TTG Chapter 56

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 56: Virtual Hall

“C9 doesn’t have to use shielding props at the end of the journey.”

This is the first sentence said by the returning brigade resident: “if it is used, it is also at the time of entering the journey.”

Time went back to Wang pengpai and others who had just returned to the hotel and settled Miao Fangfei and others to their foothold. Mao Xiaole tried them and the king was surging.

Most of the time from the beginning to the end of the journey, the live footage of C-9 was blocked, that is, you can infer the direction of C-9 from the actions of others, but Wang pengpai can speak more clearly.

Wang pengpai, who didn’t catch Bing Jiu, didn’t bring back Yu Hehui, and even lost his climbing rope, racked his brains with the heart of guilty and meritorious service. From the beginning of getting on the bus, he spoke in extra detail, even the clothes worn by “Bing Jiu” were very clear.

After all, Wang pengpai once sat with him.

“White hair, sunglasses, hats, masks, windbreaker and half exposed gloves basically cover all the skin. They dress up like vampires at the blood church.”

Wang pengpai was depressed from the beginning: “strange thing, when I first got on the bus, I felt that this boy was not strong. When he was on the side, he thought he was C-9.”

“Since when did you think he was C-9?”

“He put on a bronze mask and began.”

Wang pengpai shook his head: “even Lin Xi didn’t recognize him as Bingjiu before.”

“Didn’t he wear a mask when he first got on the bus?”


Wang pengpai touched Yuba and added, “but before wearing the mask, he showed the characteristic of ‘painless’, which frightened Lin Xi.”

Then Wang pengpai told the whole story of what happened on the bus in detail. After all, the live broadcast started from the arrival of Wuluo mountain. Before that, no one knew except the passengers.

“He used props to change the number of items.”

“The title of the live broadcast room shows Bingjiu, and the ‘Guide Bingjiu’ of the journey information has not changed.”

Changing the tour guide number belongs to one of the tour guide exclusive shielding props. The tour guide exclusive shielding channel has a tour guide number that can hide the tour guide number on the journey list. Some can change their own tour guide number to another, and even modify the title of the live broadcast room.

But it is usually used by tour guides above the golden level.

One reason is that the props of the shield type are very rare and expensive, and the financial resources of ordinary tour guides are not enough. The second is to shield the number of people from loneliness. If you have also used the Title Combination familiar to everyone, others can recognize it at a glance, which is equivalent to shielding loneliness.

Therefore, the tour guides who often block the number of  basically have the second set, or even the third set, which can be used with the title of . Titles are more rare and precious than points. Many tour guides can’t even collect a set of titles, let alone other titles, so it’s almost only used by big tour guides.

Make assumptions.

First, Bingjiu is still Bingjiu. This assumption is still recognized by many people. Just as the Post said, the number is the “ID card” of the tour guide. In addition, Lin Xi, who has traveled with Bingjiu many times, firmly believes in Bingjiu, which has confirmed Bingjiu’s identity.

But everyone in the return brigade knows that Bingjiu was killed by an Xuefeng. This matter is very secret. Only the elite in the team know it.

So the first possibility is not true.

Then there is only the second kind, “C 9” is actually disguised by others.

Who is this man.

From Wang pengpai’s description, it is determined that the man’s props were in conflict with Lin Xi until he said ‘passengers, I’m the tour guide of this trip, C 9’.

Instead of, as others guessed, this person is C-9, who hid the  number at the end of the mission.

“He made perfect preparations.”

“The captain killed Bingjiu before the start of the journey. He had to know that Bingjiu was going to die. He had the ability to insert into the journey, prepared props No. 1 in advance, and even prepared props similar to the title of Bingjiu.”

“In fact, I have been in the team for several times, but I don’t know what’s going on. I just think this man is C-9.”

Wang pangzi said depressed and shook his head: “for regular props, I try to record the appearance of Bingjiu, but I will draw it as the original Bingjiu.”

“Damn it.”

Wang pangzi was stunned: “I’ve never heard of such props. This, this is not a hotel…”

Halfway through, he shut his mouth and dared not speak again.

“I’ve never heard of such props.”

