TTG Chapter 55

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 55: Real world

“Brother Wang, listen to my advice, take the initiative to admit your mistake, right? It’s just being smoked by the captain at most.”

Maoshan Taoist said painstakingly: “Even if Yu Hehui didn’t bring him back and Bingjiu didn’t bring him back, he basically exposed his identity in the brigade, and he lost the climbing rope borrowed by the captain – the captain won’t smoke him to death, right?”

The more Wang pangzi listened, the more he felt that his future was bleak. The bleak picture was not the blackening of the Yintang, but the ink splashing of the Yintang. He was sad and dejected: “I was too bad. If I was smoked, I would be smoked, but the captain refused to see me.”

“The captain doesn’t see you now. He doesn’t want to kill you.”

Taoist Mao Shan was very thoughtful and brushed the dust: “I don’t see this living room. Now, are there two of me? Others are scared to run away.”

Speaking of this, the Taoist priest of Maoshan was also worried: “look at the posture of the captain killing the deadly poison master. Alas, I originally planned to lead Tianlei to attack him after I found out this man, but I didn’t expect the captain to do it himself.”

“Captain, didn’t you sleep these days?”

Wang pangzi worried and was a little anxious. The Taoist priest of Maoshan shook his head: “no, the captain didn’t sleep after laleier came back.”

After a pause, he lowered his voice: “he has been reading Zui Meixiang, you know what I mean.”

Fat Wang was like a top whipped by a whip. He trembled all over. For a moment, he felt that life was hopeless. He waved his hand sadly and said, “don’t learn from the replicator. Alas, has Xiaole found out what you want? I’ll go up and hand it over to the captain.”

“Anyway, I’ll die sooner or later. It’s death. I’ll give it up.”

Wang pengpai made an expression of impending sacrifice. Mao Xiaole took out a small paper man from his sleeve and handed it to Wang pengpai:

“If you have found something, please bother brother Wang.”

When Wang surging upstairs, Taoist Maoshan cheered, took out his mobile phone from his sleeve and read the novel with relish. Lin Xi, they brought him here. Up to now, he hasn’t rested for a moment and has been examining people. Even my wife’s update didn’t have time to read.

When he was killed, Mao Xiaole lit the enchanting incense first. The other party would not remember that he had been tried. Therefore, he had a good dream.


Seeing the title of his wife’s second Taoist priest of Maoshan, Mao Xiaole always opened his eyes because of his narrow eyes, and his eyes twinkled with forest cold sharp light.

“It’s true that we’ve found a wonderful Dongyu, especially Lin Xi, tut.”

“Yes, my wife has updated 10000 words. I love Mrs. fairy!”

Mao Xiaole, with a changed face, lay down on the sofa with his mobile phone and rewarded 10000 Yuan directly. Since the reward will be divided proportionally by the station, this 10000 yuan is Mao Xiaole’s direct transfer agreement “Sanshui sun and moon”. Who let him have the contact information of his beloved wife.

“Madame modo modo!”

Mao Xiaole sent a group of “little Taoist” expression packs. Unexpectedly, he was often hidden and always lost his agreement. This time, he replied quickly.

[Maoshan, are you really a Taoist priest of Maoshan?]

“I’m a real Taoist of Maoshan. I didn’t believe Sanshui. I’m so sad.”

[៷ɚremember the supernatural camera I bought before, I seem to have taken some

“! Well, it’s not good to be haunted by supernatural things. Should Sanshui buy some symbols? It’s absolutely reliable! ”

[I want to see]

A pile of self drawn symbols and seals were photographed and distributed. Mao Xiaole was dual-purpose. While warmly introducing the different uses of each symbol and seal, he pinched his fingers and calculated.

“Supernatural East, did you get it?”

Mao Xiaole said to himself, narrowed his eyes and said, “recently, is my wife finally going to enter the hotel?”

“May have entered?”

“It’s actually later than expected. It’s too late. I #”

When he arrived late, he would not enter the hotel because of Sanshui sun and moon. After all, Mao Xiaole was attracted by his novels five years ago.

People who can be selected by the hotel have omens before entering the hotel, or have special dreams, or even click into a live channel that has not been seen in the past late at night, or they always like to check some travel related information recently.

People with strong aspirations will be selected into hotels, and those whose relatives are selected into hotels will be easier to enter hotels.

Those who are destined to come together will meet and attract each other before, just like when an Xuefeng was the captain of the Criminal Police Brigade, Wang pengpai was his informant, and when he investigated the disappearance of Yu Hehui, he went to Maoshan temple and was led by Mao Xiaole, a little Taoist at that time.

In the past, Mao Xiaole devoted himself to cultivating himself in the Taoist temple and has been running hard since he was elected to the hotel. When Mao Xiaole, who has almost never been in touch with electronic equipment, turned on his mobile phone for the first time and clicked on a supernatural novel called “Taoist Mao Shan”, he was deeply attracted. He had a premonition that the protocol of “Sanshui sun and moon” would also be elected to the hotel.

It’s like fate.

Mao Xiaole often discusses supernatural cases with Sanshui sun and moon. All kinds of problems are laying a good foundation in advance. He believed that there must be an extraordinary fate between them. Otherwise, how could he like every Keng text of Sanshui sun and moon, and know that he would rush into another Keng text without looking back.

It’s definitely very fate. Five years ago, Mao Xiaole often vowed to tell Wang pangzi that he definitely met a predestined person with outstanding talent. He might have strong titles such as [pen fairy] and [pit God], which must be brought to the brigade.

Five years have passed now. In five years, people in the team have died, injured and walked. Someone’s life is changing, and Mao Xiaole has also changed.

