TTG Chapter 50

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (50)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 50: Drunk West Hunan

Li guipingping’s memory picture shows an unknown and depressed gray, like a pile of old paper filled with dust. When unfolding the old pages, the dust flies wantonly, airtight, hooded, and breathless.

Until the crisp music broke the dead silence.

The back of a man appears in the memory picture. He looks very young. He plays a bamboo flute under the maple tree. The sound of the bamboo flute is as sweet as the singing of birds. In the picture, the man’s back is getting closer and closer, like a man approaching him, and Miao Fangfei and others use the man’s perspective.

Closer, closer, the man noticed someone approaching, turned around and said:

“Pingping, here you are.”

“I’ll practice the new music and play it to you…”

The memory picture ends and breaks at this moment. Miao Fangfei gasps for breath, shortens of breath and trembles all over. That kind of strong and irresistible love and sadness exploded in her heart like an emotional bomb. The strong emotion made her rational nausea and her heart beat as fast as a drum.

Others have big reactions and small reactions, but they all feel the same. Before the mood subsided, the familiar sense of world shock and separation came again, and they were involved in Pingping’s memory. Anger and grief swept in like a raging fire, like a raging flood swallowing everyone.

In the memory picture, Pingping dressed in Dong wedding clothes and anxiously waited behind the maple where she made love with ah Cheng. The lover who agreed to elope with her arrived on time, but followed another woman.

This man is Fangfang! Pingping saw the silver bracelet on her wrist, saw her and ah Cheng talking to each other, ridiculed and teased, and the whole person was immersed in the pain of disbelief and betrayal. She rushed up to want ah Cheng’s explanation, but ah Cheng tied her hands and feet with her backhand and put it under the maple tree to calm her down.

Pingping wants to break away from the resistance, but her body is unexpectedly paralyzed and weak and has no strength. When the voices of ah Cheng and Fangfang gradually fade away, Pingping, who is tied up and blindfolded, only feels that the surroundings are quiet and terrible. She is helpless, sad and crying. She tries to call the flying fox raised since childhood, but there is no response.

On the contrary, her call attracted a group of people inferior to animals.

Pingping’s clothes were torn open. The extreme fear and pain were like thousands of blades splitting the memory picture. The black-and-white memory was stained with scarlet blood in the shaking, such as her blood, and like the blood and tears of a fierce ghost, which covered up the tragic and evil deeds that night.

Zhao Hongtu couldn’t help vomiting. He wanted to vomit his stomach disgustingly. It was empathy. It was a memory fragment. It was too real and powerful. Only Hou Feihu, who had served in the army, and Wang pengpai, who was determined, could hold on, but the crazy ghost wouldn’t take their situation into account. Within a few seconds, they were involved in the frenzy of memory.

The elopement Pingping was caught and returned. Her village head father did not Lynch her, but took good care of her daughter. Pingping has no ambition for several times. She wants to die, but she is rescued by the village head. Her father took good care of her and planned to make her the next village head, which made Pingping feel guilty. The last time she took advantage of her father’s absence to die, she was saved by ah Cheng.

It turns out that ah Cheng has been guarding outside the village head’s house these days, worried about Pingping’s situation. He was tired and his eyes were still bright only when he looked at Pingping. In ah Cheng’s guilty and distressed eyes, Pingping knows that he has never fallen in love with Fangfang. Everything is just Fangfang’s poison. Now Fangfang has been executed according to the village rules. The village head is so busy these days that he is checking the people who defiled Pingping that day.

The old father, still loyal lover and the blood of the last tomb keeper made Pingping hesitate and linger. Finally, she decided to come out and live again.

From then on, she really walked into the nightmare.

The following memory fragments passed by quickly, without giving passengers any breathing opportunity. From the discovery of pregnancy to the final decision to accept the child, and then to the secret move to the cave, which was taken care of by ah Cheng. The emotions in this memory, such as tea soaked a hundred times, have long been insipid.

It has been a hundred years since the end. What supports Li Gui Pingping is those terrible resentments and resentments. Soon, the memory picture was stained with blood again. Pingping was suffering from the child in the cave, but she learned the news of the child’s death before she had time to look at the child. In October of pregnancy, the pain of losing her son broke Pingping’s body. She didn’t want to leave the cave and recuperate here. The whole person was confused. She didn’t realize that ah Cheng came to see her less and less, and her attitude was more and more perfunctory.

