TTG Chapter 52

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 52: Regression

When the strong wind rises, the mountain shakes. The chain of black and red grievances is broken one by one, but it does not disperse. Instead, it turns into a stronger resentment and is wrapped around the fierce ghost Pingping!

“Ah –!”

The shrill roar of the fierce ghost shocked Miao Fangfei’s brain into a blank, almost all her consciousness would return to nothingness, and her mind seemed to burst. Miao Fangfei barely recovered until a force sent her out. She was far away from the center of the storm, but she was out of strength, her mind was still buzzing, and she couldn’t control her body.

“Don’t go in.”

Wang pengpai, who sent Miao Fangfei out, warned and turned back to the center of the storm of resentment. I saw thousands of corpse flying foxes flying like a flock of crows and covering the sky. Then they fell into the vast mountains and forests like an arrow rain. They opened their scarlet eyes in the dark, and their dark and gloomy eyes looked from all directions. They were cold and sticky like maggots on tarsal bones, which made people’s hair and bones creepy.

“It’s fucking bad.”

Wang pengpai’s station is very close to the center of the storm, but he can’t go to Bingjiu again. His expression is rare and dignified, and his fat face is distorted by the strong wind.

“With such a great momentum, what level of new journey must it be?”

Wang pengpai is unwilling, but he also understands that from the beginning of the new journey, the whole scenic area will fall into the protection of the hotel rules, and soon the hotel will begin to exclude passengers in the scenic area, except C 9. He is obviously an important person to trigger the opening of a new journey. He will participate in it and be protected by the rules of the hotel.

“Xinjing  development, C 9 trigger, drunk in Western Hunan…”

The more Wang pengpai thought about it, the more frightened he felt. His fat flesh trembled. He just felt that he had accidentally spied into the startling conspiracy. It’s not something he can handle.

“You must hurry back and tell everyone!”

Wang pengpai is very decisive. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t stay any longer. He just carefully and deeply remembers Bingjiu’s bronze mask, as well as his chin radian and variant type before leaving. Then he turned and left without hesitation. The passengers had already sat in the car and looked at the terrible storm from the window, one by one.

Seeing Wang surging on the bus, Yu he’an hurriedly asked, “what’s the matter with brother Wang? “Guide him?”

“Don’t worry, it’s a new journey.”

Wang pengpai was upset and depressed. He held a cigarette butt in his mouth. Seeing Yu he’an’s anxious face, he knew that he was worried about Yu Hehui. Wang pengpai was heavy in heart and felt sorry for him. He comforted him: “brother Yu, don’t worry, director C will be fine.”

C-guide, c-guide, c-nine.

Whenever he thought deeply, he would be interrupted by something else. Wang pengpai didn’t think it was an accident. He pondered and figured out that it was probably the rules of the journey. He was C-9. However, what this person showed was very different from the previous “C 9 completion”. No matter who he is, he will replace Bingjiu and can bear the title of “cold-blooded man”. He can’t get rid of that person!

Wang pengpai was in a cold sweat. He had to go back and tell the captain. Everyone in the bus was still worried about C 9 and was afraid of the terrible storm of anger and resentment, but the next moment, the whole bus and the passengers in the bus disappeared into the original bus as if they had never appeared.

The birth of the new journey will expel all the passengers around, except Wei Xun who takes on a special task.

At the moment, Wei Xun is still in the middle of the storm. He looks up and sees the fierce ghost Pingping wrapped by more and more black and red grievances. Finally, he can’t see the human shape in it anymore. It’s like a giant shuttle solidified by grievances, showing a terrible momentum. Rao Shiwei Xun’s scalp is numb and his cold hair stands upright.

From the corner of his eye, he had already seen Wang surging away and the bus disappeared. He also knew that the new journey would expel other passengers. Now Wei Xun chooses to leave the journey and will not be found by anyone.

But Wei Xun saw the birth of a new journey for the first time! So he didn’t leave immediately, but endured the pressure of resentment and stayed. When he saw thousands of corpse flying foxes scattered and falling into the thick forest of Wuluo mountain, Wei Xun had a vague understanding.

I’m afraid this is his new task, flying fox mountain forest!

Wei Xun was inexplicably excited by this knowledge. To know the whole dangerous journey to Western Hunan, there are three scenic spots, which are on Wuluo mountain. At present, only one scenic spot accounts for the whole Wuluo mountain. It can be called one scenic spot, which is the top three to Western Hunan. What kind of journey is this!

With the gathering of grievances becoming more and more intense, and the pressure becoming stronger and stronger, gradually Wei Xun couldn’t support it any more. The countdown to death decreased wildly, and the San value fell like a hole. Wei Xun persevered to the last minute. When his difference between the two values returned to zero at the same time, Wei Xun regretted that he couldn’t and had to leave.

At the last glance before leaving, he seemed to see that the black and red cocoon with Li guipingping as the core fell like a meteor. If Gonggong was angry and couldn’t hit Zhou mountain, he knocked the whole Wuluo mountain from top to bottom and opened a deep and miasma shrouded mountain crack!

