TTG Chapter 59

Thriller Tour Group | Chapter 59: Exploring the secrets of northern Tibet (2)

Wei Xun breathed gently and looked at the beast in the back of the SUV calmly.

Experienced explorers say that if you encounter a beast in the wild, panic is the most taboo. In particular, you can’t turn around and run away, otherwise it’s easy to stimulate the hunting instinct of the beast. If you can, try to hold up your clothes and make yourself look stronger and bigger.

Beasts know the law of survival best. They will also examine moderation and give up seemingly powerful prey.

The leopard is too big. Under the shadow, it is silver white with a very long beard. The head is dotted with round black spots, and the chest is pure silver white. It seems that there are silver spots on the lower abdomen. It is beautiful and luxurious. It is too close. Wei Xun can only see the upper body of the snow leopard.

The snow leopard was not frightened by the sudden turn of his head, but later leaned back, then came together and sniffed Wei Xun’s breath. The hot animal breath spits on the throat, causing goose bumps on the sharp skin of the dog. The silver beard almost touched Wei Xun’s jaw. It seems that in the next moment, the snow leopard will bite through his throat and suck the hot blood of his prey.

The snow leopard is a national first-class protected animal and an international endangered animal. Wei Xun has never been in contact with the snow elves. It is difficult for anyone to resist the charm and danger of the big cat. Wei Xun breathed a little faster for this sense of danger, narrowed his eyes, held a mountain climbing knife in his right hand behind him, raised his neck on the surface, exposed the fragile key of the snow leopard, and let the snow leopard smell it.

The snow leopard seemed to be satisfied with the docility of  with its flexible and beautiful semicircular ears on the micro side. Its head left Wei Xun’s neck and moved down, and began to smell  shoulders and collarbones. Wei Xun let the snow leopard sniff around. His right hand was still behind him. Instead of shining a knife, he looked at the beautiful leopard with interest.

How can an off-road vehicle have a snow leopard? Is this still on the journey?

Raise your hand, tentatively and slowly, reach out to the snow leopard. When the snow leopard looked at him, Wei Xun could see his bloodstained pupils at a close distance. The normal snow leopard’s pupils should be blue or yellow green. In front of him, the snow leopard’s eyes were scarlet, overflowing and completely violent. It doesn’t look normal.

Is it a special task, a hidden task?

Wei Xun remembered that there was no man’s land in Qiangtang at the end of the journey. Qiangtang nature reserve is indeed a habitat for snow leopards. Why is the snow leopard not in a cage.


The snow leopard casually sniffed the back of Wei Xun’s hand, and the tip of his cold nose almost touched Wei Xun’s skin. It seemed that he was not interested in this “book”, and his attention moved to Wei Xun’s shoulder. It stretched out its big claws and tried to fiddle with Wei Xun’s assault suit. Snow leopard’s claws are very big, bigger than normal people’s hands and strong.

Wei Xun’s neck was itched. He tried to put his hand on the snow leopard’s thick claws and was patted open. The snow leopard showed its teeth like a demonstration, pressed its ears on alert, and made a heavy grunt in its throat. It never attacked.

“Well, I won’t move.”

Wei Xun was confused by the snow leopard’s call. He spread his hands and expressed his harmlessness: “what do you want to do?”

Is it possible that this snow leopard is human?

Wei Xun is not whimsical. He has the title of wild soul. He can become a wild animal and others can use it.

Is this snow leopard a real wild animal or a “teammate”?

The snow leopard didn’t answer. He stared at Wei Xun for a while and seemed to confirm that the prey had been frightened and wouldn’t move. “He came up again. This time, his brain bag was tilted and close to Wei Xun’s shoulder blade. He insisted on biting his charge suit. At the next moment, the snow leopard suddenly stood up his ears, and then his figure hid in an instant.

“Hoo, Hoo.”

The sound of the second rapid breath was abrupt. Now the off-road vehicle was empty. When Wei Xun turned around, he saw that there were suddenly more people on the empty off-road vehicle seat, two men and one woman.

The children are still sleeping, breathing fast, and their eyes rotate disorderly under their eyelids, as if they were still troubled by nightmares. Wei Xun made sure that they were suddenly on the car.

new people?