Later, ah Cheng didn’t even come once in a few days, and no one replaced the rancid water he brought.

If it were not an accident, I’m afraid Pingping would faint quietly in the cave and have no future. Until an accident, she woke up from a weak coma and saw Fangfang.

Ah Cheng keeps saying that Fangfang, who has been lynched by the village, is not dead.

In front of her again!

“Ah Cheng is hosting the fetal meat banquet. I come out to pick some wild vegetables.”

In the memory picture, Fangfang’s figure is blurred, and only those eyes full of complex eyes are particularly clear. Her tone was still sarcastic and disdainful, but she brought fresh water and even finger long ginseng to Pingping to deal with the mess in the cave.

“Aren’t you stupid enough that it happened that night?! Go away. The farther you go, the better. You are not welcome in the village! ”

Why is Fangfang still alive?

Why is there a fetal meat feast? Where did you get the fetal meat?

Why is ah Cheng hosting? Where is her father?

Who’s lying?

What did you send that night?

What is the truth?

Who does Pingping hate most?

Time seemed to be at a standstill at this moment, and the sad questions echoed in everyone’s mind. Yu he’an was full of tears. He didn’t know why he cried, but people were like bad. Tears couldn’t stop flowing down, and he was about to lose his breath.

Others are like him. Lin Xi has even fainted from crying and is very sad. Moreover, it is the infection of the centenarian ghost mood. Even Hou Feihu is immersed in grief and can’t extricate himself.

Only Wang pengpai can still keep calm in the field.

It’s not a thing to go on like this.

Wang pengpai was worried and could only stand up and quickly answer the fierce ghost’s question.

“Fangfang hasn’t died. She’s just locked up at home and won’t let you see her.”

The question that rang in everyone’s mind with the memory picture just now is really the question asked by the fierce ghost and needs them to answer!

This assessment is extremely tricky. Rao is Wang pengpai’s amazing tongue. It is worthy of being a super difficult journey to drunk the United States in Western Hunan. After some emotional baptism, few people can keep calm. Moreover, influenced by habitual thinking, I’m afraid most passengers will naturally think that this is just the foreshadowing of Pingping’s memory fragments. They won’t know. This is actually a question asked by a fierce ghost.

The most insidious thing is that there is no hotel prompt when asking questions!

Of course, if you don’t answer, you will continue to immerse yourself in the memory fragments of the fierce ghost. But only one round of passengers abandoned most of them. If this continues, they will eventually be unable to bear death.

If you can answer Li Gui’s question correctly according to the clues obtained in the early stage and the information learned from the previous memory fragments, you can skip the memory fragments corresponding to this question. The more detailed the answer, the more difficult it is to skip.

There are seven questions this time! Rao has basically cleared the context of things. Wang pengpai feels toothache. You know, answering questions was not his job in the brigade, but now he can only put his head on it.

“Your child was killed as fetal flesh. The fetal meat banquet was held to suppress the resentment of the killed baby. Ah Cheng ate fetal meat alone, which was too eye-catching. The village head held a fetal meat banquet on the grounds that he was seriously ill. It was even more inconspicuous when many people attended the meeting and many fetal meat was eaten in soup. ”

“Your father is seriously ill in bed. Because the remnant soul of a long has been on him for too long, his body that can’t afford two consciousness begins to weaken rapidly. A Cheng is the final object of a long Fu, which was selected by your father, so a Cheng presides over the banquet.”

“Everyone is lying. Fangfang didn’t die. Ah Cheng wasn’t poisoned by Fangfang. The village head of qiebi village knew who was the one who raped you. He didn’t investigate. ”

Wang pengpai’s forehead exudes cold sweat. Under the pressure of fierce ghosts, it’s not easy to remember seven questions and answer them in detail as much as possible. This is like the reading comprehension questions in the Chinese paper of the learning age in the past. Xueba can answer several elements in the most concise words and get full marks. Learning slag may write a pile of books, but none of them is on time.

