out the small bottle of blood. Just listen to the audible wing buzzing sound of the micro food, a fat mosquito like a golden ball slowly flew over from Yu an FA, landed at the mouth of the bottle with restraint, and picked on the blood in the mouth.

“Drink more?”

Yu Guoan said to himself, persuading mosquitoes to give blood like wine: “don’t miss the third guide.”


The golden mosquito ignored him and flew away. It seemed that it was hanging behind Miao Fangfei. Yu Jianan is now safe. Put away the blood bottle, take out the spots and wrap them around your wrist.

Yu Gu looked in the direction of Pingping’s cabin, but he didn’t worry about it. You know, when director C just contacted him at that time, he startled Yu Guoan! Why did director C come into the project and replace ah Cheng??

But then he thought, director C has great powers. Even Huihui’s ghost can be retrieved. What else can he do?

They are really lucky to meet director C!

It’s like eating a weight, and you’ll be safe as soon as you eat it. The golden mosquito in the marriage contract was directed to him by director C. all his actions, including taking out the marriage contract, including offering to stay to monitor the movements of Pingping, contacting Miao Fangfei with spots, showing fear of snakes, so as to get Miao Fangfei’s blood. Yu Guoan did everything as director C said.

Even sucking Miao Fangfei’s blood to the mosquito, Yu guanan didn’t do it in a fair way, because he didn’t feel right at all.

What bad will director C have? He cares about the Miao team! That is to say, director C has a special identity and can be exposed. Otherwise, Yu Guoan believes that as long as director C says, Miao Fangfei will also be interested.

With c-guide, even if they encounter more dangers, they are certainly not afraid.

Yu Guoan has such almost blind confidence in Bingjiu!

* *

What’s Bingjiu doing?

Wang pengpai has no confidence in Bingjiu. He just feels that this man is suspicious everywhere. Especially when they and Zhao Hongtu entered Pingping’s boudoir with boiled fish in their hands, but saw that “A Cheng” was also here, Wang pengpai sounded the alarm bell.

“I thank you very much for Pingping.”

Especially when the pale ah Cheng was weak, Wang pengpai felt that he was going to make a moth again and pretended to be shocked in front of Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu: “ah Cheng, why are you here?”

His words made Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu suddenly wake up. Zhao Hongtu was wary of a Xiang, a village man who came in with them. Hou Feihu secretly held his gun and narrowed his eyes.

Ah Cheng was still in Pingping house when he cried for the third time. They also predicted that once it happened, the key is to deal with Ah Xiang first and protect ah Cheng. However, seeing ah Cheng, Ah Xiang’s body immediately became flat, gloomy and ferocious. He took out a paper knife and attacked ah Cheng. And ah Cheng was weak and flustered, totally unprepared.

Put it on, put it on me again!

Wang pengpai shouted angrily, but on the surface he was sincere: “ah Cheng, come here quickly.”

Nai Bingjiu was calm and seemed to be avoiding Ah Xiang’s attack. In fact, he was farther and farther away from them and closer to Pingping. Wang pengpai didn’t expect to frighten Bing Jiu. He pinched his nose and Zhao Hongtu fought together to protect ah Cheng.

Fortunately, Yu Guoan confirmed that the weakness of the paper man was the fire. Wang pengpai had a clear division of labor. Wang pengpai protected ah Cheng and Hou Feihu resisted Ah Xiang’s attack to buy time. Zhao Hongtu had poured liquor into the paper man, tied with the bow and knife of the seal character, and lit the liquor and the seal character with a lighter. The paper man burning in the hot flame screamed and screamed, and soon burned to ashes.

Wang pengpai also managed to squeeze ah Cheng into the corner of the wall. He firmly grasped his wrist and hypocritically said, “ah Cheng, are you okay? Let your sister-in-law see…”

Bingjiu is very slippery. He won’t let go if he catches Wang pengpai this time. It happened that this project was to take Pingping and a Cheng to the elopement site. Even if he let go, Yu and an would be suspicious.

