TTG Chapter 53

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 53: Real world

As the B 49 “Drunken Beauty Xiangxi group” disappeared in the second scenic spot group, the vast majority of the audience went to the C 9 live broadcast. In dushouhun stream, fox immortals appeared, and the number even exceeded 100000!

This is the “C” ranking. The tour guide has never made any achievements. There is a lot of noise in the “C 9” live broadcast. There are B 49 “crazy fans stirring up wind and waves and fishing in troubled waters. There are C 9 new fans choking. The layers of each” bullet screen fishing “and” bullet screen chaos “in the whole live broadcast are almost visible. However, in any case, there are more and more viewers in the live broadcast of C 9.

Because his team had not been downsized until the last scenic spot, everyone had a faint hunch.

This time, maybe, the whole staff will survive! And all the people survived the journey of drunk beauty in Western Hunan!

[brothers, do you think Bingjiu can choose the top 100 tour guides at the end of the year and participate in the year-end ceremony?!]

[come on, did you drink ecstasy. He’s just a tour guide at the end of C. We can only choose a class B tour guide in Asia!]

[but he will lead the whole group to survive soon. This is drunk Western Hunan. Bingjiu will certainly be included in the honor list of annual tour guides. If you are on this list, you will definitely get the invitation letter ]

[before the third scenic spot starts, you fantasize that the whole regiment can survive?? I mean, there are a few people in the last rollover group!]

[yes, you milk Bingjiu now. You’re afraid of giving him milk to die]

[no milk, no milk, please, watch the live broadcast quietly. I’m scared to death]

[hey, let me say that although all the people in this brigade are poor, they still have to rely on guide Bingjiu to walk so far in Zui Meixiang West! Without C-9, they would still have half of them by now. If the third scenic spot is a scene reproduction project… Tut tut]

[in front, why do you curse people so much? They are all passengers. Can you expect people to be better?! Finally, the scenic spot must be a scene reproduction class, it must be!]

There is a lot of noise in the barrage. When we come to this stage, we can see that the live broadcast of Bingjiu has long been just ordinary tour guides and tourists, involving the crucial year-end celebration. If Bingjiu really joins, it is likely to change the existing pattern. Many potential people pay attention to the live broadcast of Bingjiu, and there is a surging undercurrent of Bingjiu.

However, when seeing the third scenic spot, crying marriage is really a scene restoration project. Those potential followers either relax or frown.

“It’s hard.”

There is humanity: “the luck of C 9 is really bad, and the luck of this team of passengers is also bad.”

[absolutely, this is really a scene reproduction project]

[who sucks? I really want to milk this brigade!]

[what a mess! It’s easy to live until now. Fight for some anger!]

As soon as the wedding crying project came out, the atmosphere of the live broadcast changed rapidly. The audience became pessimistic and pessimistic. Of course, there were also people who wanted to be good at C 9. They were laughing and mocking at this behind the scenes.

[there is no doubt about the actual situation of tour guide Bingjiu, but he can’t help it in the scene restoration project]

After this bounty screen appeared, no one refuted it. Even the new C 9 fans lost their voice because the man said it was really reasonable.

From the past, it can be seen that whether it is attracting the attention of corpse flying fox in the first scenic spot or killing the king of corpse flying fox in advance in the second scenic spot, the guide Bingjiu’s work is the core key. With his guidance, the possibility of survival of tourists is greatly improved.

But the third scenic spot is a recurring project in the past! The tour guide of this project cannot participate and can only wait for passengers at the terminal.

For those ferocious and murderous tour guides, the tour guide is a good opportunity for them to finally catch their breath, but for the tour guide with C 9, the conscience tour guide and the drunken Western Hunan tour team, the tour guide’s inability to participate is definitely their biggest loss!

Sure enough, as soon as they entered the scenic spot, they entered the misunderstanding.

“What they should do most is to find ah Cheng. Everything else is important.”

He said that after listening to Xu Chen and Miao Fangfei’s analysis on whether to “maintain the wedding” or “destroy the wedding”, he said mercilessly: “the  left to them  is very short. If you want to understand this, they are likely to be destroyed by the whole army this time.”

