TTG Chapter 49

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (49)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 49: Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan

When Wei Xun first got Gu eggs from Miao Fangfei, he thought it might play an important role in opening up Feihu mountain forest. However, whether it is an ordinary corpse flying fox, the left commander of flying fox, or the king of corpse flying fox, they are all adults.

This white insect egg has a low probability of success, and can be regarded as a direct scrap on adult flying foxes. Therefore, Wei Xun has not been able to use it. He was wondering if he could give it to the ghost baby. After all, the ghost baby is very cute and it’s good to have a kid.

But first, the ghost baby is not very fierce. Second, if this kind of thing makes the baby fail, I’m afraid it will have a great impact on the baby. Ghost baby is a good child after all, which is very popular with Wei Xun. Wei Xun didn’t lose his madness.

But when he killed the corpse of the flying fox king, a new value of [hatching] appeared in the personal status bar, and Wei Xun said, “Hey, here’s the chance.”

This little game, which can be used as an external danger and become the last level of the new classic of flying fox mountain forest, is obviously a more dangerous existence than the corpse flying fox king.

Ferocity is enough.

It is also represented by [hatching], which is a larva.

Nothing is younger than something just hatched.

To the remnant soul of a long in the cub – Wei Xun’s left hand, the statue of flying fox, and his right hand, the knowledge of fox cubs, I’m really not afraid.

“Wait for the cub. I’ll get you a new body and bring you a meal.”

Wei Xun said with great kindness and moved the milk fox to tears. Even if the fox is cunning, it is young after all. He recognizes Wei Xun as the main character, but he will not think of Wei Xun as a bad character. So when he said, “Alas, it’s a pity that the success rate is too low. I shouldn’t tell you in advance that if you fail, you won’t be happy in vain”, the young fox wagged its tail and promised happily:

“The master put it on, I, I’ll help it!”

In fact, they are helping themselves. The young fox also wants a new body. It cunningly thought that it helped itself this time… Ah, no, it helped the master. In the future, the master will certainly save it better.

Of course, he is helping the fox cubs, Wei Xun thought with a smile. With the help of the fox cub, he is more likely to accept the flying fox. After the residual soul of the fox cub moves in, not only the soul, but also the body, plus the triple insurance of the flying fox statue, even if yu Hehui wakes up, he will never be his person.

In fact, flying fox is a nickname for red and white flying squirrel. It’s not like fox. Wei Xun didn’t tell the fox cub.

Up to now, fox cubs really think that flying foxes are foxes with beautiful wings.

After all, the level of white insect eggs is too low. Even if Wei Xun swallows them with the point just hatched, it is difficult to accept them. In addition, there is still a dragon’s ghost in it. It is not a pure beast. It can be said that Wei Xun would never have been able to subdue it this time without the help of milk fox.

Although the milk fox crushes Aaron on the level, its soul is damaged, there is no entity, and its energy is not much. Up to now, it is still strong. It only depends on the old ginseng with thin hair. With each passing day, it really takes time to surpass Aaron.

The remnant soul of a long is fighting with the young fox. Wei Xun’s knowledge is temporarily asleep, so ‘A Cheng’ has never awakened.

Seeing that it was 8:15, ah Cheng was still sleeping and didn’t wake up at all. Fang Fang, who was already unstable, immediately became more crazy. She wanted to rush to her lover like a crazy woman to wake him up. Ah long was like a cuckoo crying blood. Miao Fangfei’s situation was frozen, and Zhao Hongtu made a difference.

Zhao Hongtu and Lin Xi make Fangfang live, and Miao Fangfei comes to Pingping. Maybe it was because she was possessed by a ghost at the second scenic spot. She thought Pingping was more sympathetic. Even though she knew she was a fierce ghost, Pingping looked at ah Cheng in a daze. It was like tears in her eyes. Miao Fangfei couldn’t bear it and whispered:

“This is actually a good thing.”

“Good thing?”

Pingping repeated, her voice trembling, her tone sad: “how can it be a good thing.”

“Ah Cheng loves you from beginning to end.”

Miao Fangfei said, “the entanglement between him and Fangfang is influenced by the ghost of Aaron, and the bracelet is not what he wants to give to Fangfang.”

“What he really loves is only .”

“Yes, ah Cheng loves me.”

Pingping smiled and stroked ah Cheng’s cheek. She lowered her head. Miao Fangfei couldn’t see Pingping’s expression. She only heard her dumb whisper: “I should believe him, but I don’t know.”

Her voice is so soft that only the nearest Miao Fangfei can hear it. She immediately understood that it was not Pingping who didn’t know now, but Pingping who didn’t know then!


A drop of scarlet blood fell on ah Cheng’s face, and Miao Fangfei’s pupils shrank suddenly. At this moment, her scalp was numb, and she was filled with terrible anger. For example, crazy, this is the blood and tears of the fierce ghost!

Not all those who wear red clothes can become fierce ghosts, and not all those who are angry can shed blood and tears. Even if the strength of Li Gui Pingping is among the fierce ghosts, it is absolutely the top!

“Haha, haha, what are you still thinking? Pingping, what are you still thinking? ”

Fangfang was like a madman, laughing and hissing, “ah Cheng can’t come back, he won’t come back! He’ll be Aaron in the future, okay? When a long began to be weak, the village head began to plan. He didn’t know anything. It’s been too long. It’s been too long. They blend together. Do you understand? ”

Zhao Hongtu noticed the glittering and translucent thing on Fangfang’s face. He suddenly became vigilant. He thought she was different, but found that the glittering and translucent was tears. The paper man shed tears. But before Zhao Hongtu could react, Fangfang’s body suddenly fell down.