This was what he had planned for a long time, but as soon as he grasped a Cheng’s wrist, Wang pengpai felt right! His wrist was so thin and cold that he pinched it and was swept away by ah Cheng.

Bad thing, this is a Cheng!

“Sister Wang, sister Zhao and sister Hou, thank you very much.”

At this time, Pingping, sitting on the wedding bed, whispered his gratitude, and his mouth was a male voice: “please send Pingping out.”

Pingping, ah Cheng changed his clothes and changed his identity! It’s getting late and it’s very dark in the wedding room. I really can’t find the relationship between them immediately. Wang pengpai secretly scolded Bingjiu Little Wang Badu for being too cunning. He smiled and released Pingping’s hand, muttered to him, turned to catch Bingjiu sitting in the wedding bed, and said falsely:

“It’s a success, ah Cheng. What can Pingping do if she stays here?”

“It doesn’t matter. It’s enough as long as Pingping can escape.”

Ah Cheng let himself be grasped by Wang pengpai. He looked like a lover. He smiled weakly: “as long as Pingping can escape, they can’t do anything to me.”

It seems to be an active atmosphere. Ah Cheng joked: “he won’t pull me to marry ah long.”

I won’t pull 61543!

“Xing, ah Cheng, sister-in-law, sister-in-law, tolerance, see Ping Ping, work and fly separately.”

Zhao Hongtu said in a hurry: “ we all have to go.”

For example, in history, ah Cheng really replaced Pingping and stayed here. It is likely that he was possessed by ah long during this period of time. Zhao Hongtu quickly made up everything. Yes, that’s right. It should be ah Cheng who advised Pingping to go first. Then he would try to catch up, but Pingping didn’t expect that ah Cheng had been possessed by a long… That should be it!

Ah Cheng pretended to hesitate: “but someone must stay here…”

“I’ll keep it for you!”

Zhao Hongtu immediately understood and took the initiative to say. Ah Cheng shook his head and hesitated, “sister Zhao, it’s too short.”

Then his eyes fell on Hou Feihu: “sister-in-law Hou is too tall and strong, like a man.”

“It’s sister-in-law Wang. Although she’s a little fat, it’s just right for the tent to stop.”

Ah Cheng chose Wang pengpai!

Based on what? Is it their strength or the order in which they enter the room? Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu looked at Wang pengpai, who had been “selected”. Amid anxiety and tension, Zhao Hongtu was still envious.

Just like when she cried the second time, Yu guanan sent out the divorced chicken and got the marriage deed. The statue of flying fox in the marriage deed must be a prop that must be used in receiving the statue of flying fox to elope. Zhao Hongtu was preconceived. Of course, as long as the selected person can live and complete the task, he can get the reward of the statue of flying fox, and perhaps the first Diary of the village head of qiebi village.

That diary records the soul moving technique!

When Zhao Hongtu looked at Wang pengpai with envious eyes, he only felt toothache. He smiled and said, “OK, don’t worry. Let’s go. I’ll hold them.”

Zhao Hongtu thought that ah Cheng was a figure in the project and said everything about the task itself. Wang pengpai knew that he had no good intentions in the election of C 9. It was about delaying him. Wang pengpai left him temporarily trapped here.

But Wang pengpai won’t tear up Bing Jiu’s identity. You know, after he uses the double voodoo doll, he can only force the target to be in the same situation with the owner of the voodoo doll, and can make the live broadcast of the target character black, just to prevent some people outside the field.

As long as they recognize that Qing A Cheng is Bingjiu, and wait for the end of the scenic spot, Wang pengpai is very sure to take Bingjiu away.

From this point of view, the more he fits the character, the more he looks like ah Cheng, but it helps him.

“Shall I wear this dress?”

Wang pengpai took the initiative to say, “sister Pingping’s clothes are too narrow. I might wear them.”

In a few words about “sister Pingping’s clothes”, Wang pengpai aggravated his voice, but it is obvious that Bingjiu has a thick skin and has no shame about wearing women’s clothes.

“It’s all right. As long as sister-in-law Wang can close her stomach, she can wear this dress.”

