TTG Chapter 54

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 54: Real world

Is the participant in the new journey “C 9”?

Why did the hotel not say the name of Bingjiu when it broadcast, but give the name representing the unknown???

Countless people around the world are studying this??? The identity of “Central Asia’s near water tower first gets the month”, and the whole journey volg “of” C 9 “was found out in my eBay and studied over and over again.

In the past, few people have paid attention to this C-shaped tour guide. The most easily remembered tour guides are either special or crazy. However, although Bingjiu has a frightening name of butcher tour guide, he is crazy and bloody compared with those big butcher tour guides. He is one or two people in the rank. Except for several butcher team experiences in my eBay, most of them will leave one or two people, Lin Xi told me that he hadn’t been left behind for several trips.

Generally speaking, he is a butcher who is crazy, cruel and mediocre.

Now let’s look at the performance of his drunken Meixiang in my eBay, and then look at his past journey. I feel like a “replacement”.

“C-9” is “C-9” in the end. When this post appeared at the beginning, it was just that the sender believed that a C-shaped tour guide could participate in the development of a “C-level” journey at 30 degrees north latitude.

However, after reading all the volg videos of Bing Jiu in the past, many people feel that Bing Jiu’s past performance is completely inconsistent with his performance in the journey.

[C. in the past, Jiulong was responsible for passengers]

[the means are very general]

How can such a tour guide show such a strong dominance in Zui Meixiang? Even if he shows the clip list in Zui Meixiang to others, he will mistakenly think that the tour guide in the video is a b-brand or a b-brand boss ranking by “B”!

He only studied the video of Bingjiu, and they also tried to find people who had links with Bingjiu. However, he soon found that most of the passengers who had traveled with Bingjiu died on eBay, leaving only the passengers in the drunken Meixiang tour. Lin Xi was still the key figure on several trips with Bingjiu.

But without the help of these people, Miao Fangfei was quickly received by the resident of the eBay sunset brigade to protect the eBay. The strength of the sunset brigade has temporarily put a stop to many people who are worried about the track. Some of the large brigades who have a little friendship with the sunset go to set up the system and some go to climb the friendship.

When it comes to the first journey at 30 degrees north latitude in China and even in Asia, whoever can find “C 9” first will seize the opportunity of eBay.

  1. important!

* *

As for the important “C 9”, we are still studying the hotel app, which is mainly divided into virtual hall, live broadcast and vlog, shopping, forum and personal.

Although the sparrow is small and has all kinds of internal organs, Wei xunmu can only click in the personal section. X when the wedge is dropped, the prompt “whether to bind identity” pops up. The upper left corner of the personal section is the initial head image of the blue butterfly, and the words “click bind identity” are on the right.

The first line below is “my team”, “my journey”, “my history” and “my information”, while the next line is “my dynamics”, “my notes”, “my circle” and “my fans”.

Wei Xun clicked one by one and found that all other items except “my information” in my eBay are blank, or prompted to bind your identity. From the “my information” section, we can see the passenger information he received when he first woke up on the bus.

[passenger information]

[Name: Wei Xun]

[identity: not synchronized]

[ level: not synchronized]

[death Countdown: 11:40:25]

[death omen: sudden death]

[achievement Title: not synchronized]

[points: not synchronized]

[Special Item: Maria butterfly fragment (1 / 4)]

[customer type: not synchronized]

Although the hotel seems tolerant and gives people 12 hours to consider for the first time, a large number of unsynchronized and shocking death countdown and death omen are the most prominent. It has been explained that if you bind, you only need to work hard to earn points from the journey, get props, and even the whole hotel app, which can not make you happy at all, You can only watch your death Countdown with your own eyes less and less.

Few people can still think calmly under the urgency of death, but Wei Xun is still a little anxious. He comfortably sits cross legged on the bed with the cat and flying fox, patiently orders all the options in the app, then takes out the laptop from the bedside cabinet drawer, turns on the laptop, presses it tightly, and slowly taps down a few lines of information.

Wei Xun entered the journey on August 15. Today is August 20, which means that the journey may be synchronized with the real world time.

