TTG Chapter 58

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 58: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (1)

“Ah? How could I read a novel? ”

Wei Xun’s worried face hasn’t dissipated yet. He has no choice but to spread it out and said in surprise: “look at me, do I look like a person who can read novels.”

The young man squinted at him for a while. Finally, he slowly lowered his eyelids and changed the topic: “he was looking at the list just now.”

Wei Xun looked along the young man’s finger and made Shi Tao’s limbs developed. He simply learned 80% of his brain: “yes, isn’t it?”

In fact, he had noticed the two lists over there. They are the same as those on the way home that everyone can see. The two lists are carved on a wall with known materials at the entrance of the virtual hall, one left and one right. Anyone who enters the virtual hall can see them at first sight.

Guo Weixun arrived at the hall directly through the station without going through the main gate, so he didn’t pay attention at first. Ding 1, who had brought the “Linxi Legion”, stood in front of the list on the left at the beginning.

“Yes, it’s to see the list. Is it to see -”

Mao Xiaole was grumpy and asked, “is it to see this fool?” I know why. He’s always too lazy to get along with fools, but this time he talked to him for a few words and took the initiative to kill the debris that came to find fault. Obviously, the young man looks weak and pitiful, and his brain is too smart.

Most importantly, he tried to curse and ridicule several times, but when he said it, he swallowed it again, like some instinct.

Is this person a high-level passenger who hides his share and reality?

Mao Xiaole’s miscellaneous, Maoshan Taoism is the top title in combat. If you want to talk about combat alone, there are more than a dozen combat teams in Asia alone. They are hostile on the way home, and there are also more than a dozen good ones with his team.

Which brigade recognized him and hid his share. Do you want a set of intelligence information?

After all, Miao Fangfei and others are all among the people of the return brigade. They have been the captain again. It is also possible to find him Mao Xiaole as a breakthrough. In troubled times, it’s too much to be cautious.

From the first sentence of the other party’s communication, Mao Xiaole secretly calculated, but he was completely clear. The man in front of him seemed like a fog.

And Mao Xiaole asked, “is it a novel?” After, the heart is even more awe inspiring.

What title is this? It only makes Mao Xiaole unable to have a bad impression on the people in front of him, but also reminds him of his favorite Mrs. Riyue Sanshui.

What a terrible title!

Obviously, Sanshui in his imagination is a little weak, because his skin is very white all year round, his hair is a little long and messy, his code finger is very long, he is very beautiful, his eyes are full of wisdom, his speech and behavior are polite, he is very smart, he is more intelligent than a demon, and he is a little weak. He looks like a great beauty to bully.

How could it be such a muscular, simple brain bodybuilding fool!

Of course, if the other party is a member of the brigade, he should have changed his appearance. If you want to change your appearance in the virtual hall, you can buy a brigade station of at least two square meters and spend 40000 points. Even Mao Xiaole earned 8000 points on his first trip, which is already a high score. Or did he finally take the tour guide away and didn’t “hand over” the points, all of which were reserved by himself.

Even Mrs. Sanshui Riyue may earn 40000 points on her first trip. And the time is right.

“I’ll look at the list.”

Wei Xun said, glancing like a young man in deep thought. This person is very strange. He can clearly feel the other party’s patience, but he always suppresses it when it is about to break out.

Do Taoists have to be as calm as water?

Wei Xun had heard a lot of strange things from the “Taoist priest of Maoshan”. He knew the true and false Taoist knowledge. He had to keep a childlike mind. His spleen was very good ( he could give birth to ), he was impulsive in everything, he thought a few steps first, and so on,

Will this man be a ‘Taoist of Maoshan’?

What a coincidence. It’s a novel.

Moreover, Maoshan Taoist should be a good, patient, positive and optimistic middle-aged man who always wears Taoist robes——

He is also patient. He will pursue Keng Wen for five years. He is also proactive. Wei Xun remains a close netizen. He always wears a Taoist robe and is very upright, which is what Taoist Maoshan said himself. Wei Xun guessed when he was middle-aged.

In middle age, how can you accumulate so many supernatural cases, know the past and the present, and know profound metaphysical knowledge. There may be geniuses in the world, but knowledge always takes enough time to accumulate.