Wei Xun reciprocates with each other. Wang pengpai has to wear Pingping’s wedding clothes and have to close his stomach to wear them. Their eldest brother doesn’t laugh at their second brother.

What’s more, Wei Xun is confident. With his handsome, even wearing women’s clothes is super beautiful. As long as it looks good, how can it be a shame.

“Time is tight. Let’s start.”

Hou Feihu blocked the window. Zhao Hongtu was wary of the door. Wei Xun and Wang pengpai quickly changed their clothes. The wedding dress that looks very suitable on Wei Xun’s body is as tight as Wang pengpai’s body, as if the cloth will crack at any time. Wang pengpai’s clothes look like a wide pocket when he changes them to Wei Xun. Wei Xun is thinner.

“It’s almost eight o’clock.”

Zhao Hongtu looked more dignified. When they were called to the village head’s kitchen, it was 7:30. However, due to the accident, the villagers did not ask them to deal with the fish this time. Instead, they had already prepared it and just asked them to bring it into Pingping’s boudoir. It was only 7:40 when Zhao Hongtu brought the fish to Pingping’s boudoir.

After fighting with Ah Xiang, Wang pengpai exchanged clothes with ah Cheng. It’s 7:55 now.

There are five minutes and eight o’clock. Time is particularly urgent.

“We have to go out first.”

At eight o’clock sharp, the third cry, and then Pingping gets married. I’m afraid it’s also this time for ah Cheng’s change. If you can, Zhao Hongtu certainly hopes that Wang pengpai, the strongest and most experienced among them, will be with them when ah Cheng changes. However, Wang pengpai was elected to replace Pingping. Ah Cheng’s change can only be supported by him, Hou Feihu.

“Be more careful.”

It is rare for Wang pengpai to give serious instructions. He carries himself, but Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu. Just now, when holding Bingjiu’s wrist, Wang pengpai felt his pulse and felt two heartbeats.

Of course, Bingjiu can’t be pregnant, that is to say, there are no parasitic things in his body. How did Aaron attach himself to ah Cheng? Thinking of the flying fox that has not appeared or found yet, Wang pengpai has a good hunch.

I’m afraid this is the reason why they misunderstand that the marriage contract, the flying fox statue, is a project reward. They also choose Wang pengpai, which makes them think that Wang pengpai will be rewarded by the flying fox statue. It is estimated that they should hide the flying fox statue secretly to prevent parasites in their bodies.

Bingjiu has a statue of flying fox in his hand. Wang pengpai doesn’t bear it. The only one who bears it is Zhao Hongtu. They were unprepared and were blackhanded by Bingjiu.

After such instructions and hints, Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu took ah Cheng and Pingping out at night before 8 o’clock.

“Sister-in-law Hou, sister-in-law Zhao.”

When they went out, there was a paper man in qiebai village. They looked stiff and dull, their dark eyes stared at the four people, and their voices were sharp and strange. “The crying marriage is not over yet,” they said kindly, “where are you going?”

“We’re going…”

Hou Feihu deals with the paper man in front of him. Zhao Hongtu looks around and looks for a breakthrough path for a while. As soon as he saw Yu Guoan waiting anxiously not far away, he winked at him and motioned to the two people behind him.

“The village head said, take ah Cheng to his house immediately.”

The paper man in qiebai village said with a straight eye, and his dark eyes locked. The pale ah Cheng said, “let’s go, ah Cheng.”

“Ah Cheng, it’s really –”

Hou Feihu procrastinated. At this time, he only heard a noise from the Pingping house behind him. He saw a strong figure coming out of the window, wrapped in Dong wedding clothes, rushing left and right like a wild boar, choking his throat and shouting, “I’m married, get out of the way, get out of the way!”

“Pingping wants to escape marriage -”

“Pingping wants to escape marriage –!”

“Pingping wants to escape marriage!!!!”

The sound waves spread one after another, startling the paper people in the whole cutting wall village! Countless paper people rushed to Wang. Their pale faces looked even more terrible against the dim yellow fire. The scene was in chaos. Zhao Hongtu lit the residual wine of the bow and knife, cut off the head of the paper man blocking the road and burned it up.