So he racked his brains:

“What did you send that night… The pig liver Pingping ate that night was drugged, so Pingping was weak. A long, who has controlled ah Cheng, cheated Pingping out with the excuse of elopement and tied it under the maple tree. He raped Pingping in order to make her pregnant. But after all, a long is already a ghost. Even if he occupies the human body again, his physique is still Yin. Under normal circumstances, children can’t get down. So to increase Yang Qi, the men’s wheel in qiebai village… Cough. ”

Wang pengpai didn’t go on, because he saw the evil spirit of the fierce ghost scraping like a sharp blade, and his creepy sense of crisis made him recognize his mouth. Anyway, the answer to this question was not bad. Wang pengpai changed the next question.

What is the truth?

Wang pengpai organized language, trying not to drop a bit.

“The truth is that a long is dying of a serious illness. The village head of cut wall used the taboo soul transfer technique to put a long’s soul into Feihu and the village head himself. Then a Cheng, who was born on the same day of the same month in the same year, was selected as the final target of a long’s recovery. The calculation at the time of crying marriage made Pingping successfully conceive children. It was ah long who ate the baby. The purpose is to make ah long’s ghost more stable in ah Cheng. ”

When the sweat flowed down, Wang pengpai didn’t wipe it. He was careful to say only things that could be determined, such as “is this son a long’s or a Cheng’s?”‘ When on earth did the village head become a zombie? ” Don’t touch this uncertain topic at all.

He was not the best at analysis, and he didn’t get full marks when brushing questions in the brigade team. After all, this is only a dangerous journey. It should be answered in a good direction.

Wang pengpai was relieved when he finally got to the last question, but he made a mistake in the face that the answer should be the simplest question.

Who does Pingping hate most?

Do you hate the animals who raped her, the dragon who planned everything, or the village head who cheated her? Pingping hates these people very much, but it’s difficult to rank them.

Moreover, Wang pengpai has to think about the situation of this problem. He asks who Pingping in the cave hates most in the memory picture at the moment, or who Pingping hates most when she finally succeeds in revenge and turns into a fierce ghost?

The fierce ghost’s anger and resentment became more and more serious. She didn’t have any patience. Wang surging heart crossed and simply gambled.

“Pingping hates ah Cheng most.”

If it is Pingping who just learned that Fangfang is still alive in the cave at the moment and knew that the round rape was not accidental that night, what she hates most should be a Cheng who has been cheating her.

Love is deep, hate is strong.

Love this thing Wang surging super understand!

“Wrong answer.”

Ah, Wang pengpai’s expression is stiff. The hoarse and harsh voice of an old owl resounded through her ears. After becoming a fierce ghost, Pingping lost her sweet voice. When she spoke, it was as sharp and harsh as her fingernails scraped over the blackboard, which made her feel cold.

Seeing that the world began to shake again and the fierce ghost memory was about to coerce them again, Wang pengpai quit.

His grandmother’s, even clay figurines have three points of anger! He should have answered the last question wrong, but Wang pengpai is confident that he can answer eight or nine in front of him! It should be said that fierce ghosts are unreasonable, and they are crazy and paranoid. In the past, there were people who clearly answered only one wrong question, but were completely denied by fierce ghosts and came back directly.

If Pingping is the king of ghosts, Wang pengpai must recognize it. But she is just a fierce ghost. Wang pengpai is not used to her problem!

Just as Wang pengpai was about to take out the props and put them on, suddenly, the shaking world stopped, as if everything had returned to normal, and the passengers immersed in the fierce mood woke up one by one. Hou Feihu’s pupil shrank suddenly and suddenly regained his mind. He quickly picked up Zhao Hongtu who was paralyzed on the ground and Miao Fangfei who was still retching.

What the hell happened just now? Reason returns quickly, as if Wang pengpai answered Pingping’s seven questions?

It turned out that it was a question that really needed to be answered!

Hou Feihu reacted instantly and was afraid. He subconsciously looked at Wang pengpai, but saw that the man was looking bad and staring at the man in the arms of Li Gui Pingping.

“Pingping, do you hate me?”

Just one word calmed the crazy ghost Pingping. Of course, only the man in her arms! Wang pengpai was so angry that he felt very unfair. He worked hard here to answer the questions, but he didn’t finish well. As a result, Bingjiu became a little white face for his mother’s good luck and directly coaxed Pingping to the north.