Wei Xun slowly tidied up the messy collar of the snow leopard and put away his mountaineering knife. When the man appeared, the prompt of the hotel came late.

【 novice passenger task 】

[mission statement: fasten your seat belt]

[task level: simple level]

[task description: safety belt, life belt, remember to fasten your safety belt at any time when traveling outside, otherwise your life may be in danger!]

[reward: 10 points]


The prompt sound of the hotel made the man wake up instantly, and the SUV was in chaos. Some of them subconsciously wanted to stand up and knocked their heads. Some were panicked and looked around, and some sat in place like stone statues for a long time.

Wei Xun kept their actions in mind. According to their clothes and actions, he roughly speculated about their real life and identity. Successfully completed the task of safety belt.

“Hello, sir.”

The click of the seat belt attracted the attention of the woman next to her. She looked in her twenties and was still very young. She had deep dark circles under her eyes and a lot of fatigue on her face. She was the first to calm down from panic and try to talk to Wei Xun.

Especially when she saw Wei Xun dressed up for travel, she was more cautious and careful.

“This, this is the thriller global hotel?”

“To be exact, we are on the journey now.”

Wei Xun smiled at her. Her smile was very infectious and reassuring. The woman also smiled subconsciously, and her vigilance slowed down a little.

“Fuck, this dream is true!”

The man in the front seat was shocked and lost his voice. He was not very calm. At first glance, he looked like a college student. I think my family should be in good condition. I’m very tall. I just got up and hit my head. Now I still cover my head with pain.

“Are you an old hand in this journey?”

The last sound sounded was childish. He was a 10-year-old boy and a 4-year-old boy. He was the calmest one. Hearing the sound of wheezing, Wei Xun looked down and saw the young man holding the big golden dog tightly with his hands, without any expression in his eyes.

He is blind.

“Big brother, no, big brother, are you a veteran of the journey?!”

The man’s eyes suddenly brightened. He grabbed the back of the chair and looked at Wei Xun like a big dog wagging its tail and said a lot:

“My name is feilezhi. I’m strong and good at running. I’ve traveled to many places at home and abroad. I can carry your bag and eat less. I don’t think carefully about where to play!”

When feilezhi finished his speech, his eyes were bright and full of sincere eyes of “big brother takes me”.

Seeing this, the woman also introduced herself: “I’m Yin Baitao, a graduate student and a medical student. I’m also very strong. I’ve been to many places before. I haven’t been to Tibet. I’ve been to Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.”

“No, no, no, I’m not an old hand.”

Wei Xun reluctantly smiled and said, “take off the magic scarf blocking the lower half of your face and show your complete face:” are you also selected into the hotel because of your wish? ”

“Yes, I hope to find my value.”

Fei Lezhi said that Wei xunlu stared at him behind his face, and then he restrained himself. To be honest, he said very Versailles:

“I have my brother to inherit the family business, and my parents don’t care about me very much. It’s boring to spend money all the time. I always think about what I should do in my life. Someone will say in my mind, do you want to find your real life value and experience another kind of life – I think it’s a dream. Of course I promised to dream, and then I came.”

Yin baitaolu looked a little hard and said simply, “my mother has advanced cancer and my father has secondary disability. I hope my parents can get better.”

After a pause, she said, “I was dragged in when I went to deliver food to my mother.”

She raised her hand, which was a metal lunch box

“Xu Yang, 15 years old, hopes his eyes are normal. Before entering the journey, I should take a lot of walks in the park.”

The young man holding the guide dog said that the golden hair was very good. He didn’t bark when he suddenly came to a strange place, but was vigilant and quiet to keep by his little master’s side.

“Wei Xun, my family is missing. I hope to find them.”

Wei Xun said, bending his fingers and knocking on his goggles: “as you can see, I was pulled in while traveling.”

“Wei Xun…”

Yan Baitao suddenly looked at his face carefully and hesitated, “is it the Xun who ordered water?”


“Well, are you a doctor of clinical psychology at HKU?”

“You are…”

Wei Xun had a little more doubt in his smile. Then he saw Yan Baitao loose his guard, and his smile became more sincere.