However, in front of him, the young man’s cultivation skills are obviously like “Maoshan Taoist”. He looks too young. He looks like he is after 00, wearing shirt and jeans, with a silver skeleton chain on his belt. Although he is very careful to cover up, he can also see the bad and violent nature of the book and hide the hostility in his eyes when he treats the “Linxi people”.

This kind of person Wei Xun comes from a distance and is willing to play together. Only those who have a spleen can be lived by Wei Xun. He often has fun and excitement and plays all kinds of thrilling activities. In other words, anyone can bear it. Friends always die.

Wei Xun’s friendship with his wandering son Ming was also after his illness gradually worsened and he began to cultivate his nature. However, wandering Zi Ming blamed himself for eating hot pot and vomiting blood for a long time. If he saw Wei Xun still daring to fly with wing gear, parachute jump at low altitude, dive without equipment, etc., either he broke off his system, or he was frightened all day and finally got heart disease.

Wei Xun also wanted to visit the virtual hall and get the information he wanted. He is going to look at the list again, and then go to the station to rest, refresh himself and prepare for the next journey.

Wei Xun went to the list, and the young man stood there and paused. Somehow, he followed.

“This is the general list of tour guides in the sub region and the general list of passengers in the sub region.”

He seemed to be taking the initiative to find a topic. When Wei Xun looked “happy”, he turned his face away and hugged his arms, looking very difficult to please and approach.

“It will be changed only at the end of the year.”

It will only be replaced at the end of the year. Is it replaced in real time like the new star list?

Wei Xun thought to himself, smiled and said, ‘I know,’ and his eyes fell on the two walls with metallic luster. The wall knows how high it is, and people look very small in front of it. It is reasonable to say that people can’t see the mosquitoes on the metal wall with the extreme vision, but all kinds of things in the hotel can be thought with common sense.

To stand in front of two metal walls, Wei Xun naturally got the information on the walls and knew what was on them.

On the left wall is the annual general list of sub regional tour guides, with codes ranging from the highest a to the lowest E.

From a 1 to B 10, there is a famous title after the code. Except for people who can distinguish, the others are B 11 and B 12. At first glance, Wei Xun was lonely. After all, the code was just down, and there was no other information. But looking down a few, he found something different.

The name of guide B 5 ‘Emperor Cobra’ is grayed out. From B 6 to B 10 below him, there are more parentheses behind the name. If B 6 becomes B 6 (b 5), this change continues until B 10 (B 9) terminates.

From B 11 down, it is normal.

In other words, in the front of the list is the ranking at the end of the year celebration, and in the brackets behind is the real-time ranking?

Code gray may be death? Because after B 5, the real-time ranking of tour guides has moved forward.

And B 11 didn’t carry to B 10, but still stayed in position 11. Is it because the top 10 are “class B elite tour guides” and the last 100 are “class B ordinary tour guides”? If ordinary tour guides want to become elite tour guides, they have to complete specific tasks?

Wei Xun guessed like this. There are few gray codes on the guide list. In contrast, there are large tracts of gray on the passenger list, almost a quarter of gray.

The survival rate of tourists during the journey is much lower than that of the guide, but higher than Wei Xun imagined. It seems that there are other types of tour guides besides the butcher flow tour guides like C 9, but the relationship between most tour guides and passengers should be terrible. Otherwise, the passengers in the virtual hall will have the expression of retreat, fear, caution or disgust when facing the tour guide.

Wei Xun continued to look down. Except for the grayed out B 5, the names of other B-class tour guides are not grayed out. Occasionally, there are brackets after individual codes, which are still within the scope of B-class tour guides. For example, there is a bracket after B 49. On the whole, it is B 49 (b 50), and behind him is B 50 (b 49)

“B 49 is a useless waste. After drunk, the code ranking of Xiangxi fell off.”

Mao Xiaole said that Wei Xun wrote down B 49, who was also drunk on the journey to Western Hunan. He may be the guide who killed Yu guhui.


Wei Xun’s eyes continued to fall. Passing over the second-class tour guides, he saw “C 9”. Strangely, the title did not turn gray, and the real-time ranking of its front, rear, left and right codes almost changed, except it did not.

It looks strange.