Who can balance this kind of thing? And Wang pengpai always felt that the boy woke up at a very opportune time. He dared to copy the props to surpass the fierce ghost. Now, when the crisis was over and the other passengers woke up, Wang pengpai had to swear in his heart, put the props back and watch the C-9 performance coldly.

Wei Xun was not a man at all, but he felt ashamed to be held by Princess Pingping. He even touched Pingping’s cheek and stained his fingertips with blood. Rare light Judo:

“Good girl, don’t cry.”

Wei Xun woke up when the passengers were involved in Pingping’s memories, but he didn’t move in a hurry. Instead, he also went to see Pingping’s memories. Xun hasn’t been prompted to complete the task yet. Maybe it’s because the task requires him to prevent the special flying fox from hatching or killing it, but at the moment, there are still two heartbeats in his chest, but the residual soul of a long in the other party’s body has been swallowed up, and the young fox’s consciousness is sleeping in it.

It also takes time for Xu hotel to judge, but Wei Xun is not in a hurry. After the young fox swallowed a long’s memory, he got part of a long’s memory, including Pingping’s revenge and a long’s ultimate failure.

Knowing this memory, Wei Xun has determined who Pingping hates most. He has never acted, but is thinking about the completion of the scenic spot. As a tour guide, Wei Xun knew that after the scenic spot was completed, they would catch the bus sent by the hotel and return together. After the bus reaches the destination, you can choose whether to go back to the virtual Hall of the hotel or get off and go back to reality.

Wang pengpai is likely to do it in the car. He has countless means. Wei Xun is difficult to guarantee that he will not be robbed. Wei Xun is used to taking the initiative in everything. Even if he goes to approach an Xuefeng’s brigade, he doesn’t intend to take the identity of Bingjiu or as a related person of Bingjiu.

So he doesn’t want to take this bus.

Plan ahead. Wei Xun is now thinking about solutions. At this time, the prompt sound of the hotel came late:

[di, you take the alienated flying fox cub!]

[alienated flying fox cub, a special level peak monster, has two forms: normal flying fox and corpse flying fox. The state of normal flying fox is [changing], and the characteristics need to be explored. In the corpse flying fox state, the whole body contains fierce resentment]

[the development process of the new scenic spot Feihu mountain forest is 100%. The hotel is proud to have an excellent guide like you! Dear Bing Jiuxian, you have the right to choose a reward freely!]

[reward 1:20000 points, increase San value, one bottle of potion]

[reward 2: one special task]

If you want other tour guides to see Wei Xun’s reward, I’m afraid they will be jealous of the separation of quality and wall! 20000 points is nothing. The most important thing is the bottle of San value increasing potion! You know, most tour guides don’t have a fixed Tour team. Once the San value is reduced, it will be very troublesome to recover. But the guide’s must kill skill returned to zero. When using it, the death countdown returned to zero, which means that he absolutely entered the situation of crazy San loss at that time.

No one wants to go crazy and become a monster. At this time, if there is a bottle of potion with increased San value, it is a blessing for the tour guides! This potion is extremely rare and cannot be bought or sold. It can only be obtained when completing the task. If Wei Xun chooses the first reward and takes the potion out to the hotel for auction at that time, I’m afraid it will sell at an unimaginable price!

But Wei Xun didn’t want to sell money at all. He glanced lightly from reward 1 to reward 2.

Is the reward for completing the task of opening up new scenic spots another special task?

Then this task should be strange and special.

Wei Xun is ready to move. Anyway, he has a famous brand. He doesn’t lack points for the time being. Without much hesitation, Wei Xun chose this reward 2.

After receiving this special task, Wei Xun browsed it again and then picked his eyebrow.

Sure enough.

With this task, Wei Xun thought of a way to avoid taking a bus and return to the hotel.

Now the most important thing is to pass the third scenic spot.

Wei Xun recovered at the right time and just heard Wang pengpai answer the question. When he answered the wrong last question, Li guipingping went crazy again. When Wei Xun knew the brewing threat from Wang pengpai, he “woke up” at the last time.