“Health Science, I’m also studying clinical psychology at HKU. Professor Chen often mentions you now.”

The competition for clinical psychology programs of HKU is very fierce. Only one or two undergraduate psychology graduates of HKU can directly enter the master of Clinical Psychology program, and non local students are basically not considered. It is said that a mainland student was admitted, but his identity is mysterious. Most people think it is a legend.

Professor Chen, who took Yin Baitao, happened to have taken the “legendary” mainland student. Yin Baitao accidentally saw a group photo of Xuetao and the professor.

“I haven’t seen Professor Chen for a long time.”

Wei Xunwen said that his eyes had memories.

“That was a long time ago.”

Wei Xun was 15 years old. After his parents disappeared, he followed his brother. At that time, he had a slight tendency of self mutilation and pursuing stimulation. Later, Wei Xuechen found out that after being reprimanded, his brother thought he couldn’t keep him idle. At that time, Wei Xun was in stable physical condition, so he simply sent him to Hong Kong University to study.

Wei Xun was in poor health, and he was very smart. At that time, he had black hair and beautiful black pupils. He looked half shorter than the college student, and his grades were among the best. His brother chose the subject of clinical psychology for him. Wei Xun also felt very interesting. He was admitted to the doctor’s degree, and his time in college was an unforgettable memory.

Except that his brother disappeared when he was a child and his body deteriorated day by day, Wei Xun stopped dyeing his hair and recovered his original hair color. In the past, there were many times when he had black hair and black pupils. His parents and brother protected him very closely. Few people knew that Wei Xun had albinism.

“I know brother Wei, too!”

Feilezhi hurried to make friends and giggled: “my father praised brother Wei several times. Brother Wei said if…”

If Wei Xuechen hadn’t disappeared, the Wei family would have a firm foothold in the business district in more than ten years. Feile knows what’s going on. When he swallows this, how can he almost stab people’s feet. He is careless. His family is basically free range. He lived in that circle since childhood. He was almost born to look at his eyes.

Feilezhi’s tangled peeking eyes, Wei Xun also noticed that the Feijia family is not small in the business circle. If feilezhi is really the Feijia family, he probably knows the Weijia family. In particular, the Wei family was developed by his brother. The news of his brother’s disappearance made a lot of noise. At that time, people thought that the rumored “President Xiao Wei” who was in poor health would stand up and take over the family business.

However, Wei Xunzhi was not here and didn’t bother to take care of the mess, especially after he realized that his brother started to get out very early, and even saved a lot of money for him in the Swiss bank. It seemed that he had realized that he would disappear and dealt with everything in advance.

Wei Xun doesn’t care if feilezhi’s father really praised him. What’s important is that there is such a connection between us, and the relationship between us is obviously much closer. Wei Xun thought a little more.

In addition to the trip, there were a total of new people. The indirect trip was related to the trip, accounting for two thirds of the trip.

Is it a coincidence, or is it a hotel biased choice?

Hotels seem to prefer people who have connections with each other. For example, Yu Xiang, an Yu, Hui, Yu Xiang, an Xuefeng seem to know each other in reality, Hou Feihu, Zhao Hongtu also have friendship in reality.

Wei Xun’s real netizen “Taoist Maoshan” is probably also a person in the hotel, and they are all excellent.

Not to mention the title, Feile is very tall and powerful. She exercises beautiful muscles in the gym. Her physical quality alone is very good. Yin Baitao was smart, and the blind young man Xu Yang was the first to tell Wei Xun whether he was an experienced traveler, which showed his keen perception.

Hotels do not choose people according to their needs. There are so many dying people in the world all the time. People with strong aspirations are just like Fei Lezhi’s words. The desire to “find the value of life” is certainly not as strong as Yin Baitao’s desire to heal his parents.

Having a wish or dying is more like a prerequisite, and the selection criteria of the hotel must have more careful consideration. Unlike many infinite stream articles, the selected elderly, children, or useless waste, the selected people can be said to be excellent.

The contacts between them also increase the possibility of cooperation during the journey. It can be said that Wei Xun wanted to lead the brigade without Ding 1. Originally, he wanted to work hard at the newcomer. After all, the newcomers are in the same situation. When they come to a strange place, they will stick together as long as they can talk. Although the experience of this group is very fragile, a slight contradiction is likely to collapse.

