TTG Chapter 57

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 57: Virtual Hall

After binding the copy, Wei Xun checked Maria butterfly first.

The only clue left after his family disappeared was labeled as a special item [Maria butterfly fragment (1 / 4)] by the hotel just after he entered the journey. During the journey, the butterfly fragment became a pattern on his left hand and climbed up to his shoulder.

Now, the app of thriller global hotel also has the logo of blue and purple butterfly, which makes Wei Xun have to think more.

[Mariah butterfly, full name: Mariah abyss flash butterfly, symbol of thriller global hotel]

After joining the hotel, the hotel that was originally unknown gave a new reply.

[the most mysterious and beautiful thing, everyone is looking for it, and everyone is proud to have Maria]

There will be no other information after the installation.

There is no role for the fragments of the Maria butterfly, nor where it is or what it is. The hotel seems to give information, but it also brings more unknowns.

“The abyss?”

Wei Xun thought of “Valentine’s magic mosquito” and the so-called abyss. His form of alienation seems to be even of the abyss system.

Is it the butterfly fragment that affects his alienated form, or can he have the butterfly fragment because of his alienated form?

At present, there is too little information.

[dear passenger, would you like to go to the virtual hall?]


Wei Xun said that he originally planned to go to the virtual Hall of the hotel, but since he knew the “list of new tour guides” and “list of return routes”, Wei Xun felt not very good. The journey of 30 degrees north latitude was too rare, and the absolute importance and attention brought were not quite the same as he had expected.

Too much attention can bring stimulation, too much attention can also bring danger.

He is not going to go to the virtual hall as he is now.

It was Wei Xun who temporarily changed his plan to explore the virtual hall, but first returned to reality and opened the forum in the app.

After that, it was brushed by key hot words such as [Bingjiu], [passenger] and [drunk beauty in Western Hunan].

The whole forum of horror hotels around the world is discussing the newly opened journey of 30 degrees north latitude, which is almost as hot as star marriage. Wei Xun opened a few times with great interest. Soon he focused on the poster and read all the recent posts with interest.

“So that’s what I thought?”

Wei Xun’s eyebrow picking is almost the same as seeing his novel selected for the college entrance examination reading and understanding, and the official reference answer to “think about it”.

And the new post is??? The title finally appeared, an unprecedented title of “passenger”!]

[obviously, the emergence of the title of “passenger” has made the already muddy pool more chaotic. Instead of using the title of “cold-blooded” he has been famous for a long time, nor the title of “executioner”, he used the title of “passenger” to board the return list, just to demonstrate to the butcher alliance and show goodwill to all major brigades]

[if the title of ‘passenger’ acts like a name, C Jiu will become a passenger after wearing the title. It will be difficult for anyone to find him except him. Thriller hotels around the world have thousands of tour guides, but there are nearly one million tourists, or even more. It’s hard to find a needle in a haystack among these many tourists]

[but at the same time, Bingjiu also falls into a unsafe situation. Not only will it be pursued by the butcher alliance, but there will be a large number of viewers watching his live broadcast. His alienated form, dress preference, title, mask, various common props, habits, and communication methods are analyzed by many brigades. Once Bingjiu appears, even if he has props with hidden codes, It’s hard not to expose his share]

[I’m afraid Bingjiu’s private letter has exploded. Maybe someone will send special props to Bingjiu by private letter, trying to get his location, or even capture him, but Bingjiu sends a tour guide for Bingjiu. It’s certain that Bingjiu has closed his personal information and refused to receive private letters, which will not make it easy for people to find him. In fact, most tour guides do this.]


Wei Xun suddenly narrowed his eyes, and if there was something wrong.

After all, Wei Xun just bound the app and didn’t know much about its functions. The previous app interface was the basic version when it was not bound. After Wei Xun bound the copy, the real app section was opened to him, and he had two sections for him to choose: I am a tour guide (thriller section) and I am a passenger (return section).

When Wei Xun boarded the return list, he used the passenger’s copy, so at present, the app is also in the return section, and the basic information is displayed in the personal information section:

[passenger Wei Xun]

[level: primary]

[Brigade: none]

[self introduction: none]

When Wei Xun switches to the creepy way section, the “information” displayed in the personal information section is:

[tour guide C 250]

[grade:  silver grade zero order four stars]

[Brigade: none]

[self introduction: none]

The tour guide is not connected with the passengers. The journey to drunk Western Hunan is not included in the “passenger” Wei Xun’s list. It’s like two numbers, which is good news for him.