But he said, “the first hypothesis is impossible, and the probability of the second hypothesis is also very low. If it is really the second kind, the “C 9″ must be closely related to that person, or be that person’s puppet. ”

“Bingjiu is the man’s puppet. Only he can know that his puppet was killed by the captain for the first time. With his ability, he may have time to arrange all this.”

Bingjiu is dead. Although the man can’t get away for the time being, there will certainly be new works.

This is what the people of the returning brigade unanimously recognized, and it is also the reason why Wang surging sealed his strength and sneaked into drunk Western Hunan.

It is more than three months before the end of the year celebration, but there is no news of the opening of the three degree north latitude journey this year. In particular, the sub region has not even had a three degree north latitude journey so far, which makes the vast majority of senior people guess that the travel location is in the sub region.

The task of opening up the three degree journey at north latitude will only appear in the super difficult journey, such as drunken Western Hunan, the tomb of the Japanese dragon triangle, and the Bermuda Triangle. Therefore, all the super difficult journeys in the sub region have been highly noted.

This is also the reason why an Xuefeng personally killed Bingjiu after confirming that Bingjiu received the regiment from Zui Meixiang West.

The right to open up the three degree journey at north latitude must not fall into the hands of the butcher alliance, otherwise they would not have made such a quick move to Fu Bingjiu. After all, Bingjiu is the only confirmed puppet who has close contact with that person. Only by taking a long line can they catch big fish.

When an Xuefeng killed Bingjiu, a new “Bingjiu” appeared in the team, which basically inherited the full title of the original Bingjiu. It really had to be noticed that it was the man who put in a new puppet in time, with the purpose of seizing the right to start the journey at three degrees north latitude.

In particular, this “puppet” is strange everywhere. He recognized Wang pengpai and tricked him into his hands. After all, Wang pengpai himself is not intelligent. He subdued Yu Hehui’s remnant soul and seized the climbing rope with Wang pengpai’s carelessness, which is the most worrying point.

If he is really a new puppet, his real strength is not low. He died in the original C 9 and blocked the news broadcast by the hotel in some way. His hand is a complete golden cicada, just like a drop of water falling into the sea, and no one can find any trace of him.

This possibility is also the one with the greatest probability at present. That person has the title of prediction class, has great strength, and can predict the opportunity to open up the journey of three degrees north latitude in advance. It is also possible to get drunk in Western Hunan.

“With sheep like corners, red eyes, dark nails on hands and feet, a little hunchback? Back protrusion? Well, the red magic pattern, the belly, the arm, the arm image? There is a tail, black, with silver thorns. It is very flexible and should be able to wrap around the legs.

Wang pangzi is the only person who has seen the final alienation form of “C 9”, or Miao Fangfei. However, the strength is too different. Miao Fangfei has not yet reached the level where she can look directly at the “monster”. She will only leave a vague general impression and can’t describe it in such detail as fat Wang.

“Is that so?”

Quickly sketched on the parchment, soon, a demon like human figure jumped onto the paper and was lifelike. The person in the painting showed the attraction of magic, which made people couldn’t help but uncover the mask on his face and explore his true face.

“Well, that’s right.”

Wang pangzi nodded wildly and gave a thumbs up: “brother Bai, you are really excellent!”

“Is there really nothing missing?”

“No, No.”

“Are you sure you don’t have it again?”


Wang pengpai hesitated and said uncertainly, “he seems to have a golden sugar bean on his shoulder. He can fly. He should be alive and look like a bee.”

“Left shoulder right shoulder?”

“Left shoulder.”

A round bean was added to the devil’s left shoulder.

“The abyss system is biased towards the alienation of demons, and there is no complete evolution.”

Put on his pen and pondered, “it’s the source of alienation with that person.”

“Maybe it’s not a puppet, but a believer who has been transformed by him.”

“I don’t think it’s a puppet.”

Wang pengpai exclaimed: “this is a journey development mission of three degrees north latitude. You shouldn’t just send a puppet. Moreover, at that meeting, Bingjiu was not controlled by withered bones, and the control was transferred to Miao Fangfei. ”

The dead bone came from a tour guide whose strength was close to class A. all tour guides in the “strength” should play a role. Unless the actual strength of “C 9” ranks first, or there are props that can carry dead bones.