Mao Xiaole is also watching Bingjiu. There are not many fools in the brigade. So many people believe that Bingjiu is still alive. Is it because the code on the list has not been grayed out. The man seems to have a strange obsession with the code name Bingjiu. Maybe he once named Bingjiu?

Anyway, the tour guide who used to occupy the code name “C 9” always died strangely. It was not until he was occupied by his puppet that the “C 9” did not change people for a long time.

If it is confirmed that no one can survive under the knife on the way back from an Xuefeng, I’m afraid Mao Xiaole will doubt that “Bingjiu” is not dead.

There is definitely something strange about “C 9”.

Wei Xun thought, will it be different from * *?

After all, I had finished the new tour guide task and was almost destroyed. Later, after the fragments of Maria butterfly were detected, the “sound” of customer service became * *.

Bingjiu mysteriously disappeared. The title of Wei Xun happened to be similar to Bingjiu. Wang pengpai came to the team and took a special fancy to it. There must be a connection between all this.

The code name of Guo Bingjiu is not dim, which is good news for Wei Xun. The possibility of C 250 exposure is much smaller. The code of “C-9” is always gray. Even if people suspect that the score of “C-250” on the new star list of tour guides is too high, they guess that “C-250” is likely to open up a new journey. Note that most of the “C-9” will still be placed on the “C-9”.

Class C tour guides have a total of 250 people. They look full. They look dizzy just because of the code. After reading for a long time, they almost know the word “C”. Moreover, these tour guides did not mark their titles or information behind them. Wei Xun selected several along the list and found that most of them blocked their home pages.

Wei Xun finally took a look at C 250. He is the C 250 here. Wei Xun is a new tour guide. His code name ranking will not be officially on the general list until after the celebration at the end of the year.

This C 250 is the current C 250. His name is gray and he has died.

However, Ding 1 below him did not enter the C-class list, but still ranked among the D-class tour guides.

Wei Xun thought for a moment. It seems that there is no real ranking of class C tour guides to class B. the ranking of each class tour guide seems to change within the class.

“If a tour guide wants to be promoted, he must kill at least one former tour guide before he can get his position.”

Mao Xiaole is a little impatient to see him standing in front of the list for a long time. What’s good about a broken list?

“Ding 1 is also unlucky.”

He tilted his mouth: “just killed C 250, he hasn’t been on the top yet. Another C 250 parachuted and put pressure on him.”

“Normally, this is reasonable, but who in the hotel makes sense to you?”

“I also know why so many people are scrambling to be 250.”


Wei Xun felt the same. It was rare to feel that the young man had said a human word.

“When you read the name C 250, do you feel uncomfortable?”

“He will always be in this code.”

Just then, a low voice sounded from the side. Wei Xun looked up and found a man in a dark orange long cloak standing far away from them.

“Oh, trouble.”

Mao Xiaole grabbed his hair, scolded him, and took a few steps to the dreamer. Looking back, I felt reconciled and asked:

“Hello, what’s your name?”

“Forget it, I can remember it. It’s in the eye of Taoist priest. Like this… Gee, don’t die. ”

With a smelly face, Mao Xiaole grabbed the paper man on his shoulder and threw it at the man. After swinging, he followed the man in the orange cloak and left.

Orange cloak, he’s also a guide?

Wei Xun grabbed the little paper man and looked thoughtfully at their backs disappearing into the virtual hall.

This person must be a high-level tour guide. Wei Xun saw such a bright cloak for the first time. To be honest, he also likes bright clothes, bright blue, goose yellow and grape purple. It looks bright and alive.

It’s absolutely accidental that the young man should ask the question “do you have a novel” when he comes to Hong Kong.

Wei Xun temporarily decided to contact them again. It’s better to take the opportunity to separate. Back at the station, Wei Xun first spent 1000 points in the hotel to identify the paper man. He found that the paper man had the functions of becoming bigger, guarding and communication.

On weekdays, it’s a small one, but when it gets bigger, it’s a giant paper man more than two meters tall. In addition to Yang fire, knives and guns, and amazing fighting, it’s a good bodyguard.

It was Wei Xun who thought that there must be the young man’s mark on the paper man. He also wanted to be exposed, so he ruthlessly fed the paper man to the little fox.