The passenger Wei Xun did not receive any private messages, but as soon as he switched to the “tour guide C 250” interface, a line of prompt popped up when the screen was opened.

[you have received an invitation from a brigade. Would you like to click to view the details]

[yes / no]

If it was before reading the post, Wei Xun might open it to see it, but after learning the information that “someone will send special props to Bingjiu by private letter, try to get his location, or even capture him”, Wei Xun wondered whether this kind of brigade invitation would also have a negative trick.

For example, if you click this invitation, it will be sent to the station of a brigade or join a brigade.

“Don’t look.”

Wei Xun said that although he loves excitement, he is also cautious enough. At present, the topics discussed in the forum are “C-9”, “passengers” and “30 degrees north latitude”. It seems that he is also trying to draw the public’s attention to “C-9 is still alive” and “the real C-9 is the one who leads the drunk west of Hunan”.

At present, it seems that no one has noticed that Bing 250 has reached the top of the new tour guide star list and that he and the “tourists” are on the list. Even if the vast majority of people in the forum are not biased, they generally believe that “Bing Jiu” must be an experience, or even a big tour guide with a hidden code will not connect Bing Jiu with a new tour guide.

However, after reading the analysis post, Wei Xun realized that this person has a strong analysis ability, and others don’t notice it. Won’t they notice this?

Just his new post, pointing out “private mail” and mailing props, seemed to remind him.

In addition to the invitation of several brigades, Wei Xun did receive several private letters.

Wei Xun randomly searched more than a dozen tour guides such as a 1, S5 and B 36, and found that most of the other tour guides were “unable to search” except for a few in the West.

It seems that what you said is really good.

“Close my personal information, refuse to let others search me, and refuse to receive private messages.”

Wei Xun said that the previous private messages were not opened, so that others could not send private messages to the tour guide 250, and could not see his personal information by searching “tour guide 250”.

What do you want to do?

After reading this post carefully, Wei Xun seems to be standing in an absolutely neutral position. In addition to analyzing the psychology of Bingjiu, he also gives passengers and Bingjiu tips without bias.

[for passengers who want to find C 9, in addition to showing sincerity, they should pay attention to the team leader’s assessment journey. Bingjiu is currently a silver level, five-level and five-star. It has not reached the golden level and is unable to choose the journey task freely.]

[however, the hotel cannot determine the passengers and the location of the journey when assigning the journey, which is undoubtedly passive for him. Bingjiu has great potential to participate in the team leader assessment task before the next journey, which is a “Golden Tour Guide”]

[the whole assessment task is secret and does not display the guide code, which is good news for Bingjiu, but even so, he will not take it lightly, because his title and habits will be understood by many people, and the butcher alliance is pervasive. Bingjiu can’t compete with them at present, and there will still be many dangers.]

[the pen suggests that C-9 should be close to the biggest one, be able to stand up to the impact of the journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and join large brigades that can compete with the butcher alliance, such as the first return brigade in Asia, the second Zhuzhou brigade, the third metaphysical brigade, etc. The top five brigades have real seats to compete with the butcher alliance]

[the tomb of the chieftain king has not been fully opened up yet. As we all know, the reason why the journey of 30 degrees north latitude will be placed at the level of no solution is that so far, no one has passed through any journey of 30 degrees north latitude, connecting the [pyramid] with the largest number of Customs passes. At present, it has also reached the fifth floor of the pyramid, and the customs clearance team has not seen the ‘King of Dharma’]

[holding the important props of the journey at 30 degrees north latitude is actually harmful to Bingjiu at present. The best solution is to make the most of it, break away from the butcher alliance, join a powerful brigade, and confirm “cooperative development” or “priority development” when signing the contract]

“Want me to join his brigade?”

This was Wei Xun’s first reaction after reading the whole post. He threw away the sheepskin map in his hand. There was nothing on it in front of him, just like the most ordinary sheepskin paper. As he said, the tomb of the chieftain king has not been completely opened up successfully. The sheepskin map in Wei Xun’s hand is a very meaningful piece of sheepskin paper, but there is no practical use at present.

The right solution is to bear the blame, join the brigade and transfer the danger.