It can be said that Wei Xun basically doesn’t need to make efforts, and the new couple is about to spontaneously condense into a small group dominated by “Yin Baitao”! Yin Baitao knew that Wei Xun was smart enough, and Fei was so happy that he knew that David was always talented and a natural leader. His brother Wei Xun was definitely not bad, which inadvertently set up a good person for Wei Xun.

Cooperation, at least, can increase the survival rate of passengers more than competition and mutual suspicion.

What is the purpose of the hotel?

Do you really hope that passengers can survive safely, become stronger and explore the unsolved mysteries of the world?

“Well, let’s get down to business.”

It took five minutes to catch up with the past. Wei Xun saw two SUVs parked nearby from the window. People carrying professional travel bags gradually gathered near the car. He estimated the arrival time of his passengers and coughed to attract someone’s attention. He said positively:

“This trip is in northern Tibet. Everyone must have been prompted by the hotel and received the novice task.”

“My task is to fasten my seat belt. I did get ten points after I finished.”

Wei Xun pointed to his seat belt.

“I introduce myself to my teammates.”

Fei Lezhi scratched his head and said, “Hey, I also got ten points. I didn’t notice.”

“I know five teammates.”

Yin Baitao said, looking around the car, she hesitated and said, “the people are not in the car… Will we be the only new people on this journey?”

“There is a car outside, and its passengers are outside.”

Xu Yang whispered, “there are not only tourists, but also tour guides.”

“My novice task is to listen to the tour guide explain the scenic spots.”

After a pause, he wrinkled his nose: “the tour guide is very important.”

While speaking, Xu Yang’s face turned to Wei Xun. Although he was blind, Wei Xun noticed that Xu Yang was talking to him.

He has been keenly aware that Wei Xun is the leader in Yin Baitao, Fei Lezhi and Wei Xun. Moreover, when all four of them are tourists, people subconsciously think that when the selected persons of the hotel are all tourists, they are vaguely aware of the importance of tour guides.

A very sensitive and smart child.

“The tour guide should be the guide NPC sent by the hotel.”

Feilezhi hasn’t responded yet: “we were chosen to be tourists. Is it because the journey is difficult? So there is a guide to guide the newcomers.”

Guide guidance and protection of tourists are brought about by people’s past life. Of course, people can’t imagine how cruel the journey in the hotel is.

“Our tour guide No. d 1, if it is based on a, B and C, there will be at least four higher levels on it.”

Wei Xun’s analysis is very organized: “that is to say, there are also tour guides on the more difficult journey. “They don’t exist to guide new people. It’s likely that there are tour guides on every journey. We’ll know whether the tour guides are NPC. The relationship between tour guides and hotels and the right of tour guides in the brigade are definitely greater than tourists.”

“Wei Xue is right.”

Yin Baitao nodded: “we were selected into the thriller global hotel. This is not a normal tour.”

Indeed, just looking at the sites of the Xiangxiong Kingdom ruins + Xiaolin Temple + selinco + Qiangtang nature reserve, together with acquaintances, it is really easy to relax vigilance, and the human subconscious will think in a direction beneficial to itself, so it is wishful thinking that this journey is no different from the real journey.

“You can’t think according to common sense and lose your vigilance. If you think more, the guide doesn’t necessarily stand on our side.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, and then said, “I have a little research on Tibet, and a brief description of the itinerary. He said, ‘is the dome silver city ruins of the Xiangxiong Kingdom on the Bank of the snow mountain holy lake?’ the ruins of the Xiangxiong kingdom are located on the poor Zong mountain. What it said is that the snow mountain holy lake next to the ruins is danggyongcuo, and on the south side of danggyongcuo is dalguo snow mountain composed of seven peaks.”

“Dangya” dalgo means lake and snow mountain respectively in ancient zhangzhung language. They are the most important holy lake and sacred mountain of Bon religion respectively. Benzene believers and Buddhists turn mountains and lakes in a different direction, counterclockwise. Outside our car window is not a relic Gobi, but a folk house. If it is close to the ruins of the kingdom of Xiangxiong, which is located in danggyongcuo, it is likely to be wenbunan village dominated by Bon faith. ”

“So it is!”