Wang pengpai has props that can kill the fierce ghost Pingping.

Wei Xun got down from Pingping’s arms and stood on the ground. When Pingping held his hand tightly, Wei Xun held Pingping’s hand with his back hand, showing a dazed look: “well, what’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter?”

“You passed out just now.”

Miao Fangfei said quietly that the outbreak of emotion consumes energy in the body, especially empathy with fierce ghosts. But they are all old passengers and won’t hold back at the last minute. Miao Fangfei let mottled bite her. The injection of snake venom made her shiver. Two abnormal blushes rose on her pale face, but the whole person was refreshed.

The passengers are on alert to ah Cheng. It is not clear whether he is possessed by ah long or returns to his original state. In fact, the passengers haven’t done anything yet. What they have to face is ah Cheng possessed by ah long.

But seeing that he held Li Gui Pingping’s hand, and Li Gui Pingping had pulled the soul of the paper man Fangfang, everything seemed to have been out of the normal task process.

It is reasonable that the next task should be to expel a long who is attached to a Cheng, change history and help Pingping elope with a Cheng. In fact, the task of the whole qiebai village and even the third scenic spot is under the absolute control of Li Gui Pingping. She can do whatever she wants. The task is not the most important. The task involving Li Gui is to do this kind of thing, It is a great test of the passengers’ adaptability.

Miao Fangfei communicates with ah Cheng here, while Hou Feihu looks at the time. At ten o’clock in the evening, it has been two hours since I can do so much Kung Fu. It will be zero on the sixth day in two hours.

The most important thing is what kind of result Li guipingping wants.

But after being held by ah Cheng, Li guipingping stopped moving. She just stood quietly behind ah Cheng, with only ah Cheng’s figure in her eyes.

“Thank you for helping me and Pingping.”

Ah Cheng said sincerely. He took Pingping’s hand and looked anxiously behind him from time to time, as if worried that the villagers would catch up again: “Pingping, let’s go.”

Pingping, a fierce ghost who was angry before, was so docile that she was pulled away by ah Cheng. This scene really made Miao Fangfei and others feel unimaginable. Keep a safe distance. They follow ah Cheng and Pingping. Miao Fangfei is a few steps behind and comes to Lin Xi.


The broken paper with the story is in Lin Xi’s hand, and the words on it have changed. The girl chose to trust the man again and decided to elope with him. But in the agreed night, the man didn’t come…] words have disappeared and become blood red [the agreed night, the man arrived as agreed]

On the back of the broken paper, there are two new lines of small black characters:

[they told each other the truth, comforted each other, and finally decided to live in the mountains and forests and leave the village where they grew up…]

“He is ah Cheng!”

Zhao Hongtu shouted excitedly and turned to wonder: “how is the residual soul of a long solved?”

“The whole third scenic spot is under the control of Li Gui Pingping.”

Miao Fangfei lowered her voice, but her expression was not relaxed: “I’m afraid the paper people in qibicun, Fangfang, the village head and even ah Cheng are all under her control.”

“It’s like we’re playing house with her.”

Lin Xi was excited and nervous: “marry in tears. The wedding in tears project is over. We can do this follow-up task or not. We just need to live until the car comes!”

When ah Cheng woke up just now, all passengers were prompted that the Crying Marriage project had been completed. Next, Pingping’s elopement with ah Cheng was regarded as a gift project of the hotel. Passengers can freely choose whether to rest in qiebai village or experience the project. In the early morning of the sixth day, the special bus of the hotel will wait outside qiebai village.

The journey is about to end, and we will see Bingjiu again soon. Lin Xi is really very excited. He said in a hurry: “what are you doing with them? The car will be in qiebai village. We have to go back then!”

“If you want to go back, you go back.”

Zhao Hongtu shouted impatiently, “don’t talk!”

His whole body was tight, and he was even more nervous than when he confronted Li Gui Pingping before. The look of others was not easy, even dignified! Lin Xi realized that the atmosphere in the team was wrong. Zhang opened his mouth, but he didn’t speak again.

“It’s not over.”

Miao Fangfei whispered, staring at Pingping and ah Cheng who were walking ahead. Seeing that they were walking faster and faster, the mountain scenery on both sides seemed unchanged, and her heart became more and more heavy:

“If you want to live until 1 a.m., and you have to get out of the village, the car is waiting outside the village.”