The paper man contains extremely high energy, which is basically equivalent to the ghost eyes (6000 points) and blood Ganoderma lucidum (8500 points) sold by the hotel. Except for no taste, the little fox said it was good to eat.

The fox cub swallowed a piece of paper hard, and then he blinked hard. The originally black pupils showed a bit of green light.

“Master woo, I, my energy has become a fox!”

The fox cub was so happy that he was immediately proud to report the great news to the owner. Since he moved into the red and white flying squirrel, he has been trying hard to transform the body into a fox body. Now he has swallowed the little paper man and can rest in the camp. The fox cub conservatively estimates that he can change the body into a fox body in seven days at most!

“After the transformation, I can attach it to the master’s and help the master fight!”


Wei Xun was stingy and praised. Then he said curiously, “what will it look like if you attach it to me?”

“That’s very beautiful, whining! The host will have snow-white skin, pure white hair, green eyes… ”

The more the fox cub talks, the more he kowtows. He tilts his head and looks at Wei Xun. It seems that, with it, the owner has snow-white skin, pure white hair and beautiful blue eyes like gemstones.

The master is very strong. Simple fox cubs feel that after they are attached to the master, their biggest role is to add some beauty to the master.

But now when I look at the original master, it is superfluous.

The fox cub’s sad paper chewing people are fragrant, especially when Wei Xun took a long, strange looking (ferret) little animal and asked it how it could become like this, the fox cub cried sadly.

Fox cubs also want to be useful!

After communicating with the fox cubs, Wei Xun found that the fox essence attached to the fox cubs was very useful. First of all, Tian Hu was the ancestor of all fox families. Foxes mainly had red, yellow, brown, gray, white or black colors. White was the most noble color of Tian Hu. The fox cubs subconsciously said that they could dye Wei Xun’s hair white.

In fact, after the fox cub attached the hair, Wei Xun can choose the hair of these colors at will, which must be a single color, interspersed with hair. The fox’s eyes are blue, emerald, brown, black and so on.

According to the characteristics of health and keen perception brought by the fox essence, the effects of “dyeing hair” and “beautifying pupils” alone are enough to satisfy Wei Xun.

So he spent half the afternoon, trimming his hair color and changing his pupil color in front of the dressing mirror, and adding some other animal characteristics, such as tiger teeth.

In the end, his hair color became qiaoke’s color. It was light brown in the sun. A single hair looked dark orange in the sun. Only a wisp of pure white hair on the left side was stroked to his ear by Wei Xun.

His eyes became pure black, and his eyelashes became black, which was even darker against the snow-white skin.

Obviously, the hair color and pupil color have been changed, but Wei Xun’s quality has also changed in an instant. For example, in the past, he had white hair and blue pupils, like an elf in the ice and snow world, looking delicate and fragile, and beautiful like a mortal. Now he looks a little more mature and cold with brown hair and black pupils, especially after being locked by those dark black pupils, he is easy to contact and dangerous.

When Wei Xun opened his mouth and showed his sharp tiger teeth, the whole person was more rebellious and wild.

“What a mistake.”

Wei Xun is very satisfied with his aesthetics. The fox cub who has many ideas (but has not been adopted) is also reluctantly satisfied. Xuanhu is the fox with the best qualification under Tianhu. Wei Xun’s choice of black is also wrong in his eyes.

Especially when Wei Xun finally obeyed his advice and added a pinch of white hair, the young fox was very happy. He was tired of rubbing around Wei Xun’s hair and kept crying happily.

Wei Xun originally wanted to add a pinch of white hair. The ferret is brown at other times and will turn all white in winter. In this way, if his white hair is exposed one day, there will be any problems.

Even Wei Xun has been thinking about choosing a cold place for the next journey, so that his hair color can have a chance to change. People will always be more impressed by the first impression, such as the “C 9” white hair. I’m afraid the alienation of his abyss system will be firmly remembered by those who want to.

White hair is a very obvious sign. Wei Xun’s next journey is black hair and black eyes, which can be easily distinguished. Even if he makes a slow white change in the next step, which has a preconceived impact, people’s attention will also come to his skin too soon.

Wei Xun is ready for the next journey. He is ready for the whole “live broadcast”. To be exact, this “live broadcast” will be more beneficial to him.