But no one knows that Wei Xun signed a contract with * * when he was drunk in Western Hunan. Even if he joined the brigade, he would join an Xuefeng’s return brigade.

Wei Xun does not intend to join the brigade as part of C 250 or “passenger”. The attention brought to him by the sheepskin map is not necessary or even a drag on Wei Xun.

He likes to pursue excitement, wants to participate in more journeys and see some unknown strange and mysterious scenery all over the country and even all over the world. Once he is exposed to join the brigade, the other party may restrict his movement on the grounds of “safety”.

After all, Wei Xun believes that only equal real seats can be respected accordingly. Even Bing Jiu is weak in comparison with some general seats. Now Wei Xun may be weaker than Bing Jiu only by level and hard seat.

Wei Xun doesn’t need protection. He also wants to have more waves outside – at least in the month when Bing 250 is assigned by the hotel.

“That makes sense.”

Wei Xun always felt that there was something in his words – even reminding him at an interval. In particular, “there are a large number of viewers watching the live broadcast of C 9. His alienation form, dress preferences, titles, masks and various commonly used props, habits, and communication methods have been analyzed by many brigade teams.”.

So far, what has attracted people’s attention is the title of “passenger” and “C 250”. For the time being, no one has linked them with Wei Xun.

When Wei Xun first boarded the bus, he was dressed to cover his whole skin. Then he always wore a bronze mask. He didn’t even take off his mask when bathing alone, and didn’t expose his face in front of passengers and live cameras.

The live broadcast began at the foot of Wuluo mountain. I knew he was wearing sunglasses, mask and hat. Miao Fangfei and others. And his hair is “green” and his skin is unusually pale. This, as well as his alienated form, should be exposed.

Wei Xun knows how attractive he looks, and “chemical disease” is not a common disease.

According to the fact that his hair is pure and his skin is unusually pale, will he think of “chemical disease”?

Yes, maybe others who observe carefully will.

If Wei Xun wants to enjoy the journey as a passenger, this is really a point that needs to be solved. It’s not only that the chemical disease is eye-catching, but also that you can’t bask in the sun.

“Chemical patient” is not so much “photophobia” as “photophobia”. It has congenital pigment deficiency, so it presents the appearance of “hair” and “skin”. The pigment cells originally in the skin produce pigment to absorb ultraviolet rays. However, the “humanized” patients did not.

They are very easy to get sunburn from the sun, and even have skin tumors, so Wei Xun keeps away from light when he goes out.

But it’s easy to solve this.

The shopping interface of the creepy app is very perfect, which is mainly divided into three parts: hotels, stores, private sales and auctions.

Private sales are the transactions of players, and the auction section will not be opened until it is marked as [passenger day of each month].

In the “Hotel store” section of Wei Xun’s “quick hemostatic”, “one-time dysmenorrhea experience voucher” and “permanent repair optimization gene”, you should have enough points. You can buy all basic materials, lethal weapons, all kinds of props, and even “quick hemostatic agent”, “one-time dysmenorrhea experience voucher” and “permanent repair optimization gene”.

The only thing you don’t have is the option to leave the hotel. Unlike some infinite stream novels that Wei Xun has read, how many tasks he has completed or how many points he has saved can return to reality. The brigade has no hint at all. At present, the only thing that seems to be related to leaving the hotel is the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

No wonder almost everyone is crazy about the journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

Wei Xun felt very happy about his journey. He was even happier to fly when he could be a passenger and experience the project in person. He excitedly searched for keywords such as’ ultraviolet ‘and’ sunscreen ‘, and immediately came up with a lot of goods. After careful selection, Wei Xun chose a prop.

[Name: 100% sunscreen]

[function: isolate 100% ultraviolet light]

[price: 1000 points a bottle]

[Note: vampires and zombies are favorite sunscreen. With it, you can run freely in the sun!]

A bottle of sunscreen can last seven days. Wei Xun has directly bought enough for a month. Anyway, he has points now.

This is Wei Xun’s current information——

[guide information]

[Code: C250]

[order:  silver level zero order four stars]

[death Countdown: one month]

[points: 105600]

[mental pollution value (SAN): 2]

Wei Xun made a lot of money after he sold the props given to him by a “master” in front of the scenic spot three days ago. Now he is a big dog with more than 100000 points.

