TTG Chapter 51

Drunk beauty Xiangxi (51)

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 51: Drunken Beauty in West Hunan

“Cut wall village is all in Pingping’s resentment!”

The resentment of blood red and black enveloped the whole qiebai village, and everything was about to come to an end. Without special titles, all passengers can see the terrible and frightening grievances, and the fierce ghosts at the source of grievances.

“Can’t get out!”

When the spirit of resentment is strong enough to the extreme, it will naturally produce a ghost beating wall like a border. Pingping has been entrenched in qiebai village for a hundred years. She has been deeply connected with the land. Up to now, it is no longer up to her to decide. She can control the land and the souls of all the people in the village, but she is also trapped in the seat.

Under the cover of resentment, endless noise sounded from all around. The collapsed buildings sometimes showed the old model and sometimes collapsed, which was as strange as a mirage. The seat was an illusion caused by resentment. Li Guiping was completely out of control. Her resentment finally became a chain that trapped her and a problem that passengers urgently needed to solve!

“Ghosts hit the wall, no matter how you can’t get out!”

Hou Feihu said emphatically, “we must get rid of Pingping!”

Miao Fangfei immediately rejected: “we can’t deal with fierce ghosts.”

With their strength, they will never hurt the fierce ghost for a hundred years, not to mention the fierce ghost Pingping who is out of control and on the verge of collapse. There are definitely other broken situations to deal with.

Li Gui Pingping trapped everyone’s soul and herself in qiebi village, but her resentment was so strong that she lost control. She trapped people who didn’t want to be trapped with her. For example, the martyr soul in the first scenic spot and the ghost baby in the second scenic spot.

Miao Fangfei turned her head and blurted out: “ah Cheng’s grave, try to take ah Cheng’s remains out!”

The three scenic spots in Western Hunan are connected. Pingping has personally killed all her enemies during her life’s journey, and the task of the passengers is to send out the souls she wants to release. I’m afraid the seat is also Pingping’s last concern.

“Senior, we will send ah Cheng out!”

Miao Fangfei shouted. Her body was trembling for the majestic resentment from the sky. Spots had long hidden in her travel bag and shook the tip of her small tail. For them, the self destruction of the fierce ghost is tantamount to the arrival of the end of the world. At the moment, Pingping is not depressed at all. She is full of evil spirit and resentment. It is almost suffocating when she is affected by the edge.

The next thing they have to do is to dig ah Cheng’s “grave” and take out his remains. The seat will undoubtedly greatly stimulate Li guipingping. Even though Miao Fangfei is 70% sure, her heart is still so nervous that her heart is about to jump out of her throat.

If the fierce ghost Pingping gets angry at the moment, they will all die!

“Wait a minute, look at that ah Cheng, he, why is he still there?!”

Zhao Hongtu was shocked and lost his voice, which stunned everyone. He saw a figure standing in the ruins of qiobi village under the fierce ghost Pingping bound by the chain of resentment in the air.

“It’s really ah Cheng!”

Miao Fangfei couldn’t believe it: “he, how did he –”

Pingping, the ghost of Li, gets rid of the hypocrisy and makes everything more real. The majestic resentment over qiepi village has attracted the attention of most tourists. Unexpectedly, no one noticed that ah Cheng still exists!

Ah Cheng is already dead. His remains are in the grave. Isn’t ah Cheng, who appeared in the scenic spot before, a paper man controlled by Li Gui Pingping, who is the same as Fangfang and the people of qiebai village?

Miao Fangfei felt that she was confused: “is he the ghost of ah Cheng?”

“We have to send him out!”

Zhao Hongtu makes a quick decision and is in a hurry to run there. If the ghost of ah Cheng is still there, the broken bureau of their third scenic spot is definitely to send out the ghost of ah Cheng!

“Brother Wang? What do you think? ”

But Zhao Hongtu and other passengers just ran a few steps, but Wang pengpai stopped them.

“You can’t go there.”

Wang pengpai was particularly serious: “that’s the center of Li Pingping’s resentment. In the past, you would be directly rushed into fools by resentment, and you couldn’t even keep your soul.”

“Can –”

“Senior, we’re going to send ah Cheng’s ghost out. OK.”