This threw cold water on Shi Xiao’s head because his brother had come to the last scenic spot. It also made Yuan Xiao excited to discuss the solution to the scenic spot. It was “cheering for the brigade across the air”. The audience in the hall were stunned.

“Mr. Bai, Mr. Bai, you can return to the hotel on the sixth day…”

Shi Xiao thought for a moment. Although he thought it was reasonable to say “yes”, he hesitated and proposed: “they have the identity of” cut wall village people “, and there should be no problem to complete the Crying Marriage Project… Hiss.”

Shi Xiao suddenly thought of his eyes, and his pupils shrank: “the people of the village can’t leave!”

“Yes, they have only one way from beginning to end.”

Shua Shua wrote on the parchment: “whether it is to maintain or destroy the wedding, as long as they are people of the village, they will always be able to get out of the village.”

At the beginning, Miao Fangfei and his team got the “identity”, which showed that this was a complete “dead end”. If they are lucky enough to think that as long as they complete the Crying Marriage Project, they will be successful, and it will be hopeless to wait for the people of the brigade in the end.

If you want to break the game, you must be aware of the connection between the three scenic spots. The first scenic spot is to send the souls of martyrs home. The second scenic spot is to send ghost babies back to life. The third scenic spot is the key. It is also trapped by Li ghost Pingping, but she wants to send them out.

It’s ah Cheng! The core of this crying marriage is ah Cheng. Is it ah Cheng? Crying Marriage, project, wedding, Pingping’s resentment is ah Cheng!

But those who are in the game and those who are on the sidelines are clear. The audience outside did not figure this out, let alone Miao Fangfei and others in the project. Near the end of the journey, there is only one day left 61622.

All the audience were in a fix, and Shi Xiao was even more rare. He was so angry that he walked around in front of the live screen and talked to himself. He hated that his words could penetrate the live screen and ring in Shi Tao’s ears. Only when he was still calm, he even watched the live broadcast, but took out a green feather pen and painted on a new piece of parchment.

He drew “Bingjiu” exactly. On the bus, he drew “Bingjiu”, mild change “Bingjiu”, high change “Bingjiu… But every time he just drew a pen, he stopped and painted the picture.

He drew the pictures and saw the “C-9” in the live broadcast, which seemed to have a quantitative impact on the “invisible” and the “C-9” in the live broadcast. Finally, all the pictures he drew were “real” C-9, which was the same as the “tour guide in Western Hunan”. Obviously, this is the influence of the hotel rules. Everyone will think that the tour guide who leads the team is the person from C 9.

That is to say, in fact, he is——

The brain is in pain, like being splashed with boiling water, the temples are bulging, and the head is about to rise. He immediately recognized the heat and went on thinking. After waiting for a long time, the heat and pain finally disappeared.

“Mr. Bai, Mr. Bai, what’s the matter with you?”


Shi Xiao shook his head when he was worried about asking. He looked at the live broadcast screen, but he saved. Now in this moment, the situation has changed.

Ah Cheng sent it to the door by himself. He was waiting at the kitchen door of Miao Fangfei’s house where they were going to cook pig liver!

[I’m old swan, I’m really sour. Although I want Miao Fangfei to succeed alive, I just send important clues to the door. I’m really sour. My journey is not good]

[… Can we only say that a fool has a fool’s blessing? That’s great. I didn’t see them do the pre task. Why did ah Cheng come like this?]

[just send it to my face. I can do it. Why is this team so lucky]

[I suspect that ah Cheng is the third scenic spot in Western Hunan that is the most difficult to get drunk!]

“Mr. Bai, I understand a little.”

Seeing nothing, Shi Xiao noticed that he returned to the live broadcast. He frowned, looked at the interaction between ah Cheng and Miao Fangfei, and hesitated: “it seems that one is missing.”

According to normal logic, someone in the brigade should realize that ah Cheng is the key, and must be fast. After all, after the village head meeting, they are all confined to the room and can’t go out, so they have to find ah Cheng before the village head meeting and persuade ah Cheng to be single-minded.

This task is extremely difficult. Those who are in the game are fascinated. I’m afraid even Shi Xiao can’t think clearly about everything in a short time. A little slower will always miss the good opportunity. There is no chance to remedy. This is the difficulty of the third scenic spot in Western Hunan!