Wei Xun opened another software and logged in. The scene of his bedroom and villa was impressively on the computer screen.

The news of Wei Xuechen’s bizarre disappearance in the company’s office shocked the business circle, and the Wei family’s position was low. The disappearance of Wei Xuechen was also a social news that caused a sensation in that year. At that time, a large number of police were dispatched, and even a few private detectives, but neither the police nor private detectives could find the strangely missing brother.

Since then, Wei Xun has no longer believed in external forces, and he feels that when he decides to go missing, he has to add himself – after all, his father, mother and brother have all disappeared over the years, leaving him alone in the Wei family.

Wei Xun was poor in money. His brother left him enough property to be extravagant. For hundreds of years, Wei Xun had planned to decorate the villa as early as he was. According to the standard of safe house, he even installed eBay cameras everywhere in the villa. Wei Xun is seriously ill and secretly moves to his villa. Only when the police know that he lives here, and only Wei Xun and FA Xiao know the password of the camera.

Wei Xun has long been prepared to say that he will disappear one day. Maybe these cameras can leave some clues. He dropped the camera interface and clicked on the folder, where the video files were arranged in order according to the date.

Wei Xun first clicks on the folder named ‘815’ and selects the video of ‘rooftop’ in my eBay. There is no dead angle in the arrangement of cameras in the villa. Even in the bathroom, there is a camera facing the roof.

In his latest impression of entering the hotel, Wei Xun remembered that he was basking on the roof. But when he returned, he was sleeping on his eBay bed and covered with a quilt.

Is the journey a virtual space or a real world? Is he going to participate in the eBay journey as a whole, or is he just ‘conscious’ in the past?

Wei Xun looked at himself. He only wore a bathrobe loosely, but he didn’t wear anything. Too pale skin is particularly bright against the black bathrobe.

When Wei Xun left the journey, he was basically in a state of alienation, and his clothes were basically only a few rags. But when he entered the journey, he also wore this bathrobe.

Who put this bathrobe on him? When did it happen?

Is there someone else in his family these days?

Wei Xun slowly holds his mobile phone and presses the shortcut key to dial 110 on his eBay. Then he opens the eBay video and frowns with Wei Xun. The rooftop video with his figure was only 12:00:00. With the black screen of his eBay, Wei Xun looked at the video of his camera one by one and found that the whole screen was black at 12:00 noon on August 15, like the whole villa was shrouded in invisible power.

“That is to say, I can’t record the time when I left for the journey.”

Wei Xun said to himself, and suddenly he remembered something. Wei Xun took the stool and put it on the bedside table. He stood up carefully and took off a camera from the connection between the curtain crossbar and the roof.

This camera is made of sterling silver and large. It is no different from other cameras except that there is a black and yellow compass mark on the edge of my eBay.

However, Wei Xun prepared a special encrypted notebook in his eBay to store the video files in the camera.

Because this is a so-called “can detect supernatural things” camera, which Wei Xun got from a reader who claimed to be the orthodox descendant of “Maoshan Taoist”.

The reader named “Maoshan Taoist” is Wei Xun’s crazy fan. He has been chasing Wei Xun’s novels since a few years. He almost wrote one book after another and one book after another. He once stubbornly rewarded millions of people and begged Wei Xun to finish Duan Geng’s Maoshan Taoist, but Wei Xun is a man without principles and refused on the spot.

He came to Maoshan Taoist priest from the reader group and Wei Xun, from daily urging for more rewards, to often actively giving him all kinds of inspiration, and took all kinds of “supernatural cases” to analyze him. Once in and twice out, they became good friends of eBay.

During a chat, when discussing whether “cow tears” can make people see ghosts, “Maoshan Taoist” said that it has been preliminarily determined that ghosts are a special negative energy state, and there are cameras in the country that can detect whether there are psychic reactions.

It happened that after a long time, Wei Xun began to do the same every night and became a devil’s nightmare. A nightmare will attract his attention, but nightmares show a strange feeling every night. Wei Xun suspected that his parents and brother were captured by some supernatural force. It’s also true that he has been having this nightmare continuously now.