The four people immediately took advantage of the chaos to evacuate, and the whole qiebi village was in chaos. The night was deep. The ancient village was shrouded in the torch light lit for celebration. The yellow light reflected the ghost of qiebi village. The details were extremely detailed. Even the outline of the mountain behind qiebi Village was like a dormant giant beast. He looked at the village with good intentions and intended to bite people.

“This way, come here!”

Soon Yu guai’an caught up with them and was embarrassed. His body was full of black and brown blood: “the paper people are crazy. Go this way, and the Miao team will meet them in front!”

The four immediately changed direction and rushed to the west of the village. Yu Guang’an took the opportunity to join the team. He conspicuously helped ah Cheng and said anxiously, “no, are you okay?”

“It’s all right now.”

Zhao Hongtu thought Yu Jiaan was asking them about ah Cheng, and Ning said, “it won’t be a day.”

It’s almost eight o’clock!

Yu Gu’an was only nervous and felt the cold hand all the time. He held his arm and saw that Bing Jiu lowered his head slightly, as if he had swallowed something through Yu Gu’an’s body. Before waiting for Bing Jiu’s response, Yu Guang’an heard Zhao Hongtu, the most popular Fang Kailu, surprise: “Miao team!”

“Come on, come here!”

It was Miao Fangfei and his party who hurried here after receiving the news of Yu’an! The two sides will finally come out, and Zhao Hongtu and others will come out with the current situation. They listen to the sudden wave of voices from the direction of Pingping’s house behind them.

“Cry at the third of eight!”

For a moment, Yu Guoan’s arm sank. He was in panic. He hugged the paralyzed man and said, “ah, ah Cheng fainted!”

“What?! Ah Cheng fainted! ”


Miao Fangfei looked fierce and asked, “Pingping, where is the agreed place for ah Cheng?”

“Ah Cheng, what’s the matter with ah Cheng?”

At the moment, Pingping is really like a lover in a coma, anxious and helpless girl. She rushes to ah Cheng and calls nervously, ignoring others: “it’s the old maple tree in the west of the village. There, there is the place where ah Cheng and I sing folk songs.”

“What’s the matter with ah Cheng? Wake up.”

“Let’s go there first.”

Miao Fangfei made a quick decision and said, “Wang surging him?”

“Brother Wang is in the back. I’ll leave you to meet him.”

Hou Feihu hesitated. Seeing that Zhao Hongtu also wanted to speak, he undoubtedly pushed him.

“Hongtu, follow the Miao team.”

“Brother Hou, take care.”

Zhao Hongtu gritted his teeth and hesitated again. He knows Hou Feihu’s character. Soldiers will never abandon their teammates. Zhao Hongtu, as a strong fighting force in the team, had to follow the Miao team. Ah Cheng had a problem. In the worst case, he has been possessed by Aaron!

“We’ll catch up with you soon.”

Hou Feihu said that there was no time to say more. The two sides parted ways again. Worried about the confusion in Bingjiu’s coma, Yu Guoan noticed that a golden fat mosquito swayed far behind Hou Feihu. This made Yu Guoan a little uneasy. He picked up ah Cheng, pretended to be someone else’s hand, and hurried to him.

Yu Guoan’s clothes are also in a mess. Why did director C suddenly faint? Didn’t he be wary of Aaron’s possession?

Is he really possessed by Aaron?

“Here we are, here we are!”

The passengers are in excellent physical strength and will arrive at their destination in a minute. This is already the edge of the village. You can only see a little fire in the village from a distance, but more of it is the dark night and half dead silence. The maple tree is more like a monster with teeth and claws in the dark.

“Lao Yu.”

Miao Fangfei said eagerly. Yu guanan knew what she was carrying, but he still didn’t put ah Cheng down, but whispered nervously: “team Miao, that piece of paper…”

Miao Fangfei took the broken paper recording Pingping’s past events with her. At the moment, she hurriedly took it out and looked. Lin Xi hit a flashlight and said impatiently, “how’s it going? Is it finished?”