As a result, Shi Xiao understood it now.

Mingming Miao Fangfei didn’t do it. Why did ah Cheng come to the door himself? But also solved Fangfang and recaptured the bracelet?

It’s really like there’s an invisible person in the project, so the passengers have cleared away the difficulties! Then [I suspect that ah Cheng is the off-site control of C-9]  although the barrage is a joke, many people agree behind it.

[be bold, ah Cheng is bing Jiu playing ]

[be bold, director C has given Li Gui Pingping ecstasy]

[be bold, Li Gui Pingping is our guide C. he can take the third scenic spot of the brigade casually]

The barrage says that it’s getting more and more outrageous. It’s really hard to explain that ah Cheng took the initiative to come to the door!

Shi Xiao looked at him and expected him to see the key points. But he pondered for a moment and said frankly, “it’s hard for me to explain. Keep looking down.”

Ah, there are things that are even difficult to explain?

When Shi Xiao was worried, all his thoughts came out, and his mood fell to the bottom. He was worried about what he said and looked at the live broadcast. He hoped that Miao Fangfei and them would notice the difference of ah Cheng as soon as possible. Although they knew that it was possible, Shi Xiao still prayed secretly. Miao Fangfei and they reached a certain point inadvertently before ah Cheng appeared and prayed for everything to be smooth.

Then Shi Xiao felt that he prayed and hung up. Miao Fangfei and they really went very well! Whether it was the first cry, the second cry, the secret agent’s village head’s house behind him, or even the elopement behind him, it was conceivable that they all came to him smoothly, with a strong strange atmosphere.

In the live broadcast, most of the audience may be aware that they are all attracted by the thrilling excitement, the paper man of qiebai village, the crying of marriage and the horror of terror. They shout breathtaking and fun. Some people even praise Miao Fangfei and say that they are also excellent. Even if they leave Guide Bingjiu, they can successfully pass the project on their own.

Is this on your own?? This is clearly based on ah Cheng’s inverted post!

When it comes to cooking pig liver, ah Cheng gives Miao Fangfei the silver bracelet and asks her to hide it in the pig liver. Miao Fangfei will realize that the pig liver is poisonous through the discoloration of the silver bracelet. If ah Cheng takes the initiative to find the village head, Wang pengpai will also eavesdrop on the key information that “the village head has become a zombie” and “ah Cheng and a long were born on the same day in the same year and month”!

This feeling is so subtle that it is just like the first scenic spot. The third and ninth scenic spots attract the attention of corpse flying foxes. As a result, all the members of the brigade can pass the scenic spot project smoothly.

People who pay attention to the various trends of the live broadcast have their own guesses in their hearts, and no one is willing to look away from the live broadcast. The number of viewers of the C 9 live broadcast has increased steadily. Here, the journey has come to the end. Pingping’s resentment envelops the whole qiobi village, and the “sub bus” will start in the early morning. As long as you can pass through Pingping’s resentment “ghost beating the wall, passengers can pass through this journey!

[ah Cheng’s remains, it should be this. Try it quickly. It’s very anxious]

[now I’m in a hurry! I think ah Cheng’s ghost is reliable. This is the difficulty of drunk beauty in Western Hunan

[fuck, I think I can do it. I must be able to go out with the remains. I can think of it with common sense]

[Wang pengpai, what does that mean? He’s going to swallow the ghost of ah Cheng alone?]

It’s called Du tun. No one else actually takes it. He’s confident. I think Wang pengpai is really powerful, but why don’t you remember him?]

[it’s said that he’s powerful. He must be flat and hidden. You see, his live broadcast split screen is empty. He has the ability to block the live broadcast in the hotel. He’s definitely an ordinary role]

[it is said that you must have different tasks. You will get less rewards if you take the remains out, but more rewards if you take the remnant soul out. Wang pengpai, you can put eggs in a basket]

[Miao Fangfei and his team have to receive a lot of invitations from the brigade after this game. Tut Tut, they have survived the Drunken Beauty in Western Hunan. With this experience, they will certainly be able to rise to the stars and ranks]

[I think you’re going to be robbed. It’s C 9! Good guy, Miao Fangfei, they are just tourists. Bingjiu is a tour guide! And it can still bring out all the survival guides! If any brigade can invite him over, it will be useless to lead the team on the journey in the future!]