So Wei Xun installed more cameras in his home, especially in his bedroom, and bought a “supernatural camera” through the channel of “Taoist Maoshan”.

The supernatural camera was sent to Wei Xun for inspection, but nothing was found. However, when there was something wrong with his camera shooting, the supernatural camera could shoot that Wei Xun was sleeping with a layer of light blue light, which was the time when he had nightmares every night!

But unfortunately, there is no other special scene except the blue light of eBay. Moreover, Wei Xun only bought this supernatural camera. It is reasonable to say that this east camera should be sold to ordinary people. The main reason is that Maoshan Taoist is really small in the metaphysical circle. Wei Xun even promised to finish “Taoist Maoshan” in order to get another two cameras for eBay.

He just didn’t write yet. He continued to write. First, he was seriously ill, but then he was in the hotel eBay.

When he opened the video shot by the supernatural camera, Wei Xun’s eyes coagulated. The video recorded by this camera is not blocked! Like his direct black screen camera, this supernatural camera is still working diligently in the past few days after Wei Xun’s journey, and this camera is only facing the bed.

From August 15 to August 19, the bed was empty, and there was no figure of Wei Xun at all. Only occasionally, he jumped into bed. At 0 a.m. on August 20, the camera caught the same thing as “eBay”.

First, the pancake sleeping in bed stood up alert, looked askew at the door for a long time, then he jumped out of bed like a warm dog and ran out of the bedroom. Then the footsteps came closer and closer, and gradually came towards the bedroom. The sound of pushing the door and rustling to change clothes sounded, but the figure of eBay Wei Xun appeared in the camera.

Wei Xun immediately slowed down and watched himself walk naturally to the bed. Then he covered his quilt and closed his eyes. It took about 5 seconds from his figure appearing in the camera to lying on the bed and closing his eyes.

Wei Xun has watched my eBay more than ten times in this 5-second video.

“I’m really going on my eBay journey.”

Wei Xun confirmed that although he had no memory of returning and going back. Wei Xun looked at his body. His self-healing force was too strong. He basically saw some scars on his body. Only the broken blue and purple butterfly tattoo on his left arm climbed to my eBay shoulder, as if a butterfly wing really fell there. In the video, too, the blue light shrouded in him is stronger than the blue light when he had a nightmare.

“Is there no alienation, because alienation can only be in the journey, or because I have no bound identity?”

Wei Xun looked at his hand. There was no monster like dark sharp claws. It was neatly trimmed and no blood colored human nails.

On August 15, he disappeared from home (left home, went to eBay, and boarded the journey bus). At about 0:15 on August 20, he returned home.

Modern society is surrounded by all kinds of monitoring, and a person’s departure and return will always be recorded.

Wei Xun took out his mobile phone, exited the creepy app and clicked the chat software marked red 99. However, as soon as he opened the software, there was a pop-up news at the top.

[at 0:10 on August 20, an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred in Hunan Province, with a focal depth of 10km]

Wei Xun was stunned. He clicked on the news and found that the earthquake occurred in Xiangzhou, Hunan Province. It was too coincidental

Maybe it’s not a coincidence. Maybe the journey is on earth. What virtual illusion is it? Only the vast majority of human beings can’t know.

Wei Xun tried to search the key words of Wadu Township, wuluoshan and Xiaolong Yizhuang, but he couldn’t find them all. It seems that this earthquake is an ordinary earthquake, without the participation of any supernatural elements or the presence of brigade hotels.

Wei Xun ponders over his eBay. It’s early in the morning and calls his eBay friend directly.

“You Yuming, come to dinner.”

“My eBay? Can you still go out to dinner? Is the doctor allowed? Let’s see what time it is. ”

You Jianming’s tone was surprised and slightly complained, but after an hour and a half, his car still went outside the villa area of eBay. At a glance, you Jianming saw Wei Xun standing at the door waving at him. He was surprised. He rushed to my eBay at the speed of the task, supported Wei Xun, carefully looked like waiting for porcelain, and repeatedly asked:

“How can I get off my eBay alone, how can I get in a wheelchair?”