“No new words appear.”

Miao Fangfei said in a low voice, and the atmosphere was dignified in an instant.

“Maybe, Pingping, ah Cheng are all here -”

Lin Xi couldn’t believe that she grabbed the broken paper, but she saw that there were only two lines of black fly head letters on the back of it.

[the girl chooses to trust the man again and decides to elope with him. But the man didn’t come at the appointment tonight…]

Except for these two lines, the blood stained paper was empty, and even the stories recorded in it were gone.

“Maybe, maybe.”

Lin Xi’s hands trembled and could hardly hold the broken paper. She was eager to see the unconscious ah Cheng and Pingping guarding him. She said in a trembling voice: “Pingping, ah Cheng is clearly here. Why hasn’t she changed.”

Just as ah Cheng took back the silver bracelet given to Fangfang and gave it back to Pingping, he recorded the “historical” changes in the broken paper. Originally, ah Cheng didn’t come in history, but this time he already said that Pingping was here. This should be what Pingping wanted to see. Ah Cheng came to the appointment on time.

Then why the handwriting on the paper has not changed!

“He is ah Cheng.”

Miao Fangfei calmed down and took a deep breath: “he is ah Cheng.”

“How possible! He is — ”

Lin Xi argued, suddenly dumb, and only heard Yu an’s bitter way: “it’s eight o’clock, he, he should have been possessed by a long.”

Ah Cheng, who is possessed by a long, is naturally not the person Pingping is waiting for. Therefore, ah Cheng has not come, and history has not changed.

“To expel the ghost of Aaron from him!”

Miao Fangfei said decisively, but at this time, she listened to Zhao Hongtu’s vigilance and scolding: “ who is it?!”

At the place pointed by Zhao Hongtu’s arrow tip, behind the old maple tree, a thin figure came out. Her figure was so thin that it was so dark behind the tree that Miao Fangfei didn’t notice when they first arrived.

But just now, Zhao Hongtu was acutely aware of a burst of evil thoughts and murderous intentions. The conditioned reflex stretched a bow and arrow at the old maple tree, and the passengers noticed that there was someone behind the tree!

“Sister in law, why are you here?”

Without waiting for Miao Fangfei to move, Pingping, who is next to a Cheng in a coma, is stunned to speak first. This sound shocked Miao Fangfei and others.

Sister in law? Miao Fangfei’s sister-in-law is Aaron’s daughter-in-law?! But——

“Sister in law,  you still know me as your sister-in-law.”

The woman snorted contemptuously. The flashlight is a beautiful face as bright as flowers, but it is difficult to hide the cruel feeling on her face: “ if you are a little ashamed, you should move your hand away from your brother.”

“It’s Fangfang.”

Miao Fangfei recognized the woman’s identity and said in a dignified and low voice, “it’s her in the stockade. Ah Cheng has a track…”

Before the words fell, the people understood what Miao Fangfei meant. In the story, it is Fangfang who owns the silver bracelet like Pingping and seduces ah Cheng!

“? What is it? ”

Fangfang reacted fiercely, her voice was sharp, and said angrily, “we ordered a baby kiss since childhood. Aaron was my lover!”

“Sister in law, brother, he has died.”

Pingping said sadly: “ see clearly, he is ah Cheng and he is ah long.”

“It’s Aaron, he’s Aaron… What are you doing?!”

Fangfang screams angrily. The next sharp arrow has flown to her throat. Miao Fangfei and Zhao Hongtu burst up at the same time. Fangfang was just embarrassed to avoid flying arrows, but Miao Fangfei locked her throat again. The paper man is thin and difficult to capture. When Fangfang slides out of the trap, the burning bow and knife has been across her neck, and the splashing sparks have blackened Fangfang’s pretty face and screamed in panic.

“I advise you to move.”

Miao Fangfei said coldly that she and Zhao Hongtu are old tourists. She knew it from the moment Fangfang appeared. There will be no solution to the journey. Now ah Cheng is in a coma and is possessed by ah long. The situation is at an impasse, but Fangfang happens to appear. Moreover, she is the person who was engaged to ah long in the past. Pingping even calls her sister-in-law. Obviously, Fangfang’s identity is absolutely special.