After taking the journey, the tour guide will get the reward of death countdown. Wei Xun will also get the reward after binding the copy. The reward for taking the dangerous journey is one month.

Wei Xun suspected that the frequency of the tour guide receiving the task could be related to the length of the death countdown, but this was not important for him with the title of “passenger”. The new death countdown did not increase the San value, which was still at the dangerous number of 2.

“How can I restore the San value?”

After buying sunscreen, Wei Xun continues to browse the mall interface. At present, his San value is too low. If he appears on the journey as a tour guide, I’m afraid it’s directly alienated. Moreover, he will also be affected by auditory hallucinations when he travels. Although the middle is not fatal, it’s still a little annoying with too many times.

Wei Xun visited the hotel and got the following reply:

[join a brigade and establish emotional connection with the members of the brigade, and the San value will slowly recover from the middle]

[call on lonely guides to return to the Tour team!]

“I just like being alone.”

Wei Xun ignored the hotel’s earnest “appeal”: “be careful.”

Wei Xun didn’t believe that the tour guides had added brigades one by one, and he also saw the San value restoration medicine in the reward for opening up the flying fox mountain forest. There must be other ways to restore San value.

However, there are no props related to San value in the hotel mall. Maybe such items have to be on the private sales interface or auction.


Suddenly, Wei Xun saw a special item for sale in the “Hotel store”:

[Name: virtual hall brigade station]

[function: set up a brigade under the project]

[price: 20000 points / m2]

[Note: if you want to form a brigade, you must at least buy a station large enough for toilets]

“Is this buying a house in the virtual hall?”

Wei Xun was interested in browsing the information about the “brigade station”. He was not interested in setting up a brigade, but if he bought a brigade station, when he went to the virtual hall, he chose not to appear at the entrance, but directly returned to the brigade station.

Moreover, the brigade station will also be attached with some basic functions, such as changing clothes in the virtual hall, etc. Perhaps the Wei family have a keen sense of business. Wei Xun intuitively believes that the role of “brigade station” is not as good as that in the introduction, but it is simple.

It’s understandable that tourists want to join the Tour team, but why do most tour guides join the alliance?

Absolutely, there are very few casual guides that have not joined, and the proportion of tour guides is less than that of individual tourists.

Joining the alliance is definitely beneficial to tour guides. The biggest thing both tour guides and tourist teams have in common is that they have a resident in the virtual Hall of the hotel. ”

“Buy a brigade station.”

Wei Xun said:

“Buy a one square meter brigade station.”

After the hotel prompts [purchase succeeded], Wei Xun goes to the site he just bought.

This is an empty house surrounded by people. After binding with Wei xungang, it appeared, but the two empty houses are similar in different ways. However, the space of one square meter is extremely narrow. Wei Xun can hardly turn when standing inside. Only his head is infinitely high.

There is one door behind his front door. When he opens the front door, he will enter the virtual hall and go home.

The one square meter brigade station provides the role of “foothold”.

The two square meter station can provide the function of cross dressing. The four square meter station can rest. When it reaches ten square meters, that is, the “toilet area” mentioned in the remarks, the station owner can apply for the establishment of a brigade.


If Wei Xun had something, he simply bought a three square meter brigade station. The pure empty box automatically expands into a square of two meters wide and two meters long. In this empty box, an automatic 1.8×1.2 bed occupies more than half of the empty box.

This is the “rest” function of the station. In addition to the bed, Wei Xun’s station also has an equal height dressing mirror.

“The replacement function can take effect in the virtual hall.”

Wei Xun regretted that later, he found that he could bring most of the young foxes, fat mosquitoes and maggots to the station, but not the cakes.

“Can animals who have signed a contract with me or come out of the journey be brought into the station?”

The young fox is older than before. It seems that it has adapted to the current body. The red flying squirrel has the word “Fox” in the number because it looks red and looks like a shrinking fox from a distance.

The remnant soul of the fox fairy is far more than that of the flying fox cub, and its shape has also undergone subtle changes. Today’s fox cubs are almost pure. Only the forehead, tip of ears, tip of tail and four claws are dyed red, just like lighting a fire. Its type is still changing. It’s not like a fox or a flying squirrel.

With Wei Xun’s permission, the fox cub cheered and went to bed. His big tail curled up on him and skillfully took up the space of his palm. Its eagerness makes Wei Xun realize that the so-called “rest” in the resident introduction is not simply “rest” in the literal sense.