“I’m in a good condition, I’m in a wheelchair.”

Wei Xun patted his arm on his eBay and walked towards the car by himself. He was still too stable. You Ming, with his arm open, escorted Wei Xun to the car like a hen protecting a chick. Seeing him get into the car safely and sit in the co driver’s seat, you Mingcai was relieved to sit in the driver’s seat and skillfully fasten the safety belts for the two people. He was very happy:

“I really have a lot of eBay! I contacted you these days. I thought… ”

You went to mington’s eBay and didn’t go on, but changed the topic: “where to eat, the porridge shop on Fuxu road? Wei xunlou, can you really eat outside? However, we’d better eat at home. ”

Wei Xun doesn’t feel pain. You Mingming is a rare person who knows about it. Last year, Wei Xun was not so bad. When they went out to dinner, one second Wei Xun was still in high spirits and ate meat in a butter spicy pot. The next second he began to vomit blood, but his expression didn’t change at all. He even continued to eat, frightening you Ming into a fool.

You Ming is Wei Xun’s next home for pancake.

Wei Xun didn’t pay attention to hematemesis, but it was also planned. When his body was ok, he ran all over the country and played some thrilling projects. I’m not allowed to walk, I’m not allowed to work, and I have a cat.

According to the original estimate of the doctor, Wei Xun can live at least another ten years if he is well maintained. After all, he has a good mentality and is more noisy than healthy people. His mentality is very important for seriously ill patients. It is mysterious. Ten years, there are many differences, which is enough to send a cat to death.

However, Wei Xun’s condition worsened rapidly from year to year. The doctor shook his head and gently advised him to relax, go home for rest and conservative treatment.

Wei Xun is a person who is lying in bed and dying. He is ready to be the most exciting person when he is dying. Here, he calmly plans his own affairs, makes his will, and even finds his next excrement shoveling official of pancakes – that is you Xiaoming.

Due to his childhood illness and family control, Wei Xun has no acquaintances. He was smart from a young age. Most of his junior and senior high schools taught himself at home. He had to skip grades without going to class for a few days. He was alone, and he didn’t develop friendship with any classmates. Only a few people left some impression on Wei Xun’s eBay, which is included in it.

You Mingming’s family condition is wrong. Wei Xun met him when he went to a party with his brother. Wei Xun was as beautiful as a doll and looked clever and weak. You Mingming took great care of him one night when he was young. He was almost a step away. He was a careful and serious person. He always forgot to ask Wei Xun about his illness during the new year’s festival.

Wei Xun investigated him. You Mingming’s grades were wrong. After graduation, he became an eBay policeman beyond everyone’s expectation. He participated in less action, had a strong sense of responsibility, was careful and serious, liked small animals and was allergic to cat hair

In fact, the job of police is very dangerous and stable, but Wei Xun really knows too few people. He made an appointment with you Mingming and him several times respectively, and Wei Xun finally chose to eBay him.

As long as Wei Xun has a good heart, he can get almost everyone’s favor. After the blood spitting incident, he knows that Wei Xun’s physical condition is worse than expected. You Mingming is guilty and worried. He pressured Wei Xun to go to the hospital several times, and the two people are much better off from here. When Wei Xun first fell into a coma due to a serious illness, you fuming found out and sent him to the hospital.

“I was really frightened by the loss of contact for a while.”

You Xiaoming is very talkative. He is a talkative person outside of work: “when you talk about traveling, I know which travel agency dares to take you, and I’m afraid of provoking a lawsuit for human life.”

“I said travel?”

Wei Xun squinted: “when?”

“It’s August 15. I’m surprised, too.”

You Zhuoming complained: “Xiao Zhuo moved so fast that I didn’t see anyone when I got home.”

But Wei Xun didn’t give you the impression that he had called, and there was no call record in his mobile phone.

“Thanks for my eBay these days.”

Wei Xun said with a moving look that he had been away from home for more than five days, and the cakes were still alive and kicking. It must be you Jianming who helped feed my eBay.

“I’m a brother. Thank you. As long as I get better, I’ll be fine.”