As soon as Zhao Hongtu was about to speak, she was interrupted by Miao Fangfei. She was neither humble nor arrogant. She looked at Wang surging, polite and calm: “otherwise, she will leave qiepi village.”

Wang pengpai said, “take ah Cheng’s remains. Everyone must have one. The resentment of the fierce ghost will no longer stop you.”

The “confrontation” between Miao Fangfei and Wang pengpai made other passengers realize that it was wrong. Why did Miao Fangfei call Wang pengpai an elder? Hou Feihu pulls Zhao Hongtu. Shi Tao hesitates, carrying Xu Chen on his back, and stands behind Miao Fangfei. Yu he’an looks blankly left and right. Finally, he looks worried at ah Cheng. Lin Xi’s frown was tight, and her irritable cry broke the strange atmosphere:

“Ah Cheng’s remnant soul must be more important than the remains. The previous two scenic spots sent away were all souls. Finally, how can the scenic spot pass the customs only by sending the remains“

“Ah Cheng’s soul has dispersed.”

Wang pengpai paid more attention to Bingjiu. Seeing that he seemed to have taken something out, the fierce ghost Pingping in the sky began to fall. The distance between the two people was getting closer and closer. Wang pengpai’s eyebrows jumped. He didn’t want to delay in his seat any more. He directly said:

“Tao’er, your brother said to make spicy diced chicken at night.”

Why did the problem suddenly change to seat?

Miao Fangfei subconsciously looked at Shi Tao, but saw Shi Tao’s watch. At first, he was stunned, then his eyes widened, shocked and unbelievable, and kowtowed: “yes, it’s you, good, good.”

Wang pengpai smiled, nodded, waved his hand, and the fat figure walked to the center of the storm. Miao Fangfei frowned. Seeing that Wang pengpai had taken five steps, her body suddenly disappeared, and her heart was shocked.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong with the seat?”

Zhao Hongtu was stunned. He immediately stretched his bow and arrow, worried and anxious: “brother Wang? Brother Wang?! ”

“Let’s go and save brother Wang!”

Hou Feihu pressed Zhao Hongtu’s shoulder, shook his head solemnly, looked thoughtfully at Miao Fangfei: “Wang pengpai has an extraordinary origin.”

“Miao team, brother Wang can’t be wrong.”

Shi Tao’s breathing is short and he hasn’t calmed his heart yet. His eyes are shining. Lin Xi’s eyes are the most familiar, just like fans seeing idols.

“Let’s go quickly and take the remains.”

“Why did he say to go?”

Lin Xi said discontentedly, “what riddles are you playing!”

“The fierce ghost resents the storm center, which is really not something we can bear.”

Miao Fangfei thought a lot in her heart, and finally said calmly, “first retreat to ah Cheng’s grave to observe the situation. Once it’s wrong, take the skeleton away immediately.”

After the first trip, the brigade was no longer like the original group. Miao Fangfei made a decision. Even if Lin Xi was no longer dissatisfied and Zhao Hongtu was no longer puzzled, no one left the brigade to make trouble. Everyone retreated to ah Cheng’s tomb. The seat was just the edge of the range covered by resentment. From the seat, they looked into the middle of qiebai village. After such a long distance, they could still feel the terrible pressure brought by the towering resentment.

Rao Shilin Xi also breathed a sigh. He really can’t bear the resentment that the fierce ghost has been out of control for a hundred years, but he still doubts what Wang pengpai said:

“Do you really believe what he said that ah Cheng’s ghost is gone? What on earth is in the ruins of qiebai village? Is it still a dummy made by Pingping? ”

“The seat still exists at that time, isn’t it right? He is absolutely special!”

“Lin Xi is right.”

Zhao Hongtu rarely echoed: “how could he not be ah Cheng? It doesn’t look like a fake that he exchanged words with Pingping all the way. Especially now that Pingping is out of control, he is still there. I dare say that he is definitely a key task. ”

“But we are really not close.”