Just as the spirit was pulled out, it became a real paper man. Looking at Fangfang’s face, there are only a few simple horizontal and vertical paintings, but there is no bright and beautiful face. The soul is pulled away. It’s just a ragged paper man.

Zhao Hongtu looked at Xiang Pingping in a daze. She just raised her head and looked depressed with crazy numbness. She only clenched her fist at Fangfang, and she took away the soul of the paper man.

At this moment, angered, she ended the farce and stopped playing Pingping.

[when the task of the paper man Fangfang branch line is over, you can’t get other rewards except ‘the secret of the paper man Fangfang’ because the degree of reference is too low]

[paper man Fangfang’s Secret:

[Fangfang’s family has been a witch in qiebi village for generations. When Aaron was born, the witch doctor diagnosed that his mother had hurt her body and would not have other children. Therefore, the village head of qiebi village, such as the nearest witch family, ordered a baby kiss. Fangfang was four years old that year. But seven years later, a long’s mother gave birth to the girl Pingping again, and then died of blood avalanche.]

[the village head doesn’t like Fangfang. Fangfang doesn’t like Pingping. She only likes a long. After he was twelve years old, a long became weaker and weaker. Fangfang was burning with anxiety. She was going to the most dangerous mountain stream to collect the legendary herbs for a long. Because she was carrying the secret method of the witch family, Fangfang poisoned a long. From then on, she could know about a long at any time. Then Fangfang knows the secret of the book by chance]

[a long’s life is not long. The village head chose the village. For example, a long was born on the day of the year and the month. A Cheng with the most similar life style wants a long to be reborn on a Cheng. Fangfang’s spirit was in turmoil. She fell down a cliff and broke her leg while collecting medicine. the witch found her and took Fangfang back for treatment. Fangfang was forbidden to go out. The poison she gave to a long was found

[the engagement ends, a long dies, and Pingping falls in love with a Cheng. Everyone is very happy]

[Fangfang is in pain]

[who would like to kiss the doll set up since childhood? Fangfang is a silly woman]

It turned out that there was such a tortuous relationship!

Wang pengpai, who hurried to a Cheng’s house with Hou Feihu, felt it and rubbed his right index finger and thumb. Just when the hotel prompted [the end of Fangfang’s Secret branch mission], Wang pengpai got an extra prompt, saying that he had the highest degree of completion of this branch mission, obtained 500 points and a drop of [Fangfang’s tears]

[Name: Fangfang’s tears]

[quality: special]

[action: put Fangfang’s tears into the water, and the creature who drinks this glass of water will fall madly in love with you (time limit: 27 seconds)]

[Note: the love in fantasy may be false, but the feeling in tears is always true. Fangfang’s 27 years of love turned into this drop of tears]

“Let’s go quickly. Something’s wrong with them!”

The backhand put away the tears, and Wang pengpai and Hou Feihu both accelerated. Apart from “luck,” Wang pengpai’s own strength is of course the reason why the two of them can rush out of the siege of so many crazy paper people in qiebai village. But in order not to attract attention, he made himself covered with dirty paper scraps, such as blood, which was a bit more embarrassing than Hou Feihu.

But when they hurried to the maple behind ah Cheng’s house, Pingping, for example, when ah Cheng agreed to elope, found that the situation was worse than they expected. Miao Fangfei looked pale and angry. They were shocked by Yin Qi, which was more embarrassing than Wang surging.

Hou Feihu looked at Zhao Hongtu and saw that he was out of strength. He knelt down and trembled all over. He was dirty, but he didn’t help rashly. He pulled out his gun decisively to zhunping! The first time Wang pengpeng came, she stared at Pingping. At present, she is the only “person” still standing. Miao Fangfei and her friends have fallen to the ground.

“The fierce ghost is crazy.”

Wang pengpai became serious and put his hand in his pocket as if he were groping for something. Only Pingping held ah Cheng and stood alone. She raised her head and opened her mouth, as if she were questioning the sky, but two lines of blood and tears flowed down her pale cheeks.

At the next moment, it was full of endless grief, resentment and despair, such as the desolate roar. The shock rang through the depths of the people’s souls, and the surrounding world vibrated in the roar. The colors of all scenery changed back and forth between black and white, such as dim yellow. Hou Feihu knew why Zhao Hongtu’s faces were so pale. Because of the roar and the concussion of the scene, it’s really dizzy and disgusting!

Only Wang pengpai can still stand in this vibration. He clenches the props in his pocket and seems to hesitate. Judging the current situation, whether he is in danger is so critical that he must be exposed.

Everything before was a loophole in the hotel. If he really shows his strength and kills the fierce ghost here, the situation will be different. Wang pengpai and even his brigade will be punished by the hotel.

But soon Wang pengpai stopped hesitating, because there were illusory scenes in front of all the people, such as the old photos quickly passing by, showing scenes in front of everyone.

It’s not that the fierce ghost Pingping is going crazy to kill all the people. What they see is Pingping’s old memory!

Wang pengpai loosened his hand and let go of the props. Without much resistance, he immersed himself in the memory of gray color with others. No one could get the empty note. Just then, ah Cheng in Pingping’s arms seemed to move slightly.


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