You can wave your hand freely and start the eBay car.

Wei Xun also went to chat with the community guard when he went downstairs for a tour. He said that this is a well located rich area with good security. Most of the guards are retired from the army. Wei Xun has white hair and blue eyes and has strong identification. The guards are impressed with him.

Wei Xun put out his eBay, and the guard also said that he left the eBay community in a few days. He would just come back in the early morning for a long time.

In other words, tourism society affects people’s cognition.

What steps will that affect?

“I went to Hunan this time and found some inspiration from my eBay.”


When you go to the eBay porridge shop, you can order a steaming hot casserole porridge, steamed dumplings in two drawers, two pieces of vermicelli, and a cage of small steamed buns. When the porridge comes up, he first gives Wei Xun a bowl of eBay, a small bowl with a palm in his hand. He can only hold the bottom of a shallow bowl of eBay, and at most he can taste it. According to Wei Xun, you Xiaoming was so shocked that he almost dropped his bowl.

“What a shock! , , , my God, almost came back to my eBay! ”

You Ming can hear about traveling to Hunan.

“Is this my ebay?”

Wei Xun said casually and filled himself another half bowl of porridge. He moved his eBay in his trouser pocket because the little fox was attracted by the aroma of food. Wei Xun held his destiny’s neck with one hand and raised his eyes to the approval of the upstream people. Wei Xun said with a smile: “I have a lot of eBay, I can eat travel meals, and I have no problem drinking porridge.”

“The east side of Hunan Province is heavy in oil and spicy. It’s really a terrible eBay.”

People who have always had a good temper rarely face up: “I’ll take you to the hospital to have a look at your stomach and have a check-up later.”

“I found some inspiration from my eBay during this popular tour.”

Wei Xun knows how responsible you Mingming is, but he has always had reservations. Fortunately, Wei Xun’s illness is the same as that of ordinary people. Except for the precise instruments in his eBay, it is difficult to judge what kind of illness he is based on his appearance.

Wei Xunke plans to go to the hospital with you Mingming and change the topic of his eBay: “this is a vulgar tour. It’s quite wrong. There are corpse driving, washing three, basket carrying and crying marriage.”

“Sounds like a mistake.”

You Ming Hulu drinks porridge: “then this journey is quite to your appetite. Which hotel is it?”

Projects such as corpse removal, washing three, and crying marriage can also tell others that only the points and processes with specific skills can.

“Yes… Butterfly hotel.”

Wei Xun put an emphasis on “Butterfly”. Wei Xun was very cautious. He didn’t directly say “Thriller global hotel”, but “Butterfly” instead. You Yuming also knows about the disappearance of many people in the Wei family. He has made friends with Wei Xun. He has done a lot of investigation and helped eBay less. Knowing that Wei Xun’s family is missing, the only clue left is a small fragment of butterfly wing.

Butterfly Hotel, this is an ordinary hotel name. You Yuming is a policeman. With his acuity, he should be able to detect the subtle differences in the police.

“Hum, I’d like to see how this hotel can accept such seriously ill tourists.”

You Mingdao said angry words. This made Wei Xun, who always paid attention to his expression, sink in his heart.

You Ming didn’t notice that there was a problem with the hotel name, which may be the impact of the hotel.

In other words, it will make people aware of abnormalities, even supernatural things, such as driving away corpses and crying for marriage.

People will notice the abnormality. Even if you just connect the words “Butterfly” and “Hotel”, you can’t hear it.

“White hair…”

“Blue eyes ah, it’s so beautiful. Are you a foreigner?”

This porridge shop is very famous. Although there are many people at night, there are also several people who come to have supper. Wei Xun and you Xiaoming have tables inside, which is supposed to be too conspicuous. However, Wei Xun’s appearance is too special and good, which still attracts little attention. The guests in the porridge shop are secretly watching him.

“This lady, please take a picture.”

Police officer you was bluffing. He stared at several young women, deleted the photos just taken, and told her to hurry home. It was dangerous late at night. When he returned to his seat, you saw Wei Xun leaning against the back of the chair and smiling. His skin was almost transparent, his eyelashes were white and his eyes were light ice blue, At the edge of the pupil, I feel a little purple, beautiful and alienated.