[stop talking, I also want to go with him. Which brigade can be invited to Bingjiu, at least a three-star brigade. That is, the rank of C-9 is low, but if he can really get the invitation letter for the year-end celebration, I’m afraid the four-star brigade will have to invite him!]

[go to the forum, the three-star brigade [hunter]  captain’s large-size energy saving post, sincerely invite tour guide Bingjiu to join the hunter brigade!]

[good guy, did you rob before the journey was over? I remember that the hunter brigade seems to be very strong. I also went to the second home page recommendation before

[the hunter brigade is really strong. It can be regarded as the top brigade in sanxingli, and the conditions given by the captain are very rich. It has absolute leadership, preferential resources and warehouse authority of the brigade… Tut Tut, it’s really sincere. If I’m a guide, I’m excited]

[it’s also very good. The guide of the hunter brigade is dead. It’s just when there is a lack of guide. If Bing Jiu joins the tour guide, they will certainly give the whole brigade more resources to help Bing Jiu pass the tour guide examination.]

[it’s easy to talk about other brigades. Most of the Samsung upward brigades have tour guides, especially those large brigades. Even if Bingjiu goes, he must only be an assistant guide. He should be used to talking about “one” and “two” in the brigade. If I were Bingjiu, it would be better to choose the hunter brigade as the middle brigade]

[?? I’m laughing to death. He’s a butcher and tour guide. Is there something wrong with the head of the hunter brigade? Push his brigade into the fire pit?]

[butcher flow]?? Look at the brigade and say it again. Bring out all the people alive. Can the guide be the butcher

[one said that Bingjiu was indeed a butcher Liu, who had been a butcher for a long time. He knew what was going on this time… The hunter brigade should think about it. What if Bingjiu just went crazy and wrong this time]

[… I went to see Bingjiu  volg. I was wrong. Bingjiu is really a butcher guide!! Bloody madness  I vomited, just want to say that the hunter brigade run away!!]

[ yes, you go to see the new post of the forum  my mother, the butcher alliance has declared that Bingjiu is actually a member of the butcher alliance !]

Butcher alliance?!

Shi Xiaoyuan looked at his brother. They felt the end of the journey. They relaxed and couldn’t help thinking about Bingjiu. It was really that the performance of C 9 this time was too unexpected. Shi Xiao did a full investigation before his brother joined the team and knew how cruel C 9 was in the past.

But even Shi Xiao knew that Bing Jiu was a member of the butcher alliance!

There are many tourists and tour guides in hotels all over the world. Top tourists will form teams or tour groups. The teams are elite and exclusive tour guides will join. In the subordinate brigades of the big brigade team, after selection, qualified and vulgar travelers can enjoy the resources and benefits brought by some big brigade teams and deliver fresh blood to the upper brigade team, just like the main guild and subordinate guild in the game.

Shi Xiao is a member of the sunset brigade. The brigade directly under the sunset brigade is the most famous and strongest return brigade in the world! Shi Xiao’s talent is low and he has a position in the sunset brigade. That’s why he has a way to go. Without this relationship, even if there are many points, I’m afraid he can’t get his contact information.

Of course, all passengers can be absorbed by the tour group or team, and there are not enough points to form a team in the hotel, so they can only be individual tourists. Some passengers like to be bound by the rules of the tour group, and also choose to be individual tourists, who account for a large proportion in the hotel.

Miao Fangfei, Lin Xi, Yu he’an and others are individual tourists, while Zhao Hongtu and Hou Feihu are said to have formed a small brigade, but there were too many dead people in the brigade. Finally, they reached the minimum number standard and were forced to be dissolved.

Most of the passenger information has traces to follow. As long as there are ways and points, you can find them. Miao Fangfei and his team survived through the second scenic spot, and those who wanted to attract them picked up all the information about the people. They were selected into the team from the time when they were selected, from which journey they had experienced, and even the general title and life goal.