[Pingping, the last generation of tomb keeper in qiebi village, withered and fell, and the mysterious chieftain King’s tomb keeper completely disappeared. On the same day, a once-in-a-century earthquake occurred in Wadu Township, Xiangxi Prefecture. The earthquake opened a crack in Wuluo mountain and opened the secret of the tomb keeper’s protection for a century.]

[what made Pingping, the last generation tomb keeper, a fierce ghost?]

[what makes the people’s resentment of qiebi village still gather in Wuluo mountain after thousands of years]

[in the past, Mr. Ma, the chief executive of the company, was in a black and stiff mouth]

[the secret corpse driving skill of qiebi village, the mysterious and strange skill of keeping stiff, and the soul moving skill that can bring people back to life…]

[it is said that generations of chieftain kings have devoted themselves to building, hiding countless treasures of the royal family, countless long lost Western Hunan mysteries and witches, and the mysterious chieftain King’s tomb, which has finally reappeared…]

[tentative name: chieftain King’s tomb]

[journey development: under development]

[journey judgment level: no solution level, belonging to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude!]

[as a participant in the new journey, you will get a human skin map. When the journey is completed and opened, you will get the opportunity to participate in the journey based on the map!]

[temporary tour guide Bingjiu successfully completed the journey to drunk Western Hunan!]

After Wei Xun left, the upheaval of Wuluo mountain was still going on. The earthquake affected the whole mountain and the surrounding areas, and changed the appearance of countless people. In the past, the fierce bone plank road taken by the people of qiebi village to drive away the corpses disappeared, the Xiaolong river flowing for thousands of years dried up, and the stream turned to the river. It seemed that an old figure took advantage of the upheaval and rushed into the crack of Wuluo mountain

* *

[your trip is being settled and is under comprehensive evaluation…]

[according to the assessment, Wei Xun, the reserve tour guide, successfully led the passengers through the customs, perfectly completed the task of opening up a new scene of “flying fox mountain forest” and successfully promoted the opening up of a new journey of “chieftain King’s tomb”]

[according to the comprehensive evaluation, your trip has reached five-star high praise, won the label of “New Star Tour Guide” awarded by the hotel and the invitation letter for the year-end celebration. Please take more groups and make persistent efforts in the future!]

[you get 1500 points from the salary of drunken Xiangxi]

[you won the blue title of [wild soul]

[you won the green title of [empathy]

[wild soul (blue title): you have extraordinary talent as a wild creature. When you become a wild animal, you will get rid of the negative state of human form]

[empathy (green title): you have extraordinary empathy for others and can think from the perspective of others. You can choose to empathize with an identity to obtain that identity (only one identity)]

[at the end of the trip, the guide flag, guide Mai and guide Brooch will be returned to the hotel. Due to the end of the trip, you will no longer have the temporary Title [C 9]]

[the virtual Hall of the hotel has been opened to you]

[thriller Hotel app has been downloaded to your mobile phone]

[tour guide ranking list is open to you. You have no ranking at present]

[your next journey will start in a month. Please pay attention to the ‘my journey’ information prompt in the app at all times.]

[have a nice trip next time!]


In the early morning, a golden and brown Maine cat skillfully opened the door of a private villa at 39 Tongyuan road and sneaked into the house. It jumped into bed and snored and stepped on milk on the people.

Suddenly, the Maine cat is gone. It bows its back, its beautiful brownish green eyes stare at the bulge of the quilt, and its big tail swings slowly and rhythmically. Suddenly it pounced like a hunter, and its big snow-white claws firmly pressed the small bulge.


In the angry cry of milk Fox and the threatening snore of Maine cat, Wei Xun slowly opened his eyes and woke up.

“The cake goes down…”

He was weak and weak. He sat up with his body on his back. He took out a red and white fox from the quilt in front of his chest. One fox was staring at the other. The Maine cat was trying to pull the tail of the ‘big mouse’.

“Sure enough, this is not a dream.”

Wei Xun got out of bed and took a few steps, which made him take a few empty breaths. But it’s much better than before. You know, after he dismissed the nurse and nurse, pulled a black group of people and moved here alone, Wei Xun’s physical condition was so bad that he could hardly get out of bed.

But now he can get up and walk around the villa, even up and down the stairs, which is a great progress!

After a slow stroll, he took a glass of water and returned to his mobile phone. Wei Xun turned out his mobile phone. There were several missed calls on his mobile phone. The message was also red 99, but he skipped the phone and looked at the new software on his mobile phone.

With a black frame and a dim yellow background, several wavy lines outline water lines. On the water is an inverted trapezoidal boat. It is obviously a simple stroke like children’s graffiti, but it gives people a thrilling sense of fear.

At the top is the sign of blue and purple butterfly. Next to the sign are two words with blood marks.


Thriller, thriller, the app of the ball hotel.

Wei Xun is interested in studying the hotel app, but he doesn’t know that the hotel circles all over the world are quarreling for him at this moment. An analysis hot post [whether ‘C 9’ is C 9] has ranked first in the general list!


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