Aren’t we out of the village now?

Lin Xi was puzzled and dissatisfied, but he saw that Yu he’an seemed to be the only one in the team who had the same doubts as himself, and the others had that kind of extremely heavy and nervous expression – couldn’t his IQ be better than Yu he’an! Lin Xi gritted her teeth and didn’t ask, but tried to think for herself.

But he didn’t understand until the broken paper passed from Miao Fangfei to Wang pengpai, Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu, and finally to Lin Xi. Lin Xi casually glanced at the broken paper and saw that the last word on it was still [they told each other the truth, comforted each other, and finally decided to go to live in the mountain forest and leave the village where she grew up…]. Without change, she wanted to pass the broken paper back

Lin Xi was suddenly stunned. Seeing that she was staring at the broken paper like a ghost, she murmured like a Madman: “black words, why black words…”

This sentence is so much like the end of the story that Lin Xi didn’t react at the beginning and didn’t pay attention to the black words on the broken paper. They are all problems to be solved, and the scarlet blood words have changed and solved!

Just like the previous black words [agreed tonight, but the man didn’t come…], after ah Cheng woke up, he became blood red [agreed night, the man arrived as agreed]

After that, a new black character appeared, [leave the village where I grew up…]

Lin Xi couldn’t believe looking around, but the mountain forest was dark, and the shadow of the tree was like a monster with teeth and claws. From just now on, they have walked for at least a quarter of an hour. Isn’t it regarded as leaving the village?!

Is the scope of the whole village too large, or

“Pingping, are you tired?”

Ah Cheng in front asked softly. Walking on the mountain road is very physical work. It’s narrow and slippery. If you don’t pay attention, it will roll down. In addition, there are all kinds of poisonous insects and snakes in the mountains and wild forests. We must be tight and vigilant at all times.

“Let me carry you.”

Pingping didn’t respond. Wei Xun took it as her acquiescence and carried Pingping on his back. He continued to walk forward, humming songs as he walked.

It is in Pingping’s memory that ah Cheng used a leaf flute to play a tune for her!

“We build a house near the river and raise some chickens and ducks. It is said that there are many interesting outside the mountain. It is just a war. It is very dangerous.”

Wei Xun was talkative and gentle, as if he was imagining the future with Pingping. Pingping is always silent and a particularly silent audience. He doesn’t care. He continues to talk to himself. What he says is a beautiful future that people yearn for as soon as they hear it.

However, Miao Fangfei was in a bad mood. The handwriting on the broken paper had not changed. That is to say, they seemed to be going out all the time, but in fact they had never left qiebai village! This recognition made everyone creepy.

“Ah Cheng, isn’t the road right?”

Another quarter of an hour later, the situation still hasn’t changed. Hou Feihu and Miao Fangfei look at her. Miao Fangfei nods solemnly, takes a step forward and speaks politely.

“Sister Miao, are you still there?”

Ah Cheng choked Miao Fangfei with his confused words, but she didn’t have time to take these into account. Miao Fangfei waved her hand and her head to the right: “look at that grave. We’ve passed it three times.”

“Three times?”

Ah Cheng looked at it along Miao Fangfei’s eyes. The grave bag was not high and basically had no bulge. If it hadn’t been for the fact that there were no weeds on it and the soil color was clean, it wouldn’t be easily found.

The vegetation in the mountain grows very fast. When no one takes care of it, the grave bag will soon be covered with weeds. The situation of this wild grave is obviously abnormal. And they can pass it three times, that is to say, they are actually circling all the time.

Ghost hit the wall!

“Yes, I seem to have an impression.”

After being reminded, ah Cheng finally found something different. He hesitated and thought, “Pingping, we passed here before, right?”

Pingping still didn’t speak. Ah Cheng carried her to the grave. He put down Pingping, then knelt solemnly in front of the grave and muttered something. Miao Fangfei, who knows Miao dialect and Dong language, listened attentively, but did not understand. She only guessed that ah Cheng might have spoken the dialect at that time. But even if they don’t understand, they can see what ah Cheng is doing.