Few passengers will hide their information. After all, there is no single person tour during the journey. Passengers are destined to fight side by side. These resumes are the information they will join a large brigade in the future.

Compared with the tour guide, the tour guide has much more secrets.

The number of tour guides in the hotel is completely proportional to the number of tourists. It was estimated that the ratio of tourists to tour guides may be 10 to 1, or even more exaggerated. Obviously, they are all selected by the hotel. They are all in the hotel. It should be a mutual relationship, but the tour guide and passengers seem to be born with a wall, and the opposition is becoming more and more serious.

The tour guide’s information is published. Before leading the team, the tour guide can also choose to hide his appearance and body shape. Even the tour guide ranking list is only marked with a, B and C numbers, and the real name of the tour guide will appear.

It is precisely because of the convenience given by the hotel that the number of tour guides is small, but they have absolute rights during the journey. Moreover, due to the contradiction between the interests of tour guides and tourists, few tour guides will join the Tour team as the leader, and more tour guides will form an alliance.

Due to the particularity of tour guides, a strong tour guide will attract more attention than tourists. The alliance formed by tour guides has been studied by countless people, and even many sick tourists yearn for “holy land”.

For example, the European Blood church alliance, the pirate alliance, the American Werewolf alliance, the super crime · crime alliance, etc. are all world-famous and powerful tour guides alliance.

The butcher alliance is also a “world-famous” tour guide alliance. It even has sub alliances in various copyright areas. It is rare that there is no regional alliance.

The butcher alliance is the most notorious, the vicious trend, and even the most morbid and tour guide worshipping tourists will turn pale and numb when they hear the word butcher alliance

Butcher alliance, Gu Mingsi, is the place where butcher tour guides gather.

The only threshold for joining the butcher alliance is to have the blue Title [executioner]

[executioner (blue title): the butcher will win the title three times]

This is a rare  no  special effect  blue title, perhaps related to the  purpose of ‘protecting passengers’ of the brigade. All  titles related to killing passengers and killing the brigade have no corresponding  function, but simply  title.

For example:

[bad killer (green title): first kill ]

[killing people like hemp (green title): kill five people in ten minutes ]

[dominate the journey (blue title): the first slaughter team  won]

[butcher (purple title): kill 10000 passengers  get] and so on.

The butcher alliance is a cancer in the whole thriller global hotel. Even if the crazy ones are not so powerful, the butcher tour guides all want to have a relationship with them. The existence of the butcher alliance has greatly intensified the contradiction between tour guides and tourists. This is the gathering place of a group of crazy ones and murderers!

The top ten major brigades in the world have even signed an agreement. Anyone who meets the butcher alliance tour guide will be killed. Even so, because the identity of the tour guide is hidden and secret, unless they expose themselves, no one knows whether he is a member of the butcher alliance and how many butcher alliance members are on the tour guide list.

But now, the butcher alliance’s people openly post on the forum, indicating that Bingjiu is the butcher alliance’s people!

The nature of the event is completely the same now. The captain of the hunter brigade directly and decisively deleted the post. The audience’s perception of C-9 immediately reversed, and the followers of channel C-9 decreased sharply. Although some felt the stimulation of the butcher alliance and the secret travelers, just like the murderers in prisons in the United States, Even murderers can write books and become famous, but most passengers are people who take care of their own lives.

One’s reputation was a byword. Even if the old nine iron powder was lost, even if he had been in the team, he would have left the most beautiful one at all, such as Lin Xi Liu, though notorious, but this is nothing compared to the fact that he is a butcher League old fellow. He has no comparison with other nine.

Countless people rushed to the forum to see the butcher alliance’s  save  post. The save  post forum was called [deadly poison master]. The  alliance logo was a  butcher knife inserted on the head of a blood skeleton.

Butcher alliance!

“Tour guide bingjiugui belongs to the butcher alliance”

“All the people related to tour guide Bingjiu will be slaughtered by the butcher alliance”

Under this sentence, it is a processed photo. The photo seems to be a dim bedroom. The bed is untidy. It is rolled over. The gray sheets are covered with blood. The bed is covered with wounds, eyes open, the skin is poisoned with cyanosis, and the lips are all white foam men.