Golden mosquitoes and maggots have no good treatment as fox cubs. Golden mosquitoes like orange juice sugar balls look thinner and more like bees. Their buzzing sound is too annoying and are not allowed to fly. They can fall on the frame of the dressing mirror.

Maggots can’t even come out. They can stay in glass vials. Even so, they were all extremely happy and joyful. They kept expressing “joy”, “happiness” and even “fear” to Wei Xun in their own way – it was a great honor for them to be allowed to enter the owner’s private space!

After confirming that they didn’t have any problems in the station, Wei Xun began to think about his next trip. He plans to take fox cubs and golden mosquitoes and leave maggots in the camp.

Among the four maggots who had drunk his blood, maggots came out, and the remaining three were still in the black six. Even maggots can’t feel their existence for the time being. I can confirm that they are not dead.

In other words, Ukrainian six is not dead.

Wei Xun doesn’t know whether Wu Zhuliu has changed his journey to continue selling goods, or whether he still stays in drunk Western Hunan, or even — he also has the ability to enter the unfinished chieftain’s tomb, and everything has the ability.

Keep the maggot big, it may be useful in the future.

“Let’s stay here first.”

Wei Xun ordered him to stand in front of the mirror and imagine that the image of the person in the mirror began to change.

Black hair, black eyes, wheat skin, firm face, a trace of vigor in the eyes.

Wei Xun used the appearance of youziming as the basis and made great efforts to transform it. The final image looks full of righteousness. At first glance, he is a righteous guy, masculine and handsome, with eight abdominal muscles, which is contrary to his image.

“I have ABS, too.”

Wei Xun touched two abdominal muscles and talked to himself. He was very satisfied with the appearance. After casually changing his clothes, he pushed aside the clothes beside the mirror and entered the virtual hall.

[dear passenger, since you are a distinguished resident, you don’t have to pay extra points to go to the virtual hall]

[virtual hall rules]

[1. No bloody killing in the virtual hall]

[2. Kidnapping and imprisonment are prohibited in the virtual hall]

[3. Color and emotion are prohibited in the virtual hall]

[violation of the regulations will be punished according to the seriousness of the situation, and all interpretation rights belong to the host of the hotel]

[it is found that you have a double copy of tour guide and passenger, please tell me which copy you are going to enter the virtual hall?]

Wei Xun said, “what’s the difference?”

Later, he said that if he entered the virtual hall with the guide’s copy, he would automatically get a cloak and robe. His cloak and robe are blue. The tour guide must dress like this in the virtual hall to show his sense of responsibility.

So, apart from Wei Xun’s share of “passengers”, there is a clear distinction between tour guides and passengers in the hotel. There is absolutely no guide who can disguise passengers and pretend to be passengers.

“Enter as a passenger’s copy.”

Wei Xun took his cloak and robe, stored them in the station, and then entered as a passenger. The costumes of tour guides are too special, and the number of tour guides is too few compared with tourists. How can we better hide ourselves and become a member of the ‘majority’.

Push away and move forward, Wei Xun finally walks into the virtual hall.

The problem of ultraviolet sunscreen has been solved. Wei Xun is still thinking about what kind of face to appear on the journey.


It seems that you can be more inhuman.

Young foxes have said proudly before that the human shape of their heavenly foxes has green eyes, and their skin is as beautiful as ice and snow.

This gave Wei Xun an idea.

Although Miao Fangfei and others look no different from normal people, he has seen too few tourists. Perhaps just as many anime characters in the island have rainbow hair colors, passengers also have different shapes.

What kind of person should you set up for yourself on the next journey?

The passenger’s title shall not be exposed, nor shall it be painless. At present, Wei Xun’s only blue title is “wild soul”. Maybe we can build a new set of human design around it.

Then skillfully integrate his appearance.

For example, Wei Xun completely set up a “fox demon” to let the remnant soul of the young fox come to his “fox demon” and subtly change his appearance.

However, the fox demon is still a little conspicuous. Wang pengpai and the potential seat behind him are very big. You can know that Yu Hehui is on the “C 9”. After all, Wei Xun has never seen Yu he’an again so far, and Youhu can feel that Yu he’an is’ safe ‘, but he can’t contact him.