Props that can carry dead bones are basically as precious as mountaineering ropes. The number of tour guides with such props does not exceed  slaps all over the world.

“I’ll keep staring at the Incan Sun Gate. You give this to the captain.”

He transferred everything he speculated to a clear record, paused, and added a few strokes to the latest one. Then he handed the parchment roll to Wang pengpai.

Wang pengpai went back to the temporary stronghold, found Mao Xiaole, and handed it to an Xuefeng with what he had found from Lin Xi and other people.

Darling was beaten violently and led people to the mess of the butcher alliance with his nose, but Wang pengpai was convinced that he should have been punished for doing something wrong.

Some people even think it’s a job.

“Why didn’t the captain let me kill.”

As soon as he went out, Mao Xiaole complained, “I’m really itchy recently. If the poison master is robbed by the captain, he won’t even keep a butcher for me.”

“Why do you look at the new star list of tour guides? Our team hasn’t been a tour guide in 180 years, or will ‘C 9’ be on the new star list? This is only at the tour guide meeting that has just completed a task. ”

“It’s possible.”

Wang pengpai’s face was swollen, and he could not speak clearly. “It’s possible.”

“He’s crazy to read laleier’s data?”

Mao Xiaole was unimaginable and even smiled: “can the new tour guide take the dangerous journey for the first time? Can you bring out a whole staff to survive, open up new scenic spots and new journeys? ”

“Do you think he looks like a novice tour guide?”

“I don’t think so.”

Wang pengpai muttered, “I’m just too cautious and listed everything possible.”

Just now he read a letter to an Xuefeng. Wang pengpai knew what he wrote. He is meticulous to the extreme. He has strong divergent thinking ability and logical reasoning ability. Even if it seems impossible, he will list it if there is only a probability.

Wang pengpai still remembers this:

[leave all factors behind and only consider the fact that the participant’s number is not displayed when the final Hotel broadcast. There is another possibility]

[he is a new tour guide and has not been bound with the identity of the hotel]

[for the first time in history, being selected into a hotel activated the special identity of class X tourists and became a gifted tour guide, such as the “dream chaser” of A-3 tour guide.]

[then will it happen that the first time I was selected into the hotel was a super dangerous journey, and I also had the identity of “C-9”. I made a series of judgments far exceeding the strength of C-9 in Zui Mei Xiangxi, comparable to class B tour guides, and even finally completed the pre task and became a participant in the journey of opening up the third degree of north latitude?]

[the possible probability is basically zero]

[if nothing had happened on the bus, the speculation that “C 9” was a newcomer would not appear on this parchment. No luggage, clothes and shoes are not suitable for the journey. The most important thing is that at the beginning, he allowed Lin Xi to provoke, even connive, and push. What was the purpose of this incident?]

[from his performance in the whole journey, he will not do meaningless things. Everything has an opportunity to intimidate passengers and show his dignity? He’s “C-9”. It doesn’t have to be so, nor should he take Lin Xi who is absolutely loyal to him]

[when Lin Xi collapsed, he took out a bronze mask and became “C 9”, which is more like completing a task and getting a reward.]

[even so, the probability that “C 9” is a new tour guide is still very low. It is suggested to consider it in combination with Mao Xiaole’s audit results]

[if “C 9” is the person most likely to appear on the bus, this inference is invalid, and vice versa -]

The guide is always the first person to get on the bus, which is the rule of the hotel. It is said that at the beginning, the tour guide was the first to board the bus, but since a tour guide took this opportunity to control all passengers on that trip, resulting in an extremely bad impact, the rules of the hotel have changed since then.

By default, passengers take their seats from the front to the front. Only when the seats on the front are full can they take their seats forward. The position in the front row is reserved for the guide.

Because of his seal strength, Wang pengpai used special means to get on the train at the top of the tour guide. When he got on the bus, there was no other place on the bus, and “C 9” sat in the front row.

So Wang pengpai habitually thinks he is a tour guide, but he has never been there——

“Yu and an are the first of them to get on the bus.”