The man was naked. He was handsome. His face was distorted by fear. He was only covered with a blood stained flag. On the flag was a bow, which was the flag of the hunter brigade.

“Hunter brigade captain?!”

“The captain of the hunter brigade was killed!”

Just now, it was just a matter of saving energy and soliciting the post of the ninth party. In ten minutes, the captain of the hunter brigade was brutally killed at home!

What a horror, what a cruel madness!

Although this post was soon deleted because of [bloody violence], the shadow of terror brought by the butcher alliance still terrified countless people. The number of people in the live broadcast of Bingjiu decreased sharply. They were afraid that they would be designated as “related to guide Bingjiu”. The atmosphere of panic and safety filled the whole hotel.

The virtual hall was originally designed to watch the live broadcast. The audience almost withdrew, leaving only three sporadic kittens. Shi Xiao clenched his fist. The hound at his feet felt his anger barking, but there was anger on Shi Xiao’s face and fear in the depths of his eyes! He knows how crazy and terrible the people in the butcher alliance are, just like a group of mad dogs.

Kill all the people related to Bingjiu… All the people in the brigade, his brother Shi Tao, are related to Bingjiu!

“Is the butcher League crazy?!”

Shi Xiao angrily scolded, exhausted his calmness, but still almost lost his mind. He can’t protect Shi Tao alone! How can Shi Xiao let this atrocity live!

“The butcher alliance is crazy.”

Faintly, he was still writing records slowly and methodically, and his eyes fell on him to redraw the word “C 9” of “times”.

“In the past, the C-9 led regiment and the butcher alliance did not make any statements. Why, will it suddenly be made public this time? ”


Shi Xiao’s brain was in a mess and there was no more time to think. He tried his best to contact everyone he knew. His words were so humble that he almost begged until he contacted a senior figure in the sunset brigade. The other party comforted and hinted: “don’t worry, the top knows this, and he will take care of it.”

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before a post came to the top of the forum, and the energy-saving post, the brigade logo, detonated the heat.

The name of the save post forum is [Maoshan Taoist priest], and the “brigade” logo is a warm orange “sunset.

In his post, he only understated:

“The return brigade and the butcher alliance are dead.”

“Jue Ming poison master is dead.”

This sentence is also a processed photo. The photo seems to be a dark alley in a city. A middle-aged man in a pullover is too thin and looks ordinary. He leans against the wall with dilated pupils. It is obvious that he has lost his voice. The blood stained Hunter flag was covered on him this time, but it was full of irony. On the flag was the butcher alliance Medal of blood skeleton and butcher knife.

The one that left him a fatal blow was a dark orange machete that ran through his heart. The murderer could not be seen in the photo. Only a thick black military boot could be seen stepping on the chest of the deadly poison master. His bones were clear. He held the handle of the machete with his big hand as if to pull it out.

Seeing this photo  Shi Xiao held his breath, his heart churned and couldn’t calm down for a long time. After a long time, he said hoarsely:

“Captain, I did it myself.”

Naturally, there is only one person in his mouth, that is, the captain of the returning brigade in the sunset brigade and the world’s top and strongest passenger.

This is the world’s strongest homecoming team!

This is the world’s strongest brigade leader an Xuefeng!

Only he can lock the deadly poison master with a post and a photo, ride alone for thousands of miles, and cut him off on the way home after more than half a year.

The absolute reality brings a strong sense of security. The original feeling of security is full of fear due to the madness of the butcher alliance. The forum is active, especially when the person in charge of the sunset Brigade made a statement that “Miao Fangfei, Shi Tao, Yu he’an, Lin Xi, Wang pengpai, Zhao Hongtu, Hou Feihu and Xu Chen” will be protected by the sunset brigade, People sympathize with the eight of them and have begun to envy them!

The admission criteria of the sunset brigade are famous and strict. How lucky it is to join the sunset brigade, get the shelter of the brigade and enjoy the resources of the brigade.

[butcher alliance’s save post, save one security captain to kill one!]

[it’s strange that the butcher League is much quieter this year. Captain an is crazy]

[woo woo woo, I also want to join the sunset brigade!]