Miao Fangfei said. She looked at Shi Tao. Miao Fangfei has cooperated with Shi Tao on previous trips. The relationship between them can be regarded as a friend. She knows that Shi Tao’s brother is in the brigade and Wang pengpai. He knows Shi Tao’s brother. Can you say

Miao Fangfei shook her head and stopped thinking. The most important thing now is to complete the task. At the last minute, Miao Fangfei didn’t want any more accidents.

“Look again.”

Miao Fangfei said that the people watched the fierce ghost Pingping, who was originally standing over qiebai village, fly down, fall to the ground and stand with ah Cheng. The dark blood light of deep resentment brightened the night sky, but when it was reflected on Pingping and ah Cheng, the scene of seat was particularly sad and beautiful, just like the Cowherd and weaver girl who met on the magpie bridge, but it was a pity to think of her experience with ah Cheng.

Hou Feihu, who has always been calm, also said, “look again. Don’t worry.”

“Ah Cheng.”

Li guipingping finally stood opposite ah Cheng again. She opened her mouth and no longer heard the pleasant, hoarse ghost voice of the past. Her voice rang through every space where she complained. Even Miao Fangfei and others who were the furthest away were clear.

“Kill me, Cheng.”

Li guipingping looked at the man in front of her, and her bloody resentment floated around her. Her pale face was as beautiful as a glow, just like when she was born, but Wei Xun didn’t ignore the infinite cold terror.

On the verge of collapse or even uncontrollable resentment, Li Guiping is at the most dangerous time. At the moment, she is smiling gently and gently. There seems to be tears in Wei Xun’s eyes, but the next moment she may suddenly burst out and take his life.

“Pingping, you are so beautiful.”

Wei Xun sincerely exclaimed that he covered his chest and felt his heart beating faster. The diffuse sense of danger and excitement was really addictive.

“Do you want me to kill you?”

Wei Xun never hid a dagger and showed it to Li Gui Pingping. At this moment, the fierce ghost Pingping in the strongest state, I’m afraid only the seat handle dagger can kill her.

“Yes, they all die, and so do I.”

Pingping is closer. Her soft boneless hand is holding Wei Xun’s arm. It is as cold as ice. She tilts her head slightly, her eyebrows and eyes are full of tears, and her breath is like orchid.

“I only want to be killed by ah Cheng.”

The invisible Wang pengpai witnessed the scene of the seat. He didn’t get too close, but was meters away from Pingping and Bingjiu. He noticed the dark dagger in Bingjiu’s hand. Experienced Wang pengpai immediately understood that the seat was estimated to be a prop that Bingjiu got after completing the task of opening up new scenic spots and can kill the fierce ghost Pingping.

And he happens to have a Cheng’s identity. With such sharp tools, the weather, the place and the people are harmonious. Maybe he can really kill the fierce ghost.

It’s just

When Wang pengpai noticed Pingping’s words, he felt a smile in his heart. He is worthy of being a fierce ghost that hasn’t dispersed for a hundred years. He has more eyes than an old fox. If you are careless, you will suffer a great loss. Around the scenic spot has come to an end. Wang pengpai is fully prepared to capture Bingjiu. Now he comes to watch the excitement, but also to prevent Bingjiu from being killed by Pingping.

Ah Cheng’s identity is a double-edged sword.

[final mission: kill Li Gui Pingping]

[task level: death level]

[mission Description: only the bloody dagger can kill the fierce ghost Pingping. Put an end to the century old nightmare of qiaobi village and let everything finally return to peace]

[reward (because Li Gui Pingping has too high class, you will get a bonus!)

[10000 yuan]

[blood and tears of Li Gui Pingping]

[fierce ghost Pingping’s blood grudge dagger]

[ghost gas crystal of Li ghost Pingping]

[ghost butcher purple title]

[Name: Li Guiping’s blood and tears]

[quality: Amazing]

[function: wipe on blood and tears, you will be able to live in the state of fierce ghost for a short time, and because there is too much resentment in blood and tears, the collection props will not work for you]

[Note: who dares to catch the fierce ghost crying? If you disturb the fierce ghost crying, you will be struck by thunder!]

[Name: Li Guiping’s blood grudge dagger]

[quality: Amazing]

[function: the dagger containing the soul of the fierce ghost Pingping can summon the fierce ghost Pingping to possess the body during battle]

[remarks:  blood grudged sacrifice contains super supernatural weapons of fierce ghosts and souls. The hotel looked at Duxin!]