Fei Lezhi exclaimed, “brother Wei, you know a lot!”

“The mission said, ‘follow the last eagle flute preacher, enter the restricted area of northern Tibet and explore those unknown secrets.'”

Wei Xun said: “since it is unknown, it must be dangerous. Be careful everywhere.”

“Uh huh.”

Fei Lezhi answered Yin Baitao, and Xu Yang nodded. Seeing this, Wei Xun stopped talking and listened to the discussion and exchange between the students.

How to quickly become the leader of a small group and twist people into a rope?

Prestige? Contacts? IQ? EQ?

No, it’s an urgent problem, a thorny foreign enemy.

Wei Xun looked forward to how the butcher Liuding 1, known as “xiaobingjiu”, would become a thorny problem.

“Hey, get off!”

The window was suddenly knocked violently from the outside, and the rough and impatient male voice sounded, which frightened feilezhi and others.

“Well, it’s time to get off.”

Wei Xun got up first and kept an eye on the time. It was exactly twenty-five minutes from when he opened his eyes to when someone knocked on the window outside. It was the same time when someone arrived at home.

Just as the newcomer Wei Xun couldn’t leave his seat before everyone arrived when he was drunk in Meixiang, this time they couldn’t leave the SUV before everyone arrived. Feilezhi tried to knock on the window and pull the door, but all ended in failure. Finally, the children had to stay in the car.

Sure enough, the off-road door can be opened this time. Wei Xun got off last and glanced at the snow leopard behind the car. For more than 20 minutes, it didn’t make any sound, as if it didn’t exist at all. Feilezhi people didn’t notice any difference. The snow leopard itself is a natural lurking expert and hunter. Wei Xun didn’t mention the snow leopard to Fei Lezhi and others.

That is, the young fox has confirmed that it is not a snow leopard. Wei Xun is still very concerned about its identity and why it was in the car.

Until the snow leopard got off the bus, there was still no movement.

“Hurry up, whet haw and wait to die!”

Standing outside the car was a strong man with a bad face, dark complexion and an iron tower. He had double eyes with fierce eyes. He pulled the corners of his mouth contemptuously when Feile Zhi Yan Baitao trembled due to the cold wind. When Wei Xun, dressed in a charge suit and dressed up for travel, got off the car, his eyes turned suspicious.

“How did you get into the rookie car?!”

“I’m new.”

Wei Xun said with a smile, “this off-road vehicle couldn’t open the door anyway. Thanks to big brother.”

Do these new people think it’s an open door?

Naive, stupid.

The strong man disdained to sneer, but his doubts disappeared. Before the journey officially began, the new couple were protected by the hotel. If the car is divided, the new people must be in the same car, and the old man can’t go up. If you take the bus together, the new couple can’t leave their seats and are immune to any injury curse. The new man and the old man know that no old man can disguise as a new man.

The strong man of the iron tower only thought that this man was lucky. He was selected into the hotel and just wore the right clothes. People with good luck are always welcome in the brigade. What’s more, this person speaks in an orderly way and feels very comfortable.

The strong man looked at his face and frowned. He was too lazy to take care of it. Somehow, he finally lowered his voice and said fiercely:

“You’re so ugly. Don’t stop your face. It looks strange.”

“Hey, how do you talk?!”

Feile was so unhappy that he wanted to go to theory. The strong man laughed coldly. After putting down his words, he didn’t say more and left with a big stride. Feilezhi was still angry, but Yin Baitao and Xu yangruo thought.

“Cover your face.”

Wei Xun took another magic scarf and blocked Yan Baitao’s face. Yan Baitao hesitated to take over. She thought of something, sincerely thanked her and carefully blocked her face. The hair is messy again. It looks messy. The originally white beauty can’t see it.

“Why do you want to block your face? Do we want to block your face?”

Feilezhi didn’t respond: “brother Wei is so handsome. That man has aesthetic problems.”


Xu Yang’s face was expressionless and scolded him for being stupid. He led the guide dog to Wei Xun’s side. In fact, as soon as they got off the bus, they saw a group of people standing not far away. They squatted or stood together beside the other two SUVs, and in the middle of them was a tall figure in a dark green cloak.