Only Duan Geng’s Taoist priest of Maoshan has not changed. The pigeons in each book of Sanshui sun and moon are extremely stable, so that Mao Xiaole has a strange sense of comfort every time he urges the watch. There are always unswerving East people in this world and people who will not be elected to the hotel.

Now, the second part of Taoist Maoshan has been opened, and Sanshui sun and moon have also revealed a different situation.

After all, no one can escape the hotel.

Mao Xiaole’s white face showed a touch of gloom, which was not like the joy of talking with Sanshui sun and moon. There was a pity in his eyes.

After all #, I have to go.

After five years of friendship, Mao Xiaole also vaguely knows that Sanshui sun and moon are not in good health. People who are not in good health will always suffer particularly during the journey.

“Don’t worry, madam. I’ll take good care of you.”

Mao Xiaole narrowed up again and propped his chin. He read the first chapter of the lost track of Taoist Maoshan in Hunan again, with a subtle expression of satisfaction and dissatisfaction on his face.

“When his wife comes, I can protect his code.”

Mao Xiaole told Sanshui Riyue more about some things he couldn’t say because of restrictions in the past. Switching back to the novel interface, he clicked the word “Xiang” and smashed the screen as soon as he used it. The sound is inexplicably cold:

“Wait until these bugs are cleaned up…”

“Xiao le.”


Mao Xiaole stood up and swept under the sofa according to the broken screen mobile phone. His shoulders and back were straight and dignified. He looked straight at a tall figure. He walked down the stairs. He threw the East man in his hand onto the sofa. The whole living room seemed to be shocked.

Mao Xiaole held his breath, bowed his head more and more skillfully, and secretly glanced at him. He saw that Wang pengpai, with a bruised nose and face, was angry and collapsed on the sofa. His injuries looked terrible. In fact, they were skin and flesh injuries. It would be good for him to recover for half a day. I knew an Xuefeng’s current state and was a little relieved.

When the other party’s God swept over, Mao Xiaole felt as if he had been scraped off his scalp by a sharp blade. His cold hair stood upright and he cried bitterly in his heart. It’s so evil. The captain killed Jue Ming poison master and beat Wang pengpai, but the murderous spirit was even more serious.

“Let me post.”


Mao Xiaole responded neatly and dared not hesitate.

“If someone wants to see me, let them come.”

Bang bang, move your wrist, and the sound of knuckle protocol.

“This pool of water must be stirred more.”


That night, the hot post “is C 9 or not” published by the completely overturned the already heated forum.

The argument with other people’s Che Gulu words is completely different from the posts of various conjectures. He directly puts the data, lists the facts and accurately points out the volg recorded by Bingjiu, analyzes the time point of each murder and the difficulty of different journeys, and analyzes the title of Bingjiu and the timing of each use of the title.

[Bingjiu’s performance in Zui Meixiang is easy to doubt whether he is Bingjiu or not. He has changed a person behind his back]

Said: [ we must understand that the code may alternate, and the identity may be replaced. The title is relatively unique, and it is not too much to say that it is a human identity label. Up to now, there are two people who have the title of “cold-blooded person” in the world and are still alive. One of them is Bingjiu, which shows that it is extremely rare]

[the biggest feature of the title of cold-blooded person is that he is not afraid of any negative emotions and will not feel pain. His body temperature is lower than that of ordinary people, and he is more likely to be afraid of cold. These are all experienced in Bingjiu, drunk Meixiang. Some people may say that tour guides with the title of will or the title of temperature can also disguise such performance. There is a more important evidence]

[that’s the title of [engaging in porn], which is rare. Only 17 people in the world own the title of [engaging in porn], and only four people in the sub region own it]

The identities of the four people were listed next. Except for C 9, the other three happened to be leading the brigade during the journey of drunk Meixiang, and each had volg protocol certificates!

[to sum up, Bingjiu is just like Bingjiu. Why did he perform extraordinary on this trip? And the act of not killing anyone is completely inconsistent with the means of his butcher in the past.]

[I think, maybe not killing one person is the key to activating the mission of opening up the journey at 30 degrees north latitude this time! You should know how difficult it is to survive the journey of drunk Meixiang, and the extraordinary anticipation and quantity shown by C 9 are not because of himself, but because someone behind him gives advice]

[the author believes that the organization behind Bingjiu may have mastered the key to the mission of opening up the journey at 30 degrees north latitude]


[it’s expected that the other party will post in advance when the development task appears…]


[with its terrible and bloody means, the coming trend of general Bingjiu will be controlled by him. I’m afraid even the other party didn’t expect it. The participants will display ???, The author speculates that Bingjiu is already against his will and tries to get rid of the other party’s control…]

[whoever wants to find Bingjiu now is like a child who died with a lot of money. I’m afraid he can get the most critical clue this time if he can contact Bingjiu first and give a satisfactory reward!]

As soon as this post was posted, it immediately put the butcher Alliance on the cusp of the storm!

“The post is good.”

An Xuefeng’s tone seems to have a sense of sadness, but Mao Xiaole’s scalp is numb with this light sadness.

“Fat Wang.”


Fat Wang rolled up neatly and his eyes glowed.

“Take someone and take the opportunity to pull out the bug of the butcher alliance.”

“Come on, boss, promise to finish the task!”

Fat Wang patted his chest with joy, showing his teeth in pain and suffering. This agreement succeeded in livening up the atmosphere. As soon as Mao Xiaole hooked his lips, the next moment he felt the captain’s eyes fall on him. Mao Xiaole immediately shrunk his neck like an ostrich.

“Mao Xiaole.”


“Stare at the new star list of the tour guide.”


“‘c 9 ‘…”

An Xuefeng’s voice is low. If there is a question, “new people?”


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