[Name: Ghost gas crystal of Li Pingping]

[quality: special]

[function: it has extraordinary effect on repairing remnant souls and cultivating ghost bodies!]

[Note: the seat is the crystallization of the ghost spirit of a century old ghost! The ghost spirit lasts forever, and a crystal will be handed down forever!]

[ghost slaying  (purple title): you are a real ghost slaying , and the resentment attacks of supernatural ghosts will not have any impact on you. You are best at  the weak wins the strong, and you will explode amazing power when fighting ghosts. But your threat is too strong and your evil spirit is too heavy. It is easy to arouse the hostility of high-level ghosts!]

Different from the rewards that will appear after completing the task, the rewards are rarely listed when the second task is listed! Perhaps Wei Xun’s class is too different from that of a century old ghost. The reward is too rich to imagine, and it’s all he needs!

With the blood and tears of the fierce ghost, he can be more confident when he leaves Wang surging. The blood grudge dagger is an excellent weapon. All the daggers or knives Wei Xun got from Lin Xi are useless. Now he can only fight with the alienated sharp claws. He is in urgent need of a good weapon.

The ghost gas crystal just feeds the little fox, which can make it recover faster.

But among the rewards, the most important and precious one is the purple title of “ghost Slayer”! Wei Xun’s current purple Title [cold-blooded ] comes from Bingjiu. After taking the journey and breaking away from Bingjiu’s identity, he has only three green titles [painless ], [highly toxic resistance] and [strong resentment resistance], which are not enough to see.

Wei Xun always pursues stronger and more stimulation, not to mention that he has signed a contract with * *. Wei Xun needs stronger strength and can gain more ownership in joining an Xuefeng brigade or temporary observation. I’m afraid it’s difficult to get the title. Seeing that Miao Fangfei has experienced so many journeys, they only reach the level of the blue title. The purple title of the supernatural sent to the door is undoubtedly very important.

The reward is not finished in the seat. Finally, there is another sentence [because you play a Cheng in the third scenic spot, after killing the ghost Pingping, you will get a special reward according to Pingping’s favor for you]

After completing the task of opening up new scenic spots, Wei Xun, who chose the special task, took a look at the good feeling between himself and Pingping.

[Li Gui Pingping’s favor for you: 95]

The seat is undoubtedly a very high value, but it is said that after he killed Li Gui Pingping, he should get a special reward. The rewards in front are so attractive. How mysterious will the special rewards specially marked on the seat be!

I’m afraid even monks will be worried.

Wei Xun smiled and held the dagger close to Pingping. Li guipingping didn’t resist. She just closed her eyes and even raised her head to reveal her fragile neck. A drop of blood and tears coagulated on her eyelashes, which made Pingping look extremely sad and beautiful.

The sharp tip of the dagger has been pasted to Pingping’s heart. It seems that time will solidify at this moment. As long as Wei Xun sends it forward a little, Li Guiping will be killed by him. Wang pengpai on one side shook his head secretly, nervous and ready to take action at any time.

But at the next moment, Wei Xun suddenly turned the dagger to Pingping and handed it to her.

“Pingping, silly girl, how could I kill you.”

Wei Xun’s tone was helpless and spoiled. When the fierce ghost Pingping stared at him, Wei Xun sighed, hugged Pingping and wiped the blood and tears on her cheek: “good girl, don’t cry.”

“If you must want to end everything, kill me.”

“I will die with you.”


“Can he be ah Cheng?”

Lin Xi almost jumped up: “he must be ah Cheng, otherwise how can he do it!”

From the overflowing resentment came the voice of Pingping and ah Cheng. The passengers completely ignored them. Even Miao Fangfei couldn’t find any omission of ah Cheng, because he was completely like a man who loved Pingping and was willing to die for her and die with her.

“Maybe he is Pingping’s paper man…”

Zhao Hongtu hesitated and shut his mouth. It’s time to plant a seat. How can Pingping still play with a seat to cheat herself.

