TTG Chapter 5

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (5)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 5: Drunk beauty Xiangxi

Shi Tao trembled in the cold rain.

The impulse and courage to squeeze in front of the team disappeared under the eyes of Bingjiu. Humiliation and inferiority make Shi Tao subconsciously turn sideways and want to hide only half of his left arm.

But he was stiff and finally showed himself completely in front of Bingjiu, decadent and desperate.

Afraid of being abandoned, afraid of Bingjiu disagreeing.

In this dangerous journey that is mixed with supernatural elements and needs to fight all the time, Shi Tao’s title is almost useless, and he can’t even feel the danger.

“Drunk beautiful Xiangxi, how can it be drunk beautiful Xiangxi…”

My brother, who had always been strong, cried secretly that night.

They are close brothers. They were all selected into the hotel and depend on each other.

However, unlike his brother, Shi Tao is talented and has a special title. He was selected by the brigade. Shi Tao has nothing but a fairly strong body. After several trips, Shi Tao was just a middle-class two-star passenger, struggling in the hotel.

Knowing that Shi Tao was selected to drunken Western Hunan, Shi Xiao was so anxious that he even asked the captain of his brigade for a prop to protect Shi Tao’s life.

But the difficulty of getting drunk in Xiangxi is too high. Even my brother can’t guarantee to come out alive.

Shi Tao was ready to get off and die. If his brother hadn’t almost turned against him, Shi Tao almost wanted to put back the life-saving props.

It’s not worth it. These things are wasted on him.

It’s just death. What’s to be afraid of?

But now, after an hour and a half, Shi Tao is not dead.

Even they are only half way from the first scenic spot.

The previous generous courage to die was washed away by the cold rain. At the thought of death, Shi Tao trembled with fear.

Death is really terrible.

Shi Tao doesn’t want to die, but he knows that under the current situation, the tour guide will certainly make a choice.

Or leave the weakest, or shelter only the passengers in front – so Shi Tao will die!

So he rushed out like crazy and didn’t hesitate to kneel down and plead with Bingjiu, humbly begging for his mercy. All self-esteem disappears in the face of death.

He wants to go back alive and see his brother again alive.

“What kind of waste are you? You deserve to carry nine brothers!”

The passengers were stunned by Shi Tao’s bold surprise, and Lin Xi jumped up first in anger.

“A cripple threw the ninth brother. Can you afford to die?”

Lin Xi disdained ridicule, such as a sharp sword, and the stabbing stone Tao couldn’t lift his head.

“I, I will carry it very steadily.”

Shi Tao begged and almost begged. His brain was blank. It was this sentence over and over: “please allow me to carry you!”

“Are you a fool? Can’t understand people?! ”

Lin Xi was so angry and hysterical that she even rushed up to push Shi Tao away. Deep in her eyes, she was the same fear as Shi Tao:

“Why are you so selfish! Another delay will kill the whole brigade! ”

Yes, everyone knows that they have to abandon the weak and speed up. They are saving energy in private. They pretend to be peaceful on the surface. In fact, they are gnashing their teeth to surpass others.

If you surpass others, you won’t die!

In the end, you deserve to die!

But Shi Tao came forward and tore this □ □ naked in front of everyone.

No one wants to die. Everyone knows that the closer you are to the guide, the safer it is.

But they dare not, let alone ask such a request like Shi Tao, because any tour guide can’t let passengers get close.

Not to mention crazy C-9!

If Shi Tao annoys Bing Jiu, they will all die!

Beaten by Lin Xi, Shi Tao is like a hard stone, motionless. He kept repeating in a low, numb voice like crazy:

“I’ll have a steady back and run fast. Please let me carry you, please let me carry you – ”


Lin Xi was so angry that he even pointed a knife at Shi Tao: “if you don’t roll, I’ll –”

“Lin Xi.”

The cold male voice sounded. Lin Xi shut up and carried her hand behind her. From an angle that Bing Jiu couldn’t see, he smiled at Shi Tao to see his tragic end.

Shi Tao will come to no good end. All the passengers know that Shi Tao himself is also desperate and numb.

Bingjiu was full of interest. His joking and contemptuous eyes fell on Shi Tao. It seemed that he made this request with a broken arm, which was very bold and interesting.

“One arm, can you carry me?”


Lin Xi directly laughed loudly, but Shi Tao desperately tried to catch the last straw:

“I can, I can!”

Shi Tao said loudly and repeated incoherently, “I can recite very stably. I guarantee my life! I — ”

“Well, let you try.”

Lin Xi’s laughter suddenly stopped and stared blankly. The brigade was shocked and couldn’t believe it!

But before others reacted, Shi Tao quickly got up and turned his travel bag in front of him.

Using the fastest and most careful technique, Shi Tao carefully “invited” Bingjiu to his back. Then he pulled out the climbing rope and took the left arm with only the big arm as the fulcrum. Shi Tao quickly wrapped the climbing rope around twice and fixed Bingjiu.

He is still very flexible with his right arm alone.

As if to show his physical strength, Shi Tao immediately ran steadily after carrying Bingjiu on his back. The brigade still in an ignorant state began to trot all the way, many times faster than before.

“Keep up.”