He also wants to see the role of the contract signed with * *. After signing the contract, the person of the return brigade will now have a hint of light in his eyes, just as he found the difference of Wang pengpai, but it plays a role in the journey.

However, the contracts are all double contracts. When drunk in Western Hunan, Wei Xun has been paying close attention to Wang’s surging actions to confirm that he has not had any similar reaction to himself.

Wei Xun can probably judge that he is the guide himself. During the journey, the people in the return team noticed something different.

What about passengers?

Wei Xun thought thoroughly and was ready to be found by the returning brigade on his next journey. If so, then everything is calculated by * *.

The title of rewarding empathy gives insight into Wei Xun’s nature of pursuing stimulation. It is expected that he will choose to empathize with “passengers” and enter the journey according to the passengers’ share.

Then, it is logical to take the passengers’ share and enter the return brigade.

Is this calculated by * *?

Walking on the road planned by others and everything develops according to others’ expectations, this feeling is actually not strange, and Wei Xun is also annoying.

Because everything about Wei Xun was arranged during the time when he lived with his brother before his brother disappeared. He was deeply impressed by his parents and had a deeper memory of his brother.

My brother is very smart and has insight into people’s hearts. He rarely says “love”, but he can always make Wei Xun do all kinds of reactions according to his expectations. It’s like there is a magical “love”, which can control people’s thinking and behavior, and it will disgust people.

Wei Xun also slowly figured it out when he grew up.

He stared into his dressing mirror and turned his hair into pure black. The hair on his forehead was brushed up and his forehead was exposed. Wei Xun changed into a black suit, wore a dark bow tie, looked into the dressing mirror and felt that there was something missing.

Then Wei Xun found a pair of gold framed glasses between his fingers. He put them on the bridge of his nose and narrowed his eyes slightly. The man in the mirror is cold and dangerous. His indifferent eyes are blocked behind the lens, and the whole person is in an indescribable field.

My brother in my memory is seven or eight points alike.

But when Wei Xun took off his glasses, picked his eyebrows and smiled wantonly, he looked like him again.

For example, Wei Xun dyed his black hair, put on Meitong and deliberately cooled his face. He is also very similar to his brother. But just as he has albinism and his brother doesn’t, they are the same people after all.

If selected by the hotel, Wei Xun will enjoy the strange and mysterious journey unscrupulously, and his brother may try his best to become the ultimate master. This is a natural character. It has changed.

“Which journey shall I go next?”

Wei Xun lay down comfortably and began his journey with great interest. As he is currently an Unrated passenger and the purest newcomer, the journey he can choose to join is also the journey of the newcomer.

The journey can be roughly divided into five categories: adventure, thriller, humanities, survival and mixed categories. For example, drunk beauty in Western Hunan is a mixed category with supernatural elements.

According to the classification, there are:

‘safety level ‘(mostly trips within or around the city)

‘difficulty level ‘(including adventure and humanities, except for special tasks, there will be supernatural elements)

‘danger level ‘(all involving supernatural thrillers, some folk arts and humanities, some extreme survival, some mixed classes, etc.)

‘extremely dangerous’ (super dangerous supernatural, super dangerous no man’s land exploration, super dangerous relic exploration, most mixed types, etc.)

“No solution class” (journey at 30 degrees north latitude)

The difficulty of getting drunk in Western Hunan is “super dangerous”, which lies between “dangerous” and “extremely dangerous”. As a “new passenger”, Wei Xun can choose between “safe” and “difficult” journeys.

This is also the reason why Wei Xun changed his mind and resisted to join the brigade again.

Slowly upgrading the “danger level” is suitable for him. He is already in a hurry and wants to experience the “dangerous level”, “extremely dangerous level” and even no solution level journey. Once passengers join the brigade, there will be grade restrictions again.

Like the current Wei Xun, low rank means low authority. Some app modules have not unsealed him, such as the specific information of major brigades, high-level passenger information, etc., but these restrictions will disappear if you join a brigade with high enough rank.

“Will you find me?”

With great interest, Wei Xun directly excluded the safety level journey, selected from the “difficult level” journey, and then screened the journey to the north.

Suddenly, Wei Xun’s eyes stopped at a journey.

“Guide: Ding 1?”

Wei Xun raised his eyebrow peak, and his pupil was slightly enlarged due to excitement. Among yishuiwu and other guides, or Ding hundreds of guides, Ding 1 was very conspicuous.