“Yes, can it be that Li Gui Pingping is out of control and has no reason. She really wants to die with ah Cheng.”

Yu he’an said anxiously, stamping his feet like a cow: “let’s, we have to save ah Cheng, OK!”

That’s the ghost of director C and Huihui. Yu he’an is so anxious that he wants to get angry. He wants to rush over and drag the fierce ghost and let director C withdraw quickly.

“You’re right.”

Hou Feihu ponders that if it is the crazy Pingping who plans to bury ah Cheng’s ghost with her, it is also possible for the passengers to save ah Cheng’s ghost and send it out. It’s just that the task is too difficult for the seat. Maybe there are two solutions for the last level of the seat. There are less rewards for sending the remains out and more rewards for leaving the remnant soul, but the seat basically dances with the tip of the knife.

Third, the most important project of the scenic spot has been completed. Hou Feihu does not intend to take risks with Zhao Hongtu when he can leave the scenic spot immediately.

“Look again.”

Miao Fangfei also said that the strongest people didn’t die. Even if Lin Xi and Yu he’an were anxious, they could only continue to watch.


“Would you like to die with me?”

Pingping was stunned, hesitated, holding the dagger and asked softly.

Pingping shook her head slowly, and her voice showed a little tiredness: “I owe ah Cheng you, and it’s time to end everything. Kill me and leave, ah Cheng. ”

“What are you talking about?”

Wei Xun said, stroking Pingping’s long hair: “if you really want to end, let me stay with you.”


Pingping raised her head and looked at him. Her pale hands tightened and grabbed the clothes on Wei Xun’s chest. At the moment, she was not like a fierce ghost, but more like those girls who were nervous and asked for a promise from their lover.

“Yes, how could I lie to you.”

Wei Xun held Pingping’s hand and pressed it on his heart with infinite tenderness: “I’m willing to stay with you.”

Poop, poop.

His heartbeat was as steady as usual. Pingping’s pale fingertips felt his heartbeat, almost crazy. She lowered her eyelashes, and the hand holding the dagger didn’t know when to lift up, and the tip of the dagger was aimed at Wei Xun’s heart.

“Do you really want to die with me?”

With the sharp tip against Wei Xun’s chest, it felt wonderful, like ignoring the flesh and bones of his chest and directly touching the most vulnerable and sensitive heart. The human body’s instinctive sense of crisis desperately sounds the alarm, the great sense of death crisis dances on the tight nerves, and the fear of dying can make the most determined people fear.

Perhaps the surface is still calm, but the heart can’t deceive people.

Wei Xun’s heart beat a little faster. He smiled happily and contentedly. The Lord held Pingping’s hand and let the dagger pierce deeper into the flesh and pierce the heart. His face was pale, but he was smiling all the time. He focused on Pingping and whispered:

“It’s nice to come to an end with you.”

After that, Wei Xun closed his eyes, just like Pingping who closed his eyes and waited for Tu. Wang pengpai, who was watching the scene, was numb. He kept scolding in his heart. Bingjiu’s seat man was crazy and crazy! Wang pengpai often feels that he has estimated him high enough, but he will always be beaten in the face by his next amazing move.

Wang pengpai is more determined. He has to take him with him anyway. OK, fat man, let’s go!

Wang pengpai grabbed his ass and untied the seal of a hidden talisman. The momentum revealed in an instant even attracted the alert glance of Li Gui Pingping. After Wang pengpai immediately restrained his breath, Li Gui Pingping turned his head and looked at Wei Xun.

After a long silence and the passage of time, Wei Xun saw that the countdown to his death was decreasing rapidly, but he didn’t use the product to exchange, but let it decline. Pingping’s hand has been gently pressed on his heart. If she ignores the cold dagger piercing his heart, the scene is like a girl being held in her lover’s arms and they snuggle closely.

[death countdown 05:18:46]

[death countdown 01:23:52]

[death countdown 00:18:26]

“Ah Cheng, do you blame me?”

When there were only eight minutes left in his life, Wei Xun was as angry as a hairspring, and his heart beat was so weak that he almost disappeared. He didn’t stand firm. He seemed to hug Pingping. In fact, it was all supported by the fierce ghost Pingping. For Wei Xun, the feeling of dying is not strange. He has experienced it many times. Therefore, when the darkness gradually engulfs his consciousness and gradually loses control of his body, he still behaves very calmly.