[Shi Tao, brother Shi Xiao seems to be from the sunset brigade. Wang pengpai knows brother Shi Xiao. Do you think he will be from the sunset brigade? I know that there is a problem in C 9, so I came to get drunk in Western Hunan

[butcher alliance’s statement on energy saving, who knows there will be problems in C 9! When I think about it, I think my scalp is numb. If Bingjiu hadn’t been exposed, he would have been invited by the brigade. It’s like inviting wolves into the house!]

“Yes, will the butcher Alliance make a statement for saving energy?”

Jue Ming poison master was killed, and his brother can also join the sunset brigade. His safety is guaranteed. Shi Xiao finally put down his heart and was able to calm down and think again to avoid doubt.

“If the League of Bingjiu is exposed, he will be chased and killed by major brigades… Does it mean that there are Bingjiu enemies in the butcher League?”

Shi Xiao can only think in this direction. However, he really understands that the butcher alliance will expose his identity at this juncture. Is this forcing him to die?

“The goal of the butcher alliance is deterrence and demonstration.”

Let Shi Xiao understand the words. An Xuefeng killed all the deadly poison masters in the energy-saving post. Where is the demonstration? But when he spoke, his feelings became more and more serious. The dignified atmosphere made Shi Xiao shut his mouth and looked down at him, but he saw the words “drunk beauty in Western Hunan”, “open up new scenic spots”, “fierce ghost Pingping” and other words written on the parchment. The next moment, his body suddenly disappeared from the virtual hall!

He left the virtual hall and returned to the brigade station or reality, but why would he leave suddenly? Shi Xiao had an inexplicable premonition of “details” in his heart. He tried to contact him with the hotel app, but he received a systematic response that “the opposite party is in a special location and can’t be contacted temporarily”.

What’s the matter?

The shadow of safety in Shi Xiao’s heart is getting bigger and bigger. He subconsciously looks at the live screen to make sure his brother is safe. However, Shi Xiao’s eyes were completely attracted by the black and red phase in the middle of the live broadcast screen and the resentment storm.

“Is this your car?!”

His heart beat faster and he controlled his eyes to go in, staring at the live screen. At the next moment, because an Xuefeng killed the deadly poison master, it was rare to gather attention to the “level live broadcast” in the drunken west of Hunan. All the leaders stood up in horror. Some broke their wine glasses, some pushed away their female partners, and some almost jumped up!

“Mom, fuck!”



“ П o ш e л haxyn!”


The curse of each language sounded all over the world, but it could not vent their emotions. Especially when the passenger bus disappeared, the live broadcast was closed, and the word  appeared at the end of the journey. The grumpy  directly began to scold the hotel, but most of the strong people calmed down quickly. They ordered the team members to calm down, Go to the brigade station in the virtual hall.

Asia, Europe, the United States, Africa… The light at the entrance of the virtual hall flickers frequently in all regions. Every moment you come in, you are on the passenger list. It’s rare to see the big man! Most of them went to the brigade station in a flash. Many of them wore masks, cloaks or robes, and were mysterious tour guides.

The arrival of these people brought together the dignified atmosphere, and everyone had a faint hunch that so many leaders gathered together, there was absolutely an extremely important event that was about to be saved!

At 0 a.m. on August 25, countless people slept at night. At 0:15 a.m., all passengers and tour guides around the world, whether in the virtual Hall of the brigade, in the real world or on the journey, heard the prompt sound of the hotel!

[on the last day, Pingping, the tomb keeper of qiebi village, withered and fell, and the family of the tomb keeper of chieftain Wang was completely extinct. On the same day, the earthquake in Wadu Township, Xiangxi Prefecture was a rare event in a hundred years. The earthquake opened a crack in Wuluo mountain and broke the family secret of the tomb keeper for a hundred years.]


[it is said that the medieval chieftain Wang Qingquan built it, and there are countless treasures of the royal family, which have been lost for a long time  Western Hunan secret arts and magic  mysterious  chieftain Wang’s tomb finally reappears!]