“Ding 1 is the strongest tour guide in Ding Deng – the journey he took should be the most difficult.”

Wei Xun talked to himself and smiled happily. “Xiao Bingjiu, huh?  it’s the butcher’s guide, isn’t it? ”

“Come and kill me. Let me see how you’re going to kill, or…”

Controlled by me.

Wei Xun thought as early as the last trip that the tour guide could be controlled and passengers could take the initiative in the journey.

He wants to have a try this time.

Wei Xun chose this journey after falling. Then he closed his eyes and lay down in bed to rest. The new journey will begin on September 1. It’s August 20 and there are ten days left.

In ten days, Wei Xun was ready to stay at the station except for feeding cakes. He paid the money and opened the vlog of B 49 drunk in Western Hunan. The thrilling and frightening pictures were displayed in his mind. He must open his eyes. Wei Xun can rest and watch the vlog at the same time.

The young fox sleeps beside his pillow, and his belly fluctuates with his breathing. As Wei Xun wishes, his small body is changing into a ferret.

* *

“Have you heard from the captain? Who will go this time?”

In the camp of the returning brigade, Mao Xiaole went around in circles and counted: “I’m staring at the Inca Sun Gate. The replicator is across the region in the United States. I’ll come back temporarily. The others are also on the journey. The time is really too short.”

“Is it September? It’s almost the end of the year celebration. Everyone is holding their breath.”

Wang surging said that he was badly hurt. He had a head, but his face was blue and purple, swollen into two big. For example, when Wei Xun looks at the general list of tour guides at the moment, he can find that several codes of class B tour guides have been grayed out.

When he first returned to the station, the situation was even worse. He was ridiculed by Mao Xiaole. But Wang pengpai’s sentence: “it’s great to kill so many cubs” made Mao Xiaole choke.

“Why is the fire so big recently?”

Wang pengpai also feels strange. Although Mao Xiaole is gloomy and bloodthirsty, he is not as angry as he is now, and smiles again.


“I’m a man.”

Mao Xiaole glanced at him, but he didn’t swear. Wang pengpai immediately knew that Mao Xiaole was in a “happy period”. However, he walked around the hall holding the machine and said happily:

“The captain will definitely send me this time. I’ve pressed my spleen and finished the task well.”

“Brother Wang, I have a hunch that Sanshui should come this time! He said, “I’ll make this journey, and I can meet him!”

“ OK? “Those in northern Tibet are at least at the difficulty level. Sanshui is a new passenger. Even at the difficulty level, he must be able to come in.”

Wang pengpai deliberately said that he was shocked to see that Mao Xiaole hummed, but he was still happy. Darling, did Mao Xiaole really foresee the meeting this time?

The brigade hasn’t been here for a long time. Wang pengpai is also very idle. He is looking forward to the newcomers. After all, Mao Xiaole has been talking about “Sanshui” for five years. Wang pengpai is quite familiar with “Sanshui”. He can make up his brain. He is a smart, knowledgeable beauty who is easy to get along with and weak in code except pigeons. They hit it off.

“I hope it’s a beautiful woman.”

Wang surging forward and said, “our brigade is about to become a nest. Let’s have a fairy come down to earth to help all living beings, Amen.”

“Sanshui is a man.”

Mao Xiaole said categorically: “although I haven’t spoken to him, I haven’t seen his photos, and I haven’t asked his gender, I intuitively think he is a man!”

“Well, you’re right.”

Wang pengpai said perfunctorily: “do you remember that even if you really go, you go with Sanshui mianji, and you are looking for Shambala cave.”

“I know.”

Mao Xiaole said positively, “I will miss the business.”

The legend of Atlantis (Western Europe) has been circulating in Europe. It is said that Atlantis has far more civilization than the world at that time, rich and powerful, and Atlantis people are divine families with extraordinary powers. After a major earthquake, the western continent sank, and the surviving Atlantis said they fled by boat. On the way, they separated by accident. The last half settled in Tibet, China, but half fled to India.

The pure Atlanteans who settled in Tibet adapted to the harsh environment and gradually became extinct. Before their demise, they hid the wealth they brought from atlas in a cave called Shambala. Among them, the most precious is the earth axis that is said to be able to reverse time, change people’s genes and turn people into “Superman”.