In the dark, he seemed to hear Pingping’s voice. At this time, thinking is almost gone. Relying on instinct alone, Wei Xun answered without thinking:

“Don’t complain.”

No resentment, no hatred.

[death countdown 00:05:19]

The death countdown stopped at the dangerous five minutes, and then did not continue to decline. The prompt sound of the hotel sounded in Wei Xun’s mind.

[you passed the test of Li Gui Pingping and were recognized by Li Gui Pingping]

Everything is the test of Li Guiping!

Get the identity of ah Cheng and take greater risks at the same time. Anyone else who gets a seat dagger may kill Pingping, but ah Cheng can’t.

Because ah Cheng can never kill Pingping.

Once Wei Xun takes over, he will no longer be a Cheng, and all his previous efforts will be wasted. The final task of killing Pingping disappeared. Wei Xun didn’t have any waves in his heart. The rewards were too rich, and they were all what he needed urgently at present. Is it a coincidence, or is it the test of the ghost Pingping’s spiritual illusion?

The test of greed, the test of death, the test of will, the game between suspicious dangerous ghosts and cunning humans.

Ah Cheng won’t kill Pingping. Ah Cheng won’t complain about Pingping. Ah Cheng won’t lie to Pingping. He is willing to die with Pingping.

No one can deceive the fierce ghost. Pingping’s hand is always on Wei Xun’s heart. As long as he shows anything wrong, Pingping will kill him.

How can you die? It doesn’t hurt to stay on the journey. What Wei Xun said has always been true. The title of “cold-blooded” makes him feel no pain and show no negative emotion.

What he showed was a Cheng in Pingping’s heart.

With the lessons of the past, even if it is out of control and crazy, Li Gui Pingping can kill anyone, but it is impossible to kill ah Cheng.

Only the seat can kill and survive.

Wei Xun won the game between life and death.

“It’s zero, it’s zero!”

In a moment, time points to zero. At the same time, Miao Fangfei and her colleagues looked out of the village and saw an old bus. They didn’t know when it appeared and stopped quietly at the intersection. The tourist bus was the hotel bus that took them to Wuluo mountain!

“Brother nine, brother nine!”

“Lin Xi!”

Lin Xi was so excited that he suddenly opened ah Cheng’s grave and rushed out with a pile of white bones. Miao Fangfei, who was quick, didn’t respond.


They watched Lin Xi pass through the crimson resentment. They were no longer affected by ghosts hitting the wall and rushed to the bus. Li guipingping didn’t respond. In a moment, everyone’s heart beat wildly. Zhao Hongtu grabbed a bone and handed it to Hou Feihu, half of whom, tentatively and carefully walked to the boundary of resentment. Sure enough, he also went out.

Sending ah Cheng’s remains out is the key!

“Brother Hou, Miao team, come quickly!”

Zhao Hongtu said loudly, excite his words, and quickly waved, “come on!”

The hotel car will only stay for a quarter of an hour!

Seeing that Lin Xi has got on the bus, Miao Fangfei and they no longer hesitate. Ah Cheng finally wrapped the finger bones and other small bones that were difficult to take, which were carefully wrapped by Miao Fangfei with waterproof cloth and put into the backpack. After hesitating, Miao Fangfei left a leg bone. The seat was reserved for Wang surging. Then she said in a crisp voice:

“Brother Yu, come quickly.”

“Oh, oh, good.”

Yu he calmed his nerves. He was in a trance, step by step over his head. He hesitated. He dragged behind Miao Fangfei and walked to the bus, grasping his heart and scratching his liver. Miao Fangfei walked quickly to the bus, but was surprised to see that her teammates didn’t get on the bus, but all stood at the door of the bus.

Why don’t you get in the car?

“Brother nine, why isn’t brother nine here?”

Lin Xi’s frightened and anxious voice answered Miao Fangfei’s doubts. Miao Fangfei was stunned. She pushed away her teammates and boarded the bus. There was no one in the car.