When he was close, he found that the man was performing a live spring palace with another man. The thin and tall people stretched their hands into the man’s clothes and moved down and down, causing the man to gasp and breathe urgently and slowly. His hands were unable to refuse. He wanted to refuse.

“Here comes the man? Hiss, the East without eyes. ”

The dark green cloak was holding his head down to his crotch. The other party seemed to struggle. The next moment, he was directly kicked away by the dark green cloak. He rolled a few meters away, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding. After he struggled to get up, he still flattered and smiled to get close to the dark green cloak and knelt at his feet. The passengers nearby turned a blind eye and did not respond at all.

Feile, who originally frowned hard, noticed the difference and held back his head. I also found that this journey was quite different from what I imagined.

“Four newcomers?”

The dark green cloak stretched out its feet, teased the dog like to lift the chin of the man beside his feet, let him lick his shoes and raise his eyes carelessly. Half of his face was covered by a bronze mask. When his fierce eyes fell on Wei Xun’s face, he suddenly lit up.

Since becoming a tour guide, Ding Yi has been promoted to the first place in the class of Ding, especially after taking advantage of the popularity of Bingjiu, Ding Yi has many beauties. Although he has always regarded himself as “little Bingjiu”, the beauty group he brings around is generally based on the beauty preferred by Bingjiu, such as Lin Xi’s appearance. What Ding 1 really likes is the kind of precious, elegant, sunny and snowy beauty.

Just like the newcomer in front of him, even if the eye-catching scarf covers half of his face, it will not damage his beauty. The skin is as white as ice and snow, so that the pupils of his eyes become darker and darker, and the tail of his eyes is slightly picked up. Obviously, he is a natural hook. He is covered by the cold eyes, especially when he looks over, his slight frown and undisguised disgusting eyes make Ding 1 excited and raise infinite desire for conquest.

The more sunny and snowy people are, the more excited they are when they step into the mud. The new couple’s slim figure, legs, narrow waist, all of them. In terms of Ding 1’s aesthetics, Ding 1 couldn’t help but exert himself. The man who stepped on his feet moaned louder, and Ding 1 couldn’t divert his attention.

Let this beauty be the dog under your feet.

No matter how high the status of the beauty reality, she is the master in this journey.

Ding 1’s eyes showed that his eyes became more and more naked, which was seen by the strong man who brought Wei Xun’s men. The strong man suddenly scolded Ding 1 for his dirty mind. The toad wanted to eat swan meat, and he had nothing to do.

The journey is like this. Who makes the newcomer’s life bad and meets a tour guide like Ding 1.

“Start now.”

Ding 1. His stomach is tight and can’t wait. Take the passenger list and start directly.

“Family 1, Ji Hongcai, Fang Yuhang, Jiang Hongguang.”


“Family No. 2, Yue Chenghua, Sheng Zhengqing.”


Wei Xun kept all the people on the list in mind and corresponded with them one by one. Eleven old people, two families, two families, the only single family is Lin Qiming, a man trampled by Ding 1.

In addition to the passengers, Wei Xun also found a tall Tibetan robed man who was not far behind the side of Ding 1 and was looking at Dang Jiayong in the wrong direction.

It should be ‘the last descendant of the eagle flute’.

“Family No. 5, Wei Xun, Yin Baitao, Fei Lezhi, Xu Yang.”

When I read about the last group of families, Ding Yituo’s voice was full of interest:

“Very good, four newcomers, really good.”

“Wei Xun has the title of wild soul. Can he become a wild animal? Good ah. Yin Baitao has the title of unreliable psychology. Can you occasionally see what people think? The title of feilezhi is to spend money like earth, and the title of Xu Yang is the perception of the blind, but it’s a blue title? ”

He folded up the passenger list, stared at Wei Xun, and smiled like a hunter

“The newcomers have good qualifications this time.”

Ding 1 early on, the four newcomers should have formed a small group – he also likes to see the disintegration of the small group.

Ding 1 likes to use the title of “people” in public. Newcomers are always pretentious. They think they have peerless talents and extraordinary titles. They hide them one by one. I’m afraid even small groups won’t tell them easily.