Mao Xiaole narrowed his eyes and whispered, “before he got on the bus, ‘Bingjiu’ was already there.”

That is, after listening to Mao Xiaole’s paper man report at the captain’s side, Wang pengpai still felt his voice dry and almost unable to breathe: “I always thought…”

There could not have been new people on the dangerous journey. Wang pengpai has never been to Bingjiu. How many people get on the train.

However, once there are new people on the journey, they will be the first to appear on the means of transportation.

Incredible,  to this point!

[if “C 9” is the first person to “appear” on the bus, we must consider the possibility that he is a newcomer]

Latest track:

[control Yu he’an et al., note list of new stars]

The news that “C 9” first appeared on buses should not be leaked.

At the end of the new couple’s journey, they can bind their identity and have up to two hours of thinking time. If “C 9” is really a new person, his score in Zui Mei Xiangxi Lane will definitely be on the list of new tour guides.

Just see if there will be a new tour guide with high scores on the list of new tour guides within two hours, and everything will be fine.

However, although there are so many analyses, the possibility that “C 9” will be a newcomer is too slim. At most, the probability has increased from 0.00001% to 1%. The most important thing is an Xuefeng.

This time, Wang pengpai brought back the “statue containing the ghost of a long (version of the village head of qiebai Village)” and the zombie village head of qiebai village in a special way. Originally, he intended to take this as a means to take Bing Jiu. After all, the statue of flying fox and the ghost of a long should be on Bing Jiu, but unfortunately, the emergence of the new journey opening task made Wang’s surging preparation useless.

Now he gave all these to the captain. With them and the climbing rope in the hands of Bingjiu, Wang pengpai believed that the captain would find Bingjiu.

“Newcomer, tour guide, Ho Ho, ha ha ha.”

Mao Xiaole murmured. He covered his face. His expression was slightly distorted. His laughter was frightening. He repeatedly said, “newcomer, tour guide, ha ha, he will be very strong.”

“I’m getting excited. I’m getting excited.”

It’s not just very strong. If this “C 9” is really a new tour guide, it’s a monster.

Wang Pengpai make complaints about Mao Xiaole’s state of mind. He urged the sentence: “Xiao Le, it is not surprising that the captain did not give the butcher alliance to you. You are too heavy to kill, and you have to cultivate yourself.”

Speaking of this, Wang pengpai warned: “if someone is really a new star tour guide, don’t mess with your hands. It’s a big baby egg! Darling, I’ll kneel down and apologize. You can invite others to come. Don’t be blind! ”

“Hiss, I see. I can’t kill you.”

Mao Xiaole was impatient and said, “don’t worry, I’ll control my temper – after all, my wife has opened a new article!”

Mao Xiaole’s eyebrows stretched out and caressed the broken screen mobile phone morbidly: “with the update, I can keep calm. You can rest assured. ”

“Oh, you.”

Wang pengpai reluctantly ordered him and said casually, “you still like his novels so much after five years?”


Mao Xiaole smiled and was satisfied: “it’s time for him to be selected into the hotel in Sanshui. He will definitely come to our team.”

“You said that a few years ago, and you haven’t seen anyone come… Just the captain’s idea, then he can come in.”

Wang surging said, “so don’t make the captain angry. Finish the task.”

“I see. I’ve got the virtual hall, and you’re about to get it.”

Mao Xiaole was impatient and disappeared. Wang pengpai sighed, hoping that if Mao Xiaole’s “Sanshui” could be selected into the hotel, Mao Xiaole might be in a better state.

“What should I do? It’s hard to persuade people to enter the hotel.”

Wang pengpai shook his head. To be honest, Mao Xiaole has been saying for five years that “Sanshui” has not come in, so it’s best not to come.

The hotel is really not a place.

* *

“The hotel is really a place!”

Wei Xun sighed. He was reading the information sent to him by the “Maoshan Taoist” with relish. He was tempted by three words. Wei Xun had a kind of anticipation. This “Maoshan Taoist” was probably also selected by the hotel.

In other words, the yin-yang secrets he said before, the tortoise shell keel, are likely to be all true! And you can experience it during the journey!