In order to find the legendary Shambala cave, find the “axis of the earth”, change the war situation, and build the pure Aryan Legion who died, but failed to find the Shambala cave. Germany was defeated, and Xi tler died. World War II was over.

Shambala cave has become an eternal mystery. It is said that Himmler actually found Shambala cave and left a video tape. He was lost in the war.

Before that, the major tour teams and tour guides in the Asian region generally believed that the journey of 30 degrees north latitude in the Asian region is likely to be in India or China. After all, Atlantis’ western continent ‘has been confirmed to be a journey of 30 degrees north latitude, and India or China Tibet, which is similar to Atlantis, is also likely to have a journey of 30 degrees north latitude.

The Chinese people agree that the journey is on their own territory. After all, the north slope of Mount Everest in Tibet is at 30 degrees north latitude, and there is also a legend of Shambala cave in Tibet. Although the tomb of the chieftain king in Western Hunan is now in full swing, tourists and tour guides still pay less attention to the journey to Tibet.

This time, the dreamer found Mao Xiaole to seek cooperation. There is a video tape suspected of being left by Himmler, which is highly authentic. Shambala cave may be hidden in the depths of laplangri glacier in Qiangtang no man’s land in northern Tibet.

——An Xuefeng should have been asked for this kind of thing. The grade of 30 degrees north latitude is enough for an Xuefeng to ride a horse in person. However, it is said that Captain an has been in good condition since he came back from laleier. He killed the deadly poison master, showing that his only strong and powerful, more manic and extremely dangerous, and extremely stable mental state.

Although Wang pengpai and Mao Xiaole know that the captain’s situation is definitely not as bad as the legend. In addition to killing the deadly poison master, he has kept his door closed and more to confuse some people, it is also true that an Xuefeng hasn’t slept for a minute since he came back. He has stayed upstairs and sent orders by SMS except that day.

I’m afraid the captain’s situation is really good.

This time, the dreamer went to the spot first. The people who pulled up the return brigade were old friends. The secret part of the action was exposed. What Mao Xiaole wanted was to hide his part and enter a brigade in northern Tibet. After the journey, he left, and then the dreamers gathered at the agreed place.

When it is confirmed that the video tape is true and Shambala cave is really in laplangri glacier, it will be an Xuefeng’s time.

Everyone else is outside. The only one who can go this time is Mao Xiaole, Wang pengpai. Wang pengpai just screwed up drunk Western Hunan. Mao Xiaole feels that he is almost 100% likely to sign this time!

“I’ll go there for at least two months. I’m afraid I’ll miss the journey of C 250 at that time. Brother Wang continued to perform and said that the captain would send him!”

Mao Xiaole is in a good mood and speaks very carefully.

“How can I? It’s time for sister orange and Xiaopeng to come back. They’re just as old as me. Can you send me again?”

Although Wang pengpai was so modest, his eyes lit up. He thought carefully in his heart. Hey, he is the only person in the team who has handed in the “C 250” at present. He said that the “quasi captain” would really send him?

“If it’s really C 250, this person’s potential is really terrible, and his psychological control over people is terrible.”

Wang pengpai recalled the scenes when he was drunk in Western Hunan for countless times. The more he thought about it, the more he felt afraid. However, he also inspired his fighting spirit and wanted to fight again.


“Brother Wang will do well next, and the captain will see it in his eyes.”

“Where, where.”

“Exactly, exactly.”

Mao Xiaole and Wang pengpai flattered each other, both happy and thinking of good things in their hearts. At the next moment, their mobile phones received a text message at the same time.

When the text message prompt sounded, Mao Xiaole suddenly had a detailed premonition in his heart, and Wang pengpai, who opened the text message quickly, directly “slept in the slot”, stared round and dared to believe it.

“Lying trough, Le’er, Captain, he’s going to Tibet?! Am I right? ”

Mao Xiaole’s face collapsed and he had to delete this message on the spot. However, he dared to resist the captain’s decision. Finally, he could tremble with tears and recommended to the captain the journey in northern Tibet that he had sensed was most likely to meet Sanshui.

“Why is the captain such a man?”