If the other party has Yu he’an in his hand, but the little fox can’t be exposed.

Maybe it can pretend to be a mink? He came to be a mink

This may be OK. Wei Xun looked at the sleeping little fox with deep meaning. It looks more like a flying squirrel in shape, with long body, small ears and long tail. In addition, it is basically muddy. It is also normal for ferrets.

And it can imperceptibly change its shape.

Wei Xun rubbed his chin and meditated. Finally, he woke up. He first went to the virtual hall to see the world, and then made his own “personal design”.

“We also have scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude in China. My God!”

A virtual hall, almost boiling warm atmosphere surged in. The whole virtual hall was packed with people, lively like the new year. Wei Xun appeared in an unnoticed corner. Soon, he lost the strangeness of entering the virtual hall for the first time and easily integrated into the crowd.

Everyone was very excited and excited. They were all discussing the scenic spots at 30 degrees north latitude. They could hardly hear the sound of “the mountain”. The discussions were all about “tourists”, “C 9” and “Western Hunan”. Even if he had seen how enthusiastic people were about 30 degrees north latitude from the heat of the forum, Wei Xun still felt a great impact when he faced his feelings.

He looked up and saw the legendary “journey back list” for the first time, and remembered all the names and comments on it in his heart.

The dreamer is A-3 tour guide, the black widow is A-1 tour guide, and the Playboy is A-1 tour guide. Astrology is the top tourist in the western region, and the “Twilight return” which takes two trips alone is an Xuefeng, the strongest tourist in the world today.

Wei Xun is keenly aware that the hotel’s comments to “tourists” are really different from those of others on the way home list. Other comments do not seem like good words. Only passengers have “unlimited ability”.

Where does this difference come from?

There are many posts discussing “passengers” on the forum, but there are almost no posts discussing [return list] or the of other big men. Wei Xun talked with a talkative passenger. He was like a sponge absorbing water. He quickly learned the knowledge he needed from the discussion of others.

For example, the “Twilight return” is the most unique golden title awarded by the hotel to the strongest passenger during the year-end celebration. An Xuefeng has been awarded the “Twilight return” for ten years.

In contrast, the hotel awarded the title of the strongest tour guide [crazy devil creepy road].

The title of “return journey” and “creepy journey” is the title of the section of “tourists and tour guides”, and “creepy journey” is the name of the hotel app, which represents a deep meaning.

But I don’t know why, [Twilight return] is awarded to an Xuefeng every year, but no tour guide has ever won the title of [crazy devil thriller]. Neither a 1 tour guide or S1 tour guide in the western district has won this title. Up to now, it has been widely said that it is a legend that the hotel has not prepared the corresponding title for the tour guide.

After all, does the hotel serve the “tourists” wholeheartedly, guide? It’s just the ‘staff’ of the hotel.

Although these people say it in a euphemistic whisper, it probably means that. The gap between the tourists and the tour guide was very deep. Wei Xun confirmed this without turning around. However, there are not a few kinds of tour guides, and even the vast majority of tour guides do not care about the life and death of passengers.

There are two selection criteria for hotels. They choose Y-type passengers because of strong desire and belief, that is, normal passengers. Those who are chosen because they are dying are x special tourists. After completing the task, they can become a tour guide reserve and then become an official tour guide.

The different selection criteria and the different attitudes of the hotel towards both sides have imperceptibly led to the current situation of the same situation between tour guides and tourists.

Wei Xun looked at his passenger’s personal information, but it was marked as Class Y passenger.

Once he takes off the title of “tourist”, he will display Mingming’s “tour guide”.

“Actually, these comments look unlucky.”

After chatting for a while, Wei xunxiang said casually:

“It’s really not a good thing to die, dream, die alone, be played by fate.”

“Why is this man talking nonsense!”

However, the passenger was startled, his face suddenly changed, and he directly stepped back for several steps, as if he wanted to keep a distance from Wei Xun. However, Wei Xun’s appearance at the moment is so deceptive that he looks very sincere and serious. It seems that he is really worried about the big guys on the list. In addition, the previous communication was smooth. However, the passenger paused, still kept his voice down and reminded:

“Can we talk about this kind of thing? Fortunately, you didn’t read their titles, otherwise you don’t even know how you died! ”

With that, he disappeared in a hurry, as fast as a ghost chasing behind him.