Yeah, Wei Xun, it’s more urgent to start the journey, but

[you tried to empathize with ‘Maoshan Taoist’, but empathy failed]

Although there is no identity binding, and the title also shows “no steps”, Wei Xun suspects that the title obtained only by “you” should belong to him and will be reflected in him.

Just like he didn’t wear the title of “painless”, but Wei Xun in reality still won’t feel pain.

In fact, in addition to being “afraid of the cold”, Wei Xun has basically met the title of “cold-blooded person”. He will not suffer from pain, negative emotional impact and rounding. He can already be regarded as a “cold-blooded person” whose blood is not cold.

In that case, the title of [] should also be used for talent. Just now Wei Xun has been trying to empathize with the ‘Taoist of Maoshan’, and sure enough, he was prompted by the hotel.

It’s a pity that empathy fails

“How can we succeed?”

Wei Xun pondered that he was looking at the supernatural cases shared by Maoshan Taoist priest and discussed with him, and tried to integrate himself into the identity of Maoshan Taoist priest. Wei Xun was very involved, but empathy still failed.

“Because I haven’t really met Taoist Maoshan, or because I don’t have a deep understanding of his identity?”

Wei Xun, thoughtfully, hugged the cake made of flying fox and saw its long oily brown hair.

“Or the status of Maoshan Taoist is too high, and his heart is just a green title, so he can’t imitate it?”

“Pancake, what do you say?”


Pancake licked her claws, her big tail swayed, and her beautiful eyes were still staring at the young fox squatting on the carpet.

“Cake, cake, cake, C 9, passengers.”

Wei Xun poked his fingers at the big ears of the Maine cat: “the reward for protecting passengers, the reward for allowing passengers to survive, pie pie, you say, my little star customer service will mean me.”


“Police, doctors, businessmen, readers, authors, these are the people I have the most daily contact with. Maoshan Taoist priest, Li Guiping, Miao Fangfei’s novice Gu Po, and even Wu Laoliu — ”

Wei Xun lengthened his voice and smiled: “but these identities are not important.”

“The tour guide’s activities are allocated by hotels, and I have more and more tourism opportunities.”

Wei Xun narrowed his eyes. In the dark, his pupils were more like purple. It’s eight o’clock in the morning. It’s already bright outside, but the curtains are still pulled in the bedroom. The lights are not on. It’s as dark as evening.

“My little customer service really doesn’t know what I’m talking about.”

Wei Xun whispered, “empathy ‘passengers'”

[are you sure you want to use “heart” to sympathize with passengers? Please note that the title of empathy “heart” will be changed to the title “passenger”, which cannot be changed]

Sure enough, the tips of the hotel are different from those in the past.

Without much hesitation, Wei Xun said, “I’m sure.”

[you lose the green title of ‘passenger’, you get the green title of ‘passenger’]

[passenger (green title): when you wear this title, you will become a passenger!]

“Well, let’s try whether this title is useful.”

Wei Xun lies comfortably on the bed with his hands crossed on his lower abdomen:

“I hope it works, after all – I can’t wait”

Bind identity

[dear passengers, congratulations on choosing thriller global hotel! Thriller global hotel, the best choice!]

The cheerful prompt sounded in Wei Xun’s ear:

[the full function of the creepy journey app is opened for you, and the points you get on this journey are being settled!]

With the sound of the hotel, various scenes in drunk Western Hunan flashed before Wei Xun’s eyes. When the first scene was on the bus, Lin Xi collapsed and knelt down to cry.

[complete the extremely difficult novice tour guide task: 500 points]

Then there is the scene of climbing Wuluo mountain to fight the corpse turned flying fox, Xiaolong Yizhuang and fierce bone plank road against the commander of the corpse turned flying fox, and killing the corpse turned flying fox king and the flying fox cubs curled up in his heart.

[open up new scenic spots in Feihu mountain forest: 1000 points]

However, the evil spirit storm swept through qiebai village, and Li guipingping stood in the sky, overlooking the earth.

[participating in the new journey of “no solution level”: 3000 points]

Then, eight faces of Miao Fangfei, Yu he’an and Zhao Hongtu flashed in Wei Xun’s mind.