Wei Xun held the guide flag in one hand, took Shi Tao’s right hand on his shoulder and still held the dagger tightly.

Just now, as long as Shi Tao knelt a moment later, Wei Xun’s dagger would disappear——

Just plug it into yourself.

In other words, it is to make the countdown to death zero by hitting yourself hard.

When he first went up the mountain, Wei Xun realized that he could not deal with eight strong young people at present.

How do tour guides become stronger?

Wei Xun sincerely asks questions in his heart. Although he gets incomplete guide rules, the hotel will give tips whenever Wei Xun mentions key words.

Wei Xun really found a way that can be used now!

[return to zero: the tour guide returns the death countdown to zero by seriously injuring himself, so as to obtain ‘extraordinary’ power]

[attention! Any tour guide should be careful to return to zero, otherwise, it will cause irreparable consequences!!!]

Death countdown to zero, gain ‘extraordinary’ power?

This reminds Wei Xun of the demon-like monster he became in his nightmare.

But now Wei Xun has no points. Once the death countdown returns to zero, it will be irreparable【 [return to zero] is a killer mace. Wei Xun won’t use it until the last minute.

Shi Tao was chosen because the broken arm, the lowest rank, and the frightened Shi Tao had better be controlled.

If the next journey is still like this, Wei Xun’s physical strength is difficult to support. He needs a pair of good “legs”.

Shi Tao really deserves the title of an athlete. He still runs steadily on the slippery mountain road with Bingjiu on his back. Wei Xun could feel that the muscles of Shi Tao under him were like running cheetahs, undulating and full of vitality.

This is something Wei Xun has never owned.

All men, who doesn’t want to have good muscles. Wei Xun was a little envious and jealous. He couldn’t help touching and touching again.

Then I felt that the muscles under my body were stiff at first, and then tightened up like a stone.

[you started to make yellow, and the current yellow value is + 1]

Wei Xun:???

Ah, this is yellow?

Wei Xun subtly moved his hand. Shi Tao carried it on his back. Wei Xun was much more relaxed and had the spare power to start adjusting the team.

Under his adjustment, the whole team became jujube shaped, and Shi Tao with Wei Xun on his back was protected in the center. This formation allows more passengers to be protected by badges, which is safer than the previous formation.

At the present speed, we can reach our destination in more than ten minutes.


But Wei Xun still ordered the passengers to speed up, speed up again and take out all their physical strength to run like a ruthless dictator.

The dense rain hit the lush leaves, crackling, but it was like some creature leaping on the branches and leaves, closely chasing the team!

The badge on the chest is surprisingly hot, “believe in science” is giving a warning! Wei Xun touched the brooch a little, and a monster immediately appeared in his mind.

It was like a skinned baby, with blood-red all over, limbs on the ground, and loose scarlet skin hanging between its limbs.

His eyes were so big that he did not hide his malice and ferocity, and his eyes reflected the back of the fleeing brigade.

Closer and closer, closer and closer——

It’s chasing the brigade!

“Don’t deviate from the mountain road!”

The guide’s flagpole whipped the passengers, and Wei Xun calmly drove his sheep like a shepherd dog. The speed of monsters and the distance between them and their destination are calculated in their hearts.

In a short time, the brigade ran more than a quarter of the mountain road. From now on, it can vaguely see half of the buildings hidden in the mountain forest – Xiaolong Yizhuang.

Each scenic spot has a safety period during the journey. As long as you arrive at Xiaolong Yizhuang, the monster chasing behind you will not be threatened for the time being!

Under Wei Xun’s constant urging, the passengers were as tired as dogs, wheezing and gasping. At this time, the difference in physical strength finally appeared. Shi Tao only had one arm and carried Wei Xun on his back, but he was still not breathing and tired and kept a constant speed.

But in the rear of the team, some people were out of strength and began to get out of touch gradually!

Run faster, run faster.

Miao Fangfei ran desperately, her lungs were panting out, but the sharp pain in her lower abdomen like a knife still greatly slowed down her speed.

Miao Fangfei was pale and clenched her teeth. Physiological tears mixed with rain blurred her face. Severe abdominal pain is like a snake and insect biting her internal organs.

Although Miao Fangfei used props before coming, what she didn’t expect is that the role of any props will be weakened in “drunken beautiful Xiangxi”!

It hurts so much. It hurts more than being bitten through by desert wolves in the past.

Miao Fangfei was in a trance when she ran with the team. If it weren’t for her fear of madman Bingjiu and her desire for survival, she still instinctively obeyed his orders and ran with all her might. I’m afraid Miao Fangfei would have fallen behind at some time.

And now, Miao Fangfei is almost to the limit!

“Miao Fangfei!”

It’s the voice of… Guide Bingjiu

He’s… Calling her?

But why did the sound come from behind?

Miao Fangfei was slightly stunned. Her slow response due to severe pain and physical overdraft reduced her perception of the crisis.

“Miao Fangfei!”

The fear of Bingjiu makes Miao Fangfei dare not ignore his call. She hesitates to stop. Miao Fangfei looks back.

But it is facing a scarlet and strange head like a baby skeleton! The sharp black claw pierced Miao Fangfei’s shoulder, and blood gushed out in an instant.

“Ah –!”


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