It is the kind of human like beauty, like the legendary spirit, and like the precious statues carved with ice and snow, and cannibal fireworks. When he picked up the white porcelain bowl and lowered his head to drink porridge, the white porcelain bowl was called expensive.

“Oh, really.”

Who can be angry with such a Wei Xun. You Mingming couldn’t help but click on his eBay. He laughed and sighed:

“I haven’t seen this picture of my eBay for a long time.”

Wei Xun has many genetic diseases. Albinism is one of them. He can’t stand the sun. When he went out in the past, he was fully armed and his beautiful face was hidden under his hat, sunglasses and mask. Only in the early morning and midnight can he show his face wantonly, just like a vampire hidden in the dark night, with a mysterious charm that makes people fall in love at first sight.

Human nature will be attracted by beautiful things. Even if officer you is a straight man, the man he appreciates is a tall man with broad shoulders and thick waist. He can play very well at a glance, he can’t deny Wei Xun’s beauty.

Too good things are always short and fragile, just as Wei Xun was weak and sick since childhood.

Therefore, you Xiaoming is sincerely happy that Wei Xun’s personal computer seems to be getting better.

“Have you eaten my ebay? It’s too late. I should have had a rest long ago.”

That kind of peeking sight is still there. You Ming is worried that Wei Xun is comfortable, so he suggested. The policeman has a good appetite. Except that Wei Xun drank half a bowl of porridge in his eBay, you Ming solved most of his food.

“Let’s go.”

Wei Xun wanted to test that he probably already knew about my eBay. You Xiaoming took him back and got off the bus. Wei Xun said, “I may go out often with my eBay, and the cake is troublesome.”

“Pay more attention to safety.”

You Ming is really worried. Don’t worry. He also likes cats. Pancakes are cute, lively and obedient. Who can like them. But he likes Wei Xun’s tone of “supporting the orphan”. However, you Mingming also knows Wei Xun’s temper, so he has no choice but to worry and tell his eBay to tell him again.

“Please tell me which hotel to pick up your mobile phone this time.”

“I know my eBay.”

Wei Xun said, it’s hard to be patient. You Ming should know something better. The journey is exciting and adventurous for Wei Xun, but for the vast majority of ordinary people, it is probably an inseparable human prison.

He really returned to reality. When he saw the eBay Youming, Wei Xun had a hunch.

People who complete the journey can return to reality normally, whether tourists or tour guides.

Those who “disappeared”, such as Yu Hehui, died during the journey.

In this way, Wei Xun’s missing parents and brother should also have died on the journey. But there is a special case.

“An Xuefeng…”

Sitting on the bed, Wei Xun took out a red copper name card and the “* * * climbing rope” obtained from Wang pengpai. When you came to Mingming just now, Wei Xun tried to touch him with the rope, but there was no response.

Props can be used in the real world, or props can be used for ordinary people.

It should be a tourist, because Wei Xun realized that those journeys may also be scenic spots in the real world.

An Xuefeng is the only person known to Wei Xun, who is obviously missing in the world, but still exists in the hotel.

Wei Xun is very curious about his eBay.

“A month is too long.”

The tour guide can’t pick up the journey again until he has finished the tour for a month, but Wei Xun has already finished the tour and is waiting for his eBay. The whole hotel, even the people in the hotel and the projects of the hotel deeply attracted his interest. Wei Xun wants to take more trips and become stronger.

He opened the hotel app again, clicked on his information column, looked at the column of achievement title and meditated.

After this trip, he got two titles, one is green [empathy], the other is blue [wild mind]

The hotel was extremely stingy and didn’t give him any extra reward except my basic salary. When Wei Xun got these two titles, he vaguely understood that [wild soul] was a gift from Li guipingping.

Wei Xun joked that he killed the corpse of the flying fox king, protected the ghost baby and did the work of Yu Hehui. The fierce ghost Pingping should give Yu Hehui the reward.