[eight passengers survived: 1600 points (all passengers survived, the score doubled)]

The most beautiful picture is a red guide flag.

[first dangerous journey: 2000 points]

[your first live broadcast audience reaches 1000: 10 points]

[your first live broadcast audience reaches 10000: 100 points]

[your first live broadcast audience reaches 10000: 1000 points]

[the total score of your drunkenness in Xiangxi is 9210 points. Congratulations! You have set the highest score for novice tour guides and ranked first in the world tour guide star list!]

[calculating your rank!]

Wei Xun opened his eyes. He was standing in a room with snow-white walls. In front of him, there was nothing but a list with a sky to earth and a bright background like stars. On this list, which is always floating at any time, there are two kinds of characters, one is Chinese, the number is a, B, C and E plus numbers, the other is English, and the number is sabcd plus numbers.

Wei Xun looked at the list carefully and saw that from top to bottom, they were:

[a 1 (Hippie), score: 7852]

[S5 (ghost captain), score: 5068]

[A3 (Dreamer), score: 5062]

[b 35, score: 4025]

[list of world tour guide stars, including the top 100 scores obtained by new tour guides all over the world during their first tour, ranking!]

“Why is there a type number?”

Wei Xun asked with great interest, “why is there a title in the first three brackets, but not B 35?”

[ No. is determined by the  district with the greatest contribution on the return list]

Hotel Road: [only the top 13 tour guides in the area will have their own titles on the hotel list]

[you get the guide’s initial bronze Brooch]

Wei Xun’s hand sank and the metal was cold. It was a bronze butterfly badge, simple and low-key. There are five recesses on the butterfly wing, which seem to be inlaid with things.

Wei Xun knows the classification of tour guides in the hotel.

The lowest level is bronze level. There are three levels in total. One star is obtained for every 500, and three stars are upgraded to one level

When the bronze three-star is complete, it will rise from “silver” to “silver”.

The silver level is divided into five levels. One star is obtained for every 1000 points, and five stars are upgraded to one level.

When you reach the silver five-level five-star  and pass the tour guide examination, you can advance to the gold level.

There are higher platinum grade and diamond grade on the gold surface, and the guide’s “number” is arranged from top to top according to the grade, which is distinguished from the East and the West.

In the Eastern District, the sub district is the “a, B, C, D and E”, and only the top three tour guides are class a tour guides.

There are eight elite tour guides to class B, one hundred ordinary tour guides to class B, two hundred five tour guides to class C, and five hundred tour guides to class D. the lowest class E tour guides are not counted and are ranked according to their grades.

If the class is equal to the star level, the hotel has its own evaluation criteria, so tourists call the tour guide with the “number”, such as C 9 and B 4 9, rather than silver 5-star tour guide and platinum 1-star tour guide.

[you got a total of 9210 points on this trip. Congratulations. You’ve been upgraded to silver level zero level four-star, and 290 points short. You’ll be upgraded to silver level first-class tour guide!]

[congratulations on getting the number of C 250!]

In the joyful congratulation of the hotel, Wei Xun was stunned. The ranking of the “number” on the new star list of world tour guides changed rapidly, and a part of it fell off as a whole. Originally in the first place [a 1:7825] became the second place, and the pressure on it is impressively——

[C 250, score: 9210]

“Wait, no, can everyone see this list?”

Wei Xun had no time to stop and watched [C 250] win the headlines.

Yes, the whole world will admire your glory!]

“Hiss -”

Wei Xun took a breath of air-conditioning, rarely helped his forehead and murmured, “my God, this number will change.”

[yes, the number on the list will change your real-time number!]

“In other words, I have to bear this number for at least a month?”

Wei Xun shook his head and sighed: “publicity is really too publicity.”

Although that’s what he said, we can see from the corners of his mouth that Wei Xun is quite satisfied with the inexplicable pressure on the [A1] guide. He likes this kind of stimulation, the sensation of attention.

“But 250 is really terrible. You didn’t mean it.”

He is just not satisfied with his own number. He knows that the famous number is usually initial and leaves the deepest impression on people. His novice tour guide directly passed the dangerous drunk in Western Hunan and won the first place in the new star list, which is very memorable.