Forbearance and forbearance, Mao Xiaole still couldn’t restrain his inner emotions. He went to ask Sanshui for comfort with a sad face. But what made his heart sad and turned into a river was that he dove again in Sanshui. No updates, no chat, no expression pack. Mao Xiaole was gray.

* *

When September 1 arrived, Wei Xun heard the hotel prompt as soon as he opened his eyes. He first looked at his current information.

[passenger information]

[Name: Wei Xun]

[level: primary]

[achievement Title:]

[wild mind (blue title): you have extraordinary talent as a wild animal. When you become a wild animal, you will get rid of the negative state of human form]

[strong resentment resistance (green title): from now on, strong resentment will never kill  and  will feel a hundred times more fear than watching curse! Of course, has strong resentment resistance. Ordinary resentment can still kill]

[highly toxic resistance (green title): from now on, highly toxic drugs will never die. They will feel ten times more pain than childbirth! Of course, 605

[passenger (green title): when you wear this title, you will become a passenger!]

[Title worn]

[Special Item: Maria butterfly fragment (1 / 4), * * * climbing rope]

[PET: alienated red and white flying squirrel]

[customer type: Class Y special passenger]

Wei Xun put the passenger title at the end, and the first two titles of passengers will be displayed on the passenger list that the tour guide can get. The difficult journey he chose was supposed to be a ghost.

Wei Xun put the wild mind of the Lord in front of the basically useless strong resentment resistance, and the potentially useful highly toxic resistance behind the secret passengers. The passenger interface sees the death countdown, and the San value is the death omen, but the San value will still affect Wei Xun.

After resting at the station for ten days, Wei Xun’s San value rose back to 30. Even if he wore the passenger title, he occasionally had auditory hallucinations.

[passenger Wei Xun, are you going to the journey?]

Old travelers can prepare their own things and go to the gathering place of the journey. Only the new couple’s first journey was transmitted. Wei Xun stuffed the young fox with a travel bag full of equipment, but in fact, he was wearing a stormsuit, trousers and suitable hiking boots, a magic scarf around his neck, a cover and goggles, just like a normal tourist to Tibet.


Creepy immediately sent the travel information.

[travel information]

[site of Xiangxiong Kingdom + Xiaolin Temple + selinco + Qiangtang nature reserve on the evening of the 12th and 11th, exploring the secrets of northern Tibet and traveling with a group]

[level: difficulty level]

[group type: 15 person small group special vehicle special guide]

[tour guide: Ding 1]

[travel date: 9.1 Friday – 8.20 return on Tuesday]

[travel Description:]

[it is said that there is a mysterious musical instrument around the snow mountain and holy lake in the grassland of northern Tibet. This kind of musical instrument is made of extremely difficult to find goshawk wing bones. It is called “Dangye” in Tibetan, which is called Eagle flute. It is said that the eagle flute can summon the eagle and take away the dead soul on the celestial burial platform, and its origin can be traced back to 1600 years ago, the elephant male kingdom with the golden winged ROC as the totem, and the mysterious primitive benzene

Is the real relic of the capital dome silver city of ZhangXiong Kingdom on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake?

What kind of secret is hidden in Xiaolin temple where the eminent monk once practiced Esoteric Buddhism?

Is the original text of Yongzhong benzene in the book of eagle mouth stained with blood really lost in the ghost lake?

Explore the secrets of northern Tibet on the evening of the 12th and 11th. Let’s follow the last descendant of Yingdi and enter the restricted area of northern Tibet to explore the well-known secrets]

Wei Xun opened his eyes and found himself in an off-road vehicle. Outside the window was a sky blue enough to drop water.

This is the sky in Tibet.

[the journey begins. Today is the first day. Please wait patiently for other tourists and tour guides]

[have a nice trip]

At the end of the hotel broadcast, there was a strange silence in the SUV, as if in a different space. Wei Xun can clearly hear his heartbeat, heavy and auspicious breathing from the back seat.

Exhale – inhale——

Exhale – inhale——

It was an illusion. The hot, beast like breath fell on the back of Wei Xun’s neck, and the sense of crisis like electric shock penetrated through the top of Wei Xun’s neck.

Wei Xun was very calm and went back to see.

In a moment, he ran into the blood colored animal pupil of the deep and evil.


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