They should have waited at the end with the bus for their guide Bingjiu to be away!

For a moment, Miao Fangfei was terrified. Where did director C go? No wonder his teammates don’t get on the bus. Even Miao Fangfei suspects that the bus is fake. Are they still in the ghost wall of Li Pingping?

“Woo, woo, Woo -”

Under the anxious condition of sitting in the seat, Yu Hean finally couldn’t bear the inner pressure and sobbed.

“Miao team, brother Hou, you are all capable people. Come on, go and help director C. please, I, I, you kowtow…”

“Brother Yu, what do you mean by a seat?”

Hou Feihu supported Yu he’an, who was going to kneel down, and asked sternly, “where is director C? What does it mean to help guide C? ”

“Director C is going to be killed by Pingping. Director C is going to be killed by Pingping.”

Yu he’an wept and choked in pain. He trembled and finally revealed the shocking secret to everyone: “director C, director C is ah Cheng.”


Everyone lost their voice and couldn’t believe it.

How can director C be a Cheng?!

Bingjiu is ah Cheng.

Wei Xun felt that his whole body was full of strength, and the weak feeling of losing blood and dying was almost imperceptible. Crazy blood flowed in his body, roaring destruction and destruction. Li guipingping loosened his hand. Wei Xun landed lightly, his alienated sharp claws broke the tourist shoes, his demonic long tail fell, wrapped around his thigh, and the dark silver bone spurs were gentle and comfortable.

At the end of the third scenic spot, ah Cheng’s identity is stripped. At the moment, there are only the last 7 points of Wei Xun San value. His whole body is highly alienated. He is more like a human demon than a human. The slightly longer tiger teeth are pointed and press out traces on the lower lip. Crazy instinct encroaches on reason. His eyes have become pure red, transparent as a gem, but his eyes are like an abyss, indifferent to suppress madness, and there is no sense of human beings.

“Tut Tut, director C, you’re not sitting well now.”

Wang pengpai came out of invisibility and stood in front of Wei Xun. The fierce ghost’s resentment storm did not disperse, but he was not affected at all. He looked at Bingjiu with a smile.

“Although I don’t know if you can understand me now, but…”

Wang pengpai exaggerated and bent down. When he got up again, he had a dark red broken dead bone in his hand.

“Bingjiu, come with me. We want to see you.”

When the withered bones of the seat appeared, Wang pengpai’s resentment around his body suddenly dissipated, as if it had been forcibly erased. Li guipingping screamed bitterly, and there was a trace of fear in her voice!

[Name: variation ¥%#* command leg bone]


[function: pressure & *%!]

[Note: * &… Drive… # command]

The seat is the leg bone obtained by Wang pengpai when his brigade killed a completely changed guide, which has been placed in the brigade warehouse. The guide had the strength to impact class a before his death, and the monster shape after the change is also extremely strong, which is similar to the flame monarch in a game hell in the past. Later, it was crushed by an Xuefeng, leaving only the hardest leg bone.

Even if its attribute is a string of random codes, they have roughly found out the role of leg bones in the attempt, that is, the guide who can command and instruct alienation!

Although only one person can be ordered at a time, for the people with great difference in strength like Bingjiu’s seat, he has no intention of disobeying the command of leg bones!

“Bingjiu, come here.”

Wang pengpai ordered, vigilantly paying attention to the sky stained with blood. The fierce wind formed by resentment and evil spirit was cold and piercing, whistling past and lingering around the fierce ghost Pingping. The hundred year old ghost is withering and falling. I’m afraid the whole cutting wall village and Wuluo mountain will become a negative environment because of her withering. The impact of the withering of fierce ghosts is not fatal to Wang pengpai, but it is fatal to Bingjiu.

Wang pengpai is afraid of alienation. Bing Jiu just wants to fight. Without reason, he immediately takes action. At the same time, he had an inexplicable foreboding in his heart, as if something unexpected was about to happen, which made Wang surging and alert.

After alienation, Bing Jiu, like a monster, staggered and took a step towards his seat. Wang pengpai was relieved, but then a hesitant female voice came from behind him: “brother Wang… What did you ask me to do?”

“Miao Fangfei?!”