Can’t you pronounce the title? In other words, after the real seat is strong, it will feel when someone reads the title?

Why didn’t I feel it? Is the real seat not enough?

Wei Xun was glad that his seat was still low. Otherwise, if he could really feel it, he would be bored to death. It seems that everyone is the same. They are secretive about other big men and dare to discuss “passengers”.

When talking to others again, Wei Xun said ‘passengers’ without talking about others.

“The comments of ‘passengers’ feel different from others.”

“It’s different.”

The one who talked to Wei Xun this time was a young man with a baby face and a good temper. A small paper man sat on the young man’s shoulder, which is why Wei Xun noticed him.

If there are Taoists, there should also be ghosts and zombies.

The young man drooped his eyelids and looked like he couldn’t wake up. He said casually: “I can say that the hotel is afraid to kill this man.”

“Say die?”

Wei Xun’s heart moved.

“Yes, how big can you seat and bear how much malice.”

The young man said lazily, “if Bingjiu is like others and gets a comment of ‘not easy to die’, I’m afraid he will die suddenly on the spot.”

He raised his lips and seemed to be laughing: “there is infinite energy… Hiss, I thought that C Jiu could at least get a comment like ‘there are waves in the future’, but I didn’t expect it to be ‘infinite energy’.”

“Bingjiu, food.”

“How did this man talk!”

At this time, a sharp angry voice came from the sudden nearby. Wei Xun looked up and saw that he was a man with a monkey’s cheek and a mean face. He was as thin as an addict and a gentleman, but he looked pretty good. There were three people standing with him. They all glared at Wei Xun and the young people next to him, as if they would jump at any time.

“What kind of things are you? Dare you talk about brother nine?”

His voice was so sharp and aggressive that it sounded very uncomfortable. Wei Xun rubbed his ears. He didn’t know where this man came from. He had left long ago, but Wei Xun felt familiar with the subtlety of this man.

Not only him, but also several people next to him, Wei Xun looks familiar. But what happens?

So Wei Xun looked more and saw it.

These people are subtly similar to Lin Xi!

For example, the noisy thin man in front of him has almost the same eyes as Lin Xi, but behind him, some have noses and some eyebrows. Wei Xun was stunned. Even the brain made up a pile of things.

Is it because some people think that Bingjiu loves Lin Xi that they come out and try to seduce Bingjiu?

Why did this coincidence appear in front of him?

Am I exposed?

“Get out.”

At this time, the young man with a paper man sitting on his shoulder said impatiently without waiting for the other party to say more. There was a hidden evil spirit in a scroll, and the paper man on his shoulder jumped out and became bigger. The two meter tall horror paper man had no love at all, and three or two times he pressed the ‘Linxi’ one by one underground.

In other words, they were caught by the giant paper man, but they were so frightened that they fled one by one and withdrew from the virtual hall.

“It’s just a clumsy fake. I’ll pollute the Lord’s eyes.”

The young man sneered and glanced at Wei Xun’s reaction. Seeing Wei Xun’s eyes, he didn’t focus on the ‘Lin Xi people’ or paper people, but a dark green shadow hurried away behind them.

Just now when the “Linxi people” were looking for trouble, Wei Xun noticed that they would come together. It was not even me. Behind them, there was a man in a dark green cloak, who was the real leader.

However, the man wore a dark green mask and his chin was very pale. In particular, the other people still held a man in their arms – – but the man is really similar to Lin Xi, but his face is not very self-centered, like a whole.

“Tour guide Ding 1, Bingjiu’s attendant.”

The young man disdained to curl his lips and said carelessly, “it’s called ‘Xiao Bingjiu’. It’s a joy to hop these days.”

“Alas, I didn’t expect to get into trouble with the guide.”

Wei Xun frowned and worried. After learning a bit of depressed and safe expression, he became more and more like a low-level passenger: “Ding 1 is very small-minded. Brother, be careful these days. Be careful of his revenge.”

“The tiger is not here, the monkeys are not here, but the bedbugs still want to stir the wind and rain.”

The young man’s speech is very poisonous, and his speech is not at all intolerable: “ you don’t have to be afraid of bedbugs. You’re so afraid, Ping …”

He glanced at Wei Xun, swallowed the word “disgrace”, and suddenly said, “do you want to write a novel?”


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