I don’t know that I have been seen through by the guide.

After being exposed like this, you can directly hold the subconscious mind of the tour guide at the bottom of your heart. How many new tourists are fooled by this move. Small groups also have more suspicions and contradictions because of concealing titles.

This is just the first move.

The beauty’s original name was Wei Xun. The more calm his face was, the more Ding 1 wanted to step on him. After hearing the prompt “live broadcast has been turned on”, Ding 1’s malicious smile is even better.


“Come and get your luggage.”

There are four 70L mountaineering bags piled at Ding 1’s feet. Obviously, this is prepared by the hotel for the new couple. The sunlight on the plateau is very strong, and the temperature is very low. It is early September, and the temperature is only more than ten degrees. Yin Baitao’s men in single clothes had long been frozen. Even if they had to take their luggage to Ding 1, they could only go there.

The closer you get, the clearer you can see how Lin Qiming rolls and groans at Ding 1’s feet. Like a dog, he has no human self-esteem at all. Except for being born antisocial, I’m afraid anyone will feel uncomfortable when seeing this scene in front of him, because it means disorder, bullying and violence.

Ding 1 stepped on Lin Qiming’s groans and groans more and more sadly. He noticed that the faces of these newcomers had shown their anger and dissatisfaction – this was the second move of Ding 1’s new passengers.

If you don’t raise objections, you are either cold-blooded or dare not. Cold-blooded, thoughtful people know how to protect themselves, rarely take risks against the tour guide, and rarely stay in a stable group. And those who dare not once will dare not this time when facing the tour guide in the future.

If you resist——

“Is there any royal law!”

Feilezhi finally couldn’t help it. He angrily asked Xiaoding 1 to push away: “I’m dying – hiss!”

Before his hand fell on Ding 1, the guide’s flagpole was like a poisonous Silver Snake pulling on his left arm. It didn’t look strong. He took several steps back holding his arm, his pupils shrank suddenly, his facial muscles twitched, bean sized beads of sweat hung on his forehead, his face was pale, and he couldn’t help but groan in pain. Wearing short sleeves, you can clearly see a winding, red and shocking burning trace like a centipede on your left arm.

Passengers should not touch the guide flag, either actively or passively, otherwise they will suffer from burning pain. No matter how determined a person is, he will have great fear when he suddenly suffers such pain. The new couple is isolated from the old, which makes them completely unprepared for the tour guide.

Fear brings obedience.

If it is a dangerous brigade and more powerful passengers, Ding 1 also has other means. This is just a difficult journey. As long as a guide flag, new passengers can smoke like dogs.

In the corner of Ding 1’s eye, Yu Guang noticed that Yin Baitao, who originally wanted to come up with the theory, hesitated. Xu Yang, who had not moved, took the dog back a step to protect himself. The unstable small group was about to fall apart.

“Here I am the king’s law.”

Ding 1 laughed wildly, and the guide’s flag slapped on Fei Lezhi. His eyes were wanton and crazy.

“It’s your honor to be smoked by me!”

With a slap, the guide flag flashed back at Lin Qiming. The painful man rolled in confusion, screamed, and his face was full of tears. He gathered in front of the perpetrator like joy: “it’s great, you smoke me more, smoke me more!”

“If you want to be my dog, see if you are qualified!”

Ding 1 kicked Lin Qiming away, and his suggestive eyes fell on Wei Xun. Some of the experienced passengers nearby are restless. Ding 1’s handling of the passengers’ psychology is very good. He knows what kind of passengers will be here——

Passengers can choose their own journey. Except for some special methods, they can choose freely, which are recommended by the hotel and the most difficult journey in their current level. Such a journey with new people will not be recommended by the hotel.

Passengers have indicators to complete the journey. If they don’t choose when the time comes, they will be forced to come. Indeed, most of them will be assigned to slightly simpler journeys. So many passengers give up their choice and let the system distribute freely.

Those who will come here do not have much courage, effort, or confidence in their own strength. How can they be the head of new people they don’t know?

As long as the brigade has no “head bird” and no leader, even if someone can’t see it, the subconscious will be: wait, if the “people” really don’t move, I’m doing it. And this “wait a minute” may always be just “wait a minute”.