Wang pengpai was stunned and saw that Miao Fangfei didn’t know when to walk behind him. His eyes were confused, but Bingjiu, who was originally approaching his seat, stopped. At the same time, the withered bone changed from dark red to gray. It seemed that it had been used for one day. The bone pattern representing control appeared on Miao Fangfei’s face, but disappeared in a moment.

“Brother Wang?”

Miao Fangfei’s body shook and seemed to wake up. She looked at Wang pengpai’s eyes with doubts and vigilance: “what’s the matter with Gang Xiang?”


Wang pengpai hissed and looked like a knife. Miao Fangfei looked along his line of sight, but was startled by the devil like man: “seat, seat is guide C?”

“I, no, go, go.”

Wei Xun smiled and joked maliciously. His voice was low and dumb, with a special confusing vibrato, like the resonance of the hell violin. On his shoulder fell a golden fat mosquito, with three pairs of wings of different colors buzzing.

It was the Valentine mutant mosquito he accepted!

As early as before, Wei Xun thought that Wang pengpai’s various means might be specifically aimed at his alienation state, so he had to guard against it. The magic mosquito and the four maggot brothers are essentially the same as the alienated tour guide to some extent.

Wei Xun chose the magic mosquito because after sucking blood, it can make the blood of him catch the breath of the abyss and then digest it. The magic mosquito sucked Miao Fangfei’s food, but did not digest it after catching the breath, but still kept it. When Wang pengpai took out the leg bone, Wei Xun felt extremely dangerous, and he did not hesitate to let the magic mosquito top it. And the magic mosquito will lead to the blood stained with the breath of the abyss.

Miao Fangfei was called by Wang pengpai, but she was not really alienated after all. Withered bones played a complete role in her. Even if withered bones could command to take in many objects, magic mosquitoes still had the blood of Yu he’an, Lin Xi, Hou Feihu and Zhao Hongtu. Wang pengpai’s means have cracked one!

“Sure enough, there are good means.”

Wang pengpai gently praised: “I didn’t expect you to have reason, but Bingjiu, you…”


Suddenly, the earth shook violently, and the roar rushed out of the ground like a steady stream of thunder. The seat shook violently as if there were volcanic eruptions underground. The cobweb like cracks spread rapidly, the earth cracked, the ruins collapsed, and the strong wind rolled up the stumps and leaves. It was like a scene of doomsday! Wang pengpai had a stronger and stronger foreboding in his heart. He rushed at Wei Xun without hesitation, like a vigorous cheetah.

Wang pengpai’s speed is amazing. Rao Shiwei Xun’s eyes after his change have not caught his work, let alone avoided it. He just took a small step back, but Wang pengpai had rushed in front of him, only half a meter away from him!

However, the distance of half a meter was like a gap across the sky. Wang pengpai did not move forward. It was like an invisible barrier between him and Bingjiu. He could not move forward anyway.

No, the seat is not the effect of some kind of prop, nor is it the special title of Bingjiu. The seat feels familiar to Wang pengpai.

The seat is the rule of the hotel preventing him from approaching Bingjiu. Why is the seat?!

Wang surging looked at the earth constantly shaking and cracking, at the resentment gradually gathering all over the sky, and at more and more corpse flying foxes flying around the whirlwind of resentment, and at the fierce ghost Pingping over qiebai village.

Suddenly, Wang pengpai’s face suddenly changed!

“The seat is not withered.”

“Seat is the birth of a new journey!”

Wei Xun looked at him in surprise. Unexpectedly, Wang pengpai knew the seat. But when you think about it, the big passengers of his seat class must know a lot.


Wei Xun looked at the fierce ghost Pingping dressed in black and red, slowly, raised his eyebrows and said with a smile:

“Is the birth of a new journey.”

It was the special task he chose after opening up scenic spots!

At this moment, Wei Xun has completed all the prerequisites in this special task!

[lead the team through the journey of Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan [completed]

[successfully opened up new scenic spots during the journey to Western Hunan [completed]

[approved by the final boss of the journey [completed]]

[di, tour guide Bingjiu has completed all the pre tasks, with a participation of more than 90%, and will participate in the opening of a new journey!]


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