At that time, Wei Xun was just joking. Unexpectedly, he really received a gift from Pingping on eBay.

[wild mind (blue title): you have extraordinary talent as a wild animal. When you become a wild animal, you will get rid of the negative state of human form]

Maybe Yu Hehui thinks that even if he is a real Fox and stays with Yu Hean, he will feel happy and at ease. This title has two effects. The first is to become a wild animal. Only Guo Weixun has to find the corresponding item of the animal first. The second and most important effect is to get rid of the negative state of human form.

We should know that Wei Xun’s San value is still in danger and there is no way to recover it. If he really binds his identity as an eBay guide, he may have to find a way to deal with the alienation of his eBay when his San value returns to zero in the next journey. The title is very meaningful to him.

However, what Wei Xun cares about most is the green title of empathy, because it is a reward given to him by * *.

[you have well protected my eBay passengers and performed better than I expected, so I will also give you extraordinary rewards]

How can an extraordinary reward be just a green title?

** * as for lying, Wei Xun lost himself in thought and examined the work of empathy again.

[empathy (green title): you have extraordinary empathy for others and can think from the perspective of others. You can choose to empathize with an identity to obtain that identity (only one identity)]

When Wei Xun selects an identity empathy, the title of empathy will become that identity. For example, if Wei Xun chooses the identity of [police] to empathize, the title of empathy will become the title of [police]. Wearing this title, Wei Xun will obtain the identity characteristics of the police.

It is limited to one identity, that is, Wei Xun can only choose one identity and empathy, and he can change it again.

“Can you empathize with a special identity?”

Wei Xun believes that the title given to him by * * should be bad, even if it is only a green title.

Wei Xun thought of an Xuefeng on his eBay. He must be very strong, but he knows what an Xuefeng’s identity is, so he can only give up temporarily.

Wei Xun’s next thought was’ Maoshan Taoist ‘.

The identity title of Miao Fangfei [novice Gu Po] makes Wei Xun greedy. This special identity title should come easily. Wei Xun has many titles now, so he has to consider the next journey.

Although he and “Maoshan Taoist” have never met before, thinking of the “supernatural cases” and “metaphysical knowledge” revealed by Maoshan Taoist in the past, Wei Xun, who knows the existence of hotels and many supernatural mysteries in the world, suddenly feels that the identity of “Maoshan Taoist” is not simple.

He must be a Taoist of Maoshan.

Wei Xun opened the chat record and saw that in the past few days when he disappeared, Taoist Maoshan still insisted on being lax, urged him to watch every day, and sent him an expression bag of “little Taoist paste” and “little Taoist look”. Wei Xun clicked his eBay, clicked his mobile phone screen, turned his eyes and had an idea of eBay.

Take the initiative to test. For example, let me find it myself.

At 3:00 a.m., Wei Xun opened the codeword software, inspired by a spring of inspiration, and began to write the first chapter of the lost Xiang of Maoshan Taoist.

* *

“Update my eBay, the author I chased finally updated my eBay!”

At five o’clock in the morning, Wei Xun finished publishing the code, but when he went back to bed and slept soundly, the lights in a villa on the outskirts of Beijing were bright.

A young man in a black Taoist robe and pointing with a mobile phone stepped up from the lower room happily. He was excited. When he came to the living room, he coughed and looked serious. He took the dust brush, straightened his back and squinted, as if there was a real sense of immortality.

But as soon as he got to the living room, a large group of chubby black shadows rushed to my eBay like a wild boar.

“Up! What a monster! ”

As soon as the Taoist shook the dust, he knew how to do it. He passed the dark shadow. Yes, he didn’t even touch the edge of his clothes. But the shadow is also a flexible, chubby body. When he twists and turns, he grabs the Taoist priest’s cuffs and falls down on his knees in a very exaggerated way. His round face is pitifully wrinkled and cries for his father and mother.

“Lord Tao, Lord Tao, calculate for me. How long can I live?”

“I’ll figure it out – eh, brother Wang, as long as the captain can find her, she can live.”

The young Taoist shook his head and looked serious. Listening to him, Wang Pang howled more hopelessly and miserably.



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