She called the unconscious ah Cheng a long, and when Miao Fangfei said “to expel the ghost of ah long”, she showed her intention to kill, resulting in her own exposure, that is to say, Fangfang was the insider of the matter.

The way to expel the ghost of a long may be on her!

“ from the beginning, I approached ah Cheng with ulterior motives.”

Miao Fangfei sneered and deliberately angered her: “destroy other people’s feelings, Fangfang,  do you still have the face to stand here as a junior?”

Fangfang just hummed and looked down at Pingping’s frightened and pale face. Seeing that she didn’t speak, Miao Fangfei turned her eyes and said, “it’s a pity that ah Cheng really likes Pingping, so he will be seduced by you. He took back the silver bracelet and gave it back to Pingping. ”

“Ah Cheng, that waste, coward!”

Her words angered Fangfang. She saw that Fangfang’s face was distorted and a paper face was even more gloomy and terrible. She screamed: “ don’t you really think I like ah Cheng? But how dare he refuse me, how dare he humiliate me! Damn thing, he’s far more than “dragon, dragon!”

“But Aaron is dead.”

Miao Fangfei stressed: “take a closer look. It’s ah Cheng in Pingping’s arms.”

“Fang, do you know anything?”

Pingping was trembling all over. She seemed to notice something from Fangfang’s words. Her face was pale and wanted to convince herself: “ah Cheng said that the silver bracelet was just a birthday gift for you. Now he has taken it back and handed it to me. For example, because of this — ”

“Fool, that’s the bracelet that Aaron gave me. What is ah Cheng! Why did he take away the bracelet that Aaron gave me, why? ”

Fangfang smiled madly and said slowly, “he will be Aaron soon.”

“It’s eight o’clock. The village head said he should wake up.”

Everyone’s eyes followed Fangfang’s eyes and fell on a Cheng who was unconscious in Yu’s arms. Pingping, who was guarding a Cheng, was pale and slightly shaken. Everything in Fangfang’s mouth “a long, village head, a Cheng”, caused a great blow to her, so that the whole person looked at A Cheng’s face in a daze.

But Miao Fangfei looked at Lin Xi suggestively. Lin Xi was trembling, slightly invisible and nodded. He clenched the half burned marriage deed and a bloody knife in his hand.

The marriage deed only burned the half related to Pingping, but ah long still kept it. This marriage contract is related to the underworld. If “a long” really appears, Lin Xi will pierce the “word” of “a long” in the marriage contract in a crisis, which will hurt him.

“Aaron, Aaron, wake up, wake up.”

In Fangfang’s crazy and expectant call, the atmosphere stagnated to a terrible, almost static, and everyone’s eyes fell on the unconscious ah Cheng’s face, as if waiting for him to wake up and hoping him to wake up.

In an instant, Miao Fangfei thought a lot, from whether ah Cheng was possessed or not, to what should ah Cheng do if he was possessed, such as expelling ah long when he kept ah Cheng’s possession, and then to when Wang pengpai and Hou Feihu will come back

Miao Fangfei was surprised that she thought too much. The key is why ah Cheng hasn’t woken up after so long?

Whether he is a Cheng or possessed by a long, he should give a knot and then continue.

But he just doesn’t wake up!

* *

When the time returned to a few minutes, Wei Xun calmly watched the hatching countdown gradually return to zero.

[incubation Countdown: 00:00:03]

[incubation Countdown: 00:00:02]

[incubation Countdown: 00:00:01]

At the moment when the hatching countdown returned to zero, Wei Xun took a white thing the size of a grain of rice under the cover of Yu Guoan’s body.

[Name: Gu egg]

[quality: ordinary (white)]

[effect: you have a 15% chance to take the cub as your poison beast]

[Note: the older the fierce, the younger the creature, the greater the chance of being tamed]

It was Miao Fangfei who gave him white Gu eggs when he was loyal to Xiaolong Yizhuang!


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