The journey again and again, the collapse and reconstruction of the concept of life again and again. It has eroded the pride of the vast majority of passengers. Here, the stronger the strong, the weaker the weak!

Feile dodged in embarrassment. He stumbled in pain and saw his face planting on the guide flag. At this time, a figure blocked in front of him and stopped the pulled guide flag with his left arm.

“Brother Wei, be careful, this man, this man can do black magic!”

Fei was still nervous, anxious and incoherent. The voice of the guide’s flagpole on Wei Xun’s stormsuit shook his heart and made Ding 1 happy.

I’m waiting for Wei Xun’s head. I think it won’t hurt if there are clothes blocking it?


“Be a hero? Ha. ”

Ding 1’s eyes were red with excitement, and the guide flag was no longer merciful to draw on Wei Xun. Feile wanted to come forward in a hurry and was firmly blocked behind by Wei Xun. Wei Xun reached out and directly grabbed the guide’s flagpole, as if to seize it. Ding 1’s eyes lit up, and his veteran passengers secretly shouted bad. Some avoided their eyes and couldn’t bear to see this scene again.

Sure enough, Wei Xun, who grabbed the guide’s flagpole with his bare hands, trembled and stood still, and his eyes seemed to lose light. The pain of burning the palm of the guide flag can even make people faint briefly.

“You can only be my dog.”

Ding 1 smiled proudly and walked step by step to the absent-minded Wei Xun. He wanted to pick off Wei Xun’s scarf with the guide’s flagpole, but he was afraid of accidentally burning his face. “Let me see, you –”

Suddenly, Wei Xun twisted his wrist, folded it and pushed it, and the position between them was completely changed. All this came so fast that before Ding 1 reacted, he was locked by Wei Xun and knelt on the ground!

This looks like a thin and unsophisticated beauty. How powerful!

Ding 1’s brain is very confused. His mind is full of this sentence. I thought that Wei Xun suddenly turned into an animal to escape. I thought about all kinds of things – I just didn’t think that Wei Xun could stop him by stretching out his hand!

Wei Xun is wrong to think that he can deal with a tour guide in such a simple way! A woman’s face suddenly appeared behind the rebellious Ding 1, with ghost eyes bleeding and sneering at Wei Xun. At the same time, the wrist of Ding 1 gripped by Wei Xun showed a poisonous green light.

The beauty head on his back was sewn by a Thai headmaster. The highly poisonous bamboo leaf green is the title of “Ding 1”. The snake catcher of Ding 1’s family is able to climb to Ding 1’s position step by step by virtue of his unexpected virulence, the resentment of the beauty head, and the cruel means of all evil deeds.

Even high-ranking passengers who are caught off guard by such a accident will become disabled. Wei Xun dares to get close to you. This is death! However, he killed the passengers and lost 10000 points in vain, which made Ding 1 hate and angry. The beauty head was on his back, which reduced the countdown to Ding 1’s death all the time. Most of the points were changed for the countdown to death as soon as they got them, and it was not easy to save more than 10000 points——

Wait, there’s no reduction in points?!

“Call -”

Wei Xun stepped on Ding 1’s back and was stepping on the beauty’s face. This posture made Ding 1’s wrist almost dislocated. He screamed in pain, and the blood and tears of the beauty’s head became more and more turbulent. Strong resentment and poison did no harm to Wei Xun.

At this time, Wei Xun’s eyes were red and bright. He seemed to be covered with a layer of water mist. He narrowed his eyes and seemed to aftertaste something.

When the guide’s flag was drawn on him, Wei Xun felt the pain he had not seen for a long time. That moment, the pain was mixed with the pleasure. Wei Xun was very excited. As soon as he was careless, he abandoned the policy of dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger and stepped under his feet.

“That’s great.”

Wei Xun sighed softly and looked down at Ding 1 kneeling at his feet. Beside him were the staring old and new passengers. This is it. There’s no other way.

“Kneeling, comfortable.”

Wei Xun said with a low smile. His voice was like a devil’s whisper. He was obviously polite, which made Ding 1 feel the fear of long absence.

“Will you be my dog?”


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