But Wei Xun was not called “what, are you the first C 250 in the new star list?”

“Forget it, what is the relationship between C 250 and Wei Xun?”

Wei Xun comforted himself that he had made plans to travel as a passenger this month, more than a journey. Anyway, it will take a month for the tour guide to take over the job. No matter how popular it is, it will eventually pass over time. It’s impossible to say that there will be no one with the title of “C 250” in a month.

“The ranking is over, and there is a number. Can I get out?”

[tour guide C 250, as the pioneer and participant of the journey of three degrees north latitude, your glory will always be recorded on the return list and recorded in history!]

“Wait, you stop first. What’s the way home?? What happened to the three degree journey north latitude? ”

The prompt of “enthusiasm” in the hotel made Wei Xun feel a bad anticipation.

Then he listened to the importance of the hotel’s popular science three degrees north latitude journey and what is the return list. Wei Xun was numb!

If we say that this [list of new tour guides] is only a list that is relatively heavy, but not particularly heavy. After all, it is related to its status and other lists, such as [passenger star list], [annual tour guide list], [annual passenger list] and so on.

The “journey home list” is the most eye-catching and dazzling list in the world, which can be seen by everyone!

The “journey home list” means that “only the journey of three degrees north latitude is the way home”, that is to say, “the key is on the journey of three degrees north latitude! So far, there are only seven of the most advanced and inexplicable journeys in the world!

Plus the tomb of the chieftain in Western Hunan just made by Wei Xun, there will be seven!

“This is the upper part of C 250 -”

Wei Xun is hard to explain. He feels that the number 250 is just like the maggot of Wu Laoliu. Even if he can be upgraded in the future and even have his own unique title, people may still remember the number C 250!

“There are not only tour guides, but also tourists on the return list.”

Wei Xun suddenly arrived.


“How did the passengers get on the list? Title On the list? ”


“That’s easy.”

Wei Xun said happily, taking the title of “passenger”“ I’m also a passenger. Don’t forget about C 250. Let’s follow the passenger’s rules. ”

* *

“ – none – chat -”

Mao Xiaole stood by the new star list of the tour guide in the virtual hall and yawned sleepily. The little paper man on his shoulder also yawned.

“It hasn’t changed at all.”

Mao Xiaole in cross dressing looks unobtrusive, just like many passengers or tour guides in the virtual hall. He folded a total of four paper people out, one staring at the [return list], one staring at the [guide star list], one staring at the [passenger star list], and the most one squatted on his shoulder and guarded the entrance of the virtual hall with Mao Xiaole.

“Let the sunset do this.”

Mao Xiaole never bothered to do such things. If it hadn’t been for the captain’s order, he would have been lazy.

Only the update of Sanshui sun and moon can give him comfort.

“Why doesn’t my wife return to me again?”

Mao Xiaole sent another expression bag of “little Taoist peeping”, but the previously enthusiastic Sanshui sun and moon was like a scum man who lost it after using it, and there was no reply at all.

In the past, Mao Xiaole would only brush his text several times, but now——

“Sanshui won’t be taken away by the hotel.”

Mao Xiaole couldn’t help it, and his cheeks turned red with excitement“ With his strength, he will definitely be on the passenger star list! ”

With the pit text of Sanshui Riyue, he can seduce Mao Xiaole for five years. The initial title of Sanshui Riyue is not ordinary!

This is Mao Xiaole’s final strength to guard at the door of the virtual hall.

“What could it be? Pen fairy? Magic pen Ma Liang? Or the title of spirit and temptation? ”

Mao Xiaole naobu was very happy: “maybe the initial title will be a purple title! Ha, as a result, the captain has no choice but not to let Sanshui join the team! ”

“Hey, I can ‘protect’ Sanshui codeword with this. I’ll treat him with whatever disease he has. I’m sure to let him feel at ease.”

Mao Xiaole giggles like a pervert, but people like him are not special in today’s virtual hall. At the moment, there is an atmosphere of impatience in the virtual hall. Except for “passenger day” and the first entry, each time you enter the virtual hall, you will deduct certain points. Usually, there are not many people in the hall.