Obviously, they are saying that they are embarrassed to disturb their predecessors and will make compensation and sacrifice in the future. They also ask them to raise their hands for the sake of their difficult road ahead.

They thought it was the grave owner who caused the sneak attack on the wall. However, Miao Fangfei and others understand that there is no way that a grave can suddenly appear in this scenic spot. It must have something to do with the past.

After seeing ah Cheng kneel a few times, he got up and carried Pingping on his back. Hou Feihu had an ominous prediction.

“The whole third scenic spot is under the control of Pingping. She can’t get out of qiebai village. She’s trapped here.”

Miao Fangfei said, “grave is the key.”

“If you can trap the fierce ghost for a hundred years, there must be something unusual in the grave.”

Zhao Hongtu’s voice was slightly excited and his eyes flashed. You know, there are few supernatural props that can restrain the fierce ghost. If there is a treasure buried in this grave that can trap the fierce ghost Pingping for a hundred years, you can imagine how precious it is.

Sure enough, follow up the task! When he came to drunk Western Hunan, he had seen the dawn of going out alive. Zhao Hongtu couldn’t help thinking of more things. He was unrestrained: “maybe it was Mr. Ma who buried something. For example, when he came to Wuluo mountain to drive away the corpse, he found that Pingping had a tendency to be a fierce ghost. Or how could he be strangely killed by blackness, and how could his apprentice Ma Miao come for the last round of body transportation. ”

“Mr. Ma, they will drive the body. Pingping is not dead.”

Hou Feihu shook his head and disagreed: “if you can seal the precious props of Li Gui Pingping, you shouldn’t be buried in this small mound.”

While talking, they came to the grave again. Seeing that they came here again, ah Cheng was obviously stunned. He seemed to turn around and say something to Pingping, and then walked to the grave with her on his back. Ah Cheng knelt down again and said that he was more sincere than before. He even knocked a few heads and got loess on his forehead. But Miao Fangfei and they knew that ah Cheng was useless. They had discussed it. When they left later, they left two people to study what was going on. If they couldn’t, they dug up the grave.

It’s almost eleven o’clock now. The bus should come in an hour. We can’t delay any more. We must break the game as soon as possible!

During the discussion, Miao Fangfei noticed that Wang pengpai had not spoken for a long time. This time she kept an eye on her heart. Instead of asking directly, she looked along Wang pengpai’s eyes. He has been watching ah Cheng and them, which is normal… Wait!

Miao Fangfei was stunned to see ah Cheng pulling Pingping’s sleeves, as if she wanted her to kneel down and beg the elders in the grave.

But who can make the fierce ghost kneel!

Don’t you want to die!

Wang pengpai has been absent-minded thinking about things, but his attention has never been removed from Bingjiu. Seeing Bingjiu’s move, he scolded his mother in his heart. You should know that ah Cheng is not really ah Cheng, but played by Bingjiu. He won’t really play and faint. He thinks he can make Li ghost Pingping kneel, unless the tomb is a tomb——


Wang pengpai scolded secretly. He finally knew that his last question was wrong. He knew who Li Gui Pingping hated most!

Under the tense eyes of the crowd, Pingping was pulled by ah Cheng’s sleeve. Unexpectedly, she really knelt beside him and knelt in front of the grave. There seemed to be a cold wind blowing around with the fierce ghost Pingping as the center, and everyone shivered. At the next moment, Hou Feihu’s pupil shrank suddenly, and Zhao Hongtu took a breath of air-conditioning. The passengers’ eyes were exactly the same, all at the wild grave!

The thin soil on the grave was blown away by the cold wind, and the snow-white human bones were exposed! This is indeed a human grave, not a magic weapon buried as Zhao Hongtu thought. But this burial method has no coffin, and there is only a thin layer of floating soil on the bones, which is basically equivalent to exposing the corpse in the wilderness.

Needless to say, when the bones were exposed in the grave, he would drop cow tears, blink hard, and then go to see it. Xu Chen was in a coma, unable to see the resentment and death, and was depressed and safe at the critical moment.

But Yu he’an looked at her, but wondered, “why is there nothing?”

“What? No?”

“Well, there’s no resentment. It’s strange. Moo. The smell of blood is so strong. The man in the grave must have been tortured and killed. How can he have no resentment at all moo.”