[in the development of a new journey of WuJie level, it is tentatively named the chieftain King’s tomb, belonging to the journey of 30 degrees north latitude]

[the seventh journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the world and the first journey of 30 degrees north latitude in Asia have appeared. Please make every effort to contribute to the journey and explore the mysteries of the world!]

It’s actually a journey of 30 degrees north latitude!

Sure enough, it’s a journey of 30 degrees north latitude!

It is said that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude is the most difficult. After [Pharaoh pyramid], [death Sahara], [Babel Tower], [Inca Sun Gate], [lost ancient Maya] and [sinking into Western Europe], the seventh journey of 30 degrees north latitude finally appeared!

This is also the first journey at 30 degrees north latitude in China!

Countless brigades around the world are frantically collecting information about the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, because this is the key to breaking away from the thriller global hotel!

[location: Xiangxi, China]

When the hotel broadcast appeared, everyone held their breath and was quiet enough to hear the needle drop. From the previous experience, they know that the person who participated in the journey development will get the crucial suggestive props, which is the key to participating in the journey!

But thinking of this, the leaders of the Asian regional brigade and many tour guides on the list are bitter. It’s strange that the former butcher alliance is crazy. It’s completely afraid of death. The attribution of C 9 will be announced here.

[journey development participants -]

This is the person who participated in the journey development. It is the butcher’s tour guide C Jiu!

Countless people’s brains are turning rapidly, thinking about what to do. This is the most important information, the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and it is the only journey of 30 degrees north latitude in China so far. As soon as this news comes out, the butcher alliance may have to start a bloodbath again. Will it fight, suppress or cooperate? What will the butcher alliance pose?

[journey development participants -]

It can be said that the world’s numerous tour teams and tour guides, whether tourists or tour guides, have quarreled over Bingjiu and the butcher alliance. The hotel stuttered, and the broadcast made people very upset.

[journey development participants -]

“Hurry up, hurry up, we all know that the participant is C 9!”

Someone said impatiently and irritably, but repeated the broadcast three times still attracted the attention of few people. Hotels have never been like this in the past. Do you think they know what happened?

* *

[whether to bind identity, enter the virtual hall and verify to be a tour guide]

[after verification, the tour guide section, tour guide ranking list, tour guide exclusive forum and chat room will be opened for you]

[yes / no]

“Binding, let me have a look first.”

Wei Xun said perfunctorily that his situation was too different. You should know that according to the normal tour guide process, the identity of passengers is bound first, and then the tour guide reserve identity is activated by chance during a journey. After many assessments, the identity is changed to become a formal tour guide.

However, the first time Wei Xun was selected into the hotel, he completed the task and activated his reserve status as a tour guide. Before he could get back to reality and bind the app, he jumped three times in a row. First, he was ordered to become a temporary tour guide in the face of danger, and then he passed the dangerous level of customs and drunk Western Hunan. Up to now, Wei Xun’s accumulated scores have enabled him to directly become an official tour guide and have a ranking!

But in fact, he just completed his first trip, and he didn’t even bind his passenger identity.

“Can the tour guide really pick up the work by himself?”

Wei Xun pondered for a long time and said cautiously.

【 golden stage tour guide goes down, and the travel task will be assigned by the hotel 】

“That means I can’t live until a month at the earliest?”

Wei Xun remembers to complete the tips for drunk Western Hunan Hotel [your next journey will start in a month, please pay attention to the ‘my journey’ information prompt in the app at all times], he is in a hurry, and he hates that he has to come to a new journey immediately. He is completely wronged by it.

one month? Wei Xun refused.

[whether to bind identity, enter the virtual hall and verify to be a tour guide]

[yes / no]

“Binding, let me have a look first.”

Wei Xun refused for the first time. For the first time, there were 12 small thoughts. Wei Xun was in no hurry.

The hotel lost its voice. Wei Xun is already a temporary tour guide. His real name and privacy are confidential according to the hotel rules. After taking the brigade, Wei Xun has No. C-9, but he has no identity, no ranking and no. of his own——

Therefore, all over the world, looking forward to the sound of “mind explosion” after enduring the repeated jam broadcast by the hotel for a long time.

[journey development participants -??]


Before long, the analysis hot post of [whether ‘C 9’ is C 9] was ranked first in the general list!


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