However, today’s virtual hall is overcrowded, just like the railway station during the Spring Festival transportation, especially in front of the [return list], it is crowded with people. At first glance, I have seen a dark place.

57802 Become a title.

However, the place to the north of the virtual hall is very quiet. Passengers seem to have deliberately avoided that place. Any excitement and noise are irrelevant to that place.

For there stood a crowd of people in robes covering their faces. Most of the robes are dark, including dark green, dark blue, dark purple, black, etc. their faces are also covered by hoods or masks, which looks like the scene of a large-scale Death Eater rally.

“Oh, guide.”

Mao Xiaole’s eyes narrowed, which meant he didn’t know what to do. He rubbed his fingers carelessly. There was a yellow symbol between the index finger and the middle finger of his right hand.

He only threw out this sign. The guide over there was more than half disabled. Mao Xiaole’s eyes glittered with malicious and bloody light, but he didn’t do it in the end.

The reason why the guides in the north are quiet is not their quality. In Mao Xiaole’s heart, even the stones in the pit are better than most evil guides.

The reason why they are honest is just because they stand in the front, the orange figure of the [return list].

Wearing a long dark orange cloak, he stood there quietly. The warm color was like a beam of light illuminating the darkness, but it was incompatible with the dark tour guide group.

It seemed that when he saw Mao Xiaole’s gaze, Fang turned around and covered his face with a red gold dragon mask.

Mao Xiaole lazily lifted his lips as a greeting. He glanced and landed on his dark orange cloak. He didn’t speak, just lips.

“Dreamer, the color of your cloak is even darker.”

He didn’t answer, but nodded politely. Then he looked back and quietly looked at the [return list], as if he was waiting for something. Mao Xiaole made a dull sound, but also received the finger seal, and looked at the list through the paper man’s line of sight.

If Fang Fang is really a newcomer, he has two hours to think about it. Now it’s just over eight hours. Mao Xiaole has been waiting for several hours. He’s already tired. He estimates that he should get the most——

He suddenly stood up straight. At the moment when everyone didn’t notice, he came to the list of new tour guides and stared at the list with black eyes.

Changed, the list changed! It’s not the change of the first few places, or the change of the first few places, but the hippie who has always been at the top of the list. His ranking has fallen a step back!

At this moment, Mao Xiaole was shocked, like a huge wave surging from the wind. For a moment, he was dizzy. That is to say, he knew that he only scored more points on the first journey than the life playing people, and his real strength was still very different from that of the top group of tour guides, but Mao Xiaole felt a great anxiety, as if he were a more cunning and powerful beast that would be unmatched in the future. He broke away from his childhood and finally came to everyone.

He kept staring at the number of “Xiao” gradually appearing at the top of the list, firmly and engraved it in his mind like a knife. At the moment, no one except him has noticed that the top of the list of new tour guides is no longer a hippie.

Because everyone’s full attention in the virtual hall falls on the [return list]! The man in the orange cloak couldn’t help taking a step forward, and the eyes of the red gold mask fell on the top line of the [return list].

At this moment, the needle dropping in the whole virtual hall can be heard, and it is silent to terror. People’s pupils are slightly enlarged due to strong emotions, and the shadow of the list is reflected in their pupils.

[journey home list], the highest list of thriller hotels in the world, is recorded in the journey of three degrees north latitude, their development participants, and the comments of hotel participants.

From top to bottom, according to time, they are:

【 return list 】

[[Pharaoh’s pyramid] journey opening participants: return at dusk

——Where is the final return]

[[death Sahara] journey opening participant: Dreamer

——The dreamer will die in the end]

[[Babel Tongtian tower] journey opening participant: Black Widow

——Widows die alone]

[[Inca Sun Gate] journey opening participant: hippies

——The playful man finally plays for fate]

[[lost ancient Maya] journey development participant: Astrologer

——The stars say the day of destruction is coming]

[[sinking into Western Europe] journey opening participants: the way home at dusk

——At dusk, Cangshan is far away, and the wind and snow return at night]

Now, on the return list, there is finally the “number” of the sixth person, which is engraved on the return list!

[[dusty chieftain King’s tomb] journey participants: tourists

And the hotel commented on him——


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