Yu Hean covered his mouth and almost sneezed. He muttered and took the bottle of cow tears: “I’ll drop a few more drops to see…”

“Brother Yu, don’t use it.”

Wang pengpai picked up the grass and waved it in front of Yu he’an, attracting his attention.

“You will soon become a cow. You can’t use cow tears anymore.”

Yu he’an had brown hair growing from his cheek to his chin. At first glance, he thought it was a beard, but in fact it was cow hair! On this trip, Yu he’an used too many cow tears and began to change. When he crossed the fierce bone plank road, he stamped his feet like a cow. Now, he can even smell the bloody smell on the bones, indicating that Yu he’an is basically at the limit at the moment.

“Being tortured and killed without resentment?”

Miao Fangfei is bent on breaking the game. When she finishes her journey and returns to the hotel, all problems can be solved as long as she has points. The key is that they can return to the hotel!

“How can there be such a strange thing? Can you say…”

“Pingping, look, is there a silver bracelet next to this man’s bone?”

Suddenly, ah Cheng’s confused words interrupted Miao Fangfei’s thoughts. Her breathing was stagnant and suddenly enlightened in an instant.

She understood that all the doubts were finally solved.

This is ah Cheng’s tomb!

“It’s really strange. You see, Pingping, the silver bracelets are all the same.”

Wei Xun whispered that the temperature around him was getting lower and lower, just like next to a refrigerator. He understood that the situation had reached the most dangerous time, but Wei Xun was not in a hurry. He put the silver bracelets back next to the human bones, patiently buried them with floating soil, then led Pingping to stand up and pointed out:

“What an incredible coincidence. We are destined to be with our predecessors. He will certainly bless us, won’t he?”

Wei Xun smiled at Pingping. The fierce ghost’s dark eyes looked at him, and there seemed to be countless complex emotions, which finally turned into indifference.

“He is a good man. He will bless all those who really love each other.”

Pingping’s voice was bleak: “but I can’t.”

While talking, the two lines of blood and tears flowed down. For a moment, resentment overflowed, and the surrounding scenery changed instantaneously. It was only in the blink of an eye that they returned to the maple tree outside ah Cheng’s house!

The maple tree is still there, but it is not how tall a person I saw before, but has grown into a towering tree. The shadow of the trees is whirling. Ah Cheng’s house not far away has long been in ruins. Together with the cutting wall village further away, it has all collapsed in a hundred years.

It is no longer the old illusion built by Li Gui Pingping. Today’s cut wall village is a reality a hundred years later, and the grave bag is under the maple tree. Scarlet and bloody grievances shrouded in the sky over the village. This time, everyone saw it clearly. The dark and dirty grievances rose like a bucket thick chain and gathered in the village. A dark and red terrorist figure could be seen at the junction of grievances.

In history, Li Gui Pingping has succeeded in revenge. She killed all the people in qiebai village, the village head, a long and all the people who humiliated her and calculated her. Even if Pingping died, she shouldn’t have any regrets, let alone become a fierce ghost.

“In the story, the only person who didn’t lose her, but was brutally tortured and killed by her, let the fierce ghost voluntarily be trapped here and trap everything.”

Wang pengpai said in a deep voice. He didn’t know when he had arrived at ah Cheng.

This man is ah Cheng!

After reading a long’s memory, Wei Xun knows better that Pingping killed a Cheng with crazy hatred. There is little hatred. When she knew that ah Cheng was actually possessed by ah long, there was pain and despair.

Mingming was tortured and killed, but there was no resentment in ah Cheng’s bones.

Because his soul is still there, just suppressed by Aaron. But because of Pingping’s cruel means of torture and murder, everything disappeared.

Li guipingping’s strong resentment trapped all the old people and old stories in qiebai village and trapped herself! Other people or things have all been punished, except Pingping, the fierce ghost who killed her lover himself, is still trapped in it.

Wei Xun played with a dark dagger.

Pingping’s blood resenting dagger is the most resentful object of Pingping. If you kill it, you will die.

With the passage of a hundred years, the enemy has long died and withered. At the moment, Pingping’s most resentful object is only herself!


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